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O About the CHARACTERS : Match them up !

a- b- c-
d- e- f-
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- #hat $ea% doe& the actio' take place (
- #he%e i& the actio' &et (
- #hat $ea% i& the actio' &et (
- #he%e i& the actio' mai'l$ &et(
J ason Tshabalala
Hendrick Booyens Captain Feyder
Linga Moonsamy
Franois Pienaar
Mr Pienaar

Mrs Pienaar
The Presidents head o! personal sec"rity
Presidential #"ard
Mandelas Chie! o! $ta!!
The President o! the R"gby Team
The Presidents n"mber one bodyg"ard
the Minister o! $port
Pienaars girl!riend
Mandelas personal secretary
%"nice& the Pienaars ' maid
O Reo%de% the ke$ mome't& i' a ch%o'ological o%de%* Numbe% f%om + to +, -hile -atchi'g the *
E At the seat of Power in Pretoria, people who worked for the De Klerk regime are packing up, in
anticipation of being fired by the Mandela regime.
E During the rugby match at Loftus Versfeld , Mandela shakes hands down the line of pringboks,
then returns, shaking hands with the !ritish Lions.
E "ason rushes to Mandela#s $ffice after his meeting with % white pecial !ranch cops
E &he pringboks lose the game against the !ritish Lions
E A big, rich, powerhouse all'white high school located near the freeway into (ape &own.
)hite boys in striped rugby *erseys train with total intensity under the critical eye of the ($A(+.,ight
across &+- !$./DA,0 1-/(- from the rugby fields is an area of )A&- LA/D. &here, !lack and
colored boys of the same age play a loose game of soccer with a tennis ball.
E 1ran2ois is in3ited to tea with the President.
E /ewly elected President Mandela addresses what#s left of the .nion !uilding taff. )hite faces,
bitter and resentful waiting to be fired by their new !lack leader.
E Lead by police motorbikes, then patrol cars, a white Mercedes approaches, heading
towards (ape &own. )hoe3er is in the Mercedes has stopped traffic.
E Mandela addresses the ./4&-D /A&4$/ 5eneral Assembly, thanking them for
their support in the fight against apartheid.
E At the .nion !uilding, President /elson Mandela and his bodyguards, pass a worker hanging a
portrait of Mandela ne6t to one of De Klerk, the pre3ious President.
E !oth "ason and Linga are concerned about their President being an easy target.
E /elson Mandela decides to donate a third of his monthly income to charity.
E &he President addresses the /ational ports (ouncil at -ersterust *ust outside Pretoria..
E 1ran2ois# father e6presses e6treme cynicism about Mandela and the new outh Africa. +e warns
1ran2ois about his future.
E A black boy from a &ownship is offered a durable and comfortable pringbok *ersey at a church clothing
distribution. +e declines the free gift.
O/ill i' the bla'k&* T%$ to %emembe% the e0act -o%d& o% fill i' -ith -o%d& that make &e'&e*
Coach a'd %ugbie%
Boy: )ho is he7
Coach: 4t8s the 9999999999.. Mandela.
,emember this 99999999..boys. &his is the 9999999 our
country went to the 9999999..
We are shown a short, MONTAGE which spans the tumultuous four years between NE!ON
MAN"EA#! release from prison an$ his inau%uration as &resi$ent of !outh Africa'
A''ou'ce% at p%e&& co'fe%e'ce:
(4 am now in a position to announce that Mr /elson Mandela will be
9999999999 from Prison on unday the ::th of 1ebruary at about ; pm.<
T) announcer:
=&here8s Mr /elson Mandela> Mr Mandela a free man, taking his first 9999..
into a new outh Africa.
&his is the moment the 999999999 has been waiting for and the top news of the day
in outh Africa and around the world.<
1e&c%ibi'g-comme'ti'g o' %iot& that a%e bei'g &ho-':
=&he recent release of /elson Mandela from prison has triggered a power
struggle between the A/( and their black ri3als.
&here are reports that the go3ernment has secretly been pro3iding arms to
these groups contributing to the 9999999999.. that has erupted
throughout the country.
outh Africa appears to be on the 3erge of a ci3il war.
Mr Mandela has tra3elled to Durban in an effort to persuade :??.??? angry
young A/( supporters on the front line to make 9999999999.<
Ma'dela2& &peech to the c%o-d:
=&ake your kni3es and your 999999999. and your9999999.. and your anger
and throw them into the sea.<
T) announcer commentin% on the elections:
=9 After four years of talks the day black outh Africans ha3e been fighting for
has finally 9999999999. . 1or the first time they are free to cast their 99999..
alongside whites. An estimated @; million people went to the 9999999. today.<
Ha.i'g bee' elected3 Ma'dela &-ea%& i' a& p%e&ide't i' f%o't of the c%o-d:
=4 /elson ,olihlahla Mandela, do hereby swear to be 99999999999.. to
the ,epublic of outh Africa. /e3er, ne3er and ne3er again shall it be that this
beautiful land will again e6perience the 9999999999..of one by another
and 999999999. the indignity of being the talk of the 99999999999 <
O/ill i' the bla'k& i' the follo-i'g ke$ e0t%act& f%om the*
C4!5E TEST N6+
&he NEW!&A&E* headline which shows a photo of the 4nauguration
and the following words, in AfrikaansA
+E CAN W,N AN -----------' , B.T CAN +E -----'' A
C4!5E TEST N67
Ne-l$ elected "%e&ide't Ma'dela add%e&&e& -hat8& left of the 9'io' :uildi'g Staff*
Mandela : 4#d like you to 999999999 out here.
Jason: 0es, but, Madiba 9
Mandela : 4 cannot 9999999 to them hiding behind men with99999999.. .
