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--History-(The beginning of the Rus History can be found in the Scion Companion, Part 4, pg. 144 and 145.

Ho e!er, instead of gi!ing the Rus a"" of #ount #eru as a re ard for their bra!ery, they ere instead gi!en $a piece$ of #ount #eru. The %e!as had p"enty to share ith the f"edge"ing pantheon. &or the rest of it...' (f course, this isn)t an easy tas* easy. &or the "ast nine decades, Perun has been fighting t o fronts to achie!e this feat. +hen +or"d +ar ,, bro*e out and the -esir betrayed their o"d a""ies among the Rus by stri*ing at them in their scattered state, ta*ing them prisoner and destroying numerous of their a"ready scattered #undi it on"y made things orse. -nd much easier for the Citi/en to cement his ho"d o!er the pantheon using the position he gained in the So!iet Pantheon instead. (f course, 0e"es as among the Rus ho e!aded the -esir)s assau"ts and continued to ad!ise and guide the Citi/en from the shado s unti" the ar as o!er. +hen the ar ended and the So!iet Pantheon fe"" apart from the "oss of 1aba 2aga and Rodina #at)s disinterest in continuing her a""iance ith the Citi/en, the Rus cou"d fina""y begin to reform. 1ut by then, the Citi/en had pro!en too po erfu" to oust and Perun cou"d on"y 3oin the Rus and ser!e as a !oice of interna" dissension. +hen the other Titans bro*e from their prison, the Rus ere a"ready fighting their ci!i" ar ithin. Though, they ere not attac*ed by their o n Titan (Rod ha!ing ne!er been imprisoned after a""', they ha!e had to fight off raids from the other Titans. The Rus) former a""iance ith the -esir has meant that the Rus face constant threat from Surtur, his #uspe" giants and the other forces of #uspe"heim, forcing the Rus to try and put their trust in the -esir again. -dditiona""y, gi!en the Rus) focus on ferti"ity and agricu"ture, both Terra and Crom Cruach fee" threatened by their po er. Terra because the Rus try so hard to tame the or"d around them so they can gro crops. -nd Crom Cruach because the Rus) focus on agricu"ture stands against hat the Titan of 4arth represents. -s such, ith a"" the Titan incursions, the ci!i" ar bet een Perun and 0e"es and the gods ho ha!e ta*en sides has been put re"ati!e"y on ho"d. Though, the conf"ict sti"" continues hen the gods ha!e some time bet een Titan batt"es. -nd yet, regard"ess, Perun has had at "east moderate success. -"ready, the +or"d is sho ing signs of the Citi/en ea*ening. Sta"in)s communist regime as bruta" and b"oody. Though the So!iet Pantheon had crumb"ed, the So!iet 5nion in the +or"d remained. 1ut since the end of Sta"in)s regime, there ha!e been interna" changes in communist Russia. S"o "y, the +estern or"d began to catch up ith the 5SSR. %emocracy may not be the too" of the gods, per se, but as democracy gre in po er, communism ga!e ay. -nd as communism ga!e ay, the Citi/en ga!e ay. %emocracy at "east meant indi!idua"ity. ,t as something that ea*ened the Titans ho ou"d ho"d the Rus in their grasp. Then, fina""y, in the "ate 67)s, Perun made a brea*through. 8etting Chernobog a"one, Perun fina""y managed to get through to the other god ithin him, bringing 1e"obog to the fore for the first time in a"most 97 years. -nd in the +or"d, 8orbeche! approached other nations ith his po"icies of glasnost and perestroika. Soon after, #ar/anna re"eased her bitterness as she a" ays does e!entua""y. She is u"timate"y a goddess of cyc"es and hi"e 0e"es) p"ot had managed to pro"ong her anger, it cou"d not ma*e it permanent. +ith the changes in the +or"d, #ar/anna)s mood a"so changed and she re"in:uished her ho"d, "etting %ie!as a"* the +or"d again. Though, it)s not perfect. 1e"obog and %ie!as i"" not brea* their cyc"es in the same ay that Chernobog and #ar/anna did. So the dar* gods are sti"" acti!e, despite the fact that Perun may ish to brea* the cyc"e as e"". 1ut at "east the gods of goodness are acti!e again, e!en if the gods of dar*ness are there as e"" too. Some of the Rus and gods of other pantheons hisper that Perun)s success, the return of 1e"obog and %ie!as and the fa"" of communism in Russia of the +or"d to ea*en the Citi/en may be too "itt"e too "ate. ;o matter ho democratic Russia may become, the damage is a"ready done. Rod)s corruption has not been fu""y remo!ed from the +or"d and e!en in the Russian

democracy the Communist Party is sti"" one of the most po erfu" po"itica" forces in the country. -nd no matter ho ru"es in the (!er or"d, Perun or the Citi/en, it may a"" be for naught if the Rus are crushed beneath the ons"aughts of #uspe"heim, Terra, Crom Cruach and any other Titans ho choose to target the Rus. So, for the moment, Perun has had to set his agenda aside and "et the Citi/en (and 0e"es through him' *eep the throne and gi!e the orders. To cha""enge fu""y no ou"d mean distracting them from the Titan +ar. Perun *no s he has most of the pantheon)s support, hether he sits fu""y on the throne or not. 1e"obog)s and %ie!as) return is !ictory enough for no . #ore can come hen the Titans are bac* in chains. &urniture can be fought o!er "ater. (nce they)!e ensured that there ,S a $"ater$. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<Trig"a! and S!ante!it<< =ong ago, the t o Titans that ser!ed Rod used to be gods. =i*e Chiyou ho ser!es Hundun against the Ce"estia" 1ureaucracy, the $-!atars$ of Rod are corrupted gods. 5n"i*e the ser!ants of Hundun, ho e!er, the ord $-!atar$ is sti"" app"icab"e to these unified ser!ants as they are considered to be an e.tension of Rod himse"f. Trig"a! as once a god ho represented the ho"e of creation. He as the hea!ens, the earth and the aters be"o . +hen he as corrupted by Rod, Trig"a! as then *no n to unify those essentia" parts and to ho"d them together as a sing"e $Creation.$ +hen three<headed Trig"a! as di!ided into his component gods, he became S!arog, god of the sun and first ru"er of the hea!ens, 0e"es, god of death and ru"er of the seas be"o , and an earth god hose name has been "ost to the ages but ent on to di!ide again into %ie!as and #ar/anna, gods of spirit and the earth. S!ante!it, on the other hand, as a god of the peop"e. He as a god ho organi/ed humanity for the har!est time, ser!ed as the heart of the community and e!en ra""ied peop"e together to defend or fight for their home"and. Ho e!er, after being corrupted by Rod, his arrior aspects ere "ost as he became the mind of the peop"e to har!est and sur!i!e. +hen he as di!ided, each of his four heads became a different god. &rom him came >is"bog, goddess of the moon and protector of the seed"ing, Sieba, beautifu" goddess of "o!e and ferti"ity, Poere it, protector of the forest and i"d p"aces and patron of tra!e""ers, and a god of fortune and "uc* ho has since gone on to di!ide himse"f into 1e"obog and Chernobog, gods of good and e!i", the summer heat and the inter co"d. ,n theory, Trig"a! and S!ante!it cou"d be re<created. ,t ou"d re:uire combining a"" of the e"ders among the Rus into their origina" composite forms. This ou"d entire"y decimate the pantheon as on"y Perun, ?ari"o and @rsni*, their chi"dren and grandchi"dren, ou"d remain after ards. Ho e!er, if the Storyte""er ishes to use that possibi"ity, the near "oss of the pantheon and the po ers of 5nity cou"d ma*e it happen. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

--Cold Wars and Iron Curtains-The Rus ha!e mi.ed re"ationships ith the other pantheons. &e of these are open"y antagonistic, if on"y because the Rus are too ea*ened to be considered actua" threats. ;e!er the "ess, of a"" the pantheons the Rus seem the most committed to setting aside their differences in order to in the ar ith the Titans. Perhaps this is because the Rus ha!e seen firsthand ho bic*ering and infighting on"y ser!es to further the TitansA agendas.

,n the past, the pantheonAs o n interna" turmoi" shut them off from any re"ationships ith other pantheons, and indeed made them fearfu" and paranoid of other 8ods. ;o that the inds are changing and Perun has begun to restore the pantheonAs g"ory, a""s ha!e been torn do n and the Rus are s"o "y opening their doors once more. Sti"", o"d habits die hard, and the Rus ha!e a "ong ay to go before they fu""y trust the 8ods outside their o n pantheon. The Rus once he"d their c"osest a""iance ith the -esir, ithout hom they ou"d sti"" be ens"a!ed as -!atars of Rod. %espite this eterna" debt and the fact that the t o pantheons share a simi"ar out"oo* < a arriorAs out"oo*, fata"istic yet ith potentia" for great heroism, the t o pantheons cou"d ne!er fu""y reconci"e their differences after the betraya" during +or"d +ar ,,. Ho e!er, the constant attac*s from Surtr)s troops, forces the t o together once again, and o"d a""iances are starting to sho through again. &or their part, the Rus fu""y intend to stand by the -esir hen Ragnaro* comes < pro!ided they can get their act together first < if not for the sa*e of the treacherous (din and =o*i, then for the simp"e fact that they ish to sho Surtr their true mett"e in batt"e. Their fights against Crom Cruach ha!e a"so brought them c"oser to the Tuatha, another pantheon ith a simi"ar or"d !ie . The ,rish 8ods are brash, boastfu", and perhaps e!en a "itt"e naB!e hen it comes to fate, but they are fierce and "oya" arriors, and that is something to be respected. The Rus ha!e a se!ere distrust of their neighbors, the Ce"estia" 1ureaucracy. Communism has continued to f"ourish in China e!en after its co""apse in Russia, and e!en if ChinaAs 8ods ha!e done nothing to encourage its spread, neither ha!e they attempted to ho"d it bac*. The Rus a"so dis"i*e the bureaucratic nature of the Ce"estia" 1ureaucracy itse"f, hich seems to s"o e!ery decision to a cra ". ,f they are 8ods they shou"d act "i*e it, not fi"e paper or* and ait for appro!a" from the chain of command. ,n the !ie of the Rus, itAs on"y the insidious or* of Hundun that *eeps Rod from comp"ete"y o!erta*ing the Ce"estia" 1ureaucracy. The Rus ha!e more confidence in the Pesed3et, a"though not by much. The 4gyptian 8ods are indeed ise and 3ust and shou"d be respected for that, but their commitment to order and socia" hierarchy smac*s a "itt"e too c"ose to RodAs perfect 5nity. They are simi"ar"y ary of the -metsu*ami and the %e!as, ith hom their re"ationships are e!en more strained < the ?apanese and S"a!ic 8ods share a sense of disdain for each other, hi"e the Rus are simp"y bitter to ards the %e!as. The Hindu 8ods suspect its 3ust 3ea"ousy < the Rus in their !ie are a dying pantheon, hi"e their fo""o ers compose the the third "argest re"igion in the or"d. The Rus conceed maybe theyAre part"y right, but here ere the high and mighty %e!as hen the Rus began fa""ing apartC Sti"", "i*e the -esir, the Rus o e the %e!as. +ithout them, they ou"d not possess the rea"m of S!arga no and ou"d not ha!e an (!er or"d of their o n. -"" three pantheons, ho e!er, are sti"" far more trust orthy than the %ode*atheon, ho are !ie ed as !ain, arrogant foo"s < one does not need to be affi"iated ith Christianity to rea"i/e that pride comes before the fa"". -nyone ho !ie s themse"!es as infa""ib"e is 3ust going to be hit harder hen theyAre pro!ed rong < the Rus "earned that "esson the hard ay. 5nfortunate"y, the encroachment of Terra has forced the t o pantheons into an uneasy a""iance, so the Rus ha!e "earned to to"erate them < for no at "east. %ue to the geographic separation of their peop"es, the Rus ha!e had re"ati!e"y "itt"e contact ith the -t/"anti, or the =oa. 1ased on their "imited interactions, the Rus find the =oa to be the most compatib"e to their ay of thin*ing for their dedication to indi!idua"s and the here and no . Some Rus onder if =egba hasnAt someho managed to master the pur!ie of %ua"ity, gi!en his strange connection ith his dar* t in @a"fu. The -t/"anti, hose mindset and b"ood"ust are a"ien to them, remain tota""y outside their understanding < ith the possib"e e.ception of Chernobog.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<Chernoby"<< Spea*ing of inter<pantheon re"ations, on pg. 1D6 of the Scion Companion, the story is to"d of the Chernoby" disaster as the fina" resu"t of a *noc*<do n, drag<out fight bet een -res and the S"a!ic ar god, S!ante!it. 1ut ait a minute, isn)t S!ante!it a"so the name of the -!atar of Rod hich about ha"f of the origina" Rus sp"it fromC +hy yes, indeed it is. Ho can this discrepency be e.p"ainedC 4asy. #ost ho *no S!ante!it and -res on"y *no ha"f the story. the story about the fight bet een

+hat fe outside of the Rus *no is that S!ante!it did indeed, return. +ith the So!iet 5nion sti"" in po er, the entity *no n today as 1ig 1rother as buried deep ithin the @81. &inding the gods ith his connections and resources at that time as easy. ,t)s the capturing part that fe gods are c"ear on. 1ut that)s e.act"y hat he did. He captured and detained Chernobog, Poere it, Sieba and >is"bog. Some suspect he had he"p in doing this, though the Citi/en has tried to *eep his pantheon from rec*"ess action by pointing out that 1ig 1rother is hard"y a pusho!er. Regard"ess of ho he caught them, 1ig 1rother then ent about doing hat many thought as impossib"e. 5sing the po ers of Rod channe"ed through him as Rod)s !esse", 1ig 1rother as ab"e to re<merge the captured gods into the corrupted S!ante!it. Prior to his corruption, S!ante!it and -res had, indeed, been ri!a"s. ,t as a bitter ri!a"ry that on"y gre orse hen S!ante!it fe"" to the Titan Rod and begain unifying humanity under his banner. +hen the corrupted god as sp"it into his component pieces, this ri!a"ry as a"" but forgotten as S!ante!it as gone. ;o one)s :uite sure ho -res "earned of S!ante!it)s return. Some suspect Perun of feeding him the information. Some onder perhaps if 0e"es didn)t tip him off so that he cou"d destroy S!ante!it and ta*e some of the $softer$ gods ith him. 4ither ay, -res did find out and ent to confront S!ante!it. To hear -res te"" it, the batt"e as a decisi!e !ictory and the eruption of Chernoby" as simp"y a sign of his batt"e pro ess. (thers suspect a different ta"e, in!o"!ing -res near defeat and the destruction of Chernoby" ser!ing as a "ast minute act of desperation. =i*e"y, the truth "ies some here in the midd"e. 4ither ay, hen the reactor e.p"oded, the chaos un"eashed in that e!ent as enough to tear apart the ties of 5nity and rend S!ante!it asunder. The god as once again sp"it into his component parts, "ea!ing Sieba, >is"bog, Poere it and Chernobog "ying unconscious around -res feet. Some say 1ig 1rother as caught in the b"ast as e"", and is on"y no regaining his strength to the pre!ious "e!e"s he once he"d. -res did indeed fight the god S!ante!it that day. The corrupted god, bound into the ser!ice of the Titans and reformed from the captured gods that he once as. -res on that day, but he has since atched the Rus a "itt"e more c"ose"y, aiting to see if his o"d ri!a" i"" return once more. (thers a"so atch more c"ose"y, ha!ing seen proof that the magics hich separated the Rus can be undone and they orry hat that might mean for the Titan +ar no . <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

--The Pantheon-0irtuesE Courage, 4ndurance, 4.pression, 0a"or

-@-E 1e"bog, 1ia"bog, 1ye"obog, 1ie"obog, 1e"um, 1y"um 1e"obog is the $+hite 8od$ of the Rus. He is the master of "ight, the source of good, happiness and "uc*F abso"ute antagonist of dar*, e!i" and a"" negati!e emotions and acti!ities. 1e"obog is an ancient figure among the Rus, one of the origina" to be sp"it from the mu"ti<headed a!atars of the Titan, Rod. 1eing one of the gods to achie!e true %ua"ity, he is in constant batt"e ith his other ha"f, the god of e!i", though as the being of goodness, he can)t find it in himse"f to do a ay permanent"y ith Chernobog. He can)t e!en 3ustify "oc*ing Chernobog a ay fore!er as Chernobog near"y did to him. To do so ou"d be an act of destruction and crue"ty and such actions are not in his nature. -s such, e!ery so often 1e"obog "ets the cyc"e f"o as norma" so that Chernobog can ser!e in his di!ine ro"e. Ho e!er, 1e"obog has not been acti!e for a "ong hi"e. He)s on"y no bac* on his feet. Since Perun freed him from his $imprisonment$ he has been trying to catch himse"f up again. Though, he sti"" shares his ichor ith his e!i" t in. This hasn)t stopped him from ma*ing efforts to undo the se!enty years of pain and suffering that Chernobog inf"icted hi"e 1e"obog as not there to counter his actions. 4!i" has a head start that good is strugg"ing to catch up on. He a"*s the +or"d no in guises that demonstrate his position as a force of good in the or"d. He may sho himse"f as an (rthodo. priest ho tru"y be"ie!es in the goodness and charity that he preaches. He may a"* as an anti< ar protestor ho tries to encourage peace in the #idd"e 4ast. His guises are many and !aried, but one thing they ha!e in common is that he a" ays seems tru"y de!oted to bringing peace and happiness to the or"d. 1e"obog)s Scions are rare. -ny o"d ones he had before ou"d be eighty years o"der no . They)d be "ost to o"d age, or ha!e become gods themse"!es, or at the !ery "east po erfu" demigods. (r more "i*e"y, they)!e been "ost to the Titan +ar as cannon fodder under the guidance of the Citi/en and 0e"es. +hat)s more, any chi"dren that 1e"obog might ha!e had no ou"d be on"y teenagers. &ifteen at the o"dest, hi"e they may sti"" be 0isited and granted po er, they ou"d be young and prone to being targeted as ea* "in*s in the Rus) forces. ;ot to mention the fact that his busy schedu"e to try and catch up on doing his duty has "eft him "itt"e time for romance ith morta"s. There is one trend that has de!e"oped in 1e"obog)s Scion)s thoughE -doption. #ost of 1e"obog)s Scions in the +or"d today, hat fe there are, ere born as chi"dren of other gods and adopted by 1e"obog. This means that there is no sing"e thread hich ho"ds them together. They tend to be dra n to ard se"f"ess acts of *indness and ma*ing the or"d a better p"ace, but these adopted chi"dren bring more !ariety to the goa"s of 1e"obog than perhaps the god of good is used to. Associated Powers: 4pic -ppearance, 4pic Charisma, 4pic Perception, %ua"ity, Hea"th, ?ustice, Sun Common Abilities: -rt, - areness, 4mpathy, &ortitude, ,ntegrity, Presence Rivals: Chernobog, #ar/anna, 0e"es, Set, Sobe*, -res, =o*i, Te/cat"ipoca, @a"fu

-@-E Crnobog, C/ernobGg, Hernobog, >ernebog

,t shou"d come as no surprise that Chernobog, the %ua" aspect of 1e"obog, is the comp"ete antithesis of e!erything 1e"obog stands for. The $1"ac* 8od$ stands for e!erything dar* and e!i". +here 1e"obog is "ight, Chernobog is dar*ness. +here 1e"obog is order, Chernobog is chaos. +here 1e"obog is "ife and ferti"ity, Chernobog is death and co"d. -nd, as if that eren)t enough, there is a"so one "ast secret hich Chernobog ou"d ne!er admit to anyoneE he does not hate 1e"obog. 1e"obog may stand rigid"y against e!erything that Chernobog stands for, but Chernobog finds their ri!a"ry entertaining. 0e"es con!inced him to do a ay ith 1e"obog for a time, but u"timate"y, he found himse"f bored. Chernobog cou"d ha!e *ept the god of "ight and goodness "oc*ed a ay fore!er perhaps, as he as carefu" not to act in such a ay as to rea a*en his ri!a". -nd yet, in the end, he did indeed s"ip and a""o 1e"obog out once again. (f course, he b"amed his s"ip on Perun, and then the c"aim that 1e"obog has gro n more po erfu", but secret"y, he en3oys "etting his o"d enemy come out and try to c"ean up his messes and he)s p"eased that 1e"obog has not changed in his mercifu" ays and that their o"d game has continued here it once "eft off. Seeing as Chernobog too* o!er their dua" form for a time, he has been !ery much acti!e in the or"d. He spends his time in the +or"d se ing dar*ness and death here he can. He)s the re"igious acti!ist ho preaches into"erance and racism. He)s the arms dea"er ho se""s ar to the highest bidder. He)s the drug dea"er pushing poisoned smac* to unsuspecting teens. There are fe depths that Chernobog ou"d not sin* to. His Scions tend to ser!e in simi"ar ro"es. Though they may not be :uite as de!oted to death and suffering as their father, they certain"y do not do much to ma*e the or"d a better p"ace. They ha!e their persona" reasons hether they be greed, !engeance or some other reason, they ser!e in positions that a""o them to bring pain to those around them, hether it be intentiona" or not. Associated Powers: 4pic #anipu"ation, 4pic Perception, Chaos, %ar*ness, %eath, %ua"ity, &rost Common Abilities: - areness, Command, &ortitude, =arceny, Presence, Stea"th Rivals: 1e"obog, %ie!as, Perun, Sobe*, Horus, -po""o, (din, 1a"dur, Iuet/a"coat", =egba

-@-E %ie!s, %ei s, %ei!as +orshiped in =ithuania as the god of the s*y, peace and friendship, he is !ie ed as one of the supreme gods of the Rus. Ho e!er due to the fact that he shares a dua" nature ith the goddess of reaping sou"s, he is 3ust as comfortab"e being referred to as a goddess as he is being ca""ed a god. He considers both to be 3ust as true as the other. 5nti" recent"y, %ie!as has been trapped a ay from the +or"d. 0e"es) scheming too* ad!antage of #ar/anna)s bitterness and turned her rage into an iron prison for the god of peace and purity. 5n"i*e Chernobog and 1e"obog ho e!er, %ie!as and #ar/anna are not bitter to ard each other. Rather, they recogni/e each other as simp"y the other ha"f of the cyc"e and a needed part to the or"d. ,t as an unnatura" act that 0e"es engineered to brea* the cyc"e, rather than the tota" opposition that as present in Chernobog and 1e"obog. -nd no that he)s returned, not on"y has he been trying to catch up in the things he has "ost, he is a"so attempting to try and re<ba"ance his other ha"f, #ar/anna, to ensure that their particu"ar cyc"e is ne!er bro*en again. %ie!as is the creator god, ho created earth from the ater gi!ing the or"d so"id ground. Since then, he has tra!e"ed here he ou"d, a arding and protecting the good and righteous in the or"d. -s such, he has found himse"f in such positions as a member of the Peace Corps or %octors +ithout 1orders no that he has returned to the +or"d again. His Scions ou"d "i*e ise fo""o simi"ar professions, going out of their ay to protect and he"p the

or"d. 1ut, "i*e 1e"obog)s chi"dren, %ie!as) Scions are either aged into decrepitude or godhood, "ost to the Titan +ar or obscurity or are too young to 3oin the fight 3ust yet. Re"ying on adoption in the same ay, %ie!as is doing his best to ensure that his chi"dren fo""o the path of peace and goodness, but ith the !ariety of the chi"dren he)s had to choose, such things often find themse"!es fa""ing by the ayside in fa!or of inning the ar. Associated Powers: 4pic ,nte""igence, 4pic Strength, %ua"ity, 4arth, 8uardian, ?ustice, #agic, S*y Common Abilities: -cademics, -th"etics, Craft, ,ntegrity, (ccu"t, Presence Rivals: Chernobog, 0e"es, -tum<Re, ,sis, %ionysus, Hermes, &rigg, =o*i, Raiden, 1aron Samedi, @a"fu

-@-E S!aro!ich (nce a Scion of S!arog, the god S!aro!ich fo""o ed in his father)s footsteps and became a god of fire. Ser!ing as his father)s agent in the or"d and a""o ing his father to channe" po er through him using high "e!e"s of %ua"ity, soon, S!arog and his son ere in danger of becoming one. 5nti" fina""y S!aro!ich mastered enough %ua"ity to manifest a separate entity of his o n simi"ar to the dichotomy of 1e"obog and Chernobog. The resu"ting deity as @rsni*, a being simi"ar to S!aro!ich, but not tied to his father in the same ay. @rsni* represented independence and freedom here S!aro!ich as tru"y his father)s son and "oya" to a fau"t. S!aro!ich has since been "ost to the ra!ages of %ua"ity as S!aro!ich continued using him, separating the ne fire god fu""y from S!arog. Since becoming his o n deity, @rsni* has bui"t his o n "egend. He is both hea"er and hunter, a patron of the oods ho pro3ects his spirit in the form of many anima"s, but most often the deer. -dditiona""y, he is a s*i""ed shaman and ho"ds a great dea" of mystic po er. He uses his s*i"" as a great arrior to fight against titanspa n of a"" sorts. ,n the modern +or"d, @rsni* has ta*en such forms as a cop, a firefighter or a gang"and enforcer. ,n many instances, his Scions a"so fo""o in his footsteps, ser!ing as protectors of their respecti!e $ i"derness$ against forces that might ish to destroy them. Associated Powers: 4pic %e.terity, 4pic Stamina, 4pic +its, -nima" (%eer', %ua"ity, &ire, 8uardian, Hea"th, #ystery, Prophecy, +ar Common Abilities: -nima" @en, #ar*smanship, #edicine, #e"ee, (ccu"t, Sur!i!a" Rivals: S!arog, Chernobog, 0e"es, Sobe*, -res, -rtemis, 0idar, Huit/i"opocht"i, (goun

