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NEVER OVER PROTECT THEM: The Id and superego. Target and desire. KNOW THEIR DREAM AND SEED IN YOUR CHILDREN: the x factor. The tastes in the early part of life. Earlier habits. WORKING HARD FOR SUCCESS: The amygdale and thalamus theories. THE NAGATIVE INTELLIGENCE: Avoid their using cry as a weapon. Various ok stages. ot to use praise as a bribe. WATCHER AND PERFORMER: Tell the difference between both. CARE FOR THEIR GOAL: TEACH THEM THE CONCEPT OF LIFE: Teach the! love and how to i!prove "hadguna Aiswara... the physical and !ental #ealth$ %ove$ &a!e$ 'oney$ Enthusias! leading to spirituality and (isdo!. KNOW THE WEAKNESS OF YOUR CHILD: Anger$ lack of !e!ory$ gentle!en syndro!e$ fear and tension$ %a)iness$ inferiority co!plex etc. IMPLANT FATH IN THEM. &ight the inferiority co!plex. *onversion of weakness into ability. +ositive$ possibility and %ateral thinking. GIVE THEM GIFTS ON PROPER OCCASION. The ,ohn -osher theory LET THEM KNOW THE VALUE OF MONEY. -now how !uch to spend on the!. CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS. NEVER BELITTLE YOUR SPOUSE BEFORE THEM. The suitcase and pause button theory. WHY CHILDREN TALK MORE: The various ok. "tages GOSSIPPPERS



DEVELOP YOUR CHILDS CAPACITY. The intelligence$ !e!ory$ reflex action and co!!on sense. #yperactive child. *hildren with +aradig! "hift "yndro!e and lack of proble! analysing capacity. MAKE THEM STUDY AT RIGHT TIME. .nso!nia and #yper/so!nia. Advantage of napping in the afternoon.

WHEN TO STUDY One day% t&o da&ns theory Concent !t"on #e$e#% '( )( *( +( ,PM -PM .AM PM HR +HR -HR WHAT TEACHERS DONT TELL Ho( to )e$e#o* &e&o ': "i//eren0e 1et&een normal 1rain and intelligent 1rain2 3Tal4 less5 theory2 the neuron /iring and 1onds. HOW TO STUDY+ ,T-e ne. on t-eo '/ 0. ANALYSING 1. STORING. 2. BRINGING OUT 3. CREATIVITY Ho( to )e$e#o* concent !t"on: The spider and mon4ey 0on0ept. #ill the desire 0on0ept. "e6elop 78ou are spe0ial 0on0ept. D"44e ence 5et(een "nte##"6ent 5 !"n !n) no &!# 5 !"n: The /iring o/ neurons. The 1ond theory. !hen the 1onds /ail9 The analysis o/ amygdale and thalamus theories. The 31e/ore and a/ter study5 tal4s. Mot"$!t"n6 t-e &"n): The + minutes pray. The 0ap. C e!te %t.)' !t&o%*-e e0 *ool$ fragrance$ lighting etc. Mot"$!t"n6 t-e 7 %en%o ' o 6!n%: Mo.t-: Tongue re0eptors and Capso0ysin. A6oiding 0ertain /oods2 "e6eloping /ood ha1its. Clo6e and eila0hi. Eat timings. :ood ;uantity ratios. No%e< Mint. In0ense sti04s. E'e%< 8ello& 0olour. The &et % 0loth te0hni;ue. E! %: The morning Ragas. S8"n: The 1ath. =a66adi or #asturi. Temple atmosphere T-e tec-n"9.e% o4 ( "t"n6 !n e:!&: Smile. >u11le gum. Pre and post e?am dis0ussions T-e tec-n"9.e% o4 concent !t"on: Redu0e e?ternal distra0tions. A6oid &at0hing T.@A 0hatting &ith neigh1ours in the ne?t room. Pla0e o/ study. :ight /atigue. Study 1rea4sA%0hanging su1Be0ts. The spider and mon4ey te0hni;ues.. T-e 01 ; c tec-n"9.e< Calm C Clear % ColonialDCreate C Constru0t C Criti0al % Compare % ConsumeCCorsage% Com/ort C Comi0% Communi0ate. C C E+*).(+))+ Me&o ' #e$e#%.