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When, by means of concentration, you have closed the nine portals of the body and have crossed the

solar system, the Master in His Radiant Form will reveal Himself to you. (Spiritual Gems p! ""#$

. to reach the eye center and ma%e it one&s home, and meet the Radiant Form of the Master and the Shabd that pulls up'.(""($ ' )he Radiant Form resembles the physical form and from this resemblance one distin!uishes Him inside, from others. Same is the case with the disciple. )he physical form he leaves behind at the eye center, with his astral form he travels the first re!ion and with his causal form the second re!ion. )he Radiant Form of the Master enters into conversation as we converse in dreams. *ream is the nearest analo!y, but we are dealin! with the superconscious state.("+,$ . When you !o above the eyes, then the Guru will meet you in His Radiant Form, and when you reach )ri%uti, the Guru will accompany you in His Sound Form, even up to Sach -hand. Fly upwards upon the win!s of MAHARAJ SAWAN SINGH Jl'S LETTERS 221 faith and love so that you may tal% to Him every day and be with Him always. )his will come !radually, so you need not despair. .erform your devotion re!ularly, and one day all these powers shall be yours and you shall reach your )rue Home. )he Radiant Form of the Master may seem to be far away li%e the /venin! Star of Wa!ner&s 0pera, but still it is within you. 1t is not far away. )here is a veil between you and 1t, and it will be torn by your love and labor. (#,2$ Radiant Form of the Master. )his is as far as Repetition will ta%e the attention. )he course of Repetition ends here. *hyan is to ma%e the attention stay there. )his Form, bein! so beautiful, attracts the attention and this attraction, when fully developed, !ives the attention the power to stay there. So lon! as *hyan is incomplete, the soul !oes that far with the help of Repetition, but comes bac%. When one has mer!ed his petty self in 1t and lost his 13ness, then the Radiant Form tal%s as we tal% here outside, and replies to en4uiries

and !uides him to the hi!her re!ions. )he sweet 5ell Sound e6ercises its ma!netic influence and the soul commences the spiritual 7ourney, the Master !ivin! the necessary help and !uidance and, step by step, ta%in! him to the 8reator in Sach%hand. 9ll this depends primarily on the disciple&s love and effort. 1t can neither be purchased nor had for the as%in!. 0ne has to detach himself from his possessions, his relations, his own body and mind and, doin! all his worldly duties, be detached in attachment, be in the world and yet not worldly. #:"

FROM a yahoo group: Path of the Masters, Part One: Story of Genesis !reation/"#olution$ in Sant Mat %&PG 'mage: (rtist)s *iew of Star Formation in the "arly +ni#erse: http://oposite.stsci.e,u/pu-info/pr/.//.//./content//./.w.0pg %&PG 'mage, Sant Mat !hart: 1he Planes of !reation 2:!34 %&PG 'mage, Sant Mat !hart: 1he Planes of !reation .:!h2 %&PG 'mage, Sant Mat !hart: 1he Planes of !reation 5, Su-tle 6o,ies correspon,ing to the Planes:!h7l %&PG 'mage, Sant Mat !hart: 1he Planes of !reation 7: 4ights, Soun,s:!h8 6efore 1here 9as ( 6eginning, 'n the 6eginning :: 1imelessness 'n the -eginning was 3e alone, sufficient unto 3imself: the Formless, colorless, an, uncon,itione, 6eing. 1hen was there neither -eginning, mi,,le, nor en,; 1hen were no eyes, no ,ar<ness, no 4ight; 1hen were no groun,, air, nor s<y; no fire, water, nor earth; no ri#ers li<e the Ganges an, the &umna, no seas, oceans, an, wa#es. 1hen was neither #ice nor #irtue; scriptures there were not, as the *e,as an, Puranas, nor as the =oran.

=a-ir pon,ers in his min, an, says, >1hen was there no acti#ity: the Supreme 6eing remaine, merge, in the un<nown ,epths of 3is own Self.> :: =a-ir, >Songs of =a-ir,> Ra-in,ranath 1agore, Samuel 9eiser 6oo<s ( current issue, forth from the feet of SO(M' ?4or,@. 't is the Prime !urrent an, the !reator of the entire creation. 1he Aame of that (B' B3(R(. Prime !urrent$ is R(B3( ?Soul@. 13(1 alone is the ,oer an, ,ispenser of e#ery acti#ity. 1he Source or Origin or Fountain:hea, from whom the Prime !urrent emanate,, is (B' SO(Ml (-solute 4or,$ of all. 9here that current halte, in its ,escent, the creation of (gam 4o< ?'naccessi-le Plane@ was -rought into -eing. (gam 4o< is a #ast sphere. 't encompasses all the creation. 1he entire creation -elow is -eing cra,le, 0ust in a small noo< of (gam 4o<. On completion of the creation of (gam 4o<, a current issue, forth from there. 't ,escen,e, an, halte,, an, e#ol#e, the creation of (la<h 4o< ?'n#isi-le Region or Plane@. 9hen the sphere of (la<h 4o< was forme, in the a-o#e manner, the current ,escen,e,, an, create, Sat 4o<. Sat 4o< ?Plane or Realm of 1ruth@ is the Bham (-o,e$ of Sat Purush, an, is inha-ite, -y 3ansas. "ach of the 3ansas ?souls@ has a ,weep islan,$ to himself. 1hey are a-sor-e, in the Barshan ?*ision@ of Sat Purush. +p to here is the creation of Sat 1ruth$ or pure spirit. Aeither Maya nor cruel =al eCists here. 1here is neither any ,esire nor any wor<. (ll are a-sor-e, in the Barshan of Sat Purush an, fee, on (mi am-rosia$. (ll li#e in perfect harmony an, en0oy rapturous -liss. 1here is no trace of pain an, anguish ,ue to =al ?go, of time:,eath: illusion@ an, there is no -ur,en of =arma.

For a consi,era-le perio, of time the creation remaine, li<e this : a region of 1ruth an, pure -liss. 1ime, 1he >Fall> of =al, the Gnostic >Bemiurge> or +ni#ersal Min, 1hen, from the lower portion of Sat Pur Sat 4o<$ emanate, a Shyam -lue$ current. 't came ,own an, un,erwent consi,era-le eCpansion an, ramification. 't remaine, constantly engage, in the Sewa ser#ice$ of Purush -ut, inwar,ly, it was cherishing some other ,esire. 't ,isclose, its min, thus, >/ Sat Purush ?Go,@D / Merciful One an, Gi#er of all thingsD Grant me the so#ereignty of a separate region, an, furnish me with the see, of Surat. 4ife here is not suite, to me. Eour region is not agreea-le to me.> 3earing this, Purush replie,, >Get out from this place. Eou are a nuisance here. Go an, e#ol#e a creation for yourself in the lower part of the pre:creational neutral Fone. 1a<e your seat there an, rule o#er that ,ominion.> 1he name of that current is Airan0an. 't has all the characteristics of =al. Purush e#ol#e, another current with a yellow hue. 'ts name is (,ya. 6y the or,er of Purush, this other current was sent ,own. 't associate, with Airan0an. 'n Sunn, they came to -e <nown as Purush an, Pra<riti, an, in 1ri<uti, as Maya an, 6rahm. 1hey halte, in Sahas:,al:<anwal ?1housan,:petale, 4otus@, from where the three Gunas Gualities$ came into -eing. 3ere, (,ya assume, the form of &yoti, an, Airan0an assume, a ,ar< -lue compleCion. 1hey first -rought into -eing 6rahm:srishti. 1hen, the creation of 1rilo<i three worl,s$ was e#ol#e,. Airan0an then engage, himself in Bhyan contemplation$ of Purush Sat Purush$. &yoti too< upon herself the -ur,en of loo<ing after the creation. 1he three Gunas or go,s -ecame her assistants. 1hey e#ol#e, the rest

of the creation. :: 3uFur Mahara0, from >Prem 6ani Ra,hasoami>, *olume Four, (gra, 'n,ia Path of the Masters, Part 1wo 1his series -egan -y ,escri-ing something of the 1imeless, "ternal State, an, the Planes of !reation >'n the 6eginning>. See Path of the Masters, Part One: Story of Genesis !reation/"#olution$ in Sant Mat: an,, 1he 'nner Planes of !reation : !harts, see the Sant Mat Fellowship Files Page near the top of the page$: 1his eCploration of the #arious Planes of !reation is all preparation for a presentation on where 9" (R" (1 in all of this an, a-out the soul)s #oyage -ac< to Go, again, the Ocean of 4o#e an, (ll: consciousness. ( ,escription of higher planes an, the soul)s ,ownwar, 0ourney, an, then the e#entual ,escription of the soul)s ascension accor,ing to the Masters will e#entually -ring us, Guite literally, full:circle -ac< 3ome again where we starte, >'n the 6eginning>. 1his soul:story of seperation an, e#entual reunion or Para-le of the Pro,igal Son has -een ,escri-e, countless ways in the #arious worl, religions, "ast an, 9est. One of my fa#orites is the Gnostic >3ymn of the Pearl> foun, in the (cts of 1homas in 'n,ia, see: Posts in this series ma<e use of material from the following -oo<s: Songs of =a-ir, Prem 6ani Ra,hasoami, Path of the Masters, Ra,hasoami Reality, "nchante, 4an,, an, three #olumes of Sar 6achan Poetry. 'n the 4ight an, Soun, of the 6elo#e,, &ames Sant Mat Fellowship Path of the Masters, Part 1wo (lso see >Genesis, Planes of !reation, Positi#e an, Aegati#e Powers,> complete with charts of inner planes, from the >Go, 's Aow 3ere> we-site: http://spiritsJGuest.tripo,.com/Genesis.htm Sat Besh, the 3ighest Region 6eginning now from (-o#e, an, going ,ownwar,s, we come first to Sat Besh Sat, 1rue, an, ,esh, country: 1rue !ountry or Far !ountry$. Many other names ha#e -een applie, to it, such as Ai0:Bham, Sat 4o<, Mu<am:e 3aG an, Sach =han,. 1hese names are usually applie, to the lowest section of Sat Besh, -ut occasionally to the entire gran, ,i#ision. 1his is the region or plane of pure spirit. (ll en0oying the greatest concei#a-le happiness, its inha-itants are pure spirits in such countless num-ers as no man can estimate. 't is the supreme hea#en of all hea#ens... 't is <nown to Saints only, who alone can