-@-E 2ari"o, ,ari"o, ?aro!it, 8ero!it ?ari"o, the son of Perun, as ta*en a ay at birth and raised instead by Perun)s ri!a", 0e"es in the 5nder or"d. ,t is ?ari"o in the 5nder or"d ho brings spring to the dead and *eeps ,ri3 as a bright, !ibrant p"ace. Ho e!er, once a year, ?ari"o s"ips a ay from 0e"es and returns to the +or"d, bringing ith him spring and e!erything associated ith it. He is the "o!er of #ar/anna, though his habit of infide"ity is ine!itab"y hat earns him her ire and "ands him bac* in the 5nder or"d. ?ari"o is a"so a s*i""ed arrior, reaping his enemies the ay one might reap heat. %ue to the training of his foster<father, his re"ationship ith his rea" father, Perun, is rather strained, especia""y gi!en Perun)s ne position as outcast from his o n throne. P"us, anyone ho)s smart usua""y doesn)t go out of their ay to forge a trusting re"ationship ith 0e"es. -s such, the "ac* of a father figure in ?ari"o)s "ife has "eft him rather direction"ess, hich sho s in his "ac* of abi"ity to ta*e responsibi"ity for his actions. Sti"" a spoi"ed chi"d at heart, the god of spring

is a" ays on the "oo* out for a pretty face to pass some time


Than*s to this fact, the Scions of ?ari"o are many and !aried, coming from a"" a"*s of "ife. -bout the on"y thing they ha!e in common is that their mother cou"d catch the eye of the spring god during their youth. ?ari"o himse"f ho e!er prefers morta" guises in the fie"d of agricu"ture and farming. +hether he is an agricu"tura" scientist, a simp"e farm hand or e!en the mechanic of the thresher machine, he)s often found near and around farm"and. Ho e!er, he may a"so occasiona""y be found mo ing do n his enemies in !arious batt"efie"ds. 2et e!en as a so"dier, he is a" ays a simp"e farm boy far from home. Associated Powers: 4pic Charisma, 4pic Stamina, -nima" (Horse', %ua"ity, &erti"ity, +ar Common Abilities: -th"etics, &ortitude, #ar*smanship, #e"ee, Science, Sur!i!a" Rivals: #ar/anna, Perun, (siris, %ionysus, He", &reya, Jipe Totec, Hachiman

-@-E #ara, #ura!a, #orana, #orKna The feminine aspect of %ie!as, she is a"so in many ays his opposite. +here %ie!as is the "ife and the potentia" of gro th from the earth, #ar/anna is here the "ife returns to so that it can once again become that potentia". %ie!as protects the or"d and tries to bring goodness, hi"e #ar/anna cares more for the dead hose sou"s she har!ests to send to ,ri3. 2et at the same time, she is a"so the goddess of the har!est, sho ing as e"" the ferti"ity of the earth and the state to hich a"" "ife returns to hen its time is passed. The ritua" ife of ?ari"o, #ar/anna ser!es to return him to the under or"d each year hen she ine!itab"y finds him cheating on her behind her bac* ith some other pretty face. This "o!e"ess marriage she seems trapped in has on"y he"ped to spur on her bitterness, and gi!en her something of a se"f image prob"em. Hard"y ug"y, it is a" ays #ar/anna)s beauty hich dra s ?ari"o bac* to her each year, yet atching her husband "ust after others has affected the goddess of reaping)s se"f esteem. ,tAs something hich she readi"y ta*es out on others, especia""y during the harsh inter months hen the number of deaths may increase from e.posure to the harsh Russian e"ements. ,t is this bitterness hich 0e"es as ab"e to p"ay on in order to con!ince #ar/anna that she as better off ithout %ie!as. P"aying on her desire for !engeance to ard her husband and a"" other men ho ou"d treat their omen so, 0e"es con!inced her that she ou"d ha!e much more time to ensure that ?ari"o suffered proper"y if she did not ha!e to share her time ith %ie!as a"" the time. To ensure that her anger ou"d gro to heights enough to *eep #ar/anna in her rage for decades, he e!en arranged for ?ari"o to find and fa"" in "o!e ith another oman e!en 14&(R4 meeting ith #ar/anna that year. ,t as a particu"ar"y harsh inter then, as the ritua" marriage ith the t o deities didn)t occur. &or the first time in centuries, there as no "o!e bet een ?ari"o and #ar/anna and her rage at this has e!en no not gone a ay. Ho e!er, it has coo"ed enough to a""o her to again restart the cyc"e ith %ie!as (much to 0e"es) annoyance since he cou"d manipu"ate her'. He cannot manipu"ate %ie!as in the same ay, and %ie!as is most assured"y a""ied ith Perun hi"e #ar/anna as ma""eab"e. #ar/anna tends to be more occupied ith the actua" peop"e associated ith the "and than the "and and crops themse"!es, un"i*e her husband. She mo!es among the peop"e as a farmer)s daughter, "oo*ing for a tra!e"er to sho her a good time. (r she cou"d be a prostitute, ready to har!est some cash from a ea"thy business man. She may a"so be found as the "one"y house ife, "oo*ing for a good time to get bac* at her cheating husband. -"so, "i*e ?ari"o, she finds herse"f dra n to conf"ict. Ho e!er, she ser!es not by *i""ing and reaping, but by har!esting the bodies (and sou"s' of the peop"e ho died. She or*s as a batt"efie"d medic ho)s a" ays 3ust a "itt"e too "ate, or in the coroner)s office, c"eaning up crime scenes and accident sites.

Her Scions tend to be simi"ar"y inc"ined, ser!ing in simi"ar professions, a" ays dea"ing better ith the dead than the "i!ing. +hi"e they are not ad!erse to re"ationships, they tend to fa"" for the rong peop"e, "etting themse"!es be used by their significant others, on"y to find the re"ationship turning sour fast. Associated Powers: 4pic -ppearance, 4pic %e.terity, 4pic Stamina, %eath, %ua"ity, &rost, #agic, Psychopomp Common Abilities: &ortitude, ,n!estigation, #edicine, #e"ee, (ccu"t, Presence Rivals: 1e"obog, ?ari"o, -nubis, ,sis, Hermes, &rigg, Sif, T"a"oc, Hachiman, 1aron Samedi

(,nformation on Perun can be found in the Scion Companion, Part 4, pg. 14L' Associated Powers: 4pic Charisma, 4pic Stamina, 4pic Strength, 8uardian, ?ustice, S*y, +ar Common Abilities: 1ra ", &ortitude, ,ntegrity, #e"ee, Presence, Thro n Rivals: 0e"es, Chernobog, #ar/anna, Thor, Tyr, ,/anami, (goun

-Poere it
-@-E 1ore!it, 1ore it, 1oruta, Pro!e Though often confused ith Pan (much to their mutua" annoyance', Poere it is the S"a!ic god of the oods and tra!e"ers. -ppearing most often as a bearded goat<man, he has the uncanny abi"ity to mo!e through the forest hi"e ne!er being seen. He can modify his height to adapt to his surroundings, being short and unnoticed ne.t to a mushroom, hi"e standing ta"" and imposing ne.t to an impressi!e oa*. ,n the modern or"d, Poere it has been many things, from a par* ranger on the "oo* out for "ost hi*ers, to a porn star *no n for his... impressi!e credentia"s. Chi"dren of Poere it come in a"" stripes, as the ferti"e god of the oods is not a" ays pic*y about ho shares his bed. (ne thing his chi"dren tend to ha!e in common, ho e!er, is that they a" ays ha!e a habit of finding their ay out of stic*y situations, and ser!ing in positions hich a""o them to do the same for others. Associated Powers: 4pic #anipu"ation, 4pic Stamina, 4pic +its, -nima" (8oat', %ua"ity, &erti"ity, Psychopomp Common Abilities: -nima" @en, -th"etics, Command, =arceny, Stea"th, Sur!i!a" Rivals: @rsni*, 8eb, -rtemis, %ionysus, -thena, &reyr, Iue/ta"coat", T"a"oc, ,/anagi

-@-E Mi a, Mi!a, Ni!a, Oi ia, Ra/i!ia 8oddess of "o!e and ferti"ity, she represents the "ife in e!erything. She is a creature of" passion and desire. Her beauty is "egendary among the Rus, and e!en other pantheons. 5n"i*e most goddesses of "o!e and beauty, ho e!er, she a"so ho"ds dominion o!er ferti"ity. ;ot necessari"y the ferti"ity of p"ants and nature, but rather the ferti"ity of omen and men, "ending her aid in concei!ing chi"dren and tending to the future of her fo""o ers. ,n modern times, she can be found as the young nurse in the maternity ard, the marriage counse"or he"ping coup"es to understand their re"ationship and reinforce their "o!e for each other. She may a"so be found as a prostitute, usua""y ith a young chi"d in to that she)s ta*ing care of ith the money she ma*es.

Her Scions may often be found "oo*ing for "o!e and passion themse"!es. They mo!e in fie"ds that "et them meet peop"e, hoping to find someone to get c"ose ith and their emotions ith. Ho e!er, as chi"dren of the 8oddess of &erti"ity, there)s a" ays more than 3ust "ust and passion to their re"ationships. 8enera""y the Scions of Sieba ma*e efforts to bear chi"dren of their o n, resu"ting in more potentia" Scions of Sieba un"ess her chi"dren ait unti" they, themse"!es are gods. Associated Powers: 4pic -ppearance, 4pic Charisma, 4pic #anipu"ation, %ua"ity, Hea"th Common Abilities: -rt, Command, 4mpathy, #edicine, Po"itics, Presence Rivals: Chernobog, 0e"es, -phrodite, Hera, &reya, Sif, T"a/o"teot", -materasu, 4r/u"ie

-@-E S arog, Sch ay.ti., S!aro!ich (nce, S!arog "ed the pantheon. He is the father of Perun and thus the founder of the Rus. S!arog is the sun god, as e"" as the god of the creati!e aspects of fire. +ith this in mind, S!arog ser!es as the forge god of the Rus. +hen his son, Perun rose in po er and too* his p"ace as the *ing, S!arog stepped bac* and began to focus on his creations and his or*. S!arog has a" ays been a !ery traditiona" god, ho e!er, focusing on ho to ma*e the o"d ays or* better rather than fo""o ing the a!e of modern techno"ogy. ,n modern times, S!arog has ser!ed as a factory or*er in an assemb"y "ine that)s sti"" behind the times, a traditiona" b"ac*smith in a rura" !i""age in 4astern 4urope, and a meta""urgist that specia"i/es in finding ne uses for materia"s that most peop"e ha!e passed o!er as use"ess. Scions of S!arog often fo""o in their father)s footsteps, getting into professions that *eep them c"ose to industria" or*. Ho e!er, S!arog does not insist that they fo""o precise"y in his footsteps. He "earned a "ong time ago from his Scion S!aro!ich that too much contro" o!er the "i!es of his chi"dren can "ead to disastrous resu"ts. Associated Powers: 4pic ,nte""igence, 4pic Strength, 4pic Stamina, %ua"ity, 4arth, &ire, Sun Common Abilities: -cademics, -th"etics, Contro", Crafts, #e"ee, Presence Rivals: @rsni*, 0e"es, Ptah, Hepheastus, (din, =o*i, (goun

-@-E +e"es, 0o"os The great enemy of Perun, 0e"es is the god of the S"a!ic 5nder or"d, ,ri3, and is a"so the god of tric*ery and ea"th. He)s a"so ser!ed as the god of catt"e, and many shepherds and ranch o ners in the +or"d ha!e been more de!oted to him, than they ha!e to the more popu"ar Perun or S!arog. &ina""y, he is a"so the god of the aters, specifica""y the great ocean surrounding the is"and of 1uyan in the 5nder or"d of ,ri3. Ho e!er, despite a"" his po er and orship, 0e"es has a" ays desired more. The batt"e bet een Perun and 0e"es for contro" of S!arga is tru"y the stuff of =egends, unti" fina""y Perun on. Though, as seen in the Russian Re!o"ution, 0e"es has the "ast "augh... for the moment any ay. =ate"y, 0e"es has been busy in S!arga, "ea!ing ,ri3 to fend for itse"f as he stays behind the throne, hispering into the ear of the Citi/en to *eep him or*ing as he fee"s he shou"d. The serpentine 0e"es has found the Citi/en to be a great handfu" to hand"e. ,n fact, he a"most ishes at times that he cou"d get rid of his puppet so he cou"d ta*e the throne direct"y, but he)s re"ati!e"y sure that if he too* such a bo"d action, it ou"d inspire the gods ho ha!e not ta*en sides in the conf"ict to actua""y a"ign choose a side and "i*e"y 3oin Perun. -nd ith the return of 1e"obog and %ie!as, the "ast thing that 0e"es ishes to gi!e Perun is more a""ies.

+hen he does find himse"f in the or"d, 0e"es is often found in ro"es that use tric*ery or gui"e to ma*e money. He has been a used car sa"esman, a b"ac* mar*et merchant, a horse trader ith some shady anima"s or a po"itician using the system to put more money in his o n poc*et. Chi"dren of 0e"es ha!e a uni:ue :uir*. 4ither they i"" fo""o in their father)s footsteps and become shady manipu"ators themse"!es, or they may find themse"!es direct"y opposed to their father and or* ith the Rus in such a ay that they roadb"oc* the god of tric*ery)s p"ans and ma*e "ife more difficu"t for him. 0e"es ta*es a"" this in stride though. Those that are tric*sters "i*e him, he accepts as his o n. 1ut it)s the others he)s actua""y secret"y more proud of. -fter a"", hat better ay to tric* the tric*ster than to gi!e him heroic ScionsC Associated Powers: 4pic ,nte""igence, 4pic #anipu"ation, 4pic +its, -nima" (Catt"e, Serpent', Chaos, %eath, %ua"ity, 4arth, ,""usion, #agic, +ater Common Abilities: -nima" @en, =arceny, (ccu"t, Po"itics, Presence, Stea"th Rivals: 1e"obog, %ie!as, Perun, (siris, Sobe*, Hades, (din, =o*i, #ict"antecuht"i, Susano<o, 1aron Samedi

-@-E >i"sbog, Cis"obog, @ricco >is"bog is not on"y the moon goddess, "oo*ing do n upon the or"d from the heights of the s*y, but she is a"so the guardian of the seed. ,t is >is"bog ho ensures that the seeds that are p"anted sprout to gro into strong crops. There ou"d be no har!est each year ithout >is"bog ho ensures that the crops ha!e a chance to gro in the first p"ace. ,n the morta" +or"d, >is"bog can be found distributing the isdom she)s gained from the e.periences and things she)s seen. She ser!es an e"der"y oman sitting in the par* to ta"* to any ho ish to "isten to her, or as a pre<schoo" teacher ho ad!ises ne parents in need on ho to ta*e care of their chi"dren. -nd her Scions, "i*e ise, tend to be e"" ta*en care of. #ore so than any of the Rus, >is"bog is protecti!e and nurturing of her $seed"ings$. +atching them from afar and ensuring they are ta*en care of, she)s a"so i""ing to offer hate!er aid she is capab"e of offering, hether that be in the form of actua" he"p, or in the form of ne re"ics. Ho e!er, ith the conf"ict in the (!er or"d, >is"bog is not ab"e to he"p her chi"dren in e!erything, and this fact pains her more than anything. 4ach Scion she "oses cuts her deep"y, and often she b"ames herse"f, ondering if there might ha!e been something more she cou"d ha!e done. Associated Powers: 4pic Perception, %ua"ity, &erti"ity, 8uardian, #oon Common Abilities: -cademics, - areness, ,n!estigation, (ccu"t, Stea"th, Sur!i!a" Rivals: #ar/anna, Chernobog, 1astet, -rtemis, Heimda"", Te/cat"ipoca, -materasu, Tsu*i<yomi, @a"fu <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<Scent the %i!ine<< The Rus sme"" "i*e fresh"y turned soi", and are accompanied by the sound of a eeping chi"d hen sensed ith the Scent the %i!ine @nac* (Scion Companion, pg. 5L' <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

--Pantheon !$e%i&i% Purvie ' Duality-(,nformation on the basics of %ua"ity can be found in the Scion Companion, Part 4, pg. 149'

-Trans(ute Pain )Duality *+

(,nformation on Transmute Pain may be found in the Scion Companion, Part 4, pg. 149 ith the fo""o ing changes...' - character must actua""y dea" damage to a target in order for this boon to function and the character does not "ose the ound pena"ties unti" after the damage is dea"t. 4ach source of a modifier must be cance""ed separate"y. ,f a Scion is suffering from ound pena"ties, poison and disease, then the Scion must "and three separate b"o s to ignore them a"". Ho e!er, this boon need on"y be acti!ated once. Since pain can be suppressed but ne!er entire"y destroyed, this 1oon comes ith an additiona" costE the ne.t scene, those modifiers return ith an additiona" <1 for each modifier ignored.


Thy ,ne(y )Duality **+

(,nformation on @no Thy 4nemy may be found in the Scion Companion, Part 4, pg. 149 ith the fo""o ing changes...' This po er "asts for one scene after acti!ation and it functions much "i*e the 4pic +its @nac*, Perfect ,mposter. ,t p"ays out most"y ithout dice ro""s as the Storyte""er most"y informs the character of hat to e.pect and ho their ne instincts te"" them to react.


ith the !tor( )Daulity ***+

(,nformation on (ne ith the Storm may be found in the Scion Companion, Part 4, pg. 149 ith the fo""o ing additions...' &or the duration of this effect, the character may add his %ua"ity rating to his Stamina P &ortitude dice to resist the Trauma rating of any 4n!ironmenta" 4ffect.

-!hare o& Thysel& )Daulity ****+

%ice Poo"E Stamina P (ccu"t CostE D =egend per target - heroic Scion may a""o himse"f to ta*e on aspects of others in order to "earn ho they thin* and operate. - demigod Scion ho e!er, may actua""y trade part of himse"f ith another ithin sight. The character ro""s Stamina P (ccu"t and for each success on the ro"", the Scion may choose to spend D =egend and connect themse"!es ith the target. These targets must be i""ing and the Scion must possess some artic"e of c"othing or persona" possession of the targets. &or the rest of the scene, as a Speed 5, #isce""aneous action, the Scion may choose to mo!e one Hea"th =e!e" orth of damage from one target to another per dot of 4ndurance the Scion has. The damage need not come from the same source, nor need it go to the same target. %amage on the Scion may be sp"it among different &o""o ers, damage on ounded &o""o ers may be transferred e!en"y to un ounded &o""o ers or the damage on mu"tip"e 1and mates may be transferred entire"y onto the Scion using the po er and any other combinations in bet een. -t the end of this scene, the damage re!erts to its $rightfu"$ o ners, though in the meantime, it may be hea"ed as norma" on hiche!er target it happens to be on at the time.

-!helter &ro( the !tor( )Duality *****+

%ice Poo"E ;one CostE 1 +i""po er P Q1 =egend per targetR This po er e.tends the po er of (ne ith the Storm to others. 1y using this po er, the character a""o s others to add the acti!ating character)s %ua"ity rating to the Stamina P &ortitude ratings of other characters hen ro""ing for the Trauma ratings of 4n!ironmenta" 4ffects. Ho e!er, during that time, each other character ris*s becoming ensnared by the persona"ity of the demigod gifting this po er. +hen this po er is acti!ated, each character b"essed ith

protection from their en!ironment must ro"" +i""po er at a difficu"ty e:ua" to the granting character)s 4ndurance 0irtue. Those ho fai" ha!e their ;ature changed to the ;ature of the character granting them protection for the duration of this po er. This effect "asts a scene. The Scion must be ab"e to see his targets hen this po er is acti!ated, but need not maintain contact once the targets are so b"essed. This may a"so be stac*ed ith another character)s o n %ua"ity rating if they too ha!e the (ne ith the Storm 1oon or ith another character)s use of She"ter from the Storm used on the same character, a""o ing the Rus to combine their po ers to protect each other from their en!ironment. ,f there is a conf"ict, the character ith the higher =egend determines hich ;ature other characters are in danger of emu"ating under the protection of She"ter from the Storm. ,f the characters ha!e e:ua" =egend, then the one ith the higher 4ndurance determines the ;ature to be used. ,f both are e:ua", then the t o characters ro"" =egend P 4ndurance and the one ith the most successes determines the =egend to be used. Ties are hand"ed as usua" in this "ast case.

--ide the Wave )Duality ***** *+

%ice Poo"E 4ndurance CostE ;one +hen faced ith the possibi"ity of fa""ing into a 0irtue 4.tremity, one of the Rus at this "e!e" of po er may actua""y ta*e ad!antage of this 4.tremity by gi!ing into it and trying to ride the a!e, potentia""y gaining benefits. -cti!ating this po er is ref"e.i!e and the p"ayer ro""s 4ndurance hene!er a ro"" ou"d trigger the 4.tremity. The difficu"ty is e:ua" to the "e!e" of the 0irtue the character is about to fa"" into. ,t is possib"e for the character to spend +i""po er to channe" the 0irtue in :uestion for e.tra dice on the ro"", though doing so faces the norma" restrictions for channe"ing a 0irtue and on"y the 0irtue of the 4.tremity in :uestion may be ro""ed. -fter a"", if you)re a"ready guaranteed to fa"" into the 0irtue 4.tremity, you can at "east get a chance to ensure some benefit. ,f the ro"" fai"s, the 4.tremity proceeds as norma". ,f the ro"" is successfu", then the Scion does indeed fa"" into a 0irtue 4.tremity, ho e!er, the 0irtue is automatica""y channe"ed in his fa!or. &or the duration of the 0irtue 4.tremity, the Scion may add his 0irtue rating as dice to any ro""s that may potentia""y benefit from that 0irtue ithout ha!ing to spend +i""po er and regard"ess of ho many times the 0irtue has been channe"ed other ise during the story. ,f the 0irtue 4.tremity is caused by a po er such as #oon 4E ,nsanity, hich bases the 4.tremities on the 0irtues of the 1oon user, rather than the target, then the Scion ith Ride the +a!e may a"so gain benefit from fa""ing into those 0irtues. The difficu"ty in that case is based on the 0irtue rating of the user of the po er. 4ndurance may be channe"ed for e.tra dice in the case of the 0irtues a Scion may not ha!e, and 4ndurance a"so ser!es as the number of bonus dice the character gains on appropriate ro""s. +hat)s considered appropriate in these cases is based on the 0irtue 4.tremity in :uestion, ho e!er. - Scion in the thro s of $#orbid Se"f<Sacrifice$ may gain his 4ndurance as e.tra dice on %utifu" tas*s such as he"ping those in need or upho"ding the "a s of their community.

-!$irit o& the .and )Duality ***** **+

%ice Poo"E Perception P Sur!i!a" CostE 17 =egend The Rus ha!e a" ays been tied to the "and. &arming and agricu"ture formed the basis of "ife for their orshippers and the gods ere considered the sou" of the "and. 5sing this po er, the Scion may merge ith the "and surrounding him, e.tending his consciousness through the "oca" en!ironment. The Scion spends a turn in meditation, during hich he spends 17 =egend and ro""s Perception P Sur!i!a". ,f successfu", his body sin*s into the ground, his mind becoming one

ith the "and around him. The po er e.tends a range of mi"es e:ua" to the Scion)s =egend and "asts for the rest of the scene un"ess de<acti!ated sooner. %uring this time, the "and becomes an e.tension of the Scion and grants the fo""o ing effects. <<The Scion is a are of e!erything hich goes on in his "and. The Storyte""er may re:uire Perception P Sur!i!a" ro""s to notice certain detai"s, especia""y if someone is trying to snea* through their domain. <<The Scion may e.tend the use of his 1oons through the "and. -nyone standing in the area is considered to be $touching$ the Scion for purposes of using 1oons or other po ers. ;orma" mu"tip"e action ru"es app"y for targeting more than one target at a time and 1oons that don)t re:uire touch are of course a"so a!ai"ab"e for use against targets. The Scion is not comp"ete"y in!u"nerab"e in this state. -n attac* hich does damage o!er a "arge enough area e:ua" to the Scion)s unmodified Stamina P &ortitude in yards (bombs, earth:ua*es, creati!e use of Strength @nac*s, po erfu" 1oons' causes the Scion to ro"" +i""po er P &ortitude P =egend, difficu"ty 6. ,f successfu", he manages to maintain his state and ta*es 1 unsoa*ab"e Hea"th =e!e" of aggra!ated damage from the attac*. ,f he is not successfu", then the Scion is instant"y thro n from the earth at the site of the attac*, ta*ing 5 "e!e"s of unsoa*ab"e aggra!ated damage instead. The Scion is considered prone and may not act unti" si. tic*s after the attac* hich caused him to "ose his contro".

