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Step into Life Keysborough

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June 2010, Issue 45

Local News
Winter Dinner July 17 , Informative, Social & Fun night for all our current members & their partners. Our theme is to observe our past and present fitness levels and achievements to then plan for our future ones using our diaries, past achievements and postural analysis. At this dinner we will also explain the below winter challenge our Winter Tri-fold program Choose from 1 of the 3 challenges to complete according to what you would like to achieve Zen, Ka-pow & Wipe Out. Prizes are won including the reward of punishing the groom and his men in September if you reach a certain marker. Join Jess & I in these quests for 9 weeks to! (as were getting married!) you can keep upto date online with our facebook updates that Jess is running. Mini Olympics August 29th Our Teams are the Keysie Kommandos, our theme for our teams this year is the year you started SiL Keysie. Eg. 2005 team 2006 team etc. We need 10 participators & even more supporters for each team. We will be team event training for this Fridays & Sundays starting July 24th until the event. This training will also be great if you are intending on doing any of the upcoming fun runs or bootcamps in September including the Dingley Dozen.

Directors Desk Burn more fat or more energy?

Hello Members, family and friends The shortest day of the year has passed and we are now on the countdown to spring. It has been a chilly winter this year but remember winter is a great time to expend up to 30% more energy while training outdoors. Talking about expending energy, I was in QLD last week doing some refresher training with our excellent QLD trainers and we revisited the idea of what heart rate you should train at in order to burn fat as a fuel source or more total energy. The theories vary on this topic and if you had 10 exercise physiologists debate this, you would probably find half for theory A and half for theory B. Lets say you exercise for 40 minutes. Theory A is that if you exercise in the lower heart rate ranges, say 60 75% of your max, then you expend a volume of energy and a greater proportion of that energy comes from fat. Theory B is that if you exercise at the higher heart rate ranges, say 75 90% of your max, you expend more total volume of energy than theory A but a lesser proportion of that energy comes from fat. [This obviously depends on the individuals fitness levels etc.] Theory A: 60- 75 % of max Theory B: 75 90 % of max

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 6:00am Cardio 8:30am Kickbox 6:00am Toning 6:00am Cardio 4:00pm Kickbox 6:45pm Cardio

Please note that Powerflex and Tues/Thurs evening toning sessions are at the School Hall.

5:30pm Toning 6:45pm Toning 6:45pm Box/Car 6:00pm Toning

7:15pm Cardio

5:30pm Cardio

7:15pm Toning

Winter Dinner - July 17th @ Dandenong Club, Bookings Fridays & Sundays is Mini Olympics Training

To all cardio sessions need to bring your own boxing gloves. Dont have your own? You may purchase one from your trainer. Boxing Gloves Available in S, M, or L For $23 Also available to assist is Polar Heart Rate Monitors Many models available from $120

So, which theory is correct? They are both correct! Various factors have to be taken into account like does your fitness level allows you to exercise at the high heart rate range for 40 minutes? Also, it is not advisable to exercise always at the higher or lower heart rate ranges as your body gets used to it very quickly. Your goals have to be taken into account as well.

Training Club
Achieving your goals at Step into Life
Goal setting is a key element to gaining fitness, weight loss and improved health benefits. At all Step into Life sessions we add training points to your training club tally (you can see your total on your fortnightly performance report). Points gained are a measure of your commitment to your training. Ask your instructor to help you set some time lines for your goals. Awards achieved in June: 50 points Jessica Vojtek Brockwell Kong Sarun Phin 200 points Mario Bird Cindy Dauria Elizabeth Stewart 500 points 1000 points 1500 points 2000 points Well Done Guys! You can award yourself & show to others the time & effort you have put into your training by purchasing your Training Club awards points shirt for $22 See the photos page of the members with their 200+ awards

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1 Joy Karton 1 Sue Summons 28 Zofia Oktaba 31 Robert Formoso

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Punish the Groom & His Men

With our Winter Challenge Jess and Myself are also using this challenge to fine tune our bodies & minds for our wedding in October. Members that reach a certain milestone in this challenge will get to punish the groom & his men in the hardest SiL exercises theyve ever had to do one after another, after another, after another.

