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IN THE CONFERENCE ROOM, BLOCK NO.8, IGNOU CAMPUS, MAIDAN GARHI, NEW DELHI-110068 The following members were present: 1 # ' ) + . 0 2 13 11 Prof. V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai, Vice-Chancellor Prof. !mprakash "ishra, Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. $.R. %ri&athsan, Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. (. %. %harma Prof. P. P*r*shotam Rao ,r. %. (. %ingh (ha-a*ria ,r. Veena Vina/akrao Thakare Prof. "anohar 1al Prof. %hatr*ghna $*mar ,r. V. Ven*gopal Re--/ %hri 4-ai %. Tolia, Registrar 56-mn7 Chairman "ember "ember "ember "ember "ember "ember "ember "ember "ember %ecretar/

%mt. %t*ti Narain $acker, 6--itional %ecretar/, "inistr/ of 8 9 (, :o&t. of 8n-ia represente- the %ecretar/, "inistr/ of 8 9 (. %hri R.P. 6grawal, %ecretar/ 5%9;<7, ";R,=, 6-&ocate %hri Pra&in Parekh an- Prof. %hafi>a Par&een, "embers co*l- not atten- the meeting. 5=The ";R, has sent inp*ts on the agen-a items as per letter No.?.)-)3@ 332-,1 -t. 11.0. 332. 6t the o*tset, the Chairman welcome- the members to the 131 st "eeting of the (oar- of "anagement. The Chairman then re>*este- the Registrar 567 an%ecretar/, (oar- of "anagement to present the items on the 6gen-a. ITEM NO. 1 TO CONFIRM THE MINUTES OF THE 100TH MEETING OF THE BOARD OF MANAGEMENT HELD ON JUL 0!, 2009 AND TO NOTE THE ACTION TAKEN THEREON The Registrar 9 %ecretar/, (oar- of "anagement informe1

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that the "in*tes of the 133th "eeting of the (oar- of "anagement hel- on '... 332 were circ*late- to the members of the (oar-. No comments ha&e been recei&e- on the "in*tes of the 133th meeting of the (oar-. C"##$%&'(')**$'&+"%' ha&e howe&er, been recei&e- from the "inistr/ of ;R, &i-e their letter No.?.)-)3@ 332-,1 -t. 11.0. 332 on the &ario*s proposals incl*-e- +% &,$ -*$%.- /"0 &,$ 101'& #$$&+%*. 6 cop/ of the aforesai- comments recei&efrom the "inistr/ was place- before the members for information along with a cop/ of the A1&+"% T-2$% R$3"0& on the min*tes of the 133th meeting. The Registrar 56-mn7 informe- the (oar- that the "inistr/ has consi-ere- the min*tes of the 133th meeting 58tem No.1 of the 6gen-a for 131st meeting7 an- has agree- to confirm the min*tes of the pre&io*s meeting. ;e propose- that the min*tes of the 133th meeting ma/ be confirme-. 6 cop/ of the "inistr/As letter is place- at A33$%.+4-I BM 101.1.2 The (oar- consi-ere- the min*tes of the 133 th meeting. The (oar- note- the comments of the "inistr/ recei&e- &i-e their letter -t. 11.0. 332. The (oar- f*rther note- the 6ction Taken Report on the min*tes of the 133th meeting an- confirme- the min*tes. TO CONSIDER THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO E5AMINE THE MATTER DEFINING THE TERMS 6DI7ISION8, 6CENTRE8, 6INSTITUTE8 9 COUNCIL IN THE IGNOU ACT(STATUTES The 8tem was taken *p for consi-eration. The (oarconsi-ere- the recommen-ations of the Committee constit*teb/ the 4ni&ersit/ to eBamine the matter of -efining the terms C,i&isionA, CCentreA, C8nstit*teA, CCo*ncilA. The Registrar eBplaine- that these terms ha&e been *se- fre>*entl/ in the 8:N!4 6ct@%tat*tes 9 !r-inances of the 4ni&ersit/, b*t ha&e not been -efine- in an/ of the %tat*tes or !r-inances. The Committee constit*te- in the matter has eBamine- these terms an- has bro*ght o*t a comprehensi&e recommen-ation -efining the terms C,i&isionA, CCentreA, C8nstit*teA, CCo*ncilA. The (oar- agree- to the recommen-ations of the Committee -efining the terms C,i&isionA, CCentreA, C8nstit*teA, CCo*ncilA in 2


