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The Official Publication of PUC/AUPAlumni of Western North America

Winter 2014

February 21-23, 2014 at Oxnard ,California

Trained for Service

PUC/AUP Alumni
BOARD OF OFFICERS Elmer Bangloy- President Carmelita Laoyan- Vice President Eppie Manalo- Secretary Ella Alcaide - Treasurer Rene Donato-Auditor Edwin Araba- PRO VicLouis Arreola,III-Adviser Jose Manalo-Adviser CHAPTER PRESIDENTS
Roger Rodriguez Alberta,Canada Rachel Pedernal Cascadia,BC Ephraim Roxas Pacific Northwest Emily N. Garcia-Greater Northern CA Noli Poblacion-Greater Central CA Loida Miguel-Greater Los Angeles Letty Banaag-Glendale,CA Marjorie Reyno Loma Linda,CA Miguelito Fernando La Sierra Cristuto Genobaga-Las Vegas, Nevada Ric Calla-Hawaii Crisamar Anunciado- San Diego,CA Geoffrey Tio-Young Alumni

Volume 45 Issue 1


Winter 2014


Western North America

FROM THE PRESIDENTS DESK. DOES VOLUNTEERISM MOVE YOUR SOUL? Volunteerism doesnt always have to be in

times of war, and can have just as much meaning and impact similar to that of an army.
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EDITORIAL: TRAINED FOR SERVICE. Christ desires to use every student as his agent. You are to co-operate with the one who gave His life for you. What rich blessings would come to our schools if teachers and students would consecrate themselves, heart ,mind, soul, and strength, to Gods service as His helping hands! Page 6 NEW INDUCTEES FROM LAS VEGAS CHAPTER The newly minted officers from Las Vegas chapter fill the shoes of hosting the next AWENA /EASNAC/Texas joint convention this year. Page 20

In Memoriam: Minerva Arit-Penaranda by Nancy P. Oblimar. Let us praise God for giving us Maam Pen and for having been inspired by her fruitful life of dedicated service to AUP and to the Adventist Churchall to the glory of God! Page 18


George Atiga, DMin. + Celedonio Fernando,M.D. + Romulo Valdez,M.D. Eliseo Bautista,M.D. + John Tulio, Esq. Honesto Pascual,Jr., M.D. Ulysses M. Carbajal,M.D. Alfonso Miguel,Jr., M.D. Alberto Bagingito, CPA + Deceased

Convention Speaker Pastor Mike Tucker, convention speaker. Mike Tucker, speaker/director for the Faith For Today telecast, is frequently heard on Voice of Prophecy broadcasts. Until early 2009, he was senior pastor of the 1900-member, Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church in Arlington, Texas. Page 30

AUP COM UPDATE The Crocodile Foundation during its Board of Directors meeting on January 8, 2014 nally approved to fulll its pledge of US$300,000 Page 22

for the COM building project.


Winter 2014

A Message From the President

Does Volunteerism Move Your Soul?
By Dr. Elmer Bangloy, AWESNA President

At the AWESNA 42nd Annual Convention, Dr. Francisco Gayoba, President of Adventist University of the Philippines, led the invocation and oath of office for the newly elected AWESNA officers. Before we took our oath, he spoke of the importance of volunteerism. He said that because we officers were Volunteers and the Association we led are also made up of Volunteers that our jobs were much more difficult than his job as AUP president. Ive thought of his words since then, because at first they struck me as strange. How could a volunteers job be harder than that of the president of AUP? But Ive come to realize the truth of his words. A simple analysis of the definition of the word volunteer makes it clear: 1) A volunteer is one who performs a service willingly without compensation; 2) A volunteer is the practice of giving ones time, energies, resources and talents for charitable, educational, and worthwhile activities. In other words, theres no pay! And while this is readily apparent to everyone, the implication of this fact is not so obvious. But if you have ever personally volunteered for anything, you are keenly aware that you really have to have the heart, and feel the passion for the activity to which you are devoting your time and energy. Your soul must be invested in the task. Otherwise it becomes extremely difficult to perform your duty. History bears evidence of those who selflessly devoted themselves, not for money or prestige, but simply for the love of what they did, and the belief

that what they were doing was the right thing to do. People, like William Miller, the Baptist minister who launched the Adventist movement in the 1800s, and Clara Burton, the volunteer nurse who went on to found the American Red Cross in 1881. They put their entire lives on the line, and poured their souls into their efforts. Coincidentally, both of these individuals also volunteered to be in the military; Miller as a Captain in the US Army during the War of 1812 and Burton as a nurse who tended to the battle-wounded during the Civil War. It should not be surprising then that both have connections to the military, another group of people that literally volunteer their lives for what they love their country. Volunteerism doesnt always have to be in times of war, and can have just as much meaning and impact similar to that of an army. This was President John F. Kennedys idea when he proposed a corps of young adults that would contribute their time and effort to improving not only the US, but the world. In 1960, he spoke to college students and challenged them to give two years of their lives to help people in countries of the developing world. Two years was a lot to ask of people just starting their young careers, but Kennedy didnt stop there. He said, how many of you are willing to worknot merely to serve one year or two years, but on your willingness to contribute part of your life to this country. From that challenge, the Peace Corps was born. Since 1961, over 200,000 young adults have joined the Peace Corps and served in 139 countries around the world, doing charitable works for those less fortunate. AWESNA is making the same challenge to all. By joining and becoming a mem(Continued on page 4 )

ber of AWESNA, YOU will be a part of an organization with meaningful goals that are close to your heart. AWESNA gives us the opportunity to be part of something great; to serve others in ways that are personal, and to give our lives fulfillment. It gives us the chance to follow the example of our Lord, who came to us mortals, not to be served, but to serve. And I think this organization has done some good things for others. To be sure, this organization has a legacy of giving and service to others less fortunate, and has become an integral supporter and partner of our Alma Mater. I know that you all wish to serve. But today I need to take a page out of JFKs playbook. I challenge you, not just to be a member, but to do more; to BE MORE. As new and upcoming members of AWESNA, you can add so much to our purpose. You can provide new ideas, new ways to serve others, ways that have never been attempted before in our organization. You can revitalize our passion, and strengthen our resolve. We look to you to be the new leaders of this organization. Yours is the opportunity, not only to add to the story of AWESNA, but forge a new legacy for years to come. And there is the crux, the very core of my message to you today. Being a volunteer can be a very powerful thing. Volunteerism, when its passions and heartfelt actions are harnessed, can produce very meaningful difference in our organization. As Mahatma Gandhi simply put, Be the change you want to see

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in the world. Or should I say, Be the change. Be the difference, you want to see in AWESNA. You can be that change! You can be the difference! But effecting difference in a meaningful way is hard, at least for one person. For any one individual, the sacrifices of being a volunteer are a challenge to bear. For any one person, it is hard to make their single voice heard. But in a group of volunteers, the power of volunteerism is magnified many times over. Like Clara Burtons Red Cross, like JFKs army of volunteers in the Peace Corps, and like William Millers Movement that became the Adventist Church, once you get enough people together, with leaders and participants all united in achieving a worthwhile goal, that singular sense of purpose is hard to stop. With an army of volunteers, meaningful difference is possible. The history of volunteerism encourages me. I sought the job of AWESNA president as a volunteer. I am sure all the elected and appointed officers of AWESNA and AWESNA chapters did the same. The attraction of our office is not financial gain nor prestige. We accepted our position because we want to live up to the Motto of our school. The school that trains for service and prepares for eternity. We desire and aim to follow the example given to us by our Lord Jesus who came to planet earth not to be served but to serve. I pray/We Pray that the same spirit be the spirit of all alumni of PUC/AUP. I will end with these words by Jim Ryan. Whoever renders service to many, put himself in the line of greatness, Great wealth, Great return, Great satisfaction, Great reputation and great joy. Let us all be reminded that AWESNA means; A- Alumni W- Who E- Enrich S- Someone N- Now, and

A- Always. Remember: AWESNA is YOURS, AWESNA IS OURS AWESNA IS YOU AND I Let us allow God to lead us in this new venture of partnership with our Alma Mater The school that trains for service and with Him. Because through Him all things are possible! Elmer E. Bangloy, D.M.D. President AWESNA 2013-2016

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AUP Development Communication Dept bags two award at the Gandingan Award 2014 Best Developmental Oriented Radio Plug Best Developmental Oriented Campus-based Radio Station at UP Los Banos. To God be the glory!

