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DuPont Apollo

C Series Thin Film Modules

High Energy Yields Low Cable Power Loss Stable Power Output Robust Encapsulation Easy Mounting

Product Specification
Model Technology Mechanical Characteristics Dimensions Weight Front Cover Encapsulant Back Cover Frame Electrical Characteristics At Standard Test Conditions (STC) Nominal power output (Pmpp) Voltage at Pmpp (Vmpp) Current at Pm point (Impp) Open circuit voltage (Voc) Short circuit current (Isc) Open circuit voltage, initial (Voc, initial) Short circuit current, initial (Isc, initial)

Module Outline
DA130 DA133 DA136 DA139 DA142 DA145 DA148 DA151 DA154 Amorphous / Microcrystalline Silicon (Tandem Junction)
L 1409 x W 1110 x T 35 mm 20 kg 4.0 mm TCO Glass EVA Backsheet Aluminium

130W 114V 1.14A 154V 1.40A 158V 1.42A

133W 116V 1.16A 155V 1.41A 159V 1.43A 99W 107V 0.93A 143V 1.14A

136W 117V 1.17A 156V 1.41A 159V 1.43A 101W 108V 0.94A 143V 1.14A

139W 118V 1.18A 156V 1.42A 160V 1.44A 103W 109V 0.95A 144V 1.14A

142W 119V 1.19A 157V 1.42A 161V 1.44A 105W 110V 0.96A 145V 1.15A

145W 121V 1.20A 157V 1.43A 161V 1.45A 107W 111V 0.97A 145V 1.15A

148W 122V 1.22A 158V 1.43A 162V 1.45A 110W 112V 0.98A 146V 1.16A

151W 123V 1.23A 158V 1.44A 162V 1.46A 112W 114V 0.98A 146V 1.16A

154W 124V 1.24A 159V 1.44A 163V 1.46A 114W 115V 0.99A 146V 1.17A

At Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) 97W Nominal power output (Pmpp) 105V Voltage at Pm point (Vmpp) 0.92A Current at Pm point (Impp) 142V Open circuit voltage (Voc) 1.13A Short circuit current (Isc)

Temperature Characteristics at 1000 W/m 2, AM 1.5 Temperature coefficient of Isc Temperature coefficient of Voc Temperature coefficient of Pmpp Operating Conditions Operating temperature Maximum mechanical load (front / back) Maximum system voltage Maximum reverse current overload Connector Cable size Cable length Standard Guarantees and Certifications Product warranty Performance warranty Certifications Packaging Details Packaging unit Dimensions Storage

+ 0.09% / C - 0.35% / C - 0.30% / C

Current [A]

- 40 ~ + 85 C Standard: 2400 / 2400 N/m 2, Optional: 5400 / 2400 N/m 2 1000 V (IEC) / 600 V (UL) 2A MC4 compatible 2.5 mm 2 400 mm, 900 mm Standard: 5 years, Optional: 10 years 80% of nominal power for 25 years 90% of nominal power for 10 years IEC 61646 / IEC 61730 / UL1703 / ULC1703 29 modules per pallet L 1436 x W 1117 x H 1275 mm 928 modules (32 pallets) in 40 HQ container

Electrical Characteristics for DA130 at 25C

160 140


120 100 Power [W]


80 60


40 20

0 I @200W/m P @200W/m 20 40 I @400W/m P @400W/m 60 80 Voltage [V] I @600W/m P @600W/m 100 120 140

0 160

I @800W/m P @800W/m

I @1,000W/m P @1,000W/m

All data are subject to change without prior notice. Please consult with your sales representative for the exact product specifications of the actual shipment. Copyright 2012 Du Pont Apollo Limited. All Rights Reserved. The DuPont Oval logo and The miracles of science are trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. DuPont Apollo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DuPont specializing in silicon-based thin film photovoltaic modules. Please visit us at

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version 09/2012

Above electrical data represents stabilized module performance, unless specified otherwise. Pmpp at STC is subject to tolerance of +/-5%. Initial Pmpp is approximately 10-16% higher than stabilized Pmpp. STC: 1000 W/ m2, AM 1.5, cell temperature 25C. NOCT: 43.4 0.2C, 800 W/ m2, AM 1.5, ambient temperature 20C, wind speed 1 m/s. DA151 & DA154 are limited offerings, please check directly with our sales representative for availability.