Anda di halaman 1dari 113

a abandon ability able abortion about above abroad absence absolute absolutely abstract abuse academic accept acceptable

access accident accommodation accompany accomplish accord account accurate accuse achieve achievement acknowledge acquire acquisition across act action active activity actor actual actually ad adapt add addition additional address adequate adjust adjustment

an abandons abandonedabandoning abandonings abilities abler ablest ables abled abling abortions abouts abroads absences absolutes abstracts abstracted abstractingabstractings abuses abused abusing abusings academics academick accepts accepted accepting acceptings acceptables accesses accessed accessing accessings accidents accommodations accompanies accompanied accompanying accompanyings accomplishes accomplished accomplishing accomplishings accords accorded according accordings accounts accounted accountingaccountings


accuses accused accusing accusings achieves achieved achieving achieveing achieveings achievements acknowledges acknowledged acknowledging acknowledgings acquires acquired acquiring acquirings acquisitions acts acted acting actings actions actioned actioning actionings actives activities actors actuals ads adapts adapted adapting adaptings adds added adding addings additions additionals addresses addressed addressing addressings adjusts adjusted adjustments adjusting adjustings

administration admire admit adopt adult advance advantage adventure advertise advertisement advice advise adviser advocate affair affect afford afraid after afternoon again against age agency agenda agent aggressive ago agree agreement agricultural ahead aid aim air aircraft airline alarm album alcohol alive all allege allow ally almost alone

administrations admires admired admiring admirings admits admited admitting admitted adopts adopted adopting adoptings adults advances advanced advancing advanceingadvanceings advantagesadvantaged advantaging advantagings adventuresadventuredadventuring adventurings advertises advertised advertisingadvertize advertizes advertized advertizing advertisements advertisment advertisments advices advises advised advising advisings advisers advocates advocated advocatingadvocatings affairs affects affected affecting affectings affords afforded affording affordings


ages agencies agendas agents





agrees agreed agreements agriculturals aids aims airs aircrafts airlines alarms albums alcohols aided aimed aired



aiding aiming airing

aidings aimings airings


alarming alarmings

alleges allows allies almosts

alleged allowed allied

alleging allowing allying

allegings allowings allyings

along alongside already alright also alter alternative although altogether always amaze amendment among amount analysis analyst analyze ancient and anger angle angry animal announce announcement annual another answer anticipate anxiety anxious any anybody anymore anyone anything anyway anywhere apart apartment apologize apparent apparently appeal appear appearance application

alters altered alternatives altho



amazes amazed amendments



amounts amounted amounting amountings analyses analysts analyzes analyzed analyzing analyse analysed analysing analysings ancients ancientest ands anded anding n angers angered angering angerings angles angled angling anglings angrier angriest animals announces announcedannouncing announcings announcements annuals answers answered answering answerings anticipatesanticipatedanticipating anticipatings anxieties

anythings anyways

apartments apologizes apologized apologizingapologise apologises apologised apologising

appeals appealed appealing appealings appears appeared appearing appearings appearances applications

apply appoint appointment appreciate approach appropriate approval approve approximately architecture area argue argument arise arm army around arrange arrangement arrest arrival arrive art article artist as ashamed aside ask assess assessment asset assign assist assistance assistant associate association assume assumption assure at athlete atmosphere attach attachment attack

applies applied applying applyings appoints appointed appointing appointings appointments appreciates appreciated appreciating appreciatings approachesapproached approaching approachings appropriates appropriated appropriating appropriatings approvals approves approved approving approvings architectures areas argues argued arguing argueing argueings arguments arguementarguements arises arose arising arisen arised arms armed arming armings armies arranges arranged arrangements arrests arrested arrivals arrives arrived arts articles articled artists arranging arrangings arresting arrestings arriving articling arrivings articlings

asides asks asked asking askings assesses assessed assessing assessings assessments assets assigns assigned assigning assignings assists assisted assisting assistings assistances assistants associates associated associatingassociatings associations assumes assumed assuming assumings assumptions assures assured assuring assurings athletes atmospheres attaches attached attaching attachings attachments attacks attacked attacking attackings

attempt attend attendance attention attitude attract attraction attractive attribute audience aunt author automatically autumn available average avoid award aware awareness away awful baby back background bad badly bag balance ball ban band bank bar barely barrier base basic basically basis bath battle be beach bear beat beautiful

attempts attempted attemptingattemptings attends attended attending attendings attendances attentions attitudes attracts attracted attracting attractings attractions attractives attributes attributed attributing attributings audiences aunts Aunt Aunts authors authored authoring authorings autumns availables averages averaged averaging averagings avoids avoided avoiding avoidings awards awarded awarding awardings awarenesses aways babies babied babying babys backs backed backing backings backgrounds backgrounded backgrounding backgroundings worse worst badder baddest bags balances balls bans bands banks bars barriers bases basics bagged balanced balled banned banded banked barred bagging balancing balling banning banding banking barring baggings balancings ballings bannings bandings bankings barrings





baths battles am beaches bears beats

battled m beached beared beating

battling is beaching bearing beaten

battlings isn s beachings borne bearings beatings



beauty because become bed bedroom beer before begin behave behavior behind belief believe bell belong below belt bend beneath benefit beside besides bet between beyond bias bid big bike bill billion bin bind biological bird birth bit bite black blame bless blind block blood bloody blow blue

beauties cos becomes became becoming becomeingbecomeings beds bedded bedding beddings bedrooms bedroomed beers begins began beginning begun beginned beginnings behaves behaved behaving behavings behaviors behaviour behaviours beliefs believes bells belongs belts bends benefits

believed believing believings belled belling bellings belonged belonging belongings belted bended belting bending beltings bent

benefited benefiting benefitted benefittingbenefittings





biases biased bids bade bigger biggest bikes biked bills billed billions bins binned binds binded biologicals birds birded births birthed bits bitted bites biting blacks blacked blames blamed blesses blessed blinds blinded blocks blocked bloods blooded bloodies bloodied blows blew blues blueed

biasing bidding biking billing binning binding birding birthing bitting bitten blacking blaming blessing blinding blocking blooding bloodying blowing blueing

biasings bidden bikings billings binnings bindings birdings birthings bittings bitings blacker blamings blessings blinder blockings bloodings bloodier blown bluer

blackest blest blindest

bloodiest blowed bluest

board boat body bomb bond bone book boom boost boot border bore borrow boss both bother bottle bottom boundary bowl box boy brain branch brand bread break breakfast breast breath breathe breed bridge brief briefly bright brilliant bring broad broadcast brother brown brush budget build bunch burden

boards boats bodies bombs bonds bones books booms boosts boots borders bores borrows bosses

boarded boated bodied bombed bonded boned booked boomed boosted booted bordered bored borrowed bossed

boarding boardings boating boatings bodying bodys bombing bombings bonding bondings boning bonings booking bookings booming boomings boosting boostings booting bootings bordering borderings boring borings borrowing borrowings bossing bossings

bothers bothered bothering botherings bottles bottled bottling bottlings bottoms bottomed bottoming bottomings boundaries bowls bowled bowling bowlings boxes boxed boxing boxings boys brains brained braining brainings branches branched branching branchings brands branded branding brandings breads breaded breading breadings breaks broke breaking broken breakfasts breakfasted breakfasting breakfastings breasts breasted breasting breastings breaths breathes breathed breathing breathings breeds bred breeding breedings bridges bridged bridging bridgings briefs briefed briefing briefer briefest brighter brightest


brings brought bringing bringings broader broadest broadcasts broadcasted broadcasting broadcastings brothers browns browned browning browner brownest brushes brushed brushing brushings budgets budgeted budgeting budgetings builds builded building buildings built bunches bunched bunching bunchs burdens burdened burdening burdenings

burn burst bury bus business busy but button buy buyer by cable cake calculate call calm camera camp campaign can cancel cancer cap capability capable capacity capital capture car carbon card care career careful carefully carpet carry case cash cast castle cat catalog catch category cause celebrate

burns burned bursts bursted buries buried buses bused businesses busies busied buts buttons buttoned buys bought buyers