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In Gratitude
By Willie Tortal
My dear wife was not only a wonderful wife and mother but she was a meticulous housekeeper, accountant, and homemaker. Raquel, Gel as her friends would address her was a remarkable woman who always held her head high and gave endlessly to those round her. She was cheerful, friendly person and made many warm friends. She seldom, if ever, criticized any person. Instead, she preferred to refer to their good qualities. She was the soul of honesty. She would never shade the truth no matter what the consequences. She loved her church and was faithful to her allotted tasks. She also lived growing, loving, and caring for her grandsons, Owen and Myles. And now, dear friends, I close this short gratifying tribute with a feeling of humility and submission to Divine Authority. I know many men have a wonderful wife but no one has ever had a better one than I. She was faithful, efficient, loyal and true. She inspired me in ways I cannot explain. I have lost a worthy helpmate and I have nothing but happy memories of our thirty-eight years of life together. I sorrow now for my beloved Gel but the burden has been lessened by the many kindnesses shown me and my family. I mention no names lest someone inadvertently be missed. The memorial and funeral services were carried out with dignity she would have so much admired. I do want you all to know how grateful I am for all you have said or done. The tributes you paid her and family touched us deeply. I fear I will not be able to mention all the names to thank all of you personally but be assured your kindnesses will never be forgotten. Gel, my beloved wife, mother to Wally and Melanie, Don and Laura, and grandmother to Owen and Myles, sister to Ate Sannie and Kuya Tate Castro, Ate Susan In his letter of sympathy to my family, John Elliott, Executive Director of Flemingdon Health Centre and Gels boss, said this and I quote, The world lost two great people last week Nelson Mandela and Raquel Tortal. Of course Raquel didnt have the political impact of Mandela but, like Mandela, she touched individual lives and made them better for having known her. God in His infinite wisdom had other plans. Out thirty-eight years of wedded life was extremely happy. Our resources at times were limited. We had struggles but these were overcome and we found much happiness in anticipation of better things to come. We were blessed with a wonderful family and since my retirement in 2004 we hoped to enjoy many happy days in each others company and we did, while she continued working on the job she so much loved. and Kuya Ed Pan, Ruth and Danny Ranchez, Noel and Betty Frias, Nelson and Lorna Decena, Silvino Conye and Jet Decena, Enzo and Jeannette DAngelo, and a friend to many, we all plant on you with a dignified goodnight hugs and kisses. We love you and in anticipation of a bright new day, we will see you in the morning. I love you Gel, I enjoyed every moment that we were together. Now its time to say goodnight. Rest well, I will see you in the morning.

Raquel Juliet Decena Tortal

January 10, 1945 - December 7, 2013

My light went out on December 7, 2013 at around 6:30 in the evening significantly sunset Sabbath when Gel my beloved wife passed on at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Canada. It was an unbearable shock to me because we all believed she was making favourable progress towards recovery. There were plans for a tap to reduce the fluid in her lungs in order to ease her breathing problems. We actually had plans to seek permission for a pass to go visit our home. At about noontime of Saturday, December 7 , we wheeled her for chest X-ray in preparation for the tap. In all of these movements she never said anything to me nor ever complained of pain. Coming back from X-ray and descending from the wheelchair I tenderly laid her comfortably on her bed for some needed rest. While resting I sang to her hymns like Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus, I Need Thee Every Hour, and God is so Good. Then she went to sleep, but it was obvious she was going down as her breathing was a bit laboured. Even then we still were optimistic that she will recover from sleep with vigor and energy ready for the tap. Jeannette her sister came along and helped her with some nursing massage and had conversation. Quietly my observation indicated that we were slowly losing her until the local nurse came and made the same observation holding her cold right hand and gently rubbed the right side of her face. She (the nurse) then told me that recovery is nowhere in sight. I immediately dispatched Wally and Don to come quickly as mother might not make it. By that time Betty her other sister was on her way in apparently to help out but it was too late. Gel was already oblivious to her surroundings including Betty who sat close by her side. In a few minutes she peacefully breathed her last.

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Higher than the highest human thought can reach is Gods ideal for His children. Godlinessgodlikenessis the goal to be reached. Education, p.18 by Ellen G. White

Reflect and Connect

By Edwin Araba

Trained For Service

By Edwin Araba
When we are truly connected with Christ His character will be imbued upon us and we will reflect the manifestation of His glory .

Training is a lifelong process and it begins at home. The first six years of a childs life are known as the formative years ,when motor skills are being developed using the basic senses- sight, touch , hearing, smell, taste, kinesthetic during this stage. Parents play very important role in raising up their children. School life is a time for learning experience and it will prepare them for service. Even Olympic players and athletes for example need years of training in order to win. During the winter Olympic ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White have given the United States the lead for winning its first Olympic gold in ice dancing. I heard that it took them 15 to 16 years in training before they struck the gold. Ellen White counseled us, Students, make your school life as perfect as possible. You will pass over the way but once, and precious are the opportunities granted you. You are not only to learn but practice the lesson of Christ. While obtaining your education, you have the opportunity to tell of the wonderful truths of Gods word. Improve every such opportunity. God will bless every minute spent in this way. Maintain your simplicity and your love for souls, and the Lord will lead you in safe paths. The rich experience you gain will be of more value to you than gold or silver or precious stones. Counsels to Parents and Teachers, p.554 What is Gods ideal for perfection? How perfect is perfect? Higher than the highest human thought can reach is Gods ideal for His children. Godliness--godlikeness--is the goal to be reached. Before the student there is opened a path of continual progress. He has an object to achieve, a standard to attain, that includes everything good, and pure, and noble. He will advance as fast and as far as possible in every branch of true knowledge. (White, 1903/2002, Education, p. 18). We were trained to serve others and our school trains for us service and prepares for eternity. It is not lip service which means service by words only. Actions speak louder than words. There was a story of an artist who became bishop. Bishop

Tucker of Uganda was an artist, but how did he become a bishop? One day he was painting a picture of a poor woman thinly clad and pressing a babe to her bosom, wandering homeless on a stormy night on the dark deserted street. As the picture grew, the artist suddenly threw down his brush, exclaiming Instead of merely painting the lost, I will go out and save them. He went to Africa. With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Saviour might be carried to the whole world! Education, p.271. Iit has been said that to become a virtuoso or master in music, one has to practice at least 10,000 hours. I asked my son on how long will it take one to reach 10,000 hours, if he practices for one hour a day? He said, that will take approximately thirty years. Training and service is a lifetime process. Gods ideal for us is to be the best that we can be. Higher than the highest thought is a gold standard to reach. When we serve others, God expect us to do our best and to use the best of our abilities. Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.Matthew 25:40. Another quote from Ellen White, Christ desires to use every student as his agent. You are to co-operate with the one who gave His life for you. What rich blessings would come to our schools if teachers and students would consecrate themselves, heart ,mind, soul, and strength, to Gods service as His helping hands!... He will give you knowledge and wisdom, and a fitness for fuller service. CPT, p.555 Christ gave His all for us. He gave His life at the cross as a demonstration of His love for us , in saving the fallen humanity . But God commendeth His love toward us ,in that , while we were yet sinners , Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8 KJV)

