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Spring 2014 Thursdays, 5:45-8:15 pm, Anderson 330 Instructor Professor Douglas Hartmann 835 Social Sciences Tower 12- 24-0835, har!m021"umn#edu $%%ice &ours: Thursdays 11-1:00 and 'y appoin!men! Teaching Assistants
(achary )am' *80 Social Sciences lam'+0*1"umn#edu 12- 24-*882 $%%ice &ours , 1:30-3:30 -rin .y/e 1052 Social Sciences sad0e001"umn#edu 12- 24-150* Tuesdays 4-5:30

The sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society. This is its task and its promise. --C. Wright Mills Course Description
This course is designed !o in!roduce you !o !he s!udy o% socie!y and wha! ,ills calls !he 2sociological imagina!ion:2 a way o% 3iewing !he e3en!s, rela!ionships, and social phenomena !ha! shape our indi3idual li3es and much o% our collec!i3e e+perience# Through !he course we will e+amine some o% !he cen!ral concep!s and pro'lems !ha! ha3e preoccupied 'o!h classical and con!emporary sociologis!s, and gain a sense o% how !he sociological imagina!ion can illumina!e !he social %orces !ha! ha3e a concre!e impac! on our e3eryday li3es# 4e will %irs! e+plore !he crea!ion and main!enance o% !he social order as well as !he social processes 'y which people de3elop a sense o% sel% and nego!ia!e meanings in e3eryday social in!erac!ions# 4e !hen !a/e a loo/ a! social s!ruc!ure, social s!ra!i%ica!ion and social ins!i!u!ions# 5inally, we will e+plore !he processes and e%%ec!s o% 'road social change and how, why, and when social li%e changes# Throughou! !he course you will 'e as/ed !o consider !he ways in which socie!y a%%ec!s your li%e, and how you, in !urn, a%%ec! socie!y# This course will prepare you %or %ur!her s!udy in !he discipline o% sociology and o!her social sciences# This course sa!is%ies !he )i'eral -duca!ion Social Science 6ore and .i3ersi!y and Social 7us!ice in !he 8ni!ed S!a!es !heme#

Course Objecti es
91: S!uden!s will 'e a'le !o demons!ra!e a comprehensi3e in!roduc!ory unders!anding o% /ey sociological concep!s, !erminology, !heories, approaches, and perspec!i3es# 92: S!uden!s will 'e a'le !o apply sociological analysis !o con!emporary socie!y and !heir own li3es# 93: S!uden!s will impro3e !heir a'ili!y !o !hin/ cri!ically and !o ar!icula!e !heir ideas in wri!!en and 3er'al %orma!s#

Course !ateria"s You May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to Thinking Like a Sociologist # ;y .al!on 6onley# 2013 93rd edi!ion:# 4#4# <or!on = 6ompany 9<o!ed as 6$<)-> in reading schedule 'elow: Aint No Makin It: Aspirations and Attainment in a Low Income Neigh orhood# ;y 7ay ,ac)eod# 2012# 93rd edi!ion:# 4es!3iew ?ress#

The !onte"ts #eader# -di!ed 'y .ouglas &ar!mann and 6hris!opher 8ggen# 2012 92nd edi!ion:# 4#4# <or!on and 6ompany# 9<o!ed as 6$<T-@TS 'elow:#

These 'oo/s are a3aila'le a! !he 8ni3ersi!y ;oo/s!ore and %rom online 3endors#

$"ectronic Rea%ings Addi!ional readings are a3aila'le on !he course we'si!e# These are no!ed
on !he reading lis! 'elow as --reading# Addi!ional shor! readings such as newspaper or we' ar!icles will 'e added during !he semes!er !o supplemen! our class discussions# These will 'e announced in class and no!ed on !he we'si!e during !he wee/ assigned#

Course &ebsite''!oo%"e( There is a course we'si!e !ha! con!ains readings, assignmen!s,

announcemen!s, lec!ure slides, s!udy aids, online discussions, as well as lin/s !o rele3an! we'si!es# The moodle is organi0ed 'y wee/# S!uden!s should go !o !he course moodle se3eral !imes per wee/ !o chec/ %or announcemen!s and !o gain access !o s!udy aids, as well as each !ime !here is a course e-reading assigned %or !ha! day# ?ar!icipa!ion in moodle discussions is op!ional, 'u! will add !o s!uden!As par!icipa!ion grade# Access !he class we'page go !o h!!p:BBmyu#umn#edu, log in using your 8,< Cn!erne! C. and password# Do !o Emy coursesF you will see a lis! o% ,oodle si!es %or your classes# Do !o ,oodle and clic/ on !he moodle %or !his class 9Soc 1001:#

Course Re)uire*ents+ $,pectations+ an% Gra%ing

>ou are e+pec!ed !o 'e prepared !o par!icipa!e in class discussions and ac!i3i!ies# Cn order !o do !his, you should comple!e !he assigned readings 'e%ore class# 6omple!ing !he assigned readings will no! only help you par!icipa!e e%%ec!i3ely, 'u! will also help you do well on e+ams and papers# According !o uni3ersi!y guidelines, !he a3erage s!uden! should e+pec! !o pu! in 3 hours o% learning e%%or! per wee/ %or each credi! hour o3er !he semes!er, in order !o earn an a3erage grade# A s!uden! !a/ing a 4 credi! course such as !his one should e+pec! !o de3o!e 8 hours a wee/ !o coursewor/ ou!side o% class !ime# C! is impor!an! !ha! you /eep up wi!h !he wor/ %or !his class# <o incomple!es will 'e gi3en unless a 3eri%ia'le and una3oida'le issue emerges#

