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Introduction Computerization is a control system that manages processes in industrial workplace. It reduces human errors and processing time, thus it can boost productivity which will result into accurate and efficient workload. In information system, computerization is concerned about interrelating different but interdependent transactions. System is a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole or a set of elements (often called components) and relationships which are different from relationships of the set or its elements to other elements or sets. Enrollment is the process of entering and verifying data of student to register on a particular school. Different interrelated process build up enrollment procedures called to Enrollment System (ES). ES are used particularly in recording and retrieving student information. Tracking students information is one feature of ES, in which the school can trace the standing of a student.

Enrollment System is a good example of a computer generated process. This can lessen the workload and provides accurate information needed of the school. As a result, it will not only benefit the student but the administration as a whole.

The Bukidnon State University Elementary School Laboratory (ESL) encountered several problems during enrollment time. Just like any other elementary schools these problems focus on a slow paced or unsystematic procedure of following the steps in the payments of fees, pupils information records and distribution of books upon enrollment. That is why a proposed computerized enrollment system will be developed to help solve the problem.

Statement of Objectives This study aims to develop a computerized enrollment system as a program to make enrollment in the BSU ESL systematic and accurate. Objectives of the study are to: 1) design and develop an computerized enrolment system for the teachers; 2) to test the program for improvement if needed and; 3) to revise the computerized program for final implementation.

Specifically, the objective of the study is to answer the following problems: 1. What are the most appropriate solutions of the problems encountered by the elementary teachers in terms of: a) unsystematic procedure of following the steps in the payments of school fees; b) pupils information records and ; c) distribution of books upon enrollment? 2. How the computerized enrollment system is to be designed and developed? 3. How the computerized program is to be tested and revised to its final form?

Conceptual Framework This study was anchored on the concept that the course or movement of information in a process flows through a series of tasks that have set of rules or decision points based on the Input-Process-Output Model.

Figure 1. Context Diagram of Computerized Enrollment System

INPUT Pupil No.

PROCESS Computerized Enrolment System

OUTPUT Form 137 Form 138 Grades Schedule of Classes Assigned Teachers

The context diagram illustrates the structure of the BSU ESL Computerized Enrollment System. The pupil will have to provide for his/her student number in order for the end-user of the system to access the pupils profile/account. The system will then provide the result according to what service the pupil need as an output. In this study, the query language that is used is MySQL. The programming language we used is PHP to be able to implement a flexible web-based graphical user interface. The aforementioned software technologies above that we used in our research is among the most widely used framework in creating a software application. We used Windows 7 platform as to where the BSU ESL Computerized Enrollment System will be implemented.

This PHP and MySQL will serve as a powerful tool in keeping analyzing the records. And also this language is very effective, easy to use and friendly that users can adapt to this system. Also this study is based and focuses not only on the process of enrollment in Bukidnon State University- Elementary School Laboratory but also in other information about the school. This also aims to be an effective means of processing information and retrieving data aside from being orderly used in almost all aspects needed in an enrollment system. User can access the system through the computers browser within the network, then the user can manage the record with the options provided like add, delete and update. They have the privilege to enroll a student, compute the grades, record financial status and create teachers profile. With the use of the Computerized Enrollment System, a user can obtain the information with ease.

Significance of the Study

The computers provide convenience to its user through the easier and faster way of transactions. Population of Pupils in almost all-educational institution is rapidly increasing so great demand in teaching force is also becoming higher. Fortunately, todays generation of high technology machine and tools can substitute these workers. This proposed Computerized Enrollment System will provide a high-technology way of retrieving and managing students enrollment data. The study will be a great help to the following:

Pupils. The Pupils can easily access and retrieve information regarding their school records. The system will also minimize the time and effort that the student need to exert.

Principal and Faculty Teachers. This system will help them to process records and keep the grades of Pupils in a fastest and accurate way. It will help in keeping and handling of essential information of the Pupils for the convenience of the Pupils and the personnel assigned to the enrollment process of the institution. It provides easy and fast approach in registration and enrollment.

