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The Dangerous Menace of Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes is dangerous, and if not kept in check it could bring about serious nerve damage and affect the body in various ways.

Diabetes is not a disease but a condition. It is impo tant to know that it can !ead to a who!e !ot o" se ious ai!ments i" not kept in check. #o $ust how se ious cou!d these ma!adies %et&

The Avatars of Diabetic Neuropathy

'o sta te s( the e a e si) ma$o mani"estations o" diabetic neu opath*. +nd the* a!! a e diso de s with se ious imp!ications.

,ou ha-e pe iphe a! neu opath*( in which the pe iphe a! ne -es %et a""ected( pa ticu!a !* those o" the !owe !e%s. .his no ma!!* depicts itse!" th ou%h numbness o a tin%!in% sensation in the !owe !e%s o the "eet. #*mptoms o" pe iphe a! neu opath* cou!d a!so inc!ude sensation !oss in the !owe !e%s o the "eet.



.hen *ou/-e %ot autonomic neu opath* which a""ects the ne -es cont o!!in% -ita! bod* "unctions inc!udin% hea t ate( empt*in% o" bowe! and b!adde ( di%estion and b!ood p essu e. ,ou ma* be%in to e)pe ience di00iness( nausea( !ow b!ood p essu e( "aintin% and e-en di""icu!t* in swa!!owin%. 1o-in% on to "emo a! neu opath*( this s*mptom is a d*s"unction o" the "emo a! ne -e which esu!ts in !esse cont o! whi!e *ou wa!k. ,ou cou!d a!so e)pe ience % oin pain( and hip pain which wou!d make it di""icu!t "o *ou to wa!k( sit o mo-e a ound. ,ou ma* a!so e)pe ience a tin%!in% o numb sensation in the knee( "oot and ca!". I" *ou thou%ht these we e ea!!* ha d to mana%e( the e/s mo e. .he ne -es e)itin% *ou spine cou!d %et comp essed o i itated( esu!tin% in neck and back pain. 2hat i" some $oints o" *ou bod* a e unstab!e o swo!!en& .hat/s what happens with the diabetic neu opath* condition ca!!ed 3ha cot/s 4oint o neu o%enic a th opath*. +pa t " om swe!!in% and instabi!it*( the bone in the $oint %oes th ou%h at ophic and h*pe t ophic mani"estations whi!e the $oint a!so e)pe iences hemo ha%e and heat. 'ina!!* the e is 5 "oot d op. .his causes inabi!it* to !i"t *ou "oot/s " ont po tion. ,ou/!! be d a%%in% *ou toes 1-718-769-2521


as *ou wa!k 5 not a p!easant si%ht to beho!d o a % eat "ee!in% to e)pe ience. Diabetic neu opath* is a condition that cou!d si%ni"icant!* a""ect *ou qua!it* o" !i"e. ,ou/-e %ot to keep *ou b!ood su%a !e-e!s in check since *ou ne-e know when *ou diabetes cou!d become mo e se ious and *ou be%in to e)pe ience st an%e sensations and unp!easant "ee!in%s.

Treatment Options
. eatment "o diabetic neu opath* is -a ied since the e a e di""e ent mani"estations o" this condition( as mentioned abo-e. 6ut we ha-e on!* sc atched the su "ace. .he si) conditions we/-e mentioned on!* make up an o-e a!! -iew. In "act( the e a e man* mo e speci"ic s*mptoms "o aspects o" these conditions out the e and t eatment is the e"o e di""e ent and an%es " om mino to ma$o . 7ene a!!*( t eatment "o diabetic neu opath* at ad-anced mu!ti-specia!t* hea!thca e cente s wou!d in-o!-e ne -e pain e!ie" medication to educe ne -e dama%e. .hese medications wou!d enab!e the ne -es to epai themse!-es and inc!ude t ic*c!ic antidep essants( na cotic pain medication and opioids and simi!a d u%s. 3hi op actic t eatment can he!p imp o-e b ain-to-bod* communication and -ice -e sa whi!e a!so acti-atin% the ne -ous s*stem. 8h*sica! the ap* ma* a!so ha-e to be pe "o med "o imp o-in% the bod*/s b!ood ci cu!ation( st en%thenin% the a""ected musc!es o" the "oot and !e%( and esto in% sensation. 1-718-769-2521