There will 'e !hree non-cumula!i3e e+ams# The e+ams e3alua!e s!uden!As unders!anding and mas!ery o% !he course ma!erial co3ered in lec!ure, la', course readings and assignmen!s# The e+ams may consis! o% mul!iple choice, shor! answer Gues!ions, and shor! essay Gues!ions#

S!uden!s will wri!e !hree 93: shor! papers %or !his course# The %irs! !wo o% !hese papers will reGuire s!uden!s !o conduc! some sociological research o% !heir own and !o wri!e a'ou! !heir %indings and in!erpre!a!ions in%ormed 'y !he readings and o!her course ma!erials# S!uden!s will comple!e 2 papers 'y !heir corresponding due da!e %rom !he lis! o% possi'le papers a! !he end o% !he sylla'us# ?apers should 'e appro+ima!ely 3-4 pages in leng!h# The !hird and %inal paper will reGuire s!uden!s !o wri!e a sociological memoir in which s!uden!s are as/ed !o !a/e wha! !hey ha3e learned !his semes!er a'ou! sociology, and apply i! !o 'e!!er unders!and !heir own li%e# This paper should 'e appro+ima!ely 5- pages long and will 'e due during !he %inal wee/ o% class# Cns!ruc!ions and guidelines %or all o% !hese papers will 'e dis!ri'u!ed and discussed in sec!ions, se3eral wee/s 'e%ore !hey are ac!ually due#

C"ass -articipation
>our grade %or !his componen! depends on !he e+!en! !o which you ma/e use%ul con!ri'u!ions !o 'o!h large class and la' discussions, ac!i3ely par!icipa!e in large and small group ac!i3i!ies, comple!e in-class wri!ing, and par!icipa!e 3ia clic/ers# >ou earn par!icipa!ion poin!s 'y

comple!ing !he in-class group or indi3idual ac!i3i!ies wi!h reasona'le responses !o Gues!ions and par!icipa!ing in class discussions# ?ar!icipa!ion in class discussion includes answering Gues!ions, as/ing Gues!ions !ha! rela!e !o course ma!erial, and responding !o commen!s made 'y your peers# >ou may also par!icipa!e 'y pos!ing !hough!%ul commen!s, re%lec!ions, o'ser3a!ions or Gues!ions on !he course moodle 9!his is op!ional and can add !o your par!icipa!ion score, al!hough i! canno! %ully su's!i!u!e %or in-class par!icipa!ion:# Al!hough !his elemen! o% !he grade is 'ased on par!icipa!ion and con!ri'u!ion, you will need !o 'e presen! in order !o ac!i3ely par!icipa!e and engage in !he wor/ and learning o% !he day# ,issing more !han a couple o% lec!ures or la's may nega!i3ely a%%ec! your par!icipa!ion grade since you would no! 'e a'le !o par!icipa!e when you are no! presen!# S!uden!s who miss class are responsi'le %or all ma!erial co3ered# 4e sugges! s!uden!s e+change email addresses wi!h a %ew classma!es in order !o ha3e ano!her class mem'er !o !al/ wi!h in case o% an a'sence# There is no need !o no!i%y ?ro%essor &ar!mann a'ou! reasons %or a'sences unless you mus! miss more classes !han !his due !o par!icipa!ion in recogni0ed uni3ersi!y sponsored ac!i3i!ies such as a!hle!ic !eams, or e+!ended a'sences due !o illness or e+!enua!ing circums!ances# Cn !he case o% par!icipa!ion in a!hle!ics or o!her uni3ersi!y sponsored ac!i3i!ies, you mus! pro3ide ?ro%essor &ar!mann wi!h documen!a!ion and a schedule o% planned a'sences wi!hin !he %irs! 3 wee/s o% class, or as soon as possi'le# .isrup!i3e, dis!rac!ing, or disengaged 'eha3ior 9e#g# !al/ing, !e+!ing, reading newspaper, sur%ing !he we', sleeping: in class can also nega!i3ely a%%ec! !his componen! o% a s!uden!As grade# 4e will gi3e you a sense o% your par!icipa!ion score in !he !h wee/ so !ha! you are aware how we are assessing you so !ha! you may adHus! i% needed#

Gra%ing: Drades will 'e 'ased on !he %ollowing componen!s: 9To!al ?oin!s I 500: )ec!ure and )a' Sec!ion ?ar!icipa!ion, Ac!i3i!ies and Assignmen!s: 20J -+ams: 40J ?apers 40J
Paper ! "# Paper "! "# $ociological Memoir! %#

Course $n iron*ent an% Teaching -hi"osoph.

Some o% !he issues co3ered in !his course are con!ro3ersial and you may 'e e+posed !o argumen!s you do no! agree wi!h# C! is o#/# i% s!uden!s disagree wi!h each o!her or ha3e di%%eren! assessmen!s o% !he 3iews e+pressed in !he readings or o!her course ma!erials, 'u! as par!icipan!s in a Sociology class, we should e+pec! !o suppor! and pro3ide e3idence %or each s!a!emen!s# 4e e+pec! !ha! people will lis!en care%ully !o each o!her wi!h open minds and re%rain %rom ma/ing personal a!!ac/s# 4e are all responsi'le %or /eeping discrimina!ion, harassmen!, and in!imida!ion ou! o% !his classroom and we' discussions and %or main!aining a respec!%ul en3ironmen! in which discussions can !a/e place# .iscussions are an impor!an! componen! o% !his course# The !eaching philosophy is !ha! ac!i3e par!icipa!ion in class and in!erac!ion wi!h o!her s!uden!s are cen!ral !o !he learning process# &ence, class !ime will 'e u!ili0ed %or large and small group discussions, as well as lec!ures, analy0ing 3ideos, and ac!i3i!ies#