burning bursting burying busing busying

burnt burstings buryings busings busier busiest

buttoning buttonings buying buyed

cables cabled cabling cablings cakes caked caking cakings calculates calculated calculating calculatings calls called calling callings calms calmed calming calmer calmest cameras camps camped camping campings campaigns campaigned campaigning campaignings cans canned canning cannot cancels canceled canceling cancelled cancelling cancellings cancers caps capped capping cappings capabilities capables capacities capitals captures captured capturing capturings cars carbons cards carded carding cardings cares cared caring carings careers careered careering careerings

carpets carpeted carpeting carpetings carries carried carrying carryed carrys carryings cases cased casing casings cashes cashed cashing cashings casts casted casting castings castles castled castling castlings cats catalogs cataloged cataloging catalogue catalogues cataloguedcataloguing catches caught catching catched categories causes caused causing causings celebrates celebrated celebratingcelebratings

celebration cell cent center central century ceremony certain certainly chain chair chairman challenge chamber champion championship chance change channel chapter character characteristic characterize charge charity charm chart chase chat cheap check cheek cheese chemical chest chicken chief child childhood chip chocolate choice choose church cigarette circle circumstance

celebrations cells celled celling cellings cents centers centered centering centre centrals centuries ceremonies



chains chained chaining chainings chairs chaired chairing chairings chairmen chairmans challenges challenged challengingchallengings chambers chamberedchambering chamberings champions championed championing championings championships chances chanced chancing chancings changes changed changing changings channels channeled channelledchannellingchanneling channelings chapters characters characteristics characterizes characterized characterizing characterise characterises characterised characterising charges charged charging chargings charities charms charmed charming charmings charts charted charting chartings chases chased chasing chasings chats chatted chatting chattings cheaper cheapest checks checked checking checkings cheeks cheeked cheeking cheekings cheeses chemicals chests chested chesting chestings chickens chickened chickening chickenings chiefs chiefest childs children childrens childhoods chips chipped chipping chippings chocolates choices choicer choicest chooses chose choosing chosen choosed churches churched churching churchs cigarettes circles circled circling circlings circumstances

cite citizen city civil civilian claim class classic classical clause clean clear clearly climate climb clinical clock close closely clothes clothing cloud club cluster coach coal coast coat code coffee coin cold collapse colleague collect collection college color column combination combine come comedy comfort comfortable command comment

cites citizens cities civilians claims classes classics classicals clauses cleans clears climates climbs clinicals clocks closes

cited citys



claimed classed

claiming classing

claimings classings

cleaned cleared

cleaning clearing

cleanings clearer clearest


climbed clocked closed

climbing clocking closing

climbings clockings closer closest


clothings clouds clouded clouding cloudings clubs clubbed clubbing clubbings clusters clustered clustering clusterings coaches coached coaching coachings coals coasts coasted coasting coastings coats coated coating coatings codes coded coding codings coffees coins coined coining coinings colder coldest colds collapses collapsed collapsing collapsings colleagues collects collected collecting collectings collections colleges colors colored coloring colorings colour columns columned combinations combines combined combining combinings comes came coming comed cometh comedies comforts comforted comfortingcomfortings comfortables commandscommanded commanding commandings comments commented commenting commentings





commercial commission commit commitment committee common communicate communication community company compare comparison compensation compete competition competitive competitor complain complaint complete completely complex complexity complicate component compose composition compound comprehensive comprise compromise compute computer concentrate concentration concept concern concert conclude conclusion concrete condition conduct confidence confident confirm conflict

commercials commissions commissioned commissioning commissionings commits commited commiting committedcommittingcommittings commitments committees commonest communicates communicated communicating communicatings communications communities companies companys compares compared comparing comparings comparisons compensations competes competed competing competings competitions competitors complains complained complaining complainings complaints completes completed completingcompletings complexs complexedcomplexingcomplexes complexities complicates complicated complicating complicatings components composes composed composingcomposings compositions compounds compounded compounding compoundings comprises comprised comprisingcomprisings compromises compromised compromising compromisings computes computed computing computings computers concentrates concentrated concentrating concentratings concentrations concepts concerns concerned concerningconcernings concerts concerted concludes concluded concluding concludings conclusions concretes concreted concreting concretings conditions conditioned conditioning conditionings conducts conducted conductingconductings confidences confidents confirms confirmed confirming confirmings conflicts conflicted conflicting conflictings

confuse confusion connect connection consequence consequently conservative consider considerable consideration consist consistent constant constantly constitute constraint construct construction consult consultant consume consumer contact contain contemporary content contest context continue continuous contract contrast contribute contribution control controversial convention conventional conversation convert convince cook cool cooperation cope copy core

confuses confused confusing confusings confusions connects connected connectingconnectings connections connexion connexions consequences conservatives considers consideredconsideringconsiderings considerables considerations consists consisted consisting consistings constants constitutesconstitutedconstituting constitutings constraints constructs constructed constructing constructings constructions consults consulted consulting consultings consultants consumes consumed consuming consumings consumers contacts contacted contacting contactings contains contained containing containings contemporaries contents contented contenting contentings contests contested contesting contestings contexts continues continued continuing continueing continueings contracts contractedcontractingcontractings contrasts contrasted contrastingcontrastings contributescontributed contributing contributings contributions controls controlled controlling controllings controversials conventions conventionals conversations converts converted converting convertings convinces convinced convincing convincings cooks cooked cooking cookings cools cooled cooling coolest cooperations copes coped coping copings copies copied copying copyings cores cored coring corings

corner corporate corporation correct correspond cost cough could council counsel count counter country county couple course court cousin cover coverage cow crack craft crash crazy cream create creation creative creature credit crew crime criminal crisis criterion critic critical criticism criticize crop cross crowd crucial cry cultural culture

corners cornered cornering cornerings corporates corporatedcorporating corporatings corporations corrects corrected correcting correctings corresponds corresponded corresponding correspondings costs costed costing costings coughs coughed coughing coughings couldn coulda councils councilled councilling councillings counsels counselled counsellingcounseling counselings counts counted counting countings counters countered countering counterings countries countrys counties couples coupled coupling couplings courses coursed coursing coursings courts courted courting courtings cousins Cousin Cousins covers covered covering coverings coverages cows cowed cowing cowings cracks cracked cracking crackings crafts crafted crafting craftings crashes crashed crashing crashings crazier craziest crazies creams creamed creaming creamings creates created creating creatings creations creatives creatures credits credited crediting creditings crews crewed crewing crewings crimes criminals crises criterions critics criticals criticisms criticizes criticized criticizing criticise criticises criticised criticising crops cropped cropping croppings crosses crossed crossing crossings crowds crowded crowding crowdings crucials cries cried crying cryed culturals cultures cultured culturing culturings

cup curious currency current currently curtain curve custom customer cut cycle dad daily damage damn dance danger dangerous dare dark darkness data database date daughter day dead deal dealer dear death debate debt decade decide decision declare decline decrease dedicate deep deeply defeat defend defense deficit define

cups cupped curiouser currencies currents curtains curtained curves curved customs customers cuts cutted cycles cycled dads daddy dailies damages damaged damns damned dances danced dangers dares dared darker darkest darknesses datas databases dates dated daughters days daies deader deadest deals dealed dealers dears dearer deaths debates debated debts decades decides decided decisions declares declared declines declined decreases decreased dedicates dedicated deeper deepest defeats defends defenses deficits defines



curtaining curtainings curving curvings

cutting cycling daddies

cuttings cyclings Dad




damaging damagings damning damnings dancing danceing danceings





dealing dearest



debating debatings



declaring declarings declining declinings decreasing decreasings dedicating dedicatings deeps

defeated defeating defeatings defended defending defendings defence defences defined defining definings

definitely definition degree delay delight deliver delivery demand democracy democratic demonstrate demonstration density deny department depend dependent deposit depress depression depth derive describe description desert deserve design designer desire desk despite destroy destruction detail detect determination determine develop development device devote dialog die diet differ difference different

