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1. Listen to the opening sentences of the three presentations and complete the table: Presenters name Presenters position/ function Topic of presentation Presentation 1 Klaus Scherbaum Head of logisitics e! semi"automatic shel#ing s$stem 'or those !ho place orders for different parts !e suppl$ Presentation 2 Pro%ect documentation Presentation 3 Susan Webster HR manager The concept for impro#ing for in" compan$ training and &ualification programs (epartments heads

Who is the presentation for

'or those !ho are in#ol#ed in international pro%ect management

hich presentations are formal and !hich are less formal" 'irst and the last presentations are formal and the second one is less formal) #. Listen to the openings again and complete the sentences. Presentation 1 1) First of all* let me than+ $ou all for being here toda$) 2) ,et me introduce m$self) -$ name is. 3) /m here toda$ to present our ne! semi"automatic shel#ing s$stem) 0) -$ tal+ is particularly rele#ant to those of $ou !ho place orders for the different parts !e suppl$) Presentation 2 1) /m happ$ that so man$ of $ou could make it toda$ at such short notice) 2) 3s $ou can see on the screen* our topic toda$ is pro%ect documentation) 4) This is e5tremel$ important for all of us !ho are directl$ involved in international pro%ect management* right6 Presentation 3 7) /m aware that $ou all ha#e #er$ tight schedule* so / appreciate ta+ing the time to come here toda$) 8) 3s $ou probably +no!* m$ name is. /m the ne! human resources manager here at Weston ,td) 19) Toda$s topic !ill be #er$ important for $ou as department heads since Ill need $our help to e#aluate and select candidates for training) $. %&t the sentences from abo'e in the correct categor( )a*d+. a) sa$ing !hat the topic is:3* 2 b) !elcoming the audience: 1* 1* 7

c) sa$ing !ho $ou are: 2* 8 d) sa$ing !hat the topic is rele#ant for the audience: 0* 4* 19 ,o! p&t a*d in the order (o& !o&ld &se to start a presentation. b- c- a- d .. /atch these less formal phrases !ith the more formal phrase in the table. -ore formal ;od afternoon* ladies and gentlemen) Toda$ / !ould li+e to. ,et me %ust start b$ introducing m$self) -$ name is. /ts a pleasure to !elcome toda$ /n m$ presentation / !ould li+e to report on. The topic of toda$s presentation is. / suggest that !e begin no! /m a!are that $ou all ha#e #er$ tight schedules. ,ess formal Hi* e#er$one) What / !ant to do toda$ is. 3s $ou +no!* /m. /ts good to see $ou all here) /n m$ tal+ /ll tell $ou about Toda$* /m going to tal+ about <+* shall !e get started6 / +no! $ou are all #er$ bus$.

0. ,o! practice the opening of a presentation. 1se phrases from the bo2 and follo! the flo! chart. Welcome audience ==== /ntroduce $ourself ==== /ntroduce topic ==== Sa$ !h$ audience !ill be interested) 3. 4omplete the sentences !ith the correct form of the 'erb and a sentence ending from belo!. 1 2 3 0 1 2 4 7 gi#e sho! tal+ bring report update loo+ begin Toda$s /d li+e to gi#e an o#er#ie! of our present mar+et position /ll be sho!ing ho! the database !or+s) (uring the ne5t t!o hours !ell be tal+ing about >? ta5 reform) /d li+e to bring $ou up to date on S>K<s in#estment plan) This afternoon /m going to report on our financial targets for the di#ision) Toda$ /d li+e to update $ou on the proposed training pro%ect) This morning !ell be loo+ing at business opportunities in 3sia) Toda$ /ll begin b$ telling $ou about !hat @anes group is !or+ing on)

5. 4omplete the sentences !ith the correct form of the 'erb and a sentence ending from belo!. /ll be tal+ing to $ou toda$ about the after"sales ser#ice plans !e offer) /ll start b$ describing the #arious pac+ages in detail) Then* /ll go on the sho! $ou some case studies) Finally* /ll discuss ho! $ou can choose the best plan to meet $our customers needs) /#e divided m$ tal+ into three main parts) 'irst of all* /ll tell $ou something about the histor$ of our compan$) After that /ll describe ho! the compan$ is structured and finall$* /ll gi#e $ou some details about our range of products and ser#ices) /d li+e to update $ou on !hat !e#e been !or+ing on o#er the last $ear) /ll focus on three main areas: first* our %oint #enture in 3siaA second* the ne! plant in Bharleston) 3nd third* our rede#elopment)

6. 4omplete the sentences !ith the correct prepositions. 1) 2) 3) 0) 1) 2) 4) 7) Than+ $ou for coming all this !a$) /#e di#ided m$ presentation into three parts) 'irst of all* /ll gi#e $ou an o#er#ie! of our financial situations) 'irst* !ell be loo+ing at the compan$s sales in the last t!o &uarters) /n the first part of m$ presentation /ll focus on the current pro%ect status) Point one deals with 3P;s ne! regulations for /nternet use) Secondl$* /ll tal+ about our in#estment in office technolog$) 3fter that /ll mo#e on to the ne5t point)

