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Customer's Complaint Regarding Delivery Charges

Dear Sir, Thank you for your letter of 05 July. As you wish to know why we have placed no orders with you recently, will point out a matter which caused us some annoyance.

On 21 April last year we sent you two orders, one for USD290 and one for USD150. Your terms at the time provided for free delivery of all orders for USD400 or more, but although you delivered these two orders together we are charged with the cost of carriage.

As the orders were submitted on different forms, we grant that you had perfect right to treat them as separate orders. However for all practical purposes they could very well have been treated as one, as they were placed on the same day and the delivery at the same time. The fact that you did not do this seemed t us to be a particularly ungenerous way of treating a regular long-standing customer. Having given you our explanation, we should welcome your comments. Yours sincerely,

Complaint Regarding Damaged Goods

Dear Sirs, We regret very much to say that your consignment against R/R 123456 dated 10th Sep 2010 has been received in an entirely damaged condition and not a single packet is in saleable condition. Will you, therefore, please send a fresh consignment on receipt of which we shall return the goods already received. Yours faithfully, For Youth Bros

Delivery Of Wrong Materials

Dear Mr. Forrest,

As a former salesman myself, I dislike to go over the head of the person who is supposedly servicing our account, particularly since your products themselves have been reliable and effective. But now the situation has reached a point where we can no longer abide it. We either resolve it immediately or look for another supplier.

The problem is a dual one. First, on the last ten orders, we received merchandise that we did not request o that has already been shipped to us. Second, the inventory lists and financial statements have been totally different from the actual shipments, making it necessary for our stockroom to double-check every incoming container.

Since phone calls and correspondence to your regional office here have failed to correct the problem, I wou like to find out how we can resolve this to our mutual satisfaction and get on with our business. Sincerely,

Complaint Regarding Bad Packing

Dear Sirs, The carpet supplied to our order number 12345 of o1 July was delivered by your forwarder this morning.

We noticed that one of the outer edges of the wrapping has been worn through, presumably as a result of friction in transit. When we took off the wrapping it was not surprising to find that the carpet itself was soile and slightly frayed at the edge. This is the second time in 3 weeks that we have had cause to write to you about the same matter. We find hard to understand why precautions could not be taken to prevent a repetition of the earlier damage. Although other carpets have been delivered in good condition, this second experience within such a short time suggests the need for special precautions against friction when carpets are packed onto your delivery vehicles. We hope that you will bear this in mind in handling our future orders.

In view of the condition of the present carpet we cannot offer it for sale at the normal price and propose to reduce our selling price by 5%. We suggest that you make us an allowance of 5% on the invoice cost. If yo cannot do this, we shall have to return the carpet for replacement. Yours faithfully,

Deceptive Advertising
Dear Colonel Travers,

Consider this letter a request to cease and desist the statements you are now making in your radio and television commercials concerning the burial allowance you offer to the families of deceased veterans of U.S military forces not on active duty. You imply in your advertising that your company, Briar crest Cemeteries, Inc., will deduct up to $350 from burial costs for families of former military personnel, as your own expression of goodwill for their duty to their country.

Please be advised that it is clearly stated by the Department of Veterans Affairs that deceased veterans if wartime or peacetime service are eligible for a pot or interment allowance of that amount, up to $350 to be specific, to be reimbursed by the government itself. Furthermore, it is deceptive for you to imply that you yourself were an active colonel in the U.S. military service when your title is purely an honorary one awarded for duty as deputy police training officer.

If you continue to employ deceptive advertising to make consumers believe that you are offering a paymen out of pocket, we will have no recourse but to seek an injunction against your continued operation in business. Sincerely,

Problems Caused By Road Work

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Straw,

As the owner of Blake Road Contractors, Inc., I hasten to respond to your letter expressing fears about unsightly excavations and traffic tie-ups in your neighborhood. Please understand that the trenches being dug are the narrowest that can possibly be cut for the installation of television conduits, that the end result will be better cable TV transmission in your area, and that there will be absolutely no unsightly scars along the roadway or pavement. Also, my construction foreman assures me the job will be completed in only a fe days rather than the "weeks upon weeks" you were alarmed about. It is our company policy in all construction work we undertake to leave the site more attractive after our work than before we started. Sincerely,

Reply To Complaint Regarding Frequent Late Deliveries

Dear Ms. Caroline,

Your letter dated 18 February regarding delays in delivery came as a surprise as the absence of any earlier complaints led us believe that goods supplied to your orders were reaching you promptly.

