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A system is many parts that are connected or work together.

A system is parts that are combined into one whole piece. That is called a system. There are many types of systems. Here are some examples: a water system is small water pipes that go to bigger ones and end up at your house. An electricity system is the lines that go on power poles/lines. The power poles/lines carry electricity to your house or apartment so you can have power and Wi !i. A phone system is for phoning or calling your friends that are really far away. "f you use a phone and then call your friend# your contact will go to your friend$s phone straight away.

"nstead of having a lot of other systems# we also have the transport system. The transport system is % types of transport combined together. Here are some examples. &oad transport like buses# cars and motorbikes are used for carrying people to a plane far away. 'ea transport such as cargo ships# oil tankers and ferries carry different loads. Air transport like planes# (ets and pointy nosed planes are also used for carrying people but they can fly over seas and high mountains. &ail transport like trains# metro trains# and monorails are for carrying a lot of people# too. )ut they drive on a special road called a track/rail.

Transport has many different types of functions. They do a lot of different (obs but some do the same. Here are some functions that transport does. *lanes are used for war. )ut we can also use it for carrying loads# transporting people# dropping sky divers# rescuing people and a lot more+ ,and transport like cars# vans# and motorbikes can be used for driving# carrying cargo and getting kids to go to school. -onstruction transport is used for mixing cement# digging dirt# rolling roads and also used for carrying loads. 'ea transport like is used for carrying loads and taking people on holidays.

The impacts of transport on our planet are damaging our environment. They are infecting our environment and making people sick. Here are some examples of impacts. .oise pollution is when people do beeps and horns on the steering wheel. 'ometimes when people drive too fast it sounds like a very lone tune that causes noise pollution. &ubbish pollution gets caused when people throw rubbish in the water/ this causes both rubbish and water pollution# and impacts our environment. Water pollution gets caused when people put oil in the water. "t wastes oil and kills fish. We can reduce impacts 0make less1 by not using too much cars and motorbikes# or by not beeping so much. 2ou could put oil in buckets on the land instead of dumping oil underwater and killing fish. Transport is very useful to people. )ut diggers are using so much finite resources from the earth when making cars or other vehicles. The good thing is people are recycling steel and trying to reduce 0make less or use less1 oil.