Due dates: Assignmen!s are due on !heir due da!e 'y !he s!ar! o% class# )a!e assignmen!s will 'e doc/ed 5J o% !he grade %or each day !hey are no! !urned in, 'eginning a%!er class on !he day !hey are due, up !o a 50J penal!y 910 days or 'eyond:# C% you are legi!ima!ely sic/, ou! o% !own %or a %uneral, e!c you will need !o 'ring documen!a!ion, and mus! in%orm your TA and ?ro%essor &ar!mann as soon as possi'le, pre%era'ly 'e%ore !he due da!e# >ou may !urn in assignmen!s ahead o% !ime, especially i% you /now !ha! you will 'e ou! o% !own on a day an assignmen! is due# Cn !his case you will 'e e+pec!ed !o !urn in your assignmen! !o !he o%%ice 9*0* Social Sciences: or !o ?ro%essor &ar!mann direc!ly as soon as possi'le# ?apers should not 'e emailed or %a+ed#

&aptops' Tablets and Phones: )ap!ops and !a'le!s can 'e grea! !ools %or no!e!a/ing and organi0a!ion# &owe3er, !hey can also 'e sources o% dis!rac!ion# )ap!ops and !a'le!s will 'e permi!!ed in lec!ure %or !he purpose o% !a/ing no!es# &owe3er, ou! o% cour!esy !o !he ins!ruc!or and your %ellow s!uden!s, please re%rain %rom using !hem %or o!her purposes such as chec/ing email, %ace'oo/, we' sur%ing, or doing wor/ %or o!her classes# A grea! deal o% research shows !ha! mul!i!as/ing in !his way during class diminishes learning and engagemen!, and is dis!rac!ing no! only !o !he s!uden!, 'u! !o o!her s!uden!s as well# 5or !hese reasons, please res!ric! !hese !echnologies !o no!e-!a/ing while in class# To minimi0e dis!rac!ions !o o!hers, !wo areas o% !he classroom will 'e designa!ed %or !hose wishing !o use !hese !echnologies 9one in %ron! and one near 'ac/:# C% you wish !o use !hem, please si! in one o% !hese areas# C% we %ind !ha! !hey are !oo dis!rac!ing, we may disallow !hem# Also, please silence your mo'ile phones and re%rain %rom !e+!ing or !a/ing calls during class# C% you e+pec! !here may 'e an emergency or urgen! need %or someone !o con!ac! you, please Hus! /eep your in-class !e+!s !o a minimum#

(cademic )ntegrity and $cholastic Dishonesty

Academic in!egri!y is essen!ial !o a posi!i3e !eaching and learning en3ironmen!# All s!uden!s enrolled in 8ni3ersi!y courses are e+pec!ed !o comple!e coursewor/ responsi'ili!ies wi!h %airness and hones!y# 5ailure !o do so 'y see/ing un%air ad3an!age o3er o!hers or misrepresen!ing someone elseAs wor/ as your own, can resul! in disciplinary ac!ion# The s!ric!es! disciplinary ac!ion allowed 'y 8ni3ersi!y policy will 'e pursued in all ins!ances o% scholas!ic misconduc! in !his course# Some assignmen!s may reGuire s!uden!s !o upload !heir assignmen! on!o moodle !hrough a TurnC!Cn#com lin/ which iden!i%ies plagiarism or academic dishones!y# S!uden!s will 'e no!i%ied i% !hey will 'e reGuired !o upload !hrough !his program# The purpose o% !his is !o discourage academic dishones!y# Academic misconduc! includes, 'u! is no! limi!ed !o, chea!ing on e+ams, or papers, plagiarism, represen!ing any par! o% someone elseAs wor/ as your own, su'mi!!ing su's!an!ially similar wri!!en wor/ %or more !han one course wi!hou! !he consen! o% all ins!ruc!ors in3ol3ed, !a/ing, acGuiring, or using !es! ma!erials wi!hou! %acul!y permission, and in!er%ering wi!h ano!her s!uden!As wor/# S!uden!s who engage in academic dishones!y may recei3e anywhere %rom a 0 on !he assignmen! !o an 5 in !he course# S!uden!s suspec!ed o% academic misconduc! will 'e repor!ed !o !he $%%ice o% Academic Cn!egri!y# 9See !he 6ollege o% )i'eral Ar!s policies a!!ached a! !he end o% !his sylla'us %or more in%orma!ion:# C% you ha3e any Gues!ions a'ou! wha! cons!i!u!es academic dishones!y, please !al/ !o ?ro%essor &ar!mann#

Cncomple!es will 'e considered only under e+cep!ional circums!ances such as e+!reme illness or hardship# Cn !hese ins!ances, documen!a!ion and a wri!!en agreemen! signed 'y !he s!uden! and ins!ruc!or is reGuired 'e%ore !he las! e+am is gi3en# C! is !he s!uden!As responsi'ili!y !o %inish !he wor/ 'y !he agreed deadlines, wi!hou! 'eing reminded# An incomple!e is au!oma!ically changed !o an E5F i% i! is no! comple!ed#

