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Distribution Report

Quality assurance in the distribution phase is essential because we want to deliver to the customer the product that they purchased, with the quality they require, based on good customer approach and just-in-time management. An example of the typical distribution system we use is shown in the figure below. We assure quality throughout the distribution process by focusing on the following three areas: packaging design management, distribution quality management, and distribution failure reduction. The actions we take to assure quality in these areas are described below.



Distribution Department

Producer Subsidiary

Packaging design management

In the distribution process, the place has been a considerable stress on products as they are transported and stored. The packaging materials used for storing products (paper bags, cellophane for the ketchup) and transporting them (plastic Tupperware)

must was therefore being carefully designed. Packaging materials are also assessed for their environmental impact, so we used biodegradable material like paper bag to lessen the use of plastics. We do our best to select packaging materials that reduce volume and that can be reused and recycled. Thats why we used paper bags instead of plastics.

Distribution quality management

Quality in the bread roll distribution process is affected by many factors, including storage management, the handling environment, and transportation management. Problems may occur if any of these areas is insufficiently managed, such as damage to moisture-proof packaging, damage to cover due to moistures, or food contamination. Each process is therefore managed carefully, as shown in the table below.

Handling status Storage

Details Control of moisture, atmosphere, and direct sunlight Control of moisture levels to prevent , management of products in short-term storage Control of moisture and dust/dirt Prevention of food contamination Quantity and label Control of direct sunlight and misallocation of the product



Preventing distribution failure

Problems that occur in the distribution phase are known as distribution failures. Common failures that occur are shown in the table below.

Failure type Labeling failure Product discrepancy Damage

Details Occurs when the label on the packaging does not match the contents of the package. Occurs when the name of the product does not match the description. Damage to the product package

When distribution failure occurs, the details of the failure as well as temporary and permanent corrective measures are recorded. This helps prevent of going back to the failure and stops from selling out of not good bread rolls. Recorded failures are also analyzed and counted so that the number of failures can be reduced.