-Thi%ker Than Water )Duality ***** ***+

%ice Poo"E ;one CostE 1 +i""po er P 1D =egend The Rus c"aim that e!erything that e.ists as sp"it from the Titan Rod. Rod as the source of a"" creation and the beginning of e!erything. This po er of %ua"ity e.emp"ifies this more than anything, as it a""o s the Scion to dra upon those connections and bring herse"f c"oser to another metaphysica""y. The Scion must possess an item connected ith the person hich he ishes to dra c"oser to. ;o ro"" is necessary, though if the target has a =egend rating and does not ish to be connected to the user she may resist by ro""ing +i""po er P &ortitude P =egend at a difficu"ty of the Scion)s =egend to *eep from being used. ,f the target and the Scion share an immediate b"ood "in* (parent, chi"d, sib"ing, etc' then the difficu"ty of the resistance ro"" becomes =egend P 4ndurance instead and the user need not possess a persona" item. The b"ood tie itse"f is enough, and the target has a harder time resisting hen there)s a"ready a connection. This po er cannot be used on a target ith e:ua" or higher =egend than the user. +hen this po er is acti!e, the Scion may e.tend his senses through the body of the target. He is a are of e!erything that the target is a are of ho e!er he faces a <D distraction pena"ty for as "ong as this po er "asts as his attention is sp"it bet een the target)s surroundings and his o n, un"ess he has the #u"titas*ing @nac*. -dditiona""y, the Scion may use his 1oons through the target, a""o ing him to channe" his po ers from a distance and "etting the user gain the po er of the gods during that time. The user may a"so channe" his 4pic Charisma, #anipu"ation and #enta" -ttributes, though his 4pic Physica"s and -ppearance cannot transfer. =egend may a"so be channe"ed for automatic successes and to rero"" fai"ed or botched ro""s. The Scion may a"so channe" his 0irtues through the target. &ina""y, the t o are ab"e to communicate menta""y during this time, a""o ing the user of this po er to "et the target *no his desires and may use his 4pic Charisma or #anipu"ation !ia this menta" "in* to e.ert some contro" o!er the target. Ho e!er, any po ers he channe"s through this !esse" are treated as if the user has a =egend e:ua" to the a!erage of the target and the user, rounded up. ,f a =egend S god channe"s his po er through a morta" ith no =egend, he)s treated as ha!ing a =egend 5 for a"" po ers. =egend 1D god that channe"s his po er through a morta" then he)s treated as ha!ing a =egend L.

,f a =egend S god channe"s his po er through his =egend 5 Scion, then he)s treated as ha!ing a =egend 9. -ny &atebinding that resu"ts from using these po ers bind the target that the Scion is or*ing through, rather than binding the Scion himse"f. This po er "asts for a scene but can be cance""ed sooner if the user desires. 4ach time this po er is used on a target, i""ing"y or not, the target must ro"" +i""po er P ,ntegrity P =egend at a difficu"ty of the user)s =egend (or =egend P 4ndurance if there is a b"ood connection a"ready'. ,f this ro"" is not successfu", then the target "oses a Permanent +i""po er. +hen his +i""po er becomes "ess than the user)s 4ndurance in this ay his ;ature permanent"y changes to match that of the user, starting to become a copy of the Scion using this po er on him. ,f the target shou"d "ose a"" his +i""po er in this manner, then he ceases to and his essence merges instead ith the god ho as or*ing through him. The target of this po er does not "ose his free i"" during this time and is sti"" free to act on his o n (un"ess under the effect of 4pic Charisma or #anipu"ation as discussed abo!e', though hen his +i""po er degrades to the pont that his ;ature matches the user of the po er, he i"" steadi"y find himse"f anting the same things that the user of the po er ants and often acting on the same interests. ,t as the use of this po er hich caused S!aro!ich to be subsumed ithin S!arog.

-Bet een T o Points )Duality ***** ****+

%ice Poo"E ;one CostE D7 =egend ((ptiona" 1 Permanent +i""po er' -t this "e!e" of po er, the god is no capab"e of connecting t o "ocations to form a permanent passage bet een them. The Scion must first find t o "ocations that are a"ready simi"ar in some fashion. The Storyte""er is the fina" arbiter of hat constitutes as simi"arities and it may be something as !ague as both of them being ooded g"ens to something as specific as both "ocations containing reproductions of the 0enus %e #i"o made by the same artist ithin the same ee* and mar*ed in the same hidden "ocation ith his signature. These p"aces that are tied together need not be in the same spiritua" rea"m and p"aces ithin the +or"d, (!er or"d and 5nder or"d may a"" be tied together if they are simi"ar. The use of this po er forms a Touchstone connection bet een the t o areas, a""o ing Scions a are of the connection to ta*e the appropriate steps and spend a point of =egend to tra!e" bet een the "ocations instant"y. This connection "asts for one scene, or may be made permanent ith the e.penditure of a Permanent +i""po er. -dditiona""y, one "ocation may be tied in this manner to mu"tip"e other "ocationsF ho e!er the po er must be used again for each indi!idua" connection of this manner. Thus, a Scion cou"d use the statue e.amp"e abo!e to tra!e" bet een his room in the pa"ace of S!arga in the (!er or"d, a rancher)s cottage on the ,s"and of 1uyan in the 5nder or"d, a secret room in the bedroom of his ea"thy morta" "o!er and his o n persona" terra incognita by casting this po er on the same statue four different times. -ssuming of course that the statue he)s using e.ists in a"" of the "ocations. The Scion need not ha!e !isited the "ocations he forges the connections to in this manner, ho e!er, he must at "east *no for an abso"ute fact that the simi"arities he is ta*ing ad!antage of 8uess or* and rumor on)t pro!ide the po er necessary to fue" this 1oon. The Scion must be acti!e"y a are of the connections he)s manipu"ating or the po er cannot be used.

-Di%hoto(y )Duality ***** *****+

%ice Poo"E ;one CostE 1 Permanent +i""po er P 1 Permanent =egend This is the u"timate e.pression of %ua"ity, as upon "earning this po er, the character sp"its their

persona"ity into t o separate deities. 1e"obog and Chernobog ha!e done it. %ie!as and #ar/anna ha!e done it. @rsni* did it, sp"itting from S!aro!ich in order to preser!e his o n indi!idua"ity from his father, S!arog. +hen this po er is "earned, the character may choose during do ntime to spend a permanent +i""po er and a permanent =egend forcing his ichor to reshape, re<a"igning in such a ay that there are essentia""y t o deities sharing the same ichor. -ny po ers that the character no "onger has access to than*s to this "o er =egend are "ost and must be repurchased ith e.perience points after ards. The ne persona is formed by transferring dots on the sheet to the ne gods. ;o points may be "ost or gained, but may on"y be mo!ed for both sides of the ne dichotomy. 5se the fo""o ing steps to create both entitiesE 1' +ith your Storyte""er, decide on ne concepts to represent the ne gods. The ne deities shou"d represent some sort of opposing concept hich as represented in the origina" god, though the t o gods need not be entire"y antithesis to each other. 1e"obog and Chernobog are comp"ete po"ar opposites, "ight and dar*, good and e!i", order and chaos. -nd yet, they are both *no n to hear the prayers (or curses' of morta"s and respond to them, hich is hy they both ha!e 4pic Perception. %ie!as and #ar/anna are both tied to the earth, representing the cyc"e of "ife and death and its passage through the earth, though #ar/anna)s po er thus is represented through &rost rather than 4arth, demonstrating the co"d, "ife"ess grip upon the earth during her reign. Ho e!er, both of them are *no n as po erfu" magicians, gi!ing them both po er o!er #agic. @rsni* and S!aro!ich ere perhaps the c"osest of dua" gods, ith S!aro!ich, "i*e his father, representing the creati!e and constructi!e aspects of fire and @rsni* representing the untamed, i"d and destructi!e aspects. %iscuss the possibi"ities ith your Storyte""er and determine hat sort of dichotomy bet een the gods you ish to represent. D' Choose t o ;atures for the gods. These ;atures need not be different from the origina" godF ho e!er, they shou"d be different from each other. They shou"d be opposites of each other, though again, need not necessari"y be opposed. The Storyte""er is the fina" 3udge of hat)s appropriate. T' Tota" up the god)s -ttribute points (not counting free dots in each -ttribute' and distribute that same number of points to the ne deities. These ne distributions need not be different from the origina" god, or technica""y e!en from each other. 4' Tota" up the god)s -bi"ity points and distribute that same number of points to -bi"ities for the ne gods. -gain, these need not be different from the origina" god, or from each other, but may be. 5' (ne of the ne gods has the same 0irtues as the origina" ith no changes. The other god has the same 0irtues ith a sing"e e.ceptionE Courage and 0a"or are in!erted. 4ndurance and 4.pression remains the same, though they are often !ie ed through a different "ens. (ne ne god tends to be the opposite of the other in terms of acts of Courage and acts of 0a"or, preferring the opposite to hat his other ha"f prefers. L' &or each god, the p"ayer may choose a number of 4pic -ttribute points e:ua" to the characters) 4ndurance rating to transfer into another 4pic -ttribute based on the stats of the origina" god. 4ach 4pic -ttribute that)s chosen transfers fu""y into another 4pic -ttribute (e.cept for the 4pic Physica"s and 4pic -ppearance as one dot in each is permanent and does not transfer'. These 4pic -ttributes sti"" can)t e.ceed the appropriate =egend rating or the mundane -ttribute "e!e"s and any e.cess points are "ost. ;e @nac*s are chosen for the ne "e!e"s of 4pic -ttributes as appropriate and e.tra @nac*s purchased ith e.perience points or bonus points may transfer into ne @nac*s a"ong ith the "ost points. 4ach ne god ma*es opposite choices and their choices shou"d coincide ith each other. ,f one god mo!es the origina")s 4pic ,nte""igence points into 4pic Strength points, then the other god has to mo!e the origina")s 4pic Strength into 4pic ,nte""igence.

The choices of opposites may not a" ays be ob!ious, ho e!er. 1e"obog has 4pic Charisma hi"e Chernobog has 4pic #anipu"ation, though 4pic Charisma may a"so be opposite to 4pic ,nte""igence as one side becomes a socia"ite and the other a boo* orm. 4pic -ttributes that are not chosen remain the same as the origina" god)s and thus are the same on both ne gods. 9' &or each god, the p"ayer may choose a number of Pur!ie s e:ua" to the characters) 4ndurance rating to transfer into another Pur!ie based on the stats of the origina" god. 4ach Pur!ie that)s chosen transfers fu""y into another Pur!ie of the character)s choice that the origina" had access to. The Pur!ie must transfer fu""y and each boon transferred pro!ides a number of points for purchasing ne boons in the ne Pur!ie . ,f the character is unab"e to spend a"" his points in the Pur!ie in this ay, e.cess points are "ost. 4ach ne god ma*es opposite choices and their choices shou"d coincide ith each other. ,f one god transfers the origina")s &ire boons into points for his +ater boons then his opposite must transfer the origina")s +ater boons into his &ire boons. The choices of opposites may not a" ays be ob!ious, ho e!er. (ne god may specia"i/e in %ar*ness and Sun may be the ob!ious choice for the other god, though ,""usion may a"so or* as it represents the manipu"ation of !ision and therefore "ight. +ater and &ire may be the ob!ious opposites, though S*y and 4arth may a"so be appropriate opposites for &ire as ind and rain may a"so snuff out fire or earth may smother it. Pur!ie s that are not chosen remain the same as the origina" god)s and thus are the same on both ne gods. 6' 1oth gods recei!e the same "e!e" of +i""po er and =egend to start ith, e:ua" to the +i""po er and =egend that the origina" had. ,f the Scion that used this po er had +i""po er 9, =egend 17 (after spending the permanent points' then our ne gods both ha!e +i""po er 9 and =egend 17. Example: Viktor, a Scion of Chernobog has achieved godhood. He has been serving as the God of Lies ntil no!, b t he has finall" chosen to p rchase #ichotom" and se it. Sitting do!n and disc ssing the sit ation !ith his Stor"teller, he determines that he !ishes to expand on the God of Lies idea, creating t!o gods, one the God of $lissf l %gnorance &protecting someone from the tr th, lies told to prevent pain, etc.' and one the God of #eception & sing dishonest" to f rther one(s o!n goals, l"ing to h rt someone, etc.'. )ith the Stor"teller(s approval of the concept, Viktor(s pla"er then moves on to begin creating the ne! gods. *he first step is to choose their ne! +at res. His original +at re as the God of Lies !as a *rickster. Ho!ever, he feels that Caregiver might be more fitting for the God of $lissf l %gnorance, as it(s his role to protect people from the painf l tr th. )hereas, he might pick a different nat re for the God of #eception, he decides instead that the *rickster +at re is still appropriate and choose that. +ext, he totals p the original stats on Viktor, finding that he had Strength ,, #exterit" - and Stamina -. Charisma /, 0anip lation 1 and 2ppearance /. 3erception 4, %ntelligence 5 and )its /. *his adds p to -6 points of 2ttrib tes &not co nting free dots in each'. 7or the God of $lissf l %gnorance, he chooses to give Strength ,, #exterit" -, and Stamina -. Charisma 89, 0anip lation 6 and 2ppearance :. 3erception /, %ntelligence / and )its 5, !hich again adds p to -6. 7or the God of #eception, he assigns Strength -, #exterit" - and Stamina -. Charisma 5, 0anip lation 89 and 2ppearance :, 3erception 6, %ntelligence , and )its 1, !hich again adds p to -6 !itho t co nting the free dots in each. He then adds his 2bilities together and comes p !ith a total of :8 2bilities. He then distrib tes :8 points of 2bilities freel" to each god in a manner similar to distrib ting his 2ttrib tes. Virt es come next and the original God of Lies had Co rage -, End rance -, Expression 5 and Valor 8. He chooses for the God of #eception to have the original Virt es, !hich means the God of $lissf l %gnorance !ill have the Virt es of Co rage 8, End rance -, Expression 5 and Valor -.

+o! things get interesting as Viktor(s pla"er reaches the Epic 2ttrib tes. *he God of Lies possessed Epic Strength 8, Epic #exterit" ,, Epic Stamina 8, Epic Charisma :, Epic 0anip lation 6, Epic 2ppearance -, Epic 3erception 5, Epic %ntelligence - and Epic )its 5. )ith an End rance of -, Viktor(s pla"er has - Epic 2ttrib tes he can choose to transfer into others. 7or the God of $lissf l %gnorance, Viktor(s pla"er !ishes for him to be a ver" charismatic and charming individ al, !itho t losing an" of his 0anip lative talent. Ho!ever, he doesn(t ; ite see the ne! god as being partic larl" )itt". So for his first choice, he chooses his Epic )its, moving them into Epic Charisma for a total of Epic Charisma 1. He also sees the God $lissf l %gnorance being more %ntelligent than he is 3erceptive, choosing to transfer his Epic 3erception into Epic %ntelligence for a total of Epic %ntelligence 6. 7inall", looks co nt for more than speed !ith the God of $lissf l %gnorance as he transfers his Epic #exterit" into his Epic 2ppearance, for a total of Epic 2ppearance : and he(s still left !ith an Epic #exterit" of 8. *he final totals then for the God of $lissf l %gnorance: Epic Strength 8, Epic #exterit" 8, Epic Stamina 8, Epic Charisma 1, Epic 0anip lation 6, Epic 2ppearance :, Epic %ntelligence 6. +o!, the God of #eception sho ld do < st the opposite. 7irst, for the God of #eception, his Epic 2ppearance sho ld transfer into his Epic #exterit" giving him a total of Epic #exterit" :. ho!ever he(s still left !ith an Epic 2ppearance of 8. +ext, he transfers his Epic %ntelligence into Epic 3erception, for a total of Epic 3erception 6. 7inall", the Epic Charisma transfers into Epic )its for a total of Epic )its 1. *he final totals for the God of #eception are Epic Strength 8, Epic #exterit" :, Epic Stamina 8, Epic 0anip lation 6, Epic 2ppearance 8, Epic 3erception 6, Epic )its 1. *he pla"er then chooses =nacks for both of the ne! gods appropriate to their ne! levels of Epic 2ttrib tes. %t(s no! time to do the same !ith Viktor(s $oons. Viktor had access to Chaos 8, Chaos ,, Chaos -, Chaos :, Chaos /, Chaos 1, #arkness 8, #arkness -, #arkness :, #arkness 5, #arkness 4, #arkness 6, G ardian 8, G ardian ,, G ardian :, G ardian 5 and G ardian /, %ll sion 8, %ll sion -, %ll sion 5, %ll sion 6, 0"ster" -, 3rophec" :. *he G ardian and the %ll sion had been learned in advance as Viktor prepared for his #ichotom". +o!, for each ne! god, Viktor(s pla"er ma" choose - 3 rvie!s that transfer into other 3 rvie!s since he has End rance -. 7irst, for the God of $lissf l %gnorance, he decides that his role as a protector of people from the tr th fits !ith G ardian more than Chaos. So he chooses his Chaos to move into G ardian. Since the God of Lies had ,5 points p t into Chaos, the pla"er no! has ,5 points to divide into G ardian boons. 7irst he chooses to fill in some gaps, getting G ardian -, G ardian 4 and G ardian 6 !hich leaves 4 points. +ot eno gh to b " G ardian 1, b t l ckil" there are alternate levels to G ardian 8 and G ardian /. *his no! gives him 2LL available levels of G ardian p to level 6. +ext, he chooses to change %ll sion into #arkness. *ho gh it ma" not be obvio s, the God of $lissf l %gnorance !o ld make a habit of obsc ring the tr th, !hich is the 3 rvie! of #arkness. So the 84 points !orth of %ll sion $oons ma" no! be sed to p rchase #arkness $oons. *he pla"er again, fills in the blanks first, p rchasing #arkness ,, #arkness / and #arkness 1, !hich again, is < st eno gh. 7inall", he decides that 3rophec" might be more appropriate for the God of $lissf l %gnorance, as it helps to kno! !hat(s coming so that "o ma" protect "o r charges from it, moving 0"ster" into 3rophec" and giving him a 3rophec" 4. *he final total for the God of $lissf l %gnorance is G ardian 8, G ardian 8, G ardian ,, G ardian -, G ardian :, G ardian 5, G ardian /, G ardian /, G ardian 4, G ardian 6, #arkness 8, #arkness ,, #arkness -, #arkness :, #arkness 5, #arkness /, #arkness 4, #arkness 6, #arkness 1 and 3rophec" 4. *he pla"er then does the same !ith the God of #eception as ever"thing s!itches in reverse. >bvio sl", the easiest is going to be the 3rophec" going into 0"ster" !hich is going to become 0"ster" 4 as the God of #eception sho ld kno! !hat(s going on so that he can better manip late those aro nd him. +ext, the God of Lies( G ardian $oons are going to be p t into Chaos instead. *he God of Lies had 86 points of G ardian boons and the pla"er chooses to p rchase both the Chaos 5 from #emigod and the alternate to Chaos 5, leaving 6 points. He then p rchases Chaos 6 !ith those, giving him all Chaos boons p to 1 except for Chaos 4. 7inall", the God of #eception receives all of the God of Lies( #arkness $oons transferred into %ll sion as %ll sion is

more deceptive than #arkness. *he God of Lies had a !hopping ,6 points of #arkness boons and those no! go into %ll sion. *he pla"er starts b" filling in the blanks, taking %ll sion ,, %ll sion :, %ll sion /, %ll sion 4 and %ll sion 1. *his adds p to exactl" ,6, giving the God of #eception all %ll sion $oons p to the 1th level. So the final total of $oons for the God of #eception are Chaos 8, Chaos ,, Chaos -, Chaos :, Chaos 5, Chaos 5, Chaos /, Chaos 6, %ll sion 8, %ll sion ,, %ll sion -, %ll sion :, %ll sion 5, %ll sion /, %ll sion 4, %ll sion 6, %ll sion 1 and 0"ster" 4. 7inall", the pla"er determines the ne! )illpo!er and Legend for the t!o gods. $efore his #ichotom", Viktor had been smart eno gh to !ait ntil Legend 8, before making the change. *his means that both the God of $lissf l %gnorance and the God of #eception no! have Legend 88. 2dditionall", he had a )illpo!er 4 before making the change. +o! both the God of $lissf l %gnorance and the God of #eception have a )illpo!er of /. 2nd the t!o characters are no! done. >nce, he !as Viktor, God of Lies. +o! he has split into t!o separate deities, the God of $lissf l %gnorance and the God of #eception. (nce this po er is in!o*ed, it may ne!er be in!o*ed again so "ong as the t o characters (n"y after the actua" death of one of the gods may the remaining god create a ne %ichotomy. %oing so costs another permanent point of +i""po er and =egend. ,t is a"so possib"e to spend the e.perience to purchase this po er and ne!er spend the permanent points to use it, preferring to ho"d it in reser!e shou"d they e!er need it or ish to try it "ater once the Titan +ar is dea"t ith. (r maybe they a"ready tried it, the other god died, and they ne!er bothered to spend the points again to ma*e a ne %ichotomy. #any might consider this a aste though some of the Rus fee" more comfortab"e ith the fact that they <cou"d< use the u"timate e.pression of %ua"ity then they do ith actua""y using it. -s noted abo!e, the ne deities ha!e different ;atures. The characters gain +i""po er based on both of these ;atures, regard"ess of hich one is dominant. Ho e!er, shou"d the character regain +i""po er based on the ;ature of the persona that is dormant at that time that character ris*s that persona ta*ing charge. +hen this happens, he must ro"" +i""po er P &ortitude P =egend at a difficu"ty of his a"ternate)s =egend P 4ndurance. ,f the ro"" is not successfu", then he s itches to his a"ternate persona"ity ithout ishing to. ,t is a"so possib"e to s itch personas at i"" if the dominant persona chooses to do so. +hene!er the t o deities s itch during p"ay, it re:uires t o Speed 5, ,nacti!e -ctions. The first action represents either the dormant ta*ing o!er forcib"y, or the acti!e god choosing to surrender contro". The second action is the period of disorientation as the no <acti!e god ad3usts to being in contro" of the ichor again. (n the first tic* after the change, the no <dominant god possesses a =egend of 1. &or each tic* thereafter he gains one =egend and regains access to appropriate "e!e"s of his po ers unti" he once again reaches his fu"" po er. -t the beginning of each story, the p"ayer may choose hich persona is acti!e, though shou"d pro!ide a do ntime e.p"anation. +hi"e the initia" change re:uires that the character simp"y re<assign dots or transfer po ers, after the initia" sp"it, the t o deities purchase different things ith their e.perience points. -"so, they must gain e.perience points separate"y. ,f the deities s itch bet een ho)s in charge mid<scene, then the e.perience points gi!en are di!ided bet een both deities as the Storyte""er deems fit. That means that if they are to progress at the same rate, then they need e:ua" time in p"ay to gain e.perience. 1ut this a"so s"o s do n the rate at hich both gods ad!ance. ,f a sing"e side is to ad!ance at the norma" rate of other deities, then the other god i"" be neg"ected. -nd of course, if one deity "oses a point of +i""po er or =egend or other simi"ar stats, the other deity does not. %espite the danger of creating a persona that might end up out to get you, can become more po erfu" than you and has the potentia" to ta*e o!er your "ife at the orst possib"e time, there are ad!antages to ma*ing a ne deity from your o n ichorE

<<- god ho has manifested an -!atar need not surrender that -!atar hen the other god ta*es o!er. So, a god may ta*e o!er the -!atar that his other ha"f a"ready manifested so that he does not ha!e to spend the =egend again to create another one. <<,f the gods s itch persona"ities hi"e a 1oon or @nac* is sti"" acti!e, then the po er remains acti!e unti" the duration is o!er. The ne god cannot ta*e ad!antage of them or contro" them, on"y gain the remaining benefits. ,n the case of po ers that create copies of the character (Shado 1odies, -rmy of (ne, Co<=ocation' the copies change into copies of the no dominant god, though un"ess he a"so has the po er, he is unab"e to create ne copies using those po ers and once the po ers fade, they)re gone. 5sing Co<=ocation, though a"" of the copies change into copies of the no dominant god, the no dominant god cannot act through more than one at a time un"ess he too possesses the Co<=ocation 1oon, e!en if he does ha!e the Para""e" -ttention and #u"titas*ing @nac*s. <<-ny &atebindings hich might ha!e been "aid on the origina" god do not app"y to the ne gods. =i*e ise, other connections no "onger app"y. @rsni* is no "onger considered to be the son of S!arog, for instance, and e!en if S!arog had a persona" item of @rsni*)s other persona"ity, he cou"d not use that persona" item to gain po er o!er @rsni*. &rom then on, ne &atebindings app"y on"y to one god, not both. - &atebinding on 1e"obog has no effect on Chernobog. This ho e!er cuts both ays as the ne gods are not considered to be the chi"dren of their origina" parent. Therefore, nothing is associated ith them. This is not an issue for 4pic -ttributes hich a"" ta*e on a cheaper cost at the god "e!e" any ay, ho e!er it means that both of the ne gods i"" be paying the higher cost to raise a"" abi"ities and to purchase ne boons unti" the ne gods are, themse"!es, associated ith certain po ers. <<- dua" god is much harder to permanent"y destroy, at "east partia""y. ,f one god is destroyed and "ac*s 5"timate Stamina, the other persona"ity sti"" e.ists and reforms from the ichor. The dead persona"ity is dead fore!er but the other one remains. Ho e!er, the remaining sing"e deity is considered to ha!e "ost D Permanent =egend from the pain of "itera""y "osing a piece of himse"f. Po ers that do not match this ne =egend are not ab"e to be accessed, but do not need to be repurchased in this instanceF they simp"y regain access to them hen they reach the appropriate =egend again. (nce the character reaches the appropriate "e!e", he may once again spend the re:uisite =egend and +i""po er to create another %ichotomy ith %ua"ity 17. ,f the dead god does possess 5"timate Stamina, then he is not tru"y considered dead for purposes of this po er and nothing rea""y changes. <<,f one of the gods is "ost to higher "e!e" %ua"ity 1oons due to the "oss of +i""po er, on"y the one god !anishes from e.istence, not both of them. 5n"i*e the "oss caused by death, this does not cause a "oss of =egend in the other god as the first one is not gone, simp"y irre!ocab"y "ost to the concept of %ua"ity. Ho e!er, this does cause the "oss of a permanent point of +i""po er on the part of the remaining god. %ua"ity 17 is sti"" considered usedF ho e!er, the remaining deity cannot regain another persona"ity ith it. The "ost god is considered to sti"" and therefore cannot be rep"aced. <<The dominant persona can contact the other god !ia si"ent, menta" communication by spending a temporary +i""po er point. This a""o s the dormant persona"ity to ta"* ith the acti!e one menta""y and "ets the dormant one to be a are of hat)s going on around them. This does come ith ris*, of course, as the deities may sti"" use their Charisma and #anipu"ation against each other (and 4pic Charisma and #anipu"ation, if app"icab"e' to con!ince the other deity to s itch p"aces ith him or tric* him into committing an act hich gi!es the other a chance to ta*e o!er potentia""y. -"so, during this time, the dominant persona"ity is considered to be facing a <D distraction pena"ty un"ess he a"so possesses the #u"titas* ,nte""igence @nac*. &ina""y, the p"ayer shou"d remember that the ne gods genera""y represent some form of cyc"e. They are not necessari"y opposed to the each other)s o!era"" p"ans and both sides shou"d be ro"e<

p"ayed according"y. %ie!as and #ar/anna represent the cyc"e of "ife bringing something from the earth and death returning that something to it. 1e"obog and Chernobog represent the strugg"e bet een good and e!i". ,n both cases, one cannot ithout the other and both shou"d ha!e an e:ua" chance of being acti!e. Ho e!er, this doesn)t ma*e them friend"y. Chernobog may be con!inced to he"p 1e"obog if it suits his purposes, but u"timate"y they don)t get a"ong. #ar/anna and %ie!as are friend"ier to ard each other, though they do ha!e differing goa"s hich interfere ith their efforts. ,f the Storyte""er fee"s that the p"ayer is not portraying this dichotomy proper"y, then he may ta*e charge and p"ay one of the gods during times hen he ou"d ta*e o!er and may narrate hat that persona does during do ntime.