?ro%essor &ar!mann and !he course !eaching assis!an!s are a3aila'le !o discuss course ma!erials, e+am prepara!ion and papers wi!h you ou!side o% class, or Hus! !o !al/ a'ou! sociology or say hello# 4e encourage you !o s!op 'y during our o%%ice hours, !al/ wi!h us a%!er class, or ma/e appoin!men!s !o mee! a! o!her !imes# >ou should %eel %ree !o discuss any Gues!ions or concerns you ha3e a'ou! !he course wi!h ?ro%essor &ar!mann# C% !here are circums!ances !ha! ma/e i! di%%icul! %or you !o comple!e coursewor/ in a !imely manner, C encourage you !o !al/ wi!h me a'ou! i! as soon as !he pro'lem arises# S!uden! 4ri!ing Suppor! helps s!uden!s wi!h many aspec!s o% wri!ing, including ge!!ing s!ar!ed, ma/ing re3isions, organi0ing ideas %or !he paper, and general wri!ing s/ills# S!uden! 4ri!ing Suppor! o%%ers %ace-!o-%ace and online consul!a!ions# C! is loca!ed a! 15 <icholson 9appoin!men!s:

and * Apple'y 9wal/ ins:# To ma/e an appoin!men! go !o mySWS, call 9 12# 25-18*3:, or s!op 'y 15 <icholson, or go %or a wal/ in appoin!men! a! * Apple'y ,-Th 10:30-4, 5 10:30-2:# 5or more in%orma!ion go !o h!!p:BBwri!ing#umn#eduBswsBinde+#h!ml To recei3e help wi!h s!udy s/ills, !es! prepara!ion and !es! !a/ing, !ime managemen!, and an+ie!y, you can con!ac! !he S!uden! Academic S/ills Ser3ices 9340 Apple'y &all, 24-3323:# ,ore in%orma!ion can 'e %ound online 9h!!p:BBwww#sass#umn#eduBinde+#h!ml:# 5or peer !u!oring %or you can chec/ wi!h Smar! )earning 6ommons a! h!!ps:BBwww#li'#umn#eduBsmar! and loo/ under !he lis! o% courses# >ou can also %ind peer assis!ance wi!h wri!ing !hrough Smar! )earning 6ommons# 5inally, reasona'le accommoda!ions will 'e pro3ided %or s!uden!s wi!h disa'ili!ies documen!ed 'y .isa'ili!y Ser3ices# ?lease con!ac! ?ro%essor &ar!mann and .isa'ili!y Ser3ices 9 12- 2 -1333: as soon as possi'le !o discuss your needs# ,ore in%orma!ion a'ou! .isa'ili!y Ser3ices can 'e %ound online a! 9h!!ps:BBdi3ersi!y#umn#eduBdisa'ili!yB:#

Libera" $%ucation /L$0

This course mee!s !he 6ouncil on )i'eral -duca!ionKs 9)-: Social Science core# Cn !his course we will e+amine how sociologis!s descri'e and analy0e human 'eha3ior and we re3iew /ey !heories and 'odies o% /nowledge in !he discipline o% sociology# 4e address Gues!ions !ha! are cen!ral !o 'o!h social scien!i%ic /nowledge and curren! socie!al de'a!es as we e+plore !he in!errela!ionships among indi3iduals, ins!i!u!ions, social s!ruc!ures, e3en!s and ideas# 4e will also engage in sociological research and analysis !hrough !he applica!ion papers, as well as o!her course assignmen!s# This course also mee!s !he .i3ersi!y and Social 7us!ice !heme# Throughou! !his course, we will consider issues o% di3ersi!y and social Hus!ice# 8nders!anding !he di3ersi!y o% !he 8ni!ed S!a!es and !he comple+ ways in which di3ersi!y can 'e 'o!h an asse! and a source o% social !ensions is in!egral !o an in%ormed, responsi'le and e!hical ci!i0enry# The course promo!es unders!anding o% how social di%%erences 9such as race, e!hnici!y, class, gender, religion and se+ual orien!a!ion: ha3e shaped social, poli!ical and cross-cul!ural rela!ionships in !he 8ni!ed S!a!es# 4e will cri!ically in3es!iga!e issues o% power and pri3ilege in economic, poli!ical and o!her ins!i!u!ions o% socie!y# 4e will also consider ideas o% wha! would ma/e %or a Egood socie!yF wi!h a %ocus on imagining wha! !rans%orma!ions would impro3e our curren! socie!y and how we can 'e agen!s o% change#

SC1$DULING 2OR !A3OR ASSIGN!$NTS Assign*ent -+am 1 Applica!ion ?aper 1 -+am 2 Applica!ion ?aper 2 Sociological ,emoir 9?aper 3: -+am 3 Due Date 5e'ruary 20 ,arch 13 April 3 April 11 ,ay 8 ,ay 15 9as dic!a!ed 'y 8ni3ersi!y:

Course Out"ine an% Rea%ing Sche%u"e -ART I( Socia"i4ation+ Socia" Interaction+ an% Societ.
&ee5 1( Intro%uctions+ Course O er ie6+ an% the Socio"ogica" I*agination 3anuar. 78 *&abs do not meet this week+
6$<)-> chap!er 1 EThe Sociological Cmagina!ionF 96# 4righ! ,ills:

&ee5 7( The In%i i%ua" an% Societ.