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Letter in the Mailbox

AWESNA Central Valley chapter

Time of Reflection
By Abel and Ofelia Pangan workers. Abels blood sugar level went down to the normal range! Scratching his head, the doctor said, It takes 2 years for my patients to normalize their blood sugar levels when initially above 500. You are exceptional! Abel took that opportunity to witness for the Lord. The prayers of Gods people were answered on my behalf! he explained. Your God must have heard their prayers, he agreed with a twinkle in his eyes! Since the end of April, Abel has been freed from any diabetic treatment whatsoever! His blood sugar level is consistently in the normal range. Even the ophthalmologist says his vision is not affected. Praise the Lord for this episodic experience which gives many opportunities to witness for Him! Today, Abel continues as the Central California Conference Director for Griggs University, helping more than 20 Bible workers and church pastors in their undergraduate study program toward an accredited college degree in religion. He is a part of the team working with the Hmong community to establish the first organized Hmong Seventh-day Adventist Church in 2 California. He continues to serve as an elder of his church and is an active prison ministry team with a brown card. Our daughter, Lynda, is a clinical lab instructor at the Merced College Nursing Program. OB/GYN husband, Pierre Scales, practices both in Merced and Atwater. First daughter, Lauren, works and studies in Logan, Utah. Their three other children study at Central Valley Christian Academy in Ceres. They excel in their academic, music, leadership, and sports programs. JP is ASB president and will graduate from the 12th grade next June; Rachel is VP of her junior class; and Annelise will graduate from the 8th grade also next June. Daughter, Rona May, continues as a senior nurse at the Clovis Community Medical Center. Husband, Erick Cuenca, is the head dentist at the Clovis Bright Now Dental. Their first daughter, Caitlin, will graduate next June from her predental program at La Sierra University, spending this Christmas break on a mission trip to Jordan. Other daughter, Courtney, was a successful student literature evangelist last summer and is in her sophomore year, also at La Sierra University. Son, Ronald Dale, continues to practice optometry in Dallas, Texas. Teresa is finding balance as a mom and entrepreneur. Their four children are doing very well in their schools. First daughter, Haley, will graduate from the 12th grade next June; Cienna won first places in their schools table tennis and Rubiks cube contests, second place in the spelling bee, and will be in the regional spelling bee in February. Gavin is doing very well in math, basketball, and soccer. Four-yearold Gabriella is an outgoing little girl-the family PR. She goes to the neighbors and greets them, Hi, whats your name? We wish you all a meaningful Christmas celebration and a closer, happier walk with God throughout the ensuing year! May we always be in the state of preparedness for our Saviors return. Abel and Ofelia Pangan

Dear Family and Friends, In His eternal goodness and mercy, God has given us reasons to be ever deeply grateful and witness for Him. First, He took care of Ofelias back problem of a herniated disk. When that health episode occurred, she could not walk and literally crawled on the floor. Today, she continues to be a walking miracle. Every morning she walks for an hour. It is her joy to share her experiences with countless people! She has contributed articles to the womens devotional books since 1996. On the day after he turned 79 last March, Abel woke up not feeling well. He stayed in bed, which is out of character. Usually, he returns to his routine quickly but this time remained in bed from Thursday to Sunday. On Monday, he called his family doctor for an appointment. The doctor ordered a blood sugar level test. Upon receiving the report, he exclaimed, I cannot understand why your blood sugar level is over 500! A crash course in diabetes type 2, signs and symptoms of hypoand hyperglycemia, insulin injection procedures, fingersticks, and management of meals and exercise dominated the next few days. On the 4th day, nothing short of a miracle happened in answer to the prayers of loved ones, church members, friends and fellow

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The Link is published by the Adventist University of the Philippines Alumni of Western North America. Please send news articles, photos and comments to: The Editor, 9600 Flame Tokay Way, Elk Grove, CA 95624. EDTORIAL BOARD Ella Alcaide Elmer Bangloy, DDS Edwin Araba Copyright 2014 All rights reserved


To all AWESNA Chapter presidents, Honors and Awards representatives, and AWESNA members: The search is on for the AWESNA 2014 awardees for the following awards: Most Outstanding Alumnus/Alumna Distinguished Leadership We invite you to nominate names for the above awards and submit said names on or before March 15 to the chair of the Awards Committee at Final awardees will be determined based on revised criteria voted on by the Honors and Awards Committee. (Please read attached criteria and nomination form). Awards will be given during the joint convention banquet on August 30, 2014 at Lake Las Vegas Hilton, Henderson, Nevada. Your contribution towards determining this year's awardees will significantly translate into more dedicated involvement and commitment to the goals and projects of AWESNA and dear Alma Mater, PUC/AUP. Thank you very much for your prompt response. Eppie Manalo Chair, Honors and Awards Committee


Editor -in-chief Edwin Araba Editorial Assistants Emily N. Garcia Tita Rose V. Rada Kathy Laberinto Jean Samaniego Writers/Reporters All Chapter PROs Arlene Ferrolino Fem Ramirez Jorge Rios Myrna Dial Josie Nicolas Sta. Ana Tessie Sajid Ralph Tigno Layout & Design Edwin Dale Araba Circulation Manager Ruth Ranchez Photographer Roditha Pablo Publisher Rene Donato Advisers Eppie Manalo, PhD Alfonso Miguel, Jr. MD

In Loving Memory, Esther Miguel Peralta

Esther Miguel Peralta, 88 years old, was born on January 1, 1926, in Batac, Ilococ Norte, Philippines. She passed away on February 3, 2014 at the Mission Lodge of San Gabriel skilled Nursing facility. Her family reside in Pasadena, California. Maam Peralta, as fondly called by her students, was a former elementary school teacher at Pasay City Academy (PCA). There were two Esthers at PCA that I knew when I was a student at PCA. One was Ester (without an h) Salomon and the other was Maam Esther Peralta. Both were excellent teachers. Mrs. Esther Peralta graduated from Philippine Union College, now called Adventist University of the Philippines, in 1957 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She taught in various Seventh-day Adventist Elementary schools in Luzon prior to her migration to the United States. Her whole family resided in Southern California and worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant for 17 years. She is survived by her husband, Ismael, and children, Edmund, Delmer and Imelda. AWESNA would like to express our deepest condolences to the family of Mrs. Esther Miguel Peralta. Our words alone cannot contain the grief felt by her family and relatives but we are assured of the great promises of hope and resurrection found in Revelation 21: 4, And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away. Have you ever wondered why, when a person dies passes away? Grave is not the end itself. Like a meteor that passes away, death is not the ultimate destination. Heaven is. May the words of the Lord give them the comfort they need at this time of grief and may the Lord bless her family. - Edwin Araba, AWESNA PRO


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AWESNA Chapter Representatives to the House of Delegates

February 23, 2014, 8:00 a.m., Residence Inn by Marriott, 2101 West Vineyard Ave, Oxnard, California 93036
OFFICERS Elmer Bangloy Carmelita Laoyan Eppie Manalo Leni Espiritu Ella Alcaide Edwin Araba Rene Donato CHAPTER PRESIDENTS Loida Miguel Miguelito Fernando Marjorie Reyno Letty Banaag Cris Anunciado Noli Poblacion Emily Garcia Cris Genobaga Greater Los Angeles Chapter Fe Asuncion Lorie Bangloy Fernaline Kintanar Alfonso Miguel, Jr. Dalisay Mina Octavius Quijada Araceli Quijada Philipp Trilles Annie Madigan Minnie Tamayo Glendale Chapter Aida Ordas Amelia Dizon Fil Alcaide Miriam Banaag Ernesto Banaag Gorden Farinas La Sierra Chapter Tessie Sajid

Lucy Fernando Ralph Tigno Betty Tigno Loma Linda Chapter Miriam Ico Armand Zabala Ruth Zabala Marcel Velasco Fenina Garaza Clarita Siapco/Ben Siapco Blanche Maristela Meljorie Castelo Sarfras Inderias Alma Gonzaga Ben Cuizon Myrna Dial Central Valley Chapter NoliPoblacion SoniePoblacion Northern California Chapter Myrna Malqued Bernard Malqued San Diego Chapter Nelly Alamo Connie Mirasol Dagohoy Anunciado Eufemia Ramirez Pastor Dale Barizo Mrs. Rebecca Barizo Las Vegas Chapter Cristuto Genobaga Molly Genobaga Susan Acang Johnny Acang Editha Sandro Arlene Gayares Young Alumni Liberty Olive Bautista-Macias Gladys Roman Armand Fabella, Jr.