definitions degrees delays delayed delaying delayings delights delighted delighting delightings delivers delivered delivering deliverings deliveries demands demanded demandingdemandings democracies democratics demonstrates demonstrated demonstrating demonstratings demonstrations densities denies denied denying denys departments depends depended depending dependings dependents deposits deposited depositing depositings depresses depressed depressing depressings depressions depths derives derived deriving derivings describes described describing describings descriptions deserts deserted deserting desertings deserves deserved deserving deservings designs designed designing designings designers desires desired desiring desirings desks destroys destroyed destroying destroyings destructions details detailed detailing detailings detects detected detecting detectings determinations determinesdetermined determining determinings develops developed developingdevelopings developments devices devotes devoted devoting devotings dialogs dialoged dialoging dialogue dialogues dialogued dialoguing dies died dying dieing dieings diets dieted dieting dietings differs differed differing differred differencesdifferenceddifferencing differencings

differently difficult difficulty dig digital dimension dinner direct direction directly director dirty disagree disappear disappoint disaster discipline discount discover discovery discuss discussion disease dish disk dismiss disorder display dispute distance distant distinct distinction distinguish distribute district disturb diversity divide division divorce do doctor document dog dollar domestic

difficulties digs dug digging digged digitals dimensionsdimensioned dimensioning dimensionings dinners directs directed directing directings directions directors dirties dirtied dirtying dirtier dirtiest disagrees disagreed disagreeingdisagreeings disappears disappeared disappearing disappearings disappointsdisappointed disappointing disappointings disasters disciplines disciplined discipliningdisciplinings discounts discounteddiscountingdiscountings discovers discovereddiscoveringdiscoverings discoveries discusses discussed discussing discussings discussions diseases diseased dishes dished dishing dishings disks disc discs dismisses dismissed dismissing dismissings disorders disordered disorderingdisorderings displays displayed displaying displayings disputes disputed disputing disputings distances distanced distancing distancings

distinctions distinguishes distinguished distinguishing distinguishings distributes distributeddistributingdistributings districts disturbs disturbed disturbing disturbings diversities divides divided dividing dividings divisions divorces divorced divorcing divorcings does don doesn did didn doctors doctored doctoring dr Doctor documentsdocumented documenting documentings dogs dogged dogging doggings dollars domestics

doing Doctors

done Dr

dominate door double doubt down dozen draft drag drama dramatic dramatically draw dream dress drink drive driver drop drug dry due during dust duty each ear early earn earth ease easily east eastern easy eat economic economy edge edit edition editor educate education educational effect effective effectively

dominates dominateddominatingdominatings doors doubles doubled doubling doublings doubts doubted doubting doubtings downs downed downing downings dozens drafts drafted drafting draught draughts drags dragged dragging draggings dramas dramatics draws dreams dresses drinks drives drivers drops drugs dries drew dreamed dressed drank drove dropped drugged dried drawing dreaming dressing drinking driving drawn drawed dreamings dreamt dressings drinkings driven drived drawings


dropping droppings drugging druggings drying drier driest

dusts duties ears earlier earns earths eases

dusted dutys eared earliest earned earthed eased



earning earthing easing

earnings earthings easings

easts easterns easier easiest eats ate economics economies edges edged edits edited editions editioned editors educates educated educations educationals effects effected



edging edgings editing editings editioning editionings educating educatings

effecting effectings

efficiency efficient effort egg either elderly elect election electric electricity electronic element eliminate else elsewhere e-mail embarrass embrace emerge emergency emotion emotional emphasis emphasize empire employ employee employer employment empty enable encounter encourage end enemy energy engage engine engineer enhance enjoy enormous enough ensure enter enterprise entertain

efficiencies efforts eggs




elects elected electing electings elections electrics electricities electronics elements eliminates eliminated eliminatingeliminatings

e-mails e-mailed e-mailing e mail e mails e mailed e mailing embarrasses embarrassed embarrassing embarrassings embraces embraced embracing embracings emerges emerged emerging emergings emergencies emotions emotionals emphases emphasizes emphasized emphasizing emphasise emphasises emphasised emphasising empires employs employed employing employings employees employers employments empties emptied emptying emptier emptiest enables enabled enabling enablings encountersencountered encountering encounterings encouragesencouraged encouraging encourageing encourageings ends ended ending endings enemies energies engages engaged engaging engagings engines engineers engineeredengineering engineerings enhances enhanced enhancing enhancings enjoys enjoyed enjoying enjoyings

ensures ensured ensuring ensurings enters entered entering enterings enterprisesenterprising enterprisings entertains entertained entertaining entertainings

entertainment entire entirely entitle entrance entry envelope environment environmental episode equal equally equation equipment equivalent era error escape especially essay essential establish establishment estate estimate ethnic evaluate evaluation even evening event eventually ever every everybody everyday everyone everything everywhere evidence evil evolution evolve exact exactly exam examination


entitles entitled entitling entitlings entrances entranced entrancing entrancings entries envelopes environments environmentals episodes equals equaled equaling equalled equalling equallings equations equipments equivalents eras errors escapes escaped

escaping escapings

essays essayed essaying essayings essentials establishesestablishedestablishing establishings establishments estates estimates estimated estimating estimatings ethnics evaluates evaluated evaluating evaluatings evaluations evens evened evenings events

everybodies everydays everythings evidences evidenced evils eviler evolutions evolves evolved exacts exacted exams examinations evidencing evidencings evilest evolving exacting evolvings exactings

examine example exceed excellent except exception excess exchange excite excitement exclude excuse executive exercise exhaust exhibit exhibition exist existence expand expansion expect expectation expenditure expense expensive experience experiment experimental expert explain explanation explore export expose exposure express expression extend extension extensive extent external extra extract extraordinary extreme

examines examined examining examinings examples exceeds exceeded exceeding exceedings excepts excepted excepting cept exceptions excesses exchanges exchanged exchangingexchangings excites excited exciting excitings excitements excludes excluded excluding excludings excuses excused excusing excusings executives exercises exercised exercising exercisings exhausts exhausted exhausting exhaustings exhibits exhibited exhibiting exhibitings exhibitions exists existed existing existings existences expands expanded expanding expandings expansions expects expected expecting expectings expectations expenditures expenses expensed expensing expensings experiences experienced experiencing experiencings experiments experimented experimenting experimentings experimentals experts explains explained explaining explainings explanations explores explored exploring explorings exports exported exporting exportings exposes exposed exposing exposings exposures expresses expressed expressing expressings expressions extends extended extending extendings extensions extents externals extras extracts extracted extracting extractings extremes extremest

extremely eye face facility fact factor factory fade fail failure fair fairly faith faithfully fall false familiar family famous fan fancy fantastic far farm farmer fascinate fashion fast fat father fault favor favorite fear feature federal fee feed feel fellow female fence festival few fiction field fifteen

eyes faces facilities facts factors factories fades fails failures fairs faiths falls falser familiars families fans fancies fantastics farther farms farmers fascinates fashions fasts fats fathers faults favors favorites fears features federals fees feeds feels fellows females fences festivals fewer fictions fields fifteens

eyed faced

eyeing facing

eyeings facings

factored factorys faded failed faired

factoring factorings fading failing fairing fadings failings fairer fairest

fell falsest familys fanned fancied farthest farmed fascinated fashioned fasted fatter fathered faulted favored favourite feared featured




fanning fancying

fannings fanciest



fascinating fascinatings fashioning fashionings fasting faster fastest fattest fathering fatherings faulting faultings favoring favour favours favourites fearing fearings featuring featurings


favoured favouring

fed felt

feeding feeled

feeded feeling

feedings feelings

fenced fewest

fencing fewers

fencings fewests

fielded fielding fieldings fifteenth fifteenths

fifty fight figure file fill film filter final finally finance financial find fine finger finish fire firm firmly first firstly fish fit fix flag flash flat flexible flight float flood floor flow flower fly focus fold folk follow food fool foot football for force forecast foreign forest

fifties fights figures files fills films filters finals finances financials finds fines fingers finishes fires firms firsts fishes fits fixes flags flashes flats flexibles flights floats floods floors flows flowers flies focuses folds folks follows foods fools foots footballs

fiftieth fought figured filed filled filmed filtered

fighting figuring filing filling filming filtering

fightings figurings filings fillings filmings filterings

financed found fined fingered finished fired firmed

financing financings finding fining fingering finishing firing firming finded findings finer finest fingerings finishings firings firmer firmest

fished fitted fixed flagged flashed flatted flighted floated flooded floored flowed flowered flew focused folded