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principle. 8t was howe&er, -eci-e- that since a n*mber of s*bcommittees ha&e been constit*te- b/ the 4ni&ersit/ to re&isit the &ario*s pro&isions *n-er the stat*tes 9 or-inances the recommen-ations of the Committee -efining the &ario*s terms ma/ also be referre- to the s*b-committees in or-er to ob&iate an/ inconsistenc/ &is-D-&is the pro&isions *n-er stat*tes 9 or-inances. ITEM NO. : TO RATIF THE ACTION TAKEN B THE 7ICECHANCELLOR OF CO-HOSTING AND PARTNERSHIPS OF IGNOU WITH ORGANISER TERI FOR INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DIGITAL LIBRARIES ;ICDL< FROM FEBRUAR 2:-26, 2010 The (oar- note- the action taken b/ the 4ni&ersit/ in the matter of co-hosting an- partnership of 8:N!4 with !rganisers, T<R8 for 8nternational Conference on ,igital 1ibraries 58C,17 from ?ebr*ar/ #- +, 313. The (oarf*rther note- the pro&isioning of Rs. ) lakhs towar-s the eBpenses on hosting the 8nternational Conference with T<R8 an- ratifie- the action of the 4ni&ersit/. The (oar- also notethe comments from the "inistr/ on this proposal. TO RATIF THE ACTION TAKEN B THE UNI7ERSIT ON THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE COMMITTEE CONSTITUTED B THE 7ICE CHANCELLOR FOR WRITTEN TEST FOR THE POSTS OF JUNIOR ASSISTANT-CUM-T PIST, STENOGRAPHER, DATA ENTR OPERATOR ;DEO< GRADE-C, SEMI PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANT The (oar- note- the 4ni&ersit/As -ecision for con-*cting written tests for filling-*p the post of E6Ts, %tenographers, ,ata <ntr/ !perators 5:r.-C7, %emi Professional 6ssistants an6ssistant Registrar as per the R9P R*les an- thro*gh !pen 9 ,irect Recr*itment mo-e as well as the -ecision to o*tso*rce the con-*ct of eBamination to "@s <-Cil, a P*blic %ector 4n-ertaking 5P%47 *n-er ";R,. The (oar- f*rther note- the 6greement signe- with <-Cil on #1... 332 spelling o*t the terms 9 con-itions of the scheme of eBamination an- also the con-itions for release of the pa/ment to the <-Cil an- ratifiethe action in the matter. The (oar- ratifie- the action taken b/ the 4ni&ersit/ incl*-ing the eligibilit/ criteria, s/llab*s for &ario*s posts prescribe- b/ the 4ni&ersit/, R9P R*les relating :

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BM 101.!.1

to the post an- the a-&ertisement iss*e- to the Press. ITEM NO. = TO CONSIDER AND APPRO7E THE TH RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE 66 MEETING OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE TO BE HELD ON AUGUST 0:, 2009 The (oar- appro&e- the recommen-ations of the ++th meeting of the ?inance Committee hel- on #.0. 332. 6 cop/ of the min*tes of the ?inance Committee is enclose- as A33$%.+4-2. TO CONSIDER CO-OPTION OF A MEMBER ON THE BOARD OF MANAGEMENT UNDER CLAUSE ;1<;7I< ;A< OF STATUTE 6A The 8tem was taken *p for consi-eration. The (oar- note- the &acanc/ of a "ember *n-er Cla*se 5175&i75a7 of %tat*te +6 -ealing with composition of the (oar- of "anagement. The (oar- a*thoriFe- the Chairman to nominate a member *n-er the aforementione- Cla*se of %tat*te +6 an- report the nomination so ma-e at the neBt meeting of the (oar- of "anagement. 8n this regar-, the (oar- -esire- that the nominations on the (oar- from amongst the !pen *ni&ersities ma/ be ma-e after taking into acco*nt their -ate of establishment, in a transparent manner TO CONSIDER THE LIFTING OF PROBATION AND CONFIRMATION OF TEACHERS(ACADEMIC STAFF OF THE UNI7ERSIT The (oar- consi-ere- the proposal. The (oar- note- that the proposal was as per eBtant r*les an- appro&e- the lifting of probation anconfirmation in respect of the teachers@aca-emics, as follows:
D-&$ J"+%+%* "/ D-&$ 1"#3?$&+"% 30"@-&+"% 2.). 330 0.). 332 1#.). 332 1'.). 332 56N7 "/ D-&$ "/ "/ 1"%/+0#-&+"% 2.). 332 1'.). 332 1).). 332

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S.N. 1. . #.

N-#$ -%. D$'+*%-&+"%

,r. ,e& $ant Rao, ,ep*t/ ,irector, ,istance <-*cation Co*ncil ,r. ;emlata, ,ep*t/ ,irector, 1'.). 330 National Centre for ,isabilit/ %t*-ies ,r. %anja/ $ant Prasa-, ,ep*t/ 1'.). 330

'. ). +. .. 0. 2. 13. 11. 1 . 1#. 1'. 1). 1+. 1..

,irector, National Centre for ,isabilit/ %t*-ies ,r. %anji& $*mar, Rea-er in Ph/sical Chemistr/ ,r. !*m Prakash %harma, ,ep*t/ ,irector, National Centre for 8nno&ation in ,istance <-*cation ,r. 6rchana %h*kla, 1ect*rer in 1ibrar/ %cience ,r. Rabin-ra $*mar, Rea-er in %ociolog/ Prof. $. <l*malai, Professor of 1aw Prof. T.4. ?*lF*le, Professor of "anagement ,r. 1eena %ingh, 1ect*rer in "anagement ,r. %. "ohanan, Regional ,irector, 8:N!4 RC, Vija/awa-a ,r. %. :anesan, Regional ,irector, 8:N!4 RC, Rajkot ,r. ;elen %angeeta "ajhi, Regional ,irector, 8:N!4 RC, Raip*r ,r. %.E. Neethirajan, Regional ,irector, 8:N!4 RC, 8tanagar ,r. Ea/ashree "enon $*r*p, ,/. ,irector, <,N<R4 ,r. (. %*k*mar, Regional ,irector, 8:N!4 RC, Thir*&ananthap*ram ,r.6.N. Tripathi, Regional ,irector, 8:N!4 Regional Centre, ,harbhanga.