Proponents. The proponents would also be the recipients of the study. It will help the proponents gain and apply their understanding. It will help them to improve their skills and work during the study. Future Researchers. For the future researcher, this study could help and use as their guide or as reference for computerized enrollment system.

Scope, Delimitation and Limitation

The study was conducted to improve the enrollment system of the Bukidnon State University, but will only focus on the Elementary School Laboratory (ESL).To benefit the Pupils, faculty, proponents and future researchers. The study is covered within 1 school year or equivalent to 9 months.

The Computerized Enrollment system concentrates gathered enrollment data from Pupils which contains and indicates the fees, subjects and student records like basic information, contacts and address. It will provide an enrollment history for every transaction of every student that will be managed in an easy way without having to worry that a single data lost. The Computerized Enrollment System is carried out to design an efficient and effective system when it comes to speed, reliability and accuracy of reports. The system can generate Fees slip that is needed to be presented upon the manual payment. The system will not include the schedule of the Pupils since it will be provided after the enrollment process is done.

The system required the following software and hardware: a desktop computer with Core 2-dou processor or higher processor to act as the data server; a router to establish a network connection in order to access the server from different units within the area; PHP as the programming language used in order to manipulate the program within the network; MySQL as the query language be used for faster and maintainable program in connection to PHP.

Definition of Terms (Terminology based from Browser - a Web browser, often just called a "browser," is the program people use to access the World Wide Web. It interprets HTML code including text, images, hypertext links, Javascript, and Java applets. After rendering the HTML code, the browser displays a nicely formatted page. Some common browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, and Apple Safari. Client - it can be an individual, group of people or an association for which merchandises and services are rendered and vended. Database - a database is a data structure that stores organized information. Most databases contain multiple tables, which may each include several different fields. For example, a company database may include tables for products, employees, and financial records. Each of these tables would have different fields that are relevant to the information stored in the table. Hardware - computer hardware refers to the physical parts of a computer and related devices. Internal hardware devices include motherboards, hard drives, and RAM. External hardware devices include monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, and scanners. MySQL - pronounced either "My S-Q-L" or "My Sequel," is an open source relational database management system. It is based on the structure query language (SQL), which is used for adding, removing, and modifying information in the database. Standard SQL commands, such as ADD, DROP, INSERT, and UPDATE can be used with MySQL. PHP - self-referentially short for PHP: Hypertext Preprocess or, an open source, server, HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic Web. PHP can perform any task that any CGI program can do, but its strength lies in its compatibility with many types of databases. Record - it is the collection of related field with information that usually pertains to only one subject. System - it is a group of interrelated components working together toward a common goal by accepting input and producing output in an organized transformation process.

CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURES & STUDIES This chapter consists of information from studies and literature, both local and foreign. These are based on dissertation both published and unpublished or just a manuscript came from the other sources. It contains collections related articles, thoughts, views and ideas done by other researchers and developers. It gives knowledge to formulate the main problem. It guides the researcher to create ideas or conceptual frame work research design, procedures, process, analyzing and implementing the data. By this, the researcher will have his own picture of comparative analysis. As a result, the proponents conducted a research on the facts related to the system that might be supportive to its improvement of the schools or universities. Review of Related Literature Local Literature According to the Department of Information Technology of Olivarez College, a new automated enrollment system was anticipated and approved by the administrator. The enrollment system will automatically get the students information, will easily access and hassle-free enrollment, this is for student exclusive of any pending back subject whereas for Pupils with pending back subject, they should meet the selected person for assessment. According to Engr. Hediki Hashimoto a Japanese volunteer headed the creation and conceptualization of the system. The Automated Enrollment System of Samar State University aims for an accurate, user friendly, efficient system that can help both the student and personnel for fast data processing enrollment. The information technology faculty from the College of Engineer and Arts and Sciences assisted him. The system that is web based uses PHP programming language with data stored in My SQL is run through the intranet of SSU.A dry-run for this automated enrolment was done last summer and the first semester of this school year. Offices affected with the automation were the registrar, cashier, accounting, and the Colleges of Education, Engineering, Arts

