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Preparation for the word stress test Rules 1.

Two syllable nouns and adjectives usually have stress on the first syllable butter pretty diet magic music politics vegetables credit yesterday traffic ticket neighbor beauty beautiful difficult taxes Monday atom woman women Canada comfortable wonderful ugly journalist furniture not: immediately, around, below, attractive, spaghetti, tomorrow, about, atomic, banana, Japan, computer, moustache, pyjamas, Argentina, biology 2. Two syllable verbs usually have stress on the second syllable begin produce compose submit control

not: decorate 3. Words ending in -ic, -sion and -tion have stress on the penultimate syllable television solution education variation scientific

4. Words ending in -cy, -ty, -phy, -gy, -al have stress on the anti-penultimate syllable democracy reliability critical economincal photography

5. Compound nouns have stress on the first syllable greenhouse blackbird granddaughter timetable

6. Compound noun where the first part is an adjective, have stress on noun old-fashioned bad-tempered overseas

7. Compound verbs have stress on the second part overlook understand

Number of syllables 1. Past regular verbs have -ed, when the verb ends in -t or -d, -ed = one syllable. painted rented added

Underline where -ed = one syllable. painted rented added caused walked worked watched started landed closed folded laughed promised complained called repeated asked added objected explained whispered laughed apologised confessed admitted insisted offered replied demanded shrieked Third person present simple and plural nouns usually add -s - after -s, -sh, -ch, -z, -x we add -es. = one syllable causes dishes watches

- after -ce and -ge we add -s = one syllable prices changes

! after -o we add -es but dont say another syllable ! does goes

Underline where -es / -s = one syllable. causes dishes watches cakes rules files misses pieces mixes changes loves prices jokes grapes boat addresses coughs loves clothes sizes ribs Toms Thomass animals crashes teaches villages things cooks Roberts cliffs paths birds legs Alisons menus stops brushes catches baths freezes

around below computer overseas furniture tomorrow timetable granddaughter education scientific moustache ugly journalist wonderful politics overweight Argentina biology pyjamas attractive

Th (unvoiced) thanks throw thin tooth think teeth third thirst thirsty thirty three

Th (voiced) the than them then they mother father there this these those that

Exercise. Cover the words and write in the correct group thanks the them this there these teeth father voiced thin three think throw third than thirsty they thirty mother tooth


Some English words have silent letters castle bought could comb listen scissors wrist daughter might fruit foreigner friend handsome yoghurt opera cupboard suit lamb

Exercise: Cover the words above and circle the silent letters below: bought castle could listen comb scissors foreigner friend handsome wrist daughter might fruit yoghurt suit lamb opera cupboard

Syllable division Syllables divided by one consonant, divide after the vowel. silent si-lent Exercise result rodent adult defect nomad student bonus iris resist deter elect token sequel bequest okay season silent begin focus remain select resent human remit refund defend evict e-vict

Syllables divided by two consonant, divide after the first consonant.

Two / Three Syllable Words Most two syllable nouns and adjectives have stress on the first syllable. Two syllable verbs sometimes have stress on the first, sometimes on the second. bottle lovely pocket pencil happen brother yellow carry famous happy

Not: begin


The ED in adjectives and the past form of regular verbs is pronounced T ID D after s, sh, f, k, ch after t, d after other sounds (passed, washed, laughed, worked, watched) (wanted, needed)

Exercise: Identify the sound of -ED. promised objected admitted complained called repeated asked added explained whispered laughed apologised confessed insisted offered replied demanded shrieked

Practice for rule 1. Where is the stress furniture butter immediately pretty around spaghetti diet attractive magic music journalist tomorrow politics about below vegetables credit atomic banana yesterday Japan traffic ticket computer neighbor moustache beauty beautiful pyjamas difficult taxes Monday Argentina atom woman biology women Canada comfortable wonderful ugly Practice of rule 2, 3, 4 and 5 democracy begin greenhouse reliability scientific education decorate critical solution television variation produce solution compose submit control economical granddaughter photography timetable blackbird