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Sustainable Solutions: What Can You Do?

REFUSE SINGLE-USE DISPOSABLE PLASTIC bags, bottles, straws, cups, napkins, utensils, etc.

SHOP GREEN, choose local, organic, seasonal and sustainable foods and products.

LESSEN MEAT CONSUMPTION Buy range-free, grass-fed meat, butter, eggs, and cheese. Explore meat
alternatives, perhaps Meatless Mondays, or better yet, go vegetarian or vegan.

DIVEST OF FOSSIL FUELS in your personal, business, IRA, college funds, and banks and consider
investments in green technologies (creates jobs, lowers prices for renewables and helps lower CO2).

BUY ELECTRIC CARS OR HYBRIDS. Please dont buy another gas-only powered car. When possible
lessen vehicle miles traveled and opt to carpool, bike, hike and walk. Support mass transit.

INSTALL SOLAR panels on our homes and businesses. Support local, clean, renewable power options.

SUPPORT SUSTAINABILITY PRACTICES in businesses, restaurants, retailers and institutions.

WASTE LESS. and are helpful guides.

CHOOSE products without palmitate (a.k.a. palm oil), this preserves the rainforests, and protects
threatened/endangered species. (RSPO means Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil vs. Conflict Palm Oil)

CONSERVE water and energy and switch old bulbs to LEDs, lessen overconsumption.

SWITCH from chemical fertilizing and pesticide use, to composting/organic; it will help save our clean
water, oceans, rivers, air and preserve public health.

IMAGINE a healthy planet. SAVOR nature, the outdoors and our interconnectedness.

SPEAK UP about creating a better future, to your political leaders, friends, family, co-workers, news
media, neighbors, clubs, businesses, clergy, organizations, FB, Twitter, etc.

JOIN an environmental group and stay involved:,, Union of

Concerned Scientists, Greenpeace,, Food and Water Watch, Rainforest
Action Network, Friends of the Earth, Sierra Club, Surfrider Foundation, Coastkeeper, etc.

Tell our leaders to:

GIVE US A CARBON DIVIDEND. By pricing carbon well lower emissions, create jobs, improve national
security and public health, and boost our economy. Place a fee on carbon-polluting oil, gas and coal
industries with a steadily rising, fee on carbon, and give ALL the revenue to citizens. Top economists,
scientists, world leaders, and even oil companies advocate this now. (See Citizens' Climate Lobby)

URGE local mayors & city councils to adopt Climate Action Plans to limit emissions. Support recycled
water use. Contact your County Board of Supervisors, state lawmakers and Congress members.
SUPPORT formation of local clean, renewable, less-expensive power providers with Community
Choice Energy, instead of expensive and dirty gas-fired and fossil-fuel powered utility plants.

PHASE-OUT FOSSIL FUEL SUBSIDIES from taxpayers to oil companies. Move us toward carbon-free
energy independence a top priority.

ADVOCATE a ban on new pipelines, tar sands, fracking and drilling projects, halt fossil fuel exploration.

PURSUE large-scale carbon sequestration, reforestation and policies to reduce current emissions.

PROTECT DATA from NOAA, NASA, the EPA and FEMA and preserve their funding. Pass and enforce
laws that support a healthy, sustainable environment.

Links and resources: Mark Jacobson Senior Fellow -
Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment Rolling
Stone Magazine The Logic of Divestment "Years of Living Dangerously" Rolling Stone Magazine "Global Warmings Terrifying
New Math" CA Frack Facts

Books: The Sixth Extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert, Naomi Kleins This Changes Everything, The Soil
Will Save Us, Kristin Ohlson. TEDtalks: The Case for Optimism Al Gore, "The True Cost of Oil" Garth
Lenz, "The Missing Link to Renewable Energy" , "Reverse Desertification and Heal Climate Change" TV
& Online: HBOs VICE News, Weather versus Climate - Neil deGrasse Tyson, Our Future Morgan
Freeman, Movies: "An Inconvenient Sequel" Before the Flood , "Do the Math", "Racing Extinction ,
"Chasing Ice", "THE BURDEN, Fossil Fuel, The Military & National Security", "Sand Wars", Sonic Sea,
"Mission Blue", How to Let Go of the World.. and Gasland, This Changes Everything, Carbon
Nation, Pump, The Island President, "DamNation", Food Inc., Just Eat It, Bag It

Eve Simmons is a decades-long environmental advocate, keynote speaker, green blogger,

former wildlife guide and photojournalist. Eve imparts knowledge from the worlds top
scientists and economists, as well as humor, solutions and hope toward a sustainable
environment that fosters job creation, a healthy economy, improved national security and
public health. She has lectured throughout Southern California lobbies for action both locally
and on Capitol Hill. Eves presentations range from our environment, oceans, air, water and
soil, extreme weather, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and habitat, plastic pollution, to
pricing carbon, divestment and other solutions, to the social justice and politics of climate
change. Eve served on San Diego Countys Fish and Wildlife Advisory Commission, as a delegate
to Californias State Assembly and as a member of CAs Environmental Caucus. She was also a
board member of Encinitas EcoFest and the San Diego Energy District Foundation. Eve and her
husband Tom are small business owners and proud parents. Follow her on Twitter
@Eve_Simmons and her website and blog,

Contact Eve Simmons at and on Twitter @eve_simmons or 760-613-3023