fishing fitting fixing flagging flashing flatting flighting floating flooding flooring flowing flowering flying focusing folding

fishings fitter fittest fixings flaggings flashings flattings flightings floatings floodings floorings flowings flowerings flown flys focussed focuss foldings




followed following followings fooled footed fooling footing foolings feet


forces forced forcing forcings forecasts forecasted forecastingforecastings forests forested foresting forestings

forever forget form formal format formation former formula forth fortunate fortune forward found foundation fragment frame framework free freedom freeze frequency frequent frequently fresh friend friendly friendship frighten from front fruit fuel fulfill full fully fun function functional fund fundamental funny furniture further furthermore future gain gallery

forevers forgets forgot forgetting forgotten forms formed forming formings formals formats formatted formatting formattings formations formers formulas formulae

fortunes forwards forwarded forwardingforeward forewards forewarded forewarding founds founded founding foundings foundations fragments fragmented fragmenting fragmentings frames framed framing framings frameworks frees freed freeing freer freest freedoms freezes froze freezing frozen freezed frequencies frequents frequentedfrequenting frequentings fresher freshest freshers friends friendlier friendliest friendships frightens frightened frighteningfrightenings fronts fruits fuels fulfills fulls fronted fruited fueled fulfilled fulled fronting fruiting fueling fulfilling fulling frontings fruitings fuelings fulfil fulfils fuller fullest



functions functioned functioningfunctionings functionals funds funded funding fundings fundamentals funnier funniest furnitures furthers furthered furthering furtherings futures gains galleries




game gap garden gas gate gather gay gaze gear gender gene general generally generate generation genetic gentle gentleman gently genuine gesture get giant gift girl give glad glance glass global go goal god gold golden golf good govern government governor grab grade gradually graduate grain grammar grand

games gaps gardens gases gates gathers gayer gazes gears genders genes generals

gamed gapped gardened gassed gated gathered gayest gazed geared gendered

gaming gapping gardening gassing gating gathering gays gazing gearing

gamings gappings gardenings gasses gatings gatherings gazings gearings

generates generated generating generatings generations gentles gentled gentling gentlemen gentlemans gentler gentlest

gestures gets giants gifts girls gives gladder glances glasses globals goes goals gods golds

gestured gesturing gesturings got getting gotten gettin gifted gave gladdest glanced glassed went gifting giving glancing glassing going giftings given glancings glassings gone goin gived






golfs golfed goodest governs governed governments govt governors grabs grabbed grades graded



governing governings

grabbing grabbings grading gradings

graduates graduated graduating graduatings grains grained graining grainings grammars grander grandest

grandmother grant grass grateful gray great greatly green greet grin ground group grow growth guarantee guard guess guest guide guideline guilty guitar gun guy habit hair half hall hand handle hang happen happiness happy harbor hard hardly harm hat hate have he head health healthy hear heart

grandmothers Grandmother Grandmothers grants granted granting grantings grasses grassed grassing grassings grays greater grayed greatest graying greats grayer grayest grey greys

greens greened greening greener greenest greets greeted greeting greetings grins grinned grinning grinnings grounds grounded grounding groundings groups grouped grouping groupings grows grew growing grown growed growths guaranteesguaranteedguaranteeing guaranteeings guaranty guaranties guarantying guards guarded guarding guardings guesses guessed guessing guessings guests guested guesting guestings guides guided guiding guidings guidelines guiltier guiltiest guitars guns gunned gunning gunnings guys guyed guying guyings habits habited hairs haired halfs halfed halfing halfings halls hands handed handing handings handles handled handling handlings hangs hung hanging hanged hangings happens happened happening happenings happinesses happier happiest harbors harbored harboring harbour harbours harbouringharbourings harder hardest harms hats hates haven heads healths healthier hears hearts harmed hatted hated ve headed harming hatting hating has heading harmings hattings hatings hasn had headings


healthiest heard hearing hearted


heat heavily heavy height hell hello help helpful hence her here hero herself hesitate hi hide high highlight highly hill him himself hint hire his historian historic historical history hit hold holder hole holiday home honest honor hook hope hopefully horrible horse hospital host hot hotel hour

heats heavies heights hells helps

heated heavier

heating heaviest







hesitates hesitated hesitating hesitatings hides hid hiding hidden higher highest highs highlights highlightedhighlighting highlightings hills im hints hires historians historics historicals histories hits holds holders holes holidays homes honestest honors hooks hopes hilled hilling hillings

hinted hired

hinting hiring

hintings hirings

hitted held

hitting holding

hittings holded


holed holing holings holidayed holidaying holidayings homed homing homings honored hooked hoped honoring honour honours hooking hookings hoping hopings honoured honouring

horribles horses horsed hospitals hosts hosted hots hotted hotels hours

horsing hosting hotting

horsings hostings hotter


house household how however huge human humor hunger hunt hurry hurt husband hypothesis I ice idea ideal identify identity if ignore ill illegal illness illustrate illustration image imagination imagine immediate immediately immigrant implement implementation implication imply import importance important impose impossible impress impression impressive improve improvement in

houses housed households hows



huger hugest humans humors humored humoring humorings humour hungers hungered hungering hungerings hunts hunted hunting huntings hurries hurried hurrying hurryings hurts hurted hurting hurtings husbands husbandedhusbandinghusbandings hypotheses i ices iced ideas ideals identifies identified identifying identifyings identities ifs ignores ignored ignoring ignorings iller illest ills illegals illnesses illustrates illustrated illustrating illustratings illustrations images imaged imaging imagings imaginations imagines imagined imagining imaginings

humours humoured

immigrants implements implemented implementing implementings implementations implications implies implied implying implyings imports imported importing importings importances imposes imposed imposing imposings impossibles impresses impressed impressing impressings impressions improves improved improving improvings improvements ins

incentive inch incident include income incorporate increase increasingly indeed independence independent index indicate indication individual industrial industry infant infection inflation influence inform information initial initially initiative injure injury inner innocent innovation input inquiry inside insight insist inspire install instance instead institution institutional instruction instrument insurance insure integrate

incentives inches inched inching inchings incidents includes included including includings incomes incorporates incorporated incorporating incorporatings increases increased increasing increasings

independences independents indexes indexed indexing indices indicates indicated indicating indicatings indications individuals industrials industries infants infections inflations influences influenced influencinginfluencings informs informed informing informings informations initials initialled initialling initiallings initiatives injures injured injuring injurings injuries inners innocents innovations inputs inputted inputting inputtings inquiries insides insights insists insisted insisting insistings inspires inspired inspiring inspirings installs installed installing installings instances instanced instancing instancings insteads institutions institutionals instructions instruments instrumented instrumenting instrumentings insurances insures insured insuring insurings integrates integrated integratingintegratings

intellectual intelligence intend intense intention interaction interest interior internal international interpret interpretation intervention interview into introduce introduction invent invest investigate investigation investment investor invitation invite involve involvement iron island isolate issue it item its itself jacket jail job join joint joke journal journalist journey joy judge judgment

intellectuals intelligences intends intended intending intendings intentions interactions interests interested interesting interestings interiors internals internationals interprets interpretedinterpreting interpretings interpretations interventions interviews interviewed interviewing interviewings introduces introducedintroducingintroduceing introduceings introductions invents invented inventing inventings invests invested investing investings investigates investigated investigating investigatings investigations investments investors invitations invites invited inviting invitings involves involved involving involvings involvements irons ironed ironing ironings islands islanded islanding islandings isolates isolated isolating isolatings issues issued issuing issuings items

jackets jails jailed jailing jailings jobs jobbing jobbings joins joined joining joinings joints jointed jointing jointings jokes joked joking jokings journals journaled journaling journalings journalists journeys journeyed journeying journeyings joys judges judged judging judgings judgments judgement judgements

jump jury just justice justify keen keep key kick kid kill kind king kiss kitchen knee knife knock know knowledge label labor laboratory lack lady lake land landscape language large largely last late latter laugh laughter launch law lawyer lay layer lazy lead leader leadership league lean

jumps juries

jumped jurys



justices justifies justified justifying justifyings keens keened keening keener keenest keeps keeped keeping kept keys keyed keying keyings kicks kicked kicking kickings kids kidded kidding kiddings kills killed killing killings kinds kinda kinder kindest kings kisses kissed kissing kissings kitchens knees kneeed kneeing kneeings knifes knifed knifing knives knocks knocked knocking knockings knows knew knowing known knowed knowin knowledges labels labeled labeling labelled labelling labellings labors labored laboring labour laboured labouring labours laboratories laboratorys lacks lacked lacking lackings ladies ladys lakes lands landed landing landings landscapeslandscapedlandscaping landscapings languages larger largest lasts later lasted latest lasting lastings

laughs laughed laughters launches launched laws lawed lawyers lays laid layers layered lazier laziest leads led leaders leaderships leagues leans leaned



launching launchings lawing lawings laying layering leading layings layerings leaded






leap learn least leather leave lecture left leg legal legislation lend length less lesson let letter level liability liberal library license lie life lift light like likely limit limitation line link lip liquid list listen listener literally literary literature little live load loan local locate location lock

leaps learns

leaped learned

leaping learning

leapt learnt


leathers leathered leaves leaved lectures lectured lefts legs legged legals legislations lends lent lengths lessons lets letted letters lettering levels leveled liabilities liberals libraries licenses licensed lies lied lifes lifts lifted lights lighted likes liked likelier likeliest limits limited limitations lines lined links linked lips lipped liquids lists listed listens listened listeners

leathering leatherings leaving leavings lecturing lecturings legging leggings



letting lemme letterings lettered leveling levelled

lettings levelling levellings

licensing lying lifting lit liking limiting lining linking lipping listing listening

licence lain liftings lighting likings limitings linings linkings lippings listings listenings

licences lieing

licenced lieings



literatures littler lives loads loans locals locates locations locks

littlest lived loaded loaned located locked

living loading loaning locating locking

livings loadings loanings locatings lockings

log logic long look loose lose loss lot loud love lovely lover low luck lucky lunch luxury machine mad magazine magic mail main mainly maintain maintenance major majority make maker male man manage management manager manner manufacture manufacturer many map march margin mark market marriage marry mass

logs logged logics longs longed looks looked looses loosed loses lost losses lots lotta louder loudest loves loved lovelier loveliest lovers lows lowed lucks lucked luckier luckiest lunches lunched luxuries machines machined madder maddest magazines magics mails mailed

logging longing looking loosing losing

loggings longer lookin looser losings longest loosest longings



lowing lucking lunching

lower luckings lunchings




machining machinings



maintains maintainedmaintaining maintainings maintenances majors majored majoring majorings majorities makes made making maked makeing makers males mans manned manning men mens manages managed managing managings managements managers manners mannered manufactures manufactured manufacturing manufacturings manufacturers maps marches margins marks markets marriages marries masses mapped mapping mappings marched marching marchings March marked marking markings marketed marketing marketings married massed marrying marryed massing massings




massive master match mate material mathematics matter mature maximum may maybe mayor me meal mean meanwhile measure measurement meat mechanism medical medicine medium meet member membership memory mental mention menu mere merely mess message metal meter method middle might mile military milk mind mine minimum minister minor

masters mastered matches matched mates mated materials mathematic math matters mattered matures matured mayn mayors meals means

mastering masterings matching matchings mating matings maths mattering matterings maturing maturer


meaning meant

meanings meaner


measures measured measuring measurings measurements meats mechanisms medicals medicines mediums meets meeted meeting met meetings members memberedmemberingmemberings memberships memories mentals mentions mentionedmentioningmentionings menus merest messes messages metals meters methods middles mightn miles militaries milks minds mines minima ministers minors messed messaged metalled metered middled mighta messing messings messaging messagings metalling metallings metering metre metres middling middlings

milked milking milkings minded minding mindings mined mining minimums ministered ministeringministerings

minority minute mirror miss mission mistake mix mixture mobile mode model moderate modern modify module mom moment money monitor month monthly mood moon moral more moreover morning mortgage most mostly mother motion motivate motivation motor mount mountain mouse mouth move movement movie much multiple murder muscle museum

minorities minutes minuted minuting minutings mirrors mirrored mirroring mirrorings misses missed missing missings missions mistakes mistook mistaking mistakings mixes mixed mixing mixings mixtures mobiles modes models modeled modeling modelled modelling modellings moderates moderatedmoderating moderatings moderns modifies modified modifying modifyings modules moms mommy mommies Mom Moms Mommy Mommies moments moneys monitors monitored monitoringmonitorings months moods moons morals


mooning moonings

mornings mornin mortgages mortgagedmortgagingmortgagings

mothers mothered motions motioned motivates motivated motivations motors motored mounts mounted mountains mouses mice mouths mouthed moves moved movements movies

mothering motheringsMother motioning motionings motivating motivatings motoring motorings mounting mountings

mouthing mouthings moving movings

multiples murders murdered murdering murderings muscles muscled muscling musclings museums

music musical musician must mutual my myself mystery name narrative narrow nation national native natural naturally nature near nearby nearly necessarily necessary neck need negative neglect negotiate negotiation neighbor neighborhood neither nerve nervous net network never nevertheless new newly news newspaper next nice night no nobody noise

musics musicals musicians mustn musta mutuals

mysteries names named naming namings narratives narrows narrowed narrowing narrower narrowest narrowings nations nationals natives naturals natures nears natured neared naturing nearing naturings nearer nearest

necessaries necks necked necking neckings needs needed needing needn negatives negatived negativing negativings neglects neglected neglecting neglectings negotiates negotiatednegotiatingnegotiatings negotiations neighbors neighboredneighboring neighbour neighboursneighboured neighbouring neighborhoods neighbourhood neighbourhoods nerves nerved nerving nervings

nets netted netting nettings networks networkednetworkingnetworkings nevers newer newest

newspapers nicer nights nos nobodys noises nicest nite nobodies


none nor normal normally north northern nose not note nothing notice notion noun novel now nowadays nowhere nuclear number numerous nurse object objective obligation observation observe obvious obviously occasion occasionally occupy occur ocean odd of off offense offer office officer official often oil okay old on once

normals norths northerns noses t notes nothin notices notions nouns novels

nosed nots noted noticed

nosing noting noticing

nosings notings noticings

nuclears numbers numbered numberingnumberings nurses nursed nursing nursings objects objected objecting objectings objectives obligations observations observes observed observing observings

occasions occasionedoccasioning occasionings occupies occupied occupying occupyed occurs occurred occurring occurrings oceans odder oddest offs offenses offers offices officers officials oils okays older onces offed offence offered offing offings offences offerring offerred



officered officering officerings

oiled okayed oldest

oiling okaying olds

oilings ok

one online only onto open opera operate operation operator opinion opponent opportunity oppose opposite opposition option or orange order ordinary organic organization organize origin original originally other otherwise ought our ourselves out outcome outline output outside over overall overcome overseas owe own owner ownership pace pack package


opens opened operas operates operated operations operators opinions opinioned opponents opportunities opposes opposed opposites oppositions options oranges orders



operating operatings

opinioning opinionings

opposing opposings




organics organizations organisation organisations organizes organized organizing organise origins originals others oughtn oughta outta

organises organised organising

ourself outs outed outing outings outcomes outlines outlined outlining outlinings outputs outputted outputting outputtings outsides overs overcomesovercame oversea owes owed owns owned owners ownerships paces paced packs packed packages packaged overcoming overcomings owing owning owings ownings

pacing pacings packing packings packaging packagings

page pain paint pair pale panel panic paper paragraph parallel parent park part participant participate participation particular particularly partly partner partnership party pass passage passenger passion past path patient pattern pause pay payment peace peak peer pen penalty pension people per perceive percent percentage perception perfect perfectly

pages paged paging pagings pains pained paining painings paints painted painting paintings pairs paired pairing pairings pales paled paling paler palest panels panelled panelling panellings paneled paneling panics panick panicked panicking panickings papers papered papering paperings paragraphsparagraphed paragraphing paragraphings parallels paralleled paralleling parallelings parents parented parenting parentings parks parked parking parkings parts parted parting partings participants participates participated participating participatings participations particulars