56N7 '.'. 330 56N7 1).). 330 #3.'. 330 2.'. 330 1).). 330 1+.'. 330 ).). 330 #1.#. 330 1.'. 330 1 .1 . 33. 1.+. 33. #1.). 33. +.1 . 33. 12.13. 33. '.'. 332 56N7 1'.). 332 2.3'. 332 0.'. 332 1'.). 332 1).'. 332 '.). 332 #3.#. 332 #1.#. 332 11.1 . 33. 3.+. 330 #3.). 330 ).1 . 330 10.13. 330 ).'. 332 1).). 332 #3.'. 332 2.'. 332 1).). 332 1+.'. 332 ).). 332 #1.#. 332 1.'. 332 1 .1 . 330 1.+. 330 #1.). 330 +.1 . 330 12.13. 330


TO REPORT THE NOMINATION OF FOUR MEMBERS TO THE PLANNING BOARD UNDER CLAUSE ;1< ;I7< ;A< ;B< ;C< ;D< OF STATUTE 10 The (oar- note- the following nominations ma-e b/ the Vice Chancellor on the Planning (oar- of the 4ni&ersit/ *n-er Cla*se 5175i&75a75b75c75-7 of %tat*te 13: N"#+%-&+"%' 5i7 Prof. %.P. Narang 5ii7 Prof. $iran $arnik Profession E43$0&+'$ "anagement 1earne-

BM 101.8.1

5iii7 5i&7 ITEM NO. 9

Prof. 6. %*k*maran Nair Prof. (.N. $o*l

<-*cation ,istance <-*cation

TO RATIF THE ACTION TAKEN B THE 7ICECHANCELLOR IN PLACING DR. KALPANA MISHRA, REGIONAL DIRECTOR, IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE, AHMEDABAD IN THE SENIOR SCALE OF RS.16!00!=0-20900-=00-22!00 The (oar- ratifie- the action taken b/ the Vice Chancellor in placing ,r. $alpana "ishra, Regional ,irector in senior scale of Rs.1+'33-')3- 3233-)33- '33 5pre-re&ise-7 w.e.f. 31.13. 330. TO CONFIRM THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE 12TH MEETING OF THE GRIE7ANCE REDRESSAL COMMITTEE, A STANDING COMMITTEE OF THE BOARD HELD ON 12.>.2009 The item was taken *p for consi-eration. The (oarconsi-ere- the &ario*s recommen-ations of the :rie&ance Re-ressal Committee ma-e at its 1 th "eeting hel- on &ario*s -atesG the last being the 1 th E*l/, 332. The Registrar informe- the (oar- that a pro&isional consoli-ate- inter-se seniorit/ list of %ection !fficer an- %r. P6 ca-re was circ*lateto the concerne- emplo/ees an- p*rs*ant to the representations recei&e- in the matter, the :RC finaliFe- the inter-se seniorit/ for the two ca-res namel/ %ection !fficer an- %r.P6s The (oar- appro&e- the recommen-ations of the :rie&ance Re-ressal Committee ma-e in its 1 th meeting. The (oarspecificall/ appro&e- the list of inter-se seniorit/ of the %ection !fficers@%r. P6 ca-re as -rawn b/ the :RC. 6 cop/ of the recommen-ations of the :RC an- the seniorit/ list are placeas A33$%.+1$'-:9!. TO CONFIRM THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE =>TH MEETING OF THE ESTABLISHMENT COMMITTEE HELD ON JUL 2:, 2009 The min*tes of the ).th meeting of the <stablishment Committee were taken *p for consi-eration. The %ecretar/ informe- that the <stablishment Committee is a %tan-ing Committee of the (oar- which has eBamine- the &ario*s 6

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BM 101.10.1

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proposals before it, eBtensi&el/. The "inistr/ of ;R, in their comments, recei&e- &i-e letter -t. 11.0. 332 has also con&e/ethat the recommen-ations of the ).th meeting of <stablishment Committee ma/ be consi-ere-. The (oar- confirme- the recommen-ations of the <stablishment Committee. 6 cop/ of the recommen-ations is place- as A33$%.+4-=. ITEM NO.12 TO RATIF THE ACTION TAKEN B THE UNI7ERSIT REGARDING APPOINTMENT OF DR. GAIL OM7EDT AS PROFESSOR, DR. B.R. AMBEDKAR CHAIR FOR SOCIAL CHANGE AND DE7ELOPMENT The 8tem was taken *p for consi-eration. 8t was eBplaine- that the (oar- of "anagement at its 21st meeting hel- on 3 ... 33. appro&e- the creation of ,r. (.R. 6mbe-kar Chair on %ocial Change an- -e&elopment with the objecti&e to work towar-s -issemination of i-eas an- tho*ghts of ,r. (.R. 6mbe-kar on iss*es of concern, incl*-ing areas s*ch as a-ministration, constit*tional st*-ies, h*man rights, religion, philosoph/, economics, histor/ 9 political sciences with the 8n-ian perspecti&e. The Chair is also to *n-ertake research 9 -e&elopment programmes in the abo&e areas for the benefit of societ/ as a whole. The 4ni&ersit/ was in the search of an eminent scholar for the Chair on (.R. 6mbe-kar, for social change 9 -e&elopment in the 4ni&ersit/. 6ccor-ingl/, the 4ni&ersit/ has appointe- ,r. :ail !m&e-t as a Professor on the Chair. The (oar- note- that ,r. :ail !m&e-t has been working alrea-/ on se&eral projects relate- to ,r. 6mbe-kar an- has a n*mber of p*blications@ papers on social aspects relating to ,alit, (*-hism an- the iss*es relating lan-, cost 9 politics in 8n-ia. The (oar- also note- the comments recei&e- from the "inistr/ regar-ing the process followe- b/ the 4ni&ersit/ in appointing ,r. :ail !m&e-t as a Professor in the 4ni&ersit/. 8t was informe- that the Chair has to work towar-s -e&elopment of eBcl*si&e co*rses to be offere- at *n-er-gra-*ate 9 post-gra-*ate le&els in f*rtherance of the comman-ments of ,r. (.R. 6mbe-kar in or-er to sensitiFe the societ/ in general abo*t the i-eas cherishe- b/ him so as to imbibe tr*e &al*es of life as en&isione- b/ the great social scientist. The (oar- ratifie- the action b/ the 4ni&ersit/ in appointing ,r. :ail !m&e-t, an eminent scholar on the s*bject initiall/ for a perio- of two >

