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CMP (Computer Science) Lab report

NGN 110 : Recitation 14

Date of submission: 21st November 2012

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Ahmed Khalid Ibrahim Salloum Mohamed Hussein Fadl Kevin Dias Mahmoud Abdulla

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CMP which is also called Computer science is an engineering discipline which only handles the software side of computer engineering and not the hardware part. Computer software comes in many varieties such as the common programs Safari, Mac Office and Gaming. Computer science could be used in many ways that could benefit people, Factories and production lines need computer scientists to keep everything synced and moving perfectly without problems. During the CMP Lab we were introduced to a game making program called Game Maker .As its obvious from the name of the program , it is used to make games . Using this program we are able to create 2D (platform) games. The instructor taught us how to modify simple games and add obstacles. The game is complete when you have a character, sprite and a background. Every event in the game has to have an action which makes the game reasonable. We learned how to add a monster to game and as the character collides with the monster (event) the character dies (action). With this report we are going to summarize what we had done in CMP Lab.

Table of contents
Abstract 1

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Introduction ..3

Procedure, results and discussion of results..4

Conclusion 5

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Appendix ..7,8


In the Computer Science lab experiment we were told to use a basic game designing software called Game Maker to create our own personally customized version of a short 2D game on a preset platform. Game Maker allows users to create video games without any prior knowledge of programming languages. Game Maker allows users to create games much faster, so it is sometimes used as a prototyping engine. [1] The design given to us required that we were able to create a setting which causes a specific result on the user making the main character perform a particular action. This is further discussed in the report. Learning about how we can alter a game the way we want to and the various other possibilities open to us in game designing would help us better understand the field of computer science. The acquired results on this basic experiment can be further analyzed to improve what we can achieve with game designing.

Procedure, results and discussion of results

We as a first step need to install the program gmaker given to us and then click on fileopent, we then click on the green arrow (play) and we will have the empty game. (Appendix 1 and 2) We then press escape, go to add sprite monster load sprite pacmanmonsterok. We then add click on add object sprite name monster. We then go to event collision with character, action destroyok. (Appendix 4) We then choose room0 and click in places where we want to place objects.(Appendix 3) We also go to object monster property score, insert collision and drag first life-1 choose relative.(Appendix 5) And this was every time the character collides with an object it loses one life. (Appendix 6 and 7)


Using the results we obtained, we can conclude that game-making opens up a limitless world to us with countless possibilities in designing a game. Games can similarly constantly be improved and all different types of games can easily be explored.