-Bogatyrs )/ollo ers *** to *****+
,n the ear"y days of Russia, the bogatyrs ere considered to be the nob"e *nights and heroes of the Russian peop"e. To the morta" or"d, the bogatyrs ere considered to ser!e the tsars and other great ru"ers of Russia, but that as simp"y the tsars emu"ating the gods. The true bogatyrs ser!ed the gods of the Rus. These so"diers enforced the i"" of their di!ine patrons and ser!ed as !esse"s for the heads of the S"a!ic pantheon to channe" their po er among their human orshippers. Ho e!er, ith the fa"" of the tsar regime, the morta" practice of bogatyrs fe"" ith it. The di!ine practice of bogatyrs is another story. +ar gods such as @rsni*, ?ari"o and Perun, a"ong ith other interested gods, continued to train and empo er di!ine bogatyrs. Some ha!e e!en trained their Scions as bogatyrs to ensure they had the best training possib"e to confront the Titans. 1ogatyrs in the modern days are often to be found in the form of pri!ate mercenaries, former<So!iet so"diers, and mi"itary persona" from other countries ho the Rus may ha!e touched in some ay. (ften armed ith modern arti""ery, the modern bogatyrs may be represented ith the stats for e.perienced so"diers (ScionE Hero, pg. D6T'. -dd to that fi!e dots orth of 0irtues of the Rus, typica""y fa!oring Courage and 0a"or. The use of %ua"ity boons are easier to perform on the bogatyr represented by a Scion)s 1irthright points. +hen using %ua"ity boons on a Scion)s o n bogatyrs (the ones bound to them by oaths and &ate' a"" =egend costs are reduced to ha"f (round do n' and the Scion need not possess a persona" item of the bogatyrs. +hen using %ua"ity on a bogatyr s orn to another Scion or god, this benefit is not a!ai"ab"e and %ua"ity functions ith the norma" costs and "imits. ;ote, these stats represent morta" bogatyrs ho ser!e the gods and Scions. Scions ho 3ust happen to ha!e been trained as a bogatyr are represented ith the norma" ru"es for Scions and ou"d ser!e as 8uides to younger, "ess<e.perienced Scions as norma".

-Dha($ir )0uide ***+
%hampir are the chi"dren of a !ampir (see -ntagonists' and a morta" oman. They are born human, but some of the !ampiric b"ood of the undead has fi"tered into their systems. +hi"e one might thin* that the !ampir may ta*e these chi"dren and turn them into their persona" ser!ants, this is ne!er the ay it or*s out. #ain"y because dhampir are born ith an instinctua" hatred of their !ampiric parents and this hatred often gro s a"" the more as they age and begin to see the depredations of the !ampir. 0ampir, in turn, fear their ha"f<breed chi"dren. ;ot because of their po er, but rather because of their *no "edge. There is no hiding from the dhampir as they ha!e an instinctua" understanding of the undead nature and ho to identify it on sight. They a"" seem to automatica""y *no the ea*nesses of fire, sun"ight, gar"ic and ho"y symbo"s

hich threaten the undead. +hi"e the s*i""s of the indi!idua" dhampir !aries, the =egendary nature that their ha"f<undead bodies gi!e them a""o s them access to 4pic -ttributes and ma*es can ma*e them s*i""ed heroes in terms of humans. Though since a dhampir i"" ne!er ha!e a =egend higher than 4 and their 4pic -ttributes are capped according"y, they i"" not be ab"e to go toe<to< toe ith most undead. &ina""y, regard"ess of their 4pic Stamina or their =egend, a"" dhampir ho reach maturity gain the 4.tended 2outh Stamina @nac* (ScionE 8od, pg. L5'. #any dhampir a"so ha!e at "east one dot of 4pic ,nte""igence ith the 1"oc*ade of Reason @nac* to protect them from the manipu"ations of the undead. +ith a"" the ad!antages they)re gi!en, the dhampir rare"y fight the undead direct"y. Though some !ery fe are potent enough to stand against a !ampir in a physica" confrontation, that typica""y comes through the app"ication of =egend and 0irtues, centuries of training to get their bodies to the pea* of human perfection (time hich many dhampir don)t ha!e' and po erfu" magica" eapons hich they pa n off Scions or other di!ine beings. The rarity of physica""y capab"e dhampir ma*es this the e.ception, not the ru"e. Typica" dhampir tactics in!o"!e finding the undead)s hiding p"ace and burning it to the ground, rousing !i""agers to fight a"ongside him and o!er he"m the undead ith numbers, ea*ening and restraining them ith ho"y symbo"s or e!en tric*ing the undead out into the sun"ight. The dhampir often ha!e their o n agendas and do not tra!e" in groups, ma*ing poor &o""o ers for a Scion. 1ut one of the Scions of the Rus, especia""y those born of @rsni* ho has a particu"ar hatred of the undead, may find a 8uide among the dhampir. These 8uides can teach them much of the undead and aid them in hunting !ampir. ,t is a"so possib"e that these dhampir ha!e encountered other titanspa n during their time and may ha!e de!e"oped persona" grudges against them as e"". The dhampir)s innate hatred of the undead i"" a" ays ta*e precedence shou"d a ScionAs 8uide ha!e to ma*e a choice on hich threat to dea" ith. %usche!, 0ampire Hunter %usche! is o"d for a dhampir. He as born to a young oman in rura" Russia hi"e the So!iet 5nion as sti"" in the thic* of the Co"d +ar. Though, out in the midd"e of no here, po"itics eren)t a particu"ar"y "arge concern. Soon after he as born, his mother died in her s"eep, and %usche! as ta*en as a ard of the state and ta*en to #osco to be raised in a run do n orphanage ith count"ess other forgotten chi"dren. +hen he as o"d enough, he "eft the orphanage to return home, finding the to n in the thro s of a strange p"ague that as ta*ing the "i!es of the to n at night. 1ut %usche! as not foo"ed. He found the !ampire, trac*ing it to its hiding p"ace despite its attempts to hide. %uring the day, he surrounded the hiding p"ace ith gar"ic, forming a barrier bet een the !ampir and the outside or"d. +ith the sun b"a/ing abo!e at high noon, he set fire to the cabin the !ampire as hiding in. &"ames burning around him, the gar"ic b"oc*ing his passage and %usche! armed ith a cross, the !ampir attempted to f"y a ay as a bat, but the sun"ight caught him and burned him, forcing him to the ground. +ea*ened and dying, %usche! trac*ed him and remo!ed his head, before thro ing the body parts into the raging fire so they)d burn separate"y. Since then, %usche! has andered the Russian countryside. He tra!e"s from !i""age to !i""age, staying a ay from the ma3or cities hen possib"e. He trac*s the stories of !ampir infestations and brings ith him the *no "edge to destroy them. He)s "asted this "ong than*s to his *no "edge and :uic* thin*ing. ,f his "uc* ho"ds out, he may indeed "ast "onger. ;atureE ?udge CourageE D, 4nduranceE T, 4.pressionE 4, 0a"orE T Strength T, %e.terity T, Stamina T

Charisma T, #anipu"ation D, -ppearance D Perception 4, ,nte""igence 4, +its 4 -th"etics 4, - areness T, 1ra " 4, Command 4, Contro" T, &ortitude T, ,ntegrity 4, ,n!estigation 4, =arceny 1, #ar*smanship D, #edicine T, #e"ee 4, (ccu"t 5, Presence T, Stea"th 4, Sur!i!a" T, Thro n D Supernatura" Po ersE <<4pic -ttributesE 4pic Strength 1 (Crushing 8rip', 4pic %e.terity D (5ntouchab"e (pponent, Cat)s 8race', 4pic Stamina D (Se"f<Hea"ing, %amage Con!ersion, 4.tended 2outh', 4pic Perception D (Predatory &ocus, Sub"imina" +arning', 4pic ,nte""igence T (1"oc*ade of Reason, @no <,t<-"", +e""<Read 0irgin', 4pic +its T ((pening 8ambit, Psychic Profi"er, ,nstant -ssessment' <<Sense the 5ndeadE %hampir ha!e an innate abi"ity to sense the undead in the area. Regard"ess of the use of 4pic -ppearance, %ar*ness 1oons, or other concea"ment po ers, the dhampir automatica""y sense any !ampir that might be trying to hide from them. -gainst the !ampir, this po er is automatic. Ho e!er, against other breeds of undead such as the !ry*o"a*as or the cama/ot/ this re:uires succeeding in a contested ro"" of the dhampir)s Perception P - areness !ersus the undead)s +its P Stea"th. <<Hatred of #onstersE %hampir are born ith an instinctua" hatred of the undead. -gainst !ampir, this hatred ma*es it harder to s ay their erst hi"e chi"dren to their side of the conf"ict. +hen the target of mind<contro""ing effects used by !ampir, a dhampir may doub"e the bonus he gets from the 1"oc*ade of Reason @nac* hen ro""ing +i""po er P ,ntegrity P =egend. This a"so means that the dhampir i"" ne!er accept aid or comfort from the !ampir. 4!en if hanging from the edge of a c"iff ith a !ampir attempting to pu"" the dhampir to safety, the dhampir i"" refuse his aid and ou"d rather fa"" to his death. - dhampir must ro"" +i""po er at a difficu"ty of T in order to accept the aid of a !ampir in such situations (rare as they may be'. (ther types of undead are not affected by this po er. 1"oc*ade of Reason is treated as norma" ith other undead, and yet the dhampir are a"so free to ma*e up their o n minds regarding them (though most app"y their same natura" "ogic regarding the !ampir to other undead as e""'. ?oin 1att"eE 9 -ttac*s C"inch < -ccuracy 9, %amage 41, Parry %0 <<, Speed L, P 5narmed, Hea!y < -ccuracy L, %amage 91, Parry %0 5, Speed 5 5narmed, =ight < -ccuracy 6, %amage 41, Parry %0 L, Speed 4 S ord < -ccuracy 6, %amage 6=, Parry %0 L, Speed 4 Crossbo < -ccuracy L, %amage T=, Range T7, C"ip <<, Speed L HU@ #P5 < -ccuracy 5, %amage 4=, Range T7, C"ip T7, Speed 5, P Soa*E 1-VT=VL1 (-rmorE 1i*er 8ear < P7=VD1, <1 #obi"ity Pena"ty, &atigue 7' Hea"th =e!e"sE <7V<1V<1V<DV<DV<4V,ncap %odge %0E 6 (17 ith 5ntouchab"e (pponent' +i""po erE 9 =egendE 4, =egend PointsE 1L

-0a(ayun )0uide ****+

The being *no n as 8amayun is from a race of titanspa n ca""ed the Sirin. The Sirin are a race of birds ith the heads of omen ho are gifted ith prophecy and foresight. (ften, ho e!er, the Sirin are ma"e!o"ent and use their *no "edge and insight to "ead peop"e astray. (n"y the isest of Scions ere ab"e to ta*e the *no "edge of the Sirin and decipher it in such a ay that they cou"d actua""y ma*e the *no "edge usefu". -"" others heard the ords of the Sirin and ere ine!itab"y "ed to their doom ith fa"se hope and e.aggerated re ard.

1ut that as not 8amayun. The oman<headed<bird *no n as 8amayun "oo*ed upon humanity and the +or"d and fe"t a genuine desire to aid it. She is one of on"y a fe of the Sirin that can actua""y be trusted to de"i!er true prophecies and decipher her !isions in an understandab"e manner. ,n this ay, she has become a fa!orite of Scions of the Rus hen "oo*ing for someone to guide them. She is both trust orthy and "oya" to humanity and those ho ou"d "oo* out for their interests. Physica""y, 8amayun has the stats of your a!erage raptor<si/ed bird, sa!e that a"" of her #enta" -ttributes are raised to L and she is gifted ith the abi"ity of human speech (though she is a"so unab"e to perform a bite attac*'. 8amayun has the 0irtues of the Rus in the form of Courage D, 4ndurance T, 4.pression 5 and 0a"or 4. -dditiona""y, she has a =egend L ith #ystery and Prophecy both e:ua" to her =egend < 1. &ina""y, she has 4pic Perception 4, 4pic ,nte""igence 5 and 4pic +its 4 ith a"" @nac*s a!ai"ab"e from ScionE Hero, ScionE %emigod and the Scion CompanionE Part D < #anifestations of ,chor. There are others "i*e 8amayun ho ha!e "eft their titanspa n nature behind and choose to ser!e the gods, but none are as po erfu" as 8amayun herse"f. -"*onost is another e.amp"e, though her stats are significant"y "o er, ha!ing on"y a =egend 4, ith -ttributes, 4pic -ttributes and 1oons capped according"y. -"*onost and others "i*e her ou"d on"y be "e!e" T 8uides. These stats may a"so be used to represent an antagonistic Sirin, and some may e!en be more potent than 8amayun and ha!e higher "e!e"s of po ers. Titan a"igned Sirin "ac* the 0irtues of the Rus, instead using the %ar* 0irtues of -mbition T, #a"ice 5, Rapacity 4 and >ea"otry D. - titan a"igned Sirin i"" offer ad!ice and guidance as e"", though her prophecies i"" a" ays be mis"eading and designed to guide the Scion into danger or corruption. (n"y the foo"ish ta*e an un*no n Sirin at face !a"ue, and on"y those ise enough to decipher their ridd"es actua""y use the *no "edge that)s gi!en out.

!udi%e )0uide *****+

The S"a!ic face of The Three (ScionE Hero, pg. DS1', the Sudice ser!e as the &ates for the Rus. +hen a chi"d as born, it as the Sudice that meted out fortune, destiny, 3udgment and, in some cases, fata"ity. They appear in!ariab"y as o"d crones, c"ustered together and muttering amongst each other, as if gossiping o!er the chi"d they are studying at that moment and determining through rumor hat the fate of the chi"d i"" be in the future. -s a 8uide, the Sudice fo""o the standard ru"es of The Three in Hero.

-Cikava% )Creature **+
The ci*a!ac is a type of bird in the S"a!ic mytho"ogy. +hi"e not capab"e of speech, the "arge bird ith a "ong bea* is :uite inte""igent and :uite capab"e of using too"s and other de!ices. They are often depicted as carrying a sac* in their c"a s, though modern ci*a!ac may be 3ust as "i*e"y to carry a "aptop case, purse, briefcase or any other sort of satche" that a""o s them to carry things on beha"f of their Scions. This satche" is not something that is inherent"y part of themF it)s simp"y something they pic* up in order to do their 3obs. The ci*a!ac is born from an egg "aid by a b"ac* hen, hich is then carried under the armpit of a oman for 47 days, during hich time the oman does not confess, cut her nai"s, ash her face or pray to any god. These acts of unseem"iness and sacri"ege then gi!e birth to the uni:ue type of bird that is :uite good at running errands for the o ner, especia""y errands of a more sinister nature. They are *no n for stea"ing honey from the beehi!es of others and mi"* from others) catt"e and bringing it bac* in their satche". ;o they may be used to stea" go"d or 3e e"s, stea" important financia" documents from others or any number of other tas*s on the o ner)s beha"f. ;o tas* is rea""y beneath the ci*a!ac as they are :uite "oya" to their Scion masters. +hi"e the creation of these creatures does need to be intentiona", the ci*a!ac does not age natura""y and does not die a natura" death, so once created, they can be passed on to ne masters by the Scion)s parents.

0irtuesE Courage D, 4ndurance T, 4.pression T, 0a"or 1 Strength T, %e.terity T, Stamina 4 Charisma 7, #anipu"ation 7, -ppearance D Perception T, ,nte""igence 5, +its 4 -th"etics T, - areness 4, 1ra " T, ,n!estigation T, ,ntegrity T, =arceny 4, Presence D, &ortitude D, Stea"th 4, Sur!i!a" 4 Supernatura" Po ersE <<4pic -ttributesE 4pic Strength 1 (5p"ifting #ight', 4pic %e.terity 1 (5ntouchab"e (pponent', 4pic ,nte""igence 1 (Perfect #emory', 4pic +its 1 (%on)t Read the #anua"' <<&"ightE The ci*a!ac may f"y at a speed of 97mph outside of combat. ,n combat they mo!e at three times their norma" mo!ement rate. ?oin 1att"eE 6 -ttac*sE 1ite < -ccuracy L, %amage 5=, Parry %0 <<, Speed 5 Ta"on < -ccuracy 6, %amage L=, Parry %0 <<, Speed 5 Soa*E D=V41 Hea"th =e!e"sE <7V<1V<1V<DV<DV<4V,ncap %odge %0E 5 (L ith 5ntouchab"e (pponent' +i""po erE L =egendE D, =egend PointsE 4 ;otesE Though it)s not necessary, many Scions *eep the she"" of the egg from hich the ci*a!ac hatched and *eep it in a safe container. This egg a""o s the Scion to summon the ci*a!ac hen it)s needed as e"" as gi!ing its o n benefits (see be"o '.

-/irebird )Creature *****+

The firebird is perhaps one of the most famous of creatures in S"a!ic mytho"ogy. They are a"so one of the most difficu"t to catch and the most difficu"t to tame. Ho e!er, for those that do manage to gain the firebird as an a""y, they find themse"!es b"essed ith an impressi!e strea* of good "uc* and their enemies threatened ith an e:ua""y impressi!e strea* of bad "uc*. The firebird "oo*s "i*e a peacoc* or pheasant, but it g"o s ith a radiant "ight "i*e the sun itse"f. These magica" birds are often found by young princes or other ou"d<be heroes at 3ust the right time that their presence is needed in the hero)s "ife, ma*ing some Scions suspect that perhaps &ate p"ays a hand in the firebird)s appearances. This is not difficu"t to be"ie!e as the firebird seems to possess an innate ta"ent ith rudimentary magica" abi"ities. The firebirds themse"!es are rare, though many Scions may find themse"!es in possession of one of their tai" feathers (detai"ed be"o '. The possession of a firebird itse"f is a" ays the resu"t of an epic :uest hich must be underta*en to pro!e the Scion)s orth of possessing the creature. ,t is not unheard of to ma*e this :uest for the firebird part of the Scion)s 0isitation, pro!ing not on"y that the Scion is orthy of the firebird but a"so orthy of being a Scion of their god<parent. ,t is a"so possib"e for a god to besto a firebird onto his chi"d, though most of the Rus ho are in possession of such birds ent on epic :uests themse"!es to get them and fee" rather strong"y that their chi"dren shou"d do the same or* to earn their firebird rather than simp"y ha!e it granted.

&irebirds may a"so appear as antagonists of a Rus Scion, though typica""y, this is during the :uest itse"f, hen the Scion must o!ercome the bad "uc* hich the firebird directs at its enemies. +hen the Scion does fina""y get his hands on the firebird (or rather if he does', this bad "uc* s itches to the Scion)s fa!or instead. 0irtuesE Courage T, 4ndurance T, 4.pression 4, 0a"or T Strength 5, %e.terity L, Stamina 5 Charisma 5, #anipu"ation 4, -ppearance L Perception 5, ,nte""igence T, +its T -cademics 1, -nima" @en 1, -th"etics 5, - areness 4, 1ra " T, &ortitude T, ,ntegrity T, ,n!estigation D, (ccu"t T, Presence 4, Sur!i!a" T Supernatura" Po ersE <<4pic -ttributesE 4pic Strength 1 (5p"ifting #ight', 4pic %e.terity 4 (Cat)s 8race, %i!ine 1a"ance, 5ntouchab"e (pponent, =ightning &"ier', 4pic Stamina T (%amage Con!ersion, ,nner &urnace, %e!ourer', 4pic -ppearance 4 (Come Hither, #eet #e 1ac*stage, 1"inding 0isage, =asting ,mpression' <<1oonsE Penetrating 8"are, %i!ine Radiance, Hea"ing Rays, #agic T <<Spe""sE -riadne)s Thread, 4!i" 4ye, 1ona &ortuna, Trading &ates, %eus 4. #achina <<&"ightE - firebird may f"y at a speed of 177mph outside of combat. ,n combat a firebird may f"y at 5 times its norma" mo!ement rate. ?oin 1att"eE 9 -ttac*sE 1ite < -ccuracy 9, %amage S=, Parry %0 <<, Speed 5 Ta"on < -ccuracy S, %amage L=, Parry %0 <<, Speed 5 Soa*E T-V9=VS1 Hea"th =e!e"sE <7.17V,ncap %odge %0E 15 (DD ith 5ntouchab"e (pponent' +i""po erE 9 =egendE 5, =egend PointsE D5

-/ern-/lo er )-eli% *** - 1 Purvie 2Health34 5-Dot 6ni7ue Po er+
- f"o er sacred to the goddess Sieba, the fern<f"o er is a magica" f"o er that is said to open to the moon"ight on on"y a sing"e night of the year. (n this night, young coup"es ou"d !enture into the oods hand<in<hand in search of this sacred f"o er. #any might say that $"oo*ing for the fern< f"o er$ is 3ust a euphemism for se.. Such peop"e are ha"f right at "east. The fern<f"o er is indeed more than 3ust a euphemism, and the p"ant ho"ds many mystica" properties associated ith the act of se. and reproduction. ,t is a symbo" of great ferti"ity and is said to bring "uc*, ea"th or e!en besto the abi"ity to spea* to anima"s. +hat it rea""y does ho e!er, is ensure that the coup"e ho finds the fern<f"o er i"" be b"essed ith chi"dren and that those chi"dren i"" be born hea"thy. This po er is on"y usab"e by morta"s once hen the coup"e first finds the f"o er and p"uc*s it together, after hich copu"ation typica""y ensues immediate"y after ard. =egendary beings may use this po er mu"tip"e times simp"y be spending a =egend hen ho"ding the f"o er before ha!ing se. ith someone of the opposite se.. -dditiona""y, the fern<f"o er may ser!e as a 1irthright Re"ic that gi!es access to the Hea"th Pur!ie .

-Waters o& .i&e or Waters o& Death )-eli% ***** - 1 Purvie Dot 6ni7ue Po er+

2Death or Health34 8-

The +aters of =ife and the +aters of %eath are both mystica" aters hich f"o in ri!ers from the roots of the +or"d Tree to the ocean hich surrounds the is"and of 1uyan. These aters possess mystica" properties and feature in many of the S"a!ic "egends as being used to restore "ife to great heroes ho ha!e been *i""ed and dismembered by their enemies. The names of the +aters are mis"eading, ho e!er. &or one thing, the +aters of %eath are used to restore dismembered bodies to their natura" and "i!ab"e state. They do not restore the sou", but they can restore a semb"ance of "ife to a corpse. #ean hi"e, the +aters of =ife are actua""y used to bring a sou" bac* from death and p"ace it once more ithin a body to bring "ife bac* to the body. -s such, a !ia" of the +aters of %eath i"" actua""y grant access to the Hea"th Pur!ie , hi"e a !ia" of the +aters of =ife i"" grant access to the %eath Pur!ie . -dditiona""y, both !ia"s ha!e another uni:ue po er. 1ut emptying the contents of a !ia" of the +ater of %eath onto a dismembered corpse, the body may be reconstituted, regenerating a"" "imbs that might ha!e been "ost, e!en undoing decapitation or rep"acing body parts that may ha!e been burnt, che ed up or other ise comp"ete"y destroyed. 4!en if the body is chopped into tiny pieces, it may be reformed. These aters restore the body to its comp"ete state in a"" forms. 4mptying the contents of a !ia" of the +aters of =ife, on the other hand, i"" dra a spirit from the 5nder or"d and rep"ace that spirit in the body, granting "ife to the dead once again. Ho e!er, using these po ers consume e!ery drop of the !ia"s. The !ia"s ha!e a"ready contained the po ers of =ife and %eath and as such the !ia"s themse"!es sti"" grant access to the appropriate Pur!ie s, but the character i"" not be ab"e to use the body restoring or "ife restoring po ers of the !ia"s unti" they ha!e been refi""ed ith the +aters of =ife andVor %eath. ,n most cases, this is going to mean a trip to the 5nder or"d, ,ri3, in order to get a refi"" on magica" ater. Though, this cou"d a"so be accomp"ished through negotiations ith 0e"es or one of the other gods of the 5nder or"d hich may itse"f "ead to an epic :uest through the +or"d. Regard"ess, the !ia"s are not usab"e unti" such time as the character has underta*en some tas* to restore them. ;ote that a !ia" of the +aters of =ife and a !ia" of the +aters of %eath are t o separate re"ics. ,n order to ha!e the +aters of both =ife and %eath, a character must ha!e t o separate "e!e" 5 re"ics.

