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Veenstra Instruments

Veenstra Instruments...
Veenstra Instrumenten BV (located in Joure, The Netherlands) started
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the oak leaf mark for

Originally our highly recognisable oak leaf mark was inspired by the monumental trees that surrounded the first company housing, being a traditional farm. Today this mark stands for our dedication and shared pride in offering our customers high quality products with the best possible service.

velopment team. A well skilled and pragmatic force of mechanical, electrical and software engineers that can rely on a strong network of specific product and knowledge partners to provide the best possible answer to our customer needs.

its operations in 1960 as a fine mechanical engineering company. Since then our core competence has matured into the areas of mechanical, electrical and software design. The acorn in our company logo has grown into a well known mark in the area of radiation monitoring and protection.

Veenstra In str u men ts

& solid partners

In our strive for the best possible answers, we combine our own made products with those of strong, reliable strategic partners to offer our customers a complete and safe solution, tailor-made to their specific needs and implemented on site. Our specific strength and creativity as a total solution provider is recognised by a fast growing international population of customers.

proven experience
Over the years we acquired our unique know-how of radiation related safety and measurement. Priceless knowledge that has been transferred into the development, manufacturing and servicing of a complete line of products for nuclear medicine departments, radiochemistry laboratories & radiation laboratories..

... to offer complete solutions...

Our competence is reflected in a complete line of products for protection, testing, monitoring, measurement and quality control. It is demonstrated even better in our installed base of complete laboratories. With our in-house development and production, turnkey delivery and our after sales support, we set a standard that is recognised in the international medical and industrial markets.

certified production
In our ISO 9001-2000 certified production facility we combine state of the art technology with the flexibility to meet constant changes in our field of operation. It is our mission to offer our customers a solution that enables them to work safely and according to the latest regulatory standards. A dynamic mission that is meticulously monitored by our own QC department. development...
One of the company driving forces is our enthusiastic de-

...and custom made products...

Our specific know-how, pragmatic approach and constant drive for quality, is appreciated by the R&D departments and laboratories of numerous companies and institutes. Over the years many joint projects and efforts have resulted in all sorts of new products and custom made solutions. Veen str a In str u men ts [ 3 ]

for you!
In a technical environment, standing still means moving backwards. Our focus is on the future. Our joy is in an ongoing drive towards new challenges and partnerships to convince a growing customer base that theyve made the right choice!

We do have representatives and partnerships in many countries around the globe. If you want to know more about our products and solutions or about our partners, feel free to either contact us or visit us at and we will help you with the right contact. Veenstra Instruments Madame Curieweg 1 P.O. Box 115 NL 8500 AC Joure The Netherlands T + 31 513 416964 F + 31 513 416919

The Netherlands Madame Curieweg 1 P.O. Box 115 NL 8500 AC Joure Tel. +31 (0) 513 41 69 64 Fax +31 (0) 513 41 69 19 E-mail: Website: Deutschland, Hillenkrog 20 21702 Ahlerstedt Tel. +49 (0) 4166 84 19 99 Fax +49 (0) 4166 84 19 98 ISO 9001: 2000 certified

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