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Members: 1. Anabil Mazumder Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, Kolkata 2. Santanu Das Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, Kolkata 3. Sohini Bhowmik Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, Kolkata

Our business revolves around developing a new and different type of newspaper. Our survey showed that the present leading newspapers suffer from length (approx. 15-40 pages, most part of which is unread), too much detailing, clumsiness, lack of algorithmic modeling, pessimistic storyline etc. They dont add value to the n-ach persons. Here, we come up with AT A GLANCE, a newspaper that tries to negate the problems stated above. Our primary emphasis is on the designing and structural part of the product. It will be an 8 page paper containing all sections of a regular newspaper with some added features to make it more attractive and differentiating from the crowd. Our main target customers are the growth oriented people who are busy in their schedule viz students, young professionals, top executives and we are hopeful that this arena will be broaden with time. The USPs of this product are: Unique designing: Cover page modeling along with appropriate use of chart, data etc. making news more comprehensible. Its like shedding that extra fat. Freshness: In terms of presenting news. Pessimism is infectious, we cant promote that. News that will be precise, crisp and apt. It will also trigger your grey matter. Frankly, no other print media house has any product like this. But their existing products are the major competitors. Increasing accessibility of internet on the move has made the e-news a potential competitor. Marketing strategy will have various stages in order to reach maximum possible prospective customers. There will be formal advertisement in different medium like Hoardings in distribution points and retail magazine shops etc.: This will help in creating awareness about the product in distributor channels. Teasers and ads in FM radio channels: This media has a great reach among our target market along with low cost compared to TV ads. Ads in television: This will be done in a limited amount to save cost, providing a look of the product. Presentation in colleges: This will help gaining mass customer in relatively less effort. Corporate client meeting: This will also help in mass consumption along with creating value.

Different revenue heads will be likewise Sales: 1. Retail: single piece selling. 2. Bulk: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually & annually subscription. 3. Mass: Franchising educational institutes and offices. Advertisement: Another major earning will be from advertisements through our newspaper. With growing sales, ad rates and thus earning will be fine-tuned. The major risks that we presume are Pricing: As we are competing in the main segment the quality has to be adequate. Designing will be costly as well costly in terms of technological and time perspective. Imitation: In this technologically advanced era, imitating this kind of a product is possible. Now, in order to mitigate the risky aspects we have to be very consistent. Pricing will be crucial and hence our aim is to make it justified with the kind of product we are offering. A low pricing will affect the financial health as well as radiate the vive of low credibility. To fight imitation our aim is constant hard-work on designing. And to inject the freshness in the writing style we seek new and fresh people. They will be able to bring on the table their own creation in terms of design and writing style. Hence, here we are banking upon human capital.