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(ELI"INATION)# Pa$% & En'(nee$(n' A)%(%*de (+0 ,*es%(ons - 2+ "(n*%es) Phys(.s "a%hs "e.han(.al En'(nee$(n' Ele.%$(.al /as(.s Pa$% 2 "e.han(.al Co0)$ehens(on (+0 ,*es%(ons - 30 "(n*%es) /as(. P$od*.%(on En'(nee$(n' "e.han(.al 1('*$a%(2e ,*es%(ons Pa$% 3 3ene$al A)%(%*de (40 ,*es%(ons5 30 "(n*%es) Analo'y Analy%(.al Reason(n' Ve$6al ,*an%(%a%(2e A)%(%*de 1('*$a%(2e P*77les Al)ha6e%(.al P*77les

Pa$%8& /ASED ON &&9 &2 1UNDA. Electrical circuit Effect of addition of salt on water (related to solutions) Over turning of vehicle in circular track (conditions of skidding, etc) Effect of pressure on boiling Buoyancy effect Effect of rubbing glass with silk & rubber with_________ (nature of charge produced) orces on charges !i"e period of pendulu" Body te"perature in f, te"perature co""on on both c &f scale #raphite crystal structure $. %f v&''(), %&'*+, power factor&(.,, fre-uency&.((/0. %f the "otor runs for 1 hours, what is the power consu"ed2 '. 3y"bol of capacitor2 1. Boiling point of "ercury24156 .. 7hen salt is added to water, what happens to its free0ing point2 *. 7hat "otor do they use in railway engines for traction2 a. 89 3hunt "otor b. 89 3eries "otor :. 7hat "otor is used for running lathe spindle2 5. !ype of "agnetic "aterial used for s"all "otors. a. 8ia"agnetic b. para"agnetic c. ferro"agnetic ,. 7hat types of i"ages do concave and conve; lenses produce2 6. 7hat is the speed of 14phase induction "otor2 $(. 7hich gear type does not have a;ial thrust2 +ns< /erringbone $$. 8eter"inant value2 +ns< ( $'. 7hich of the following is not a ther"al radiation law2 +ns< =a"berts law $1. %n which units sound is "easured2 +ns< 8ecibels $.. )elocity of sound at sea level2 $*. 7hich of the following is for"ed due to the attraction between "oon and earth2 +ns< !ides $:. %nstru"ent used for "easure"ent of high te"peratures2 +ns< >yro"eter

Ashok Leyland (ANNA UNIVERSITY 2003) ' $5. !hread used in lathe lead screw2 +ns< +9?E !hread $,. %f water is air, air is dust, dust is light, light is sound, and sound is water, where does fish live2 $6. %f the baro"eter shows 1(("" /g, what is the absolute pressure2 '(. 7hat is the .4$ process in Otto cycle2 '$. >ower stroke in diesel cycle is what process2 +ns< +diabatic process ''. 7hich of the following does not for" a real i"age2 a. 9oncave b. 9onve; c. telescope d. "icroscope '1. +t what te"perature @9 and A are the sa"e2 '.. 7hat is the "aterial used in per"anent "agnet2 '*. +n obBect weighs 1kg in air, '.*kg in water, what is its density2 ':. 7hich "aterial has the highest 9p value2 a. air b. water c. copper '5. 7hich of the following has lowest ther"al conductivity2 a. steel b. 33 c. Bron0e d. copper ',. !he crystalline structure of graphite is a. a. 3i"ple cubic b. 99 c. B99 d. /9> '6. 7hich process cannot be used to produce e;ternal threads2 a. forging b. Colling c. "illing d. turning 1(. !he a;ial stress on a "e"ber which is subBected to a sudden load when co"pared to load applied gradually is a. a. sa"e b. double c. half d. -uadrable 1$. 3ilencer reduces noise. %t also a. gives balance to engine b. increases fuel consu"ption c. 8ecreases fuel consu"ption d. reduces vibrations 1'. Dnit of kine"atic viscosity. 11. Dnit of surface tension. 1.. ?eaning of overdrive 1*. 7ankel engine 1:. ?eaning general drill bit angle. 15. Ceason of using regenerator & condenser. 1,. 9ycle used in gas cycles, dual cycle& diesel cycle diagra". 16. Eor"al value of voltage in spark plug & distributor function. .(. %n which case turning will be easy (front wheel driven back wheel steeredF__F___F___). .$. )iscous fluid passing through duct of varying cross section & pressure re"ains unchanged4 reason2 .'. 8ifferential function .1. >itch circle dia"eter &>ressure angle ... #ear hobber .*. #ear syste" in which a;ial thrust is absent. .:. orce applied on pin Boint of truss (connecting 1 bars, "iddle straight side slant at e-ual angle)4tensionFco"pression in "iddle bar2 .5. Ele"ent added to steel for corrosion resistance.(+ns< 9r) .,. 7hich has lowest specific heat4 water, stea", copper2 .6. 7hich has lowest ther"al conductivity4stainless steel, steel, and bron0e2 *(. 8ia"ond pin function. *$. Celation between stress4gradually applied & suddenly applied. *'. %ncreasing of water density in range2((4. degree) *1. $ litre, . stroke engine, $:(( rp", "ean ther"al effective pressure&* bar, power of engine2 *.. inding rp" of single phase alternator fro" list of rp"Gs. **. Efficiency of 9arnot engine. *:. !e"perature "easure"ent based on which law. *5. 3i0e of lathe(para"eters) *,. !hread can be for"ed by all process e;cept a. orging b. rolling c. ?illing d. !urning