It is our usual practice to deliver goods well in advance of the promised delivery dates; the filing cabinets to which you refer left here on 05 February. We are very concerned that our efforts to ensure punctual deliver should be frustrated by delays in transit. It is possible that other customer is also affected and we are takin up this whole question with our forwarders.

We thank you for drawing our attention to a situation of which had been quite unaware until you wrote to u Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience you have been caused. Yours sincerely,

Complaint Regarding Non-Delivery

Dear Sirs,

On 01 June we placed our order number 12345 for printed headed notepaper and invoice forms. You acknowledged the order on 28 June. As that is some 3 weeks ago and we have not yet received advice of delivery, we are wondering whether the order has since been overlooked. Your representative promised an early delivery and this was an important factor in persuading us to place this order with you. The delay in delivery is causing considerable inconvenience. We must ask you to complete the order immediately, otherwise we shall have no option but to cancel it and obtain the stationery elsewhere. Yours faithfully,

Inability To Issue Insurance Policy

Dear Travis,

You have every reason to be upset that I cannot write you a homeowner's policy for your Arizona residence similar to the one you had in Cleveland. I certainly wish that I could, but in the insurance business we are restricted geographically and cannot do business outside of prescribed limits. As it happens, your former underwriter, Community Mutual, engages in business in only six midwestern states. So there would be no chance of transferring your original policy, even if I could extend my business boundaries.

However, a former associates of mine, Jack Davison, moved to Prescott three years ago and transferred his office there. I enclose his business card. Please give him a ring and I'm sure you'll be delighted with his rat and his brand of personal service. With every good wish,

Delays in serving guests

Dear Mrs. Comley, You were very patient to put up with the service problems that plagued your outdoor buffet last Sunday, and I apologize again for having let you and your guests down. I should never have left the last-minute arrangements to my assistant who, though very conscientious, has not had enough catering experience. I can assure you that such a defection will not occur again and hope that you will use our service in the future. Sincerely,

Unsafe Construction - Slippery Floors

Dear Ms. Armand-Fugeot,

When you designed the interior of Twin Towers, you did so, I'm sure, with beauty and distinctiveness in mind. There is no doubt that the lobby sparkles with good looks and has elicited some rave reviews from passers-by. However, I'm afraid this is a chase of Beauty and the Beast, the "beast" being the monster the floor turns into when it becomes wet. The other day, when we had an all-day rainfall and many soaked feet trod the marble slabs, the surface became as treacherous as ice. We were fortunate indeed that, despite numerous falls, no serious injuries were sustained.

Won't you please see what can be done to coat the surface with a nonskid substance. Surely there must be some way to preserve the beauty yet eliminate the threats to life and limb. Our insurance company insists on this action. Sincerely,

Complaint Suppliers Regarding Non-arrival of goods

Dear Sirs, With reference to your Invoice No. 1786 dated 10.3.19 - for USD11,200, we are sorry to inform that we have not received the goods so far. The bill is already paid. Please look into this matter and let us have your reply by return of post as soon as possible. Yours faithfully, Manager, Purchasing Department

Complaint Concerning Damaged Goods

Dear Sirs,

We ordered 150 hard drives on 01 June and they were delivered yesterday. I regret that 17 of them were badly scratched. The package containing these goods appeared to be in perfect condition and I accepted and signed for it without question. It was on unpacking the hard drives when the damage was discovered; I can only assume that this was due to careless handling at some stage prior to packing.

I am enclosing a list of the damaged goods and shall be glad if you will replace them. They have been kep aside in case you need them to support a claim on your suppliers for compensation. Yours faithfully,

Shipping And Billing Errors

Dear Mrs. Tom,

We were dismayed to receive your letter and the sample computer printout that documented the confusio that has been occurring in your shop as a result of the billing procedures used by our marketing department. I have looked into this situation personally and am convinced that the problem lies in our company's computer programming setup and not in the marketing operations per se.

Our entire system is being checked and reviewed by an outside consulting firm, and I am confident that w will resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction.

In the meantime, I have submitted a voucher to our accounting department to reimburse you for the cost incurred when you had to crate and return duplicate merchandise. Thanks for your patience. Sincerely,

Shipping And Billing Errors

Dear Mrs. Tom,

We were dismayed to receive your letter and the sample computer printout that documented the confusion that has been occurring in your shop as a result of the billing procedures used by our marketing departmen I have looked into this situation personally and am convinced that the problem lies in our company's computer programming setup and not in the marketing operations per se.