3anuar. 80 6$<)-> chap!er 4, pp# 111-135 --Leading: E$n 5ace-4or/F 9-r3ing Do%%man: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 2, E6onnec!ing 6ommuni!iesF 94ellman:

&ee5 8( Groups an% Net6or5s+ Connections an% Co**ona"ities

2ebruar. 9 6$<)-> chap!er 5 6$<T-@TS chap!er 1, ESocial <e!wor/sF 9-ric/son: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 4, ESi+ )essons o% Suicide ;om'ersF 9;rym:

&ee5 :( Cu"ture an% !eaning; Socia" Construction an% Socia" Contro"

2ebruar. 18 6$<)-> chap!er 3, esp# pp# 15-*3M **-10 M and pp# 13 -145 6$<T-@TS chap!er 15, EThe Sanc!i!y o% Sunday 5oo!'allF 9&ar!mann: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 11, E&ip &op 6ul!ure and AmericaAs ,os! Ta'oo 4ordF 9&ar/ness:

&ee5 <( 2oun%ations o= Socio"ogica" -ractice( Theor. an% !etho%s

2ebruar. 70

6$<)-> chap!er 2 Also: 6$<T-@TS chap!ers 5 or

>>$?A! 1>>

9on e!hnographic %ieldwor/ or in!er3iewing:

-ART II( 2au"t"ines+ the !a5ing o= @oun%aries an% Ine)ua"ities

&ee5 9 Strati=ication+ C"ass+ an% Socia" !obi"it.
2ebruar. 7A AC<AT <$ ,ANC<A CT, chap!ers 1-3 ,ecommended: 6$<)-> chap!er 1

&ee5 A( 2a*i". an% $%ucation in Socia" Repro%uction

!arch 9 AC<AT <$ ,ANC<A CT, chap!ers 4,ecommended! 6$<)-> chap!ers 12 and 13

&ee5 B( Race an% $thnicit.

!arch 18 AC<AT <$ ,ANC<A CT, chap!ers 1 and 8 6$<)-> chap!er *

>>App"ication -aper 1 Due>>


&ee5 C( Gen%er !arch 7A 6$<)-> chap!er 8 AC<AT <$ ,ANC<A CT, chap!ers *-10 $P,)-. /,0(1! M(,CH 2-"

&ee5 10( Di==erence+ De iance+ Cri*e+ an% -unish*ent

Apri" 8 AC<AT <$ ,ANC<A CT, chap!er 11 6$<T-@TS chap!ers 50 and 54 >>$,a* 7>>

-ART III( Socia" Change+ Action+ an% Conte*porar. Cu"ture

&$$D 11( 1istorica" Origins an% Structures o= !o%ern Li=e
Apri" 10 6$<)-> chap!er 14 and pp# 125-131 --Leading EThe ?ro!es!an! -!hic and !he Spiri! o% 6api!alismF 9,a+ 4e'er: --reading EThe ,c.onaldAs Sys!emF 9Li!0er:

&ee5 17( De*ocrac.+ -o6er+ the State+ an% Co""ecti e Action

Apri" 1A 6$<)-> chap!er 15 and pp# 100-111 --Leading E,o3emen!s O -lec!ions I .emocracyF 9;uechler:

>>App"ication -aper 7 Due>>

&ee5 18( Conte*porar. Cu"ture( !e%ia+ Re"igion+ Science Apri" 7: 6$<)-> selec!ions 9T;A: %rom chap!ers 1 and 11 --Leading E6are and ;elonging in !he ,ar/e!F 9?ugh: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 14, E.o ,edia ,ons!ers .e3our .i3ersi!yPF 9Damson and )a!!eier: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 40, EA'iding 5ai!hF 96ha3es:

&ee5 1:( -opu"ations an% the Li=e Course

!a. 1 AC<AT <$ ,ANC<A CT, chap!ers 12-14 6$<T-@TS chap!er 41, EDrowing 8p is &arder !o .oF 95urs!en'erg:

&ee5 1<( Socia" !o e*ents+ Socia" -o"ic.+ Socio"og.+ an% !a5ing Change
!a. B --Leading: E&ow 4ill >ou Spend !he 21s! 6en!uryPF 9.rier: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 20, ECs -Guali!y 5easi'lePF 9Nenwor!hy: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 5, E6ommuni!ies !ha! .onA! ;owl in !he 5ogF 9,ar!inLogers e! al: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 5*, E6ommuni!y $rgani0ing and Social 6hangeF 9S!oec/er: >>Socio"ogica" !e*oir Due>> !a. 1< /2ina"s &ee50 >>$,a* 8 /not cu*u"ati e0+ An%erson 880 at <(:<>>