Directors Desk continued

At your next session, after taking your pulse, check the heart rate chart and see what heart rate range you are in. Ask your trainer to explain what energy source you used during the session. Did you know that every Step into Life toning session deliberately has a cross training component? Cross training means that there is a mix between resistance based and cardio based exercise. This helps to expend more energy per session. The science behind heart rate ranges and training zones is a very in depth topic but one element of your training that is very easy to understand and not hard at all to grasp is the fun aspect! It has to be fun. That is why all Step into Life trainers are called Enter-trainers. They have the skill to motivate and entertain you at every session. Have fun and train hard through winter. Keep up the excellent training. Regards Larry Cohen

Member Profile
Cristina Cvetkoski
Cristina has been a member of Step into Life Keysborough since January 2009
SiL Keysies Member Rewards Member of the month will either receive Unlimited sessions* for the month or a $30 S.I.L clothing merchandise voucher* *must be redeemed before the end of the month.

Where were you born? I was born at Dandenong Hospital on 25 October What is your current profession? Im a stay at home mum to my 2 beautiful girls!

What sport have you been involved with during your life/best achievement? I played netball and softball when I was at primary school. What is your favourite naughty treats? Can never say no to a McDonalds chocolate sundae. What primary and secondary school did you attend? St Anthonys Primary School, Noble Park Killester College, Springvale. What is the nicest thing anyone has done for you?. Definitely my hubby supporting me with anything I want to achieve, exercise or other. Hes always helping and encouraging! What is your goal for the next six months exercises or other? My goal is to do the 12km Dingley Dozen Fun run in September, keep active and continue to look after my family as best I can. Interest and hobbies? I love cooking and baking, shopping, swimming, fundraising for my daughters Playgroup and Kinder and, of course, SIL sessions. What is your favourite session and what results have you seen since starting SIL? Love the endurance and marathon runs whether its in rain, hail or shine! Ive lost almost 10kgs since I joined, dropped 2 dress sizes and I have more energy to keep up with my girls!

Events What is happening? Id love to join in!

TIMES JULY 2010 is WEIGHTS that i provide for ALL Toning Sessions 8:30am Sat Sat Jul 17th FITNESS FITNESS TEST 6pm Sun Achieve your Goals, Create more Sun Jul 25th th 6am Tues targets to hit! Tues Jul 27 th 5pm Sat Jul 17 BENEFITS Benefits Postural Analysis Dandenong Club 6pm Sat Jul 17th BENEFITS Winter Dinner Meeting Dandenong Club Am in the Sun Jul 18th FUN RUN Run Melbourne city Fridays & Sundays BENEFITS Mini Olympics Training Sundays July ~ Aug AUGUST 2010 Need your RESISTANCE BANDS at ALL Toning Sessions August BENEFITS Sumo Wrestling 2010 EVENT MINI OLYMPICS (Aug 29th) TEASER BootCamp Teaser

JUNE 2010 Need your FITBALLS at ALL Toning Sessions September EVENT Punish the Groom & His Men 2010 FUN RUN Dingley Dozen (19th Sep) FUN RUN Spring into Shape I FUN RUN De Castella FITNESS Fitness Test PACKAGE BootCamp Package October FUN RUN Spring into Shape II 2010 FUN RUN Melbourne Marathon yourself.php FRIENDS Bring a Buddy Week Muscle and Cell November FUN RUN Spring into Shape III Replenishment 2010 FITNESS Fitness Test EVENT Keysie Compeition December SOCIAL Christmas Lunch 2010 Januaray EVENT Fund Raising Fitness Event 2011 February BENEFITS Pool 2011 March BENEFITS Roller Skating 2011 April 2011 BENEFITS Lazer Force & Mini Golf

Glucosomine Vitamins Omega 3

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Health & Fitness Article

Exercise Recovery and Weight Loss
Youve just completed a fantastic run or walk, youve been out in the cold and you are heading home to the warmth and comfort of your home. To take advantage of all the hard work youve just put into your session you now need to put your feet up and recover but you also need to get some food and fluid back into your body. So what should you eat and drink at this point? This can be a tricky question at the best of times and complicated even more if you attempting to lose weight as part of your exercise and lifestyle program. This is my advice to you: 1. Whatever you consume following exercise should form part of your next meal or snack i.e. you should not add additional snacks to your daily diet as a form of recovery. For example, if you exercise first thing in the morning, your usual breakfast is part of your recovery regime. 2. Eat and drink as soon as is practically possible following exercise. This will aid in helping you recover quicker and therefore you will be able to exercise at an optimal level next time round. 3. Include both a source of carbohydrate and protein in your recovery meal/snack e.g. a bowl of breakfast cereal with milk; a low fat yoghurt with fruit, a sandwich on Burgen bread with tuna and salad 4. Although sports drink can be useful if rehydrating following an extremely intense or long session, water is your best option if weight loss is part of your goal. Drink at least one biddon of water following an exercise session and then continue to drink consistently throughout the day.