and Sciences, Industrial Technology, Nursing and Graduate Studies. The feedbacks from the Pupils were formulated when the first semester started. Over 75 % of them say that the automation process of enrollment was better compared with the old system. With the good result of the dry run the automated enrolment system will be finally implemented this 2ndsemester.In this study, they have us PHP as for their programming language and they store data using My SQL. As for the proponents they will use for their data base and Visual Basic 6 for their programming language. And another difference is that they are only automated and the system only runs through the intranet of the university. That means that they cant access the records using the Internet and outside the school. The only similarities that the proponents have encountered here is that the university formulated a powerful database that will hold huge number of data and can retrieve and track student transactions. This is one of the goals of the proposed system that the proponents will be developing.

Foreign Literature This enrollment system not only allows international Pupils to enroll through

internet without traveling to the campus but also incorporates the business rules. These business rules cover a wide range of regulations and policy such as subject pre-requisite, students payment status, course coordinators decision and the correspondence of Pupils seniority to the intended enrolling subjects. Besides business rules, the system also incorporates various notification mechanisms like Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Email. XML is used to store business rules and this allows the portability system interface to wider range of devices such as Personal Device Assistant (PDA). The interface autodetects the users device either PC/laptop or much smaller screen device such as PDA. In short, the enrolment system backend engine runs based on the business rules and frontend engine runs to provide high satisfaction user experience. With the business and user interface, the system is able to run the workflow of the student enrollment from the online

enrollment form to approval workflow cycle running in parallel with the notification capability. According to Ford Magazine, Apache is a powerful web server designed with a modular architecture to be both efficient and portable. It is extremely flexible, offering the ability for a sing server to support multiple websites as virtual hosts and to act as web proxy. Apache includes standard modules for caching, to supports SSL/TLS connections, various authentication and authorization mechanisms, and filtering system. There are many add-on modules that extend Apaches functionality providing features, such as templating engines, embedded interpreters for many scripting languages, and HTTP interfaces to systems such as the Subversion control system. Apache is normally run as a system daemon or service, with a parent process or thread supervising a number of child processes or threads that perform the request processing. A part from certain core feature, most functionality is implemented by modules, which may be either statically linked into the server dynamically loaded on startup. According to Pouncey I., York R.. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language designed for describing the appearance of documents written in a markup language such as HTML. With CSS you can control the color the text, the style of fonts, the spacing between paragraphs, how columns are sized and laid out, what background images or colors are used, and a variety of other visual effects. One of the major benefits is that the same CSS can be used by more than one page, meaning that the style of an entire website can be adjusted without having to change page individually. The most common use for CSS is to style web pages, and in combination with HTML or XHTML (which is used to describe content) and JavaScript (which is used to add interactivity to a site). CSS is a very powerful tool. In the early days of the Web, nine different proposals were made to the World Wide Web Consortium, the main standards

organization for the Web which is more commonly known as the W3C, for a style sheet language to help separate the visual appearance of a document from its content. In 1994, Cascading HTML Style Sheets was proposed by Hakon Wium Lie, now CTO of Opera Software but at the time he was working at CERN with Tim Berners-Lee and Rober Cailliau, the two men invented the World Wide Web. CHSS become CSS because CSS can be applied to more than just HTML, and in December 1996 the CSS level 1 Recommendation was published. According to King T. Reese MySQL is open in every sense of the term. Its SQL dialect uses ANSIS SQL2 as its foundation. The database engine runs on countless platforms, including Windows 2000, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. If no binary is available for your platform, you have access to the source to compile to that platform. MySQL has an API for just about any programming language. Specifically, you can write database applications those applications that access MySQL in C, C++, Eiffel, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Tcl. MySQL supports several different character sets including ISO-8859-1, Big5, and Shift-JIS. It also supports sorting for different character sets and can be customized easily. Error message can be provided in different languages as well.

Review of Related Studies Local Studies Bagahay, Edalie G. on their study: A proposed enrollment system and records management system for B.U. College Registrar, developed enrollment system and records management system of Bicol University Registrar Office. The objective of the study is to design on effective and efficient computer based system that will provide an increase in quality of service to the clientele. Problems are lack of equipment, delay in the submission of grades and data errors produced of manual system.