partners partnered partnering partnerings partnerships parties partied partying partys passes passed passing passings passages passengers passions paths patients patterns pauses pays payments peaces peaks peers pens penalties pensions peoples

patterned patterning patternings paused pausing pausings paid paying payed

peaked peered penned

peaking peering penning

peakings peerings pennings

pensioned pensioningpensionings peopled peopling peoplings

perceives perceived perceiving perceivings percents percentages perceptions perfects perfected perfecting perfectings

perform performance perhaps period permanent permission permit person personal personality personally personnel perspective persuade phase phenomenon philosophy phone photo photograph phrase physical piano pick picture piece pig pile pilot pink pipe pitch place plain plan plane planet plant plastic plate platform play player pleasant please pleasure plenty

performs performed performingperformings performances periods permissions permits permitted permitting permittings persons personals personalities personnels perspectives persuades persuaded persuadingpersuadings phases phased phasing phasings phenomena philosophies phones phoned phoning phonings photos photographs photographed photographing photographings phrases phrased phrasing phrasings physicals pianos picks picked picking pickings pictures pictured picturing picturings pieces pieced piecing piecings pigs pigged pigging piggings piles piled piling pilings pilots piloted piloting pilotings pinks pinked pinking pinker pinkest pipes piped piping pipings pitches pitched pitching pitchings places placed placing placings plains plainer plainest plans planned planning plannings planes planed planing planings planets plants planted planting plantings plastics plates plated plating platings platforms plays played playing playings players pleasanter pleasantest pleases pleased pleasing pleasings pleasures pleasured pleasuring pleasurings plenties

plot plus pocket poem poet poetry point police policy political politician politics poll pollution pool poor pop popular population port portion portrait pose position positive possess possession possibility possible possibly post pot potato potential potentially pound pour poverty power powerful practical practice praise pray precise precisely predict

plots pluses pockets poems poets poetries points polices policies politicals politicians




pocketed pocketing pocketings

pointed policed

pointing policing

pointings policings

polls polled polling pollings pollutions pools pooled pooling poolings poorer poorest pops popped popping poppings populars populations ports ported porting portings portions portioned portioning portionings portraits poses posed posing posings positions positioned positioningpositionings positives possesses possessed possessing possessings possessions possibilities possibles possiblies posts posted posting postings pots potted potting pottings potatoes potatos potentials pounds pours powers pounded pounding poundings poured pouring pourings powered powering powerings

practicals practices practiced practicing practise practised practises practising praises praised praising praisings prays prayed praying prayings


predicted predicting predictings

prefer preference pregnancy pregnant premise preparation prepare presence present presentation preserve president presidential press pressure presumably pretend pretty prevent previous previously price pride primarily primary prime principal principle print printer prior priority prison prisoner private privilege prize pro probability probably problem procedure proceed process produce producer product

prefers prefered preferring preferred prefering preferings preferences pregnancies premises premised preparations prepares prepared presences presents presented presentations preserves preserved presidents presidentials presses pressed pressures pressured premising premisings preparing preparings presenting presentings preserving preservings

pressing pressings pressuring pressurings

pretends pretended pretendingpretendings pretties prettyed prettying prettier prettiest prevents prevented preventing preventings

prices priced prides prided primarilies primaries primes primed principals principles principled prints printed printers priors priorities prisons prisoned prisoners

pricing priding

pricings pridings





prisoning prisonings

privileges privileged privileging privilegings prizes prized prizing prise prises pros probabilities problems procedures proceeds proceeded proceedingproceedings processes processed processing processings produces produced producing producings producers products



production profession professional professor profile profit program progress project promise promote promotion prompt proof proper properly property proportion proposal propose prospect protect protection protein protest proud prove provide province provision psychological pub public publication publisher pull pump pupil purchase pure purpose pursue push put qualification qualify quality

productions professions professionals professors prof Professor Professors Prof profiles profiled profiling profilings profits profited profiting profitings programs programedprogramingprogramme programmes programmed programming progresses progressedprogressingprogressings projects projected projecting projectings promises promised promising promisings promotes promoted promoting promotings promotions prompts prompted prompting promptings proofs proofed proofing proofings propers properties proportions proportioned proportioning proportionings proposals proposes proposed proposing proposings prospects prospectedprospecting prospectings protects protected protecting protectings protections proteins protests protested protesting protestings prouder proudest proves proved proving proven provides provided providing providings provinces provisions provisioned provisioning provisionings psychologicals pubs publics publications publishers pulls pulled pulling pullings pumps pumped pumping pumpings pupils purchases purchased purchasingpurchasings purer purest purposes purposed purposing purposings pursues pursued pursuing pursuings pushes pushed pushing pushings puts putted putting puttings qualifications qualifies qualified qualifying qualifyings qualities

quantity quarter question quick quickly quiet quietly quite quote race racial radical radio rail rain raise random range rank rapid rapidly rare rarely rat rate rather ratio raw reach react reaction read reader ready real reality realize really rear reason reasonable reasonably recall receive recent recently reckon

quantities quarters quartered quartering quarterings questions questionedquestioning questionings quicker quickest quiets quieted quieting quieter quietest

quotes races racials radicals radios rails rains raises ranges ranks

quoted raced

quoting racing

quotings racings

radioed railed rained raised ranged ranked

radioing railing raining raising ranging ranking

radioings railings rainings raisings rangings rankings

rarer rats rates ratios rawer reaches reacts reactions reads readers readies realer realities realizes

rarest ratted rated ratting rating rattings ratings

rawest reached reacted readed readied

reaching reacting reading readyed

reachings reactings readings readying readyings readier readiest







rears reared rearing rearings reasons reasoned reasoning reasonings reasonables recalls receives recents reckons recalled received recalling recallings receiving receivings

reckoned reckoning reckonings

recognition recognize recommend recommendation record recover recovery recruit red reduce reduction refer reference reflect reflection reform refugee refuse regard regardless region regional register registration regret regular regularly regulate regulation reject relate relation relationship relative relatively relax release relevant reliable relief religion religious rely remain remark remarkable remember

recognitions recognizes recognizedrecognizingrecognise recognises recognisedrecognising recommends recommended recommending recommendings recommendations records recorded recording recordings recovers recovered recovering recoverings recoveries recruits recruited recruiting recruitings reds redded redding redder reddest reduces reduced reducing reducings reductions refers refered referring referred refering referings references referencedreferencingreferencings reflects reflected reflecting reflectings reflections reforms reformed reforming reformings refugees refuses refused refusing refusings regards regarded regarding regardings regions regionals registers registered registering registerings registrations regrets regretted regretting regrettings regulars regulates regulated regulating regulatings regulations rejects rejected rejecting rejectings relates related relating relatings relations relationships relatives relaxes releases reliables reliefs religions relies relied relying relyings remains remained remaining remainings remarks remarked remarking remarkings remarkables remembersremembered remembering rememberings relaxed released relaxing relaxings releasing releasings

remind remote remove rent repair repeat replace reply report reporter represent representation representative reputation request require requirement rescue research researcher reserve resident resign resist resistance resolution resolve resort resource respect respectively respond response responsibility responsible rest restaurant restore restrict restriction result retail retain retire retirement return reveal

reminds reminded reminding remindings remoter remotest removes removed removing removings rents rented renting rentings repairs repaired repairing repairings repeats repeated repeating repeatings replaces replaced replacing replacings replies replied replying replyed reports reported reporting reportings reporters represents represented representing representings representations representatives reputations requests requested requesting requestings requires required requiring requirings requirements rescues rescued rescuing rescuings researches researchedresearching researchings researchers reserves reserved reserving reservings residents resigns resigned resigning resignings resists resisted resisting resistings resistances resolutions resolves resolved resolving resolvings resorts resorted resorting resortings resources resourced resourcing resourcings respects respected respecting respectings responds responded respondingrespondings responses responsed responsingresponsings responsibilities responsibles rests rested resting restings restaurants restores restored restoring restorings restricts restricted restricting restrictings restrictions results resulted resulting resultings retails retailed retailing retailings retains retained retaining retainings retires retired retiring retirings retirements returns returned returning returnings reveals revealed revealing revealled

revenue reverse review revise revolution reward rice rich rid ride right ring rise risk rival river road rock role roll romantic roof room root rough roughly round route routine row royal ruin rule run rural rush sad safe safety sail sake salary sale salt same sample sanction