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Loma Linda Chapter & CLS AWESNA Clinical Laboratory Scientists (CLS) Gives Tribute to Mrs. Hedrick
Marjorie Reyno, CLS
President, AWESNA Loma Linda Chapter and Secretary for AUP CLSI

The 6oth Anniversary celebration of the AUP CLS was celebrated with a big bang! It was celebrated twice. One was held in the Philippines (AUP campus and Tagaytay) during the First International PUC/AUP Alumni Convention (FIPAAC) on April 2-7, 2013 and the second celebration during the AWESNA 42nd Annual Convention on August 30September 1, 2013 held at Marriott La Jolla, San Diego ,California.

the recognition award with Mr. Ben Siapco accompanying her to the podium. In her response, she tried to summarize the history of the School of Medical Technology in a nutshell that started 60 years ago. But much of her focus was directed in glorifying God in all the circumstances that led to successfully established the School of Medical Technology. Souvenir program was wonderfully made through the courtesy of Yvette Pineda. Sunday lunch was held at the Rama (Thai) restaurant near the San Diego International Airport at 327 Fourth Avenue. Dr. and Mrs. Elmer Bangloy and some AWESNA officers came in support for the CLS in honoring Mrs. Hedrick. New set of officers were elected in a process of an instant referendum. Newly elected president is Dr. Felcar Morada, Vice president is Dr. Romulo Tabo, SecretaryMarjorie Reyno, Assistant SecretaryEllen Esmillo, Associate secretary Cheryl Gayares, Treasurer -Nimrod Magnaye and PRO Edwin Araba. Donations for the AUP College of Medicine Micro-Para Laboratory and the Worthy Student project were received together with the group membership . Financial report and updates can be found in the Facebook CLS account.

CLSs new happy campers set of officers at the Rama restaurant in San Diego with. Dr. Felcar Morada leading the group (above) . The presence of AWESNA president & First lady, Dr.& Mrs. Elmer Bangloy were greatly appreciated (below).

Mrs. Willa Hedrick, the founder of the PUC School of Medical Technology, flew from Ohio, accompanied by Mrs. Teresita dela Cruz, also a former MSH SMT Head. It was a memorable occasion for Mrs. Hedrick and for the rest of all CLS around the world. She was given a recognition award for her educational contribution in founding the first School of Medical Technology in the Philippines. Inspite of her success she always give God the credit in everything. It was during the Saturday night AWESNA banquet when she was given

A rare CLS group photo with Mrs. Hedrick and some of her former students and colleagues. (below)

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AWESNA San Jose Young Alumni Rally

Emily Nimo Garcia,

AWESNA GNCC president

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Recollections and Connections

By Gideon Pilar,MD

will try to put six decades of Philippine Union College in a nutshell of five to six minutes. I would categorize PUCs

filled. Graduates had to look for work in the Far Eastern countries and even across the Pacific for mission fields like the U.S. and Canada, even down under. During my high school years I used to help clean classrooms at the end of the day in preparations for the next day. In summer I kept the lawns trimmed and green by using a hand-pushed lawnmower under the sweltering heat of the summer sun. Later Ben Escarra set up a shoe repair shop with me as his apprentice. Later his brother, David, joined us. I became adept at the trade so that Pastor Tawatao, our math teacher challenged me to make him a pair of shoes, and I did. He was so proud of his shoes that for years to come he would talk of his hand-made shoes to anyone who would listen. The CRISIS The college faced a crisis in the early 1950s when Dr. Nelson had the brilliant (idea) of transferring the college to Bukidnon. He pressed hard to fulfill this dream but a lone dissenting voice opposed and advised that another college be set up in Mindanao but leave PUC alone. The Union board finally saw the light of his stand. The rest is history. Mountain View College was established and PUC survived for another day. But that lone dissenting voice forfeited his teaching posi-

history into 2 eras: pre-war and post-war eras. Students of the pre-war era primarily graduated from high school, then they were sent to the missions to serve in their assigned capacity. Some stayed to finish a two-year course, while a few continued to finish a degree. Others would return in the summer to take subjects toward attaining their degrees.

In the post-war era, there was an increase of enrollment because of the hiatus in their education due to the war years. New missionary faculties and teachers from the United States arrived under the presidency of Dr. Andrew Nelson, namely: Professor and Mrs. Carl Jones, Prof. and Mrs. Earl Hilgert, Irene Wakeham, Nellie Ferree, and others. The first batch of graduates served as leaders and teachers in various missions and academies and church school while a few went on to pursue their medical degrees. The most interesting part of the graduation exercises was on Sabbath afternoon called Golden Cords ceremony. A large map of the Philippines was placed on the background of the stage from which emanated golden strands to the different areas of the mission fields where the graduates were assigned positions of service. This later had to be discontinued in some point in time because there were more graduates than positions to be


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LESSONS LEARNED - What lessons have I learned from school days in PUC? First and foremost, it taught me the dignity of labor, that no job be it so menial, that one cannot stoop down to perform. The preacher says in Eccl. 9:10, Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might. Work develops in one a character that would stand the test of time. Another lesson learned is that Christian education is never cheap. If one is blessed with parents of means they would have to fork out the money, otherwise you have to work and earn it the hard way, but when you do you will appreciate it all the more.

AWESNA In Action

In the late 70s a move to transfer PUC to Silang was in earnest. This time there was no opposition. I first saw the site proposed in 1982. There were no roads to speak of; we had to drive through sugar cane fields. One afternoon some of the students had to be bused in to help clear the sites for the construction of the buildings. Meanwhile, the old PUC campus was sold to Eternal Gardens. The buildings were demolished to the ground. Even the centuries old sprawling mango trees where students activities were often held was cut down, and unlike the tree in King Nebuchadnezzars dream, even the stump and roots were not spared. At that point in time the PUC alumni had virtually became orphans- no campus to and proudly proclaim, This is our alma mater. Although AUP has magnanimously adopted the PUC alumni it is not the same. We never tread the halls of AUP nor walked around its campus. Even now, I hear old alumni their thoughts that the old campus should have not been sold but rather kept, not as another college but perhaps as a satellite academy.

LA chapter Christmas caroling night for a cause at Dr. Quijadas residence.

Today, the campus where once shouts and laughter of care-free students pervaded, an eerie silence as twilight deepens into darkness and the departed rest in their perpetual slumber So what connection is there left between PUC and AUP? For one thing, the PUC school song has been adopted by AUP with just changes in the acronym. The PUC faculty and professors were transferred to AUP to support the teaching staff, but by now most, if not all have already retired. Hopefully, the motto of PUC The School that Trains for Service has been incorporated into mission statement of AUP in principle or in spirit, which would be a lasting bond between the old and the new. When all of PUCs alumni shall have passed on PUC, as we know it, shall have ceased to be, but a distant memory relegated to the archives of SDA Christian education. Above all, may AUP continue the tradition of preparing citizens for the kingdom of heaven as did PUC.

Loma Linda chapter Christmas singing group seriously practicing, prior to the real one at Marjorie Reynos residence...

GNCC group picture with Pastor Max Cadalig after the meeting @ Oscar Pablos place.