Bacala, Mariel Online enrollment system for Cavite Maritime Institute Dasmarias, Cavite, stated that the online Enrollment system was proposed in replacement of the Manual Enrollment System of the institution to have an organized flow of transaction and an ease of work especially to the administrators of Cavite Maritime Institute. In the study of Paao, Aileen P., National Training Program ComputerBased Information System of Aquinas University of Legazpi, aimed to provide a more effective information system and more accurate and efficient process of doing the system and procedures of NSTP. The researchers of the study used the software development life cycle and employed an input-process-output theory and the open system theory.

Foreign Studies Patrick, H.H online student enrollment system, Swinburne University of

Technology, Sarawak Campus Malaysia. This study aims to allow student Administrators to make different queries, notification mechanism, minimize human errors and service oriented satisfaction among Pupils. Governor Andres Pascual College, a software development and IT service firm implemented its catalyst integrated web platform to provide content management, transaction processing, marketing, and interactive community function to the two rice schools. This study allows the user to know the content management, transaction processing, marketing, and interactive community functions of a software development. A Management Information System (MIS) is a system or process that provides the information necessary to manage an organization effectively. MIS and the information it generates are generally considered essential components of prudent and reasonable business decisions.

Proponents also adopt method of study such as descriptive research. Descriptive method of study focuses in describing the data and characteristics about what is being studied. It engages on observation and describing of processes will be the key in knowing weaknesses and problems of existing enrollment system. In this study, the overall functionality of the system are broken down to feature sets. This feature sets represent different processes involves in Enrollment System activities. Enrollment system is very important in a school. It is very useful in retrieving vital information of the students. Without it can lead difficulty both for the administration of school and student in enrollment processes.


This chapter will cover the research methods of the proponents on how they gather facts and relevant data. The proponents also added instruments used in study and procedure conducted during the development

Research Design The proponents adopt descriptive study, and used quantitative approach in attaining relevant ideas that will involve in design proposal. In this scheme, proponents ask information in detailed questions regarding what they observed in actual to the school. They also adopt quantitative approach of study which observed particularly in numbers. This will give way to use the sampling method wherein data are manipulated by means of getting only sample that can represent a whole. A good instance is an enrollment system wherein pupils population is much involved. By getting some portion in the population of pupils in every year level, they can achieve data by means of average answers. Requirements analysis the minimum requirement Client/Customers requirement Easy to use application, Auto generated reports Fast processing

Non-Functional Requirement 1. At least all PC are in Good Condition Many workstation to use in enrollment system, the lessen time enrollment activities consume. If we will count total number of computers to be used, it may build up to three pc. there would be three computers and the one left will be reserved.

2. A Printer must Function Well The Printer will be assigned in the Secretary. This may facilitate it to initialize reports easily. For the Secretary, they can issue registration form of students with the desired section, schedule and subjects. In another view, the secretary can easily print summarize reports for the Principal. 3. Every Computer must have the Design System Related to the first modification, many workstations to use, the faster enrollment activities would finish. It is a must that all workstation should have the design system in order to get desired output for every process of enrollment system. 4. Web browser Since every computer has the design proposal, they must also contain the software. The Web Browser. This was the program application used by the proponents to design the proposal.

5. Networking Workstation in Secretary and Enrollment officer will adopt a LAN connection for easy file access and data they particularly needed. 6. Server The Server is the core component of the system which stores the CES and the database.

Testing A test plan documents the strategy that will be used to verify and ensure that a hardware product or system meets its design specifications and other requirements. The system takes all of the integrated software components that have successfully passed integration testing and also the software system itself integrated with any applicable hardware system/s. The purpose of integration testing is to detect any inconsistencies between the software units that are integrated together. There would also be an imitation of the black box testing where the tester or test designer selects valid and invalid input and determines the correct output without further knowledge of the test objects internal structure. The black box takes an external perspective of the test object to derive test cases.