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Marriage is a sacred bond, a sacramentum, a pledge between two individuals of opposite sex in Hindu Culture, whereas it is most of the time, a contract in the western world. Rishi's and intellectual men and social scientists of the past started this institution. In order to full fill the biological, spiritual and traditional values, this institution came into existence. People of Chaturvarnas (the four predominant cast system of Ancient India) were very strict in arranging marriages in their own castes and subcastes. Higher sects were also strict on swagotram (lineage) and other aspects marriages. Even in marriages of the past a social order and certain disciplines were assigned to marriages. There were monogamous and polygamous and also other peculiar types of marriages. Later on Hindu thinkers gave rituals to the marriages. Vedic mantra's were recited for the well being of couples. This institution became one of the important shodasha samaskaras (sixteen essential duties). In this way certain disciplines and order were brought in to the society in order to avoid chaos and confusion in relationships. In order to make marriage a happy one other important traditional values, customs and procedures were introduced with the sole aim to make the husband and wife happy and also more responsible to each other. In order to be happy in ones domestic life there should be clear understanding, mental and physical compatibility in marital life and also to beget children. As the days began to progress, economics and economical feasibility crept in to give prominence to personal demands and interests in making the family life more secure and materialistic in approach. To look in to all these matters mere discussions and negotiations were not sufficient. They wanted to have harmony between the parties, between the couple with proper

adjustments of the girl with the boys parents i.e her in-laws. It is not an easy task to understand these subtle matters by mutual scrutiny and looks. At this point the science of astrology, especially Vedic astrology which was propounded from Vedic times came into play to give social justice & fulfillment and the desires of the parental family. According to the dictums of Vedic astrology all the questions of the family, desires, compatibility and marital happiness were looked into, the material values as well as spiritual values were also given prominence so that the couple could to lead a good family life. In other words the astrologers with their knowledge of divining the future became counselors for family matters. In modern times due to stress & anxieties & professional hazards the progeny aspect has to be studied in depth & also at length by astrologers. Therefore one could see how the science of astrology has grown in guiding earlier simple people to modern materialistic men & women. In other words the work of an astrologer has become more difficult & responsible not merely in understanding the science & also in getting a broad statistical view in verifying the rules of astrology for giving a perfect and a valuable guidance to the parents of the boy & girl. Their responsibility is not merely in selecting good horoscope for marriage but also, they also should be well versed in selecting good muhurthas (auspicious times) so that the life of the future husband & wife be happy, peaceful with progeny & good relationship between the girl & boy's families. It is said that muhurthas will to a very great extent clear some of the defects of the original horoscopes & make their life peaceful & happy. Therefore marriage is not an ordinary proposition in social life. Social scientists, astrologer's with integrity & learning should strive hard in giving social justice & peace to the society. And

again the entire life of the nation is based on personal & peaceful life of its citizens to have a good national picture. In this international conference on Marriage we can expect useful discussions, research oriented papers that are presented. conference. I wish the organisers a successful and useful