-Dobrynya9s !$ear )-eli% **** - 1 Purvie

2,arth34 : Ite( ,hnan%e(ent+

%obrynya ;i*itich as one of the great bogytyrs, or *nights, of the Russian peop"e. He ser!ed his t/ar faithfu""y and as *no n as a musician, a master chess p"ayer, an archer and a rest"er. His most famous ta"ent as his s*i"" ith his spear. +hat most didn)t *no , ho e!er, as that %obrynya as a"so a Scion of %ie!as. - nob"e and 3ust arrior, he as a s*i""ed monster s"ayer, batt"ing more than his fair share of titanspa n. The most famous story surrounding %obrynya as his s"aying of a dragon that had *idnapped the niece of Prince 0o"odymir. -fter batt"ing the dragon for three days, he as considering gi!ing up and f"eeing the fight. Though a !oice from the hea!ens, his father, %ie!as, spo*e to him and to"d him to continue the batt"e. &ina""y, after three hours more, the ra/or<edged tip of the spear pierced the beast)s heart and s"e the beast. %obrynya then used the spear to crac* open the ground so that the poo"ing b"ood of the beast cou"d drain a ay, a""o ing him to mo!e free"y and rescue the princess. Though %obrynya died before 3oining the ran*s of the Rus, his spear as sa"!aged from his funera" pyre by his father and p"aced in a p"ace of honor ithin S!arga. Since then, ho e!er, many Scions of the Rus ha!e ie"ded the spear. That changed hen %ie!as as "ost to #ar/anna)s contro" and as unab"e to grant it to others. The spear has been gathering dust for a

"ong time in S!arga. 1ut no that %ie!as is free, he is "oo*ing for a ne arrior ho might ie"d the spear again. He)d prefer one of his o n adopted chi"dren, though u"timate"y, he)s not pic*y. The spear has a PD %amage on top of the basic temp"ate for a hasta and is granted the Piercing :ua"ity. -dditiona""y, the spear ser!es as a 1irthright to channe" the 4arth Pur!ie .

-/irebird /eather )-eli% ** - 1 Purvie

2!un34 1-Dot 6ni7ue Po er+

&eathers har!ested from the sacred firebird, they are genera""y found "aying on the ground right after a firebird escapes from being grabbed by a ou"d<be captor. They are much easier to get than the firebird itse"f, the feathers of the firebird may be used to "ight any room better than a fire or e"ectrica" "ight source. These feathers i""uminate a 177 . 177 yard area un"ess the feather is comp"ete"y co!ered and concea"ed. This does not ser!e to b"ind those ho might "oo* at the feather, nor can it be used offensi!e"y to burn or disorient anyone. The soft hite g"o simp"y pro!ides i""umination to a "arge area. 8enera""y these feathers are *ept indoors and may ser!e to rep"ace the need for paying the e"ectric bi"" for Scions that may be "o on cash. &ina""y, there is one more bonus in that the feathers of the firebird grant access to the Sun Pur!ie .

-Cikava% ,ggshell )-eli% ** or *** - 5-Dot 6ni7ue Po er4 *$tional Birthright Conne%tion+
- she"" of the egg used to gi!e birth to one of the Ci*a!ac, the she"" is *ept in a sma"" pouch hich is *ept sea"ed and secure to ensure that the she"" is at "east *ept together in one p"ace (*eeping it in one piece isn)t a re:uirement'. Possession of a she"" used to gi!e birth to a Ci*a!ac grants the character the abi"ity to spea* to any anima". This functions "i*e the -nima" 1 1oon, -nima" Communication (ScionE Hero, pg. 1TS' sa!e that it has no restriction on hich anima"s it may be used on. -"" anima"s are fair game. ,t is a"so possib"e, for Scions ho ha!e a Ci*a!ac as a Creature, to use the eggshe"" to summon their Ci*a!ac. Though, the 1irthright Connection isn)t re:uired and many Scions simp"y carry around the eggshe"" for the po er to spea* ith anima"s.

--Cos(ology-Simi"ar to the ;orse, the S"a!ic pantheon p"aces the or"d around the trun* of a great tree. The +or"d Tree (a great oa* in the case of the Rus', has its roots in the 5nder or"d, its trun* runs through the +or"d and the (!er or"d is situated in the branches at the top. 1oth the 5nder or"d and (!er or"d are referred to as ;a!, or the spirit. +hi"e the +or"d, the materia" rea"m is referred to as 2a!. They are bound together by Pra!, or the "a hich go!erns both ;a! and 2a!.

Baba Yaga's Cottage in the Dark Forest:

(,nformation on the %ar* &orest can be found in ScionE Ragnaro*, pg. S9 < SS' Perhaps the most common reason to enter the %ar* &orest in S"a!ic mytho"ogy is to find one particu"ar residentE the itch 1aba 2aga. 4!en in the %ar* &orest, there are p"aces here the tro""< i!es, tro""s and other monsters hich ca"" it home refuse to go. -nd here!er 1aba 2aga)s cottage happens to be on any gi!en day is one of those p"aces. The house hard"y e!er sits sti"", ho e!er, as the house itse"f is set upon sti"ts made of chic*en "egs. The house mo!es. ,f a tra!e"er anders the forest ith the destination of her cottage in mind, then he i"" ine!itab"y stumb"e upon the three riders of the forest, %ay, the Sun and ;ight. These riders appear at their appropriate time on the second day of tra!e"E %ay in the morning, the Sun hen near or around noon and ;ight as the sun sets. These riders use the stats of norma" humans and their horses use the same stats as mundane horses. They do not attac*, and may not be *i""ed. Shou"d they be attac*ed, such attac*s i"" mere"y pass harm"ess"y through the riders. They ser!e on"y as signs that you)re dra ing c"ose to 1aba 2aga)s home (and some say as her eyes and ears to a"ert

her that someone is see*ing her'. (nce past the rider, ;ight, the tra!e"er has "eft the %ar* &orest proper and is no ithin a sub< rea"m hich ser!es as 1aba 2aga)s domain. 1aba 2aga has tied her &ate to this domain and ensures that ithin that area, she ho"ds po er. She tends to a!oid the other tro""< i!es and other po ers of the %ar* &orest. She doesn)t ha!e the patience to dea" ith other deni/ens of the forest raising a fuss o!er her domain e.tending into their o n and has found it better simp"y to a!oid the matter. -nd hen she does need to enter their territory, she is genera""y prudent enough to send ad!ance arning, usua""y in the form of the riders %ay, Sun and ;ight, the "ast of hich is a" ays 3ust outside the border of her rea"m. +hen entering the boundaries of her domain, a character ith the Terra ,ncognita boon may sense the change in the en!ironment. Soon after "ea!ing behind ;ight and entering her domain, he i"" then stumb"e upon the house of 1aba 2aga. -s stated before, the cottage mo!es on its o n po er. Rare"y does it happen hen anyone is atching, un"ess 1aba 2aga is tra!e""ing ith a specific destination in mind. +hen "eft a"one, her house i"" a"* upon the chic*en "egs and mo!e dai"y to another part of the forest. (n"y hen 1aba 2aga has guests does her cottage stay in a sing"e p"ace for more than a day. ,f "eft in one p"ace for more than a fu"" day, then 1aba 2aga)s house i"" a"so ha!e a fence composed of human bones ith s*u""s topping the posts hich encirc"es the entire cottage. The house itse"f has no doors or indo s, on"y a "arge chimney hich rises from one side of the house and seems to ha!e a constant but thin stream of smo*e hich cur"s from it. 1aba 2aga herse"f uses this chimney to enter and "ea!e her home. ,t is possib"e to create a door on 1aba 2aga)s home ho e!er, using one of many magica" phrases hich the house is empo ered to accept. There are mu"tip"e phrases hich or* for these purposes, though the one that is best *no n, perhaps, isE $Turn your bac* to the forest, your front to me.$ 1aba 2aga is e"" a are that the magica" phrases to get into her home ha!e become common *no "edge, and honest"y, she prefers it that ay. &or it is a treat for her to return from her f"ights around the or"d and find a "ost tra!e"er in her home. Such unfortunate tra!e"ers ser!e to entertain (and sometimes feed' the itch. Saying the phrase causes a sing"e door to appear on one side of the house that asn)t there before as e"" as causing stairs to appear that "ead up to the door. ,nside the house, the :uaint "itt"e cottage is *ept immacu"ate"y c"ean. Though it is not apparent at first 3ust ho this is accomp"ished, a tra!e"er ho stic*s around "ong enough sees in!isib"e ser!ants hich operate the broom and mop and c"ean the dishes. The e.act mechanics of these ser!ants are un*no n to many, as 1aba 2aga refuses to re!ea" the secret behind them. -dditiona""y, any uses of the #ystery Pur!ie automatica""y fai" to determine their true nature. Some un ary tra!e""ers ha!e been *no n to stumb"e upon the cottage hi"e andering, especia""y those tied to the S"a!ic pantheon. -s a" ays, the %ar* &orest decides hat an un ary tra!e""er encounters, and usua""y i"" not cause a random encounter ith 1aba 2aga un"ess the tra!e""er is actua""y capab"e of besting her in some ay.

-Baba ;aga )0uide *****+

1aba 2aga is probab"y the most famous creatures associated ith the S"a!ic pantheon. -s one of the most famous deni/ens of the %ar* &orest, 1aba 2aga is an aged hag of unusua" proportions. ;ot :uite a giant, at her fu"" height, 1aba 2aga stands at o!er se!en feet ta"", though she is often sho n hunched o!er and stooped. Her features are hea!i"y rin*"ed, "ea!ing her face in a perpetua" sco " as her beady eyes g"are o!er a hoo*ed nose and tang"ed hite hair hangs do n her bac*. She is often seen riding in a f"ying mortar, using the pest"e to prope" herse"f for ard as she uses a broom made of a si"!er birch branch to s eep a ay her trac*s so that she cannot be fo""o ed. The origins of 1aba 2aga are shrouded in mystery, though many suspect some tie to the

3arn!id3ur, or tro""< i!es, hich the -esir are more fami"iar ith and hich a"so "i!e in the %ar* &orest. ,f such a connection is true, neither 1aba 2aga, nor the tro""< i!es themse"!es i"" confirm such a theory. She is a s*i""ed master of the inds and eather. 1aba 2aga is a"so *no n to hea" those ho she can find some use in, and destroy ith p"agues and pesti"ence those ho anger her. 1ut hat ma*es 1aba 2aga most dangerous is her magica" s*i"". She is one of the most po erfu" sorceresses in e.istance, easi"y matching and surpassing Circe, the +hite Sna*e or 5tgard<=o*i. ,n fact, e!en -ngrboda, the :ueen of the tro""< i!es sho s a hea"thy respect for 1aba 2aga as a ri!a" in terms of magica" po er. +hich says something since -ngrboda typica""y respects no one. The itch is *no n to be a canniba", ha!ing a habit of *idnapping chi"dren, bringing them bac* to her home and then de!ouring them. She is a"so *no n to harass the heroes of the Rus, cursing them and ma*ing their "i!es miserab"e, if not *i""ing them outright herse"f. Ho e!er, 3ust as many heroes ha!e a"so gone to her for aid and come a ay as some of the most po erfu" Scions in history. Those i""ing to go through he"" and bac* to p"ease 1aba 2aga gain a po erfu" guide hose b"essings can mean the difference bet een sur!i!ing to demigodhood and godhood and dying in the empty astes. 1aba 2aga is a se"fish creature. She ser!es on"y one personE herse"f. She has ne!er sided ith titanspa n or god, yet she)s been *no n to aid both of them. The *ey is hether he"ping them i"" a"so he"p her. 1aba 2aga can a"so be tric*ed into aiding someone, as 0asi"issa the 1eautifu" once did hen she as tas*ed by her e!i" stepmother to bring bac* "ight from 1aba 2aga)s hut. Though doing so may on"y be done once, as you often gain an enemy of the itch thereafter shou"d you again set foot in her domain. ,f she can get no benefit from the character, or the character attempts to outsmart her and fai"s, then she i"" attempt to *i"" him and eat his remains. #any ou"d<be epic :uests ha!e begun ith the hero attempting to outsmart 1aba 2aga and ended ith their fai"ure and roasting. &or those that do find themse"!es in 1aba 2aga)s fa!or, or rather, those that find themse"!es in such a position that their continued success a"so benefits 1aba 2aga, the itch i"" ser!e as a continuous 8uide at a rating of 5. Though the moment you are no "onger beneficia" to her, she i"" cease aiding the Scion and may easi"y become a dangerous foe. ;atureE Cynic 0irtuesE Courage D, 4ndurance 4, 4.pression 4, 0a"or 1 Strength 5, %e.terity 5, Stamina 5 Charisma L, #anipu"ation S, -ppearance 6 Perception 9, ,nte""igence 17, +its S -cademics 4, -nima" @en 4, -th"etics D, - areness 4, 1ra " D, Command 4, Craft (Herba"ism' 5, 4mpathy 5, &ortitude 4, ,ntegrity T, ,n!estigation T, #ar*smanship D, #edicine 5, #e"ee T, (ccu"t 5, Po"itics 4, Presence 5, Stea"th T, Sur!i!a" 4, Thro n T Supernatura" Po ersE <<1oonsE -nima" -spect (Chic*en', -nima" Command (Chic*en', -nima" Communication (Chic*en', -nima" &eature (Chic*en', -nima" &orm (Chic*en', -ntidote, -ssess Hea"th, 1"essing of Hea"thVCurse of &rai"ty, 1o"ster, C"oud 1ody, C"oud Scu"ptor, Contro" -ging, Crad"esong, Cra "ing Chaos, Create -ir, Create -nima" (Chic*en', %i!ine Threnody, 4pic 4nhancement (Chic*en', 4ye of the Storm, Hea"V,nfect, Ho"y &ontV4pidemic, Hornet)s ;est, Human C"ay, Human Hybrid, Hybrid Chimera, ,nsanity, ,nstant Riot, =e!in &ury, #agic S, #ystery 9, Para"y/ing Confusion, Prophecy 9, Recurring %istraction, RestoreV+ither, Ride -nima" (Chic*en', Sabot, Shuc* &ate, S*y)s 8race, Storm -ugmentation, Tornado Tamer, 0iri"ityV#u"iebrity, +eather +itch, +ind 8rapp"e, +ind)s &reedom

<<4pic -ttributesE 4pic Strength D, 4pic %e.terity T, 4pic Stamina T, 4pic Charisma 4, 4pic #anipu"ation 9, 4pic -ppearance 6 (negati!e', 4pic Perception 5, 4pic ,nte""igence S, 4pic +its 9, %ue to her e.treme age and po er, she has access to a"" the @nac*s in ScionE Hero, ScionE %emigod, ScionE 8od and the Scion Companion. Rare"y does she engage in physica" combat ith her enemies, though if bac*ed into a corner hen magic and manipu"ation don)t or* she isn)t opposed to !io"ence. <<,n!u"nerabi"ityE Though she may be *i""ed, her magics ha!e made it that shou"d she die ithin the confines of her cottage or the area surrounding it ithin the %ar* &orest, it i"" ne!er be permanent. ,f she is *i""ed ithin a mi"e of her cottage)s current "ocation, she i"" regenerate fu""y ithin an hour. ,f she can be caught outside that area then she can be *i""ed fu""y. <<PotionsE Her mastery of herba"ism a""o s her to use many of the mystica" p"ants ithin the %ar* &orest to create potions hich mimic any non<pantheon<specific 1oon. +hen ma*ing the potion, the appropriate ro"" (if any' must sti"" be made for the 1oon in :uestion and this ro"" app"ies to the entire batch. To affect a target, the potion must actua""y be drun* and if the target has a =egend rating he ro""s Stamina P &ortitude in a resisted effort against the potion)s acti!ation ro"". ,f successfu", then he is immune to effect. ,n the case of potions that had no acti!ation ro"", the target on"y needs a sing"e success. Targets ithout a =egend rating ho drin* the potion are affected at fu"" po er. <<Spe""sE 1aba 2aga is in possession of e!ery sing"e spe"" a!ai"ab"e to her from ScionE Hero, ScionE %emigod and the Scion Companion, the god<"e!e" spe""s of 1irthright 1ond, Stea" 1irthright and Heart of #ine as e"" as any other created spe"" the Storyte""er may ru"e her ab"e to ha!e. <<&"ying #ortarE The mortar "ets 1aba 2aga add her =egend to her mo!ement rate hi"e f"ying ith her +ind)s &reedom boon, "etting her brea* speeds that ou"d norma""y be beyond her. <<Steering Pest"eE Her pest"e a""o s 1aba 2aga to add her =egend rating to any %e.terity based ro""s to maneu!er hi"e f"ying in her mortar ith +ind)s &reedom. <<Si"!er 1irch 1roomE Her broom made from a branch of si"!er birch may be used to co!er her trac*s and pre!ent being chased. Targets ho ish to trac* her automatica""y add her =egend rating to the difficu"ty of Perception ro""s to fo""o her trai". ?oin 1att"eE 1D -ttac*sE C"inch < -ccuracy 9, %amage L=, Parry %0 <<, Speed L, P 5narmed, Hea!y < -ccuracy L, %amage S=, Parry %0 9, Speed 5 5narmed, =ight < -ccuracy 6, %amage L=, Parry %0 6, Speed 4 1roomVPest"e < -ccuracy 17, %amage S1, Parry %0 S, Speed L Soa*E T-V9=VS1 Hea"th =e!e"sE <7.17V,ncap %odge %0E 1D (1L ith 5ntouchab"e (pponent' +i""po erE S =egendE 17, =egend PointsE 177 TrophyE There is no inherent trophy in *i""ing 1aba 2aga. Ho e!er, as a sorceress of such e.treme age and po er, she has managed to gather a fe magica" items and stash them ithin

her cottage. Shou"d she be destroyed, a Scion ou"d ha!e fu"" access to hate!er items she "eft behind upon her death. (ther ;otesE The mortar, pest"e and si"!er birch broom are are parts of 1aba 2aga)s inherent nature. ,f she is e!er destroyed, those items "ose po er and so "ong as she "i!es, the items cannot be destroyed. They may be ta*en from her, ho e!er. Shou"d that happen, she is denied their po er and a Scion may use them so "ong as the itch sti"" "i!es. ,n addition to their magica" po ers, the items can a"so be used for mundane purposes. The mortar a"so ser!es as T7W co!er hi"e she)s f"ying, ma*ing it harder to hurt her. The pest"e and broom can ser!e as a decent c"ubs hen she needs to bash peop"e o!er the head. 5se the stats for a typica" bo hen the either is used as a eapon. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<1aba 2aga < 8oddessC<< Some gods, especia""y those ho too* part in +or"d +ar ,,, remember a time hen 1aba 2aga had the strength to c"aim herse"f a goddess. They a"so point out that though 1aba 2aga had a" ays had a bitter strea*, that a sense of nationa" pride had de!e"oped ithin her as the peop"e to"d stories of her hi"e the ancient Rus ere forgotten. -s her origins are shrouded in mystery, some suspect perhaps that 1aba 2aga as in fact a young, neutra" goddess ho did indeed rise to po er during ++D. Her reputation in some circ"es as a great spirit rather than a monstrous creature ou"d seem to support this. (thers suspect that she under ent some transformation during this time, changing from titanspa n to goddess and assuming her p"ace in the So!iet pantheon. +hate!er occured during this time, she is most certain"y f"esh and b"ood no and not composed of the ichor that di!inity ou"d imp"y. #ost notab"y, she has a"so "ost any access to the po ers of the Ci!itas Pur!ie . - number of theories surround this change and none are rea""y sure hich it is. Some suspect, that the -esir, sti"" bitter ith 1aba 2aga for her interference ith their attac*s on the So!iet godrea"m, turned their most po erfu" sorceries against the hag, changing her from goddess to titanspa n ith po erfu" spe""s. The -esir and their a""ies deny this, pointing to the fact that the -esir)s support of the ;a/i party as misguided. ,t doesn)t ma*e sense that the -esir ou"d compound their error and d e"" on the mista*e by see*ing !engeance against the goddess ho stopped them. Then again, gods "i*e (din, &rigg and =o*i ha!e been *no n to be e.ceptiona""y !indicti!e. -nother theory in!o"!es the Sino<So!iet sp"it that occured some years "ater in the +or"d during the 57)s and L7)s. The Ce"estia" 1ureaucracy may not ha!e ished to encounter the same obstac"es that the -esir did shou"d conf"ict ha!e bro*en out bet een the So!iet and Chinese peop"e. ,f ar had occured, the Ce"estia" 1ureaucracy ou"d ha!e encountered the same threats in attac*ing the So!iet 8odrea"m that the -esir did and those *no "edgab"e of the Pur!ie of Taiyi suspect that the cripp"ing of 1aba 2aga may ha!e been a pre<empti!e stri*e designed to ensure a Chinese !ictory. 1ut "i*e the -esir, the Ce"estia" 1ureaucracy greets this theory ith denia". &ina""y, some theories suspect that perhaps 1aba 2aga)s "oss of po er may be associated ith a titan p"ot. 1aba 2aga as a i"d card before +or"d +ar ,,. -nd then she chose sides hen she 3oined the So!iet pantheon and the -""ied po ers. Some suspect that the change in 1aba 2aga may be the resu"t of a titan p"ot designed to return 1aba 2aga to $ i"d card$ status. Regard"ess of hich theory (if any of them' are true, 1aba 2aga is most certain"y not a goddess

any "onger and ith the So!iet pantheon gone the ay of the So!iet 5nion, 1aba 2aga)s ancient ties ith the Rus ha!e re<asserted themse"!es. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

-The 0rey Wol&

Technica""y, the 8rey +o"f is not a true resident of the %ar* &orest. He as in fact a fenrir that as trac*ing his prey and his enemies f"ed into the %ar* &orest to escape him. Though his trac*ing s*i""s ere as e.ceptiona" as any fenrir)s, the po ers of the %ar* &orest caused him to get "ost. He as a"so young at the time, and una are of hat he)d gotten himse"f into and ho to get out. (nce in the &orest, the fenrir acted as you might e.pect for him to. He sta"*ed the forest, "oo*ing for prey and ma*ing enemies of the ood"and creatures. Though as the other anima"s made his "ife miserab"e, he s"o "y began to come to accept his ne home. He found it peacefu", and considers it perhaps to be an untapped resource. He)s found his ay out of the %ar* &orest since, but has a" ays returned, considering it his rightfu" domain no . Some of his fa!orite mea"s do sti"" inc"ude Scions and chi"dren that ander into the forest, ho e!er. (ne of his most memorab"e mea"s as dressed in a bright red c"oa* that 3ust dre the eye as if as*ing to be eaten. Though, the 8rey +o"f is not entire"y e!i". ,n fact, since setting up home in the %ar* &orest, he)s decided there are better things to focus on than the Titans and their ar. -nd he may e!en be found aiding Scions in times hen the +o"f has an interest in the resu"ts. ,!an Tsare!itch, ho managed to capture the firebird, as aided in his :uest by the 8rey +o"f ho as a""o ed to eat Tsare!itch)s horse in e.change. To generate the stats of the 8rey +o"f, begin ith the stats for a fenrir, adding t o =egend and PT ,nte""igence, PT 4pic Strength, PT 4pic %e.terity, PT 4pic Stamina, P1 4pic +its and P1 4pic Perception to represent the Scions he)s managed to consume before no . -dditiona""y, the 8rey +o"f has begun to "ea!e behind the 0irtues of the Titans and instead adopted some of the 0irtues of the Rus gi!ing him -mbition T, 4ndurance T, Rapacity 4 and 0a"or T

nderworld ! "ri#:
-@-E Pe*"o, 1uyun ,n the S"a!ic mytho"ogy, the 5nder or"d is not a dar*, disma" p"ace. Rather, due to the presence of ?ari"o during ha"f the year, the 5nder or"d is a !ast, !ibrant is"and paradise of 1uyan, fu"" of eterna" spring, and surrounded on a"" sides by a great ocean hich is under the ru"e of 0e"es the =ord of the 5nder or"d. (r at "east, he as the =ord of the 5nder or"d before he abandoned it to maintain his po er in S!arga. ,t is from the is"and of 1uyan hich the +or"d Tree springs forth, gro ing up to the or"d and beyond. -round the roots of the tree on the is"and, spreads "arge, spra "ing fie"ds here catt"e beyond number roam and feast on the "ush grass. ,n this !erdant paradise, nobody ants for anything. &or the most part, $"ife$ continues in the 5nder or"d as it a" ays has in the +or"d. (nce, hen the dead died, they ere sent to 0e"es and gi!en the chance to be put in charge of a herd of 0e"es) catt"e. Those ho tended the catt"e ere under 0e"es protection. His shepherds did their duty to ta*e care of his herds and ere, in turn, ta*en care of by 0e"es. (ccasiona""y, 0e"es ou"d trust one of his shepherds ith a tas* bac* in the or"d, gi!ing them a chance to return and carry a message for him to the "i!ing or one of the other gods. Those ho didn)t tend to 0e"es) catt"e ere simp"y "eft andering the fie"ds of 1uyan but in this paradise "ife as not so hard that 0e"es) ay of "ife as the on"y ay to go. Ho e!er, 0e"es did not a""o them to return to the or"d, and coi"ed about the base of the tree, his refusa" as fina". -nd the specters in the o"d days ere run off into the ocean and dragged be"o to be imprisoned ith their Titan masters in the depths of ,ri3)s ocean. The s ir"ing aters and oceans under 0e"es) contro" ser!ed to bind the

specters as firm"y as any iron chains cou"d ha!e he"d them. -nd bound in their chains of the specters ere cut off from the +or"d fore!er.