enter it. 't cannot -e ,escri-e,. 'n su-stance an, arrangement it is wholly unli<e anything <nown in this worl,. Aeither can the human min, imagine it. 1his section is so #ast in eCtent that no sort of un,erstan,ing of it can -e con#eye, to human intelligence. Ao min, can grasp it. (ll that the Saints can say of it is that it is limitless. 't is the only region which the great Saints insist is practically limitless. 9e may say, although no min, can grasp the thought, that it em-races all else, an, is -oth the -eginning an, the en, of all else. 't is the great center a-out which all other worl,s re#ol#e. (nything which we might say a-out it woul, -e incomplete an, only partially true, so ,eclare the Saints. 'f the entire physical uni#erse with its countless millions of suns an, their planets were all gathere, together in a single cluster, each sun -eing a million light:years ,istant from any other sun, yet this entire ensem-le woul, appear no more than a few ,ar< spec<s floating in the clear an, luminous s<y of Sat Besh. 'n that happy country, a sun such as ours, -ut a thousan, times larger, woul, appear as a tiny ,ar< spot, so #ery great is the light of that worl,. 1his region is the gran, capital of all creation, the center of all uni#erses, an, the resi,ence of the Supreme !reator:4or, of all. From this center of all light, life an, power, the Great !reati#e !urrent flows outwar,s an, ,ownwar,s to create, go#ern an, sustain all regions. 't passes out from this region somewhat li<e the ra,io emanations going forth from a great -roa,casting station. 't is the (u,i-le 4ife Stream, the most important factor in the system of the Masters. 1his Stream permeates the entire system of uni#erses. ( thing of great importance to us is that the music of this e#er: flowing current, the stream of life, can -e hear, -y a real Master an, also -y his stu,ents who ha#e a,#ance, e#en a little on the Path. (n, let us reiterate that unless a Master teaches his stu,ents how this current is to -e hear,, he is not a Master of the highest or,er. 1his gran, hea,Guarters of all creation is the region of immortality. 't is unchangea-le, perfect, ,eathless. 't is for e#er untouche, -y ,issolution or gran, ,issolution. So are its inha-itants. 1his region will -e referre, to many times in this -oo<. 't is su-,i#i,e, into four ,istinct planes, each ha#ing its own characteristics an, its own 4or, or Go#ernor. 6ut the ,ifference -etween these su-,i#isions is #ery slight. From a-o#e ,ownwar, they are name,: Ra,ha Swami Bham meaning home of the Spiritual 4or,$. 't is also calle, (nami 4o< meaning nameless region$. 1he neCt plane -elow the highest is (gam 4o< (gam, inaccessi-le, an, 4o<, place$. 1he thir, plane is (la<h 4o<. (la<h, in#isi-le an, 4o<, place$. 1he last of these higher planes is Sach <han, Sach, truth an, =han, home$. 1he last one is also calle, Sat 4o<, the true place. 6y the Mohamme,an Saints it has -een calle, Mu<am:e:3aG, meaning of the same as a-o#e, the 3ome of 1ruth. 1he light of all four of these regions is so #ery intense that it is impossi-le for any mortal to get an un,erstan,ing of it. 't cannot -e ,escri-e,. 1he great Swami &i sums up his statements regar,ing is region -y saying simply that >'t is all 4o#e.> :: &ulian P. &ohnson, >Path of the Masters>

Path of the Masters, Part 1hree (lso, see, Path of the Masters, Parts 2 an, .: (lso, !harts of the 3igher Planes an, Su-tle 6o,ies astral, causal, mental, etheric, an, the soul$ at the top of the Sant Mat Fellowship files page: 6R(3M(AB(, 13" S"!OAB GR(AB B'*'S'OA 1he secon, gran, ,i#ision from a-o#e ,ownwar, is 6rahman,a, meaning, the egg of 6rahm, as sai, -efore$. 1his refers to its shape an, also to the Go#ernor or 4or, who is its ruler. 1his 6rahm is suppose, -y most of the ol, rishis to -e the supreme -eing of all creation, -ecause they <new of no one higher. 6ut the Saints <now that there is not only one 6rahm, -ut countless num-ers of 6rahms, who are go#ernors o#er so many 6rahman,as. For it must -e un,erstoo, that there are countless (n,as an, 6rahman,as, each circling a-out the supreme region in its own or-it. (n, each of them has its own go#ernor or ruler. 6rahm was the highest Go, <nown to the ancient rishi or yogi, an, so the name of 6rahm is retaine, -y the Saints to ,esignate the ruler of the >1hree 9orl,s,> inclu,ing the physical uni#erse, the (n,a an, lower portion of 6rahman,a, name, 1ri<uti. 1he upper portion of 6rahman,a is calle, Par 6rahm. (s sai, -efore, this gran, ,i#ision is mostly spirit in su-stance, -ut is miCe, with a certain amount of pure, spiritualiFe, matter. 't is the finest or,er of matter, an, that inclu,es min,. 1his is calle, the >spiritual:material region,> -ecause spirit ,ominates the region. 1he su-stance of that ,i#ision gra,ually -ecomes less an, less concentrate, as we ,escen, towar, the negati#e pole of creation. 1he lower portions -ecome coarser in particle, an, more an, more miCe, with matter. 'n the lower en, of 6rahman,a min, is supreme. 't is practically all min,, for min, itself is material of the finest or,er. Of course, e#en min, is miCe, with spirit su-stance to some slight eCtent, otherwise it coul, not eCist. (ll worl,s -ecome a sha,e ,ar<er as we ,escen,, -ecause there is less an, less of spirit su-stance in the composition. 1ri<uti, the lowest section of 6rahman,a, is the home of +ni#ersal Min,. 't is from that region that all in,i#i,ual min,s are ,eri#e,, an, to that region all min,s must return when they are ,iscar,e, ,uring the upwar, flight of the spirit. 6rahman,a is eCtremely #ast in area when compare, with the physical uni#erse, -ut small when compare, with the first gran, ,i#ision. 't is itself su-,i#i,e, into many ,istinct regions or planes. Some mention siC su-,i#isions; -ut as a matter of fact, there are scores of su-,i#isions in that one gran, ,i#ision, almost num-erless su-,i#isions, each constituting a separate an, ,istinct worl,. Bi#isions an, su-,i#isions sha,e into one another so impercepti-ly that it is not easy to say 0ust where one en,s an, another -egins. 1his accounts in part for the many ,ifferent ,escriptions of those

regions, an, the great #ariety of names assigne, to them. :: &ulian &ohnson, 1he Path of the Masters Path of the Masters, Part Four Aote: 'f you 0oine, the group recently, see, Path of the Masters, Parts, 2, ., an, 5: For >!harts of the 3igher Planes> illustrating these regions #isually, see the se#eral charts at the top of the Sant Mat Fellowship Files Page: (n,a, 1he 4owest of the 3ea#ens 't lies nearest to the physical uni#erse. 'ts capital is calle, Sahasra ,al =anwal, meaning a 1housan,:petalle, 4otus. 'ts name is ta<en from the great cluster of lights which constitute the most attracti#e sight when one is approaching that worl,. 1his great group of lights is the actual >power house> of the physical uni#erse. Out of that power house flows the power that has create, an, now sustains all worl,s in our group. "ach of those lights has a ,ifferent sha,e of tint an, they constitute the most gorgeous spectacle as one enters that magnificent city of light. 'n that city of splen,ors may -e seen also many other interesting an, -eautiful things. (lso, here may -e seen millions of earth)s most renowne, people of all ages of our history. Many of them are to,ay resi,ents of this great city an, country. Aaturally they are Guite happy. 't is far superior to anything e#er seen on this earth. Eet this is -ut the first station on the upwar, Path of the Masters. 1his region constitutes the negati#e part of all the superphysical Fones. 1hat is, it lies most ,istant from the positi#e pole of creation. 1his region is sometimes classifie, as a part of 6rahman,a, -ut the Saints prefer to consi,er it as a separate gran, ,i#ision of creation. 't has many ,istincti#e features of its own. 4ying nearest to the physical uni#erse, it forms the port of entry for all the higher regions. (ll souls who are passing to still higher regions must pass through it. 1he great ma0ority of human souls at the time of ,eath pass to some su-:plane of this region. 6ut #ery few, comparati#ely, go ,irect to this central portion of the Sahasra ,al =anwal region. 't is through all of these regions that the Masters an, their ,isciples must tra#el on their way to higher worl,s. 1his section of creation is not immortal or imperisha-le. Aeither are its inha-itants. Many of its inha-itants -elie#e that they ha#e attaine, immortality -ecause their li#es there go on for eCtremely long perio,s reaches Sat Besh. (ll -elow that is su-0ect to ,eath an, ,issolution.

