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Notice To Terminate Tenancy Agreement

By Landlord/Agent under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 Please complete this form using a black pen in BLOCK L TT !" To: ..................................... (name of tenant/s) I give you notice to deliver up vacant possession of the premises at: Address of premises .... .Postcode.. On: ___/___/___ (insert date on which tenant is required to vacate premises)
NB# $nless this notice is being gi%en for the end of fi&ed term tenancy you can %acate and hand back possession any time prior to this date and your responsibility to pay rent ceases from that date (section !".

This notice is #eing given on the follo$ing grounds: (tick appropriate bo to indicate the !rounds/reason and complete details as required) nd of fi&ed term tenancy# %! days minimum notice re&uired ("ection #$) Termination of periodic tenancy 'ithout a reason# '! days notice ("ection #%) ((): cannot #e used for tenancies over *! years". "ale of premises (landlord has entered into contract for sale dated ))/))/)) re*uiring them to gi%e %acant possession to purchaser+# %! days notice ("ection #&) Non,payment of rent# + days notice ("ections ## ' #() ((): tenant must #e at least + days #ehind $ith their rent at the time of service. If after serving this notice the tenant pays all the rent o$ing or enters into and fully complies $ith an agreed repayment plan the tenant is a#le to stay in the premises and continue the tenancy, unless the landlord/agent applies for and successfully o#tains a termination order due to the tenants fre&uent failure to pay rent on time". Other breach of agreement- besides unpaid rent# + days notice ("ection #)) The tenant has breached clause/s..../of the residential tenancy agreement dealing 'ith.//...../......................... 0eath of the tenant# (o minimum notice period ("ection 10#) Premises destroyed or 'holly or partly uninhabitable/cease to be useable as a residence/ appropriated/ac*uired by authority by compulsory process# (cross out $hichever not applica#le". (o minimum notice period ("ection 10() " !12C O3 NOT2C (section 445+ Notice gi%en by: -elivering it to the tenant in person .ailing it to the tenant (allo$ + $or/ing days for service" Personally putting it in the tenant0s letter#o1, in an envelope addressed to the tenant -elivering it to some#ody in person over 2 at the premises 3a1ing it to the tenant ../../.. (date delivered/posted)

.. (si!nature of landlord or a!ent)

*ame of landlord/a!ent+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++, -ontact phone number of landlord/a!ent+++++++++++++++++++++++,,, 3or information a#out your rights and o#ligations as a tenant, contact: (45 3air Trading on % %* *! or $$$.fairtrading.ns$ 6a$ Access (45 on %!! 777 8*' or $$$.la$access.ns$

your local Tenants Advice and Advocacy 4ervice at $$$

2N3O!6AT2ON 3O! T7 LAN0LO!0 Once completed you should retain a copy of this notice for your o$n records. A notice of termination for a periodic agreement may specify a day other than the last day of a period for the payment of rent as the termination date. If the notice is posted at least + $or/ing days should #e added to the date of posting to allo$ for delivery. It is recommended not to send notices #y registered mail. If you leave the notice in the tenant0s letter#o1 it needs to #e in an envelope addressed to the tenant. 9ou may $ish to have someone accompany you so that the service of the notice can #e $itnessed. 9ou can apply directly to the :onsumer, Trader ; Tenancy Tri#unal for an order to end the tenancy immediately in certain situations, including serious damage to the premises, serious in<ury to persons, illegal use of the premises or threats, a#use, intimidation or harassment. 5hen determining the day on or #y $hich the tenant is re&uested to vacate the period is counted in calendar days, starting the day after notice is given. 5here that day turns out to #e a 4unday or Pu#lic =oliday it may #e a good idea to ma/e the vacation date the ne1t $or/ing day. If you have * or more tenants on the same lease, this notice is duly given if given to any one of them. This notice can #e revo/ed at any time $ith the agreement of the tenant. If the notice is revo/ed you can give a further notice on the same ground at a later time. After you issue a notice you can issue a further notice on a different ground. 3or e1ample, if you issue '! days notice for termination of periodic tenancy $ithout a reason, and the tenant then stops paying the rent, you can issue a non>payment of rent notice.

2N3O!6AT2ON 3O! T7 T NANT If you dispute the grounds (reasons" on $hich this notice $as given you should first attempt to resolve it #y contacting the landlord or agent. If you fail to leave the premises #y the specified day the landlord/agent may apply to the :onsumer, Trader and Tenancy Tri#unal for an order terminating the agreement. In the case of non>payment of rent a termination order can #e applied for on the same day or any time after the notice is served. A %! day time limit from the termination date applies to all termination applications to the Tri#unal. 9ou can apply to the Tri#unal to have this notice declared void and of no effect if you #elieve it $as issued for retaliatory reasons. If you do not vacate your tenancy can only #e ended #y the 4heriff enforcing a $arrant for possession issued #y the Tri#unal. Penalties can #e imposed on a landlord, agent or any other person $ho see/s to remove you from the premises other than #y follo$ing the correct process. ?1cept $here this notice is issued #ecause the fi1ed term period is ending, you are a#le to vacate and hand #ac/ possession at any time #efore the date you have #een re&uested to vacate. 9ou do not have to give your o$n notice, you only have to pay rent to the date possession is given. If this notice has #een issued due to non>payment of rent, if you pay all the rent o$ing or if you enter into and fully comply $ith a repayment plan agreed $ith the landlord/agent, you $ill #e a#le to stay in the premises and continue your tenancy unless the landlord/agent applies for and successfully o#tains a termination order due to your fre&uent failure to pay rent on time (see sections 77 ; 7' of the Act". It is your responsi#ility to leave the premises as near as possi#le in the same condition, fair $ear and tear e1cepted, as set out in the original condition report.

5hen you vacate the premises, ma/e sure that you return all /eys to the landlord or landlord0s agent, supply a for$arding address, ma/e arrangements for a final inspection to #e done, notify your utility companies and other relevant parties, and ma/e arrangements for your mail to #e for$arded.