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Question 1

0 out of 2 points The majority of light waves we see can be described as Answer Correct Answer: reflected.

Question 2
2 out of 2 points An afterimage that occurs after viewing a green flag would be Answer Correct Answer: red.

Question 3
0 out of 2 points Ken is planning on studying the influence of intelligence on the ability to recall events from the 1960s. If Ken does not account for variables, such as age, that could also influence one's ability to recall these events, age could be considered a(n) Answer Correct Answer: extraneous variable.

Question 4
0 out of 2 points A researcher found a correlation of -.65 between college students' grade-point averages and the number of hours they spend watching television each month. What can you conclude from this correlation? Answer Correct Answer:

There is a relation between television watching and college grades.

Question 5
2 out of 2 points The College Board's Validity Study Service reported a correlation of +.42 between college grade-point average and SAT scores. Which statement is most consistent with this report? Answer Correct Answer: The relation means SAT scores can be used to predict grade-point average.

Question 6
2 out of 2 points The correlation between scores on a measure of hostility and age at death is -.50. What could we conclude from this correlation coefficient? Answer Correct Answer: People who have high hostility scores die younger.

Question 7
2 out of 2 points On a television talk show, an actor describes the symptoms of anxiety he has been experiencing. He reports that the severity of the symptoms has decreased since he has been taking a drug prescribed by his therapist. You conclude that the actor's therapist is a Answer Correct Answer: psychiatrist.

Question 8
2 out of 2 points The ovaries produce __________; the testes produce __________.

Answer Correct Answer: estrogens; androgens

Question 9
2 out of 2 points A series of MRI scans reveal the presence of a tiny tumor on a patient's occipital lobes. A medical team decides that surgery is not necessary at this point because the tumor is not cancerous; however, they want to keep track of any growth in the tumor. They ask a neuropsychologist to administer periodic tests in order to determine if the tumor has grown. Which test would be most helpful to the medical team? Answer Correct Answer: a vision test

Question 10
2 out of 2 points The area of psychology that is interested in looking for the adaptive benefits of selected human behaviors is known as Answer Correct Answer: evolutionary psychology.

Question 11
0 out of 2 points A patient who cannot identify objects is suffering from Answer Correct Answer: visual agnosia.

Question 12
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A sound mixer was impressed by the new equipment that was installed in the recording studio. He says that now he will be able to help singers and musicians produce better CDs because he can eliminate unneeded and undesired wavelengths. What term describes the characteristic of sound waves that the sound mixer is now able to alter? Answer Correct Answer: saturation

Question 13
2 out of 2 points A neurologist and a neuropsychologist believe that a patient probably exhibits prosody. A series of brain scans is ordered. If the two specialists are correct in the diagnosis, they expect to find damage to which area of the brain? Answer Correct Answer: right hemisphere

Question 14
0 out of 2 points Among the possible causes of aggression are access to firearms, time spent playing violent video games, and watching violent television programs. If these three factors were used in an experiment on aggression, the researcher would label them as Answer Correct Answer: independent variables.

Question 15
2 out of 2 points After an iron rod shot through his brain in an accident, Phineas Gage experienced difficulty in carrying out his plans effectively. Which lobe of the brain was damaged in his accident? Answer Correct Answer: frontal

Question 16
0 out of 2 points On a television show, a physician draws a blood sample to be used to determine if a patient has a virus. This segment immediately reminds you of a concept discussed in your psychology class. Of the following concepts, which one is most accurately illustrated by this television segment? Answer Correct Answer: representative sample

Question 17
2 out of 2 points According to the trichromatic theory of color vision, three different types of cones supposedly respond to Answer Correct Answer: blue, green, and red.

Question 18
0 out of 2 points Shortly after you put on perfume or cologne, you can no longer smell it (although other people who meet you can). Your failure to detect the scent illustrates Answer Correct Answer: adaptation.

Question 19
2 out of 2 points Approximately how many scents can humans detect? Answer Correct Answer: 10,000

Question 20
2 out of 2 points A number of students volunteered for an experiment that required them to follow a special diet. The researchers wanted to determine the effects of a diet high in grain content on blood cholesterol levels. What is the special diet in this experiment? Answer Correct Answer: independent variable

Question 21
0 out of 2 points As part of a study of vision, a research psychologist provides you with stimulation consisting of 950 nanometers. What will you say when asked for your reaction to the stimulation? Answer Correct Answer: "Nothing happened."

Question 22
2 out of 2 points A newborn was deprived of oxygen during birth, so pediatricians are concerned that brain damage may have occurred. They find evidence of damage to the cerebellum. Which of these is most likely to be affected by this damage? Answer Correct Answer: coordination of motor movements

Question 23
2 out of 2 points Knowing that there is a correlation of +.75 between the Test of Verbal Ability (TVA) and performance in graduate school allows us to state that Answer

Correct Answer:

people who make high scores on the TVA tend to make good grades in graduate school.

Question 24
2 out of 2 points According to the Gestalt principle of proximity, we group together items that are ________; according to similarity, we group items that are _______. Answer Correct Answer: close together; alike

Question 25
2 out of 2 points As night approaches, what occurs in the pineal gland? Answer Correct Answer: It increases melatonin levels.

