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Setting up of MTNL's B450TC1 modem cum WiFi router

Recently I had the opportunity to setup a B 450TC1 wireless modem cum router. Setting up is fairly straight forward & should not be a problem for anyone. To set up 1) We first open a browser & type in the location bar. You will see a similar pop up on your screen. The User Name is admin and Password is also admin after

2) Next you will see the following window

3) Click on the tab Interface Setup -> Internet

4) Make Virtual Circuit as PVC 0 5) Make Status as Activated 6) Make VPI as 0 and VCI as 32 7) Select ISP as PPPoA/PPPoE

8) Type your Telephone as your Username 9) And your CA No. as your Password (CA number is your Customer A/c number found on your tel bill) 10) Next type TCP MSS = 1360 Bytes or leave it as 1400 (Default). 11) And type TCP MTU = 1492 Bytes. 12) Go to the bottom of the page & click on Save. 13) To enable DHCP go to 'Interface Setup'->;'LAN' and select DHCP option These VCI & VPI I have mentioned above is basically for MTNL for the other ISPs in India its the following Connection Name MTNL BSNL Airtel VSNL VPI 0 0 1 0 VCI 32 35 32 33

14) If you notice DNS Relay is set as User Discovered ie hard coded, I would suggest that its set to Auto Discovery. 15) To save click on 'Save' button at bottom of page. 16) Go to the Maintenance tab & then on Sysrestart (See Below)

17) Select Current Settings 18) Click on Restart The basic ADSL modem setting are finished. To check if you are connected to the internet in the setting of the modem/router go to the Status tab as seen below.

To setup the WiFi. .Open the router page as mentioned as before Go to Interface Setup ->Wireless (See Below) Make Access Point as Activated Add a SSID (Your Network name) of your choice but not your name of address. Authentication Type is selected as WPA2-PSK

Encryption is selected as TKIP/AES

Pre shared key is the wifi password. For generating long random passwords you can use For further security I would suggest using the MAC filters for which in the above picture Select Active Action should be made Allow Association. And the MAC addresses of the gadgets you want to connect to the WiFi router should be added Lastly click on Save then as above Go to the Maintenance tab & then on Sysrestart Select Current Settings Click on Restart I am now presuming you know how to get your other gadgets connected to this wifi router. I am given to understand that this screenshots & setup is similar for UT-Star wireless Type II & IV, Beetel Type A 410TC1m, wireless type B 450TC1 & type C 480TC1.


Anonymous said... Thanks, I had to reset my modem yesterday as it was giving some trouble. I then used this post to set it up again without having to call or pay anyone :D Thanks again.
10:42 AM, JANUARY 29 , 2012

Prakhar Shukla said... can you post a working link of the firmware you are working on?
2:07 PM, JANUARY 29, 2012

socrates said... Check out the second picture, it mentions which firmware ver this unit is working on. Also check the last line of the post which mentions some probable models it shares screen shots with :)

8:20 AM, JANUARY 30, 2012

Anonymous said... Wow. This is even better than the guide on the MTNL site :D Thank You :D
7:33 PM, JANUARY 30, 2012

Anonymous said... I cannot get through the authentication. I've tried putting different user ids and passwords but I get a pop-up window saying "The site says 450TC1" Plz help!
9:35 PM, JUNE 07, 20 12 POST A COMMENT

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