Iuite ob!ious"y the situation has changed. 0e"es is no "onger coi"ed about the base of the tree, instead he)s up in S!arga, "ea!ing the rest of the gods of death to try and *eep the 5nder or"d in chec*. ?ari"o has tried to ta*e charge of this, seeing as he is forced to remain there during ha"f the year. His ro"e as a arrior god and a god of re"ati!e goodness has aided him in *eeping the dead in chec*, but u"timate"y, the fact that he)s not a god of death has "imited his abi"ity to act. +hat)s more, during the ha"f of the year that he has to "ea!e and return to the "and of the "i!ing to bring spring to the or"d, he is unab"e to fi"" this ro"e and there are other gods hich ta*e charge in ,ri3. #ar/anna has a"so attempted to maintain order. ,t is #ar/anna ho is responsib"e for seeing the dead are safe"y ta*en to ,ri3. This is a 3ob that she does not ta*e "ight"y and e!en her bitterness and anger did not stop her from performing it. So, she is not simp"y going to a""o another to harm those she too* such effort to get there. -s she brings the dead to ,ri3, she tries to do her best to ensure that hat they find is a p"ace here they can at "east sur!i!e and ma*e ne "i!es for themse"!es after death. Ho e!er, she cannot stay in ,ri3 fu"" time. Her "o!eVhate re"ationship ith ?ari"o does not ma*e her 3ob any easier since it)s him she)s found herse"f dea"ing ith rather than 0e"es. The greatest threat to the dead ho e!er, comes from Chernobog. Responsib"e for many of the deaths hich "ed the dead to this 5nder or"d in the first p"ace, the god of e!i" does not be"ie!e that his ro"e as the bringer of dar*ness is o!er 3ust because the "i!es of his targets are. His po er o!er death itse"f has gi!en him a great a!enue of entry into ,ri3 and his goa" is to ensure that the suffering of the dead is as great, if not greater than the suffering they endured under his attentions in "ife. ?ari"o and #ar/anna both ou"d try to *eep his e!i"s in chec*, though neither of them can be there at a"" times. %uring the spring, hen ?ari"o is abo!e in the +or"d and hi"e #ar/anna runs bac* and forth to carry the sou"s of the dead (and hen Chernobog has nothing better to do', the god of chaos can be found in the inter of the 5nder or"d spreading his e!i" to the dead. He does not gi!e much troub"e to the shepherds of 0e"es (they are sti"" technica""y under his protection', but the !ast numbers of ro!ing dead in ,ri3 are fair game for the god of e!i". -nd then of course there are the specters. (nce they ere run into the ocean and imprisoned beneath the a!es. 1ut hen the Titans bro*e free, great tida" a!es bro*e against the shores of 1uyan and the specters rode those a!es to the surface once more. ;o they are once again free to roam the "ands of the dead, de!e"oping acti!e homes and she"ter in the great paradise of ,ri3. 1ut most of a"", they ant to get to the +or"d. +ith 0e"es gone from the base of the Tree, there is "itt"e stopping them from getting up its trun*. %uring the inter of the +or"d, ?ari"o stands and tries to *eep them from escaping, but he is not perfect. +hen #ar/anna finds a specter, she grabs it once more and drags it *ic*ing and screaming bac* to the 5nder or"d, but she is not perfect. #ore so than any other 5nder or"d, the o"d chains *eeping the specters in chec* are bro*en and they are using ,ri3 as a staging ground to get to the +or"d again. They are chec*ed by ghost"y mi"itias among the shepherds of 0e"es, though they sti"" ait eager"y for di!ine inter!ention to sa!e them from these creatures. +ith a"" that)s changed in ,ri3, the dead no "onger consider this p"ace their paradise anymore. (n the surface it may be green and "ush, but beneath that !isage "ur*s the rot, decay and chaos that the Titans ou"d spread to the rest of the +or"d if gi!en a chance. The dead pray e!ery day that the gods can bring order to the +or"d and 5nder or"d again. 1ut in the meantime, they 3ust sett"e in to these ne hard times, "i*e those they dea"t ith hi"e they sti"" "i!ed. -nd those ho fee" they shou"d ta*e matters into their o n hands simp"y ta*e to the +or"d Tree no that 0e"es is no "onger coi"ed around the base to guard it. These dead return to the +or"d no in great numbers, perhaps more so than the dead of the other pantheons are doing.

-Passages to Iri<'
$ombs and Funerar% Architecture < #any traditiona" S"a!ic cemeteries may sti"" be found in 4astern 4urope and across Russia. Here, a number of tombs and mauso"eums may be found. 4ntering into the centra" mauso"eum in the area and spending a point of =egend, a""o s the user to cross into ,ri3, appearing at the base of the +or"d Tree in the center of the 1uyan. &atural Features < &inding a natura" feature to ,ri3 is perhaps one of the easiest ays to get there as there are actua""y t o choices that are acceptab"e. &irst, "i*e He"heim, one need on"y find an appropriate tree and dig beneath its roots and spend a point of =egend. Then, the Scions find himse"f digging his ay bac* out the other side of the +or"d Tree at the center of the is"and. &or the S"a!ic pantheon, this tree must be an oa* of sufficient age and si/e. Perhaps easier than using an oa* tree ho e!er, is finding your ay to the is"and of 1uyan by boat. - Scion in possession of a boat (the boat is important' may ro or sai" his boat out into any body of ater as the sun sets. They must a" ays be sure that they are sai"ing their boat to the 4ast, ho e!er. (nce they ha!e "ost sight of the shore (being in bodies of ater that are too sma"" to accomp"ish this means it on)t or*' the Scion may spend a point of =egend to ma*e the transition into the 5nder or"d. +hen 1uyan is approached in this manner, the is"and appears on the 4astern hori/on and the Scion may then ro or sai" his boat to the is"and)s shore and then or* in"and. Rituals < #odern Russian funera"s sti"" bear many simi"arities to the ancient S"a!ic funera" rites. ,t is traditiona" to prepare for your o n funera", ma*ing yourse"f a bund"e of items to ta*e ith you into the after"ife, inc"uding c"othes, re"igious items and other necessary items. The funera" itse"f, genera""y in!o"!es a funera" march ith the body as a band p"ays dirges. - Scion, ho p"aces himse"f ithin the coffin ith an appropriate bund"e before a""o ing the coffin to be marched to a cemetery and buried, may spend a =egend to cross into ,ri3 at the base of the +or"d Tree. $imes < The festi!a" for the ne year in the S"a!ic ca"endar ta*es p"ace genera""y in the second ee* of #arch. This time "asts an entire ee* and it)s during this time that 0e"es once uncoi"ed from the tree, a""o ing the dead this one time during the ee* to return to the "ands of the "i!ing and !isit their "o!ed ones. ,t as a"so a time hen specters and other horrors might roam the or"d once again. Regard"ess, it as a time hen the ay to the 5nder or"d as open and unguarded, and any time during this ee*, a Scion may spend a point of =egend, appearing at the base of the +or"d Tree.

'verworld ! (varga:
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<+here)s the Rea" S!argaC<< -stute readers ith access to the Scion Companion and the %e!as might note that not on"y do the %e!as sti"" possess #ount #eru, but ,ndra)s home in that (!er or"d is a"so ca""ed S!arga. So hy the confusionC 4ssentia""y, the %e!as on"y ga!e the Rus a sma"", inconse:uentia" section of #ount #eru. -n is"and in the sacred sea of mi"* they had no use for. -s the S"a!ic orship gre and the Rus shaped their (!er or"d in their o n image, this is"and actua""y transferred to the 5nder or"d to become the ,s"e of 1uyan and the great +or"d Tree gre from its center to support the pa"ace of S!arga in the (!er or"d abo!e. The name $S!arga$ came to mean $House of S!arog$ among the S"a!ic peop"e. This name as a"so gi!en, ho e!er, in honor of the pantheon hich had gi!en them this home in the first p"ace. 4specia""y in honor of their ru"er at the time they ere gi!en it, ,ndra, hose house no shares the same name. ,t as his decision to gi!e them the (!er or"d piece in the first p"ace. -nd S!arog ished to honor him in their (!er or"d. Some might a"so note that an astute ie"der of %ua"ity ho has achie!ed the Sth "e!e" 1oon,

1et een T o Points, may ta*e ad!antage of this connection to forge a Touchstone bet een the t o S!argas. -ssuming one hasn)t a"ready been formed, or may ha!e e!en been part of the reason the name as gi!en in the first p"ace. Perhaps S!arog himse"f formed a connection to *eep ties strong ith the former *ing of the %e!as 3ust as he)s the former *ing of the Rus. (r perhaps a connection as formed as a possib"e fa""<bac* position in case of in!asion. ,t)s e!en possib"e that The Citi/en has rea"i/ed this use and has ordered 0e"es or Chernobog to form a connection there for some yet<un*no n purpose. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

-=>is Mundi - The 0reat *ak

The #undi for S!arga is again, simi"ar to that of -sgard. -ny oa* tree hich has been used to tra!e" from S!arga in the past may be found again by another god and used to tra!e" up into the branches of the +or"d Tree and to S!arga. - Scion need simp"y find one of these oa* trees that :ua"ify and then c"imb it, spending a point of =egend to tra!e" to the branches outside the gates of S!arga. Simi"ar"y, a god may "ea!e the pa"ace and find those branches spreading through the ground and begin to c"imb do n them, again spending a point of =egend, and i"" find they are descending from the branches of any oa* tree hich they are a"ready a are of in the +or"d.

-The House o& !varog

;ot much is *no n of S!arga. ,t is the house of S!arog, bui"t hen he "ed the pantheon in its ear"iest days. -nd "ater hen Perun too* the throne, the name as *ept in honor of his father. Those ho find themse"!es in S!arga, first find themse"!es at the "arge gates to a spra "ing Russian<sty"e pa"ace, comp"ete ith intricate spires and detai"ed to ers. ;est"ed in the branches of the +or"d Tree and co!ered ith perpetua""y fa""ing sno that ne!er seems to pi"e high enough to become a bother, this great pa"ace seems to reach high into the s*y. 4!en despite its great height, S!arga is e!en bigger ithin, ho"ding space enough for a"" the gods and more to ma*e their homes ithin the great pa"ace. The most important room in the pa"ace is the great throne room. Here, the great throne of the Rus sits on a ta"" dais. (nce, S!arog sat here. -nd after that, Perun too* o!er. 1ut no , on"y a sing"e being sits upon the throneE The Citi/en. He sits there, dressed in his fancy suit, ith his strong ga/e peering about o!er the room ith a critica" eye. Though he rare"y "ea!es the throne, his dictates are enforced throughout the pa"ace no that he sits there. -nd natura""y, his dictates are co"ored by the hispers of 0e"es ho can often be found behind the throne to gi!e his most trusted ad!ice. 4ach of the gods has their o n room in the pa"ace, though there is no room that is considered to be persona" property. ,t a"" be"ongs to the Citi/en no . Those ho ser!e him e"" are gi!en the best rooms of the pa"ace. 0e"es natura""y has been granted the best rooms, at "east three that he has c"aimed as his o nF especia""y the room that once be"onged to Perun. Chernobog and #ar/anna, for their aid in ta*ing the throne, ha!e been gi!en "a!ish rooms of their o n, though no here near as ea"thy as the ones that 0e"es has c"aimed. The gods hich ha!e stood against the Citi/en, of course, ha!e been granted hat might once ha!e been ca""ed ser!ant)s :uarters. Perun, S!arog and @rsni* may as e"" be s"eeping in c"osets shou"d they actua""y choose to stay in S!arga. ,t)s for this reason that Perun and @rsni* choose to spend their time in the +or"d rather than the (!er or"d. Though ith the ar against the Titans, @rsni* at "east has found himse"f ha!ing to tra!e" there more often and stomach the changes that ha!e happened in S!arga in order to do his duty against the Titans. -dditiona""y, hen 1e"obog and %ie!as are in charge, they do not spend much time in S!arga. 1oth of them fee" that they ha!e much to catch up on in the +or"d. They ander the +or"d in ne morta" guises, fami"iari/ing themse"!es ith that they)!e missed. Ho e!er, hen they return,

to S!arga, they ta*e the "arge rooms that Chernobog and #ar/anna are not using at that time. -fter a"", they reason, the rooms are technica""y theirs as e"". -nd mean hi"e, it puts them in a *ey position to aid Perun hen the time comes. +hi"e S!arog, himse"f, may ha!e a tiny room, there is one p"ace that the Citi/en cannot touchE his forge. S!arga be"onged to S!arog "ong before it as gi!en to Perun. %eep in the bo e"s of the pa"ace, in the farthest basement, that is here S!arog *eeps his forge. There, his too"s and machines of ar and creation are made. The forge is po ered by fire sto"en from the bound dragon, >mey, and constant sto*ing *eeps the fire burning eterna""y. -s for the gods that ha!e done their best to remain neutra", they ha!e been gi!en rooms of a!erage :ua"ity, ensuring that they are at "east ta*en care of and ha!e a p"ace to go. Though, as a" ays, the rooms are not tru"y considered theirs. These rooms are not sub<rea"msF they are simp"y rooms in S!arga. -ny sub<rea"ms the gods may sti"" ha!e possession of, ha!e "i*e"y been se!ered from S!arga and drifted to the earth to become terrae incognitae since the Citi/en too* o!er and dec"ared his "a to be fina". &ina""y, there are the ser!ants hich operate S!arga. #any of these are "esser immorta"s, ser!ing drin*s and *eeping the rooms of S!arga c"ean. Ho e!er, since the Citi/en has ta*en o!er, it is c"ear that much of S!arga is in disrepair. #ore so than the ser!ants can hope to *eep up ith. Rooms ha!e been "eft unused and dust gathers on them. The si"!er is beginning to tarnish. Cob ebs form in the corners hich the ser!ants miss. Seeing as they are part of the rea"m itse"f, the ser!ants ha!e a"so begin to on"y do hat needs to be done rather than going the e.tra mi"e for the pa"ace that they used to. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<Since the Siege < Chaff from the +heat<< #any of the Rus *no that Rod is sti"" an acti!e 8reater Titan. They *no that the Titan no "onger possesses any acti!e -!atars as they themse"!es used to be those -!atars. Ho e!er, they *no that he sti"" e.ists. -nd hat they do not *no is that Rod has begun to simp"ify the pa"ace of S!arga. Rooms that used to be there simp"y aren)t anymore. The number of ser!ants that used to ser!e the gods seems to be d ind"ing. Some of the gods ho ha!e begun to notice are hispering that something strange is going on, but no one *no s for sure hat it is. Though if Rod has his ay, then e!entua""y, S!arga may be reduced to 3ust a simp"e room. -nd after that... e"" once a"" things ere simp"y a part of Rod, after a"". <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

(,nformation on the ,ndri* can be found in the Scion Companion, Part 4, pg. 146 to 157'

(ne part nature spirit and one part undead minion, the rusa"*i are the spirits of omen ho died before their time either by !io"ent means or by suicide in!o"!ing ater. Ho e!er, upon their deaths, they shou"d ha!e gone to ,ri3, but ere snatched by the Titans and sent bac* to earth to "i!e out their remaining time on earth as a rusa"*a. #any are associated ith the ater in hich they died and their circ"es tend to inc"ude a number of the same omen ho died in the same body of ater. The nature of their transformation gi!es rusa"*i a atery appearance, ith pa"e, a"most

trans"ucent s*in and hair that shines a !ibrant green or go"d. Their eyes are the most stri*ing, g"o ing "i*e green fire and ith no !isib"e pupi"s. (ften the rusa"*i can be found in the ater itse"f, or dancing in their circ"e upon the shore, though they can sometimes be found among the branches of nearby trees in the forest or p"aying in the fie"ds surrounding the body of ater they)re "in*ed to. Ho e!er, if a rusa"*a strays too far from their associated body of ater, they i"" die. Their hair must be *ept perpetua""y et and if a""o ed to dry for a period of D4 hours, the rusa"*a i"" die regard"ess of hea"th "e!e"s or other factors. Rusa"*i ha!e been *no n to carry magica" combs hich a""o them to create ater and *eep their hair et. Rusa"*i spend their free time p"aying and dancing, trying to "ure men and chi"dren to 3oin their circ"e. Ho e!er, 3oining this circ"e a" ays means being dragged into the ater and dro ned. +omen may then be ta*en into the circ"e as they too ha!e no died !io"ent deaths associated ith the body of ater in :uestion. #a"e !ictims are simp"y out of "uc* as they go on to the 5nder or"d and simp"y 3oin the e!ery day ghosts. Rusa"*i tend to ha!e the stats of norma" mota"s, but are granted the se!en dots of %ar* 0irtues ith one free in each, typica""y fa!oring #a"ice abo!e a"" others. Physica""y, they are much "i*e /ombies since they are the dead returned to earth, and as such treat firearms "i*e bashing damage, soa* "etha" damage ith their fu"" stamina and face no ound pena"ties. -dditiona""y, they are granted the +ater 1reathing 1oon and are gi!en a =egend rating of 1. &ina""y, rusa"*i ha!e the uni:ue abi"ity to dra morta"s to their circ"e and "ure them to their deaths. The rusa"*i ro"" (Charisma P Presence' and those ho itness their dancing or hear their singing or humming ro"" (+i""po er P ,ntegrity P =egend' to resist the effect. -dditiona""y, for each rusa"*i beyond the first ho is participating in the dancing the rusa"*a hich ma*es the ro"" (usua""y the one ith the best Charisma P Presence' gains an automatic success to "ure the !ictim to them. The rusa"*i then o!er he"m their target and drag him into the ater, suc*ing him do n and "etting the ater do its or* from there to dro n the !ictim. The rusa"*i may be ser!ants of the titans, but that does not ma*e them irredeemab"e. -n indi!idua" rusa"*a may be redeemed by a!enging her death and setting her sou" free to actua""y enter ,ri3 this time. This is best "eft to ro"e<p"ay and determining hen the rusa"*a has been a!enged, if it is possib"e at a"". TrophyE The pri/e for a rusa"*a is the "arge ri!er stone, rough"y the si/e of a man)s fist, that is "eft behind upon their death. The body disso"!es a ay into ater, freeing the sou" to go on to ,ri3, and "eft in the ater is a sma"", b"ac*, perfect"y smooth ri!er stone. +hen this stone is he"d in a Scion)s hand, it grants the benefits of the +ater 1reathing 1oon, a""o ing the Scion to operate under ater ithout fear of dro ning or free/ing in the ater. Ho e!er, this ta*es up one of the Scion)s hands, pre!enting the use of that hand for any fine manipu"ations or using a eapon. #any rusa"*i a"so carry magic combs hich are used to *eep their hair et shou"d they be forced to "ea!e their atery home for some "ength of time. ,f a Scion gets possession of one of these combs, it may be used as a 1irthright for the +ater Pur!ie .

0i"a are not a sing"e creature, but rather a category of a number of different creatures. ,n many ays they are "i*e the nymphs and the a"far presented in ScionE Hero (pg. DSL to T77' or the aes sidhe (Scion Companion, Part 1 < The Tuatha de %anann, pg. D6 to T7'. They are nature spirits ho are tied to their surroundings and seen as protectors of the natura" or"d. Ho e!er, un"i*e the nymphs or the a"far, the !i"a are much more ma"e!o"ent. They are *no n to *i"", maim and other ise incon!enience innocent passerby simp"y for being in the area that the !i"a is associated ith. - !i"a associated ith a certain ri!er may ha!e a reputation for dro ning anyone ho comes near one particu"ar area of the ri!er. &orest !i"a may cause anderers in the oods to disappear if they go near a certain g"ade or certain tree in the forest. To represent a !i"a, use the basic stats for a nymph (Scion Hero, pg. DSS' and use Pur!ie s

appropriate to that particu"ar !i"a. The most common Pur!ie s associated ith the !i"a are 4arth, &erti"ity, &rost, S*y or +ater, though other !ariations are certain"y possib"e. -dditiona""y, they face the same ea*ness the nymphs do, as they cannot "ea!e their area of inf"uence ithout ta*ing damage. Ho e!er, the !i"a do not entire"y ha!e the 0irtues of the gods. Some are fu""y "oya" to the Titans and those !i"a use %ar* 0irtues. Some !i"a may instead ta*e a neutra" stance in the ar and may be simp"y focused on their ties to the natura" or"d rather than the Titans and the gods. These !i"a use a mi. of 0irtues, typica""y Courage, 4ndurance, #a"ice and Rapacity. ;o !i"a are fu""y "oya" to the gods and as such, none of these "esser immorta"s i"" ser!e as 8uides for the Scions. -t best you may find one ho is neutra" and may offer a moment of ad!ice, but they i"" ne!er do more than that. The !i"a are numerous and p"entifu" and in addition to the basic stats for the nymphs, Storyte""ers may a"so add other abi"ities depending on the !i"a in :uestion. Some e.amp"es may inc"ude, but are not "imited toE <)od%ano%E -ppearing as a na*ed o"d man ith a greenish beard and "ong hair ith his body co!ered in a"gae and muc*, usua""y ith a "ayer of b"ac* sca"es beneath that, and rides do n the ri!er on a ha"f sun* "og. He pu""s himse"f a"ong ith his ebbed hands and fish)s tai" and his eyes burn "i*e red<hot coa"s in the night. Though many may simp"y be ca""ed mischie!ous, most of the !odyanoy are "oya" to the Titans and are *no n to be some of the most ruth"ess !i"a in e.istence. They tend to focus on 4pic #anipu"ation and 4pic Strength and ha!e a penchant for the +ater and &erti"ity Pur!ie s. -dditiona""y, they ha!e the abi"ity, hen merged ith their e"ement, to direct their anger at indi!idua"s or free<standing structures "i*e dams and mi""s. This a""o s them to attac* these structures using their norma" stats. <PaludnicaE The Pa"udnica appears as a beautifu" oman, dressed in hite. They tend to specia"i/e in 4pic -ppearance abo!e a"" other po ers and are associated ith the Pur!ie s of &erti"ity and 4arth. -"most the opposite of the 0odyanoy, the Pa"udnica are more p"ayfu" and mischie!ous than they are ma"e!o"ent. Though not a""ied ith the gods, the Pa"udnica are usua""y ambi!a"ent of the Titans. They are found andering the fie"ds, "oo*ing o!er the crops and the grounds they gro in. They are *no n to pu"" the hair of the or*ers and to "ead chi"dren astray into the ta"" grass or cornfie"ds. Those fe Pa"udnica ho are a""ied ith the Titans are *no n to do orse, as chi"dren they "ead astray may ne!er return to their parents a"i!e. <(hishigaE Considered a sort of ood<gob"in, the shishiga are fema"e and appear ith pa"e hite s*in, are often found nude and ha!e a tous"ed, fera" "oo*. They tend to focus on 4pic -ppearance and 4pic #anipu"ation and are *no n for their mastery of &erti"ity. Considered to be a"most comp"ete"y neutra", the shishiga a!oid both Titan and god and are e!en *no n to *eep their distance from their fe""o !i"a. Poere it, the god of the forests, is particu"ar"y interested in these creatures, but e!en he has pro!en unab"e to con!ince them to come to amiab"e terms ith him. Their focus is entire"y on their domain. They are *no n to harass tra!e"ers through their particu"ar rea"m and ha!e a particu"ar attraction to drun*ards. They ha!e the abi"ity to pro3ect i""usions into the minds of peop"e ho ha!e imbibed a"coho" and may seeming"y manipu"ate rea"ity. 5se the system for the ?otun)s ,""usion po er, ho e!er, the shishiga)s target must first ha!e drun* something a"coho"ic ithin the "ast hour other ise the po er automatica""y fai"s. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<1y -ny (ther ;ame<< S"a!ic mytho"ogy is rife ith many more spirits than simp"y the !i"a. +hi"e the !i"a ma*e up the !ast ma3ority of nature spirits, simi"ar to the a"far and the nymphs, there are other minor spirits hich roam the S"a!ic "ands.