Reco**en%e% an% Supp"e*entar. Rea%ings

&ee5 1( Intro%uction an% the Socio"ogica" I*agination --Leading ELeclaiming !he Sociological Cmagina!ionF 9&ar!mann: --Leading E4ha! ,a/es Sociology .i%%eren!PF 9-mile .ur/heim: &ee5 7( The In%i i%ua" an% Societ. -mile .ur/heim, $uicide &ee5 8( Groups+ Net6or5s+ Organi4ations+ an% S.ste*s --Leading EThe S!rangerF 9Deorg Simmel: --Leading EThe ,y )ai ,assacre: A 6rime o% $'edienceP 9Nelman and &amil!on: &ee5 :( Cu"ture+ S.*bo"s+ !eanings( Socia" Construction an% Socia" Contro" --Leading: E5rom !he ?anop!ican !o .isney 4orldF 9Shearing and S!enning: &ee5 <( 2oun%ations o= Socio"ogica" -ractice( Theor. an% !etho%s 6$<T-@TS chap!ers 4- 1 &ee5 9 Strati=ication+ C"ass+ an% Socia" !obi"it. 6$<T-@TS chap!er 1*, EAmids! Dar'age and ?oisonF 9Auyero and Swis!un: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 22, EAs American as Apple ?ieF 9Lan/: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 24, ECs 7o' .iscrimina!ion .eadPF 9&erring: &ee5 A( 2a*i". an% $%ucation in Socia" Repro%uction 6$<T-@TS chap!er , EThe 7oys o% ?aren!hood, LeconsideredF 9Simon: 6$<T-@TS chap!er *, E8nmarried wi!h 6hildrenF 9-din and Ne%alas: --Leading E6oncer!ed 6ul!i3a!ions and !he Accomplishmen! o% <a!ural Drow!hF 9)areau: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 11, E&ow Schools Leally ,a!!erF 9.owney: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 13, EThe ;lac/-4hi!e Tes! Score DapF 95ar/as: &ee5 B( Race an% $thnicit. --Leading EThe 6ode o% !he S!ree!F 9-liHah Anderson: --Leading EThe -conomic ?ligh! o% Cnner-6i!y ;lac/ ,alesF 94ilson: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 33, E-+plaining and -limina!ing Lacial ?ro%ilingF 9Tomas/o3ic-.e3ey e! al: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 34, E,e+ican Americans and Cmmigran! Cncorpora!ionF 9Telles: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 3 , EAre Asian Americans ;ecoming 4hi!ePF 9(hou: --Leading E$p!ional -!hnici!ies: 5or 4hi!es $nlyPF 94a!ers: &ee5 C( Gen%er 6$<T-@TS 6hap!er 8 EThe 6hanging )andscape o% )o3e and ,arriageF 9&ull e! al: 6$<T-@TS 6hap!er 30 ECs &oo/ing 8p ;ad %or >oung 4omenPF 9Arms!rong e! al: --Leading EThe Ladical Cdea o% ,arrying %or )o3eF 96oon!0: &ee5 10( Di==erence+ De iance+ Cri*e+ an% -unish*ent --Leading EThe Sain!s and !he Lednec/sF 96ham'liss: 6$<)-> chap!er 6$<T-@TS chap!er 53, E<o Leal LeleaseF 9,assoglia and Schni!!/er: &$$D 11( 1istorica" Origins an% Structure o= !o%ern Li=e

&ee5 17( De*ocrac.+ -o6er+ the State+ an% Co""ecti e Action S!e3en )u/es, ?ower: A Ladical Qiew --Leading E?ower, Sociologically Spea/ingF 9Loscigno: --Leading ESi0e .oes 6oun!R,inneso!aAs S!raigh! Li3erF 9Dlennon: &ee5 18( Conte*porar. Cu"ture( !e%ia+ Re"igion+ Science --Leading E<i/e 6ul!ure: The Sign o% !he SwooshF 9Doldman and ?apson: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 11, E6on!rolling !he ,edia in CraGF 9)indner: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 38, ELeligion and Spiri!uali!y among Scien!is!sF 9-c/lund: 6$<T-@TS chap!er 48, E;eyond ,endelAs Dhos!F 9Shanahan, e! al: --Leading EThe Social 5unc!ions o% Leligion in American ?oli!ical 6ul!ureF 9Der!eis: --Leading ELeligious 6ommuni!y and American Cndi3idualismF 9;ellah e! al: &ee5 1:( -opu"ations an% the Li=e Course 6$<T-@TS chap!er 42, E5ac!s and 5ic!ions a'ou! an Aging AmericaF 9,acAr!hur Lesearch <e!wor/: &ee5 1<( Socia" !o e*ents+ Socia" -o"ic.+ Socio"og.+ an% !a5ing Change --Leading E?u'lic SociologiesF 9;urawoy: --Leading ECndus!ry-.ri3en Ac!i3ismF 94al/er:

COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS POLICY GRADES: University academic achievement is graded under two systems: A- !with "#uses and minuses$ and %-&' (hoice o) grading system and course #eve# !1***+3***+4***$ is indicated on the registration we,site- changes in grade sca#e may not ,e made a)ter the second wee. o) the semester' %ome courses may ,e ta.en under on#y one system#imitations are identi)ied in the course #istings' /he 0e"artment o) %ocio#ogy re1uires A- registration in courses re1uired )or the ma2or+minor' University regu#ations "rescri,e the grades that wi## ,e re"orted on your transcri"t' A 3e"resents achievement that is outstanding re#ative to the #eve# necessary to meet course re1uirements !4'44 grade "oints$ A- 3'67 grade "oints 56 3'33 grade "oints 5 Achievement signi)icant#y a,ove the #eve# necessary to meet course re1uirements !3'44 grade "oints$ 5- 2'67 grade "oints (6 2'33 grade "oints ( Achievement that meets the ,asic course re1uirements in every res"ect !2'44 grade "oints$ (- 1'67 grade "oints 06 1'33 grade "oints 0 Achievement worthy o) credit even though it )ai#s to meet )u##y the course re1uirements !1'44 grade "oint$ 7er)ormance that )ai#s to meet the ,asic course re1uirements !4 grade "oints$ % 3e"resents achievement that is satis)actory8 which is e1uiva#ent to a (- or ,etter' & 9 &o credit' 9ts use is now restricted to students not earning an % on the %-& grade ,ase 9ncom"#ete8 a tem"orary sym,o# assigned when the instructor has a :reasona,#e e*"ectation: that you 1$ can success)u##y com"#ete un)inished wor. on your own no #ater than one year )rom the #ast day o) c#asses and 2$ ,e#ieves that #egitimate reasons e*ist to 2usti)y e*tending the dead#ine )or course com"#etion' /he instructor may set date conditions )or ma.e-u" wor.' 9) a course is not com"#eted as "rescri,ed or not made u" as agreed within the year8 the 9 wi## #a"se to an i) registered on the A- grade ,ase or an & i) registered on the %-& grade ,ase' <))icia# withdrawa# )rom a course a)ter the end o) the second wee. o) the semester' =ou must )i#e a course cance##ation re1uest ,e)ore the end o) the si*th wee. o) the semester to ensure that the ;8 rather than the 8 wi## ,e )ormer#y entered on your record'

