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RC602-GEF Remote Manageable GE Media Converter

Raisecom RC series media converters are the next generation copper to fiber media converters which bridging the gap between legacy copper infrastructures and fiber growth. Unlike traditional media converters, RC602GEF performs conversion between fiber optics at both tributary and line sides. Especially helpful for carriers to convert Ethernet service between different fiber optics. RC602-GEF is a carrier-grade Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic extension device with industry leading advanced features such as remote management, Fault Pass Through and etc. It is modular design and can be installed in RC002-16 chassis (up to 15 modules with SNMP management card) at central office or in RC001 single slot chassis as standalone unit in remote site, enabling an end to end integrated SNMP management.


Work mode Transmission distance Fault-PassThrough Remote management Traffic monitoring Master mode and Slave mode Dual-strand fiber: up to 100km Single-strand fiber: up to 60km Fault-Pass-Through is a troubleshooting feature that allows the media converter to monitor the optical link by shutdown the copper port if there is loss of signal on optical link Configure and monitor the remote end unit through local module, this feature greatly decreases the truck roll and logistic costs. Collect the statistics of TX and RX traffic for flexiblly service monitoring

RC602-GEF Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter

Fixed Port Indicators: 1*tributay fiber port 1*line fiber port Power Supply RMD for remote unit RLK for optical port TLK for optical port ACT for optical port 1000M for fiber port Module design 91(W)*155(D)*25(H)mm AC: 90~264V, 47~63Hz DC: 36~75V 4W (at max load) Temp: 0~45 centigrade RH: 20~90% non-condensing Temp: -25~85 centigrade RH: 20~90% non-condensing CE, UL and NEBS

Typical Application

Speed Dimension Power supply Power consumption Working ambience Storage ambience Safety Compliance

Ordering Information
Part Number RC602-GE-M RC602-GE-S1 RC602-GE-S2 RC602-GE-S3 RC602-GE-SS13 RC602-GE-SS15 RC602-GE-SS24 RC602-GE-SS25 Optical Wavelength Connector (nm) SC 850 SC 1310 SC 1550 SC 1550 SC 1310 SC 1550 SC 1490 SC 1550 RX sensitivity (dBm) <-15 <-23 <-20 <-30 <-20 <-20 <-20 <-20 Tx Power (dBm) -10 - -3 -10 - -3 -3 - 2 -3 - 2 -5 - 0 -5 - 0 -3 - 2 -3 - 2 Typical distance (km) 0-0.55 0-25 0-60 25-100 0-25 0-25 10-60 10-60

Standards & protocols IEEE802.3x full duplex on 1000BaseT IEEE802.3ab 1000BaseT

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