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Education is momentous instruments in shaping character of it is shape

of good character, and also shape a smart citizen, enthusiasm in expanding a
science and technology.
Pesantren education is education has a agamic style or it educates us in religion
knowledge, belief, tauhid, Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), etc.
The name pesantren is derive from the word “santri” and additional “an”. It has
meaning that place where they (santri) learn Islamic knowledge. Pesantren has
been already existed since Walisanga times.
They learned in mosque, or in teacher homes. Usually santri seeks and comes to
their wellknown teacher. They came from away from their homes. So, the teacher
has to prepare study places and their living homes. At that time begins emerge a
name “pesantren”, and it continue developing.
The Islamic education in Pesantren has already given some benefits to the society
to make them smart.
In the Walisongo time, Pesantren education is related with issues belief (aqidah),
Islamic yurispudence (fiqh), tauhid, and how to read holy quran correctly.
Pesantren education has already given them Islam knowledge only (salaf
education). This reality arose, because the society thought from a simple aspek
namely worldly (dunia) and here after (akhirat). So that it happens dicotomi among
Islam knowledge and Science.
In this perspective, Islam education is located in the afterlife aspect and ignore
wordly life(duniawi), a meanwhile science issues is considered separated from
In the term globalitation, Pesantren education has alrreadi combine dual system
education namely salaf and kholaf its named “ashriyyah” (Modern Pesantren). Salaf
is it only learns about religion issues, and kholaf is learns about science and
religions knowledge. Combination of dual system education is purposed to get a
result more perfect or to get output better to face a life wordly and afterlife.
A moving education moving from salaf to kholaf, because a globalitation.
Globalilation must be faced, not to be shunned. So if the Ismic education is not lithe
or not to follow masyarakat will. It become islam is stagnant.
And a moving of education is continouing to the unexpected a away (negative),
namely; the first; Pesantren education is as place to get a rich, to make dynasty or
imperial. So it can omit ulama exixtance in shaping a nation good character. The
second is Ustadz as teacher who help Kyai (leader) doesn’t enough have good
capability (qualification). Both kyai and ustadz in Islamis education are agent of
change, social transformation, How can they change their behavior, transform
science, if they don’t have good qualification in education. The third, is Pesantren
education management is not planned good, such as not have pesantren
idealism.however, idealism is vision and mission in education. And vision and
mission is crucial issues.
All above is crucial issues that always faced by Pesantren. And its our duty to solve
to make pesantren better in education, in order to get bestoutput as islam