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A river of love washes away my past with love, I adapt only Good Habits <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I willingly

and lovingly joyously release the past, The past is now over, now I welcome the positive new <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I lovingly and joyously take charge of my life, I create only good in my life <S ILENCE MSEC="200" /> I confidently and actively and easily speak up and act to put across my opinions and feelings <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am always safe and secure, I now create a life, full of love, peace, joy and h armony <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Life loves me I love my life, I am creating meaningful relationships for my good , All my relationships are full of joy, harmony and love <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am motivated to shed weight and become healthy, I am completely focused on rel easing weight and I shed weight in healthy manner, Now I am Young, slim and heal thy <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I always maintain my healthy and ideal weight, I have a healthy and toned physiq ue <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I live a healthy life style, I am disciplined in my eating habits <SILENCE MSEC= "200" /> I am healthy and strong in mind, body and spirit, I am protected and shielded by divine love and light <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I always take care of my body, I only eat what is good for my body, My body is r elaxed and healthy <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My stomach feels calm and soothed, My intestinal tracts work properly and is ful ly functional, My small and big intestine are in healthy condition, I am having healthy digestive system <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My stomach processes and digest food efficiently <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am restored to full health in body mind and spirit <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I forgive myself and others across time and space, I experience life fully with love <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I relax and trust the process of life to bring me my highest good <SILENCE MSEC= "200" /> I cherish and love myself unconditionally <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I easily release and let go of the old and joyously welcome the new <SILENCE MSE C="200" /> I am looked after and taken care of whenever I need to be <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I keep all that is love in my heart, relieve my mind, and transform my life for highest good, I am free and at peace <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Life loves me and I love life, I am safe and secure <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I love and approve myself, I respect myself and others, I am good enough <SILENC E MSEC="200" /> I accept life and myself totally and completely <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I surrender to appreciation, serenity and divinity <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My actions are in harmony with my higher purpose <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I joyously release the past and I embrace the present <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I forgive myself and everyone I need to forgive, I am free they are free <SILENC E MSEC="200" /> Forgiving relieves me, and frees me, I am willing to change for my highest good, I embrace change and I willingly walk into the new <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I relax into accepting what is, I absorb love and joy and let it be mirrored bac k into my life <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> Others reflect the good feelings I have for myself, I love and accept myself jus t the way I am <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I loving and joyously accept my sexuality and its expression, I only accept thou ghts that support me and make me feel good <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My concept of God supports me, I am normal and natural, I rejoice in my own sexu ality and in my own body, I am wonderful <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I love and approve of myself, I am strong and powerful, I am the authority in my life, I am free <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> All my relationships with all my authority figures are healed with love, I set t

hem and myself free <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My mind is calm and relaxed, My mind and body keeps only all that is love <SILEN CE MSEC="200" /> My digestive muscles are healthy and relaxed and are perfectly functional <SILEN CE MSEC="200" /> I am stress-free and worry-free, I send relaxing soothing energy to my stomach < SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My intestines are in perfect healthy condition and are able to digest anything a nd process energy in healthy manner <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I go to the bathroom in healthy routine, My bowels function with ease, My bowels are smooth and healthy <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I digest any food with ease, I digest all experiences in life with ease and comf ort, Now I am relaxed and at peace <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> As I release the past, the new and fresh positive and vital enters, I allow life to flow through me <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I release the past and when I do so I fill myself with love and acceptance <SILE NCE MSEC="200" /> I live in the here and now, I allow myself to heal, I am blessed with abundance <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I let go and let the universe guide me, I am worth having the best in life, I kn ow I deserve the best and I accept it now <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am free to be a happy, healthy and abundant me, I Self-dependent, I am indepen dent, I am my own person <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I relax and let life flow through me with ease, It is safe to be who I am <SILEN CE MSEC="200" /> I allow myself to love and support myself <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am worthy of my love and support <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> My future is bright and joyous, I am one with life, I am safe, All is well <SILE NCE MSEC="200" /> I trust the process of life to bring only good to me, I am good enough, I believ e in myself <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I am appreciated for whatever I do <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I release the need to hold on to old hurts and resentment, I release this patter n in my consciousness <SILENCE MSEC="200" /> I give myself the permission to let go and flow with the flow of life <SILENCE M SEC="200" /> I release the need to control and flow with the flow of life, I take charge of m y life <SILENCE MSEC="200" />