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A Minute Meditation:
By Dr. VicLouis Arreola,III

It was Josh McDowell who said: I believe two of the greatest fears people struggle with today, are the fear that they will never be loved and the fear that they will never be able to love. God is love, and He sent His only begotten So to vanish these fears. He came down from heaven to earth as our Example. When we are in fellowship with God, we walk in the light; when we walk in the light, we walk in the truth; and when we walk in the truth we walk in Gods love. God life of love is seen in us; His character is emulated in our character.

As members of Gods family, we draw closer to Christ, and follow His example. Ellen White said: The closer we come to Christ the nearer we shall be to one another. Adventist Home, p. 179. Our Lord says to His children: A new command I give to you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. (John 13:34,35). Jesus loved not only friends, but enemies. not only good people, but bad people. not only righteous, but sinner. not only accepted, but rejected. not only the clean, but the dirty. This world has never seen such a demonstration and display of the love of God as what Jesus in His everyday life. He is our example. By doing so, we are His disciples.

CERENO, FELIZA MERLINDA TORTAL- d. February 14, 2014, Orlando, Fla. Survivors: husband, Salvador; son, Kimber Red; daughter, Karmine; brother, Willie Tortal. PERALTA, ESTHER MIGUEL b. Jan. 1, 1926, Batac, Ilocos Norte; d. Feb. 3, 2014, San Gabriel, Calif. Survivors: husband, Ismael; sons, Edmund, Delmer; daughter, Imelda. ARAFILES, ROLANDO VALDEZ b. May 8, 1952, Philippines ; d. Jan. 30, 2014, Southern, Calif. Survivor: wife, Lorna ValdezArafiles. PENARANDA, MINERVA ARIT b. Dec. 16, 1930, Guinyangan, Quezon; d. January 27, 2014, Pasay City; Survivors: sons, Gilmer Albert, Gilbert Edwin; daughter-in-law, Jovy Ann Fallarina; sisters, Carmen Arit-Correces, Naomi Arit. PINEDA, RAUL GONZALES d. dec. 11, 2013, Kigali, Rwanda; Survivors: wife, Ludy Vida Pineda; Son, Ren Ryan and Yvet Pineda; daughter, Rachel Lyn; daughter, Roselle Faye Pineda Hansen and her husband Dr. Simon Hansen; grandchildren, Yven and Rain. TORTAL, RAQUEL JULIET DECENA b. Jan. 10, 1945, Philippines; d. Dec. 7, 2013, Toronto, Canada; Survivors: husband, Willie; children, Wally and Melanie; Don and Laura; grandchildren, Owen and Myles.

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Note: These amendments will be presented for approval at the House of Delegates meeting on February 23, 2014 (during the AWESNA Spiritual Retreat, February 21 -23 at Residence Inn by Marriott at River Ridge, 2101 West Vineyard Ave., Oxnard, CA 93036) Commission on Constitution Members/ Representatives Present: Loida Miguel (Greater Los Angeles), Letty Banaag (Glendale), Marjorie Reyno (Loma Linda), Noli Poblacion (Central Valley), Miguelito Fernando (La Sierra), and Miriam Banaag (for Cris Anunciado-San Diego). 1.2.4 A quorum shall consist of the majority of the Board members. xxxDelete and replace with A quorum shall be a majority of the qualified Board members present. A board member who cannot attend may designate a local representative to take his place. Other means of interaction/meeting such as skype or teleconferencing may be employed. Section1.3 Composition appointed by each chapter. The Board of officers shall appoint the Chair. Xxx Delete Section2.7 Board of Officers There shall be a Board of Officers composed of the elected officers of the Association, the Chapter presidents, and the chairs of the standing committees. Xxx Section 2.7 There shall be a Board of Officers composed of all the elected officers, the immediate past president, the chapter presidents, and chairs of Standing and Ad Hoc committees. Xxx Section 2.8 Only elected officials, the immediate past president, chapter presidents, chairs of Standing and Ad Hoc committees shall be counted in the quorum, and vote during any board meeting. Section3.2 Nomination of Candidates Section 3.2 A member may nominate any qualified me mbers for any elective office in the Association. Xxx Section 3.2A qualified member may file for candidacy, or nominate any qualified member for any elected office. xxx3.3 The Board of Officers shall fill in any office vacancy after election. Section3.3 Qualification of Candidates at the next Board meeting following the vacancy. Section4.4 Duties of the Secretary

4.4.1 The Secretary shall create and maintain all official records and minutes of the Board and the Association and shall provide copies thereof to the members upon request. xxx4.4.1 The Secretary shall create and mainta in all official records and minutes of the Board a nd the Association and shall provide copies thereof, to any member upon request. xxx4.4.2 delete

The Secretary shall maintain an updated membership roster, including addresses and telephone numbers, type and date of membership, degree and date of graduation or years of attendance, chapter affiliation, and other pertinent data.

The Association shall be composed of its various Chapters in Western North America, organized in accordance with this Constitution and recognized by the Association. Xxx Delete in Western North America. 2.3.7 Young alumni

Xxx Delete This will be known as the Young Alumni Chapter. Section2.4 Composition of Standing Committees Each standing Committee shall be composed of representatives appointed by each Chapter. The Board of Officers shall appoint the Chair. Xxx Each Standing Committee shall be composed of three members and a chairman appointed by the association president and confirmed by a majority of the Board of Officers. Section2.6 Commission on Constitution There shall be a Commission on Constitution which shall be composed of representatives

xxx Delete Any alumnus who has been a Chapter member, pursuant to Section 6.3.1 of the Constitution for the last two (2) years may qualify for any elective office of the Association. Section3.6 Filling of Vacancies

Delete Section 4.15.1 The Membership Committee shall reach out and establish communication with alumni and friends of PUC or AUP to enlist their support through membership in the Association and shall promote member participation and facilitate the collection of fees. xxx4.15.2 The Membership Committee shall maintain an up-to-date membership roster of all paid members, including home and e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, degree and year of graduation, date of attendance, chapter affiliation including home and e-mail addresses.

The Board shall declare an elective office vacant pursuant to the provision of Section 3.5 of the Constitution Xxx Delete the rest of the provision and shall call a special election to fill the vacancy when more than half of the term of the vacant office still remains. Otherwise, the vacancy maybe filled by a two-thirds(2/3)vote of the Board. xxx3.7 By a majority vote, the Board of Officers shall fill in any elective office vacancy,

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Section 4.16 Duties o f the Young Alumni Committee Xxx Delete Section .18 Duties of the Commission on Constitution Xxx Delete 4.18.1 The Commission on Constitution shall draft amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws and shall have the final authority to interpret the provisions thereof. Xxx Delete Section5.1 Selections

6.14.5. The treasurer shall provide the Association through the Association vice-president an up-to-date list of Endowment Fund donors. Section 6.16.2 The PRO shall be the editor-inchief of the Link- AWESNA, and administrator of AWESNA Facebook. Section7.1 Constitution

The election of the Association officers shall be by secret ballot. Xxx Only members of the Commission on Election shall be allowed to handle the ballots. No candidate shall be allowed to handle the ballot/s. Section2.2 Preparation and Distribution of Ballots 2.2.1 The ballots shall be prepared and distributed by the Commission on Election, xxx and received by voters by May 30 of the election year. 2.2.2 Such ballots shall contain the names of all candidates for each office. Section2.3 Return of Ballots

Uponathirty(30)-day notice given to the Chapters, this Constitution maybe amended by a majority vote of the delegates present at any meeting and shall take effect upon ratification by a two-third (2/3)voteof alldelegateswithinsixty(60) days of the action. Section7.2 Bylaws

The delegates shall be the elective officers of the Association and the officers of the Chapters as providedinSection6.4. Each chapter may appoint up to six(6) personsplusone(1)delegatefor every fifteen members. Xxx The delegates shall be the elected officers of the association, and the elected officers of the chapters as provided in Section 6.5. A chapter may have an additional delegate for every fifteen paid members, and may appoint a substitute if an elected officer is unable to attend a meeting. Section 6.3.1oftheConstitutionforthelasttwo(2) yearsmay qualify for any elective office of the Association. Replace withAny member who has been a chapter member pursuant to 6.3.1 of the Constitution for the last two years are qualified for any elective office in the Association. 6.3.4 October 1 through September 30 (fiscal year) shall be the membership period in the chapters and Association. 6.14.4 The treasurer shall provide the Membership Committee with an up-to-date list of all paid members and date of membership payments.