revenues reverses reversed reviews reviewed revises revised revolutions rewards rewarded rices richer richest rids ridded rides rode rights righted rings ringed rises rising risks risked rivals rivaled rivers roads roaded rocks rocked roles rolls rolled romantics roofs roofed rooms roomed roots rooted roughs roughed rounds routes routines rows royals ruins rules runs rurals rushes sadder safer safeties sails sakes salaries sales salts rounded routeed rowed ruined ruled ran rushed saddest safest sailed salaried salted

reversing reversings reviewing reviewings revising revisings rewarding rewardings

ridding riding righting rang risen risking rivaling roading rocking rolling roofing rooming rooting roughing

riddings ridden righter ringing riskings rivalings roadings rockings rollings

rided rightest rung




roofings roomings rootings rougher roughest

rounding rounder roundest rounders routeing routeings rowing ruining ruling running rushing rowings ruinings rulings runneth rushings






samples sampled sampling samplings sanctions sanctionedsanctioningsanctionings

sand satisfaction satisfy save say scale scan scare scene schedule scheme scholar school science scientific scientist scope score scream screen sea seal search season seat second secondary secondly secret secretary section sector secure security see seed seek seem segment select selection self sell send senior sense sensitive

sands sanded satisfactions satisfies satisfied saves saved says said scales scaled scans scanned scares scared scenes schedules scheduled schemes schemed scholars schools schooled sciences scientifics scientists scopes scoped scores scored screams screamed screens screened seas seals sealed searches searched seasons seasoned seats seated seconds seconded secondaries

sanding satisfying saving saying scaling scanning scaring

sandings satisfyings savings sayed sayin scalings scannings scarings


scheduling schedulings scheming schemings schooling schoolings

scoping scoring screaming screening sealing searching seasoning seating seconding

scopings scorings screamings screenings sealings searchings seasonings seatings sec

secrets secretaries sections sectioned sectioning sectionings sectors secures secured securing securings securities sees saw seeing seen seeds seeded seeding seedings seeks sought seeking seeked seems seemed seeming seemings segments segmentedsegmenting segmentings selects selected selecting selectings selections selves sells sold selling selled sends sended sending sent seniors senses sensed sensing sensings

sentence separate sequence series serious seriously servant serve server service session set settle settlement several severe sex sexual shade shadow shake shall shape share shareholder sharp she sheep sheet shelf shell shelter shift shine ship shirt shock shoe shoot shop shore short shot should shoulder shout show

sentences sentenced sentencing sentencings separates separated separating separatings sequences sequenced sequencingsequencings

servants serves served servers services serviced sessions sets setted settles settled settlements severals severer severest sexes sexed sexuals shades shaded shadows shadowed shakes shook shan shapes shaped shares shared shareholders sharper sharpest sheeps sheets shelves shells shelters shifts shines ships shirts shocks shoes shoots shops shores shorts shots shouldn shoulders shouts shows




servicing servicings setting settling settings settlings



shading shadings shadowing shadowings shaking shaken shaked shaping sharing shapings sharings

sheeted shelved shelled sheltered shifted shined shipped shirted shocked shoed shooted shopped shored shorted

sheeting shelving shelling sheltering shifting shining shipping shirting shocking shod shooting shopping shoring shorting

sheetings shelvings shellings shelterings shiftings shone shippings shirtings shockings shoeing shoeings shootings shoppings shorings shorter shortest

shoulda shoulderedshouldering shoulderings shouted shouting shoutings showed showing shown showings

shower shut sick side sigh sight sign signal significance significant significantly silence silent silly silver similar similarly simple simply since sing singer single sink sir sister sit site situate situation size ski skill skin skirt sky slave sleep slice slide slight slightly slip slope slow slowly small

showers showered shuts shutted sicks sicked sides sided sighs sighed sights sighted signs signed signals signaled significances significants silences sillier silvers similars simpler silenced silliest silvered

showering showerings shutting shuttings sicking sicker sickest siding sidings sighing sighings sighting sightings signing signings signalled signaling signalling signallings






sings singers singles sinks sisters sits sites situates situations sizes skis skills skins skirts skies slaves sleeps slices slides slights slips slopes slows smaller

sang singled sank

singing singling sinking

sung singlings sunk



sat sited situated sized skied skilled skinned skirted slaved slept sliced slid slighted slipped sloped slowed smallest

sitting siting situating sizing skiing skinning skirting slaving sleeping slicing sliding slighting slipping sloping slowing

sittings sitings situatings sizings skiings skinnings skirtings slavings sleepings slicings slided slighter slightest slippings slopings slower


smart smell smile smoke smooth snap snow so social society soft software soil soldier solid solution solve some somebody somehow someone something sometimes somewhat somewhere son song soon sorry sort soul sound source south southern space spare speak speaker special specialist specialize species specific specifically specify speech

smarts smells smiles smokes smooths snaps snows

smarted smelled smiled smoked smoothed snapped snowed

smarting smarter smartest smelling smellings smiling smilin smoking smokings smoothing smoother smoothest snapping snappings snowing snowings

socials societies societys softer softest soils soiled soiling soilings soldiers soldiered soldiering soldierings solids solutions solves solved solving solvings somebodies somebodys somehows someones somethin somethings

somewheres sons soned songs sooner soonest sorrier sorriest sorts sorted souls sounds sounded sources sourced souths





sounding soundings sourcing sourcings

spaces spaced spacing spacings spares spared sparing sparer sparest speaks spoke speaking spoken speakers specials specialled specialling speciallings specialists specializes specialized specializingspecialise specialises specialised specialising specifics specifies specified specifying specifyings speeches

speed spell spend spin spirit split sponsor sport spot spread spring square stability stable staff stage stain stair stake stamp stand standard star stare start state statement station statistic status stay steady steal steel stem step stick still stimulate stir stock stomach stone stop storage store storm

speeds sped speeded speeding speedings spells spelled spelling spelt spellings spends spended spending spent spendings spins spun spinning spinnings spirits spirited spiriting spiritings splits splitted splitting splittings sponsors sponsored sponsoringsponsorings sports sported sporting sportings spots spotted spotting spottings spreads spreaded spreading spreadings springs sprang sprung springing springings squares squared squaring squarer squarest stabilities stables stabled stabling stablings staffs staffed staffing staffings stages staged staging stagings stains stained staining stainings stairs stakes staked staking stakings stamps stamped stamping stampings stands stood standing standed standings standards stars starred starring starrings stares stared staring starings starts started starting startings states stated stating statings statementsstatemented statementing statementings stations stationed stationing stationings

stays steadies steals steels stems steps sticks stills stimulates stirs stocks stomachs stones stops storages stores storms

stayed staying stayings steadied steadying steadyed steadier stole stealing stolen stealed steeled steeling steelings stemmed stemming stemmings stepped stepping steppings stuck sticking sticked stilled stilling stiller stillest stimulated stimulatingstimulatings stirred stirring stirrings stocked stocking stomachedstomachingstomachings stoned stoning stonings stopped stopping stoppings stored stormed storing storings storming stormings


story straight strain strange stranger strategy stream street strength strengthen stress stretch strict strike string strip stroke strong strongly structural structure struggle student studio study stuff stupid style subject submit subsequent subsequently substance substantial substitute succeed success successful successfully such sudden suddenly suffer sufficient sugar suggest suggestion

stories storied storey storys storeys straighter straightest strains strained straining strainings strangest strangers strategies streams streamed streaming streamings streets strengths strengthens strengthened strengthening strengthenings stresses stressed stressing stressings stretches stretched stretching stretchs stricter strictest strikes struck striking strikings strings strung stringing stringed strips stripped stripping strippings strokes stroked stroking strokings stronger strongest structurals structures structured structuringstructurings struggles struggled struggling strugglings students studios studies studied studying studyings stuffs stuffed stuffing stuffings stupider stupidest styles styled styling stylings subjects subjected subjecting subjectings submits submitted submitting submittings

substances substantials substitutessubstitutedsubstituting substitutings succeeds succeeded succeedingsucceedings successes



