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What are the components of Rational Robot Rational Robot is a complete set of components for automating the testing of Microsoft Windows Client/Server and Internet applications running under Windows N !."#Windows $"""# Windows %& and Windows %' he components of Robot are 1. Rational (dministrator $. Rational est Manager log ). *b+ect properties# te,t # grid and image comparators !. Rational Site Chec-. ). What -ind of scripts .ou can develop using Rational Robot We can develop ordinar. scripts ie /0I scrits and /0I Shell Script We can use robot to develop two -inds of scripts 1. /0I script for functional testing $. Session Script for performance testing ( script that calls or groups several other gui scripts and pla.s them bac- in se1uence. his is used for batch testing. /0I scripts2with an e,tension .rec3 can be used as S4( 5asic librar. files. .rec files have pro+ect wide scope and support verification points. .sbl files have repositor. wide scope but do not support verification points. 2What is 60 commands3 !. What are data pools and how do .ou create them ( 7atapool is a test dataset. It supplies data values to the variables in the script during script pla. bac-. We create data pools using est Manager# ools89Manage 7ata:ools and to create userdefined datat.pes we use ools8 9Manage 7ata .pes.

;or <oad :erformance testing there is no need to write an. code but to use the datapool for /0I Script we should add datapool commands 1. We need to include S4(0 I<.sbh header file in the script $. Substitute variables for the literal values .ou provided during recording ). (dd datapool commands that open the datapool# fetch a row of data from the datapool# retrieve the individual values in the fetched row and assign each vaue to a script value 1. *pen a datapool = S4(7ata:ool*pen2name of the datapool3. S4(7ata:ool*pen returns a handle to the cursor $. ;etch a row of data from the datapool = S4(7ata:ool;etch2handle3 ). Retrieve individual values in the fetched row = S4(7ata:ool6alue2handle#column name or number#value3 !. assign each value to a script alue '. Close the datapool = S4(7ata:oolClose2name of the datapool3 >. What are the verification points robot uses for the web sites Website scan Website compare &. ?ow .ou used Robot with estManager %. What are the five test activities supported b. the est Manager 1".?ow do .ou test applications with Rational est ;actor. 11. ?ow do .ou manage defects using Rational Clear4uest in integration with est manager and Robot 1$. ?ow do .ou manage re1uirements using Re1uisite:ro

1). What tas-s do .ou perform using Robot and its component :erform full functional testing :erform full performance testing Create and edit scripts using the S4(5asic and 60 Scripting environments est applications developed with I7@As such as Bava# 6isual5asic# ? M<# *racle ;orms# :ower5uilder# 7elphi. Collect diagnostic information about an application during script pla.bac1!. What is a verification point 1'. What is baseline testing and how do .ou perform it using Rational Robot ( verification point is a point in a script that we create to confirm the state of an ob+ect across builds of the application under8test 7uring recording a verification point captures ob+ect information based on the of verification point and stores it in a baseline data file. he information in this file becomes the baseline of the e,pected state of the ob+ect during subse1uent builds. When we pla.bac- the script against a new build# Rational robot retrieves the information in the baseline file for each verification point and captures it to the state of the ob+ect in the new build. If the captured ob+ect does not match the baseline# Robot creates an actual data file. he information in this file shows the actual state of the ob+ect in the build. (fter pla.bac-# the results of each verification point appear in the test manager log. If a verification point fails 2the baseline and actual data do not match3 .ou can select the verification point in the log and clic- 6iew89verification point to open the appropriate comparator. he comparator displa.s the baseline and actual files so that .ou compare them.

Can a librar. source file have e,tension .rec other than .sbl

1C. What are the different steps of /0I scripts recording wor-flows 1. Set up test environment $. Set recording options ). Start recording !. :erform user actions '. Create verification points C. end recording 1>. ?ow do we establish a -nown state before the start and the end of the Robot scripts e,ecutionD What is the purpose of the -nown start and end stateD 1&. ?ow do .ou create modular scripts and what is the purpose of creating modular scripts 5. starting and ending the recording at a common point# scripts can be pla.ed bac- in an. order# with no script being dependent on where another script ends. (n. windows that are open# active or displa.ed when .ou begin recording should be open active or displa.ed when .ou stop recording. Robot records the siEes and positions of all open windows when .ou start recording# based on the recording options settings. 7efine scripts that are short and modular. 5. this we can call the scripts in shell scripting also. 5enefits of modular scripts are 1. he. can be debuged easil. $. he. can be called copied and combined into shell sripts


he. can be easil. modified or re8recorded if the developer ma-es an. changes

1%. ?ow do .ou use Robot to record test scripts on the applications that are developed in different I7@As for eg 2*racle ;orms# ? M<# Bava# C/CFF#6isual 5asic Robot provides specialiEed support for testing the ob+ects in applications that are created in man. integrated development environments 2I7@s3.

