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Abbreviated Branding Guidelines

Branding guidelines for basic usage of the 2Wire brand, including logo usage, color palette and fonts January 2009

Abbreviated Branding Guidelines

Brand Philosophy
The corporate brand is most often represented visually by our signaturethe 2Wire logo. Placing this logo on external communications, proposals, internal memos, or any other document or online communication instantly communicates a level of importance, seriousness, and commitment. The brand is also communicated through a combination of secondary elements including other corporate logos, the three-color flag, color palette, typography, and graphic styles.

Logo Usage
The logo does not include a tagline at this time. No other words or symbols should ever be attached or placed in association with the logo. The logo must never be altered or modified in any way.

Minimum Clear Space Protection

It is essential that the logo remain free of graphics, photography, typography, and other elements. The logo must always be the most legible and viewable element in any given graphic space. The unit of measure X equals the height of the 2 in the 2Wire logo. The minimum required clear space is a distance of X surrounding each side of the logo.

What Our Brand Represents

Innovation Professionalism Commitment

When to Use the Brand

The 2Wire logo should appear on all formal communications where the intention is to deliver information to or request information from a person or an organization, where the communication is sent on behalf of, and/or impacts 2Wire. 1X 1X X 1X 1X

Brand Guidelines
Corporate Branding Guidelines have been established to ensure proper usage and placement of corporate brand elements. It is important to follow these guidelines to ensure that the brand is being represented in an appropriate and consistent fashion.

Proportions of the Logo

The 2Wire Name in Communications

2Wire always appears in text written as a single word, combining the numeral 2 with the word Wire into a single word. W is always capitalized and ire is always lowercase. Never use all capital or all lower case. This rule follows for any and all references to the company (2Wire and 2Wire, Inc.) as well as to company website URLs and email addresses ( and, for instance).

The logo was constructed with an aspect ratio (height to width) of 1 : 3.88. This proportion must never be altered. Particular attention should be made when placing the logo in an application (such as Microsoft Word, or PowerPoint), where the image proportions can be changed by dragging the corners of the picture window box. Hold down the Shift key when dragging a corner to maintain the correct aspect ratio.



Minimum Size
The minimum size the 2Wire logo may be reproduced in print is 3/4 wide.


Abbreviated Branding Guidelines

Logo Color
The primary corporate color is Pantone 1795. Please note that the direct RGB translation of PMS 1795 is too hot on screen, so the RGB values have been adjusted to ensure that print and screen materials look the same. See Corporate Color Palette section for correct color usage. If necessary, the logo may be reproduced in black. Gray shades are not recommended and may only be used with the approval of 2Wire Brand Marketing.

Unacceptable Logo Usage

Do not: Add drop shadows, glows, or reflections Lock up non-approved text or other graphical elements Outline the logo Angle or skew the logo Use any color other than PMS 1795, black, or white Place the logo on a photographic background


Color Backgrounds
The red logo may not be placed on any colored background with the exception of black, khaki (PMS 7502), or white.


Reversed to White
For optimal contrast and legibility, a background color of black, PMS 1795, or PMS Cool Gray 9 are suggested for the use of a reversed logo. Grays may be reproduced as a percentage of blacklightest acceptable is 40%. No other color treatments are permitted.
Text lockup




Other color

Photo background

Abbreviated Branding Guidelines

Corporate Color Palette

The tables at right provide color specifications for a variety of displays. Always refer back to the Pantone Matching System (PMS) as the reference standard. For print production, use Pantone spot colors for the most accurate color reproduction. Use CMYK equivalents when process colors are required, for instance when reproducing 4-color prints. Note: PMS 1795 Red should be used for all print projects on coated stock. On uncoated stock, a custom ink mix should be used. if you intend to use PMS 1795 on uncoated stock, please contact Sydney Williams in 2Wire Brand Marketing at for ink formula specifications.

Primary Colors Pantone

Black 6 Cool Gray 11 Cool Gray 9 Cool Gray 6 Cool Gray 3 1795 7502 7500

100/35/0/100 0/2/0/68 0/1/0/51 0/0/0/31 0/0/0/17 0/95/100/0 0/12/35/25 0/2/15/3

0/0/23 104/103/103 145/144/144 190/190/190 216/217/218 219/27/38 233/211/162 247/243/220

71703 686767 919090 BEBEBE D8D9DA DB1B26 E9D3A2 F7F3DC

Use primary colors first in all corporate communications. Secondary colors may be used in addition to the primary palette only when more levels of meaning or differentiation are needed. For example, secondary colors could be used in a residential network illustration, or a complicated block diagram, or a pie chart with many segments.

Secondary Colors Pantone

293 291 7493 715 7403

100/57/0/2 33/3/0/0 14/0/36/10 0/36/71/0 0/10/50/0

0/103/177 164/214/244 201/214/166 251/175/95 255/226/146

0067B1 A4D6F4 C9D6A6 FBAF5F FFE292

Abbreviated Branding Guidelines

Corporate Type Faces

This serif typeface is used in both print and digital formats. It is the primary typeface for PowerPoint presentations and email communications, and is never set in bold or italics.

ITC Franklin Gothic

This is the Company typeface for all print and PDF items.

This is the typeface used when Franklin Gothic is not available and the primary viewing medium is a screenspecifically for the Web.

This typeface is used for internal documents when Franklin Gothic is not available and the primary medium requires a tight typographic fitgood for spreadsheets. General formatting guidelines for various media are as follows: Print: Headline Georgia Regular Title ITC Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed Intro ITC Franklin Gothic Book Section header ITC Franklin Gothic Demi Body ITC Franklin Gothic Book Web: Headline and title Georgia Intro Lucida Sans Regular Section header Lucida Sans Bold Body Lucida Sans Regular Presentation: All Georgia Regular Print (internal documents): Headline, title, and intro Georgia Regular Section header Arial Bold Body Arial Regular

Features and specications are subject to change. 2009 2Wire, Inc. All rights reserved. 2Wire, and the 2Wire logo are trademarks and registered trademarks of 2Wire, Inc. in the United States and other jurisdictions throughout the world. All other company names may be trade names or trademarks of their respective owners. 5100-000657-002-001 01/09