Our entire system is being checked and reviewed by an outside consulting firm, and I am confident that we will resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction. In the meantime, I have submitted a voucher to our accounting department to reimburse you for the costs incurred when you had to crate and return duplicate merchandise. Thanks for your patience. Sincerely,

Business Hours And Schedules

Dear Mr. Stanley, We appreciate your calling to our attention the fact that you have had a problem reaching your insurance agent early enough in the morning. Our policy is to be available at all times particularly when there is an

emergency. Our regular opening office hour is indeed 9:30, but for a reason. After we opened an office in Denver last year, we discovered that we could serve our policyholders better by keeping the Boston office open until 7:00 P.M., instead of closing at 5:00, to accommodate Mountain Time clinetele. So, despite the slightly later hour of opening, our staff members actually work longer hours than they would in most other offices. Naturally, if there is an emergency, you can reach us at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. Just use the toll-free "800" number on this letterhead. Sincerely,

Complaint Letter for Defective Product

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Share Like shoddy repair or maintenance work, defective products can be a hazard as well as an inconvenience. Write promptly to request a credit, refund, or replacement item. Include the model number of the item and details of when and where you purchased it. If you spoke with anyone in the company about the item, mention their names in your letter and the outcome of your conversation. Below is a defective product complaint letter: March 11, 2013 Ms. Louise Pinkowicz Customer Relations Midwest Merchandise, Inc. P.O. Box 6197 Sioux Falls, SD 57117 Dear Ms. Pinkowicz: On February 20, I purchased a Randix AM/FM clock radio and cassette player, manufacturers number #RWC650, at the Midwest Merchandise store, 1242 Northwest Highway, in Hastings, South Dakota. I paid $110.23 for the radio, as shown on the enclosed copy of the receipt. The radio worked well for two weeks and then quit for no apparent reason. Also, the volume on the cassette player kept going loud and soft. The warranty on the radio states that if the radio is defective for any reason, I can return it and get a replacement within 60 days of purchase. I talked to Ms. Wiloma Esterhaus at the Midwest store where I bought the radio, and she told me I had to mail the item to you to get my replacement.

I am enclosing the broken radio in this package; please send me a new radio of the same model. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, Peter Y. Wei 894 Westchester Rd. Hastings, SD 57224

Complaint Letter Regarding Misbehavior done by a Bus Conductor

To The Concerned Authority, The Ministry of Surface Transport, (Address) (Date) Sir, I would like to draw your attention towards the highhanded attitude of bus staff plying on the bus route No. ____________, bus no. ____________, plying between ____________ (Place) to____________ (Place) in the evening of ____________ (Date), around ____________ (Time). Since two buses on the same route were plying, it seemed that the above mentioned Bus No. ____________ was in a hurry to reach its destination. At ____________ (Place Name) stop, three of a family boarded the bus, when the bus started-off, leaving the other two members who were aged, to run around 100mts to board the bus. When these elderly males started telling the conductor about his misdoings, he started hurling the worst of the abuses without caring two hoots for the ladies present. He was aided by the helper who told them to get off the bus, despite the fact that they had purchased the tickets. Had it not been the interference of some Samaritan passengers who came to the help of those family, things would have gone out of control. The driver too was driving recklessly, without heeding the suggestions of the passenger. As a matter of fact, most of these helpers in the Blue line buses are hoodlums and their behaviour is disgusting. It would be very considerate of your department to look into this matter and take proper steps to ensure the safety of the commuters. Yours Sincerely, (Your Name)

Dangerous Sidewalk Conditions

Dear Mr. Pier,

One of our employees slipped and fell on the sidewalk leading from our east entranceway of the parking lot She, fortunately, suffered no more than bruises on her left arm. But our inspection showed that the walk ha not been properly cleared, not had it been treated with any deicing chemicals. We must remind you that ou lease calls for proper measures to counteract and other problems arising from weather conditions, as well asgeneral cleaning and maintenance. Under the terms, you are fully responsible for any accidents that take place in the exterior of our building. Over and beyond the monetary penalty, we are more concerned with the safety and well-being of ouremployees. In the futures, I hope you will be likewise. Sincerely,

Inexperienced Service People

Dear Ms. Danforth,

How many times do I have to call your attention to the sloppy performance of your workers who are supposed to be keeping our offices tidy and clean? Each time we complained, we have received assurances from you that the situation would be improved. These promises are the kind that can only be referred to as "empty."