Upon a thirty(30)-day notice given to the Chapters ,the Bylaws maybe amended by a majority vote of the delegates present at any meeting and shall take effect as soon as adopted. Xxx Delete section 7.2 Xxx Section 7.2 Amending the Constitution and Bylaws shall be as follows : a. the Board of officers shall propose any amendment/s, b. the proposed amendment/s shall be published in the AWESNA Facebook for at least thirty days prior to the delegates' meeting, c. the amendment/s shall be voted on by the delegates in session,

To be valid ,ballots must reach the Commission on Election by June30, xxx or the following Monday if June 30 if the latter falls on a weekend. If mailed, the ballot must be postmarked no later than June 30 or the following Monday if June 30 falls on a weekend. Section2.4 Tabulation of Ballots

xxx No envelope containing ballot/s shall be opened until the day of tabulation. The ballots shall be tabulated by July31.

d. the amendment/s shall take effect by a two thirds vote of the delegates present during the meeting.
BYLAWS Section1.6 Commission on Constitution Xxx Delete 1.6.1 Commission meetings may, at anytime, be called by the Chair, or by the same at the request of the Association President or two (2) or more members of the Commission. Notice and the purpose of such meetings hall be given at least seven(7) days in advance. Xxx Delete 1.6.2 A quorum shall consist of the majority of the members of the Commission. Xxx Delete Election Procedure Section2.1 Election by Ballot

Section 2.5 Proclamation of Election Results The Chairman of the Commission on Electionshall proclaim the results of the election. Xxx The Chairperson of the Commission on Election shall certify and submit the election results to the Board of Officers on the first Board of Officers meeting after the ballots are counted. He shall proclaim the winning candidates who garnered majority votes. Chair: Roy Mananquil, Chair, Commission on Constitution Recording Secretary: Eppie Manalo, Secretary, AWESNA


Winter 2014


In Memoriam:
Minerva Arit - Pearanda
December 16, 1930 January 27, 2014
By Nancy P. Oblimar Chair, English Department, AUP many people as possible. As if teaching and the music department were not enough to preoccupy her, she also engaged in other activities that offered many creative possibilities. To name a few: she was board member of the Philippine Choral Conductors Association; lecturer on Church Music, Choral Conducting, Voice Production, and Music Education; adjudicator in several local and regional competitions in Vocal Music; vocal coach for both adults and children; choral clinician in all age levels; and choreographer in all age levels of chorus. Within and beyond PUC/AUP, she left a legacy of organized mixed chorus, such as the AUP Canticlaires; male chorus, ladies chorus, and children graded choirs for churches and schools, such as the AUP Little Singers. Thus, she became the mother of Adventist choirs, musicians, and singers. In recognition of these accomplishments, Maam Pen was chosen as PUC Outstanding Alumna in 1985. Other awards given to her include Recognition Award in gratitude for 19 years of service as Conductor of the PUC Ambassadors in 1990; Special Recognition Award for devoting 34 years of faithful and continuous service to PUC and SDA Church from Philippine Union College in 1994; Plaque of Appreciation for exemplary performance in the field of Arts from AUP Alumni Association in 1998; Lifetime Achievement Award from AUP Academy Alumni Association in 2008; Recognition for being a mother and mentor of AUP Music Ministries and Gratitude for her Music Legacy as founder and first conductor of the AUP Canticlaires from Canticlaires Choral Ministry in 2010; and the Lifetime Achievement Award for her sincerest desire to serve the best interest of her students, AUP Ambassadors, Adventist University of the Philippines, and the God she loves from EASNAC Board of Trustees in 2010. But even without all her degrees and professional achievements, Maam Pen was actually most happy just serving God through music. From her own pen, Maam Pen left this message not only to the AUP Ambassadors, but also to all of us: Do bear in mind that we have a very important mission: to proclaim the gospel and share the message of salvation. We can accomplish this through personal contact with non-believers, through our behavior as Adventist performers and through the stage of concert halls or the choir lofts of churches. Furthermore she says, It is my earnest desire that you will continue the noble task of proclaiming the saving grace of Christ through your behavior and your songs. May self be hid behind the loveliness of Him whom we adore and sing. (Source:Minerva Arit-Penaranda - Lifetime Achievement Award, pp. 8 & 26) Let us praise God for giving us Maam Pen and for having been inspired by her fruitful life of dedicated service to AUP and to the Adventist Churchall to the glory of God!

The dear lady we remember through this obituary was a dedicated worker of Philippine Union College/Adventist University of the Philippines, where she spent the best years of her professional life as a music educator. Minerva Arit was born in Guinyangan, Quezon on December 16, 1930 to Severino Rada Arit and Emiliana Reynoso-Arit. She was preceded in death by her two brothers, Bayani Arit and Nestor Arit, who became president of the North Philippine Union Mission. She is survived by her two sisters, Carmen Arit - Correces and Naomi Arit; two sons, Gilmer Albert and Gilbert Edwin, and daughter-in-law Jovy Ann Fallarina. Ma'am Pen (as she was known to all her students) attended Guinyangan Elementary School, and studied at Philippine Union College (PUC) from intermediate school through college. She graduated from PUC Academy in 1949, and completed a two-year college course in Elementary Education (ETC) in 1951. After graduation, Ma'am Pen worked as an office secretary at North Philippine Union Mission; and a year later, she taught at Pasay English Church Elementary School. She then taught at Pasay City Academy, while at the same time, she served as a regular radio singer at the Voice of Prophecy and Voice of Hope radio programs broadcasted at radio station DZRH. Determined to obtain a bachelor of music degree, Ma'am Pen returned to PUC and completed this degree in 1957. After graduation, she joined Mountain View College (MVC), in Bukidnon province, Mindanao, and served as music teacher and chair of the Music Department there. In 1968, she married Gilieto E. Pearanda, a fellow teacher at MVC. Always wanting to be better in what she was already good at, Ma'am Pen went to the U.S. to do further studies. In 1965, she obtained her MA in Music Education from California State University in Los Angeles, CA. When she returned to the Philippines in the same year, she continued her career at Mountain View College for a few years before she accepted the call of her alma mater, PUC, where she continued to serve as music teacher and chair of the Music Department for 20 years. During her stint in the PUC Music Department, she organized a singing group which started as a male chorus and later became a co-ed choir. This choir considered by many as her greatest legacy to PUC/AUP, is aptly named "The AUP Ambassadors," which has become the official choir of the University. She served as its director for 19 years and continued to be its honorary conductor and adviser even after her retirement in 1994. This obituary is a testament to Ma'am Pen's dedication to religious music ministry as a means of bringing glory to God, bringing joy and hope to many souls, and sharing the message of salvation to as
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Tributes to Minerva AritPearanda