BM 101.12.1

/ears with a &iew to gi&e fillip to the &ario*s acti&ities *n-ertaken@to be *n-ertaken b/ ,r. (.R. 6mbe-kar Chair. 6 cop/ of the (io--ata of ,r. :ail !m&e-t is place- as A33$%.+4-6. ITEM NO.1: TO CONSIDER THE REAUEST OF PROF. D.S. BHATTACHARJEE, WHO WAS OFFERED THE POST OF OSD FOR THE IGNOU, INSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL COMPETENC , AD7ANCEMENT OF TEACHERS THROUGH ODL The Registrar eBplaine- that the 4ni&ersit/ has create- # instit*tes namel/ National 8nstit*te for Vocational <-*cation an- Training 5N8V<T7, North <ast Centre for Research an,e&elopment 5N<CR,7 an- 8nstit*te for Professional Competenc/, 6-&ancement of Teachers 58PC6T7 thro*gh !,1 for -e&elopment of e-*cational opport*nities in the North <ast Region. The (oar- ha- also appro&e- two posts of !fficer on %pecial ,*t/, one each for N8V<T an- 8PC6T to be fille- in on -ep*tation@transfer basis. The posts were also a-&ertiseaccor-ingl/. 8n response Prof. ,.%. (hattacharjee of the North <ast Regional 8nstit*te of <-*cation of NC<RT, %hillong was also offere- the post of Professor on -ep*tation. ;owe&er, he has s*bse>*entl/ informe- that his parent !rganisation was not prepare- to relie&e him on -ep*tation terms an- insists that he sho*l- resign the post to join 8:N!4. ;e has state- that he can join the 4ni&ersit/ resigning his post in the NC<RT if the 8:N!4 consi-ers his appointment on reg*lar basis. The matter was -isc*sse- in -etail. 8t was eBplaine- that tho*gh originall/ these posts were create- to be fille- in on -ep*tation basis b*t the acti&ities of these centres@instit*tes are of reg*lar an- permanent nat*re. "oreo&er, the chances of getting proper persons on -ep*tation at the %r. le&el of a Professor for North <ast was also &er/ remote. The (oartherefore, -eci-e- that the post ma/ be offere- to Prof. ,.%. (hattacharjee on reg*lar basis. %imilarl/, the post of other !%,s sanctione- for the remaining instit*tes in the North <ast an- other ' geographical regions ma/ also be con&erte-@fillein on reg*lar basis, following R9P R*les.

BM 101.1:.1

BM 101.1:.2


TO CONSIDER AND APPRO7E THE SANCTION OF ADDITIONAL DUT ALLOWANCE TO TWO TEACHERS AND FOUR ACADEMICS FOR DISCHARGING ADDITIONAL CHARGE The (oar- note- the proposal for sanction of a--itional -*t/ allowance to the teachers an- aca-emics for -ischarging the -*ties for a--itional charge. The (oar- taking also the note of the wi-er implications of the application of ?R-'2 -eci-e- that the :o&t. of 8n-ia r*les for grant of a--itional -*t/ allowance ma/ be followe- in toto an- consi-ere- on merit of each case with the appro&al of the Vice Chancellor. TO CONSIDER APPLICATION FEE AND WAI7E OFF SECURIT FOR BECOMING IGNOU8S INTERNATIONAL PARTNER INSTITUTE The 8tem was taken *p for consi-eration. The (oar- -eci-ethat the implementation of the -ecision taken b/ the (oar- at its 20th meeting hel- on 1'.1. 332 be postpone- an- the stat*s >*o ante i.e. the position obtaining before the 20 th meeting of the (oar-, be restore-. TO CONSIDER AND APPRO7E THE AWARD OF WORK TO M(S ROSHAN REAL ESTATE ;P< LTD. IN RESPECT OF WORK 6C(O 7IP GUEST HOUSE AND 7ICE CHANCELLOR8S OFFICE AT IGNOU CAMPUS8 AT A NEGOTIATED COST OF RS.10,6>,:8,02=(The 8tem was taken *p for consi-eration. The (oar- note- that the ten-er process for constr*ction of the V8P :*est ;o*se anthe Vice ChancellorAs !ffice at the 8:N!4 Camp*s was starte- in 33). The proposal was appro&e- b/ the )' th meeting of the Horks Committee. The (oar- note- that the necessar/ proce-*res prescribe- for processing the ten-ers, incl*-ing the proce-*res lai- -own *n-er ,%R 33. for the sche-*le items, the b*-get pro&ision *n-er the ?C -oc*ment of the 4ni&ersit/ an- appro&al b/ the ?inance Committee to inc*r the eBpen-it*re has been -*l/ followe- in this case. The (oarf*rther note- the comments recei&e- from the "inistr/ in this regar- an- resol&e- to appro&e- the awar- of work of constr*ction of a V8P :*est ;o*se an- Vice ChancellorAs office in the 8:N!4 Camp*s to "@s Roshan Real <state 5P7 9