&or one, the d ar!es (ScionE Hero, pg. T16' ha!e ne!er "imited themse"!es to 3ust the "ands of ;orthern 4urope here the -esir ma*e their home. % ar!es go here e!er the gems and mines are. -nd Russia is no different. ,n the S"a!ic "ands d ar!es are ca""ed *ar/e"e* and the mines and tunne"s here they cou"d be heard or*ing ser!ed as passages to the Prima" Ca!ern (ScionE Ragnaro*, pg. SS < 177' and the d ar!en "and of ;ida!e""ir (Ragnaro*, pg. 17L'. There ere a"so many of the hidden fo"* (ScionE Ragnaro*, pg. 119' to be found in Russia. House spirits such as the domo!oi and *i*imora ser!e the same ro"e as the nisse. =esser spirits of ater ser!ed in bathhouses and other such areas and ere *no n as bagienni* or banni*. The stuhac "i!ed in high, barren mountains here they used human "igaments for c"imbing. Ho e!er, un"i*e the hidden fo"* of ;orthern 4urope, in Russia, nature as usua""y uncommon"y crue", as sho n by the !i"a. The *ind fairies are "ess common and most of the minor spirits are ma"icious to ard humans and the gods. Sti"", it)s not entire"y unheard of for a Scion of the Rus to "earn the &airy Troop 1oon or ha!e hidden fo"* as fo""o ers or a guide. ,t)s 3ust "ess common than it is among the -esir. &ina""y, the S"a!ic pantheon has an actua" name for the pa ns of &ate (ScionE Hero, pg. DS7', specifica""y hen the pa n too* the shape of an anima". ,n Russia, such anima"s ere perhaps more common than they ere in other "ands, to the point that the S"a!ic peop"e had an actua" name for these creatures. To the S"a!ic peop"e, pa ns in the form of anima"s ere *no n as $do"a$. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The most dominant of the undead in 4astern 4urope and Russia is actua""y the 8ree* !ampire, the !ry*o"a*as (ScionE %emigod, pg. D56'. -s stated, these creatures are in fact the origin of many of the modern myths surrounding the !ampire and !ampirism. 1ut, there is another type of undead, associated ith the S"a!ic pantheon, hich is much o"der than the !ry*o"a*as. Though not as common as they once ere in the ancient days (a particu"ar hatred he"d by @rsni* and his Scions ha!e !ast"y reduced the numbers of the !ampir' these undead are more subt"e than the !ry*o"a*as and in some ays a great dea" more dangerous. The !ampir are *no n for their association ith dar*ness and shado s as e"" as being considered $"i!ing !ampires$. This name is mis"eading of course, as the !ampir are 3ust as much corpses as any of the other undead. Ho e!er, there are many *ey e"ements hich ma*e the !ampir seem some hat more $a"i!e$ than your typica" undead. 0ampir use the standard temp"ate for the undead (ScionE %emigod, pg. D5L < D59', ith the added bonus of ha!ing access to a"" 1oons of the %ar*ness Pur!ie e:ua" to their =egend < 1. -dditiona""y, the !ampir is said to be bone"ess and to appear as perfect"y human other ise, gaining a PD 4pic %e.terity (and the 4scape -rtist and Ro"" +ith ,t @nac*s' and PT 4pic -ppearance (and the #y 4yes -re 5p Here and %oin &ine @nac*s and one other -ppearance @nac* of the Storyte""er)s choice'. They are a"so *no n to be more seducti!e than your a!erage !ampir, gaining a P1 4pic Charisma ith the 4ngender =o!e @nac*. Some !ampir may ha!e other po ers and some are *no n to change into anima"s of !arious sorts, though these typica""y represent a !ampir of e.cessi!e age. - !ampir regains =egend by suc*ing the "ife from his !ictims in their s"eep. #any of them ha!e been *no n to a"so ta*e ad!antage of their !ictims""y hi"e they s"umber, though this is not re:uired for them to regain =egend. ,f their !ictim a*es before being *i""ed, ho e!er, then they gain no benefit from *i""ing that indi!idua". &ina""y, though they regain =egend from s"aying their !ictims, the !ampir are sti"" *no n for their en3oyment of se. and their attraction to members of the opposite se.. - !ampir may use the Cursed 1"ood po er of e!ery undead !ia the act of intercourse rather than needing to feed b"ood to their !ictim. This grants their partners e.tra strength and imbues "oya"ty ithin them ithout

ha!ing to b"o their co!er and feed their !ictims their b"ood to create thra""s. This does not or* on creatures of =egend ob!ious"y, though there is another side effect and that is that the morta"s that the !ampir has se. ith may become pregnant or get the !ampir pregnant ith a chi"d. These chi"dren are ca""ed dhampir in the myths and many !ampir fear their creation as they are *no n to be *no "edgeab"e !ampire hunters.

-Kos%hei the Deathless

@oschei the %eath"ess is one of a *ind. Some might ca"" him one of the 5ndead "i*e the !ampir or the !ry*o"a*as. 1ut if he is a !ampire, then he brea*s a"" the ru"es of being one. &or one, he is not uni:ue"y !u"nerab"e to fire or sun"ight. 2et, neither is he re:uired to drin* the b"ood of his !ictims. ;or, does his b"ood carry any specia" po ers to grant strength to his minions. He is rotted and corpse<"i*e in appearance, a s*e"eta" man earing the ceremonia" robes of a boyar or *ing. 2et, despite his rotting body, he is sti"" :uite fu"" of "ife and "ustfu". He is a a"*ing contradiction, and yet one thing is certain"y trueE he is seeming"y impossib"e to *i"". He did die once. ;o one is entire"y sure of his e.act history, e.cept perhaps for @oschei himse"f, but they do *no that once, "ong ago, @oschei did indeed die. -nd then the Titans granted him "ife ane . 1ut, it as on"y partia" "ife. His body continued to rot and age unti" he as "eft on"y a s*e"eta" hus*. -s his body d ind"ed, his passions for "ife on"y gre . He as not abo!e the *idnapping and rape of young omen. ;or, as he abo!e the !io"ent destruction of those that might stop him. His reign of terror o!er a sma"", no forgotten terra incognita and the +or"d around its "ocation are the stuff of "egends... "itera""y. (f course, he asn)t stupid. He *ne that e!entua""y there ou"d be those ho ou"d be po erfu" enough to stop him. The Titans hadn)t made him tru"y immorta", on"y gi!en him a ne "ease on $"ife$. -nd e!en this decaying "ife of un:uenchab"e desires as better than death in his eyes. So, he ent to the itch, 1aba 2aga, to re:uest a ay to *eep his body from dying once more. 5sing her po erfu" magic, 1aba 2aga actua""y pu""ed the sou" from @oschei)s rotting body, p"acing it instead ith the head of a need"e. 1ut @oschei ent further. This need"e ith his sou" he then hid ithin an egg. -nd this egg he then hid ithin a duc*, hich as then hidden ithin a hare, and the hare hidden ithin a chest. -nd 3ust to ensure that no one ou"d find it, the chest as then ta*en across the ocean to the is"and of 1uyan in the 5nder or"d. There, it as hidden beneath the roots of one of the many sacred oa*s hich gro on the is"and (though not the roots of the +or"d Tree itse"f'. 4!en if someone found the chest, the hare ithin i"" run a ay. 4!en if the hare is caught, the duc* i"" f"y a ay. ,f the duc* is caught and *i""ed, then the egg i"" be a"" that)s "eft and on"y then ith the egg, can @oschei tru"y be *i""ed, but on"y by brea*ing the egg upon his forehead. Though, e!en ithout brea*ing the egg, possessing it gi!es po er o!er him, as hat happens to the egg (or more specifica""y the need"e ithin it' happens to @oschei. #any Scions ha!e tried to destroy @oschei. Prince ,!an, a Scion of Perun, came the c"osest. -fter sa!ing his be"o!ed princess #arya #ore!na from @oschei)s "echerous c"utches, the magic steed he had sto"en from 1aba 2aga *ic*ed @oschei in the head and crushed it, after hich Prince ,!an burned the body. 1ut the egg as sti"" intact and the ne.t day, @oschei)s body reformed from the ashes. He isn)t ca""ed the %eath"ess for nothing, after a"". 1ut after that, he decided to "ay "o for a hi"e. -bandoning his "ost cast"e and "etting it fa"" into disrepair unti" fina""y the terra incognita it as "ocated ithin bro*e off from the or"d and faded a ay. His acti!ity as *ept a secret to a"" but the most *no "edgeab"e of the Rus and their Scions as he operated in the shado y under or"d of the human +or"d. He)s ser!ed as gun runner, drug supp"ier, b"ac* mar*et connection and, his fa!orite, human s"a!e trader. The "ast is a position he found most appea"ing as it a""o ed him to s"a*e his o n desires as e"" as contro" his customers. -" ays his acti!ities ere carried out behind a curtain of secrecy and intermediaries. +ith the re"ease of the Titans, @oschei has come out of hiding once more. ;ot e.act"y ru"ing from a cast"e in the midd"e of his o n pri!ate rea"m, he is sti"" andering the +or"d. 1ut he operates more open"y no . He is setting himse"f up as an enigmatic 4astern 4uropean business man. He

uses the human streroetype of a rec"use ho ne!er ta*es persona" meetings to his ad!antage, preferring to do his business !ia intermediaries and the mar!e"s of this ne digita" or"d. He is not necessari"y "oya" to the Titans. (n"y "oya" to himse"f, he is sti"" a po erfu" agent of the Titans) o!era"" agenda. -nd Scions may rest assured that hate!er it is @oschei is p"annign, it bodes no good for the gods. ;atureE =ibertine 0irtuesE -mbition 5, #a"ice 4, Rapacity 5, >ea"otry D Strength L, %e.terity 9, Stamina 9 Charisma 6, #anipu"ation 6, -ppearance L Perception L, ,nte""igence 9, +its L -cademics T, -nima" @en D, -th"etics 4, - areness 4, 1ra " 4, Command 5, Contro" (Horse' T, 4mpathy 4, &ortitude 4, ,ntegrity 4, ,n!estigation D, =arceny T, #ar*smanship T, #edicine 1, #e"ee 5, (ccu"t 4, Po"itics 5, Presence 5, Science (Computer' D, Stea"th T, Sur!i!a" T, Thro n D Supernatura" Po ersE <<4pic -ttributesE Strength L (Crushing 8rip, %i!ine +rath, %isfiguring -ttac*, Titanium Too"s, Ho"y Rampage, %i!ine Rampage', %e.terity L (Cat)s 8race, =ightning Sprinter, #on*ey C"imber, %i!ine 1a"ance, 5ntouchab"e (pponent, +hir" ind Shie"d', Stamina L (%amage Con!ersion, %i!ine %amage Con!ersion, Se"f<Hea"ing, Regeneration, So"ipsistic +e""<1eing, S*in<Shedding', Charisma 9 (Charmer, 4ngender =o!e, Cro d Contro", 1enefit of the %oubt, 5nimpeachab"e Reference, 1orro ed Credibi"ity, 1oys +i"" 1e 1oys', #anipu"ation 9 ((!ert (rder, ,nstant Hypnosis, ,mp"ant &a"se #emory, #ass Hypnosis, 8od)s Honest, Ta*es (ne to @no (ne', -ppearance 5 (%readfu" #ien, %o ;ot +ant, Perfect -ctor, =asting ,mpression, ,nescapab"e 0ision', Perception D (Scent the %i!ine, 5nfai"ing Recognition', 4pic ,nte""igence L (Perfect #emory, -.iom, =anguage #astery, ,nstant Trans"ation, #u"titas*ing, Te"epathy', 4pic +its T ((pening 8ambit, #on*ey in the #idd"e, %on)t Read the #anua"' <<,n!u"nerabi"ityE @oschei can not be *i""ed through norma", physica" !io"ence. 5n"ess the character ta*es the appropriate steps to *i"" him (as detai"ed abo!e', @oschei i"" not die permanent"y. -fter a D4 hour period, at the same time as he as *i""ed, his body i"" reform, no matter ho much damage as done to it. Smashing the egg upon his forehead, ta*es a ay this po er as it restores his sou" to its rightfu" p"ace. @oschei must sti"" actua""y be *i""ed after ards. ?oin 1att"eE 17 -ttac*sE C"inch < -ccuracy 11, %amage 6=, Parry %0 <<, Speed L, P 5narmed, Hea!y < -ccuracy 17, %amage 11=, Parry %0 D1, Speed 5 5narmed, =ight < -ccuracy 1D, %amage 6=, Parry %0 DD, Speed 4 ,ron S ord < -ccuracy 14, %amage 15=, Parry %0 DT, Speed 4 Soa*E L-VDT=VDT1 Hea"th =e!e"sE <7.DDV,ncap %odge %0E DL (4D ith 5ntouchab"e (pponent' +i""po erE S =egendE 6, =egend PointsE L4 ;otesE %ue to his rotted, undead nature, @oschei treats damage from firearms as bashing damage and uses his fu"" Stamina to soa* "etha" damage. -dditiona""y, anyone ho is in possession of the magic egg (or at "east the need"e from ithin the egg' may use it as a &atefu"

Connection (ScionE %emigod, pg. S9'. This functions e.act"y "i*e the spe"", hether the person in possession of the egg possesses the spe"" themse"!es or not. His s ord has PD -ccuracy and PT %amage in addition to the norma" spatha temp"ate. -dditiona""y, he possesses a round shie"d hich grants P5 to a"" of his %0s (the numbers "isted abo!e are ithout the shie"d'. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<%ragon)s &ire<< Some Storyte""ers may ish to use the Radegast story hoo* from ScionE %emigod, pg. 1DT to 1D5. This story hoo* features the dragon >mey ho as imprisoned ithin the terra incognita of Radegast beneath Pa"ona Pea*. This story is a great hoo* for Scions of the Rus as they may ta*e a much more persona" interest in >mey)s freedom. Ho e!er, the stats presented for >mey don)t :uite capture the creature of "egend as he presented in S"a!ic mytho"ogy. >mey as said to ha!e three heads and he had ings and as capab"e of f"ight. The norma" stats for ;idhogg as suggested in the boo* are a great start and changing the 4ntropy 1reath to the &ire 1reath of the Jiuhcoat" is a"so appropriate. ,n addition, gi!e >mey bat< "i*e ings and grant him the Tatsu)s f"ight abi"ity. (b!ious"y, if the fight ith >mey ta*es p"ace in the ca!ern here he as once imprisoned, he on)t ha!e much room to use this po er. Shou"d he escape and enter the forests surrounding Pa"ona Pea*, ho e!er, >mey may !ery e"" spread his ings once more. &or the mu"tip"e heads, gi!e >mey the 4.tra Heads po er of the Hydra, ith each head being capab"e of ta*ing an independent action (inc"uding independent use of the dragon)s &ire 1reath' and ha!ing its o n 17 "e!e" Hea"th Trac* "i*e the Hydra. >mey)s body is considered ab"e to ta*e actions separate from its heads in the form of c"a based attac*s. >mey "ac*s a $primary head$ and each one is considered e:ua" in that regard. Se!ering a"" three heads (by doing 17 "etha" or aggra!ated damage to each' i"" resu"t in the death of the dragon)s body and thus the death of >mey. (r, the dragon may simp"y be *i""ed by going for the body in the first p"ace and ignoring the e.tra heads, though this "ea!es the dragon ith a"" of its independent actions in the meantime. >mey "ac*s the Hydra)s dreaded regeneration po ers and if a head is "ost, it i"" not spa n t o in its p"ace, but >mey)s Regeneration @nac* may regro a "ost head -&T4R the damage that se!ered it has been hea"ed, assuming at "east one head is "eft attached to his "i!ing body at the end of the batt"e. There is a benefit to capturing >mey as e"". (r rather, a benefit to capturing his fire. 1y capturing some of the dragon)s f"ame, the fire may be used to fue" a furnace or forge. This fire must be *ept "it and if it e!er goes out, the fire is "ost and must be rec"aimed (hence hy S!arog, the S"a!ic forge god, *ept >mey trapped rather than *i""ing him'. +hi"e using a forge fue"ed by >mey)s fire, the craftsman may doub"e the number of successes achie!ed on each ro"" of the appropriate Crafts -bi"ity. >mey as more than an indi!idua" dragon, ho e!er. =i*e ;idhogg, >mey had chi"dren. Sma""er beasts hich ent on to become a race of dragons. +hen using an indi!idua" /mey dragon, use the stats for a Jiuhcoat" ith the addition of the Tatsu)s f"ight capabi"ity. >mey do not possess mu"tip"e heads "i*e their proginator. -dditiona""y, their fire is no more specia" than norma" dragon)s fire and does not besto any specia" benefit to Crafts ro""s. (dd"y enough, in S"a!ic myth, some /mey did ha!e the capabi"ity to transform into a human guise, much "i*e the Jiuhcoat". So retaining that capabi"ity in the /mey stats is more than appropriate, ho e!er, not a"" /mey need possess that po er. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

---od - 0reater Titan o& 6nity--@-E The (!er"ord, The Co""ecti!e, (uroboros, The (ne Rod is *no n as the Titan of 5nity. He as said to be the protector of b"ood<ties and c"an re"ations, the patron of *inship and c"an unions. Rod as an e.pert at simp"ifying the mu"titude into the sing"e unity. $#other,$ $father,$ $brother$ and $sister$ may a"" be simp"ified into $fami"y.$ Peop"e can be simp"ified into races, c"asses, genders. They be"ong to nations and po"itica" parties. -nd each grouping into a sing"e concept ser!es to simp"ify the or"d into a sing"e unified thing. -nd that is hat Rod is. He is the or"d reduced to a sing"e thing. (nce, there as on"y Rod and e!erything came into being by sp"itting a ay from him. ,f 8reater Titans can be said to ha!e goa"s, then Rod)s is to return the or"d to that unity of singu"arity. Ho e!er, ith no acti!e -!atars since the creation of the Rus, Rod "ac*ed an acti!e hand in the Titan +ar. 5nti" 0e"es) scheming ga!e birth to the Citi/en. Simi"ar to Hundun, Rod as ne!er tru"y bound. Ho do you bind something that is unity itse"fC 4specia""y after Rod)s t o primary -!atars ere both sp"it into the RusC +ith no -!atars to contain and no rea" form to bind, Rod as ne!er imprisoned in Tartarus. +hen 0e"es) p"ans came to fruition and the Citi/en as gi!en birth, Rod as there. The idea"s that 0e"es had gi!en to =enin fit perfect"y ith the idea"s of Rod. The ho"e of the society comes before the indi!idua" person. The group is more important than the unit. That is hat Rod e.ists for. Since Rod uses corrupted gods rather than a true -!atar, e!en if his -!atars ere to be bound into a ne prison, Rod ou"d not be bound in the same ay that the other Titans may be bound. So "ong as he has his ay, he sha"" continue to bring the or"d together. Simp"ifying peop"e and "i!es into the simp"e concept of the state. -nd from there, e.istence sha"" be proper"y unified. Favored Purviews: -nima" (hi!e<d e""ing anima"s', 8uardian, ?ustice, #ystery, Psychopomp Banned Purviews: Chaos, +ar Prominent Features: 5n"i*e other 8reater Titans, Rod H-S no features. To ha!e features ou"d mean that there is actua""y something other than Rod. -nd to ha!e something more is the antithesis of Rod)s unity. Rather, Rod e.ists ithout form. #ore so than Hundun, Rod is simp"y e!erything. He can be found in any of the Titan rea"ms and in any of the (!er or"ds. Rod)s $rea"m$ does not separate from anything e"se, but instead rests ithin parts of the other rea"ms. ,t)s here that Rod)s creatures may manifest in other Titans and here Rod may touch other beings ith his po er. Rod)s presence is fe"t in the depths of -ten)s pa"ace here he ensures that a"" of the Hands of -ten continue to ser!e -ten ithout :uestion as e.tensions of him. Rod is in 4he*atoyaat" a"ong the 3et streams hich bind the rea"m into one great sing"e storm. Rod is fe"t in Terra here he ensures that the Titan of the +or"d is *ept in the proper order ith fami"y, ecosystem, biosphere and u"timate"y the $+or"d$ itse"f as a sing"e entity. He may a"so be found in the (!er or"ds. +here the -matsu*ami meet to pay homage to -materasu, or here the offices of the Ce"estia" 1ureaucracy a"" touch Rod and may be touched by his inf"uence. ;o (!er or"d is more touched at the moment by Rod than S!arga, here the Citi/en ensures the unity of function it as made to create. Ho e!er, this e.istance ithin, around and throughout other p"aces, a""o s Rod to do something hich no other 8reater Titan can doE Touch the +or"d direct"y. The hearts of morta" go!ernment faci"ities, the center of scientific "abs and comp", any p"ace in the +or"d that see*s to turn the many into the ho"e and unite the +or"d may ho"d a secret passage through Rod ithin it.

Passages: Rod is no here and yet touches e!ery here as his po er of unification touches e!erything. 1ut rather than tra!e" to Rod since Rod has no form, tra!e""ing through areas that are touched by Rod a""o s the tra!e"er to go to other p"aces that are touched by Rod. Tra!e""ing from a termite)s nest in Terra !ia the connections of Rod may ta*e the tra!e"er to the ha""s of -ten)s pa"ace. - tra!e""er may then tra!e" again and find himse"f in the (ffice of Home"and Security. ,n order to use these passages, the user must find a p"ace here these concepts of unity are demonstrated and po erfu". - ro"" of Perception P - areness, difficu"ty T a""o s a character to sense hen they)!e found a p"ace here Rod ties rea"ms together. There, the user must ma*e an ,nte""igence P &ortitude ro"" at a difficu"ty of 17. %oing so in combat is considered a Speed 5, #isce""aneous -ction that re:uires a character)s comp"ete focus (cannot be part of a mu"tip"e action'. 4ach time a character fai"s the ro"" trying to tra!e" !ia the paths of 5nity they "ose a point of +i""po er. ,f the user is successfu", then they enter the paths of 5nity. Here, the being gets one of the fe g"impses of hat might be considered a $shape$ to Rod. (nce on the paths of 5nity, the character itnesses 404R2TH,;8. 4!ery sight, sound, sme"", sensation that e!er as, is or i"" be, a"" f"ooding the character)s mind at once. ;o mind has e!er been ab"e to comprehend this mad cacophony of pure e.istance, not e!en the gods. The most they ha!e e!er been ab"e to do is to dro n it out "ong enough to find their ay out once more. 4!en time seems condensed into a sing"e point and becomes meaning"ess here. Combat is impossib"e as e!erything happens simu"taneous"y. The character must no ma*e t o ro""s. The first is a +i""po er P ,ntegrity P =egend ro"" at difficu"ty 6 to dro n out the f"ood of sensations. ,f the character fai"s this ro"" he "oses a temporary +i""po er point and ro""s again. (nce the ro"" succeeds, the character then ma*es a Perception P - areness ro"", difficu"ty 17. -gain, on a fai"ed ro"", the character "oses a temporary +i""po er. Success a""o s the character to sense here the paths of 5nity and use one of the e.its to escape. 8etting out does not re:uire a ro"" and the character emerges. ,t)s a"so possib"e to the paths of 5nity in a p"ace that Rod does not touch direct"y. Since Rod is e!erything, he technica""y touches e!ery here, though not as strong"y in some p"aces. %oing so is the same Perception P - areness ro"" at difficu"ty D7 and the character emerges any here he chooses. Ho e!er, in doing so, he creates a ne Path of 5nity, gi!ing Rod a footho"d in that "ocation and ser!ing to further his goa" of 5nifying the +or"d. ,f at any time in this process the character is reduced to 7 +i""po er, then he disappears, fading into the essence of Rod and merging into his 5nity. +hi"e using these passages may seem chi"d)s p"ay for a being ith 4pic ,nte""igence and Perception, many Scions do not ris* these passages as they are usua""y the site of some of Rod)s greater hi!es. -nd they open again into another "ocation that is "i*e"y guarded in a simi"ar manner. 5n"ess the Scion uses the other method of hich furthers the goa" of the 8reater Titan and brings the +or"d c"oser together. +hether they be guarded by mu"tip"e teams of -gents in the +or"d, 5nified Hands of -ten in -*hetaten, or other beasts, these shortcuts genera""y re:uire great effort to get to. The on"y p"ace that Rod cannot touch is Hundun. =i*e ise, Hundun does not touch Rod. The ideas of Chaos and 5nity are antithesis of each other. -nd though both in a"" rea"ms, they ne!er interact, ne!er touch and cannot be used to tra!e" !ia each other. -ny p"ace touched by Rod cannot be accessed through a dreamrea"m of Hundun. ;or can the chaos of Hundun be accessed through the ays of 5nity !ia Rod. ,n fact, a Path of 5nity may be c"osed and se!er Rod)s connection there shou"d a creature ith the Chaotic Temp"ate attempt to use the path. The Chaotic creature disappears in the same manner abo!e but does not re<emerge. The path there, ho e!er, is c"osed un"ess it shou"d be re<formed. Chaotic creatures do not seem to mind this act of se"f<sacrifice in the name of their Titan master. The Paths of 5nity may a"so be se!ered by a 8od using the -!atar of Chaos. (nce he finds a p"ace of 5nity, the 8od may become the 0oid and se!er the connection. So far, no 8od has been cra/y enough to try entering Rod)s paths first and then becoming the 0oid +,TH,; Rod. Some

