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Task 2 cover page analysis for my magazine of choice-

Header- The header highlights an additional main feature in the magazine. By the use of the lexical exclusive the reader assumes the article is completely original to this magazine and has never been seen before. This makes the reader feel special as to what the magazine is offering them making them feel a stronger need to buy the magazine. This suggest that the magazine may be for a younger audience as they are nave to the fact that the magazine is a one off. Masthead- The masthead is large and is the main text focus. It fills a third of the page, positioned horizontally across the top. The text is a bold blue, causing it to stand out against the grey wash background. This blue colour scheme is carried on throughout the cover with Kanyes jacket collar and various sell lines matching this blue colour. The colour choice is mainly aimed towards males however this contrasts with the pink used for various sell lines and cover lines on the cover also. This suggests that the magazine has targeted both genders, in turn broadening their target audience and sell market.

The main coverline- The magazine has quoted an imperative used by Kanye, taken from his article/interview with the magazine, as their main cover line. This suggests Kanye to be cocky about his successful career. This cockiness would attract the attention of youths, in particularly, as they see it as lad behaviour. However, the magazine has also done this to give the reader an idea as to what the article is about. The reader knows this is the main coverline as it is the biggest font size used for cover lines on the cover. Also by the use of a pull quote we instantly know that the main article is relating to this cover line. The coverline also tells the reader a lot about the chosen niche of the magazine. The niche this specialist magazine is generated for is hip hop. We know this as the coverline relates to the rap genre, which falls under the niche of hip-hop music.

The main image- The main image is a medium close up of Kanye West, a famous rapper. The use of a famous rapper suggests the niche of hip hop, R&B and rap is central to the magazine. The medium close up allows the audience to see Kanyes earnest expression. This indicates the mood or theme of the leading article and creates a bond between Kanye and the reader. This close up also draws in audience attention as if they like Kanye West they will pay more interest into the magazine, as it clearly shows who he is. We assume that Kanye is the main feature of the magazine due to his leading role on the magazine cover. The miss-en-scene of his clothing is plain and unenticing as his wearing a grey jacket with a blue collar. This links in with the magazine colour scheme. His clothing therefore does not detract from Kanyes expression and the cover lines.