BM 101.1!.1


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BM 101.16.1


1t-. at the negotiate- cost of Rs.13,+.,#0,3 )@-. TO CONSIDER THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE TECHNICAL AD7ISOR AND PAPER PURCHASE COMMITTEE ;TAPPC< MADE AT ITS MEETING HELD ON 21.1.2009 AND TO RATIF THE ACTION TAKEN IN RESPECT OF PROCUREMENT OF >0 GSM MAPLITHO PRINTING PAPER 9 20= GSM ART BOARD The (oar- consi-ere- the recommen-ations of the Technical 6-&isor/ an- Paper P*rchase Committee meeting hel- on 1.1. 332. The (oar- f*rther note- that in the matter of p*rchase of Printing Paper an- 6rt (oar-, the proce-*re followe- b/ the 4ni&ersit/ was in line with that followe- b/ NC<RT which also has &ol*mino*s cons*mption of papers /earl/ as in the case of 8:N!4, as mentione- b/ the "inistr/ in their letter -t. 11.0. 332. The (oar- also note- the 4ni&ersit/As -ecision to -ecentraliFe the printing of 8:N!4 st*-/ material in so*thern region an- appro&e- the proposal. TO DECIDE THE CASE OF PROF. RAKESH 7ATS, PROFESSOR OF HINDI WHO IS ON E5TRA ORDINAR LEA7E The (oar- consi-ere- the re>*est of Prof. Rakesh Vats, Professor of ;in-i for eBtension of this <Btra !r-inar/ 1ea&e till ,ecember, 332 to complete his c*rrent assignment in (eijing, China. The (oar- howe&er, -eci-e- that the f*rther eBtension of <!1 be/on- #1.). 330 shall not be grante- in this case. TO CONSIDER THE REAUEST OF DR. M.7. LAKSHMI REDD , LECTURER ;SENIOR SCALE<, SCHOOL OF EDUCATION FOR WITHDRAWAL OF DISCIPLINAR PROCEEDINGS WHICH WERE KEPT IN ABE ANCE The (oar- consi-ere- the re>*est of ,r. ".V. 1akshmi Re--/, 1ect*rer 5%r. %cale7, %chool of <-*cation for with-rawal of -isciplinar/ procee-ings which was kept in abe/ance. The (oar- note- that ,r. 1akshmi Re--/ was reinstate- in the ser&ices of the 4ni&ersit/ on the strength of the *n-con-itional apolog/ ten-ere- b/ him to the 4ni&ersit/. The (oar- resol&ethat the case stoo- close- an- shall not be opene- again.

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BM 101.18.1


BM 101.19.1



TO CONSIDER THE REAUEST OF DR. RANGANATH NANDA AL TO RE7IEW THE PENALT IMPOSED ON HIM The (oar- consi-ere- the re>*est of ,r. Ranganath Nan-a/al to re&iew the penalt/ impose- on him. The (oar- howe&er, -eci-e- that the case stoo- close- an- shall not be reopene-. TO CONSIDER THE MATTER RELATING TO AWARD OF THE WORK ORDER OF MEDIA CONSULTANC TO M(S IANS AND SIGNING OF THE AGREEMENT WITH THE FIRM The (oar- consi-ere- the matter relating to awar- of work of "e-ia Cons*ltanc/ ser&ices to "@s 86N%. The (oar- notethat the 4ni&ersit/ has entere- into an 6greement with the firm "@s 86N% for mo-erniFation an- impro&ement of 4ni&ersit/ website, 4ni&ersit/ p*blications an- other p*blicit/ literat*re as per the appro&al of the (oar- at its 2# r- meeting hel- on ..1. 330 an- appro&e- the proposal for awar- of the contract to the firm at the total cost of Rs.), 2,'1,333@- for which the firm has also -eposite- the (ank :*arantee e>*al to )I of the &al*e of the bi- &ali- for one /ear to be re-ple-ge- b/ the firm in case the contract gi&en b/ the 4ni&ersit/ is renewe- for another /ear an- similarl/ for the #r- /ear. TO CONSIDER THE REAUEST OF PROF. M.B. MENON, PROFESSOR OF EDUCATION FOR E5TENSION OF E5TRA ORDINAR LEA7E The (oar- consi-ere- the re>*est of Prof. ".(. "enon, Professor of <-*cation for eBtension of <Btra !r-inar/ 1ea&e *pto #3th 6pril, 313. The (oar- -eci-e- not to grant eBtension of <!1 be/on- #1... 332. TO CONSIDER PROPOSAL FOR GI7ING THE PERSONAL DESIGNATION AS SR. ASSISTANT AND SECTION OFFICER TO SH. I.S. KAPASIA, ASSISTANT AND E5TEND FUNCTIONAL BENEFIT OF UMS FOR THE PERIOD FROM 2>.09.199> TO :0.08.2008 The 8tem was taken *p for consi-eration. 8t was eBplaine- that in p*rs*ance of the -ecision of the (oar- taken at its 2)th 11