IN MEMORY OF MY DEAR FRIEND MINERVA ARIT-PENARANDA Miner ,as she was fondly called, was one of my best friends in High School in PUC right after WWII. We were classmates from Freshman to Senior Years. She was very simple, quiet, and wellmannered in class. One of her talents was singing. I used to sing with her in a trio, with Betty Diaz. I sung soprano, Betty was second soprano and Miner sung Alto. Our Pianist was Vita Mallari .We were always involved during Saturday evening programs. In one of the Filipino programs we sang a duet entitled, "Paro-paro at Bulaklak" (Butterfly and Flower). I wore butterfly wings made of crepe paper and Miner wore a big Rose. My song went like this, "Ako'y paro-paro" (I'm a butterfly), and Miner answered back, "Bulaklak naman ako" (and I'm a flower). During our Senior Year Dr. Ruben Manalaysay the Choir Conductor asked us - Miner, Betty Diaz, Gideon Pilar and Enrique Tauro and me to join the College Choir. That was quite an Honor on our part, because High School students were never involved with College students. Miner and I separated ways after High School. I went to Nursing School and Miner majored in Music. We continued to communicate in writing, and she even asked me to support PUC's Music Building, which I did. The last time I saw Miner was during the Alumni Convention at Indianapolis in 1984. I will miss my friend. Sleep well, Miner, and I will see you on that Blessed Morning. CONDOLENCES TO THE PENARANDA AND ARIT FAMILIES I am so glad I got to personally meet, talk and

hug Mrs. Miner Arit -Penaranda at the Alumni Banquet at Taal Vista Hotel during the FIPAAC convention. She was acknowledged and honored for her vital role and contributions to AUP/PUC. Our friendship goes all the way back to1964, when she was our choir director at the Filipino Church in Compton, California. On behalf of all her friends, students and colleagues in the EASNAC organization, I extend our deepest condolences to her family as well as to the AUP family. A great teacher, mentor, leader, and friend has passed on to her rest to await the Master's trumpet call at the Resurrection morning! Lee Liwag EASNAC PRO
The Adventist choral music would not be as it is without our beloved Ma'am Pen ( Minerva AritPearanda) Being one of the founders of the AUP Ambassadors and its conductor for 20 years, she mentored hundreds of singers and conductors. We will always be greatful for the lessons you have shared to all of us. We thank you for being a mentor, mother, friend, and an inspiration. We will never forget what you have done to our lives. We will miss you, Ma'm Pen. We love you very much!!!
Tell me not, in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream! For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem. Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal; Dust thou art, to dust returnest, Was not spoken of the soul. Art is long, and time is fleeting, And our hearts, though stout and brave, Still, like muffled drums, are bleating Funeral marches to the grave.
- A Psalm of Life , by Henry W. Longfellow


Winter 2014


New Inductees from Las Vegas Chapter

Cris Genobaga, AWESNA Las Vegas Chapter President

Las Vegas ,Nevada, November 16,2013. - The newly elected AWESNA chapter officers were inducted by AWESNA President, Dr. Elmer Bangloy during the Sabbath afternoon Induction ceremony . The new chapter officers are : President- Cris Genobaga, VP- Johnny Acang, Secretary- Edie Sandro, Treasurer- Susan Acang, PROArlene Gayares, Auditor- Oscar Fauni, Adviser- Pastor Villamor Meriales.! It was followed by a mini concert . The chapters next biggest event is supporting the 2014 Joint alumni convention that will be held at Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort in Henderson, Nevada. AWESNA officers present were : President- Dr. Elmer Bangloy, VPLita Laoyan, Secretary-Dr. Eppie Manalo,Treasurer- Ella Alcaide, , PRO- Edwin Araba, Auditor Rene Donato, Adviser- Dr. Vic Arreola & former presidents- Dr. Alfonso Miguel, Jr. and Alberto Bagingito. For the first time in

AWESNA history an instant singing group was created composed mainly of officers, alumni and friends now called The new AWESNA Chorale, is directed by Fred Banaag ( former Madrigal director ) and coordinated by Eppie Manalo and Lorie Bangloy. The creative idea is a brainchild of Dr. Elmer Bangloy and Edwin Araba. Pastor Viclouis Arreola was the Sabbath speaker during the divine hour of worship held at the Las Vegas Fil-Am SDA Church. Thanks to Las Vegas chapter for hosting the event and to Dr. and Mrs. Elmer Bangloy for accommodating the guests in their lovely home. We also appreciate Dr. and Mrs. Quijada, Mr. and Mrs. Peter dela Cruz for their support and to all alumni and friends who came. What a blessing indeed!

Induction Ceremony of the newly elected Las Vegas chapter officers being inducted by AWESNA president, Dr. Elmer Bangloy while former AWESNA presidents, Alberto Bagingito, Dr. Alfonso Miguel, Jr. and spiritual adviser, Dr. VicLouis Arreola III look on. (above)

The new AWESNA Chorale in Las Vegas, as directed by Fred Banaag, and assisted by Lorie Bangloy and Eppie Manalo . (Right)

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Glendale Chapter

AWESNA Glendale Chapter

AWESNA Snap Shots

Letty Banaag Chapter President


Winter 2014


Summer 2013 19

Crocodile Foundation Donates US$300 K for COM Building

The Crocodile Foundation during its Board of Directors meeting on January 8, 2014 nally approved to fulll its pledge of US$300,000 for the COM building project. It took a few years for them to redeem their pledge since their main requirement is for the Southern Asia Pacic Division and the Union to match their donation which was nally complied with. The Crocodile Foundation is the charitable arm of the Crocodile Group of Companies based in Singapore which has helped a lot of institutions and individuals all over the world. The Crocodile Group has its presence in 24 countries with over 110 product lines and 2000 exclusive stores and galleries. Crocodile is the brainchild of Dato Dr Tan Hien Tsin since 1947. As an indomitable pioneer in mens fashion then, it soon made its presence felt across the regions starting from Singapore to South East Asian countries, Hong Kong and Japan by the early 1980s. It evolved to become a lifestyle brand providing a total wardrobe solution to the family of modern days.

pleted building. However, due to some valid reasons, AUP chose not to submit some documents and instead notied the CHED that the tech-nical Committee will see the documents when they visit AUP campus. Seeking fu r t h e r i n q u i r i e s o n t h e d e l a y e d v i s i t , the administrators visited the CHED on December 18, 2013. A follow up visit was made on January 6, 2014 to submit all the documents. With all the documents submitted, the AUP family hopes and prays that the technical Committee fo r M e d i c a l E d u c a t i o n v i s i t w i l l p u s h through this rst quarter of the year and that they will give their nal approval for the opening of the Doctor of Medicine program in June 2014.

AUP National Alumni Association Donates 1.5 million to COM

In support to the COM building project, the AUP Philippine National Alumni Association through its ocers under the leadership of interim president, Mrs. Marilyn P. Mutuc, approved to donate 1.5 million pesos. Of the donation, about half a million pesos comes from the income of the very successful First International PUCAUP Alumni Convention (FIPAAC) which was held in Tagaytay City last April 2013. The FIPAAC was planned and executed during the incumbency of Pastor Jose Orbe, Jr. Te National Alumni Association fully supports the capital projects of AUP as the Association previously donated 1.2 million pesos for the construction of the Pioneer building currently occupied by the College of Arts and Humanities. Source:
Published by Laurence Tabanao Gayao, MD Official report released by Pastor Max Cadalig , AUP Advancement Office director.

AUP receives CHED official communication about COM deficiencies

After a few months of waiting, AUP nally received an ocial communication from the CHED 2nd week of December 2013 about the COM deciencies. These deficiencies include among others the curriculum and the building. But according to the University administrators, the supposed deciencies are all complied with except for the com-


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Adventist University of the Philippines College of Medicine Photo Updates



More AUP COM Photo Updates

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More AWESNA Images

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AWESNA San Diego The Anchor Chapter News

San Diego Chapter Officers

President- Crisamar Anunciado,PhD, Vice President-Religious - Pastor Lemuel Liwanag, VP Socials- Jorilyn dela Cruz, VP Membership Nellie P. Alamo, VP Young Alumni Gemma Banaag, VP North County- Glory Maravilla, Secretary Connie Mirasol, Treasurer Ellen Esmillo, Auditor Paz Agustines, PRO Fem Ramirez, Project/Scholarship Flory Vasquez, COMELEC Rufino Magpayo, Advisers Pastor Willie Ombao, Pastor Dale Barizo, Rufino Magpayo, Auxillary Head Evelyn Pablo.