FINAL EXAMINATIONS !see schedu#e on the (a#endar we, site at htt":++onesto"'umn'edu+onesto"+(a#endars+ ina#>*ams'htm#$: =ou are re1uired to ta.e )ina# e*aminations at the schedu#ed times' Under certain circumstances8 however8 you may re1uest )ina# e*amination schedu#e ad2ustment in your co##ege o))ice' 9nstructors are o,#igated to schedu#e ma.e-u" e*aminations within the )ina# e*amination "eriod )or students who have three )ina# e*aminations within a 16-hour "eriod' 9nstructors a#so are encouraged to reschedu#e e*aminations )or students with re#igious o,2ections to an e*amination on a given day' =ou must su,mit your re1uest )or an ad2ustment in your schedu#e at #east two wee.s ,e)ore the e*amination "eriod ,egins' or assistance in reso#ving con)#icts8 ca## the (?A %tudent 9n)ormation <))ice at 625-2424' 9) you miss a )ina#8 an or & is recorded' =ou must o,tain the instructor@s "ermission to ma.e u" the e*amination' ina# e*aminations may ,e reschedu#ed ,y the instructor on#y through the o))icia# "rocedure )or that "ur"ose !as noted on the a,ove we, "age$' ina# e*aminations may not ,e schedu#ed )or the #ast day o) c#ass or ear#ier or )or %tudy 0ay' 9) an e*amination is reschedu#ed at the instructor@s re1uest8 and you have an e*amination con)#ict ,ecause o) it8 you are entit#ed to ,e given the )ina# e*amination at an a#ternative time within the regu#ar#y schedu#ed e*amination "eriod )or that semester' CLASS ATTENDANCE: As a (?A student8 you are res"onsi,#e )or attending c#ass and )or ascertaining the "articu#ar attendance re1uirements )or each c#ass or de"artment' =ou shou#d a#so #earn each instructor@s "o#icies concerning ma.e-u" o) wor. )or a,sences' 9nstructors and students may consu#t the (?A (#assroom8 Arading8 and >*amination 7rocedures Band,oo. )or more in)ormation on these "o#icies !htt":++advisingtoo#s'c#ass'umn'edu+cge"+$' COURSE PERFORMANCE AND GRADING: 9nstructors esta,#ish ground ru#es )or their courses in con)ormity with their de"artment "o#icies and are e*"ected to e*"#ain them at the )irst course meeting' /his inc#udes announcement o) o))ice hours and #ocation8 the .ind o) he#" to ,e e*"ected )rom the instructor and teaching assistants8 and tutoria# services8 i) avai#a,#e' /he instructor a#so descri,es the genera# nature o) the course8 the wor. e*"ected8 dates )or e*aminations and "a"er su,missions8 and e*"ectations )or c#assroom "artici"ation and attendance' 9nstructors determine the standards )or grading in their c#asses and wi## descri,e e*"ectations8 methods o) eva#uation8 and )actors that enter into grade determination' /he s"ecia# conditions under which an incom"#ete !9$ might ,e awarded a#so shou#d 14

