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Hello guys!!! On todays post we will learn a little about the connectors SINCE, BECA SE, !

E "O, and a #ew others$ And also how to call the% in traditional gra%%ar ter%s, what they %ean, how and when you can use the% in a sentence$ But we %ust understand so%e concepts #irst$ !o you &now what an ad'erbial clause is( An ad'erb clause)or ad'erbial clause* is a group o# words that #unction as an ad'erb$ "he clause can %odi#y 'erbs, ad'erbs and ad+ecti'es by telling when, where, why, how, how %uch and under what condition$ "hey begin with a subordinating con+unction)such as, a#ter, i#, because and although* and they contain a sub+ect and a predicate$ ,hat about an ad'erb clause o# reason or cause( An ad'erb clause o# reason)purpose* or cause and e##ect o##ers a reason #or the %ain idea$ In other words, it e-plains the reasons #or what happens in the %ain clause$ An ad'erb clause o# reason o#ten starts with one o# the #ollowing subordinating con+unctions. as, because, given, so, since, due to(the fact that), so that, etc$ Note that all o# these e-pressions are synony%s o# /because/$ Here are so%e e-a%ples.

I don/t ha'e a ban& account, because I don/t &now %y %other/s %aiden na%e$ Since you are li&e no other being e'er created since the beginning o# ti%e, you are inco%parable$ I didn/t call her because I/% shy$ She too& a co%puter course so that she could get a better +ob.
Now lets see the use of each of those SUBORDINATING CONJUNCTIONS: Because "hey recei'ed a high %ar& on their e-a% because they had studied hard$ I/% studying hard because I want to pass %y e-a%$ He wor&s a lot o# o'erti%e because his rent is so e-pensi'e Notice how 0because1 can be used with a 'ariety o# tenses based on the ti%e relationship between the two clauses$ Since Since he lo'es %usic so %uch, he decided to go to a conser'atory$ "hey had to lea'e early since their train le#t at 2$34$ /Since/ %eans the sa%e as because$ /Since/ tends to be used in %ore in#or%al spo&en English$ Impo tant note: 5Since5 when used as a con+unction, typically re#ers to a period o# ti%e, while 5because5 i%plies a cause or reason$ As

As the test is di##icult, you had better get so%e sleep$

/As/ %eans the sa%e as because$ /As/ tends to be used in %ore #or%al, written English$ Due to the fact that ,e will be staying #or an e-tra wee& due to the #act that we ha'e not #inished yet$

/!ue to the #act that/ %eans the sa%e as 0because1$ /!ue to the #act that/ is generally used in 'ery #or%al, written English$

"ips. se 0because o#1 or 0due to1 be#ore a noun phrase$ se 0Since1 or 0Because1 be#ore a clause stating a reason$

Its time to p actice what !ou"e lea ne#$

%UI& 6 Co%plete each ad'erb clause below with the correct connector such as as, because, so, since, due to (the fact that), so that .

'( 777777777777777777 he always did well on his English tests, his parents were not surprised that he got an A$ )( 7777777777777777 %y #ather has high blood pressure, he has to watch what he eats$ *( He doesn/t understand 7777777777777777 he doesn/t spea& 8rench 'ery well$ +( He spo&e slowly 7777777777777777 she would understand$ ,(---------students were gaining weight in their #irst year o# college, health pro#essionals decided to study their proble%$ .( 8irst, they saw that students had easy access to #ood 7777777777777 college %eal plans$ /(77777777777777students are used to eating balanced %eals prepared their parents, they don/t &now how to balance %eals by the%sel'es when they go away to college$ 0( I/% studying hard---------I want to pass the e-a%$ 1( ----------I had plenty o# ti%e, I decided to wal& #or a while$ '2( "hey had to lea'e early-------- their train le#t at 9 a$%$ ''( ---------you can coo&, why don/t you %a&e a chocolate ca&e #or us( ')( She %ay need so%e help---------she/s new in the co%pany$ '*( ---------he is %y #riend, I will help hi%$ '+( Classes were cancelled today--------------there was a snowstor%$

',( I put on %y coat----------I was cold$ '.( I was cold,----------I put on %y coat$

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Answer &ey . = > since, ? > since, 3 > because, @ > so that, A > since, B > due to, 9 > because, 2 6 because , C > since, =4 > because, == > since, =? > since, =3 6 as, =@ > due to the #act that, =A > because, =B > so$