1here are two <in,s of ,issolutions. 1he one, simple ,issolution> which reaches up to the lowest section in 6rahman,a, the region calle, 1ri<uti; this occurs after many millions of years, an, the other, the gran, ,issolution> which occurs after immeasura-ly long perio,s of time an, eCten,s up to the top of 6rahman,a. Of course, -oth of these ,issolutions inclu,e the entire physical uni#erse, e#ery sun, moon an, planet in it. (t that time e#ery star an, its satellites are wipe, out, an, then follows a perio, of ,ar<ness eGual in ,uration to the life of the uni#erse. 9hen the perio, of ,ar<ness has eCpire,, a new creation is pro0ecte,, an, the hea#ens are once more ali#e with spar<ling stars. 9ith each new creation -egins a new >Gol,en (ge> for each planet an, its inha-itants. 6ut -etween minor ,issolutions there are also perio,s of renewal for the life of each planet when Gol,en (ges succee, ,ar< ages. 1here is a general i,ea, fin,ing its way into most religions, that this worl, is to come to an en,. (n, so the Masters teach. 6ut the en, is a #ery ,ifferent proposition to what it is generally suppose, to -e. 't will come at a time when all worl,s of the physical uni#erse will -e ,issol#e,, an, after perio,s of ,ar<ness an, silence, new worl,s will ta<e their places. 1he inha-itants of all of those worl,s to -e ,issol#e, are ,rawn up to higher regions in a sort of comatose state to -e replace, upon these worl,s when they are rea,y for human ha-itation. 1hey will then -egin a new life here un,er more fa#ora-le con,itions. 1hese perio,ic ,issolutions come to the physical uni#erse after many, many hun,re,s of millions of years. Ao man nee, worry now, lest that time is near at han,. 't is many aeons away yet. :: &ulian P. &ohnson, >1he Path of the Masters> Path of the Masters, Part Fi#e 1he Gran, Bi#ision of Pin,a :: 1he Physical Plane/Multi#erse of Bar< Matter an, 4ight 1he fourth gran, ,i#ision, -eginning from a-o#e, is calle, Pin,a. 't is the gross material or physical uni#erse. 3ere coarse matter pre,ominates, there -eing -ut a small percentage of min, an, a still smaller amount of spirit. Our earth is a small an, insignificant mem-er of Pin,a. 't em-races all the suns an, their planets <nown or un<nown, to astronomy. 't eCten,s out into space far -eyon, the reach of any telescope. (stronomers ha#e ne#er -een a-le to count these worl,s; although as their instruments -ecome more perfect, the range of their o-ser#ations is eCten,e,. 9ho shall set limits or in,icate -oun, to those starry ,epthsK 9ho can num-er the num-erlessK 9ho can circumscri-e the -oun,lessK 1o the farthest eCtent of space where#er there is a material sun or a spec< of ,ust they are all inclu,e, in this fourth gran, ,i#ision which the Masters call Pin,a. 'n this ,i#ision, coarse material pre,ominates. Permeating this coarse material are many finer su-stances, inclu,ing min,, an, last of all there is a mo,icum of spirit to gi#e life to all the rest. 'n this lowest of all ,i#isions of creation there is -ut little light an, a #ery low gra,e of life when compare, with 6rahman,a. 6ut if

compare, with Sat Besh, this worl, is pitch ,ar<ness an, the life here, in comparison to that, is scarcely cogniFa-le at all. 'ts su-stance is coarse, clumsy, inert, an, full of all manner of imperfections. 1hese imperfections, as sai, -efore, are ,ue to the paucity of spirit at this pole. 1his con,ition of negati#ity is the soil out of which all e#il grows. 3owe#er real it may seem to us, negati#ity is the a-sence of reality, an, the a-sence of reality is the a-sence of spirit. Foo, is a reality to us, -ut hunger is also a real con,ition to our consciousness. 6ut hunger is ,ue to the a-sence of foo,. 'n its last analysis, all pain, longing, all ,esire is only a cry of the min, an, soul for more light, more spirit. 'n li<e manner, e#il is ,ue to, the a-sence of spirit. (n, the reason we ha#e so small a percentage of spirit su-stance at this en, of creation is -ecause this is the negati#e pole of all creation. Pin,a is the eCtreme negati#e pole. 't is conseGuently so far ,eplete, of spirit that it lies in a state of semi:,eath, a con,ition of hea#y inertia o#er which -roo,s ,eep sha,ow. Out of this con,ition rise all the manifol, ,ifficulties eCperience, -y mortals on this plane of life. (s one lea#es this lowest plane an, -egins to ascen, towar, the positi#e pole of creation, the light increases, an, hence more life, more -eauty an, more happiness. 1his is all entirely ,ue to the increase in the percentage of spirit on the se#eral planes. 4o#e, power, wis,om, rhythm, perfection of e#ery sort ta<e the place of negati#e con,itions which pre#ail in the lower sections of the uni#erse. 't shoul, -e sai, here, with all possi-le emphasis, that 0ust in proportion to the ,egree of spirit su-stance pre#ailing in any region, worl,, person or thing, will its perfections -e manifest. (n, #ice #ersa, in proportion to the lac< of spirit, imperfections will show themsel#es. 'n proportion as matter pre,ominates, those states which we call e#il will manifest. ( ,epletion of spirit, is therefore, the one fatal ,isease of the physical uni#erse. Out of that state all other ,iseases spring up. 'n the last analysis, we -elie#e there is -ut one ,isease in the worl, :: spiritual anemia. :: &ulian P. &ohnson, 1he Path of the Masters For >!harts of the 3igher Planes> illustrating these regions #isually, see the se#eral charts at the top of the Sant Mat Fellowship Files Page: Path of the Masters, Part L: 1he 1ransformati#e Self (ccor,ing to Ra,hasoami teachings, the human -eing, li<e all of creation, is a miCture of ,ifferent forms of matter, eCten,ing from the grossest to the most su-tle. 6efore the worl, -egan, there was only a concentrate, form of pure energy. 1hen an >original out-urst> occurre,, an unleashing of spiritual force not unli<e the >-ig -ang.>lI (ccor,ing to the Ra,hasoami account, this cosmic eCplosion pulse, out:in,ee,, the currents are still pulsing outwar, an, ,ownwar,:an, the finer elements fell -ac< towar,s the center. 1he hea#iest an, least refine, elements precipitate, themsel#es as matter an, are controlle, an, ,elimite, -y time. 1hese hea#y aspects of

energy cannot return to the generating source. Finer forms of energy: ,aFFling lights an, soun,s an, forms more ra,iant than humans can imagine:returne,, or are returning, to the ultimate realm. 1hey are unfettere, -y time an, unencum-ere, -y matter; these higher forms ha#e #irtually no shre, of materiality in them at all. (t the ,reg en, of the scale is our material, temporal worl,, the ,ung heap of creation. 1he fact that it has any structure at all is ,ue to the negati#e force in the cosmos, =al, who ,esire, to create his own <ing,om in imitation of the pure realm of Ra,hasoami an, fashione, it out of the ,istant remains of the original effusion. 3is realm inclu,es the worl, as we <now it an, the regions that are calle, spiritual in or,inary religion, such as hea#en an, hell. Or,inarily, humans are firmly entrappe, in =al)s material worl,. Eet they ha#e one re,eeming feature: they possess elements of spirituality that really -elong::an, long to return::to the higher realms. One of the early Ra,hasoami masters eCplaine, how this coul, happen: >9hen gol, is eCtracte, from crushe, ore the greater part will -e ,rawn to the mercury an, go into the ingot; -ut there will -e a great num-er of #ery fine grains still em-e,,e, in the matriC.>2H 6y analogy, he inferre,, -its of purity remain in that li#ing refuse of creation, humanity, e#en after most of the spirituality has returne, to the highest realms..O 1he su-tle essence that we humans ha#e within us is the pure soun, that still resonates from the time of creation; 6ut since it is trappe,, the tas< of Ra,hasoami practices is to li-erate it through an almost alchemical process aime, at transforming gross matter into su-tle. 't in#ol#es a sort of nuclear fusion that releases pure energy from matter..2 1he ,i#ine energy that has -een insi,e oursel#es emanates from what we commonly call a >soul.> 1he term for soul that Ra,hasoami writers use is not the familiar 3in,u term, atman, howe#er, -ut surat or 0i#a, wor,s that in the Ra,hasoami conteCt may -e translate, as life force, or li#ing -eing. 1his 0i#a, this heart of oursel#es, is a nonmaterial entity that ra,iates its own special form of energy. 9e eCperience our own 0i#a the way we eCperience all forms of energy: as warmth, light, an, soun,. +n,ifferentiate, -y space an, time, it has no in,i#i,uality, an, is ma,e of the same su-stance that lies at the core of the uni#erse. 't is sometimes ,escri-e, as a ,rop of water from the ,i#ine ocean that yearns to -e reunite, with its source... 't wants to go home... :: >Ra,hasoami Reality,> Mar< &uergensmeyer, Princeton +ni#ersity Press JJJJJJ AO1"S: 2I Misra, Biscourses, p. MM. 1he Ra,hasoami account presage, the astronomers) -ig:-ang theory -y half a century. 1he most eCtensi#e ,escription of creation from the Ra,hasoami point of #iew is in Rai Saligram, Prem Patra Ra,hasoami, #ol. 2, pp. .2/:2L. 2H Phelps, Aotes of Biscourses on Ra,hasoami Faith, p. 7H. ./ '-i,. .2 See 6a--, >1he Physiology of Re,emption.> 6a-- ,escri-es the >cosmic physiology> of Ra,hasoami, locates the Ra,hasoami guru as