,e esta,#ished' /he co##ege does not "ermit you to su,mit e*tra wor. to raise your grade un#ess a## students in the c#ass are a))orded the same o""ortunity' CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR: =ou are entit#ed to a good #earning environment in the c#assroom' %tudents whose ,ehavior is disru"tive either to the instructor or to other students wi## ,e as.ed to #eave !the "o#icies regarding student conduct are out#ined in the (?A (#assroom8 Arading8 and >*amination 7rocedures on-#ine at htt":++advisingtoo#s'c#ass'umn'edu+cge"+$' ELECTRONIC DEVICES: University instructors may restrict or "rohi,it the use o) "ersona# e#ectronic devices in his or her c#assroom8 #a,8 or any other instructiona# setting' or the com"#ete "o#icy8 visit: htt":++www'"o#icy'umn'edu+7o#icies+>ducation+>ducation+(?A%%3<<C7>0'htm# SCHOLASTIC CONDUCT: /he University %tudent (onduct (ode de)ines scho#astic dishonesty as )o##ows: Scholastic Dishonesty means plagiarizing; cheating on assignments or examinations; engaging in unauthorized collaboration on academic work; taking, acquiring, or using test materials without faculty permission; submitting false or incomplete records of academic achievement; acting alone or in cooperation with another to falsify records or to obtain dishonestly grades, honors, awards, or professional endorsement; altering, forging, or misusing a University academic record; or fabricating or falsifying data, research procedures, or data analysis Students cann t e!ade "#ntent# na$$% & un#ntent# na$$%' a (&ade sanct# n )% *#t+d&a*#n( ,& - a c u&se )e, &e & a,te& t+e -#sc nduct c+a&(e #s &e. &ted/ T+#s a$s a..$#es t $ate *#t+d&a*a$s0 #nc$ud#n( d#sc&et# na&% $ate cance$$at# n "a$s 1n *n as t+e 2 ne3t#-e3 n$% d& .2'/ or the com"#ete "o#icy8 visit: htt":++www1'umn'edu+regents+"o#icies+academic+%tudentD(onductD(ode'"d) STUDENT MENTAL HEALTH AND STRESS MANAGEMENT: As a student you may e*"erience a range o) issues that can cause ,arriers to #earning8 such as strained re#ationshi"s8 increased an*iety8 a#coho#+drug "ro,#ems8 )ee#ing down8 di))icu#ty concentrating and+or #ac. o) motivation' /hese menta# hea#th concerns or stress)u# events may #ead to diminished academic "er)ormance or reduce a student@s a,i#ity to "artici"ate in dai#y activities' University o) Cinnesota services are avai#a,#e to assist you with addressing these and other concerns you may ,e e*"eriencing' =ou can #earn more a,out the ,road range o) con)identia# menta# hea#th services avai#a,#e on cam"us via htt":++www'menta#hea#th'umn'edu+' A REMINDER OF RELEVANT POLICIES AND PROCEDURES 4 SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT POLICIES 4 GRADE INFORMATION: Arades are due in the <))ice the 3egistrar within 3 ,usiness days a)ter the )ina# e*amination' &o in)ormation regarding grades wi## ,e re#eased ,y the de"artment o))ice sta)) to anyone e*ce"t designated "ersonne# in 3ecords and co##ege o))ices' %tudents may access their own grades through their com"uter account' /hey may do this ,y )o##owing the directions on the <ne %to" we, site at htt":++onesto"'umn'edu+' INCOMPLETES: 9t is the instructor@s res"onsi,i#ity to s"eci)y conditions under which an 9ncom"#ete !9$ grade is assigned' %tudents shou#d re)er to the course sy##a,us and ta#. with the instructor as ear#y as "ossi,#e i) they antici"ate not com"#eting the course wor.' (oursewor. su,mitted a)ter the )ina# e*amination wi## genera##y ,e eva#uated down un#ess "rior arrangements are made in writing ,y the instructor' University "o#icy states that i) com"#etion o) the wor. re1uires the student to attend c#ass in su,stantia# "art a second time8 assigning an E9F grade is &</ a""ro"riate' 9ncom"#etes are a""ro"riate on#y i) the student can ma.e u" the coursewor. inde"endent#y with the same "ro)essor' MA5E3UP EXAMINATIONS: Arrangements )or s"ecia# e*aminations must ,e made direct#y with the instructor who taught the course and who is res"onsi,#e )or a""roving and su"ervising the e*amination or individua# arrangements' (ircumstances )or missing an e*am inc#ude8 ,ut are not necessari#y #imited to: veri)ied i##ness8 "artici"ation in ath#etic events or other grou" activities s"onsored ,y the University8 serious )ami#y emergencies8 su,"oenas8 2ury duty8 mi#itary service8 and re#igious o,servances' 9t is the res"onsi,i#ity o) the student to noti)y )acu#ty mem,ers o) such circumstances as )ar in advance as "ossi,#e' GRADE CHANGES: Arades "ro"er#y arrived at are not su,2ect to renegotiation un#ess a## students in the c#ass have simi#ar o""ortunities' %tudents have the right to chec. )or "ossi,#e c#erica# errors in the assignment o) grades ,y with the instructor and+or teaching assistant' are e*"ected to con)er )irst with the course instructor' 9) no satis)actory so#ution is reached8 the com"#aint shou#d ,e "resented in writing to the de"artment associate chair and+or the de"artment academic advisor !949 %oc %ci$' 9) these in)orma# "rocesses )ai# to reach a satis)actory reso#ution8 other )orma# "rocedures )or hearing and a""ea# can ,e invo.ed' %ee the de"artmenta# advisor in 923 %ocia# %ciences to e*"#ore o"tions' DISABILITY SERVICES: %tudents with disa,i#ities that a))ect their a,i#ity to "artici"ate )u##y in c#ass or to meet a## course re1uirements are encouraged to ,ring this to the attention o) the instructor so that a""ro"riate accommodations can ,e arranged' or more in)o contact 0isa,i#ities %ervices in 234 Cc&amara' 11

SEXUAL HARASSMENT: University "o#icy "rohi,its se*ua# harassment as de)ined in the 0ecem,er 1998 "o#icy statement8 avai#a,#e at the <))ice o) >1ua# <""ortunity and A))irmative Action' Guestions or concerns a,out se*ua# harassment shou#d ,e directed to this o))ice in 419 Corri## Ba##' SOCIOLOGY PROGRAMS INFORMATION: /he %ocio#ogy 0e"artment o))ers two o"tions )or the 5ache#or o) Arts degree and a 5ache#or o) %cience degree' ;e a#so have an Bonors 7rogram' %tudents interested in ma2oring in %ocio#ogy shou#d attend an in)ormation meeting a,out the ma2or' Ceetings are he#d a,out once a wee.' %ign u" )or a meeting in 949 %ocia# %ciences' urther in)ormation can ,e o,tained )rom the )o##owing "ersons and o))ices: Aenera# in)ormation8 %ocio#ogy 0e"artment8 949 %ocia# %ciences - 624-4344 (oordinator o) Undergraduate Advising8 5o,,y 5ryant8 923 %ocia# %ciences H 624-4344 0irector o) Undergraduate %tudies8 7ro)essor /eresa %wartI8 1172 %ocia# %ciences H 626-1862 %ocio#ogy Bonors Advisor8 7ro)essor Jathy Bu##8 1131 %ocia# %ciences H 624-4339 0irector o) Araduate %tudies8 7ro)essor Ann Ceier8 1474 %ocia# %ciences H 624-9828 and+or Araduate 7rogram Associate8 5ec.y 0rasin8 931 %ocia# %ciences - 624-2493