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BM 101.21.1


BM 101.22.1


BM 101.2:.1

meeting, the ser&ices of %h. 8.%. $apasia were reg*lariFe- as 6ssistant w.e.f. 1 .'.1200 as personal to him in the pa/ scale of Rs.1 33-#3-)+3-<(-'3- 3'3 5pre-re&ise-7@Rs.'333-133-+333. %h. $apasia was gi&en the benefit of one 4pwar- "o&ement w.e.f. ..2.122. in the pa/ scale of ))33-1.)-2333 an- %econ4pwar- "o&ement w.e.f. ..2. 33) in pa/ scale of Rs.+)3333-13)33. ;owe&er, the benefits *n-er 1 st 9 n- 4pwar"o&ement scheme were gi&en on notional basis from ..2.122. to #.0. 330 with financial benefit with effect from '.0. 330 i.e. the -ate of appro&al b/ the (oar- of "anagement. The (oar- note- that %h. $apasia ha- alrea-/ ren-ere- 1 /ears of ser&ice an- was -*e for retirement in 6*g*st, 332. The (oar- f*rther note- that tho*gh he was grate- two higher stages *n-er 4"% no financial benefit was allowe- to him for the perio-. The (oar- therefore, appro&e- that the financial benefit ma/ be allowe- to the official from the -ates of grant of 1st 9 n- 4"% to him i.e. from ..2.122. to #.0. 330. The (oar- f*rther agree- to grant him the -esignation of %r. 6ssistant an- %ection !fficer from -ates of 1st 9 n- 4"% as personal to him so as to retire the official as %ection !fficer. ITEM NO.2! TO CONSIDER THE REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE CONSTITUTED B THE 7ICE-CHANCELLOR TO GI7E RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PLACING POSTS SUCH AS RESEARCH OFFICER AND ANAL STS AT THE APPROPRIATE LE7ELS OF TEACHERS The (oar- consi-ere- the recommen-ations of the Committee constit*te- b/ the 4ni&ersit/ to eBamine 9 recommen- placing of the posts s*ch as Research !fficer an- 6nal/sts at the appropriate le&el of teachers an- appro&e- the proposal. 6 cop/ of the Report of the Committee is place- at A33$%.+4->. TO CONSIDER BRECRUITMENT RULESC FOR THE POST OF THE FINANCE OFFICER The 8tem was taken *p for consi-eration. The (oar- note- that the post of ?inance !fficer has fallen &acant w.e.f. 1.). 332 on repatriation of %h. R. Cha*han, 896% to his Parent ,eptt anthe Vice Chancellor assigne- the charge of the ?inance !fficer to %h. Cherian Thomas, Et. Registrar, ?96 ,i&. from that -ate. The (oar- f*rther note- that *n-er %tat*te +, the ?inance !fficer is to be appointe- b/ the (oar- of "anagement on the 12

BM 101.2!.1

ITEM NO.2= BM 101.2=.1

recommen-ations of the %election Committee an- the emol*ments 9 other con-itions of ser&ice of the ?inance !fficer shall be -eci-e- b/ an !r-inance. 6s per pro&ision *n-er Cla*se # of !r-inance No.11 on <mol*ments, Terms 9 Con-itions of ser&ice of ?inance !fficer, >*alification for the post of ?inance !fficer shall be as prescribe- b/ the (oar- of "anagement from time to time. The (oar- note- that -etaile- Recr*itment R*les for the post of ?inance !fficer, eBperience an- mo-e of appointment has howe&er, not been prescribe- as /et. 8t was therefore, proposeto prescribe proper >*alifications@eBperience 9 mo-e of selection an- relate- matters for the post. The (oar- consi-ere- the proposal an- after -etaile-eliberations, -eci-e- that the 4ni&ersit/ sho*l- not restrict selection of the ?inance !fficer to the "ember of an organiFe6cco*nt %er&ice of :o&t. of 8n-ia, an- the post sho*l- be opene- to an/ officer of the :o&t. of 8n-ia at appropriate le&el with 1) /ears of ser&ice with s*fficient eBpos*re in the financial matters. The (oar- appro&e- the following >*alification 9 eBperience for the post of ?inance !fficer incl*-ing the mo-e of appointment:
A)-?+/+1-&+"% 9 E43$0+$%1$ 6 "ember of the !rganise- Central :o&t. ser&ices 5:ro*p-67 with at least 1) /ears of ser&ice of which ) /ears in fiel-@-iscipline of financial management !r i7 Post :ra-*ate ,egree with at least ))I marks or e>*i&alent preferabl/ in the areas relate- to 6cco*ntsG anii7 6t least 1) /ears of eBperience in 6cco*nts 9 6*-it in :o&t.@6*tonomo*s !rganisations or 4ni&ersit/ as a :ro*p 6 officer with at least 0 /ears of eBperience as ,ep*t/ Registrar@,ep*t/ ?inance !fficer or e>*i&alent le&el. !r i7 Chartere- 6cco*ntant@Cost 9 Horks 6cco*ntant@"(6 with specialiFation in ?inancial "anagementG anii7 6t least 1) /ears of eBperience in a responsible capacit/ 5:ro*p-6 le&el7 preferabl/ in :o&t. or 6*tonomo*s !rganisations, with at least 0 /eas of eBperience at ,ep*t/ %ecretar/ or e>*i&alent le&el.


C"#3"'+&+"% "/ S$?$1&+"% C"##+&&$$ Composition of %election Committee for the post of ?inance !fficer shall be the same as is for :ro*p 6 5Non-6ca-emics7 posts for open recr*itment. M".$ "/ R$10)+&#$%& 6n/ one of the following shall be a-opte-: i7 6ppointment on stan-ar- -ep*tation terms as prescribe- b/ the :o&t. of 8n-ia for its emplo/ees. The -ep*tation shall be initiall/ for one /ear, eBten-able *pto fi&e /earsG or ii7 6ppointment for ten*re of fi&e /ears, eBten-able for another term on /earl/ basis.

ITEM NO.26 BM 101.26.1

MINUTES OF THE :2ND MEETING OF THE DISTANCE EDUCATION COUNCIL HELD ON AUGUST =, 2009. The (oar- note- the &ario*s -ecisions of the ,istance <-*cation Co*ncil taken at its # n- meeting hel- on ).0. 332. 6 cop/ of the min*tes of the ,istance <-*cation Co*ncil is place- as A33$%.+4-8. LETTER RECEI7ED FROM THE MINISTR OF HRD IN THE MATTER OF OFFERING OF B.TECH(B.E. PROGRAMME THROUGH DISTANCE MODE. The 8tem was taken *p for consi-eration. The (oar- was apprise- of the -emi-official letter recei&e- from %h. N.$. %inha, Et. %ecretar/, ";R, -irecting the ,<C to imme-iatel/ with-raw permission gi&en to &ario*s instit*tions to con-*ct (.Tech@(.<. programmes thro*gh -istance mo-e an- the repl/ thereto sent b/ the Chairman, ,<C &i-e letter No.,<C@ 332@ '10 -t. 11.0. 332. 8t has been emphasiFe- in the letter that the implementation of the abo&e -irecti&e of ";R, was not a correct proposition. 8t was note- that worlrenowne- Technological 8nstit*tes offer <ngineering programmes thro*gh !,1 "o-e witho*t compromising on >*alit/. Therefore, the emphasis sho*l- be on ens*ring the >*alit/ an- rigger comparable to the face to face component, for con-*ct of (.Tech an- (.<. programmes *n-er !,1 mo-e. The (oar- was f*rther informe- that the Chairman, ,<C haalso -eci-e- to constit*te a Committee to eBamine the >*alit/ 1!