the lin< -etween coarse physical an, su-tle spiritual planes. .. Sawan Singh, Biscourses on Sant Mat. Path of the Masters, Part M: ' Remem-er AowD JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ 1he !oming of =a-ir Sahi- to "arth from Sat 4o< ?1rue Realm@ to 'nitiate Bharam Bas &i Satpurush sai,: >...3e went, -ut has not come -ac< to the !ountry of Peace, Sat 4o<. Su<rit ?Bharam Bas@ went into the ocean of the worl,, an, -eing trappe, -y =al, he forgot. O Gyani ?=a-ir@, go an, awa<en him so that the Path of 4i-eration may continue. 'n the home of Su<rit My forty:two essences will -e incarnate,. O Gyani, go Guic<ly an, cut the snares of Su<rit.> =a-ir sai,: >6owing my 3ea, to 3im ' starte, an,, Bharam Bas, now ' ha#e come to you. ... Eou are my #ery ,ear soul a-out whom ' worrie, a lot. 9ith the or,ers of Sat Purush ' came to you, an, ma,e you remem-er the pre#ious things. ' ga#e you ,arshan only -ecause of that. O Bharam BasD this time you recogniFe, me. ' will tell you Sat Purush)s 9or,s: >RecogniFe the Sha-,a an, ha#e faith.> Bharam Bas fell at the Feet, an, from his eyes the tears came. 3e grew #ery eCcite, an, sai,, >O 4or,, Eou ha#e finishe, the ,eception of my soul.> "#en after ha#ing all this eCplaine, to him he coul, not calm ,own. 3e was li<e a mother who, after -eing separate, from her chil,, is reunite,. 1he Ocean of 4o#e : (nurag Sagar of =a-ir$ (fter innumera-le wan,erings, the 0i#a ?soul@ got the no-le human form. 6ut alasD he is smitten here -y the min, an, senses. Sant Sat Guru a,monishes him again an, again, an, re#eals the Path of the 1enth Boor. Ra,hasoami says, >Raise your surat ?attention:faculty of the soul@ to the gate of hea#en.> Swami &i Mahara0, Sar 6achan Poetry$ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ 1he soul is sometimes ,escri-e, -y Masters as a ,rop of water from the ,i#ine ocean that yearns to -e reunite, with its Source. 't wants to go home. 1he first mo#e in that ,irection is to gather up what fragments of ,i#ine energy alrea,y eCist within. (t -irth, accor,ing to one

Ra,hasoami teacher, the surat that is the spiritual essence of the 0i#a ?soul@ locates itself at a point -eneath the center of the forehea, an, then is ,iffuse, ,ownwar, through the -o,y. 't ten,s to concentrate in siC internal regions, each of which has its own focal point. 1hese are the siC cha<ras, >wheels> of spiritual energy that are commonly foun, in hatha yoga an, other tra,itional 'n,ian portrayals of the spiritual anatomy. 1he lowest of these is locate, in the -owels, the neCt in the genitals, an, then come the centers of the stomach, the heart, the throat, an, the special one a-o#e an, -etween the eyes. 1his >eye center,> as it is usually ,escri-e, in Ra,hasoami literature, is sometimes i,entifie, with the pineal glan,, 't is the point at which the Sant Mat ,e#otee attempts, through me,itation, to concentrate the surat, the soul:consciousness that has -ecome ,iffuse, elsewhere throughout the -o,y. 't is from there that the soul can flee the -o,y into higher though still interior$ realms. "#en if it ,oes, howe#er, the soul is not yet fully free. Once it has left the -o,y, through ,eath or through techniGues of soul pro0ection ,uring its earthly life, the soul can lo,ge itself in other forms of selfhoo,. 6ut these ethereal -o,ies are also spiritually insufficient. 1hey are snares in the path of true spirituality, an, the soul must eCtricate itself from them as well. One of these forms is calle, the astral an, another is calle, causal, an, the soul may -e -ur,ene, with each in turn -efore it can ,isencum-er itself of the nee, to -e attache, to any form at all an, reunite with its parent cosmic soul.... Once it has re0ecte, the physical, spiritual an, mental artifices of =al, the soul is rea,y to slough off this worl, an, -egin its ascent. 6ut how shoul, it procee,K 1he first wor,s in the Ra,hasoami answer to that Guestion are >not alone,> for one must ha#e a gui,e, a master to -ec<on an, -efrien, the soul -oth in the physical plane an, in the higher, interior planes. 9e ha#e alrea,y seen that the Ra,hasoami #iew of sal#ation reGuires trust in the master, an, now we can see why: the passage out of the material realm reGuires a master s<ill in na#igation, for the ,eceptions of =al ma<e an in,epen,ent #oyage #irtually impossi-le. (s one Ra,hasoami writer puts it, the master >steers ?the soul@ safely from plane to plane an, eCplains on the way. . . the ,angers of the un<nown.> 'n time, master an, soul -ecome >0oyful ri,ers together> through cosmic seas. >Ra,hasoami Reality, Mar< &uergensmeyer, Princeton +ni#ersity Press$ Part I missing Path of the Masters, Part H: Sha-, Me,itation : Surat Sha-, Eoga JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ From the 3i,ayatnama of Swami &i Mahara0: 9hen your eye turns inwar,s in the -rain an, you see the firmament within, an, your spirit lea#es the -o,y an, rises upwar,s, you will see the (<ash in which is locate, Sahas:,al:<anwal, the thousan,

petals of which perform the #arious functions pertaining to the three worl,s. 'ts effulgence will eChilarate your spirit. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ Sha-, mystic hymn$ of Soami &i Mahara0 from, >Sar 6achan Ra,hasoami Poetry,> *olume 1wo, On (scen,ing 1hrough the 3ea#ens #ia Surat Sha-, Eoga: Re#erse the outwar, an, ,ownwar, flow of the senses, an, collect them within. 9ith,raw your min, an, ele#ate it to the inner spiritual S<y. (pply the "ar of your Soul to the inner Soun,. (scen, to the 1housan,: Petale, 4otus, an, fiC your (ttention at the higher regions. =in,le the Flame an, then -ehol, the 4ight ami,st the 1in<ling of 6ells. Rise to the !roo<e, 1unnel ?6an<nal@ an, reach the Formless Realm ?Airguna Pa,@. 6ehol, the +n,ecaying in the mirror. (scen, to the Bar< *oi,. 6e at Rest. 1he Soun, of the 9hirlpool !a#e comes to my ears. ' get a #ision of Sat Purush within me. 3earing Soun,s -eyon, ' reach the (la<h ?'n#isi-le@ an, (gam ?'naccessi-le Realms@. ' -ehol, Ra,hasoami ?4or, of the Soul@. 3e now ,wells in my eyes. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ 1he main acti#ities of me,itation are to sit Guietly :: not necessarily in the familiar lotus position -ut in any comforta-le posture :: an, listen for a Soun, coming from the right an, a-o#e, an, to -loc< out all thoughts...... "#entually the practitioner not only hears the 6ell -ut sees a #ision in which the Master)s physical form ta<es on a luminous, ra,iant appearance. >9hen the spirit is with,rawn from the -o,y you will see a stea,y 4ight an,, of course, hear Soun, too,> one Master eCplaine, to his ,isciples. 1his is a signal that the soul has -een gathere, at the "ye !enter an, is rea,y to procee,. (t this point the soul is suppose, to ma<e a ,ramatic ,eparture, ta<e flight, an, a-an,on the physical -o,y altogether. (ccor,ing to some, one sign that this process is ta<ing place is that the -o,y grows num-. 6rahm San<ar Misra eCplains that since the soul is latching onto an upwar, flow of energy, one feels >an inwar, stress of great intensity.>88 Other Masters eCplain that at such times one may feel a sensation ... in the forehea,.....8L 1he eCperience of ,ying ,uring me,itation is not altogether uneCpecte,, since those who me,itate are, in effect, rehearsing ,eath :: >,ying -efore ,eath,> as one master put it.LO (t the -o,y)s last moment the soul she,s its gross physical form, -ut Surat Sha-, Eoga pro#i,es opportunities for the soul to ,o that while the -o,y is still ali#e. 9hen ,eath ,oes come, the initiate is prepare,. >' ha#e no fear of ,ying,> a woman from "nglan, tol, me, >for when the time

comes ' will <now eCactly what to ,o an, where to go.>L2 (fter ,eath, she will not nee, to return to the limitations of the physical form. She will continue on to the gran, #istas where Ra,hasoami Masters ha#e gone -efore, on a route they ha#e charte, in meticulous ,etail. 1he most complete ,escription of this so0ourn :: an, the most authoritati#e :: is that gi#en -y ..... Swami Shi# Bayal. 1he Swami)s teachings on the matter are not lai, out systematically, -ut there ha#e -een #arious attempts su-seGuently to gi#e a more precise an, succinct form to what he sai,. L. >Ra,hasoami Reality,> Mar< &uergensmeyer, Princeton +ni#ersity Press, 'S6A /:LH2:/M5MI:5$ JJJJJ AO1"S: 88 Misra, Biscourses, p. MM. 8L Rai Saligram, &ugat Pra<ash Ra,hasoami, pp. L/ Sawan Singh, !all of the Great Master, p. Cli#. Ra,hasoami Masters are fon, of Guoting Saint Paul)s characteriFation of himself as ,ying >e#ery ,ay> Aew 1estament, ' !or. 28:52$ L2 'nter#iew with Sheila 3arris L. 4.R. Puri, Ra,haSwami 1eachings, pp. 2LH:..5. Path of the Masters, Part 2/ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ 1he reason that they atten, Satsang is a fer#ent ,esire for meeting the 4or, an, for the welfare of their soul. :: 3uFur Mahara0 JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ (n intense longing to meet the 4or, ,uring one)s lifetime is the first an, foremost Gualification for 'nitiation. See<, an, ye shall fin,, is the law. =irpal Singh, Spiritual "liCir$ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ ( *ast Ocean of Pure Spirit 1he Supreme Father is a #ast homogeneous ocean of pure spirit. 3e is perfect, sufficient in 3imself to 3imself, in an ecstatic state of lo#e an, -liss. 6efore creation 3e alone was conscious. 1here was none -ut 3e to see an, none -ut 3im to -e seen. 1here was only the 4or, immerse, in 3is own rapturous -liss. 1hat limitless reser#oir of lo#e which alone was in eCistence, with none to a,ore or eCchange lo#e with 3im was an ocean of a-solute -liss anan,$. 3is primary characteristic is lo#e.....3e is nothing -ut a #ast reser#oir of lo#e an, -liss. :: Myron Phelps, >Phelps Aotes,> from a chapter on the Supreme 6eing : !onception an, (ttri-utes of the Supreme Father an, the Genesis an, O-0ect of 3igher !reation, #iF., Sat Besh. >Phelp)s Aotes> represents notes of ,iscourses on the Ra,hasoami Faith ,eli#ere, in Satsang -y 6a-u0i Mahara0, as ta<en -y Myron Phelps. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ

( Great &ourney 1he first a-o,e that the soul ,isco#ers after it lea#es the physical realm is the astral plane, which it enters -y means of the 1hir, "ye, through an opening pro#i,e, -y the Ra,iant Form of the Master. 1hat is to say, the soul leaps into the opening an, goes -eyon, it to the #ista on the other si,e. (t this point the soul has she, its physical -o,y, -ut it is now clothe, in a new form :: an astral form rather than a physical one. 't is a strange new worl,, an, one Master offers this a,#ice to those who enter it: >Aothing is to -e anticipate,. Aothing is to -e feare,. 9hene#er you feel any ,istur-ing or frightening effect turn your thoughts lo#ing to the Master an, repeat the fi#e 3oly Aames.> 1he names are >tests to challenge the spirits that may appear,> an, there are a goo, many spirits to -e encountere,. Souls of #arious sorts go to the astral planes after ,eath, an, many yogis are a-le to arri#e simply -y practicing -reath control an, eCercising their powers of concentration. 6ut they ,epart from the -o,y #ia the heart cha<ra rather than through the 1hir, "ye, an, they lac< the Soun, an, the 4ight of the Master to gui,e them...... 1his is not the fate of the soul le, -y the Ra,hasoami Master, howe#er; for such a soul the 0ourney has 0ust -egun. 1he initial techniGue of simran is less important once a soul attains the astral plane, an, ,hyan changes its character. 1he Master is now present in his astral form, so there is no nee, to en#ision his physical appearance, or to repeat the sacre, names in or,er to center the soul. Still, the sacre, names are useful as a shiel, against the powers of =al; they are the only things in the human #oca-ulary that =al cannot penetrate an, as such they are armor for the upwar, path. Replacing simran an, ,hyan in importance is -ha0an hearing the Soun,$, which in Ra,hasoami usage refers to the presence of a melo,y :: or rather, se#eral melo,ies, one for each region of consciousness :: to which the soul shoul, repair for protection an, gui,ance along the way. !oncomitant with the ,istincti#e Soun, is a particular 4ight again a ,ifferent one for each region$, which illuminates an, ,irects the passage of the soul. 'n general, the soul is a,#ise, to steer towar,s -right 4ight, the fi#e colors, an, .... the stars, moon an, sun.L8 6ut as one)s practice a,#ances, one is encourage, to atten, to Soun,s rather than 4ight, -ecause Soun,s are thought to contain a purer form of energy. (ccor,ing to Ra,hasoami teachings, the sense of hearing is >su-tler> than the sense of sight.LL 1he Soun,s an, 4ights one percei#es as one ascen,s on one)s spiritual 0ourney are thought to -e -eacons from the highest regions, showing weary souls their way home. >Ra,hasoami Reality,> Mar< &uergensmeyer, Princeton +ni#ersity Press, 'S6A /:LH2:/M5MI:5$ JJJJJJ AO1"S: L8 Rai Saligram, &ugat Pra<ash Ra,hasoami, p. .L. LL Misra, Biscourses, p. .2H. See also Sawan Singh, Philosophy of the Masters, #ol. 7, pp. 25.:55.

Path Of 1he Masters, Part 221he 3igher Regions JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ 9hen ' came, ' opene, the way an, taught them ... the passage -y which they will pass .... Bialogue of the Sa#ior :: Gnostic Gospel$ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ (n, the soul which recei#es the Mystery of the 'neffa-le will ascen, to the 3ight, -eing a great outpouring of 4ight. Pistis Sophia$ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ 1he ascension of the soul, stage -y stage, to higher regions can -e accomplishe, with the help of Sha-,. 3earing these Soun,s, the soul will procee, from one region to another, an, will ultimately reach the 3ighest Region, an, enter into Rest. 3uFur Mahara0, Prem Patra$ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ 1he 3igher Regions One)s passage into the (stral Plane is ai,e, -y the Soun, of a ,eeply resonant 6ell. ( ,aFFle of colors imme,iately emerges, su-si,ing into a ,eep -lue, li<e the -lue of a late afternoon s<y. Su-seGuently a light appears in the -lue, intense -ut ,iffuse,, as if #eile, -y a gauFe screen. 1he soul aims for the light, penetrates the gauFe, an, arri#es at a -rilliant flame surroun,e, -y a ,ense -lue:-lac< s<y. 1hat area, a higher realm within the (stral Plane, is calle, Shyam =un0 the thic<et of ,ar<ness$, an, it is regar,e, as the ,i#ine hea,Guarters for managing -oth the Physical an, (stral realms. 't is controlle,, of course, -y =al; here he appears as Airan0an, the 4or, of the (stral realm. 1he soul shoul, not -e satisfie, with attaining this realm, howe#er, -ut focus on the flame, which replaces the -lue:-lac< s<y with an intense -right white. 1his ena-les the soul to -y:pass all the supernatural regions referre, to in the literature of other religions: the !hristians) hea#en an, hell, the 3in,us) s#arga an, nara<a, the Muslims) ,oFa<h an, -ahisht. 1hese all eCist at the le#el of Shyam =un0, -ut there is no ultimate a,#antage to -eing lo,ge, in one rather than another. 3ea#en may -e fille, with >comforta-le rooms> an, hell with >painful cells,> -ut in the last analysis all who li#e in either are trappe, >in the same 0ail.>LM 1he fortunate soul, howe#er, has a way out. 1he Master gui,es it to a ,ar< spot in the 4ight an, a Soun, similar to that of a conch shell, which it hears at first only ,istantly from a tunnel high a-o#e. 1he tunnel is calle, 6an<nal the croo<e, path$. +pon following the Soun, into the tunnel, the soul turns aroun, an, then enters the neCt plane. 1his secon, region is calle, the !ausal Plane, for it is from here that the phenomenal worl, is ultimately generate,. (t one spot, for eCample, is a four:petale, lotus from which emerge utterances that

e#entually issue as the four *e,ic scriptures of 3in,uism. 1he worl, was create, in this region as a su-tle, in#isi-le form, an, here <armic -ur,ens are ,ispatche, an, reclaime,. 1hus cause an, effect, -oth material an, moral, -egin an, en, here. 6rahm, the creator, sustainer an, ,issol#er of the uni#erse, is consi,ere, the 4or, of this region, -ut he too is an agent of =al, so this worl,, li<e the (stral, hol,s its perils for the wary Ra,hasoami soul. 1he soul, forewarne,, enters the !ausal Plane with care, listening again for the guar,ian Soun,, which in this region re#er-erates li<e the Soun, of large ,rums or rolling thun,er, an, which may also soun, li<e the rum-ling chant of the 3in,us) om, om, or the Muslims) 3+, 3+ ?pronounce, >9hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo>@. 1he light that the soul loo<s for to gui,e it ta<es on a -rilliant re,,ish color in this realm, li<e that of the sun in a summer sunrise. 1he soul fiCes on these aural an, #isual gui,es, an, passes -y locations where the things of our physical worl, were create,. 9ithin the lan,scape are also #istas that are well <nown from 3in,u mythology: Mount =ailasa, for eCample, where 4or, Shi#a is thought to ,well, or the forests an, gar,ens sai, to ha#e -een inha-ite, -y =rishna. 1he light that the soul has followe,, alrea,y -righter than many suns, -ecomes e#er -righter as the wayfarer procee,s upwar,, -ursting through the pyrami,ically shape, causal realm. (t that point the soul mo#es -eyon, the arena in which causation has meaning an, transcen,s the last shre,s of materiality. 't lea#es -ehin, realms referre, to -y 3in,us as >the three worl,s> 1rilo<a$, i.e., the <nown uni#erse, an, mo#es into what Ra,hasoami calculates as the thir, spiritual plane: Baswan Bwar the 1enth Boor$, also <nown as Sunn emptiness$. 1his transition is more ,ecisi#e than any other, an, is secon, in importance only to the initial shift from the physical to the spiritual plane, for it mar<s the point -eyon, which the soul no longer inha-its form, whether Physical, (stral, or !ausal. From here onwar,, the soul eCists purely in spirit. 't passes -eyon, the <armic cycle, -rea<ing free of the -on,age that force, it to shuttle from one physical life to another. 1he soul has now achie#e, mo<sha release$, in the 3in,u rec<oning, an, is >ri, of all co#ers of matter an, min,, an, shines forth in its na<e, glory with the ra,iance of twel#e suns.>LI 't has a new name, too. 't is calle, hamsa, the high:flying goose that in 'n,ian mythology is in#este, with almost magical properties; in Ra,hasoami writings it is usually ,escri-e, as a swan an, is sometimes i,entifie, with the phoeniC. 3a#ing passe, -eyon, the realms go#erne, -y =al, the soul is free to re#el in ,i#ine -liss an, en0oy an am-iance suffuse, -y a pleasant 4ight an, a ,i#ine Soun,. 1he 4ight resem-les that of the full moon in a clear s<y, shimmering in all ,irections, an, the soun, is li<e that of a guitar, lute, or harp. >Ra,hasoami Reality,> Professor Mar< &uergensmeyer, Princeton +ni#ersity Press, 'S6A /:LH2:/M5MI:5$ JJJJJ AO1"S: L8 Rai Saligram, &ugat Pra<ash Ra,hasoami, p. .L. LL Misra, Biscourses, p. .2H. See also 3uFur 6a-a Sawan Singh, Philosophy of the Masters, #ol. 7, pp. 25.:55.