In case you have forgotten what kind of service you are supposed to be giving your customers, I enclose a copy of the neat little pamphlet you mailed us when you were promoting your firm. The assurances therein are hardly in keeping with the conditions on the job. We are herewith taking the stand that your pledges about reliability and satisfaction are deceptive and may even be cause for legal action, since we can lose business here when prospective clients arrive and find a messy office. If you cannot live up to your commitment, please say so and we'll sign up with another cleaning service. Sincerely,

Faulty Clock Radio

Dear Mrs. Semple,

We are sorry to hear that the new clock radio you purchased from us two weeks ago has a faulty alarm tim and mechanism. We have been selling this model for almost a year and have had no previous complaints.

There is always a "lemon" sooner or later on any assembly line, and you, unfortunately, have been a victim this time. Please bring the defective product in next time you are shopping in this area, and we'll replace it. As compensation for your trouble, we'll also give you a handy program selector for your TV. Sincerely,

Failure To Honor A Commitment

Dear Mr. Gerald,

We were both surprised and dismayed to learn that you were not going to provide bus service for our employees for the annual fall tour and picnic, as you had in the past. We had counted on this transportation and when we found out at the last minute that we would have to make an alternate plan, we had to play apremium price to get what amounted to limousine service. Also, since the capacity of the vehicles was limited, a number of employees were forced to use their own cars, thus diminishing the purpose of the event: to get as many employees as possible together in a group.

We trust that, in the future, you will coordinate your planning a litter better - that is, if you expect to stav i business and provide reliable service.

Poor Service
Dear Dr. Cullen, We appreciated your taking time to complete our little questionnaire during your holiday weekend at the Primrose Inn. Your views are most important to us, since they help us to improve our facilities and our service, as well as make any adjustments that are called for.

The problem you mentioned has been discussed with our chief housekeeper, who has asked me to apologiz for the untidiness you found in the bathroom. There is no way that she-or we-can excuse sloppy housekeeping in any way. We are so sorry for letting you leave our premises with a sour note. But we promise, promise, promise that it will never happen again. And we do thank you for calling the matter to our attention. With best wishes,

Complaint Regarding Uncompleted Work

Dear Sirs,

When I signed the contract for the building of this property you estimated that the work would be complete and the bungalow ready for occupation 'in about 6 months'. That was 8 months ago and the work is still on half finished.

The delay is causing inconvenience not only to me but also to the buyer of my present home which I canno transfer until this bungalow is finished. I urge you to press forward with this work without any further delay. Please let me know when you expect to be completed. Yours faithfully,

Complaint Concerning Wrong Goods

Dear Sirs, On 01 August I ordered 12 copies of Background Music by Lawrence under my order number 12345.

On opening the parcel I received this morning I found that it contained 12 copies of History of Music by the same author. I regret that I cannot keep these books as I have an adequate stock already. I am therefore returning the books by parcel post for immediate replacement, as I have several customers waiting for them.

I trust you will credit my account with the invoiced value of the returned copies including reimbursement fo the postage cost of USD12.80. Yours faithfully,

Complaint Concerning Quality

Dear Sirs, We have recently received several complaints from customers about your fountain pens. The pens are clearly not giving satisfaction and in some cases we have had to refund the purchase price. The pens are part of the batch of 500 supplied against our order number 12345 dated 01 June. This order was placed on the basis of a sample pen left by your representative. We have ourselves compared the performance of this sample with that of a number of the pens from this batch, and there is little doubt that many of them are faulty - some of them leak and others blot when writing.

The complaints we have received relate only to pens from the batch mentioned. Pens supplied before these have always been satisfactory. We therefore wish to return the unsold balance, amounting to 380 pens. Please replace them with pens of

the quality which our earlier dealings with you have led us to expect. Please let us know what arrangements you wish us to make for the return of these unsuitable pens. Yours faithfully,

Complaint Regarding Shortage Of Goods

Dear Sirs, We have taken delivery of the consignment sent against B/No.123789 dated 19th May 2012.

On opening the parcel, we have observed that 18 copies of "Jokes For All" are not there. We shall, therefore appreciate your sending us the same through registered post. Alternatively please issue us the necessary credit note. Yours faithfully, For Excel Packaging

Complaint Regarding Receipt Of Wrong Goods

Dear Sirs, We have today taken delivery of the consignment against R/R 123456 dated 18 July 2012.

On opening the parcel, we were surprised to find that the contents of the goods were entirely different from those ordered by us as per our letter No.A/188 dated 15th July 2012. Details of the Goods received are: 100 packets White Paper 11x13 50 packets Carbon (Kobe) 128 Gross Blue Pencils 128 Gross Black Pencils 100 Gross Sanden Rubbers 200 Small Bottle Nippon Gum Please look into the matter immediately and let us have your reply by return of post. Yours faithfully., For BCG Company