BM 101.2>.1

aspect of (.Tech 9 (.<. programme to ens*re that the/ are at par with these programmes *n-er the con&entional mo-e anreport of the Committee wo*l- be ma-e a&ailable to the "inistr/. 8t was also obser&e- that the s*ggestion of fin-ing o*t whether the entire practicals were con-*cte- for all these can-i-ates who st*-ies in &ario*s instit*tions all thro*gh these /ears is not possible. BM 101.2>.2 The matter was -isc*sse- in -etail. The (oar- was of the &iew that the "inistr/As letter was not applicable to the (.Tech 9 (.<. programmes offere- b/ 8:N!4. The (oar- therefore, resol&e- that the 4ni&ersit/ nee- not with-raw its own (.Tech 9 (.<. programmes an- write to the "inistr/ clarif/ing its stan- s*itabl/ at appropriate le&el inter-alia to Jconsi-er !pen 4ni&ersities o*t of the ambit of ";R, letter -t. 2... 332 anseparate polic/ ma/ be e&ol&e- in this regar-K. 6 cop/ each of the letter from the ";R, an- the repl/ to it from Chairman, ,<C is place- as A33$%.+4-9. TO CONSIDER THE BRECOMMENDATIONSC OF THE SELECTION COMMITTEE MEETINGS FOR RECRUITMENT(CAS(APPOINTMENTS TO 7ARIOUS TEACHING, ACADEMIC AND PROMOTION TO NONACADEMIC GROUP-6A8 POSTS The recommen-ations of the %election Committee meetings for recr*itment @ C6% @ appointments to &ario*s teaching, aca-emic an- promotion of non-aca-emic :ro*p-6 positions were place- before the (oar-. The (oar- consi-ere- anappro&e- the recommen-ations, as per -etails gi&en below.


BM 101.28.1

1. T$-1,+%*(A1-.$#+1 P"'+&+"%' D-&$' "/ M$$&+%* 1'.). 332 P"'+&+"%' N-#$' 0$1"##$%.$.
R$#-02' --

6ppointment to the posts UR of L$1&)0$0 +% S1,""? "/ 1. ,r. Pra-eep E4&$%'+"% 9 $*mar D$D$?"3#$%& S&).+$' . ,r. Nisha ;SOEDS< in the scale of Verghese Rs.0333-1#)33 54R-3 ,%C-31,%T-317 Haiting 1ist #. ,r. Ram Chan-ra ,ash


'. Eoseph ). +. %ahoo

,r. (enn/ ,r. 6mar ,eo ,r. %a-anan-a

SC 1. ,r. ,ebasish %aha Hailing 1ist . ,r. Pankaja ,eep ST 1. ,r. :race ,on Nemching Haiting 1ist ,r.R.1*some 6ppointment to the posts UR of L$1&)0$0 +% S1,""? "/ 1. ,r.%h*bhangi Vai-/a I%&$0.+'1+3?+%-0E -%. . ,r.P.$.Ratheesh $r. T0-%'.+'1+3?+%-0E #. ,r.$a&itha 6rora S&).+$' ;SOITS< in the scale of Rs.0333-1#)33 Haiting 1ist 5!(C-31,4R-3#7 '. ,r.%*bhakanta "ohapatra OBC 1. ,r. %a-anan-a %ahoo Haiting 1ist . ,r. Raji/a %ahani #. ,r.4tpola (orah 6ppointment to the posts UR of L$1&)0$0 +% &,$ S1,""? "/ S"1+-? W"02 1. ,r. %a*m/a in the scale of Rs.0333. ,r.%a/anthani :*in 1#)335pre-re&ise-7 ;SC-01,OBC-01,UR-02< Haiting 1ist 1. "r.Eoseph Varghese . "r. 6nish $.R. OBC 1. "r.:."ahesh 16

#3.+. 332


#... 332


Haiting 1ist . 6see/a Nasreen SC 1. N. Ram/a Haiting 1ist . %anthosh ".R. 6ppointment to the post ,r. %*nil $*mar of R$-.$0 +% C"##$01$, S1,""? "/ M-%-*$#$%& S&).+$' ;SOMS< in scale of Rs.1 333-10#335prere&ise-7 Placement of 1. ,r. %*bo-h L$1&)0$0;'< +% $esherwani C"##$01$ +% &,$ P-E . ,r.%*nil $*mar B-%. "/ R'.1=600:9100 5with an 6ca-emic :P of Rs..333@-p.m.7 Promotion to the post of ,r. :opal R-.$0 +% M-%-*$#$%&( P?-1$#$%& "/ S$?$1&+"% G0-.$ )%.$0 &,$ CAS +% &,$ P-E B-%. "/ R'.1=600-:9100 5with an 6:P of Rs.0333@-p.m.7