$". Which recording options .ou will set up to Name scripts automaticall. We use /0I Recording *ptions in the ools to set up Name scripts automaticall.. /oto ools 89 /0I Recording *ptions 89 /eneral 89 Script (utonaming 89 :refi, /ive some prefi,. if the prefi, is ,,, then each time Robot names the files as ,,,"# ,,,1# ,,,$........ $1. Which Recording options do .ou set up to respond to un-nown ob+ects 2generic3 /oto ools 89 /0I Recording *ptions 89 /eneral 89 2Chec- the chec-bo,3 7efine un-nown ob+ects as generic $$. ?ow do .ou perform class mapping 7uring recording Robot recogniEes all standard Windows /0I ob+ects that we clic-. 7uring recording we might clic- an ob+ect that Robot does not recogniEe. In this case robotAs behaviour is controlled b. a recording option that we set. We can have Robot map the ob+ect to a -nown ob+ect or we can have robot map automaticall. map un-nown ob+ects encountered while recording

with the /eneric ob+ect his permanentl. associates the class name of the un-nown ob+ects window with the /eneric ob+ect

$). ?ow does Robot recogniEe an ob+ect on the /0I of an application $!. Where do .ou set up the ob+ect recognition preferences. @,plain with an e,ample

)$. what are the script properties and how do .ou define them Script properties includeG he script name# description# owner# purpose and test environment Related assets such as test re1uirement Notes and Specification files Custom -e.words )). ?ave .ou ever done hand8coding of the /0I Scripts and which language do .ou use for coding S4( 5asic language )!. What is a shell script and how do .ou create it )'. o pla. bac- the shell script which options .ou need to set 7ela. between commands

7ela. between -e.stro-es S-ip 6erification :oints (c-nowledge results Robot window position options while pla. bac-

)C. ?ow do .ou start the application automaticall. during recording mode /oto Insert 89Start (pplication and give the path of the application )>. ?ow do .ou call another script /oto Insert89Call Script and select the /0I script name )&. What are the different verification points in Robot (lphanumeric Clipboard Menu *b+ect data *b+ect :roperties Region Image Window @,istence Window image ;ile Comparision ;ile @,istence Module @,istence Web Site Scan Web Site Compare

)%. What is the purpose of the start and end timers in the robot scripts StartHtimer and StopHtimer commands are used to find the time ta-en to perform an activit.. ;or e,ample if we want to find the time ta-en to submit a 1uer. to the database server and receive the results. he results are displa.ed in the log with the timer name.

!". ?ow do .ou insert comments in the scripts Select the portion .ou want to insert comments# right clic- and then select comment lines. 5. a single 1uote 2I3 in front of the line !1. ?ow do .ou insert <og messages and dela. values in the scripts /oto Insert89Write to log S4(<ogMessage s1a:ass# JmessageJ# JdescriptionJ s1a:ass s1a;ail s1aWarning s1aNone /oto Insert897ela. 7ela.;or2accepts time in milliseconds3 7ela.for21"""3 !$. What is the purpose of inserting dela. values in the script 7uring pla.bac- we ma. need robot pause for a specific amount of time before e,ecuting a particular command# for

e,ample an additional dela. ma. be necessar. if the application accesses a networ- server# printer or other remote s.stem. In these cases if script pla.bac- does not wait# it can become out of with the application b. e,ecuting script commands before the application is read. for them. When we insert a dela. value in a script the script waits for the amount of time we specified before pla.bac- continues. !). What is the use of the following files a. <ibrar. Source files ( librar. source file contains one or more sub8procedures and functions that are called from procedures in other files. S4(5asic supports these -inds of filesG 1. SQABasic library files with extension (.sbl) : .sbl files can onl. be used as librar. files $. or (.rec) : .rec files can be used as script files or as librar. files .sbl <ocation .rec

Repositor. :ro+ect 2folder S4(5asic)$3 2folder Script3 (vailable to all files in the repositor. (vailable to all files in the pro+ect Supports all standard Robot verification points