LM 4. R. Puri, Ra,ha Swami 1eachings, p. ./.. LI '-i,., p. 2I5 Path of the Masters, Part 2.: 1he 3igher Regions !ontinue,$ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ Saints show us the Path of Soun, an, 4ight, 1hey still the min, an, raise it to the s<ies within. 1he soul gets concentrate, at the Boor an, is in -liss; (scen,ing the celestial s<ies she is in sight of Gagan 'nner S<y of the Secon, Stage$. 1he fortunate soul sets out on its 0ourney along with the Bi#ine Melo,y; 4istening to this !elestial Music ,ay -y ,ay, she -ecomes ,etache,. 6ha0an ?hymn@ of Sant 1ulsi Sahi-$ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ 1here are interesting places for the soul to #isit on this plane: Maha Sunn, for eCample, >great emptiness,> a #ast eCpanse of utter ,ar<ness locate, a-o#e Sunn, where hi,,en spiritual secrets are re#eale, an, where fi#e new uni#erses, each with its own 6rahm, may -e o-ser#e,. Or the soul may rest in (chint Bip, an >inconcei#a-le islan,> of spirituality in the mi,st of the #oi,. 1he 4or, of this region is calle, Par-rahm, >super 6rahm.> 3e has the power to ,irect the soul either ,ownwar, or upwar, to an e#en higher region, an, with the assistance of the master, the Ra,hasoami soul can ma<e the further ascent. 9hen the soul lea#es the thir, realm an, ascen,s to the fourth, penultimate le#el, it fin,s itself in a me,ium that at first seems strange. 1he fourth realm whirls in ,iFFy ,elight an, is calle, 6hanwar Gupha the rotating ca#e$. 'ts central soun, is li<e that of a flute or the soun, of the *e,ic mantra soham ' am that$, an, the 4or, of the region recei#es his name from that term: Soham Purush the person of soham$. 1he light is li<e that of the sun at mi,,ay, ra,iating in all ,irections. 1here are lo#ely islan,s where souls ,well an, ha#e fellowship together, -ut the Ra,hasoami soul hastens on to the fifth an, final region. 1his ultimate le#el is calle, Sach =han,, or Sat 4o< -oth meaning >the realm of truth>$, an, Ra,hasoami writers eCpen, countless superlati#es attempting to ,escri-e it: >an ecstasy of Bi#ine 4o#e,> >intense -liss,> >a -eatitu,e in,escri-a-le.>LH 9hen it approaches this highest state, the soul first meets a sort of guar,ian in the form of sa-a; spontaneous, intuiti#e consciousness$.M/ 'f it passes -eyon, saha0, it is ushere, into the entrance, which is li<e a gar,en or li<e a courtyar, in a gol,en palace. One is surroun,e, -y flowers of charming fragrance an, fountains flowing with nectar. 1he soun, that circulates in this ultimate realm is that of the -in, a woo,en musical instrument that pro,uces an o-oe:li<e tone an, is often playe, -y sna<e charmers. Some Ra,hasoami writers, howe#er, claim that the wor, that is

inten,e, here is actually #ina, which refers to a classical stringe, instrument that one Ra,hasoami author translates as >harp.>M2 1he wor,s sat, sat or haG, haG the Sans<rit an, Persian wor,s for >truth,> respecti#ely$ may -e hear, intertwine, with the tones that emanate from the -in. 1he light is as strong as siCteen suns, -ut e#en with that -rilliance it is scarcely a-le to compete with the ra,iance emitte, from the luminous form of the 4or, of the highest realm; his name is Sat Purush the true person$ or Sat Aam the true name$. 1he soul presently enters into the #ery cham-ers of the ultimate 4or,, an, the meeting that ensues is ,escri-e, -y Swami Shi# Bayal as in#ol#ing a sort of passwor, gi#en in response to the 4or,)s comman,. (s the soul >pushes forwar,,> it >-ehol,s Sat Aam smiling in -liss. Out of his lotus:li<e appearance comes a #oice: )9ho are you, an, why ,i, you come hereK) 1he soul replies, )( true guru instructe, me in the secrets. 6y his graciousness ' ha#e recei#e, the grace of your presence, / 4or,.) (n, as the soul -ehol,s the sight of the 4or, it -ecomes greatly enrapture,.>M. (fter that -rief encounter, the soul rushes ,irectly into the form of the highest 4or, an, >-ecomes one with 3im in an ecstasy of Bi#ine 4o#e an, intense -liss.>M5 1he soul has finally reache, its home. 1he 0ourney is o#er. >Ra,hasoami Reality,> Mar< &uergensmeyer, Princeton +ni#ersity Press, 'S6A /:LH2:/M5MI:5$ JJJJJ AO1"S: LI '-i,., p. 2I5. LH '-i,., p. 2I/, 2I2. M/ One fin,s sa-a; also in the final stages of the 6u,,hist an, Aath yoga 0ourneys of consciousness. 't is the >mysterious state> that is the goal of hatha yoga as practice, -y the Aaths *au,e#ille, =a-ir, p. 2.8$, an, their i,ea has influence, =a-ir, who spea<s of sa-a as a spontaneous eCperience of truth> 3awley an, &uergensmeyer, Songs of the Saints of 'n,ia, p. 77$. M2 Maheshwari, 1ruth +n#arnishe,, part ., pp. 58, 2/M:I. 1he lea,er of another Ra,hasoami -ranch confirms that the -in is the sna<e: charmer)s o-oe 'nter#iew with 6ansi 4al Gupta, Gwalior, (ugust .2, 2HI8$, M. 4. R. Puri, Ra,ha Swami 1eachings, p. 2I/. M5 '-i,. Path of the Masters, Part 25: Sahas:,al:<anwal: 1housan, petalle, 4otus 1he following is from the -oo< >"nchante, 4an,,> pu-lishe, -y the MS(! Philosophy Group, a section title,, 13" &O+RA"E, ( *oyage of 4ight N Soun,, the 'nner (scent: 13" F'RS1 R"G'OA: Sahas:,al:<anwal >thousan, petalle, lotus>

>9hen your eye turns inwar,s in the -rain an, you see the firmament within, an, your spirit lea#es the -o,y an, rises upwar,s, you will see the (<ash in which is locate, Sahas:,al:<anwal, the thousan, petals of which perform the #arious functions pertaining to the three worl,s. 'ts effulgence will eChilarate your spirit. Eou will at that stage, witness Airan0an, the lor, of three worl,s. Se#eral religions which attaine, this stage an, too< the ,eity thereof to -e the 4or, of (ll, were ,upe,. Seeing the light an, refulgence of this region they felt satiate,. 1heir upwar, progress was stoppe,. 1hey ,i, not fin, the gui,e to higher regions. 3ence they coul, not procee, further>. Swami &i/Shi# Bayal Singh, 3i,ayatnama$ ?(stral plane; cluster of lights@ (lthough the won,rous 0ourney out of the -o,y in surat sha-, yoga me,itation -egins in ,ar<ness, e#entually the me,itator glimpses <een points of light, much li<e stars filling up a -lac< mi,night s<y. 1he stu,ent is a,#ise, to focus his/her attention on the largest an, -rightest of these >stars> =irpal Singh$, which with repeate, concentration will -urst re#ealing a ra,iance similar to that of a sun Sawan Singh$. 9hen this light eCplo,es, a -rilliance compara-le to a full moon will pull one)s attention e#en further within. Out of that light, accor,ing to the masters &ulian P. &ohnson$, <nown as (sht:,al:<anwal >"ight petal lotus>$, the resplen,ent form of one)s guru will appear. 1his mar<s the half:way point in the ,isciple)s ascent, since from here on one is gui,e, to the upper regions -y the ra,iant form of the master Sawan Singh$. 3ence it is -y comparison an easier progression for the soul than the with,rawal of the min, current from the -o,y. (long with the seeing of light, consisting of ,ifferent colors an, hues ,ue partly to a particular person)s <arma FaGir !han,, 2HMI$, the me,itator also hears a #ariety of ,ifferent soun,s. (t first, as the concentration -ecomes finer it will assume a more ,istinct tone, not ,issimilar to the tin<ling of -ells. 'n,ee,, it is the -ell soun, which is to -e hel, onto, as its melo,y will help lea, the soul into the first region, <nown technically in Ra,hasoami as Sahas: ,al:<anwal, -ut also terme, in other tra,itions as the astral plane, turiya pa,, etc. "ntrance into the pure astral plane, though heral,e, as a magnificent achie#ement, is, accor,ing to Sant Mat, -ut the -eginning of the inner #oyage. 't is allege, -y many saints in the tra,ition =a-ir, 1ulsi Sahi-, Sawan Singh, etc.$ that se#eral great religious lea,ers mista<enly -elie#e, that the light an, soun, of this region were of the (-solute 4or,. 'nstea, of realiFing that the manifestations were partial glimpses of a higher reality, they worshippe, them as the totality of Go,. 1his <in, of error is perhaps the chief reason why the Sant Mat an, Ra,hasoami mo#ements stress so much the necessity of a li#ing gui,e. (-o#e all else, the masters emphasiFe, test thoroughly whate#er appears insi,e me,itation. ?1he main test a,#ise, -y the mystics is to repeat slowly the holy name or names which were gi#en at the time of initiation; also #erify the authenticity of one)s eCperiences with the outer guru for his/her #ali,ation.@