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AWESNA Greater Los Angeles Chapter Report

Loida Miguel, AWESNA LA Chapter President


Greater LA Chapter Goes Caroling

By Josie Santa Ana, PRO

Taking advantage of the spirit of Christmas, early Saturday night on Dec. 21st a group of faithful Greater LA Chapter members, led by Loida Miguel, Greater LA Chapter president, visited the home of Dr. & Mrs. Tabby Quijada. Although it was a busy Saturday night and just a few days from Christmas eve, the group decided to make a trip, to visit a perennial supporter of the projects of AWESNA. Braving the over 60 miles drive, and forgetting the busy Christmas Eve preparations, the darkness and hazards of evening commute and cold weather, three automobiles gathered a few faithful alumni and away they went. When the intended home was reached, Dr. Tabby was not around. He was busy attending to the duties of an On Call fellow physician who had some health problems. Dr. Tabby became busy and could not get away and leave the hospital.

the caroling group did not depart empty handed. A sizeable gift for the working students of AUP was added to the funds of Greater LA Chapters. That means the poor working students will have more rice and other food stuff, not to mention the much needed tuition for the graduating working students. Loida M. Miguel and her husband, Dr. Alfonso Miguel led the first car with Fe Asuncion, Edith Buenaobra, Rey and Ceres Guranggo. Lorie and Elmer Bangloy joined the group with Miriam and Paul Oconor, Ruth Ranchez, Josie Santa Ana and Luz Ulanday. Tony Marientes drove alone but with hope of coming home with an important passenger. The rice program project of the chapter is being supported and headed by Esther Bautista and Miriam Oconor. Aid to Typhoon Yolanda Victims In response to the appeal of Central Philippine Union Conference, the Greater LA Chapter is sending $300 to help the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Some churches and brethren suffered enormous loss due to the devastation brought about by this killer typhoon. If more alumni members are willing to share their blessings to the unfortunate victims, please send your contributions to Central Philippine Union Conference with the following address: Physical Address: 1123 Gorrordo Avenue, Kamputahaw, Cebu City 6000, Philippines

The group sang a few songs hoping that he would come to enjoy short exchanges of greetings and fellowship. The night was getting late. Thanks to the better half of the good doctor,

Postal Address: P. O. Box 3, Cebu City 6000, Philippines Better yet, send them VIA This way you can help fast and easy. Thank you.

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AWESNA Young Alumni Images


Winter 2014

GNCC Inducts New Set of Officers for 2013-2016

By Jorge Ed Rios, PRO Greater Northern California Chapter

On the afternoon of September 7, 2013 the Greater Northern California Chapter (GNCC) of AWESNA held a meeting at the residence of Oscar Pablo, chairman of Projects and Finance committee of AWESNA. He officiated in the induction of the chapters new set of officers whose term of office started on October 1, 2013 and will terminate on September 30, 2016.

year for inspection of the COM building and AUPs compliance with other requirements. There is an ongoing need for prayer and financial support for this project. Garcia made an appeal to each member to be a part of making this vision of AUP a reality in the near future. Garcia mentioned the activities of the chapter including giving help to AUPs working students. The chapter gave monetary help of P250.00 each to 150 working students last April during the First International PUC/AUP Alumni Convention held at AUP and at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City. She encouraged the members to do fund-raising activities to have funds for the purpose of helping the working students. Reservation forms for the 3-day Baja Mexico cruise on February 21-24, 2014 ( which was later cancelled) were distributed and members were encouraged to participate and support this fundraising activity of AWESNA. Esther Tan, outgoing treasurer, distributed copies of the financial report to the officers and passed on the book to the new treasurer Dave Narbarte. Officers and members who attended the meeting came from San Jose, Milpitas, Stockton, Lodi, Elk Grove and Sacramento. The next meeting was set on October 26, 2013 when Pastor Max Cadalig, director of University Advancement Office of AUP, will meet with the chapter officers and members. After the meeting, a potluck dinner was shared by everyone.

The newly elected officers are: Emily Garcia, president; Obed Apostol and Primo Mercado, Jr.; vice-presidents for Membership ( Apostol will cover San Jose, Milpitas, San Francisco and vicinity and Mercado will be in charge of Vallejo, Stockton, Sacramento and neighboring areas ); Gerundio Ellacer, Jr., vice-president for Socials; Glenda Concepcion, secretary; Myrna Malqued, associate secretary; Dave Narbarte, treasurer; Rey Corpus, associate treasurer; Esther Tan, auditor, LehroyQuerol, associate auditor, Jorge Rios, PRO; Joshua Mura, associate PRO and Roditha Pablo, Archives. The vice-presidents will be responsible in locating and recruiting alumni to be participating members of the chapter. The officers pledged their commitment to the task of supporting the mission and goals of AWESNA as a way of rendering service to their Alma Mater. Garcia highlighted AUPs venture of having a College of Medicine. Hopefully, AUP will be able to open its doors to medical students by June 2014. The Technical Committee of the Commission on Higher Education ( CHED ) is due to visit AUP toward the end of November this

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Pastor Mike Tucker

Featured Speaker for the AWESNA/EASNAC/Texas 4th Joint Convention 2014 August 29-31, 2014 Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort

About the Speaker: Pastor Mike Tucker, convention speaker. Mike Tucker, speaker/director for the Faith For Today telecast, is frequently heard on Voice of Prophecy broadcasts. Until early 2009, he was senior pastor of the 1900-member, Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church in Arlington, Texas. He has previously served as a Christian High School Bible teacher, youth pastor, and chaplain for medical and psychiatric facilities. He holds a masters degree in counseling and has served as a Pastors Pastor for ministers in his denomination. Pastor Tucker has authored several books, including Journal of a Lonely God; Jesus, Hes All Youll Ever Need; Every Good Thing; A Time for You; The Irrefutable, Irrevocable, Unalterable Laws of Dating; Ten Keys to a Happy Marriage; and Meeting Jesus in the Book of Revelation. Pastor Tucker was the speaker for NET 2007, HeartQuest: Finding the One Who Has Loved You All Along. Mike hosts Faith For Todays flagship program, Lifestyle Magazine, the most recognized Adventist broadcast in America. Mike lives in the Dallas area with his wife Gayle. Theme: Ignite and Unite There is a common saying, What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. God loves the world and his hands will reach out them out no matter what the cost. Christ came to save that which were lost, igniting the flame of hope in our hearts. Over a year ago, John Bradshaw, 30 THE LINK / Winter 2014

speaker for It is Written held an evangelist meeting in Las Vegas, to reach out and share the gospel in the city. Is there something good that will come out of Vegas? Absolutely! Do you know that the convention theme, Ignite and Unite was conceived in the heart of Vegas? While promenading one evening the idea just came in to the minds of Pastor VicLouis Arreola and Dr. Elmer Bangloy. The idea that will ignite a burning desire within our AWESNA organization to unite us all together in achieving a common goal, which is to serve others. Pastor Mike Tucker will elaborate more on the theme during the joint convention . Please come, attend the convention and will see you soon on August 29-31, 2014 !

AWESNA Board of Officers 2013 -2016

(Upper to lower & from Left to Right)

Elmer Bangloy, President, Alberto Bagingito, Immediate Past President, Lita Laoyan, Vice President, Eppie Manalo, Secretary ,Elenita Espiritu, Associate Secretary , Ella Alcaide, Treasurer, Rene Donato, Auditor, Edwin Araba, PRO, VicLouis Arreola,III, Adviser, Jose Manalo, Adviser, Roy Mananquil, Constitution & By-Laws, and Ernesto Banaag, COMELEC.


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The Adventist University of the Philippines Alumni of Western North America (AWESNA)

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AWESNA Serve and Shine!

AWESNA /EASNAC/Texas 4th Joint Convention

Theme: Ignite and Unite Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort Henderson, Nevada 89011 August 29-31, 2014



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