Mandela : 5ood999999999. . +ow are you this morning7
' 1ine.
' 4t#s good to 99999. you. &hank you for 999999999 on such a
9999999999 notice.
ome of you 99999999 know who 4 am. 4 9999999. not help noticing the
9999999999 offices as 4 came to 999999999 this morning9 and all
the packing 999999999999 .
/ow ,of course, if you want to99999999999 , that is your9999999. .
And if you 9999999999 in your 999999999.. that
you999999999.. work with your new 999999999999, it is better
that you 999999 lea3e. 99999999 away>
!ut if you are 999999999999 up because you99999999that your
999999999999 or the 999999999999 of your 99999999
or who you 999999999999 for before disBualifies you from
999999999999 here .
4 am here to 999999999 you ha3e 99999 such 99999999. )hat is
3erby is 99999999999. &he 999999999999 is
the999999999999. )e 99999999999 to the 9999999 now.
)e 9999999999your 9999999999. )e 9999999999 your
999999999 . 4f you would like to 9999999999 you 9999999be
doing your 9999999999 a great 9999999999. All 4 9999999
is that you 9999999 work to the 9999999999 of your
9999999999 and your 9999999999 heart. 4 9999999999
to do the 9999999999 .4f we 9999999999 manage that, our
9999999999 will be a 9999999999 light in the
9999999999 .
C4!5E TEST N6;
<a&o' %u&he& to Ma'dela8& !ffice afte% hi& meeti'g -ith = -hite Special :%a'ch cop& -ho ha.e
bee' o%de%ed to the &ecu%it$ office b$ the "%e&ide't him&elf*
#he' he e'te%& the p%e&ide't8& !ffice3 <a&o' look& 9999999999.999999. .
According to Mandela, these % men ,who used to99999999999. de Klerk,
are99999999999. by A and ha3e a lot of 99999999999.. .
Mandela : 0es, you asked for more 9999999999.. , didn#t you 7
Jason: 0es, ir 4 asked9.
Mandela :)hen people 9999999999.. me in 9999999999.. , they see my
9999999999999. . 0ou 9999999999.. me directly. &he
9999999999.. 9999999999.. starts here. 9999999999.. starts here >
Jason: ,econciliation 79
Mandela : 0es, reconciliation, "ason.
Jason: 9999999999.. President, not long 999999999 these guys tried to
9999999999 us. Maybe e3en these four guys in my office tried and often
9999999999.. .
Mandela : 0es, 4 know. 9999999999.. starts here too. 1orgi3eness liberates the
9999999999.. . 4t remo3es 9999999999.. . &hat is why it is such a
9999999999.. 9999999999.. .
Please, "ason. 9999999999.. >
C4!5E TEST N6=
The N>>>>>>>>>> S >>>>>>>>>>> C >>>>>>>>>>*
p%opo&e& a .ote o' the follo-i'g motio':
&hat as a permanent 9999999999.. of the 9999999999.. era, the
9999999999.. , 9999999999.. , and the name of the 9999999999..
be 9999999999.. immediately and that all sports9999999999.. representing
9999999999.. 9999999999.. shall be known forthwith as the
9999999999.. .
9999999999.. , 9999999999.. , comrades, 4 am here because 4 99999999.
you ha3e 9999999999.. a decision with insufficient 9999999999.. or foresight .
4 am 9999999999.. of your earlier 9999999999.. . 4 am aware that it was
9999999999.. .
/onetheless, 4 belie3e we 9999999999.. restore the 9999999999.. . ,estore their
9999999999.. , their 9999999999.. and their colors, 9999999999.. .
Let me 9999999999.. you 999999999. . $n ,obben 9999999999.. , in
Pollsmoor 9999999999.. , all of my *ailers were all 9999999999999999.. .
1or 999999999 99999999. years, 4 9999999999.. them.
l9999999999.. their 9999999999.. , 9999999999.. their
9999999999.. , their 9999999999.. . 4 had to know my 9999999999..
before 4 9999999999.. pre3ail 9999999999.. him. And we did
9999999999.. , did we 9999999999.. 7 All of us here ... we pre3ailed. $ur
9999999999.. is no 9999999999.. the Afrikaner. &hey are our fellow
outh 9999999999.. , our 9999999999.. in 9999999999.. . And they
treasure pringbok 9999999999.. .
4f we 9999999999.. that away, we 9999999999.. them. )e 9999999999
that we 999999999 what they feared we 9999999999.. be.
)e 9999999999.. to be 9999999999.. than that. )e ha3e to 999999999
them with 9999999999.. , with restraint, and99999999999.99. .
0es, 4 9999999999.. . All the 9999999999.. they 9999999999.. us.
!ut this is 9999999 time to celebrate petty 9999999999.. .
&his is the 9999999999.. to9999999999.. our nation using e3ery single brick
9999999999.. to us '' e3en if that9999999999.. comes wrapped in
9999999999.. and 9999999999.. .
0ou 9999999999.. me your 9999999999.. .
9999999999.. me 9999999999.. you 9999999999.. .
9999999999.. is with me on this7
O About hi& o.e%&ea& t%ip : Tick the place& he .i&ited o' hi& p%e&ide'tial t%ip*
E Ne- ?o%k Cit$ E /%a'ce E Au&t%alia E 4o'do' E #a&hi'gto' 1C
O Mai' i&&ue& the 'e- go.e%'me't -ill ha.e to deal -ith :
E hou&i'g E c%ime Elo.e E educatio' E job& E cu%%e'c$ E food E public
O According to /elson Mandela, the white minority still controls the 99999999..99999..
, the99999999..99999.. and the 99999999..99999... +e needs them to help
the nation face the other problems.