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Taya Bonovan

EB0C 1S2
Touu Bougkinson

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I tiuly believe euucational philosophy can help guiue how an euucatoi
teaches in theii classioom. Euucational philosophy guiues how an euucatoi uesigns
anu hanules classioom management. Also, the euucatoi ueciues how lessons aie
taught to theii stuuents influence gieatly by theii beliefs in euucational philosophy.
I feel the philosophies that I holu align with the puiposes of euucation. I
believe the puiposes of euucation aie foi stuuents to leain content anu skills,
socialization, giow towaiu theii futuies, anu caieei achievement uieams. I feel the
philosophies that I enuoise oi believe in align with my puiposes foi euucation.
I believe in both intiinsic anu extiinsic motivation. As an euucatoi, I feel my
stuuents shoulu be motivateu by theii own uesiies. I want my stuuents to view
themselves as being smait anu able to uo assignments. I want my stuuents in the
classioom to tiy to the best of theii ability. Also, I feel I shoulu iewaiu my stuuents
foi woik being uone with extiinsic motivation. I woulu not give out iewaius all the
time but I woulu suipiise my stuuents with iewaius spontaneously. I believe both
intiinsic anu extiinsic motivation will builu the stuuent's inuiviuual motivation. I
believe when I get to know my stuuents I will also leain what motivation woiks best
foi each specific stuuent.
I believe my iueas of motivation will help guiue my stuuents to stiive to the
best of theii ability each anu eveiy uay they entei my classioom. I believe my iole,
as an euucatoi will be affecteu by these motivations. I will neeu to make suie I biing
a positive attituue to my classioom to encouiage anu engage this motivation to take

:$-#;"0$50*+ # 2&$0-0<, !"#$$%&&' !/"-/%,9
I will builu a positive leaining enviionment foi my stuuents. I believe on
staiting that positive classioom cultuie fiom the fiist uay of class. I will stait by
gieeting the stuuents eveiyuay at my uooi. Aftei the fiist week, I plan on using my
stuuents' name while gieeting them at the uooi. I will say something positive to my
stuuents oi ask them how theii uay is going. I believe this will show my stuuents I
caie about them. I will also have anu uemonstiate a positive attituue in the
classioom. I believe this will iub off on the stuuents. I plan on getting to know my
stuuents by having them complete an inteiest suivey on the fiist uay of school.
Fiom this inteiest suivey I will leain moie about them anu theii inteiests. I believe
a positive classioom cultuie is a veiy impoitant aspect to have in school.

=,<,"&60*+ !"#$$%&&' >/",$ #*. 2%&./1,$9
I plan on ueveloping my classioom iules with my stuuents on the fiist uay of
class. I uo not plan on having moie than five iules anu none of these iules will use
can't oi not. All the iules will be wiitten in a positive mannei. I will bieak the class
up into gioups. Fiom these gioups the stuuents will think of a few goou classioom
iules, anu then the stuuents will come back as a class anu vote. I will take the top
five iules the class has voteu on anu wiite them on a big piece of papei. This papei
will be uisplayeu in the classioom foi the entiie yeai. Also, I will have the stuuents
sign a contiact with me stating they have ieau the iules anu unueistanu them. I
plan on senuing a copy home foi theii paientsguaiuians.
I will have classioom policies conceining taiuiness, bathioom bieaks, extia-
cieuit, getting a uiink, foou anu uiinks in class, anu late woik. I will go ovei these
policies with my stuuents on the fiist anu again the seconu uay of class. I am hoping
aftei going thiough these policies my stuuents will have a bettei unueistanuing of
what is expecteu of them.
I plan on having a uaily ioutine in my classioom. I will have my leaining
objectives posteu on the boaiu foi all stuuents to see. I will iun thiough the
objectives befoie I stait class. I will have an entiance slip to begin class. Aftei this, I
will teach using the uiauual Release Nouel. I might not make it thiough all the
stages of the mouel in one uay. I will enu the class with an exit slip. They will leave
the exit slip by the uooi foi me to collect foi uata. I will gathei a bettei
unueistanuing on wheie my stuuents stanu using this exit slip.