'... 332


'... 332

Recommen-e- as per C6% r*les from the -ate of eligibilit/

'... 332

Recommen-e5The Committee was *nanimo*s in recommen-ing that his performance in the 8nter&iew was not goo- at all. 6n a-&isor/ from VC sho*l- be sent for impro&ement7

2. N"%-A1-.$#+1 G0")3-A 3"'&' ... 33 1. Promotion of the to the 1. post of A''+'&-%& R$*+'&0-0 . %h. %.".?aFil, %! "s.Neelam $ohli, %P6 #. "s.%hashi P.$h*rana, %! '. "s.Ren* $at/al, %P6 ). "s.$ailash %al*ja,
8n respect of %hri %hara$*mar, %P6, the recommen-ations of the ,PC is kept in a seale- co&er


%P6 +. "s.Priscila $hairnaior, %! .. "s."a/a $*mari, %P6 0. %h.Ram $ishan, %! . Placement of a A''+'&-%& %h. L.%. (hamb*lkar R$*+'&0-0 +% S$%+"0 S1-?$ #. Placement of G0-3,+1 %h. Ra&in-er $*mar Tomar A0&+'& +% &,$ S$%+"0 S1-?$ "/ R'.1000-1=200 '. A.D-%1$#$%& "/ &,$ %h. "ohan Veer :a*tam .-&$ "/ R$*)?-0+F-&+"% of promotion to the post of 6ssistant Registrar ITEM NO.29

w.e.f. #1.1. 33'

w.e.f. #1.0. 33.

PROGRAMME ON SUSTAINABLE DE7ELOPMENT IN ERA OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND APPOINTMENT OF SUITABLE FACULT HA7ING E5PERIENCE IN FIELD OF CLAIMATE CHANGE AND SUSTAINABLE DE7ELOPMENT ;I&$# 30$'$%&$. @E &,$ C,-+0#-%< The 8tem alongwith the "in*tes of the Chair for %*stainable ,e&elopment 5C%,7 Committee hea-e- b/ Prof. ".%. %waminathan -t. 13... 332 was place- before the (oar-. 8t was eBplaine- that the Chair for %*stainable ,e&elopment *n-er the ;onorar/ Chairmanship of Prof. ".%. %waminathan is engage- in -e&elopment of a n*mber of Programmes on %*stainable ,e&elopment in the era of Climate Change. 8n the meeting of the Chair for %*stainable ,e&elopment hel- on 13... 332, the Committee inter-alia has -eci-e- to -e&elop more programmes s*ch as P: Certificate on %*stainabilit/ %cience 5to be -e&elope- at later stage to a ,egree an- Post "aster le&el7 an- 1ea-ership Programme on N*trition %ec*rit/, 6ppreciation Programme in Comm*nit/ Climate "anagement, (io-,i&ersit/ etc. The Chair has recommen-ethat to *n-ertake the -e&elopmental acti&ities relating to these programmes a Core ?ac*lt/ of 6ssistant Professor@6ssociate Professor, :eograph/ or in an/ associate- -iscipline with eBperience in the fiel- of Climate Change an- %*stainable ,e&elopment be appointe-. The (oar- appreciate- the efforts of the Chair for %*stainable ,e&elopment an- appro&e- the 18

BM 101.29.1

programmes in principle. The (oar- also appro&e- the proposal for appointment of one 6ssistant Professor@6ssociate Professor in :eograph/ or associate- ,iscipline with specialiFation in the fiel- of Climate Change an- %*stainable ,e&elopment an- also the appointment of ,r. ". Prashanth, 1ect*rer, ,eptt. of ;istor/, $akati/a 4ni&ersit/, Harangal as 6ssistant Professor *n-er the Chair. 6 cop/ of the min*tes of the C%, meeting hel- on 13... 332 is place- as A33$%.+4-10. ITEM NO.:0 APPOINTMENT OF PROF. 7IJA KAPUR ;FORMER IAS<, AS AD7ISER TO THE 7ICE CHANCELLOR ;SPECIAL PROJECTS< The Chairman mentione- that the aca-emic 9 allie- acti&ities in the 4ni&ersit/ ha&e increase- manifol-. The Chairman therefore, propose- to appoint Prof. Vija/ $ap*r 5former 86%7, Professor ?"%, ,elhi 4ni&ersit/ on -ep*tation for a perio- of two /ears in the scale of pa/ of Rs.#.'33-+.333 with 6:P of Rs.1 ,333@-5P(-'7 to work as 6-&iser to the Vice Chancellor 5%pecial Projects7. The (oar- appreciate- the proposal an*nanimo*sl/ appro&e- the appointment of Prof. Vija/ $ap*r in the 4ni&ersit/. 6 cop/ of the (io--ata of Prof. Vija/ $ap*r is place- as A33$%.+4-11. ENHANCEMENT OF THE FELLOWSHIP AMOUNT FOR THE RTA SECHEME FROM RS.1!000(- TO RS.21000(- ;PLUS ADMISSIBLE HRA< PER MONTH. ;S3$1+-? I&$#< The 8tem was presente- b/ the Vice Chancellor. The (oarresol&e- to enhance the amo*nt of fellowship for the Research an- Training 6ssociates 5RT6s7 from Rs.1'333@- to Rs. 1333@5pl*s ;R6 as a-missible7 per month in line with the recommen-ations of the 4:C@";R, for enhancement of research fellowships. The -ate of effect of this enhancement shall be the -ate of implementation of the enhancement of the research fellowship in other Cetnral *ni&ersities, as per the 4:C g*i-elines.

BM 101.:0.1


BM 101.:1.2

The meeting en-e- with a &ote of thanks to the Chair. ;7.N. RAJASEKHARAN PILLAI< C,-+0#-% 19