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CSR 2009 Details of Wipro Ltd., Bangalore, Karnataka Wipro Ltd. - Corporate Social Responsibility Activities are as follows
Company Profile
Company's Slogan Company's Vision Company's Mission Special Notes Company Type Industry Sector Products / Services Applying Thought Transforming to a new paradigm Spirit of Wipro Intensity to Win - Team, Innovate, Excel. Act with Sensitivity - Thoughtful and responsible. Unyielding Integrity - Honesty and fairness in action Indian Multi National Software and ITES 1. Personal Computer 2. I.T. Software 3. Vegetable fats and oils (Edible Grade) 95000

No. of employees

Other locations of factories / Refer Pg. 39 of Annual report 2008-2009 for list of 53 development centres and plant offices locations across India Financial result for time April 2008 - March 2009 period -Sales Rs. 21027 Crores -Profit before tax -Net profit after tax -CSR Budget Rs. 3548 Crores Rs. 2974 Crores Not Disclosed

CSR Activities
Trust / Foundation for CSR CSR Areas Wipro Cares 1. Children 2. Community Welfare 3. Disaster Relief 4. Education 5. Employee Welfare 6. Energy 7. Environment 8. Healthcare 9. Poverty Eradication 10. Rural Development 11. Vocational Training 12. Women

1. Environment 2. Education 3. Energy Publish Sustainability Report Member of Global Compact CSR activities in brief Yes Annual Report 2008-2009, Pg. XII 4. Ecological Sustainability: In 2007-08 we formally commenced our journey towards ecological sustainability. Eco-eye is our concerted corporation-wide initiative to transform the way we do business & engage all our stakeholders. Our ecological sustainability initiative has five themes: i. Be an ecological surplus organisation: Built around ecological sustainability on four key dimensions, energy, water, waste and biodiversity with the long term objective of creating an ecologically surplus organisation. ii. Business investments: We believe ecological and social sustainability will create the big business opportunities of the 21st century. We are creating an integrated portfolio of customer offerings built on a 'One Wipro' model that offers solutions across the spectrum consulting, renewable energy, water, lighting, Green IT and IT for Green. iii. Beyond Wipro: We are working actively in extending the sphere of activity among interested Wipro employees through Eco-eye employee chapters. We plan to expand the initiative deeper to our suppliers, customers, partner network, communities, and to take an active part in advocacy to realize this goal. iv. Transparent reporting: For any major initiative to be successful the efforts expended need to be measured and a periodic stock-take helps calibrate the future plans of action. We have adopted GRI framework of reporting. We published our first Sustainability Report in 2008-09. v. Risk planning and mitigation: Our risk management team focuses on following the developments in the study of the climate change and its impact on business. We are also adopting an approach by which we act continuously to mitigate the outcomes of such risks. Focus Area Goal Energy To reduce our Green House Gas (GHG) emissions to 2.5 tons per employee by 2015 (Baseline measure of 4.45 tons per employee in 2007-08) Water To reduce our water footprint per employee by 5% every year (Baseline measure of 44 liters of fresh water per employee per day in 2007-08) To replenish the water withdrawn from aquifers, by investing in rainwater harvesting & aquifer charging processes To conserve local water resources by working closely with local communities around our major campuses Waste To recycle waste internally to the maximum feasible extent. For the remaining, to ensure that it is processed safely. This will apply to all categories of waste-organic, inorganic, electronic and packaging. By 2013, we will ensure that not more than 5% of our total waste ends up in the landfills. Biodiversity To ensure all our new campuses are designed to preserve local biodiversity. To convert 5 major existing campuses into biodiversity spots by 2012 Pg. XVI Talent Engagement We provide our employees an opportunity to use their time and resources in productive pursuits. We launched two programs - Rejuve & Enrich. These programs allow our employees to use their time to expand their horizon(s), professionally and personally thereby preparing them for a more rewarding future. Wipro has built a reputation for fairness and meritocracy. In an effort to further encourage diversity amongst our workforce, we launched Women of Wipro (WoW) with a charter to build a sustainable and growing network that mentors women leaders, enables a culture of environmental sensitivity, contributes to business growth and development of society. Women of Wipro is built on the three pillars of empathy, empowerment and engagement. ------------------Pg. 18 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting

Three main CSR activities

Wipros sustainability reporting articulates our perspective on the emerging forces in the global sustainability landscape and Wipros response on multiple fronts. For each of the three dimensions of economic, ecological and social sustainability, we state the possible risks as well as the opportunities that we are trying to leverage. We presented a summary of our performance on 10 key sustainability dimensions in our Sustainability Reporting Resource effi ciency, Climate Change, Pollution and Waste, Ecological stewardship, People Development, Safety and health , Diversity, Human Rights, Social Capital (Education) and Indirect Economic Impact. We also articulated Wipros sustainability goals on these same dimensions. Sustainability is a collaborative exercise where many stakeholders have a critical role to play. Wipros alignment with overarching global charters and programs on sustainability is brought out by our endorsement of charters and membership in key bodies that are leading the way e.g. we are members of several forums like the U.N.Global Compact, the CII Mission on Sustainable Development etc. Your Companys Sustainability Report for 2007-08 has been assessed by DNV at the A+ level, which represents the highest levels of transparency, coverage and quality of reporting. ----------------------- Corporate Social Responsibility Reaching out to create new opportunities Our commitment has never been limited to the processes and projects we execute in our daily functions at Wipro Technologies. Over the years, we have developed a clear road to realize our vision of taking our success to other sections of society who struggle to care for their own basic needs. Wipro Cares Realities keep changing in an unpredictable world. In the midst of this there arise crises that need to be immediately attended to and through Wipro Cares we strive hard to address this. From community relief and rehabilitation in times of disasters to education opportunities, health and wellness programs for the needy, we make sure that our work touches every level of society who needs our help. Our Wipro Care program is executed with the help of our employees who are free to volunteer their services and other recognized voluntary organizations who make sure the goal is never out of focus.

Wipro Applying Thought in Schools Education is recognized as a key investment in Wipro, not only within, but also marked and leveraged as a social initiative. Through the Applying Thought in Schools initiative, we take our tagline seriously enough to build a network of social organizations committed to education reform. Education quality, research and interventions are clearly defined that our program explores. Eco Eye Our commitment to the ecology around us is as strong as our every endeavor. We believe that the future lies in sustainable solutions that will never interfere with our environment. With the formation of Eco Eye, we are now a business that incorporates better ecological balance in every project we execute. Additional CSR Information Wipro Ltd. - CSR activities from A. Report 08-09

CSR Contact Person

Name of contact person Designation Company Name Contact Address Phone Fax Email Id Mr. P. S. Narayan General Manager, Eco Eye Wipro Ltd. Doddakannelli Sarjapur Road Bangalore 560035 080 28440011 Extn 226766

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Company Name Registered Address Phone Fax Email id Website Year of Establishment Wipro Ltd. Doddakannelli Sarjapur Road Karnataka, Bangalore - 560 035 080 28440011 080 28440256 1945

Name of the Chairman / CEO Mr. Azim Premji Designation Chairman

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