7. 4omplete the sentences !ith the correct prepositions. a) This morning /d li+e to update $ou on the current status of !or+ at the construction site) The information / gi#e $ou toda$ should help $ou !ith planning $our ne5t steps)C0D b) 'or those of $ou !ho dont +no! me* m$ name is ;ordon Selfridge) ,et me %ust !rite that do!n for $ou) <K) /m the pro%ect manager in charge of the Ea+ To!er building pro%ect in (ubai)C3D c) /#e di#ided m$ presentation into three parts)C1D d) Hello* e#er$one)C1D e) Then /ll mo#e on to the problems !ere facing !ith our local suppliers)C4D f) 'irst of all* let me than+ $ou for coming here toda$) /m a!are that $oure all bus$ preparing for the annual meeting this !ee+* so / reall$ appreciate $ou ta+ing the time to be here)C2D g) /ll start off b$ sho!ing $ou some photos of the building site and discussing the progress !e#e made since @anuar$)C2D h) -$ tal+ should ta+e about 39 minutes) Please feel free to interrupt me at an$ time !ith &uestions) C8D i) /ll end !ith some ideas for reducing labor costs that !e#e been loo+ing into)C7D %) <h* and dont !orr$ about ta+ing notes) /ll be handing out copies of the Po!erPoint slides at the end of m$ tal+) C19D ,o! p&t this points in the order in !hich Gordon mentions them. E) Welcome F introduction () ?pdate on current status /) Three main parts ') Progress made since @anuar$ ;) ,ocal suppliers 3) Reducing labor costs B) 39 minutes for presentation H) Guestions during presentation >) Handout after presentation

18. Loo9 again at these sentences from the presentation and replace the highlighted !ords !ith !ords or phrases from the bo2 belo!. 1) /ll start off b$ sho!ing $ou. C/ll begin b$ sho!ing $ou.D 2) / di#ided m$ presentation into three parts C/ di#ided m$ presentation into three sections)D 3) 'or those of $ou !ho dont +no! me* m$ name is ;ordon Smith) C'or those of $ou !ho dont +no! me* Im ;ordon SmithD 0) Then /ll mo#e on to the problems. CAfter that /ll turn to the problems.D 1) /m the pro%ect manager in charge of our (ubai building pro%ect) C/m the pro%ect manager responsible for our (ubai building pro%ectD

2) /m a!are that $oure all bus$ preparing for the annual meeting. C/ realize that $oure all bus$ preparing for the annual meeting.D 11. /atch the sentences hal'es from the t!o col&mns to ma9e t(pical sentences and then translate them into Romanian. 1) 2) 3) 0) 1) 2) 4) 7) 'or those of $ou !ho dont +no! me CcD /m Eob Ka$ in charge of the soft!are di#ision) 'eel free to as+ CdD &uestions at an$ time) This !ont ta+e more ChD than 29 minutes of $our time) /ll be passing out CgD handouts in a fe! minutes) This part of the presentation !ill ta+e CbD about 19 minutes) /ll start off b$ gi#ing $ou CfD an o#er#ie! of our product range) Theres no need CaD to ta+e notes) >#er$thing is on the handout) There !ill be time CeD for &uestions after m$ tal+) hich one starts !ith

1#. Listen to the beginnings of fo&r presentations. a) b) c) d) a rhetorical &uestion6 C0D an interesting fact6C3D an anecdote6 C1D a problem to thin+ about6 C2D

,o! p&t this points in the order in !hich Gordon mentions them. 1) You know* / !as sitting in the !aiting room at the dentists the other da$ and / came across something #er$ interesting* in one of the magazines* that !as l$ing there) 2) Imagine $ou !or+ed in a small to medium"siHed compan$ and !ere responsible for ma+ing people in $our compan$ a!are of health and safet$ issues) Ho! !ould $ou go about it6 3) Did you know that the number of possible !a$s of pla$ing the first four mo#es per side in a game of chess is.6 0) So* let me start b$ asking you a uestion) Wh$ should !e introduce a double &ualit$ chec+ here at 3uto Spare F Parts.6 Well* /m here toda$ to tell you why) 1$. /atch items from the three col&mns to ma9e attention*grabbing openings. 1) (id $ou +no! 3merican 3irlines sa#es I09*999 in 1874 b$ eliminating one oli#e from each salad ser#ed in first"class6 2) / read in an article some!here that Jcant is a four"letter !ord) / tend to agree !ith that) 3) /magine $ou !on a million >uros) Who !ould $ou tell first6 0) Ban !e reall$ compete !ith the Bhinese6 <f course !e can) hat presentation topics co&ld (o& &se each of openings abo'e for" 4hoose one of the openings and &se it to practice the introd&ction of a tal9. 1.. Translate these sentences. Tr( to &se e2pressions from this &nit. 1) <+) Putem incepe6 <K) Shall !e get started6 2) Tema preHentarii mele de aHi este satisfacerea clientului) The topic of m$ presentation toda$ is customer satisfaction) 3) PreHentarea mea #a dura apro5imati# 39 de minute)

-$ presentation !ill ta+e about 39 minutes) 0) -a #oi a5a pe trei puncte) / !ill be focusing on three issues 1) Kom incepe cu o analiHa a situatiei preHente a proiectului) Well start b$ anal$Hing the current status of the pro%ect) 2) Stiati ca aceasta masina este foarte populara in Bhina6 (id $ou +no! that this car is #er$ popular in Bhina6 %&t the notes in the correct order- then prepare t!o openings of a presentation: a formal one and a less formal one. 1se the chec9list for introd&ctions belo! if (o& need help. 1* 2* 0* 1* 3* 2 10. ,o! its (o&r t&rn. Thin9 of a tal9 (o& ha'e gi'en or !o&ld li9e to gi'e and &se the chec9list to prepare (o&r introd&ction. Tr( to &se phrases from this &nit. 1) iA 2) aA 3) cA 0) gA 1) dA 2 hA 4 fA 7 bA 8 e