specu"ate that this sort of attac* cou"d se!er -== of the paths of 5nity. Some specu"ate it cou"d a"so destroy the 8reater Titan and gi!e the +or"d to Hundun to be torn apart and scattered into the Chaos of non<e.istance. 1ut it)s this fact that *eeps Rod from comp"ete"y ta*ing the (!er or"d. #any pantheons ha!e p"aces here Paths of 5nity might pop up natura""y. Those sites in the 8od rea"ms are genera""y *ept under carefu" atch unti" chaotic gods may find them and tend to them. 4!en such $ordered$ pantheons as the Ce"estia" 1ureaucracy, -matsu*ami and Pesed3et do not ish to be 5nified and gods such as Sun +u*ong, Susanno<o and Set are in!a"uab"e for dea"ing ith this prob"em hen they pop up. The on"y Path of 5nity *ept acti!e in the 8od rea"ms is the Throne of S!arga here the Citi/en sits. The Citi/en, himse"f, ser!es as its $guard$ and *eeps the e.istance of the path a secret from the gods ho might ha!e 0e"es or Chernobog se!er the connection to Rod. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<5nified Temp"ate<< Rod does not create creatures of his o n. Creating ser!ants of his o n ou"d again imp"y a separation from Rod and that does not fit ith the Titan)s purpose. Rather, Rod corrupts other creatures, hether they are norma" creatures of the +or"d, or e!en other creatures in ser!ice to other Titans. +hen creatures are touched by Rod and granted his po er, then they gain a hi!e mind hich a""o s the creatures of 5nity to operate as a sing"e entity. Creatures ith the 5nified Temp"ate are ne!er found indi!idua""y, instead a" ays operating in a hi!e. The hi!e is a" ays composed of a distinct number of members and Scions ne!er 3ust fight one of them, they must a" ays fight the entire hi!e. +hether they be gang<bangers touched by Rod ho gather in a bui"ding and operate as one, Hands of -ten ho ha!e been sto"en from their purpose and are no hiding out in the mountains of -*hetaten or e!en nemean bees in Terra. Creatures so touched automatica""y gain a Coordinated -ttac* bonus hen attac*ing on the same tic* as another 5nified creature of the same hi!e since the hi!e mind a""o s the creatures to instant"y *no hat each other is thin*ing and operate as a sing"e entity. -dditiona""y, in order to *i"" creatures of 5nity, you must *i"" the entire hi!e in :uestion. #embers of the hi!e i"" continue to fight on regard"ess of ound pena"ties or other disabi"ities unti" the "ast member of the hi!e has been *i""ed. +hi"e they face ound pena"ties as norma", the ,ncapacitated and %ying Hea"th =e!e"s do not ta*e effect unti" a"" members of the hi!e are either ,ncapacitated or %ying. %isab"ing a creature ith the ru"es for a Cripp"ing -ttac* (ScionE Hero, pg. 1SS' i"" *eep an indi!idua" from being a threat, but e!en that doesn)t *i"" the unit, simp"y ta*es it out of the fight. There is a ay to disrupt this po er, ho e!er. +hen a unified creature is targeted by a boon from the Chaos or +ar Pur!ie s, they must ro"" +i""po er P ,ntegrity P =egend to resist the dice poo" of the 1oon. ,f the ro"" fai"s, then that creature is cut off from the hi!e mind for fi!e tic*s per net success on the ro"". %uring this time, the creature does not count to ard the Coordinated -ttac* bonus that the hi!e might recei!e and that creature does not benefit from that bonus. -dditiona""y, if during that time the creature is *i""ed, then it may die indi!idua""y rather than being *ept a"i!e by the hi!e. 5nified beasts are immune to any 1oons from the ?ustice Pur!ie dep"oyed by someone ith a "o er =egend rating. -ttac*s and po ers based on the Chaos and +ar Pur!ie s, ho e!er, are considered to ha!e the Piercing :ua"ity against unified creatures and unified creatures are considered to be <D =egend for purposes of resisting them, inc"uding hen ro""ing the abo!e ro"" to stay connected to the hi!e. &ina""y, beings ho use the #ystery Pur!ie on 5nified creatures they are &atebound too, gain a number of automatic successes on the ro"" e:ua" to the being)s =egend, minimum of 1 in the case of unified creatures ithout =egend. ,t shou"d a"so be noted that creatures that are gi!en the 5nified Temp"ate do not "ose access to other Temp"ates they may norma""y ha!e. Rod does not se!er ties, on"y creates ne ones, unti" a"" is tied together into a sing"e entity. The e.ception of course being the Chaotic creatures of

Hundun. That hich is by its nature chaotic, cannot be unified and !ice !ersa. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

-The Citizen - =vatar o& -od

+hen the Citi/en as first born, he as the incarnation of e!ery dream hich 0e"es had put into the mind of =enin. He became the head of a ne pantheon, hich for a time ru"ed o!er Russia)s di!ine rea"ms. -"ongside 1aba 2aga and Rodina #at, the Citi/en maintained po er in the (!er or"d in the name of the So!iet 5nion. 1ut e!entua""y 1aba 2aga "ost her godhood, and Rodina #at "eft behind such grand designs as the So!iet pantheon. 1ut the Citi/en sti"" remained. -nd he had a"ready succeeded in supp"anting "eadership of the Rus. -nd in that position he has remained. 1ut the Citi/en has ne!er been e.act"y hat e!eryone thought he as. 4!en before his transition to the ro"e as Titan -!atar, the Citi/en as Rod)s puppet. 5pon his creation, Rod reached out and touched upon the mind of the Citi/en, beginning a s"o process that started to ipe the mind of the Citi/en and remo!e e!erything that as deemend unncessary. That inc"uded :uite a "ot. The Citi/en embodies the idea"s of socia"ism and communism on the most basic "e!e". Rod too* ad!antage of that concept and the concepts of the ho"e before the one to corrupt this young god. Though he did indeed begin as a god, and 0e"es maneu!ered him into a position of po er hi"e he as sit"" a god, by the end of +or"d +ar ,,, he had become fu""y and comp"et"ey unified, ta*ing his p"ace as the first -!atar of Rod since the disso"ution of Trig"a! and S!ante!it. -"" may not be "ost, hoe!er. There)s more going on in the mind of the Citi/en than anyone is a are. The empty space "eft by Rod cou"d not ha!e been "eft empty fore!er and, if "eft unchec*ed, the process that turned the Citi/en into an -!atar may re!erse itse"f and turn him once more into a true god. The Citi/en is tied to Russia as sure"y as any deity can be. -s the country changes, so changes the god. S"o "y, the idea"s of democracy, Perun)s ta"* of free i"", 1e"obog)s and %ie!as) actions of good and peace and e!en the tric*ery and creati!ity of his $teacher$ 0e"es are starting to b"eed into the Citi/en. He is not yet separated from Rod, 3ust as Russia has not yet "et behind its communist ideo"ogy, but if $ununified$ concepts continue to be absorbed by the young god, then Rod may yet "ose contro" of him. +hether the Citi/en becomes a bene!o"ent or ma"e!o"ent deity shou"d he regain his freedom, ho e!er, is a resu"t "eft on"y to &ate right no . &or no , he p"ays his cards c"ose to his chest. Trying to act as the 8od in charge of the Rus as 0e"es) puppet, hi"e at the same time, attempting to further Rod)s agenda through that position. He p"ans to "et the attention stay on the conf"ict bet een 0e"es and Perun ith the Citi/en 3ust the dupe caught in the midd"e. He tries to ma*e sense of the non<unified things he sees hi"e unifying in the name of $socia" order$ at the same time. -mbition 4, #a"ice T, Rapacity 1, >ea"otry 5 %ice Poo"E D4 Supernatura" Po ersE <<-!atarsE The -byss, The -rbiter, The Sentine", The +ay <<1oonsE 4!ery one< to eight<dot 1oon from e!ery Pur!ie <e.cept< Chaos and +ar, hich are forbidden to him. The Citi/en a"so has a"" 1oons from the Ci!itas, %ar*ness, 8uardian, ?ustice and Psychopomp Pur!ie s. <<4pic -ttributesE 4pic Socia"s at the 17<dot "e!e" ( ith a"" appropriate @nac*s'. -"" other 4pic -ttributes at the eight dot "e!e" ( ith a"" appropriate @nac*s'. ?oin 1att"eE D4 -ttac*sE C"inchE -ccuracy D4, %amage 1T=, Parry %0 <<, Speed L, P 5narmed, Hea!yE -ccuracy DT, %amage 1L=, Parry %0 47, Speed 5

5narmed, =ightE -ccuracy D5, %amage 1T=, Parry %0 4D, Speed 4 Soa*E 6-VT5=V411 Hea"th =e!e"sE <7.TSV,ncap %odge %0E 49 +i""po erE 6 =egendE 1D, =egend PointsE 144 ;oteE Though he is no "onger a member of the ;ationa" Pantheon for the So!iet peop"e, the Citi/en sti"" maintains use of the Ci!itas Pur!ie and uses it admirab"y in his ro"e as the unifier of the +or"d in Rod)s image.

--.esser Creatures o& -od--=gents o& -od

+hi"e it)s true that Rod does not CR4-T4 ne minions of his o n, there is one particu"ar type of target that Rod is *no n to con!ert more than any into his minions in the +or"d. There ha!e a" ays been humans in the or"d that ou"d persecute others for being $different$. They ou"d ha!e the +or"d at "arge thin* that there is on"y a sing"e ay of doing things and those ho disagree ha!e !arying opinions and thin* differing thoughts are the heretics ho do not be"ong. To be different as a crime. To be one ith the unified popu"ace as the ay to be. -nd this unity of thought has ser!ed as a breeding ground for Rod)s corruption of the humans. 4specia""y since the head:uarters and gathering spots of such humans tend to a"so ser!e as p"aces here the Paths of 5nity can manifest. The -gents of Rod ha!e been torturers of the ,n:uisition, agents of the @81, agents of the C,and most recent"y of Home"and Security. They ha!e found their p"ace most assured"y in state< sponsored organi/ations, here their po er comes not on"y from their be"ief in unity, but a"so in their support of the go!ernment and their mutua" support of the go!ernment in turn. ,n the modern days, they are most often found as the stereotypica" #i1, ser!ing at the $thought po"ice$. The e.act *ind of unity doesn)t rea""y matter. +hat matters is that they enforce their unified ay of thin*ing abo!e a"" e"se. +hen an appropriate mind is found, something of Rod manages to touch the +or"d for 3ust a brief instant. %uring that time, the minds of the -gents are changed, becoming simp"er, and embodying the unity of Rod. -"" of the -gents of Rod ha!e the unified temp"ate, centered on their indi!idua" ce"" of operati!es. +hat)s more, the more members there are in that group of -gents, the more po er that group itse"f has. -gents of Rod are generated statistica""y by starting ith the stats for e.perienced so"diers and gain a PD to their Charisma and a PT to their #anipu"ation. -nd for "arge ce""s, each member gains a P1 #anipu"ation more for each member past fi!e. So a ce"" ith si. members has members ith #anipu"ation L. They gain the fo""o ing 0irtuesE -mbition 1, #a"ice T, Rapacity D, >ea"otry 5. -dditiona""y, each indi!idua" -gent has a =egend e:ua" to tota" number of -gents in the ce"". ,n a ce"" ith three members in the group, each member has a =egend T. - ce"" ith se!en members has indi!idua"s ith =egends of 9. &or each member of the ce"" past the first, each member a"so gains a "e!e" of 4pic #anipu"ation, ith @nac*s focusing on contro""ing other peop"e such as (!ert (rder, ,nstant Hypnosis, #ass Hypnosis and ,mp"ant &a"se #emory. &ina""y, for each point of =egend beyond the first, the -gents a"so gain a sing"e point of an additiona" 4pic -ttribute of the Storyte""er)s choice to meet the needs of that particu"ar ce"". ,t is rare to find ce""s "arger than four members in the +or"d. There is ta"* of "arger ce""s that are used to try and infi"trate terrae incognitae but most ho ha!e encountered them, don)t rea""y get a chance to ta"* about them. ,f there are such things, then they ou"d most certain"y be matches for

demigods and maybe e!en young gods hen operating together. -!erage Ce"" (T members' ,ndi!idua" StatsE 0irtuesE -mbition 1, #a"ice T, Rapacity D, >ea"otry 5 Strength 4, %e.terity 4, Stamina 4 Charisma 5, #anipu"ation 5, -ppearance T Perception T, ,nte""igence T, +its 4 -cademics D, -th"etics 4, - areness T, 1ra " 4, Command T, Contro" T, &ortitude T, ,ntegrity T, ,n!estigation 1, =arceny 1, #ar*smanship 4, #edicine D, #e"ee 4, Presence D, Stea"th T, Thro n 1 Supernatura" Po ersE <<4pic -ttributes < 4pic Charisma 1 (1enefit of the %oubt', 4pic %e.terity 1 (Tric* Shooter', 4pic #anipu"ation D ((!ert (rder, ,nstant Hypnosis' <<5nified ;ature < 4ach -gent has the 5nified Temp"ate hich app"ies to their ce"" of other -gents. ?oin 1att"eE 9 -ttac*sE C"inch < -ccuracy 6, %amage 51, Parry %0 <<, Speed L, P 5narmed, Hea!y < -ccuracy 9, %amage 61, Parry %0 4, Speed 5 5narmed, =ight < -ccuracy S, %amage 51, Parry %0 5, Speed 4 1eretta < -ccuracy S, %amage 4=, Range D7, C"ip 15, Speed 4, P Soa*E 4=VL1 (1u""etproof 0est, PD=VD1' Hea"th =e!e"sE <7V<1V<1V<DV<DV<4V,ncap %odge %0E 9 +i""po erE L =egend T, =egend PointsE S 4.perienced $Terra ,ncognita$ Ce"" (L members' ,ndi!idua" StatsE 0irtuesE -mbition 1, #a"ice T, Rapacity D, >ea"otry 5 Strength 4, %e.terity 4, Stamina 4 Charisma 5, #anipu"ation L, -ppearance T Perception T, ,nte""igence T, +its 4 -cademics D, -th"etics 4, - areness T, 1ra " 4, Command T, Contro" T, &ortitude T, ,ntegrity T, ,n!estigation 1, =arceny 1, #ar*smanship 4, #edicine D, #e"ee 4, Presence D, Stea"th T, Thro n 1 Supernatura" Po ersE <<4pic -ttributes < 4pic Charisma 1 (1enefit of the %oubt', 4pic %e.terity 4 (Tric* Shooter, Shot to the Heart, Cat)s 8race, 5ntouchab"e (pponent', 4pic #anipu"ation 5 ((!ert (rder, ,nstant Hypnosis, #ass Hypnosis, ,mp"ant &a"se #emory, Return to Sender' <<5nified ;ature < 4ach -gent has the 5nified Temp"ate hich app"ies to their ce"" of other -gents.

?oin 1att"eE 9 -ttac*sE C"inch < -ccuracy 6, %amage 51, Parry %0 <<, Speed L, P 5narmed, Hea!y < -ccuracy 9, %amage 61, Parry %0 17, Speed 5 5narmed, =ight < -ccuracy S, %amage 51, Parry %0 11, Speed 4 1eretta < -ccuracy S, %amage 4=, Range D7, C"ip 15, Speed 4, P #1L < -ccuracy 6, %amage L=, Range 157, C"ip T7, Speed 5, P Soa*E 9=V1D1 (Riot 8ear, P5=V61' Hea"th =e!e"sE <7V<1V<1V<DV<DV<4V,ncap %odge %0E 1T (D7 ith 5ntouchab"e (pponent' +i""po erE L =egend L, =egend PointsE TL <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<4"ite -gents<< ;ot a"" Scions ho go to ser!e Rod meet this fate. #any in fact 3ust go on to ser!e as norma" Scions, in ser!ice to 5nity much "i*e @ane Tao*a in ScionE Hero (pg. T7L', %emigod (pg. DSL' and 8od (pg. D96'. These corrupted Scions in many ays, may be considered "uc*y. Rod has another option for dea"ing ith Scions ho ish to ser!e him as e"". &or those fe ho fit Rod)s needs, they are ta*en into the ran*s of the -gents. These 4"ite -gents ser!e as the bac*bone of the -gents of Rod, pro!iding po er and resources that the a!erage -gent does not ha!e access to. Systematica""y, these 4"ite -gents function e.act"y "i*e corrupted Scions. Ho e!er, they ha!e the 5nified Temp"ate on top of their other traits. -dditiona""y, though they don)t benefit from the po er of other -gents in the norma" manner, they do add to the po er of -gents assigned to them in their unit. So a unit hich has fi!e regu"ar -gents of Rod ith an 4"ite -gent is considered to ha!e si. members for purposes of determining the =egend and stats of the "esser members and the 4"ite -gent i"" not die unti" a"" of the "esser -gents are a"so dead though she gains no further benefits. +hi"e other ser!ants of Rod may become gods in their o n right and go on to spread 5nity through the (!er or"d, 4"ite -gents meet a different fate. +hen an 4"ite -gent reaches =egend S, the Scion disso"!es into the essence of Rod, its energy going to feed the po er of the entity *no n as 1ig 1rother. 1ig 1rother)s =egend rating increases by one and he gains more po er as appropriate to an -gent of Rod ith that "e!e" of =egend. 4"ite -gents reaching the ran*s of godhood is the on"y ay that 1ig 1rother can increase his permanent =egend. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

-Big Brother
Sometime "ong ago (as Rod has ne!er been imprisoned', one of the ce""s of the -gents of Rod gre to such a "e!e" that they reached the po er of the gods. Ho e!er, due to their unified po er and the uni:ue nature of the -gents, the ce"" merged into a sing"e entity.

-nd such is the fate of a"" -gents ho are p"aced in ce""s "arge enough to match the gods. +hen ce""s gro to inc"ude nine members their consciousnesses are subsumed into this composite entity that ser!es to coordinate and maintain the different ce""s of the -gents of Rod. This entity has appeared different"y o!er the centuries. (nce, he ore in:uisitoria" robes. Then he ore the uniform of the @81. ;o , he most assured"y ears a b"ac* suit ith mirroshades and an earpiece. He has had many names o!er the centuries, but no he is *no n simp"y as 1ig 1rother. Since Rod does not ha!e a Titan Rea"m of his o n, 1ig 1rother may most often be found in the +or"d. Ho e!er, due to the po ers of &atebinding, he stays hidden and communicates ith his fe""o -gents !ia te"ephone, emai" and te"epathy. His current hereabouts are un*no n, and due to his abi"ity to tra!e" the roads of Rod, and his habit of stic*ing c"ose to their entrances, he is difficu"t to *eep trac* of. The gods ha!e encountered him, ho e!er, as he has a"so been *no n to enter the (!er or"ds and mo!e among the Titan Rea"ms, coordinating more than 3ust his fe""o -gents. He ser!es as RodAs front man to the other Titans as e"". His stats are presented be"o and do not a"ter as he connects ith other -gents of Rod as his ro"e as a sing"e entity is secure. 4!en so, his true po er is made most e!ident hen he operates ith other creatures of Rod. 4!en as the coordinator and manipu"ator, he is not meant to operate as an indi!idua". His stats are generated in the same ay as the norma" -gents of Rod, ith his po er "e!e"s based on his o!era"" =egend. -s discussed in the $4"ite -gents$ sidebar, 1ig 1rother)s =egend increases each time a corrupted Scion reaches the "e!e" of po er that it merges ith the composite entity. The stats be"o represent 1ig 1rother as he is no . ,f another corrupted Scion merges ith him, then his po er i"" go up. ,f he is *i""ed and forced to reform, his =egend i"" return to S, his 4pic -ttributes change to match and he i"" ha!e to ait for more corrupted Scions to merge ith him before his po er increases again. ;atureE &anatic 0irtuesE -mbition 4, #a"ice T, Rapacity T, >ea"otry 5 Strength 9, %e.terity 9, Stamina 9 Charisma 5, #anipu"ation 11, -ppearance T Perception T, ,nte""igence T, +its 4 -cademics D, -th"etics 4, - areness T, 1ra " 4, Command T, Contro" T, &ortitude T, ,ntegrity T, ,n!estigation 1, =arceny 1, #ar*smanship 4, #edicine D, #e"ee 4, Presence D, Stea"th T, Thro n 1 Supernatura" Po ersE <<4pic -ttributes < 4pic Charisma D (1enefit of the %oubt, Hap"ess Coo"', 4pic %e.terity L (Tric* Shooter, Shot to the Heart, CatAs 8race, %i!ine 1a"ance, Perfect Partner, 5ntouchab"e (pponent', 4pic #anipu"ation 17 (-"" @nac*s' 4pic Stamina D (Se"f<Hea"ing, Regeneration' <<5nified ;ature < 1ig 1rother has the 5nifi ed Temp"ate hich app"ies to a"" other creatures ith the 5nified Temp"ate ithin 177 yards of him. <<Te"econnection < 1ig 1rother is in constant contact ith a"" other -gents of Rod. He may use his ce"" phone or any computer to send a message to any other -gent of Rod ho i"" recei!e it in the most appropriate manner, as immediate"y as possib"e. 8enera""y, due to Rod)s ties to the modern communication age, this ta*e the form of such ad!anced techno"ogica" methods. Ho e!er, if no such communication methods are a!ai"ab"e, he may communicate te"epathica""y ith any -gent

he ishes. <<Hi!e ,mmorta"ity < So "ong as the -gents of Rod, 1ig 1rother can ne!er be destroyed. ,f this body is destroyed ( hich ou"d a"so in!o"!e *i""ing e!ery other creature ith the 5nified Temp"ate ithin 177 yards of him before he can use Se"f<Hea"ing andVor Regeneration to repair the damage', then nine other -gents i"" be ca""ed to form a sing"e ce"" hich i"" then gain enough po er to match the gods once again. +hen this happens, the -gents i"" merge into a sing"e entity and 1ig 1rother i"" be reborn once more as if he as ne!er *i""ed. This process, ho e!er, ta*es a fu"" year once the -gents are gathered and 1ig 1rother returns ith a basic =egend S. &urther increases in =egend re:uire corrupted Scions to 3oin his co""ecti!e. <<Hypertech Stoc*pi"e < ,n addition to the po er of his 4pic -ttributes and @nac*s, 1ig 1rother has a"so been stoc*pi"ing re"ics in the form of $hypertech$ (see sidebar'. -ssume that he has a re"ic in this form hich can mimic any necessary 1oon the Storyte""er might ha!e need for him to rep"icate (e.cept those of Chaos and +ar of course'. ?oin 1att"eE 9 -ttac*sE C"inch < -ccuracy 11, %amage 61, Parry %0 <<, Speed L, P 5narmed, Hea!y < -ccuracy 17, %amage 111, Parry %0 D1, Speed 5 5narmed, =ight < -ccuracy 1D, %amage 61, Parry %0 DD, Speed 4 1eretta < -ccuracy 1D, %amage 4=, Range D7, C"ip 15, Speed 4, P Soa*E D-V1T=V1S1 (Spectra Shie"dF P9=V171' Hea"th =e!e"sE <7.1DV<DV,ncap %odge %0E D9 (T6 ith 5ntouchab"e (pponent' +i""po erE 6 =egend 11, =egend PointsE 1D1 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<Hypertech<< -s* an a!erage Scion hat hypertech is and he)"" stare at you b"an*"y. -s* a Scion ith 4pic ,nte""igence hat hypertech is and he)"" e.p"ain that it)s his ne.t big pro3ect he)s or*ing on. -s* an 4"ite -gent or 1ig 1rother about hypertech and it means something comp"ete"y different. -n unfortunate side effect of the nature of the +or"d today is that some of the most "i*e"y p"aces for Rod)s inf"uence to manifest are a"so some of the most ad!anced scientific faci"ities on the p"anet. 8o!ernment run faci"ities, pri!ate "abs that stri!e to *eep their or* top secret and other strongho"ds of scientific progress ser!e to further the de!e"opment of the or"d)s sciences. Ho e!er, they a"so stri!e, many times, to bring the or"d together, define it, structure it and unify it. This a""o s Rod to touch these p"aces direct"y and form Paths of 5nity there. ,t)s no coincidence that many -gents of Rod in the modern or"d ta*e the form of go!ernment agents or "ab technicians. -nd ith these scientific ser!ants come many scientific ad!ancements as e"". -s e"" as ad!ancements touched by Rod. Systematica""y spea*ing, $hypertech$ in this instance is no more different from a norma" re"ic. ,t)s created ith the same systems and e!erything. Ho e!er, it)s formed by ta*ing mundane items hich Rod can touch ( hich typica""y manifest as ad!anced scientific techno"ogy' and ha!ing his po er channe"ed into it. Hypertech, then, is 3ust a co""ection of norma" re"ics hich happen to ta*e the form of ad!anced

techno"ogy since that)s hat Rod has the easiest access to. ;atura""y, then, these re"ics do not gain po ers associated ith Chaos and +ar as Rod cannot grant such po er. ,t)s a"so possib"e that some of these hypertech toys manifest as $star$ "e!e" re"ics as they are touched direct"y by Rod. Such re"ics may simu"ate $star$ "e!e" po ers or may rep"icate 1oons of a "e!e" higher than fi!e. Such things as te"eportation de!ices, earth:ua*e generators or other simi"ar de!ices. ,tems of this po er are e.ceeding"y rare. +hi"e they may be "oaned out to 4"ite -gents from time to time, they most often can be found in the possession of 1ig 1rother ho ta*es charge of them a"most immediate"y and uses them for his o n purposes to supp"ement his "ac* of natura" access to 1oons (as per the Hypertech Stoc*pi"e abi"ity he possesses'. =o er "e!e" items, ho e!er, may often be found in the hands of genera" -gents of Rod and 4"ite -gents, as e"" as other ser!ants ho may arrant their use. -gain, these are 3ust norma" re"ics hich happen to ta*e on a super<science appearance due to Rod)s particu"ar interests. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<