Ashok Leyland (ANNA UNIVERSITY 2003) 1 *6. !hread used in screw Back, lead screw2 :(. 7hich is not related to ther"al radiation a. planck law b. steffan bolt0"ann law dc. fourier law :$. Cadiator type used in bus. :'. 8efinitions of nor"ali0ing, te"pering, -uenching, etc. :1. Eor"al hardness value of cast iron used in lathe bed.(in B/E) :.. 8efinitions4straddle "illing, slab "illing, gang "illing etc. :*. Huestions based on getting final 148 shape, fro" sheet showing details where it can be folded. ::. #etting front view, top view, side view of given iso"etric view. :5. ?aterial is not re"oved in which process a. punching b. coining c. tapping d. e"bossing Pa$% 2 "e.han(.al .o0)$ehens(on ( look a% L9T )a)e$ ) Pa$% 3 3ene$al a)%(%*de (40 ,*es%(ons 30 "(n*%es) Huestion !ypes< igurative -uestions (fro" Edgar !horpe), +nalogy, ratios and proportions, ti"e and work, ti"e and distance, %"plicit state"ent reasoning $. %f the average of the $( of the $$ player is 1(.if the $$th player score is added the average decreases by '.what is the score of the $$th player. '. E;onerate Ito officially state that sb is not responsible for sth that they have been bla"ed for < "eaning 1. +nalogy >eaceful< resistance then a) litigation< lawlessness d) diligent< reliability b) coherent< inconsistency e) rough< forceful c) du"b< follow +ns < b .. 9ut is to feline, vulpane is to444444444444444. *. !hree proble"s using codes a. if +#>3) %3 B/H!7, then 8AEDJ b. 9E#%A then choose the sa"e pattern ans< "o-su :. 8iagra" of one block was given. %t contains three or four sections. we were asked to find the a. =eft side view. b. Botto" side view c. Back side view. 5. + contestant won an election by $*K "ore votes than the co"bined votes by his two rivals. %f he had got .*(( votes "ore then he would have attracted .F*th of total votes. ind no of votes ,. ?en and wo"en went for a partyL which ratio is i"possible if '*' people are present<$<5 6. ind the odd one out a. truck b. auto c. car. d .Beep a. cloud b. lake c. snow d. strea" e. sky a. lavor b. ragrance c. >erfu"e $(. 7hich no is wrong fro" the following se-uence $, *, *, '*,:'*,6((,65*:'* 1$:, $*:, 5:, 1', $:, : $$. ?a; value of sin';Mcos'; $'. NN; y d; dy ans< .(( $1. + state"ent has been given, which is followed by ' conclusions, "arked %&%%, "ark the answers as follows. a. if only the % conclusion is true b. if only the %% conclusion is true c. if both r re-uired d. none of the" is true e.g. % +ll scientists are hard working, %% +ll poor "en are not scientists $.. 9o"plete the series $. $* $* _ $: '. '. 1 1