"ach ma0or region of consciousness has its own center an, gui,ing lor,. 'n Sahas:,al:<anwal the ruler is <nown as the lor, of light an, is the creator of all the uni#erse in its 0uris,iction &ulian P. &ohnson$. 3owe#er, the eCtent of each ruler)s power is limite, an, circumscri-e, -y the neCt higher ,eity, who, li<ewise recei#es its creati#e energy from a-o#e, etc. 1his go#erning hierarchy, li<e the <un,alini cha<ra system, is -ase, on the concept that all spiritual e#olution an, e#en material transformation$ was prece,e, -y an in#olution. 1herefore, the me,itator must pass through se#eralregions of light an, soun, -efore attaining true enlightenment. 'n or,er to o#ercome the many -arriers an, o-stacles on the way, the guru instructs the stu,ent not to attach him or her self to any particular #ision, as they are merely signposts along the way. 'n fact, all of the interme,iary lor,s, or centers of power, are not to -e #enerate, -ut transcen,e,. 't is for this reason that the 6eas -ranch of the Ra,hasoamis an, Sawan:=irpal Mission in agreement with pre#ious saints, gi#e out fi#e holy names as their me,itation mantra. "ach name represents the presi,ing lor, an, his relati#e spiritual energy; to the me,itator they ser#e as passwor,s, so to say, to insure safe passage into the neCt le#el of consciousness. O-#iously, the concern here is that a stu,ent may get stuc< or retaine, in one of the lower realms, -elie#ing that he/she has reache, the ultimate, when, in fact, what they ha#e attaine, is illusory an, impermanent. Surat sha-, yoga literature is replete with stories of woul,:-e masters who ha#e -een ,upe, on the inner 0ourney for instance, see the -oo< (nurag Sagar which goes on in ,etail a-out sages -eing misle, in their me,itations$. ///// JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ 3uFur Mahara0 Saligram$: >1his ,iscourse is inten,e, for the -enefit of those who, seeing the insta-ility an, transitory state of the things in this worl,, as well as its short:li#e, pleasures an, greatness, ha#e a cra#ing for e#erlasting an, unalloye, happiness an, un,istur-e, peace in a realm which is not su-0ect to change, ,ecay or ,issolution>. 3uFur Mahara0 Saligram$: >1he metho, of ta<ing -ac< the Spirit entity to its Original Source is to ri,e the Soun, !urrent>. >1he metho, for ta<ing -ac< the spirit entity to its Supreme Source is first to concentrate at the eye:focus :: the seat of the soul, the spirit entity an, min, which are ,efuse, in our -o,y an, in a manner tie, to eCternal o-0ects -y ,esires an, passions, an, neCt to commence its 0ourney homewar,s -y atten,ing to the 'nternal Soun,, or in other wor,s, -y ri,ing the 4ife or Soun, !urrent which has originally emanate, from the Supreme Source>. >1he !urrent which has -een instrumental in ha#ing -rought it ,own here must naturally -e the Path for its return to the Original Source, an, whoe#er fin,s this !urrent is on the Path of

"mancipation. 1his !urrent which is the Spirit an, 4ife !urrent is calle, in the Ra,hasoami Faith, >Soun,> or >9or,> or 3oly Aame>. Prem Patra Ra,hasoami$ Path of the Masters, Part 27: 1he Secon, Region 1he following is from the -oo< >"nchante, 4an,,> pu-lishe, -y the MS(! Philosophy Group, a section title,, 13" &O+RA"E, ( *oyage of 4ight N Soun,, the 'nner (scent: 13" S"!OAB R"G'OA: 1ri<uti >three prominences> (t the apeC of this (<ash in Sahas:,al:<anwal$, there is a passage which is #ery small li<e the eye of a nee,le. Eour Surat spirit$ shoul, penetrate this eye. Further on, there is 6an< nal, the croo<e, path, which goes straight an, then ,ownwar,s an, again upwar,s. 6eyon, this passage comes the secon, stage. 1ri<uti ha#ing three prominences$ is situate, here. 't is one la<h yo0an in length an, one la<h yo0an in wi,th ?millions of miles in inner space; an eCpression ,escri-ing tremen,ous ,imensions@. 1here are numerous #arieties of glories an, spectacles at that plane which are ,ifficult to ,escri-e. 1housan,s of suns an, moons loo< pale in comparison to the light there. (ll the time, melo,ious soun,s of Ong Ong an, 3oo 3oo, an, soun,s resem-ling thun,er of clou,s, re#er-erate there. On o-taining this region, the spirit -ecomes #ery happy, an, purifie, an, su-tle. 't is from here onwar,s that it -ecomes cogniFant of the spiritual regions. :: Soami &i Mahara0 Shi# Bayal Singh$, 3i,ayatnama ?!ausal plane; uni#ersal min,@ Progression to successi#ely higher regions of eCistence is secure, in Ra,hasoami an, Sant Mat through listening to the finer sha-, soun,$ melo,ies. (s remar<e, -efore, it is the -ell soun, which lea,s the soul into the first region. Su-seGuently, access to the neCt stage, 1ri<uti, is garnere, -y attaching one)s attention to the powerful rhythm of ,rums or, clashing thun,er$. 3owe#er, on the so0ourn -etween the first an, secon, regions, one must pass through -an< nal, a croo<e, tunnel which can war, off spirits from progressing further. (n interesting ,escription of this particular stage comes from a letter written -y a ,isciple of Sawan Singh, ,ate, &anuary 5/, 2H78 Rai Sahi- Munshi Ram$: >My progress again starte, from Hth &anuary. Sometimes ' coul, see light an, get some taste, -ut there was not upwar, progress. One ,ay ' saw three paths an, after many ,ays my soul starte, following the mi,,le one. 't is not a straight path -ut a sort of croo<e, tunnel which goes on narrowing as one mo#es forwar,. (t one place it was so narrow that ' ha, to crawl forwar, on my stomach. 1here were many sna<es an, scorpions in this path -ut through Eour mercy they all appeare, ,ea, an, ,i, no harm to me. ' felt a-solutely no fear

-ecause ' was conscious all the time of your presence an, your Sha-, Form. Further on, the path narrowe, still more an, a sinner li<e myself coul, ne#er go through it without Eour mercy an, grace. 't is li<e a roun, tunnel an, it is all lightene, up with a -eautiful circular light li<e that of the morning sun. 't appears as if the sun is rising. ' trie, to pass through this sun -ut coul, not ,o so an, therefore came -ac< through this tunnel. 1his happene, a-out two or three ,ays ago>. 1ri<uti, so name, -ecause of the three huge mountains of light situate, there, is the home of the uni#ersal min, where in,i#i,ual <armas ha#e their origin. Saints point out that this region is the most ,ifficult to tra#erse -ecause it means surren,ering one)s min, entirely. Since such a tas< is almost impossi-le imme,iately, the soul stays within the -oun,aries of the secon, stage for a consi,era-le ,uration. 1he spectacles of 1ri<uti are reporte, to -e so enticing an, spectacular that the me,itator often ,oes not want to go on further. 'n,ee,, the inner master sometimes pre#ents the stu,ent from -ehol,ing the sights in fear that he/she will -ecome too saturate, with 0oy an, forget his/her real mission Rai Sahi- Munshi Ram$. FaGir !han, ....... -elie#e,, on the -asis of o#er se#enty years of me,itation, that the reason 1ri<uti is so har, to o#ercome is ,ue to the fact that whatsoe#er one ,esires it manifests accor,ingly. 4iterally, worl,s upon worl,s can -e create, -y sheer thought in the secon, stage. 1hus, the soul can -e trappe, -y an infinite set of cra#ings, wants, an, wishes, which continually attract the min, to ephemeral pleasures. Furthermore, in the gran, ,esign of the cosmos, there is a negati#e force whose sole purpose is to ,etain the soul from transcen,ing to higher states. 1his power is <nown as =al time/,eath$, the lor, of the min,, in the terminology of the saints in the Sant Mat an, Ra,hasoami tra,itions &ulian P. &ohnson$. =al is the antithesis of the positi#e current, Sat, which constantly goes -ac< to the Supreme 4or,, (nami Purush. =al)s force is ,ownwar, instea, of upwar,$ towar, the creation. 3ence, =al, though also a manifestation of the (-solute on a lower #i-ration, represents the main o-stacle in the ascent of the soul. 1he only way a sincere stu,ent can conGuer 1ri<uti is -y with,rawing the spirit from the min, itself, 0ust as the min, separate, from the -o,y. Part 28 missing Path of the Masters, Part 2L: 1he Forth Region: 6hanwar Gupha %!hart of the 'nner Planes '$, PBF F'4" :: (wesome !hart:,9orl,s.p,f %%!hart of the 'nner Planes ''$, &PG P'!:,9orl,s..0pg