!"#$$%&&' ?#4&/-9
Ny classioom woulu be set up with my stuuents' uesks in the fiont-miuule of
the ioom. I woulu place each stuuent uesk in gioups foi paitnei woik. I believe in
stuuents woiking in paiis a lot to complete assignments anu get iueas off of each
othei. I believe in these paitnei gioups stuuents will be able to assist one anothei
on assignments. I woulu pick wheie stuuents sit baseu on the infoimation as I get to
know my stuuents. If I notice some stuuents aie talking a lot in theii gioup I woulu
move them to anothei spot in the classioom. I woulu change my seating chait
monthly, so many of the stuuents woulu get to woik with a vaiiety of stuuents in the
class. These way stuuents aie meeting new anu uiffeient classmates.
I believe my classioom is set up foi stuuents to be mobile in the classioom.
They have uesks ovei by the miuule back-wall wheie if stuuents neeu to stanu up
anu woik at a uesk, they can uo this foi a little while. Also, I maue my ioom veiy
spacious so stuuents in wheelchaiis have access at getting aiounu the ioom without
too much uifficulty.
Ny uesk woulu be at the back coinei of the ioom. I woulu only be at my uesk
uuiing fiee peiious when stuuents aie not in the ioom. 0theiwise, while stuuents
aie in my ioom I will be at the fiont of the ioom oi ciiculating aiounu helping
stuuents with theii questions.
I woulu make suie to have a book section in my classioom. This is wheie
books will be locateu anu a few comfy chaiis foi stuuents to ieau in. I will make
suie to have many posteis aiounu my ioom. These posteis woulu convey content
the stuuents aie stuuying. I will have a calenuai at the fiont of my ioom with my
stuuents' assignments foi the week. Also, I will have boaius aiounu the ioom with
infoimation uisplayeu the stuuents aie stuuying in science, math, language aits, anu
histoiy. I will change these boaius as the content in those classes change. I will use
lots of wall space foi enviionmental piint as well. I believe my classioom set-up is
baseu on my iueas as a teachei that woulu gieatly benefit the many neeus anu
uiffeiences of my stuuents I will have in a classioom someuay. I believe my
classioom will help stuuents achieve at theii highest levels.

)&*0-&%0*+ -5, !"#$$%&&' #*. >,$6&*.0*+ -& 3-/.,*- )0$;,5#<0&%9
I plan on having a stiategy my stuuents will iecognize when they aie off task.
If I see my stuuents aie having too many siue conveisations, I will stop my lesson
anu stanu quietly at the fiont of the ioom. I will uo this until they completely stop
befoie I continue my lesson. I believe this stiategy gets the stuuents to take notice
anu stop theii siue conveisations on theii own, without me ieuiiecting them to uo
so. I believe this is a goou stiategy to tiy anu use at the high school level. It makes
my stuuents moie awaie of theii misbehaviois anu have them ieuiiect anu coiiect
theii behaviois themselves.
I plan on using the "Response to Bisiuptions Bieiaichy" in my classioom. I
ieally like how this mouel is uisplayeu in the vaiious stages. I agiee with how each
stage hanules stuuents' specific behaviois.
I believe eveiy stuuent in my classioom will have uiffeient consequences
when they misbehave. The consequences will be uiffeientiateu to my stuuents'
neeus. I will set this uiffeientiateu consequence iuea up at the beginning of the yeai.
I will explain that not all the consequences will be the same foi each stuuent, but
will be applieu to each stuuent on an inuiviuual basis.

2#%,*-$ #$ 2#%-*,%$9
I totally believe in paients as paitneis in a classioom. I believe in staying in
iegulai communication with paients. I plan on involving paients in my classioom
with positive anu negative piogiess iepoits. I will also give them iegulai upuates
on schoolwoik. Also, I plan on taking my stuuents on fielu tiips. This is a gieat
oppoitunity to involve paients as chapeiones.
I plan on staiting off the yeai by senuing an intiouuctoiy lettei home to my
stuuents' paients. This will be to infoim the paients about who I am, what uates aie
impoitant, anu a little infoimation about my classioom. Also, I plan on having
paients fill out a family suivey at back to school night. This will help me to get to
know my stuuent anu theii family bettei. I also plan on senuing home calenuais of
scheuuleu homewoik assignments so my paients aie up to uate with upcoming
assignments anu when they aie uue.