Question 26
2 out of 2 points Adjustment of the eye muscles and binocular disparity are important cues for the perception of Answer Correct Answer: depth.

Question 27
0 out of 2 points Sara has been experiencing a serious memory problem. An interdisciplinary team has ruled out a range of causes and believes that a neurotransmitter is involved. Which neurotransmitter is most likely involved? Answer

Correct Answer: acetylcholine

Question 28
2 out of 2 points After receptor cells are stimulated, information is transmitted to the brain, which interprets the information. This process of interpretation is called Answer Correct Answer: perception.

Question 29
2 out of 2 points Activation of the receptors by stimuli is called Answer Correct Answer: sensation.

Question 30
2 out of 2 points The bone that is attached to the eardrum is called the __________; the bone that is connected to the oval window is called the __________. Answer Correct Answer: hammer (malleus); stirrup (stapes)

Question 31
2 out of 2 points John B. Watson believed that psychology should involve the study of Answer Correct Answer: behavior.

Question 32
2 out of 2 points Participants in research early in psychology's history might have been asked to view a chair and describe its color, shape, texture, and other aspects of their conscious experience. These individuals would have been using a method called Answer Correct Answer: introspection.

Question 33
2 out of 2 points A research method in which a group of similar people discuss a topic of research with a moderator in order to provide information concerning how people think and feel about that topic is known as Answer Correct Answer: a focus group study.

Question 34
2 out of 2 points Reduced levels of which neurotransmitter lead to Parkinson's disease? Answer Correct Answer: dopamine

Question 35
2 out of 2 points "A voluntary system" is a description of the ________nervous system; "an involuntary system" is a description of the _________nervous system. Answer Correct Answer: somatic; autonomic

Question 36
2 out of 2 points Ray, a student in an advanced-level psychology course, was given the following assignment: Compute the correlation between height and weight for 335 students in his class. Ray completed the assignment and found that r = -1.09. What comment might the teacher have written on his paper? Answer Correct Answer: "Please check your calculations because you calculated a correlation coefficient that cannot occur."

Question 37
2 out of 2 points In order to shed light on some of the factors that might have influenced the Holocaust, Stanley Milgram asked participants to administer electrical shocks to others as part of what was described as research on learning. Today, this research would violate which ethical principle? Answer Correct Answer: protection from harm

Question 38
0 out of 2 points The front door slams shut and your cat comes running into the family room. You notice that the cat's fur is standing erect. How would a psychologist using the evolutionary perspective explain this observation? Answer Correct Answer: The erect fur makes the cat look more intimidating to potential predators.

Question 39
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To a psychologist interested in perception, which perspective would seem to be most useful and relevant? Answer Correct Answer: behaviorism

Question 40
2 out of 2 points Tammy is a psychologist interested in studying the influence of alcohol on domestic violence. What will she do if she follows the scientific method in devising a study? Answer Correct Answer: test the hypotheses she generates from her theory and her initial observations

Question 41
2 out of 2 points The site of greatest visual acuity is the __________, where there are a great number of __________. Answer Correct Answer: fovea; cones

Question 42
2 out of 2 points The correlation between scores on a test of tranquility and age at death is +.60. What could we conclude from this correlation coefficient? Answer Correct Answer: People with high tranquility scores live longer.

Question 43
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Suppose you were a graduate student studying for a Ph.D. in psychology in the 1920s. Your advisor was strongly influenced by John B. Watson. Which of these might your advisor consider an acceptable choice for your research? Answer Correct Answer: an analysis of how specific behaviors are acquired

Question 44
0 out of 2 points Over the past few decades, what change has occurred in psychological research involving the use of animals? Answer Correct Answer: There has been a decrease in the number of studies using certain species.

Question 45
2 out of 2 points Some neurotransmitters make it more likely that a neuron will send its message to other neurons, a process known as __________; whereas some make it less likely that a neuron will send its message, a process known as __________. Answer Correct Answer: excitation; inhibition

Question 46
0 out of 2 points Albert Bandura hypothesized that children who observed an adult behaving aggressively would be more likely to exhibit aggressive actions. In his experiment __________ was the independent variable and _________ was the dependent variable. Answer Correct Answer: observing an aggressive or nonaggressive model; number of hits directed at a Bobo doll

Question 47
2 out of 2 points How do researchers ensure that groups of participants are equal before they begin an experiment? Answer Correct Answer: They randomly assign participants to groups.

Question 48
0 out of 2 points Several students wanted to test a psychic who claimed to be able to move a pencil across a table without touching it. The psychic agreed to participate. When a glass partition was placed between the psychic and the pencil, he failed every attempt to move the pencil. The students demonstrated that they were able to move the pencil by blowing it across the table (without the partition in place). What basic principle did the students use in arriving at their conclusion about the supposed psychic feat? Answer Correct Answer: law of parsimony

Question 49
2 out of 2 points A study of communication patterns in dolphins yields results that probably did not occur by chance. The researchers are likely to describe their results as Answer Correct Answer: statistically significant.

Question 50
0 out of 2 points Police officers across the country have noticed an interesting trend: the lower the temperature, the fewer crimes are reported; the higher the temperature, the more crimes

are reported. Which correlation coefficient most likely describes the relation between temperature and crime? Answer Correct Answer: