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About time: Nearly time, high time. "It's about time you bought a new car!

" Absence makes the heart grow fonder: Pro erb that means that our feeling for those we lo e increases when we are a!art from them. "#o$ act high and mighty: #o act !roudly and arrogantly. Actions s!eak louder than words: Pro erb meaning that's it's better to do something about a !roblem than to talk about it. "#o$ act one's age: #o beha e in a more mature way. %re&uently said to a child or teen. e'. "(ill, sto! throwing rocks! Act your age!" "#o$ add fuel to the fire: #o make a bad !roblem e en worse. "#o$ add insult to in)ury: #o make a bad situation e en worse. Against the clock: #o attem!t to do something "against the clock" is to attem!t to do something as fast as !ossible usually before a deadline. All*out: +om!lete. ,ery strong. "#hey did an all*out search for the missing boy and they found him."

All set: -eady "to go$. "All set." All thumbs: Awkward. +lumsy. A little bird told me: /hen someone says "a little bird told me" it means they don't want you to know who told them. All in a day's work: #y!ical. Normal. 0'!ected. e'. "#alking to famous celebrities is all in a day's work for some 1ollywood re!orters." "%rom$ all walks of life: "%rom$ all social, economic, and ethnic grou!s. e'. "Peo!le from all walks of life oted for

him, but he still lost the !residential election." A!!le of someone's eye: 2omeone's fa orite !erson "and sometimes thing$. e'. "2arah was the a!!le of #om's eye for &uite a long time. 1e was ery much in lo e with her." Armed to the teeth: 1ea ily armed. e'. "#he rebels were armed to the teeth." At all hours "of the night$: ,ery late at night, throughout the night. e'. "1er boyfriend would call her at all hours of the night." At each other's throats: %ighting or arguing hea ily. e'. "#hey were at each other's throats. #he arguments ne er sto!!ed." At this stage: At this !oint. e'. "At this stage, it's difficult to say who will win the election."

"a$ ball*!ark figure: A rough estimate. "+an you gi e me a ball*!ark figure of what this !ro)ect will cost." "#o get on the$ bandwagon: #o begin to like something3start doing something because it's !o!ular, "hi!", or e eryone else is doing it. "#o$ bank on something: #o count or rely on something. "#o$ bark u! the wrong tree: #o ask the wrong !erson. #o make the wrong choice. e'. "#he gangster told the co!s they were barking u! the wrong tree in thinking he was res!onsible for the robbery."

(A) basket*case:
A ery ner ous !erson, someone at the erge of being neurotic. e'. "All the stress from the di orce turned 4ohn into a basket case." "#o$ be a fan of someone3 something: #o like, idoli5e, admire someone3 or something. e'. "I'm not a big fan of hea y metal music." "#o$ be a in one's element: #o be com!letely comfortable doing something6 #o do something that comes ery naturally to someone. e'. "/hen it comes to s!eaking in !ublic, the 2enator is in his

element." "#o$ be u! to no good: #o be !lanning something bad, mischie ous, etc. e'. "I could tell from the look in his eyes that he was u! to no good." "#o$ beat around the bush: #o a oid getting to the !oint. e'. "2to! beating around the bush and tell me what you really think." "#o$ beg to differ: A !olite way of saying "to disagree", most often heard in the !hrase "I beg to differ!"

(ehind "someone$ In the !ast. "I used to smoke, drink, and take drugs, but all that is behind me now." (elie e it or not: 7sed at the beginning sentence to state that something is true whether one chooses to belie e it or not. e'. "(elie e it or not, I still care for her." (ig fish in a little sea: A !erson who's famous3 well*known but only in an unim!ortant !lace "city or area$. "#o ha e a$ big mouth: #o not be able to kee! a secret. e'. "8on't tell her anything. 2he's got a really big mouth." (ig*shot "noun3ad)ecti e$: An im!ortant !erson. e'. "All the big*shots at head&uarters ne er listen to what we ha e to say."6 "A big*shot re!orter." "A$ (imbo: A foolish3em!ty girl. #he term "male bimbo" is also used. e'. "4ohn only talks about his car and his clothes * he's a real male bimbo." "#he$ birds and the bees: 2e'. 1uman re!roduction. e'. "It's about time I talked to my son about the birds and the bees." "A$ bite to eat: A snack, some food. e'. "9et's go grab a bite to eat before we go to the game." "#o$ bite the hand that feeds you: #o do harm to someone who hel!s you.

"#o$ bite one's tongue: #o struggle not to say something that you want to say. e'. "I wanted to tell her e erything, but I had to bite my tongue because I had !romised (ill I would not "tell her$." (lack shee! "of the family$: #he worst, least acce!ted member of a family. "A$ (last: A great time. A fun time. "/e had a blast at the !arty last night." "#o$ blow someone's co er: #o re eal someone's secret, or true identity. e'. "#he s!y was ery careful not to blow her co er." "#o$ break e en: #o neither win nor lose. e'. ":ichael thought he would lose ;<==, but he ended u! breaking e en." "#o$ break new ground: #o do something that hasn't been done before. #o inno ate. e'. "8r. 8a is was breaking new ground in cancer research." "#o$ break someone's heart: #o cause someone "strong$ emotional !ain. e'. "%iona broke 4ames' heart when she refused to marry him." "#o$ break the news to someone3 to break "it" to someone: #o tell someone some im!ortant news, usually bad news. e'. "I hate to be the one to break it to you, but your wife has been cheating on you." "#o$ burst into tears: #o start crying suddenly. "#o$ catch someone's eye: #o get someone's attention through eye contact.

"#o$ call it a day: #o end work and go home. e'. "9et's call it a day. It's getting late." "#o$ carry a tune: #o be able to sing on key "accurately$. "2he has an awful oice! 2he can't carry a tune." "#o$ cash in on something:

#o !rofit from something. "#he actor wanted to cash in on his !o!ularity by o!ening a restaurant." "A$ catch: /hen talking about wi es, husbands, girlfriends, etc., !eo!le sometimes say "1e's &uite a catch" or "2he's &uite a catch" * which means "1e3she is a great !artner * it's good to be in a relationshi! with him3her "usually because of his3her !ersonality, money, or looks$" "A$ chea! drunk: Also knows as "a chea! date". A !erson who becomes drunk after only one or two drinks. ",ictor had one gin and tonic and was already slurring * what a chea! drunk!" "A$ clean bill of health: A re!ort from the doctor that one's health is good. >ood results from a doctor's medical e'amination. e'. "I went in for my yearly !hysical and got a clean bill of health from 8r. 4ones". "#o$ clear the table: #o remo e all dishes, cutlery, etc. from a table after a meal. "A$ close call: 2omething that is close to danger or an accident. "#hat was a close call! #he train almost hit the motorbike." +oast*to*coast: %rom the Atlantic to the Pacific coast in the 7nited 2tates. e'. "?ur car made the coast*to* coast tri! in @= hours". "#o$ come away em!ty handed: #o return without anything. #o e'!ect to recei e something but to end u! recei ing nothing. e'. "#he union workers came away em!ty handed from the negotiations." "#o$ come to an end: #o finish. #o sto!. e'. "/hen the road came to an end, we turned left." "#o$ come out of the closet: #o re eal that one is gay. +ome to think of it: I )ust remembered. e'. "1ey, come to think of it, I do ha e a slee!ing bag you can borrow."

"#o$ come u! short: #o not &uite achie e one's goal. e'. "#he students tried to raise ;A,=== for the school !lay, but they came u! short." +ome what may

/hate er ha!!ens. No matter what ha!!ens. +o!ycat "noun or ad)ecti e$ 2omeone who imitates3mimics another !erson Bnot really used in a !ositi e senseB "#o$ co er a lot of ground: #o go through a lot of information. "/e' e co ered a lot of ground in my 0nglish class in the !ast two months." "#o$ co er for someone: #o make e'cuses for someone or to conceal someone's errors. "At the$ crack of dawn: -ight at dawn "when the sun comes u!$. "/e left at the crack of dawn." "#o$ crash: #o slee!. #o go to bed. "#o$ cram! someone's style: #o limit someone in some way. #o limit someone from e'!ressing themsel es fully. "#o$ cry one's eyes out: #o cry hard. e'. "/hen her grandfather died, she cried her eyes out for three days straight."

"#o$ cut class: #o not go to class. #o ski! going to class. "4acob was a ery bad student. 1e was always cutting class to go smoke with his buddies." "#o$ cut loose: #o act or s!eak freely, without holding back " C without restraint$. "/hen the three of us are together we really cut loose." "A$ cut abo e "something$: 2u!erior3 better "than something$. "#he commerical said that this car com!any is 'a cut abo e the rest'." "#o$ die of boredom: #o be ery bored. "A$ dead ringer: A look*alike. "1e's a dead ringer for 4ude 9aw" "1e looks e'atly like 4ude 9aw$. 8irt chea!: ,ery chea! "ine'!ensi e$. "#he hotel we stayed in was dirt chea!, but our room was ery nice."

"A$ dog's age: A ery long time. "I ha en't seen him in a dog's age." 8on't hold your breath: 8on't wait for it to ha!!en because it !robably won't. "Dou think 8a id will break u! with #ina. 8on't hold your breath!" 8on't let it get you down: 8on't let it u!set you. 8on't allow it to make you feel bad. "#o$ do the dishes: #o wash the dishes. "A$ downer: An e ent that causes one to be sad. "Dour girlfriend broke u! with you. /hat a downer!" 8own the drain: /asted. 9ost fore er. "I tried for fi e years to run this business and now I'm bankru!t. %i e years down the drain." "A$ drag: (oring6 a dissa!!ointment. "#he !arty was a real drag" or ":y car broke down... /hat a drag!" "#o$ dri e a hard bargain: #o be firm when bargaining about something. You drive a hard bargain = It's hard to win when bargaining with you. "Dou dri e a hard bargain, but alright, I'll !ay you ;A= for the lam!." "#o$ dri e someone cra5y: #o make someone ery agitated, u!set, or emotional "either in a good or bad way$. "#hat teacher is so awful! 1e dri es me cra5y with his attitude." "#o$ dro! it: #o sto! talking about something. "I told you to dro! it! I don't want to talk about it." "#o$ drown one's sorrows: #o get3 become drunk. "#o$ dro! the ball: #o make a mistake. "/A-NIN>: #his idiom is o erused in the business world$. e'. "2o it was 4ohn's fault. Des, 4ohn really dro!!ed the ball on this one." "A$ dream come true: A great thing. A dream or wish that has become reality. e'. "9i ing in +alifornia is like a

dream come true." 8own in the dum!s: 2ad. 8e!ressed. "#o$ dum! someone: " ery informal$ #o end a relationshi! with someone6 to break u! with someone. #o sto! seeing someone "romantically$. "2he dum!ed me."

0arful: a strong erbal scolding. e'. "Eatie's father really ga e her an earful when she came home at F A:." 0asy: Not so fast. +alm down! e'. "0asy! 8on't eat so fast!" "As$ easy as !ie: ,ery easy. 0asy come, easy go: P-?,0-(. 2aid to e'!lain the loss of something that was ery easily obtained in the first !lace. 0asy*going: #olerant. 9aid*back. -ela'ed. "#o$ eat one's heart out: #o be en ious or )ealous. e'. "0at your heart out %rank, I'm going to Paris!" "#o$ eat out of someone's hands: #o do whate er someone else wants. e'. "4ames would do anything for ,icky. 2he had him eating out of her hands." "#o$ eat one's words: #o admit that what one said was wrong. e'. "Dou think I won't be able to find work in one week. I'm going to make you eat your words." 0lbow room: 0nough s!ace "room$ to feel comfortable. 0nough is enough: #hat is enough and there should be no more. "#o$ enter one's mind: #o cross one's mind. #o start thinking about something. "Dou want me to become a doctor.

#he thought ne er e en entered my mind." 0 erything but the kitchen sink: Almost e erything one can think of. 0 ery so often: ?nce in while. ?ccasionally. 0 ery other: 0 ery second. Alternate. e'. "In 9os Angeles, e ery other !erson is an actor." 0'!ecting: Pregnant.

"#o$ face the music: #o acce!t the "un!leasant$ conse&uences of what you ha e done. "#o$ fall flat "on one's face$: #o fail. #o be unsuccessful. e'. "#he !lay fell flat on its face." %air*weather friend A !erson who is only your friend when things are going well for you. "#o$ feel like a new !erson: #o feel refreshed, re)u enated. "#o$ fall into !lace: #o become organi5ed. #o fit together. e'. "?nce I started meditating, e erything in my life began to fall into !lace." "#o$ fall short: #o lack something. e'. "/e tried to raise fifty thousand dollars, but we fell short by about ten thousand." "A$ falling out: A disagreement3break in a friendshi!. e'. "/e had a falling out o er what she said." "A$ far cry: ,ery different "often in a worse way$. e'. "#his wine is nice, but it's a far cry from the wine we had yesterday." "#o$ feel like a new !erson: #o feel refreshed, re)u enated. "#o$ feel out of !lace:

#o feel like you don't belong. e'. "/e went to :ary's !arty last night. #here were many strange !eo!le there and I felt a little out of !lace, so we left." "A$ %ifth wheel: 7seless, out of !lace, unnecessary. "#here were only cou!les there... I felt like a fifth wheel." "#o$ fill someone's shoes: #o re!lace someone. #o do something someone else used to do. e'. "+athy has been working here for <= years. It's going to be hard to find someone to fill her shoes." "A$ fine line: Not much difference. e'. "2ometimes there's a fine line between lo e and infatuation." %irst and foremost: %irst and most im!ortantly. %irst thing: (efore anything else. e'. "+all me first thing tomorrow morning." "#o$ fish for a com!liment: #o try ery hard to get a com!liment from someone. "#o$ fi' someone "some food * like cocoa, oatmeal, etc.$: #o !re!are "some food$ for someone. "I'll fi' you a cu! of cocoa." %lat broke: ,ery !oor. 1a ing absolutely no money. "#o$ follow one's heart: #o act according to your feelings3 emotions. e'. "I couldn't decide what to do so I )ust followed my heart." %ood for thought: 2omething to think about. "A$ fork in the road: A !oint when a road s!lits in two directions. %ree and easy: +asual. Not ery serious. e'. "2arah was looking for a free and easy relationshi!." "A$ fresh !air of eyes: A new reader, someone who hasn't seen something before. e'. "1ey can you come check out this re!ort. /e need a fresh !air of eyes."

"A$ full !late: A busy schedule. e'. ":ark can you hel! me with this !ro)ect. Not really, I' e got a full !late right now." %un and games: Playing around. #ime s!ent doing worthless things. e'. "?E, Neil, the fun and games are o er. It's time to get down to work." "#o$ get a mo e on: #o go or do something &uickly, to get going, etc. e'. "1ey if we want to make the G:== P: show we should get a mo e on." "#o$ get carried away: #o e'aggerate3 go too far3 to become emotional. e'. "I got carried away. I bought A= shirts!" "2he got carried away when she started talking about the war." "#o$ get caught u!: #o become in ol ed, es!ecially emotionally. e'. "I )ust got caught u! in his !lan and couldn't think straight." "#o$ get cold feet: #o become timid or frightened. e'. "I usually get cold feet when I ha e to s!eak in !ublic." "#o$ get down to business: #o start working seriously. e'. "0nough !laying around * let's get down to business." "#o$ get that all the time: #o hear something constantly. e'. "1ey, you really look like (rad Pitt! Deah, I get that all the time." "#o$ get one's foot in the door #o get started in a !rocess. #o attain a fa orable !osition which will hel! one work toward a goal. e'. "I'm trying to find a better )ob, but I can't get my foot in the door. "#o$ get one's fill of something: #o ha e enough of something. #o ha e a lot of something. e'. "2he's had her fill of trouble lately." "#o$ get on someone's ner es: #o annoy someone. #o bother or irritate someone. "#o$ get rid of "something3someone$: #o eliminate. #o throw away. #o hide. e'. "#his detergent gets rid of dirt better than any other other one that I' e used.", ">et rid of the cigarette * your mother's coming!" "#o$ get something off one's chest: #o say something that has been on your mind. #o say something that has been bothering

you. "8id you tell her about 1awaii. Des, and I felt much better once I got that off my chest." "#o$ get the blues: #o become sad or de!ressed. "#o$ get something straight: #o clarify something. #o understand something clearly. "#o$ gi e someone a call: #o call someone "on the tele!hone$. "#o$ gi e someone the benefit of the doubt: #o belie e in someone des!ite information that makes them seem guilty of something. e'. "1ey, don't belie e the rumors * gi e him the benefit of the doubt." "#o$ gi e someone a !iece of one's mind: #o bawl someone out. #o let someone know how one really feels. "After that dri er took my !arking s!ot, I really ga e him a !iece of my mind." "A$ go*getter: an aggressi e em!loyee, a hard worker. "4im is a real go*getter. 1e's always taking the initiati e." "#o$ go 8utch: /hen a grou! of !eo!le go out and e eryone !ays for him3herself. "#o$ go o erboard: #o do too much. #o e'aggerate. "#hey really went o erboard with the !arty !re!arations." "#o$ go u! in flames: #o burn. #o be consumed in flames. "#o$ go o er something with a fine toothed comb: #o go o er something ery carefully, es!. checking for errors. "1ere's the re!ort * :ake sure to go o er it with a fine toothed comb." "#o$ go to someone's head: #o make someone o erly conceited or !roud. e'. "#hat award that he won really went to his head." "#o$ a golden o!!ortunity: A good chance to succeed, a good in estment. e'. "I didn't ha e money to buy that restaurant. I missed a golden o!!ortunity."

1alf*baked: %oolish. 1and*me*down: 7sually said of clothing that has been !assed on from one !erson to another. e'. "A hand* me*down dress." 1ands down: 0asily. (y far. e'. "2he is hands down the most beautiful girl in class." 1ang on: (e !re!ared for fast and3or rough mo ement. "#o$ hang on someone's e ery word: #o listen ery carefully to someone. e'. ">rand!a was telling a story and the kids were hanging on his e ery word." "#o$ hate someone's guts: #o hate someone ery much. "#o$ ha e a big mouth: #o be a gossi!er. #o be a !erson who can't kee! a secret. e'. "8on't tell her anything! 2he has a big mouth." "#o$ ha e a lot going for "someone$: #o ha e a lot of good things in one's life. #o ha e many things working to one's benefit. e'. "2he has a lot going for her * she's smart, she's attracti e, she has a good )ob, etc." "#o$ ha e a sweet tooth: #o lo e to eat candy or other sweets. "#o$ ha e an edge: #o ha e an ad antage. "#o$ ha e mi'ed feelings "about something$: #o be unsure or uncertain about something. "#o$ ha e one's hands full: #o be busy, occu!ied with some kind of acti ity, work, etc. e'. "I ha e my hands full with my three children." "#o$ ha e one's heart set on something: #o really want something to ha!!en. #o e'!ect something to ha!!en. e'. "4ulie has her heart set on going to 9ondon this summer." "A$ hit: A !o!ular song or film. e'. "Titanic was a hit "mo ie$."

"#o$ hit the s!ot: #o satisfy a need e'actly. #o be e'actly right "often said about food or drinks$. e'. "#hat was a delicious meal * It hit the s!ot." "#o$ hit bottom: #o reach the lowest !oint. "#o$ hit the road: #o lea e, start on a tri!, etc. e'. "It's already H:== A: * /e ha e to hit the road!" "#o$ hit a snag: #o run into a !roblem. e'. "#he !ro)ect hit a snag when testing failed to !roduce fa orable results" 1old on! /ait. "1old on, I'll be with you in )ust a moment." "#o be$ homesick #o miss one's home, country, city, etc. "%ranseca is really homesick. 2he really wants to go back to Italy." 1ow on earth.... 1ow in the world.... /hen asking a &uestion, "1ow on earth..." and "1ow in the world..." em!hasi5e the fact that something incredible or ery hard to belie e ha!!ened. "1ow on earth did you get that )ob. "it was ery hard to get$" "1ow on earth did you fi' that car!. "it was im!ossible to fi'$" etc. If worst comes to worst: If things get really bad. e'. "If worst comes to worst, we can always fire him." Ill*at*ease: 7ncomfortable. e'. "2he seemed to be ill*at*ease talking to the doctor about her !roblems".

In bad taste: -ude. ,ulgar. ?bscene. e'. "4ohn's )okes are always in bad taste." In broad daylight: Publicly isible in the daytime. e'. "#his city is ery dangerous. Dou can get robbed in broad daylight." In good sha!e3 condition: Physically and functionally sound and sturdy. "2ha!e" is generally used more for !eo!le. e'. "#he car is in good condition. (ill is in good sha!e." In mint condition:

In !erfect condition "not used for !eo!le$. In no mood to do something: #o not feel like doing something. #o not want to do something. e'. "I'm in no mood to cook dinner tonight." In season: +urrently a ailable for selling "often said of fresh fruit and egetables$. e'. "#omatoes are ery chea! now because they're in season." In stock: A ailable for !urchase, as in goods in a store. e'. "8o you ha e any more of these books in stock. No, I'm sorry we don't." In the air: 0 erywhere. All around. In the long run: ? er a long !eriod of time. 7ltimately. e'. "1e smokes a lot now, and I'm afraid that in the long run it will cost him his health." In the same boat: In the same situation "usually negati e$. In and out: +oming in and going out often. e'. "2he's been in and out all day." In with: %riendly with. %riends with. e'. "At high school he was in with the wrong crowd. #hat's why he always got in trouble." In ad ance: Ahead of time.

4am*!acked: ,ery crowded. e'. "#he stadium was )am !acked on 2aturday." "#o$ )am on the brakes: #o hit3 ste! on the brakes suddenly to sto! the car. 4ack*of*all*trades: A !erson who knows how to do a lot of different things. "#o$ )um! all o er someone3 )um! down someone's throat: #o critici5e or blame someone. e'. "As soon as I brought u! going out with my friends, she

)um!ed all o er me." "#o$ )um! the gun: #o get something started too soon. #o start too soon. e'. "/e ha e to do a lot more work before we launch this !roduct. /e don't want to )um! the gun." "#o$ )um! at: #o &uickly acce!t. e'. "#he )ournalist )um!ed at the chance to inter iew :adonna." 4ust about: Almost. e'. "I'm )ust about finished." 4ust now: 4ust a minute ago. 4ust what the doctor ordered: 0'actly what is needed. e'. "#his acation is great! It's )ust what the doctor ordered."

"#o$ kee! a low !rofile: #o lay low. #o not attract attention to oneself by talking loudly, dressing in flashy clothes, causing trouble, etc. e'. "#he bank robbers knew that they had to kee! a low !rofile until they crossed the border." "#o$ kee! an eye on: #o watch. #o !ay attention to. e'. "I ha e to go to the store. +an you !lease kee! an eye on the baby for A= minutes." "#o$ kee! a straight face: #o force oneself not to laugh, e en though one wants to. e'. "1e was saying the stu!idest things, and I was finding it hard to kee! a straight face." "#o$ kee! one's cool: #o remain calm. "#o$ kee! one's word: #o u!hold one's !romise. e'. "1e's a ery honorable !erson who always kee!s his word." "#o$ kee! someone !osted: #o kee! someone informed. "#o$ kee! someone u!: #o not allow someone to slee!. e'. "#he neighbors' !arty ke!t me u! all night." "#o$ kee! something to oneself: #o not let others know about something. #o not re eal something. e'. "1ey, don't tell

anyone about your time in !rison. Eee! it to yourself." "#o$ kee! track of: #o maintain a record of. e'. "I don't know where all my money goes. It's hard to kee! track of my e'!enses." "A$ ke!t man3woman: 2omeone who is in a relationshi! where the other !erson !ays for e erything. e'. "2te!hen's girlfriend always !ays for e erything. 1e's such a ke!t man." "#o$ kick back: #o rela'. "#o$ kick oneself: #o regret. "#o$ kill time: #o waste time. Enock it off!: 2to! it! Enock on wood: A !hrase said to cancel out "imaginary$ bad luck. "#o$ know something inside*out: #o know something com!letely and thoroughly. e'. "9et me show you around * I know this neighborhood inside*out." "#o$ know the score: #o know the facts. #o know how things go. Enow*it*all: A !erson who acts like they know e erything. e'. "-obert is so conceited! Deah, he's a real know*it*all."

(A) lady*killer:
A handsome man6 a man who charms women. #his does N?# mean "killer of ladies!" :$ 9ast but not least: 9ast in order but not last in im!ortance. e'. "9ast but not least I'd like to thank my !arents." 9ast ditch "ad).$: %inal "Bhas a slight connotation of "des!erate"B$. e'. "#hey made a last*ditch effort

to win the game, but came u! short." "#o$ lay a finger on someone: #o touch someone e en ery slightly. e'. "If you so much as lay a finger on him, you will be in trouble." "#o$ lay low: 200 "Eee! a low !rofile" "#o$ lea e a bad taste in someone's mouth: #o lea e a negati e im!ression on someone. "#o$ lea e someone high and dry: #o lea e someone hel!less. e'. "8on't lea e me high. 8on't lea e me dry." * -adiohead "#o$ lea e someone in !eace3 alone: #o sto! bothering someone. e'. "9ea e me alone! I don't want to talk to anyone." "#o$ let off steam: #o release energy or anger. e'. ",ictor went drinking, and got into a fight. #hat's ?E, he's )ust letting off a little steam." "#o$ let someone off the hook: #o release someone from res!onsibility. e'. "Natalie said she didn't want to wash the dishes, but her mom didn't let her off the hook." "#o$ let something slide: #o neglect something. #o ignore something. e'. "I'm going to let it slide this time, but ne't time be more careful!" "A$ lift: A ride. e'. "2he ga e me a lift to the air!ort." 9ittle by little: 2lowly, gradually. e'. "9ittle by little she started to like li ing in New Dork +ity." "A$ little off: Not &uite e en, normal. e'. "#here was something a little off about the way she was beha ing." "#o$ lock horns: #o argue. #o ha e a dis!ute. #o disagree. "#o$ look the other way: #o ignore something on !ur!ose. e'. "In some countries, customs officials can be

!aid to look the other way." "A$ long shot: 2omething that has a slim "small$ chance of ha!!ening. "#hey might win, but it's a long*shot." "#o$ lose "someone$: #his is often used when someone is chasing someone ?- being chased by someone. If you're being chased by someone and you manage to get away you can say * "I lost him!" * #he !erson chasing you can say the same thing * "I lost him" :$ "#o$ lose one's tem!er: #o become angry. "#o$ lose one's train of thought: #o forget what one was thinking3 talking about. e'. "/hat was I saying. I lost my train of thought." 9ost in thought: (usy thinking. "#o$ lower one's oice: #o talk more softly. e'. "9ower your oice, my !arents are aslee!." "A$ lucky break: >ood luck, good fortune. e'. "I was su!!osed to s!eak at the meeting today, but I found out it was cancelled. /hat a lucky break!"

"#o$ make a beeline for: #o head directly to. e'. "/hene er he comes into the cafeteria, he makes a beeline for the fried shrim!." "#o$ make a bundle: #o make a lot of money "one time$. "I made a bundle when I sold my :icrosoft stock last month." "#o$ make a long story short: #o bring a story to an end6 #o sum things u!. "#o$ make a !ass at someone: #o make romantic ad ances. #o "hit on". e'. "Earl was fired because he made a !ass at his co*worker %iona." "#o$ make belie e:

#o !retend. e'. "/hen your friends come, let's make belie e " C !retend$ we don't know each other." "#o$ make ends meet: #o ha e enough money to !ay one's basic e'!enses6 to )ust to get by. "#his town is so e'ensi e that it's hard to make ends meet sometimes." "#o$ make good money: #o make a lot of money "regularly$. e'. "2hawn doesn't like his )ob, but he makes good money." "#o$ make light of something: #o treat something as if it were tri ial or unim!ortant. e'. "8on't make light of the situation * it's more serious than you think." "#o$ make life miserable for someone: #o cause someone lots of !roblems. e'. "Patricia's boss is making life miserable for her." "#o$ make u! one's mind: #o make a decision. e'. "I' e made u! my mind * I'm mo ing to +osta -ica." "#o$ make oneself at home: #o feel as comfortable as one would being at home. "8uring your isit )ust make yourself at home." "#o$ make someone's head s!in: #o make someone di55y or disoriented. e'. "All that alcohol made my head s!in." "#o$ make something from scratch: #o make something by starting with the basic ingredients. e'. "8id you bake that cake. No, I made it from scratch." "#o$ meet someone halfway: #o com!romise with someone. e'. "#hey settled the argument by deciding to meet each other halfway." "#o$ mention something in !assing: #o mention something casually. "#he$ middle of nowhere: A ery isolated !lace. "?ur car broke down in the middle of nowhere. #he nearest town was A== miles away!" "#o$ mind one's own business: Not to interfere3 get in ol ed in the business of others. "2ometimes it's best to mind your own business."

:oney talks: 1a ing money hel!s one get things done. "#here's$ more than meets the eye: :ore com!licated3more interesting. "#here's more than meets the eye when it comes to :aria C :aria is more interesting "or com!licated, de!ending on the conte't$ than she a!!ears." "#o$ mo e u! in the world: #o increase one's standing socially, etc. #o become successful. "A$ :ust: Necessary. "In 9os Angeles, ha ing a car is a must."

neck and neck: ,ery close "almost e en$, as in a race. "#he two candidates were running neck and neck a month before the election." neck of the woods: Area. Part of a country. e'. "/hat's ha!!ening in your neck of the woods." "#o$ need a hand: #o need hel!. Neither here nor there: Not rele ant. e'. All of a sudden he started talking about his car * a to!ic which was neither here nor there. Nest egg: 2a ed money. Ne er mind: 8on't worry about it. e'. "8id you !ick u! my !hotos. Ne er mind, I'll do it myself tomorrow." "#o$ ni! something in the bud: #o end something at an early stage. No laughing matter: A ery serious matter. e'. "1ey, why are you smiling. #his is no laughing matter!" No !icnic: Not easy. ,ery difficult and !roblematic. e'. "9et me tell you, dri ing in that snowstorm was no !icnic."

No rush: Dou don't ha e to hurry. e'. "8o you want this done by this e ening. No, there's no rush * you can finish it tomorrow." No skin off my nose: I don't care because it doesn't affect me. No sweat: No !roblem. No wonder: It's not sur!rising. e'. "1e only sle!t for two hours last night. No wonder he's so tired." "#o$ not be born yesterday: #o be e'!erienced, knowledgeable. e'. "?f course I know that trick! I wasn't born yesterday." Not in the least.: Not at all. e'. "/ere you sur!rised that he failed the %+0. Not in the least." Not likely: Probably will not ha!!en. e'. "Dou think >eorge will learn a lesson from this. Not likely." Not much of: Pretty bad. e'. "1e's not much of a cook, but at least he tries." Now and then: ?ccasionally.

?dd man out: An unusual or aty!ical !erson "or thing$. e'. "In a high school where e eryone was tough, I was the odd man out." ?ff*color: -ude. ,ulgar. ?ff*duty: Not working at one's )ob. e'. "the !oliceman couldn't hel! me because he was off*duty." ?ff the air: No longer on #, "or the radio$. e'. "#hey took that show off the air in No ember because nobody watched it." ?ff the hook:

No longer ha ing to do something, no longer blamed or under sus!icion. e'. "?k, you're off the hook. Dour brother says he'll clean the bathroom." ?ff the record: 7nofficially. ?ff the to! of one's head: 2!ontaneously. /ithout thinking too much. "1ow many cafes are there in this town. ?ff the to! of my head I can think of about I." ?n one's mind: ?ccu!ying someone's thoughts. (eing thought about. e'. "Dou were always on my mind." "#o do something$ on one's own accord: /illingly, without anyone forcing one to do something. "8id you make him a!!oligi5e. No, he did it on his own accord." ?n second thought: 1a ing gi en something more thought. e'. "?n second thought, maybe you should sell your house and mo e into an a!artment." ?n the go: (usy. :o ing around busily. e'. "4im is always on the go. 1e can ne er find time to talk to me." ?n the house: 2omething that is gi en away free by a merchant. "1ow much for the a!!le. 8on't worry * It's one the house!" ?n the loose: ":ost often used s!eaking about criminals$ * free6 unca!tured6 "#he bank robbers are still on the loose." ?n the ti! of one's tongue: About to be said. Almost remembered. ?n the wagon: Not drinking alcohol. e'. "1ey let's go out for a cou!le of beers tonight. I can't * I'm on the wagon." ?nce in a while: ?ccasionally. ?ther side of the tracks #he !oorer !art of a town.

?ut cold: 7nconscious. e'. "#he bo'er was out cold." ?ut of sorts: Not &uite oneself6 In a bad3strange mood. e'. "#om has been out of sorts recently."

(A) !ain in the butt:

A !roblematic !erson3thing. +hronic com!lainer. "I hate doing my ta'es. It's such a !ain in the butt." "2to! being such a !ain in the butt * all you do is com!lain!" "#o$ !ass the buck: #o blame someone else. "#o$ !ass the time: #o do something to kee! busy. "/hat do you do to !ass the time around here." "A$ !at on the back: A sign of a!!ro al * "#o gi e someone a !at on the back" means to show them that you a!!ro e of something that they did. "#o$ !ay an arm and a leg3 !ay a fortune: #o !ay a lot of money. e'. "I hate to ha e to !ay an arm and a leg for a tank of gas." "A$ !ee!ing #om 2omeone who looks through !eo!le's windows. "A$ !iece of cake: ,ery easy. e'. "1ey how did you do on the test. >ood * it was a !iece of cake for me." "#o gi e someone$ a !iece of one's mind: #o scold, re!rimand someone "for something they did$. e'. "After I found out how badly Peter had treated his girlfriend, I ga e him a !iece of my mind." "#o$ !itch in: #o hel! with something "es!ecially financially$. e'. "9et's all !itch in and buy him a nice !resent." "#o$ !ick u! the tab: #o !ay a bill. e'. "4ohn, you !icked u! the tab last time * 9et me !ay this time." "#o$ !lay second fiddle to someone: #o be second in im!ortance to someone. e'. "2am didn't )oin the team because they already had a star and 2am didn't wanted to !lay second fiddle to anyone."

"#o$ !lay something by ear: #o im!ro ise. #o see how things go and make a decision later. e'. "/hat do you want to do tonight. I don't know, let's )ust !lay it by ear." "#o$ !lay it safe: #o act or be safe. #o do something safely. "#o$ !lay the field: #o date many different !eo!le instead of going steady. "After :ary broke u! with 4im, she started !laying the field." "A$ !oker face: A face with no e'!ression. Also common is "to be !oker*faced." !reachy: An ad)ecti e that describes someone "or something$ that tries to !reach how one should li e, etc. eg. "A !reachy mo ie" Pressed for time: In a hurry. "#o$ !romise someone the moon: #o !romise someone lots of e'tra agant things "unrealistically$. e'. "1e !romised her the moon, but couldn't deli er on any of his !romises." "#o$ !uke: #o omit. #o throw u!. "#o$ !ull someone's leg: #o kid, !lay a )oke on someone. "#o$ !ull a fast one: #o cheat or to decei e. Pure gold: If something is "!ure gold" it is "the best", "fantastic", "ama5ing". "#o$ !ush one's luck: #o e'!ect continued good fortune. "#o$ !ut u! a good fight: #o try ery hard. e'. "/ell, although my team lost, they !ut u! a good fight, so I'm not u!set." Juite a few: :any. e'. "#here were &uite a few !eo!le at the concert yesterday."

Juite a bit: A lot. "As$ &uiet as a mouse: ,ery &uiet. Juick on the u!take: Juick to understand. Juick and dirty: %ast and sim!le, not ery so!histicated.

"#o$ rack one's brain: #o try ery hard to think of something. e'. "I racked my brain but I couldn't remember his name." "#o$ rain cats and dogs: #o rain ery hard. e'. "It was raining cats and dogs last night." N(: BAlthough this is a fun idiom, in our o!inion it is A-+1AI+ C it's best to say "It was raining ery hea ily" insteadB -ain or shine: No matter what the weather is like. "#o$ raise "some$ eyebrows: #o shock. e'."#he art show raised some eyebrows due to its e'!licit content." "A$ redneck: >enerally refers to someone who has either bigoted or narrow*minded o!inions. ?ften used in the conte't of !eo!le who li e in small towns or in the country. "#o$ read between the lines: #o try to understand what is meant by something that is not written3said clearly. "9inda tried to be cheerful and said she was okay, but reading between the lines, I could see she was really u!set." "A$ regular guy: A normal, a erage man "said in a fairly !ositi e way$. "4ohn. I don't know, I guess he's )ust a regular guy." "#o$ rest one's case: /hen someone says "I rest my case", it means that you both ha e )ust witnessed !roof that their !oint of iew3argument is correct. -ight off the bat:

-ight away. Immediately. %irst thing. "#o$ ring in the new year: #o celebrate the beginning of the New Dear at midnight on 8ecember KAst. "#o$ ring a bell: #o remind, aguely recogni5e something. "1a e you e ery listened to Ale' +hilton. I'm not sure * the name rings a bell, though. " C I think I' e heard the name before$" or "I'm sorry, that doesn't ring a bell C I'm sorry I don't recogni5e3know that" "A$ ri!*off or "#o$ ri!*off: "A" ri!*off is something that costs more than it should. "#he !o!corn !rices at the mo ie theater are a ri!*off". "#o" ri! someone off means to steal from someone, or to cheat someone. "#he mechanic ri!!ed me off. 1e was su!!osed to gi e me back a <= and he only ga e me back A=." "#o$ risk one's neck "to do something$: #o risk "sometimes !hysical$ harm to accom!lish something. e'. "1e's always been ery mean to me. I don't !lan to risk my neck to sa e his )ob." "#o$ rob the cradle: #o go out with "or marry$ someone who is much younger than you are. e'. ",ictor's new wife is <L years younger than him. #alk about robbing the cradle!" "#o$ rock the boat: #o disturb an otherwise stable situation. -otten: (ad, nasty. "I' e done a lot of rotten things in the !ast." "#o$ rub someone the wrong way: #o irritate someone. e'. "I'm not going out if your cousin is going. 2he really rubs me the wrong way." "#o$ rub elbows with someone: #o associate with someone. e'. "/hen her singing career took off, Eathleen was able to rub elbows with the rich and famous." "#o$ run a fe er: #o ha e a fe er. "#o$ run in the family: #o ha!!en3 occur often in the family "through generations$. e'. "%rank is always so angry. Deah, his bad tem!er runs in the family."

2afe and sound: 2afe. 7nharmed. e'. "It was a rough tri! but we got there safe and sound." "#o$ sa e money for a rainy day: #o reser e something for some future need. e'. "I' e sa ed a little money for a rainy day." "#o$ sa e the day: #o !roduce good results when bad results are e'!ected. e'. "+olin sa ed the day by remembering to bring the ma!." "A$ score to settle: #o get e en. #o !ay someone back for something negati e that they did. e'. "8on't sto! me. I ha e a score to settle with him." "#o$ scratch the surface: #o begin finding out about something. 2econd nature "to someone$: 0asy and natural. "2coring goals is second nature to him." "#o$ see eye to eye on something: #o ha e a similar o!inion on something. e'. "8es!ite their differences, the two candidates in fact see eye to eye on most issues." "#o$ see fit: #o deem, belie e to be a!!ro!riate. e'. "Dou can do that any way you see fit." "#o$ see the writing on the wall: #o see that something is going to ha!!en. "#o$ ser e someone right: #o ser e as a!!ro!riate !unishment for someone. e'. "#hey !ut him in )ail for L years. 2er es him right!" "#o$ set foot somewhere: #o go or enter somewhere. e'. "If I were you I wouldn't set foot in that town." "#o$ set one's sights on something: #o select something as one's goal. "A$ shot in the arm: A boost. "#he good financial news was a real shot in the arm for 2te e's com!any." "#o$ sit on one's hands #o do nothing.

"#o$ sit tight: #o wait "!atiently$. e'. "2it tight, your mother will be here soon." 2keleton"s$ in the closet: A shocking3 disturbing secret. "#o$ slee! on something: #o think about something o ernight. e'. "I'm not sure if I want to buy this car. I think I should slee! on it." "#o$ stand u! for something: #o fight for, su!!ort. e'. "#he elected official !romised to stand u! for the !oor." "#o$ stir u! trouble: #o cause trouble e'. "2ometimes I think she gets great !leasure from stirring u! trouble." 2ucker: A gullible !erson or someone who is easily im!ressed by something " eg. "a sucker for gadgets" C someone who is easily im!ressed by gadgets$ "#o$ swallow something hook, line, and sinker: 2uit yourself: 1a e it your way6 As you wish6 "I wouldn't walk around that neighborhood at night, but if you really want to, suit yourself." "#o$ swallow something hook, line, and sinker: #o belie e something "usually a lie$ com!letely. ":argaret told him a flat*out " C com!lete and utter$ lie and he swallowed it hook line and sinker." "#o$ take it: #o endure trouble, criticism, or abuse. e'. "2ay whate er you want about me, I can take it."

#ake it easy! -ela'! "Also used in "to take it easy" C to rela', to s!end a day rela'ing, etc.$ #ake it or lea e it: #o acce!t it the way it is or to forget it. e'. "#hat's my final offer. #ake it or lea e it." "#o$ take it's toll: #o cause damage "or loss$. "#he long hours he !uts in at work ha e begun to take their toll on his health." "#o$ take something3 someone for granted: #o acce!t something3 someone "without gratitude$ as a matter of course. e'. "/e tend to take a lot of things for granted." "#o$ take something lying down: #o endure something un!leasant without fighting back. e'. "I'm not going to take this ty!e

of treatment lying down!" "#o$ take something with a grain of salt: Not to take something that someone says too seriously. "#o$ take someone under one's wing: #o !rotect "and teach$ someone. e'. "Arthur took the new em!loyee under his wing and taught him e erything he knew." "#o$ take the ra! "for something$: #o acce!t res!onsibility, admit that one is guilty of something. "I thought that (ill was res!onsible, but his friend #om took the ra! for the mi'u!." "#o$ think straight: #o think clearly. e'. "I was so tired that I couldn't think straight." "#o$ throw someone for a loo!: #o confuse or shock someone. e'. "1is last comment really threw me for a loo!... I had no idea what he meant!" "#o$ tie the knot: #o get married. "#o$ tighten one's belt #o s!end less money. e'. "After (ecky lost her )ob, we really had to tighten our belts for a while." #o sa e his3her life: At all3 com!letely. e'. "2he can't sing to sa e her life." #old you so!: (asically when someone says "told you so!", it's like saying "2ee * I was right!". #ongue in cheek: 4oking. e'. "Juentin made a tongue*in*cheek remark to his dad." "#o$ touch on "something$: #o mention3talk about. e'. "8uring the meeting, we touched on the !lans to rebuild the school." #rue to one's word: Eee!ing one's !romise. e'. "I wasn't sure he would !ay me, but he turned out to be true to his word." "#o$ try your luck #o attem!t something. #o try to see if you can do3win something. "I'm going to try my luck

at the slot machines." "#o$ try someone's !atience #o do something annoying that may cause someone to lose !atience. "#o$ turn a blind eye to something: #o ignore something and !retend you did not see it. e'. "#he usher turned a blind eye to the boy who snuck into the theater." "#o$ turn one's back on "something3someone$: #o forget or ignore "something3someone$ e'. "Dou should ne er turn your back on your friends." "#o$ two*time someone #o be in a relationshi! and to ha e another boyfriend3girlfriend without telling your first boyfriend3girlfriend. "I dum!ed him when I found out he was two*timing me with :ary." 7nder construction: (eing built or re!aired. e'. "#his road has been under construction for si' months." 7nder fire: (eing attacked. e'. "#he soldiers came under fire when they a!!roached the city." 7nder the table: Illegally. e'. ":any illegal immigrants try to find work under the table." 7nder the weather: 2ick. Ill. e'. "I'm feeling a bit under the weather today." 7! and about: -eco ered from an illness. e'. "1ey it's nice to see you u! and about. Dou must feel a lot better." 7! for grabs A ailable for anyone to try to get. e'. "#he +hinese telecom market is still u! for grabs." 7! in the air: 7ncertain. e'. "1is future at this com!any is u! in the air." 7!tight: +onser ati e, ner ous, nit*!icky. "2to! being so u!tight, rela' a bit!" 7! to it: +a!able of, fit for. e'. "8o you feel u! to !laying a game of tennis." 7! to one's neck in something: ,ery much in ol ed in something. #o ha e a lot of something. e'. "I can't go out tonight.

I'm u! to my neck in work." 7! to !ar: :eeting normal standards. "#o$ use e ery trick in the book: #o use e ery method !ossible.

"#o$ anish into thin air: #o disa!!ear without lea ing a trace. ,ariety is the s!ice of life: Pro erb meaning life is made more interesting by doing new or different things. ,ery last: #he last. e'. "/e were able to buy the ery last tickets to the concert." ,ery well: ?E. Agreed. ,icious circle: 2e&uence of cause and effect with bad results. e'. "1e had fallen into a icious circle of drinking too much and then losing his )ob and then drinking e en more."

/ait*and*see attitude: A ske!tical attitude. An attitude where someone will )ust wait and see what ha!!ens. "#o$ wait tables: #o work as a waiter3 waitress in a restaurant. "#o$ wait on someone hand and foot: #o ser e someone ery well. #o do anything someone asks you. e'. "I don't mind making you coffee, but don't e'!ect me to wait on you hand and foot!" "#o$ wash one's hands of someone3something: #o end one's association with someone or something. e'. "I washed my hands of #om. I wanted nothing more to do with him." /ashed*u!: No longer im!ortant3 in good form. "/hy do you hang out with that washed*u! actor." "#o$ waste one's breath: #o talk in ain. #o waste one's time talking.

/ay to go!: >ood )ob! +ongratulations! "Bsometimes used sarcasticallyB$ /ear and tear: 8amage as a result of normal use. e'. "#hey !ut a lot of wear and tear on their truck during their long road tri!." "#o$ wear out one's welcome: #o stay too long "at an e ent, at someone's house, etc.$ e'. "9et's only stay with them for < days * I don't want us to wear out our welcome." /ell*off: /ealthy. e'. "1er !arents are well*off." /et blanket: A !erson who discourages others from ha ing fun. /hat makes someone tick: /hat moti ates someone. e'. "1e's such a mysterious guy. I don't &uite know what makes him tick." /hat's with "someone$.: /hat's wrong with "someone$.. e'. "/hat's with you. Dou' e been acting strange all day!" "A$ whole lot: A lot, too many. e'. "#here aren't a whole lot of good restaurants in this neighborhood C #here aren't too many good restaurants in this neighborhood" "#o be$ wide awake: #o be com!letely awake. "/ere you slee!ing. No, I was wide awake." "A$ wild goose chase: A futile3ho!eless !ursuit. "/e thought he ga e us a good lead, but it ended u! being a wild goose chase." "At one's$ wits' end: If you're "at your wits' end" it means that you' e tried e erything to fi', sol e a !roblem or to come u! with a solution, and you're almost going cra5y from being unable to do this. /ith no strings attached: 7nconditionally. "#o$ work out for the best. #o work out in the best !ossible way. e'. "It seems bad now, but things will work out for the best."

M marks the s!ot: #his is the e'act s!ot.

Dear*round ?!erating all year. e'. "#his facility is o!en year*round." Des*man: A !erson who tries to be liked by agreeing with e erything said, es!ecially by a boss. Dou bet! Des! 2ure! I agree! No !roblem! Dou can say that again: #hat is true "stress on "that"$. e'. "It sure is hot today! Dou can say that again!" Dou can't teach an old dog new tricks: A !ro erb meaning that old !eo!le can't learn anything new. Dou don't say: 7sed to show sur!rise at something that is being said. e'. "Dou don't say! 1e was really struck by lightning." Dour guess is as good as mine: I don't know any better3 more than you know. "#o$ 5ero in on something: #o aim or focus directly on something. e'. "I would like to 5ero in on another im!ortant issue." "#o$ 5onk out: #o fall aslee!.

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