Ashok Leyland (ANNA UNIVERSITY 2003) . '. _n_"n_""_n"n"_""_ 1. 1$: $*: 5: 1$ $: : $ .. #iven nu"bers in s-uares and asked to find the "issing nu"bers *. $:, $:, '., _____, 1:, 1:, *. $*. $ foot is 1$ paise how "uch would have it cost for '( yards $:. + "an has ,.* c" string pieces. /owever string in available only in lengths of "eters. 7hat is the "in length he should buy so that he loses less2 $5. 1 nu"bers are in the ratio '<.< * the 'nd nu"ber is so greater than the diff between $st and 1rd find the second nu"ber. ans .( $,. %f f&'sine;MyO', PfFP;&2 $6. ';M1y&*, :;M6y&k. !hese e-uations are not possible when, a. k&$* b. k not e-ual to $* c. k&( d. k&$ '(. %f a plane cuts a circular cone along the a;is of the cone then the curve of intersection is a. 9ircle b. ellipse c. parabola d. hyperbola '$. ;O'4';&: has change of sign between2 ''. + plot has its breadth thrice that of its length. %f a s-uare field has an area of :5* "O'. %f the plot has $ area of the field, what is its length2 '1. 7hat is the partial differentiation of 'sine;MyO12 '.. .'<*:<< $$(<2 '*. 7hich of the following no. canQt be divided in the ratio of $<52 +ns< '*, ':. %s R positive2 3tate"ents given< 5R&*:, 4R&negative '5. %f 0 and 0 bar are two co"ple; nos. like 1M'i and '41i, what is the value of 0O0 bar2 %nterview -uestions< On an average interview was for '(4'* "inutes. !E9/%E%9+=< $. 8ifference between for"ing and casting2 '. 8ifference between counter boring and counter sinking2 1. 8ifference between drilling and rea"ing2 .. 8ifference between turret lathe and capstan lathe2 *. /ow will you "anufacture a cricket ball (cork)2 :. /ow will you "anufacture ther"ocol glass (used to drink water)2 5. Eo"enclature of single point cutting tool ,. !ell so"e "etal for"ing process used recently. 6. 8ifferent types of "olding process $(. /ow will you "anufacture a plastic glass2 $$. 7hen u open a cricket ball, how will its appearance be2 $'. 8ual cycle and diesel cycle $1. 9a"shaftFcrankshaft ratio $.. E;ternal thread cannot be "achined by forging $*. Operations of condenser $:. #as turbine works on $5. 7hat are the "etal testing procedures $,. 9asting defects $6. 9usto"ers of E 8. '(. /ow to cast statues '$. !ypes of casting techni-ues ''. 8raw the various cycles used in %9 engines '1. 7hat are the four strokes in engines '.. /ow to "anufacture crank shaft '*. 8ifference between forged and cast co"ponents ':. 7hat is 3#

Ashok Leyland (ANNA UNIVERSITY 2003) '5. !hen e;planation about the proBect. >EC3OE+=< #eneral self4introduction for $ "inute. #eneral en-uiry about fa"ily. $. 3election procedure for B.E. '. 9ut off "arks. 1. Cank (overall rank in the counseling). .. Entrance "arks *. 8o you know /indi2 :. 8o you know who 3harukhan is2 5. 7ho won 7i"bledon series "enQs and "enQs2 ,. 7hich %ndian wo"an won grand sla" recently2 6. 8o you hear /indi "usic2 $(. 7hat is your rank in your class2 $$. 7hy do you want to Boin =eyland2