%%%!hart of the 'nner Planes '''$, &PG P'!:,9orl,s5.0pg 1he following is from the -oo< >"nchante, 4an,,> pu-lishe, -y the MS(! Philosophy Group, a section title,, 13" &O+RA"E, ( *oyage of 4ight N Soun,, the 'nner (scent: 13" FO+R13 R"G'OA: 6hanwar Gupha >whirling ca#e> 1he spirit, thereafter, went to 3ootal 3oot, which, in 3in,i, has -een ,escri-e, as 6hanwar:gupha. 1here is a rotating swing here which all the time in su-tle motion, an, the spirits e#er swing on it. (ll roun,, there are innumera-le spiritual islan,s from which the soun,s of >Sohang Sohang> an, >(nahoo (nahoo> rise all the time. Spirit entities playfully an, rapturously en0oy these soun,s. 9hiffs of scents of #arious <in,s an, sweet fragrance of san,al are en0oye, -y the spirit there an, the melo,ies of flutes are hear,, while it procee,s onwar,s. ?Other characteristics of this region cannot -e re,uce, to writing, as they can -e realiFe, -y the spirit only when it reaches there after performing (-hyas.@ ::Soami &i Mahara0, 3i,ayatnama ?Sohang; >' (m 1hatD>@ +pon arri#ing in 6hanwar Gupha, the soul)s nirat power to see$ an, surat capacity to hear$ attain a state of satisfaction &ulian P. &ohnson, 2H85$. 1his contentment, accor,ing to Shi# Bayal Singh)s account, is ,ue to percei#ing a most intriguing an, won,rous structure within the Ru<mini tunnel in the entrance to the fourth region. "Cactly what this sight is has not -een eCplaine, -y any Ra,hasoami saint in print. 4i<e all eCperiences in the upper regions it must -e encountere, first:han, to -e un,erstoo,, not simply reference, in its ,eci,e,ly mythological analogies. 6hanwar Gupha is the funnel of the entire creati#e process from Sach =han, ,ownwar,s. 'ts #ery name eChi-its the tremen,ous power inherent within the region: >whirling #ortice>. 1he lor, of this realm is terme, Sohang >' (m 1hatD>$, a ,escripti#e:mantric term which implies a conscious intuition on the part of the soul with its higher i,entity. 1he sha-, currents in 6hanwar Gupha are so sweet an, enchanting, accor,ing to the Saints, that souls li#e entirely off its in#igorating nectar, ,esiring nothing -ut ,arshan of the presi,ing lor, an, the manifestations of light an, soun,. =a-ir, the most famous of the me,ie#al saints, ,escri-es in his writings or, at least, those attri-ute, to his pen$ how hansas pure spirits$ li#e on spiritual ,weeps islan,s$ with magnificent palaces for transmun,ane en0oyment. FaGir !han,, in his Eogic Philosophy of the Saints 2HI/$, gi#es a more psychological interpretation of the me,itator)s eCperiences in the fourth region: >9hen in the course of me,itation man reaches this state of 6hanwar:Gupha he eCperiences that there was none eCcept his own self. 1his centre is compare, with 6hanwar which

means whirl. (t this centre a wheel rotates li<e a cra,le. 't means that at this centre a wa#e springs out of the surat of the me,itator an, again merges in its own source, or say, it rotates aroun, its own source an, pro,uces the soun, of Sohang:Flute. 1he Sha-, of this centre is so effecti#e that the me,itator en0oys the pleasure of -eing one with the Supreme Soul.> /// 1he 4ast Part of the &ourney from the 6a-a &aimal Singh 9e-site$ (fter the soul has risen from the ,ar< emptiness, the Maha Sunn, it reaches that inner le#el which is <nown as 6hanwar Gupha or also: the -ent tunnel$ in the terminology of the "astern (,epts of Mysticism. 1he soul ascen,s the pea< from its west gate (n, penetrates across Maha:sunn. 6y throwing open the gate of 6anwar Gupha 't hear<ens to the music of the flute that emanates from sohang. Soami &i$ 1his is the fourth realm a-o#e the physical le#el, a region of spiritual su-stance with only slight a,,itions of material. 'f the soul procee,s it will cross a high, ra,iating pass a-o#e the #i-rant -rea<ers of spiritual force which is <nown as the 3ansni 1unnel. 1hen, it procee,s through the huge entrance of the splen,i, Ru<mini 1unnel where it sees an un-elie#a-ly -eautiful o-0ect the ra,iation of which has an impact on the #iew of the soul with the effect that the soul)s Airat the #isual faculty$ an, its Surat the capa-ility to hear$ are finally complete, an, gain real peace. 1hen, the soul progresses to a higher region of this spiritual realm an, sees at its right:han, si,e -right cosmic islan,s of an immense -eauty an, at the left:han, si,e many continents with splen,i, palaces which seeme, to -e -uilt of pearls an, the upper stories of which are ,ecorate, with ru-ies, emeral,s an, ,iamon,s. 1he splen,or of all these cosmic scenes fills the soul with a won,erful ,run<enness. 6hanwar Gupha is go#erne, -y a great spiritual so#ereign whose name is translate, into: >' am 1hatD> ?>1hat is meD>@ in the terminology of the (,epts of Mysticism of the Far an, Mi,,le "ast. (n,, in fact, the Sufi:Masters <now the whole region as (na:3+, which, in turn, means: >' am 3eD> 'n the region of 6hanwar Gupha the soul totally recogniFes its relationship to the creator an, consciously <nows that it is a ,roplet of the ,i#ine spirit in the ocean of all:consciousness an, eCclaims: >' an, my Father are OneD> Maulana Rumi wrote a-out the mourning tones of a flute which is playe, on a mountain top an, which spea< of the separation of the soul from its true source. 1he music which penetrates this region is that of a hea#enly flute; an, it was that music which soun,e, in the conscience of the great Maulana Rumi.

6ut ne#ertheless, here again there is nothing in the physical worl, which can stan, up to the comparison with the won,erful soun, of 6hanwar Gupha)s melo,y. 1his soun, emanates from the spar<ling cosmic mountain that o#erloo<s this region ma0estically an, a-o#e which the soul sees a huge sun with a ,aFFling white light that is a thousan, times -righter than the physical sun of our solar system. >1he Soun, !urrent of flute which you were hearing pre#iously as reporte, is Guite goo,. 1his shoul, -e listene, to with rapt attention. 't will grow stronger, ,raw closer, an, ultimately come from a-o#e. 't will e#entually -less you with such a ra#ishing -liss that your min, will -ecome su-,ue, for goo, in ,ue course of time with the grace of the Master>. =irpal Singh, Spiritual "liCir$ Guru Aana< sang a-out this region: >3igher still stan,s =arm =han,, the Realm of Grace, 3ere the 9or, is all in all, an, nothing else pre#ails. 3ere ,well the -ra#est of the -ra#e, the conGuerors of the min,, fille, with the lo#e Bi#ine, 3ere ,well ,e#otees with ,e#otion, incompara-le as Sita)s2. 'llumine, with -eauty ineffa-le, (ll heart fille, with Go,, they li#e -eyon, the reach of ,eath an, of ,elusion>. &ap &i :: Morning Prayer of Guru Aana<, StanFa 5M$ 6hanwar Gupha is really a region of -eauty an, light, an, the souls li#ing there recei#e the eliCir of the Soun, !urrent 0ust as we eat an, ,rin< at the physical realm e#ery ,ay. (n, yet, 6hanwar Gupha an, all regions -elow it, the super causal, causal, astral an, physical ones, are su-0ect to ,issolution as the (,epts of Mysticism eCpress it. Bissolution of a relati#ely short ,uration reaches up to the summit of the causal region, whereas the immensely long lasting an, -ig ,issolution reaches from the super causal region of Baswan Bwar up to the region of 6hanwar Gupha. (n, therefore the see<ing soul has to ascen, further up to gain the true spiritual li-eration. For Sach =an,, the fifth inner realm a-o#e the physical realm is not su-0ect to any cosmic ,issolution, might it -e -ig or small. Sach =an, is the 1rue 3ome of the soul. 1his purely spiritual realm is calle, Sat 4o< in 3in,uism, MuGam:i: 3aG realm of truth$ in the teachings of the Sufi melo,ies of 'slam an, Sach =han, in Si<hism the name which is use, -y the 'n,ian (,epts of Mysticism or the Satgurus$. Sach =han, is free of any physical, mental an, spiritualiFe, matter. 'n the wor,s of the (,epts of Mysticism it is unchangea-le an, eternal, all the 0oy an, -lissfulness, all wis,om an, all lo#e... the homestea, of Go,. 3ere resi,e the perfecte, spiritual -eings an, the highest ran<ing saints of all times in unspea<a-le splen,or. Guru Aana< sai,:

>3ere li#e the 6hagats or wise from all regions who please the 1rue One, an, they li#e in e#er lasting pleasure>. 'n 6hanwar Gupha, the region -elow Sach =han,, there are II,/// uni#erses an, the resi,ents of these uni#erses are all supporters of spiritual (,epts who ha#e gaine, entrance into this region. 3owe#er, in Sach =han, itself, there are many million spheres un,er the merciful rule of the true 4or,, an, cosmic islan,s of the 6lesse, One rotate aroun, this region, 0ust as our tiny earth rotates aroun, the sun. 1hese spheres are the ,welling places of the 3ansas, the pure souls, who ne#er ,escen,e, into the lower le#els. /////