sufferring sufferred suffering sufferrings sufferings

sugars sugared suggests suggested suggesting suggestings suggestions

suit suitable sum summarize summary summer sun supplement supplier supply support supporter suppose sure surely surface surgery surprise surprisingly surround survey survival survive suspect suspend sustain swear sweep sweet swim swing switch symbol symptom system table tackle tail take tale talent talk tall tank tap tape target

suits suited suiting suitings suitables sums summed summing summings summarizes summarized summarizing summarisesummarises summarised summarising summaries summers summered summeringsummerings suns sunned sunning sunnings supplements supplemented supplementing supplementings suppliers supplies supplied supplying supplyings supports supported supporting supportings supporters supposes supposed supposing supposings surer surest surfaces surfaced surfacing surfacings surgeries surprises surprised surprising surprisings surrounds surrounded surrounding surroundings surveys surveyed surveying surveyings survivals survives survived surviving survivings suspects suspected suspecting suspectings suspends suspended suspendingsuspendings sustains sustained sustaining sustainings swears swore swearing sworn sweared sweeps swept sweeping sweepings sweets sweeter sweetest swims swam swimming swum swimmed swings swung swinging swingings switches switched switching switchings symbols symptoms systems tables tabled tabling tablings tackles tackled tackling tacklings tails tailed tailing tailings takes took taking taken takings tales talents talented talks talked talking talkin taller tallest tanks tanked tanking tankings taps tapped tapping tappings tapes taped taping tapings targets targeted targeting targetings

task taste tax taxi tea teach teacher team tear technical technique technology teenager telephone television tell temperature temporary tend tendency tender tennis tension tent term terrible territory terrorist test text than thank that the theater their them theme themselves then theoretical theory therapy there therefore these they

tasks tasked tasking taskings tastes tasted tasting tastings taxes taxed taxing taxings taxis taxiing taxies teas teaches taught teaching teachings teachers teams teamed teaming teamings tears tore teared tearing tearings technicals techniques technologies teenagers telephonestelephonedtelephoning telephonings televisions tells told telling tellin telled temperatures tends tended tending tendings tendencies tenders tendered tendering tenderings tensions tents terms terribles territories terrorists tests texts thanks tensioned tensioning tensionings tented tenting tentings termed terming termings





thanking thankings




em themes themed themself theoreticals theories therapies therefor theys



thick thin thing think thirst this those though threat threaten throat through throughout throw thus ticket tie tight till time tiny tip tire tissue title to today together tomorrow tone tongue tonight too tool tooth top topic total totally touch tough tour tourism tourist toward tower town

thicker thins things thinks thirsts

thickest thinned thought thirsted

thinning thinking thirsting



thinked thoughts thirstings

threats threatens threatenedthreatening threatenings throats

throws tickets ties tighter tills times tinier tips tires tissues titles

threw ticketed tied tightest tilled timed tiniest tipped tired titled

throwing thrown ticketing tying tilling timing tipping tiring titling


ticketings tieing tieings tillings timings tippings tyre titlings


todays togethers tomorrows tones toned tongues tongued tonights tools teeth tops topics totals touches tougher tours tourists towards towers towns tooled toothed topped totaled

toning tonings tonguing tonguings

tooling tooths topping totaling

toolings toppings totalled totalling totallings

touched touching touchings toughest toured touring tourings


towering towerings

toy trace track trade tradition traditional traffic trail train transfer transform transition translate transport transportation trap travel treat treatment tree trend trial trick trigger trip troop trouble truck true truly trust truth try tube tune turn twice twin twist type typical typically ugly ultimately unable uncertainty uncle

toys toyed toying toyings traces traced tracing tracings tracks tracked tracking trackings trades traded trading tradings traditions traditionals traffics traffick trafficks trafficked trafficking traffickings trails trailed trailing trailings trains trained training trainings transfers transferredtransferingtransferring transferrings transformstransformed transforming transformings transitions transitioned transitioning transitionings translates translated translating translatings transports transported transporting transportings transportations traps trapped trapping trappings travels traveled traveling travelled travelling travellin treats treated treating treatings treatments trees treed treeing treeings trends trended trending trendings trials trialed trialing trialings trialled trialling triallings tricks tricked tricking trickings triggers triggered triggering triggerings trips tripped tripping trippings troops trooped trooping troopings troubles troubled troubling troublings trucks trucked trucking truckings trues trued truing truer truest trusts truths tries tubes tunes turns twins twists types typicals uglier trusted tried tubed tuned turned twinned twisted typed trusting trying tubing tuning turning trustings tryed tubings tunings turnings

twinning twinnings twisting twistings typing typings


unables uncertainties uncles Uncle


unclear under undergo underlie understand undertake unemployment unfortunately uniform union unique unit unite universal universe university unknown unless unlike unlikely until unusual up update upon upper upset urban urge us use useful user usual usually valley valuable value van variable variation variety various vary vast vegetable vehicle



undergoes underwentundergoingundergone underlies underlying underlain understands understood understanding understandings undertakesundertook undertaking undertakenundertakings

uniforms uniformed unions units unites united universals universes universities unknowns



unlikelier unlikeliest til unusuals ups upped upping uppings updates updated updating updatings uppers upsets urbans urges uses users usuals valleys valuables values valued vans variables variations varieties varies varied vaster vastest vegetables vehicles

upsetted upsetting upsettings urged used urging using urgings usings





venture verb version versus very vessel veteran via vice victim victory video view village violence violent virtually virus visible vision visit visitor visual vital voice volume voluntary volunteer vote voter wage wait wake walk wall wander want war warm warn wash waste watch water wave way we

ventures ventured venturing venturings verbs versions versioned versioning versionings

vessels veterans vices victims victories videos videoed views viewed villages violences

videoing viewing

videoings viewings

viruses visibles visions visits visitors visuals vitals voices volumes




voiced voicing volumed


volunteers volunteered volunteering volunteerings votes voted voting votings voters wages waged waging wagings waits waited waiting waitings wakes woke waking woken wakeing waked walks walked walking walkings walls walled walling wallings wanders wandered wandering wanderings wants wanted wanting wantin wanna wars warred warring warrings warms warmed warming warmer warmest warns warned warning warnings washes washed washing washings wastes wasted wasting wastings watches watched watching watchings waters watered watering waterings waves waved waving wavings ways

weak weakness wealth wealthy weapon wear weather web wed week weekend weekly weigh weight weird welcome welfare well west western wet what whatever wheel when whenever where whereas wherever whether which while whilst whisper white who whole whom whose why wide widely wife wild will win wind

weaker weakest weaknesses wealthier weapons wears weathers webs weds weeks weekends weeklies weighs weights weirder welcomes welfares wells wealthiest wore wearing worn weatheredweatheringweatherings webbed webbing webbings wedded wedding weddings weekended weekending weekendings weighed weighing weighings weighted weighting weightings weirdest welcomed welcomingwelcomings welled welling wellings

westerns wets wetted What whatevers wheels wheeled whenevers




wheeling wheelings





whispers whispered whisperingwhisperings whiter whitest whites wholes

Why wider wives wilder wills wins winds

widest wifes wildest willed winning winded

wilds willing winned winding

won ll winnings windings

window wine wing winner winter wipe wire wise wish with withdraw within without witness woman wonder wonderful wood wooden word work worker world worry worth would wound wrap write writer wrong yard year yellow yes yesterday yet yield you young your yourself youth zero zone

windows wines wings winners winters wipes wires wises wishes

windowed windowingwindowings wined wining winings winged winging wingings wintered wiped wired wised wished wintering wiping wiring wising wishing winterings wipings wirings wiser wisest wishings

withdraws withdrew withdrawing withdrawn

witnesses witnessed witnessing witnessings women womans womens wonders wondered wondering wonderings woods words works workers worlds worries wooded worded worked wording working wordings workings


worrying worryings

wouldn wounds wounded wraps wrapped writes wrote writers wrongs wronged yards years yellows yellowed yeses yesterdays yields yielded y ye younger youngest yer yourselves yerself youths zeros zeroed zones zoned

wounding woundings wrapping wrappings writing written writings wronging wronger wrongest

yellowing yellower



yerselves zeroing zoning zeroes zonings















colouring colourings






























lowering lowerings