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Aalto University Comnet

S-72.2211 Mobile Communication Systems and Services

Course Plan Spring 2013 Olav Tirkkonen, Department of Communications and Networking, Aalto University


Course Information

S-72.2205 Digital Transmission Methods or corresponding knowledge on digital communications

Teachers Professor Olav Tirkkonen Responsible teacher and lecturer MSc Furqan Ahmed excercises and home assignments Lecture and excercise schedule

Lectures and exercises

Mondays 10.15-12 in Auditorium S1 Wednesdays 10.15-12 in Auditorium S3 Fridays 10-12 in Auditorium S2

14 lectures, 5 excercise sessions interleaved over these times, see last slide

Course carried out with exam and home assignments



3 tasks are calculations, 2 tasks essay-type exam can be written in Finnish, Swedish or English

Requirements: material distributed to students Closed book exam with five tasks Tasks available in English

Three exams per academic year

First exam Tue March 5, 2013, 13-16, hall S4 Second exam Wed May 29, 2013, 13-16, hall S4 Third exam is in fall, October-November exam period (likely) Next exams after these in 2014

Dates of following exams posted on into-pages of school


Course Grading

Home work
Integral part of the course Home assignments

analytic calculations

Programming assignments
analysis using a matlab platform of an individual assignment short report written explaining and analysing the results


The exam is graded from 0 to 4

with 1-digit accuracy, maximum 4.4

The assignments are graded from 0 to 1

1-digit accuracy

The course grade is min(round(exam grade + assignment grade), 5)*min(round(exam grade),1)

at least grade 1 is required from the exam grade 5 possible only with good exam grade and good assignment grade

The home and programming assignments are only counted towards the grade in the year they are done i.e. for the exams in 2013


Lecture handouts distributed in Noppa

Slide handouts by O. Tirkkonen partial lecture notes by S.-G. Hggman


Jochen Schiller: Mobile Communications, Addison-Wesley 2003, Chapters 1-4. Andrea Goldsmith: Wireless Communications, Cambridge University Press 2005, Chapters 1,2,9,13-15.

Background material

G. Stber: Principles of mobile communications, Kluwer 2001. H. Holma & A. Toskala (Ed:) WCDMA for UMTS, Radio access for third generation mobile communications, Wiley 2001.


Course Targets
what a mobile communication system is System engineers understanding of components and functions of a mobile communication system core network, radio access network mobility: roaming, handover random access, synchronization, paging, system information channel structures

Qualitative understanding of

logical and physical channels control, dedicated and shared channels

physical layer, MAC layer, network layer, service layer

Course Targets II

Quantitative understanding of

the role of interference in cellular networks coverage & throughput; system simulation link budget analysis mobile radio channel path loss, slow fading effects

Understanding of characteristics of present and future mobile communication systems

The role of standards services driving specification and evolution 2G: GSM, GPRS 3G: WCDMA, HSPA towards 4G

Week 3, 14.1.--18.1. 4, 21.1.--25.1. Mo 10-12, S1 5, 28.1. 1.2

Course Timetable
Wed 10-12, S3
Lecture 1: Course plan, Cellular System basics; channelization. Lecture 4: Link budget, system channel models Lecture 2: Duplexing; Interference, Physical Layer modeling Excercise 1: Link budget

Fri 10-12, S2
Lecture 3: Radio Resource Management Lecture 5: Mobility Management

Lecture 6: System deployment models, reuse

Lecture7: CDMA principles

Excercise 2: System modeling Introduction to Matlab assignments Lecture 10: GSM Channel structure

6, 4.2. 8.2.

Lecture 8: CDMA capacity; Services Lecture 11: 2.5G

Lecture 9: Generations; GSM Physical Layer Excercise 3: CDMA & power control

7, 11.2. 15.2. 8, 18.2 -- 22.2. 9, 25.2. 1.3.

Excercise 4: Various topics

Lecture 12: UMTS services and NW architecture Lecture13: WCDMA air interface

Q&A session, assignments

Excercise 5: HARQ & AMC

Lecture 14:3.5G, 4G systems, course wrapup

Deadline for Home assignments and matlab asignments 23:59