Vicky Kuriel BSc.(Exercise Physiology), Master of Nutrition & Dietetics (APD), Sports Dietitian


Elizabeth Stewart First Session 14th Dec 09 Total # Sessions 44 Fitness Tests 4

Some kickboxing Action shots from Saturday mornings

Cindy Dauria First Session 10th Sep 09 Total # Sessions 49 BootCamps - 3 in Total 3 Recruits Keysie Competition - 2009

Mario Bird First Session 25th Aug 2009 Total # Sessions 51 Fitness Tests 2 BootCamps 11 in total 4 Recruits 4 Marines 2 Navy Seals 1 Commandos 1 Teaser

Another photo that I did have but got lost with damaged photos was a photo of Brent completing a prayer plank hold for 10 min in front of Lyly.. Funny site to watch as these two will now battle in out in the fitness tests in the next few weeks as to who holds the keysie prayer plank record. Congratulations Brent!

Healthy Recipe
At Last - Guilt Free Eating!


Thanks for Referring Your Friends At Step into Life we value your patronage and the people you refer to our program. In return for your support we would like to show our appreciation by rewarding you with a gift from the national referral program. The national referral program includes every Step into Life venue in Australia. The person you refer can attend at the venue of their choice.

Spicy Thai Sweet Potato Soup

The referral gifts:

This is a delicious, warming soup, ideal for the cooler days and evenings. For a heartier meal with extra protein and fibre add raw barley at the start of cooking. Ideal for freezing extra quantities for a rainy day! Ingredients (serves 4) - 3 garlic cloves - large red onion - 400g sweet potato - 2 medium carrots - red pepper - 100g dried red lentils - 1 heaped teaspoon Thai red curry paste - 750ml cold water - 2 tbsp chopped coriander or parsley - Le Chevre goats cheese (optional) Method - finely chop the garlic, red pepper and onion - dice the carrots and sweet potato - rinse the lentils in cold water and drain - add all ingredients to a large saucepan or stockpot - bring to the boil and then simmer for 20 minutes until the veggies are cooked - allow to cool before blending to a creamy consistency. - Serve up and stir in 1/2tbsp goats Le Chevre cheese per serve and add a sprig of coriander or parsley.
Nutritional Information: Per serve, basic recipe goats cheese and barley Energy (kilojoules) 879kJ Protein 8g Carbohydrates 30.05g Fat 4.5g 535kJ 5g 20.6g 1.67g Per serve +

You may choose to receive either 2 movie tickets or a $20 Coles-Myer voucher for each friend who joins Step into Life as a result of your referral.

OR member.php

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Planning your shopping? Want to eat healthy but cant keep track of the fruit & veggies in season?

Garlic and onion have fabulous bug-fighting qualities whilst the sweet potato is rich in antioxidants to help keep you healthier during the Winter months. Bev Dorgan BHSc - Clinical Nutritionist
The easy way to find out what is in season.

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Please suppor our national and local traders, and take advantage of the discounts they offer. Simply, show youre Step into Life key ring to the staff of participating outlets.

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292 CORRIGAN ROAD KEYSBOROUGH CHELSEA 9798 1402 Dr. Jose & Dr. Kevin Denise Robinson Ph: 0411 411 833 0427 978 860 Remedial Massage Therapist: Donna Fincham 9711 7562 Dr Penny Gosling Complimentary Initial Consultation Valued at $70 & $30 off Orthotics if prescribed Rebate available with Manchester Unity Receive 10% of all kinesiology consultations Rebate available with Manchester Unity Receive 50% off your first consultations & 10% off consultations thereafter. Rebate available avai with Manchester Unity All current Step into Life members receive concession rates. Rebate available with Manchester Unity Receive 10% off all consultations Rebate available with Manchester Unity 1800 087 374




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SHOP G1 PARKMORE SHOPPING CENTRE NOBLE PARK - Cnr Douglas St & Heatheron SANDOWN ANDOWN Cnr Princess Hwy & Browns Rd

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Open till 11pm every night. Open till 10.30pm every night

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NOBLE PARK - 9547 5977 Manager: Maria

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9791 7498 Rod Blythe

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Step into Life has a fantastic opportunity for you to become a qualified Personal Trainer. We are inviting Step into Life members that would like to learn about becoming a Personal Trainer to an obligation free information session. We will tell you how easy it is for you to become a qualified Personal Trainer. Every member that attends the Info session will automatically receive a $500 voucher towards the cost of a Cert IV Personal Trainer.

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