6erification point

No support

If a .rec file is to be used as a script 2ie# if it is to be e,ecutable directl. from Robot or from the CallScript command 3# it must have a Main sub procedure. Compiled .sbl files have .sb, e,tion at runtime b. S4( 5asic header files S4( header file contains a list of declarations. We can also use header files to declare Constants and variables Custom sub8procedures and custom functions he declaration in the header file appl. to an. module 2Script or librar. file3 that references the header file. here are two t.pes of header files 1. Header files stored in SQABas ! folder of the repositor.. he. can be accessed b. all modules within the repositor. $. "ro#ect header files are stored in the Script folder of the pro+ect# the. can be accessed b. all modules within the pro+ect 5oth files have e,tensions .sbh. 7irector. Structure cGK:rogram ;ilesKRationalKB.othiKS4(5as)$ cGK:rogram ;ilesKRationalKB.othiK:ro+ectK:ro+8B.othiKScripts

c. Script template G he template contains the information that we want to appear in ever. new script and .rec librar. file that we create. Robot provides a template file# estproc.tpl that we can use to automaticall. add comments or include statements in new /0I scripts. (n. te,t that we add to estproc.tpl automaticall. appears in each newl. recorded script. o edit estproc.tpl Clic- file89*pen89S4(5asic file Set the file to emplate files 2L.tpl3 Select testproc.tpl and clic- open .pe include statements as in the following e,ample IMinclude Nglobal.sbhO Clic- file89Save he estproc.tpl is saved in S4(5asic)$ folder !!. What is the purpose of .sbl file !'. What is the purpose of .sbh file !C. What is the purpose of .rec file !>. What is the use of /lobal.sbl file and how do .ou add procedure to it Robot provides a blan- librar. source file called /lobal.sbl file for convinience. We can add custom procedures to this file

!&. What command .ou will insert in the script to start the application e,ecutable# +ava application and browser automaticall. from the scriptD

StartBava(pplication2classname#........3 Start5rowser JhttpG//gmo.segue.comJ# JWindow agPW@55rowserJ !%. ?ow will .ou start multiple applicatons thru the shell scriptD '". What are the different verification point t.pesD @,plain the s.nta, of the command generated b. each verification point '1. If .ou want to verif. the contents of an input field# which verification point .ou will useD '$. If .ou want to verif. the numeric value of a field# which verification point will be used and how will .ou use it to checfor the numeric range testD '). If .ou want to verif. an image but there is a changing part of the image how will .ou handle itD ;or creating the verification points for Region image and Window image# we can open $%a&e Co%parator 'indow when we are capturing the image. In the $%a&e Co%parator 'indow we have an option called (ew Mas) in *dit menu. We can select the d.namicall. changing portion# robot doesAnt compare tha particular part of the image. '!. What is the purpose of the wait state and how will .ou set a wait state in the verification point.D

''. ?ow will .ou handle the situation where .ou want to verif. the window to disappear for the test to pass and if the window appears then the test should failD 'C. Which verification point .ou will implement if .ou want to verif. the part of the te,t for e.g *rder = 1$)# *rder = 'C>D '>. Which verification point .ou will use if .ou want to verif. for the field to be blan-D '&. If .ou want .our verification to be location8independent which verification method .ou will useD '%. o verif. that the recorded value sta.s in the same location which verification method .ou will useD

C". ?ow will .ou edit a baseline file of a verification point he (sset pane2left3 <ists the names of all the verification points and low8level scripts in the repositor. for this script. Right clic- on the verification point and select 6iew 5aseline. *b+ect properties dialog bo, opens and we can edit the baseline file and then save it. C1. ?ow will .ou debug .our script o debug /0I script# use the 7ebug menu commands. he following table describes the commands on the 7ebug menu 1. /o :la.sbac- the currentl. open script @,ecutes until either the ne,t brea-point or the end of the script wichihever comes first. :la.s bac- the currentl. open script stopping at the te,t cursor position

$. /o 0ntil Cursor

). (nimate

@,ecutes until either the ne,t brea-point or the end of script whichever comes first pla.s bac- the currentl. open script an .ellow arrow mar- as the s script pla.bac-s

See manual for more details ( brea-point is location in the script where e,ecution is stopped C$. What is the purpose of brea-point and how will .ou evaluate the value of the variablesD C). ?ow will .ou test Bava applications and what settings .ou need to ma-e C!. What configuration changes .ou will ma-e in the browser to record Robot scripts