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Elementary Schools
Kameyosek School (Kindergarten)
250 Lakewood Road East T6K 3L4 Phone: 780-462-8724 Email:

Secondary Schools
Allendale School (Grades 7 to 9)
6415 - 106 Street T6H 2V5 Phone: 780-434-6756, 780-438-8064 Email:

ogito is a knowledge-based program with clearly dened standards of achievement and measurable learning objectives, dedicated to helping average students maximize their academic potential. Cogito is an alternative program for children in Kindergarten to Grade 9. This Edmonton Public Schools program has been in successful operation since 1995. The program is designed for the student who is willing to work to achieve a high level of academic excellence, in a knowledge-based program, and an atmosphere of structured and sequenced learning. Critical thinking is stressed. Students work in an environment that encourages self-discipline.

Seriously different public education!

Meyokumin School (Grades K to 6)

5703 - 19A Avenue T6L 4J8 Phone: 780-463-8409 Email:

Edith Rogers School (Grades 7 & 8)

8308 Mill Woods Road T6K 1Y7 Phone: 780-462-3310 Email:

Mount Pleasant School (Grades K to 6)

10541 - 60A Avenue T6H 1K4 Phone: 780-434-6766, 780-434-7381 Email:

Cogitos unique characteristics

Enriched curriculum Sequenced knowledge content Focus on attention and increased concentration  Early literacy developed through explicit phonics instruction Strong mental and written math skill development Teachers oriented to a classical approach Direct, whole-group instruction Strong work ethic expected Regular homework required Committed parental support Second language instruction (Grades 1 to 9)

Northmount School (Grades K to 2)

14020 - 88A Street T5E 3J4 Phone: 780-475-5162 Email:

Pollard Meadows School (Grades K to 6)

1751 - 48 Street T6L 3J6 Phone: 780-463-8680 Email:

Richard Secord School (Grades K to 6)

4025 - 117 Street T6J 1T4 Phone: 780-436-9839 Email:

Stratford School (Grades K to 9)

8715 - 153 Street T5R 1P1 Phone: 780-484-3381 Email:

Method of instruction Cogito uses a teaching approach that values the acquisition of knowledge. The teaching methods used are proven by research to be effective. Whole-group, direct instruction is employed. The teacher determines activities to ensure that students develop high levels of prociency with curriculum concepts. Recitation, memorization and practice exercises are included in the students academic preparation. Learning environment When students are taught in an orderly and structured setting, they can excel in an academically oriented program such as Cogito. The development of good work habits and organizational skills is a priority. Cogito provides a working environment that is disciplined and nondistracting. To ensure this, the program sets high standards for student conduct and behaviour. Consequences for inappropriate actions are clearly and promptly communicated to and supported by parents and students. Dress code and uniforms Individual schools may require uniforms or a dress code. High standards of academic excellence in conjunction with appropriate dress help students to perceive themselves as successful. Teachers consistently model professional demeanour.

Language Arts The elementary education program provides a strong emphasis on explicit phonics and decoding, prociency in reading comprehension, writing, spelling skills and penmanship. Accuracy, precision and uency of written and spoken expression are supported by the teaching of English grammar and vocabulary, and encouraged by the systematic correction of student work. A prescribed second language offers an important opportunity to extend mastery of oral and written language. Grammar and vocabulary are taught systematically in order to develop uency in reading, writing and speaking a second language. The language programs utilize both classical and modern literature to ensure that students have a strong command of language and an awareness of culture. Social Studies Emphasis is placed on geography and history, creating a deeper appreciation of the issues in the provincial social studies curriculum. Interrelations and connections among history, geography and literature are explored. Mathematics The math program emphasizes sequential development and prociency with basic mathematical knowledge, language and skills. Strategies are systematically taught and students apply this knowledge to solve mathematical problems. At the junior high level, the study of Euclidean geometry is introduced. The focus is on developing an understanding of the discipline of mathematics. The use of technology in mathematics is minimized. Physical Education Cogitos physical education and health program promotes lifelong physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. It also provides direct instruction to develop the students athletic abilities and their knowledge of the health sciences. Fine and Practical Arts Fine Arts The ne arts contribute profoundly to the intellectual development of children and are essential parts of a well-rounded education. Cogito provides students with the opportunity to develop practical skills and a deep appreciation for the cultural legacy and history of the ne arts. At the junior high level, Cogito offers students either art or music as their ne arts elective. Technology Technology is explicitly taught with the knowledge applied where and when appropriate in Cogito classes. At the junior high level, all students receive instruction in basic computer skills, keyboarding and applications.


ll parents and junior high students sign a commitment form indicating their understanding and support of the Cogito philosophy. Commitment by principals, teachers, parents and students is based on the clear understanding and expectation that:  Principals ensure an environment is developed in which the Cogito philosophy can be fully implemented, and that teachers are knowledgeable of Cogito philosophy, methodology and expectations. Teachers ensure that the Cogito methodology and expectations are implemented in their classrooms.  Both teachers and principal endeavour to maintain close and appropriate communication with parents.  Parents encourage student progress, provide a distraction-free time and place for homework, and examine student work and sign the homework book. Parents communicate appropriately with the teacher and principal about their childs learning.  Students demonstrate diligence and effort to achieve expected results. Students work hard, complete assignments to expected program standards, and obey all the rules of the school. An important component of the Cogito program is its emphasis on homework. Homework is relevant and assigned in measured amounts. It is marked and students are expected to make appropriate corrections. Regular homework: Teaches personal responsibility and time management skills;  Provides additional opportunities for enhanced academic growth and development; and Involves parents in the learning process and keeps them informed.

ogitos focus on the liberal arts produces an approach that is balanced among the humanities, sciences, and the ne and practical arts, providing an education of enduring value. Through high standards and high expectations, Cogito prepares students for a wide range of future academic, professional, and skilled employment opportunities.

Science This program stresses the development of a solid base of scientic knowledge. Direct instruction of basic principles precedes investigation and lab procedures include instruction in the scientic method.