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Pine Lake Resident application

About our event:

2014 Pine LakeFest

An arts festival in an artists community

October 4-5, 2014

The town of Pine Lake would like to thank you for your interest in our 2014 LakeFest This e!ent will be held on "aturday, October 4th, 10 a # to $ % # and "unday, October 5th, 2014, fro# 12 to 5 % # The festi!al will take %lace alon& Lakeshore 'r in Pine Lake, () This beautiful !enue #akes a lo!ely settin& for !isitors to stroll alon& the art !endors while en*oyin& fine food and #usic fro# our world-class sta&e

)rtist s%ace at this !enue is li#ited )rtists of handcrafted, ,uality work are in!ited to a%%ly, and ability to offer ite#s at a !ariety of %rice le!els is a %lus Vendors may only sell handmade, original items; NO mass-produced or commercial items may be sold

Rules for exhibitors:

-endors #ust su%%ly their own tents, and !endor s%ace #ust be ke%t neat and %rofessional -endors #ay choose to unload . set u% on Friday e!enin& between 5 and /%#, and 0 to 1+45 a# on "aturday "et u% #ust be co#%lete by 1+45 on "aturday )ll !ehicles #ust be #o!ed to the desi&nated %arkin& area after unloadin& Festi!al staff will assist in unloadin& in order to #o!e !ehicles fro# the !endor area as ,uickly as %ossible Pack u% co#%letely before brin&in& your !ehicle to your site at the end as well Pri!ate security is %ro!ided Friday and "aturday ni&hts 2owe!er, the Festi!al is not liable for any loss or da#a&e to any %ro%erty or artwork.%roducts of -endor resultin& fro# fire, theft or any other cause 3o early tear-down is %er#itted -endors are e4%ected to o%erate the full hours of each festi!al day Place all trash in the %ro!ided bins, and lea!e the area as you found it The Festi!al will be held rain or shine 3o refunds due to incle#ent weather Photos, lo&os and.or websites %ro!ided with this re&istration #ay be used by the Festi!al %lannin& co##ittee to %ro#ote this e!ent 5in fliers, on our website, on %osters, ads, etc 6 )ccess to electricity is una!ailable -endors are res%onsible for %ro%er safety and health %recautions to %rotect %artici%ants, 7ity of Pine Lake, the %ublic and the %ro%erty of others

Booth Space and Vendor Fees:

-endor s%ace will be 1084108, and !endors #ust su%%ly their own tents and dis%lays Please be %re%ared for hi&h winds ) #a4i#u# of three artists #ay choose to share one booth The cost of a s%ace is 9$0:: for Pine Lake residents 53on-residents #ust co#%lete the non-resident a%%lication 6 ;ulti%le and ad*oinin& s%aces #ay be reser!ed -endors are asked to be set u% and ready by 1+45 a # on "aturday, 11+45 a # on "unday <ecause one of LakeFest8s ai#s is to stren&then our co##unity by celebratin& its di!erse, ho#e&rown artistic talent, all Pine Lake resident artists who desire to sell their handcrafted art and whose work #eets ,uality standards will be acce%ted throu&h =une 1 st, 2014 Thereafter, all a%%licants 5PL and non-PL alike6 will be screened to ensure an a%%ro%riately di!erse offerin& of artistic #edia

Artist Vendor Application:

Please co#%lete this a%%lication in its entirety and #ail to the address below 7hecks should be #ade %ayable to Pine Lake 7ity )rts <ooth s%ace will not be reser!ed without a co#%leted a%%lication 5includin& si&nature6 and %ay#ent in full 3a#e+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <usiness 3a#e 5o%tional6+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> )ddress+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 7ity+ >>!ine "a#e>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "tate+ >>$A>>>>>>>>>> ?i%+ %%&''()%%%%

7ell %hone+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> @#ail+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aeb site address+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Price ran&e of artwork to be sold+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Preferences re+ booth %lace#ent 5acco##odated as %ossible6+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Artistic Medium:
)rtisan Foods 'rawin&. Print#akin& Folk )rt Furniture (lass =ewelry Pottery.7era#ics ;etal ;i4ed ;edia ;osaic Paintin& Photo&ra%hy Builts "oa%s, beauty "tone Aood Other 5%lease s%ecify6+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Cn order to assess !endor di!ersity, a%%licants are asked to sub#it D-5 i#a&es re%resentati!e of work to be sold, e!en if you ha!e %resented at LakeFest in the %ast These i#a&es #ay be sub#itted as %hotos, reasonably siEed file attach#ents 5e#ailed to PineLakeFestF&#ail co#6, or links to your web%a&e Cf %ossible, %lease also include an i#a&e of your booth %resentation 5not re,uired6 <ooth fee %er 1084108 s%ace is 9$0:: for residents, with booth location %reference &i!en to those who a%%ly by the earlybird deadline of =une 1st, 2014 Ge,uired nu#ber of booth s%aces+ >>>>>>F 9>>>>> H >>>>>>

7redit card %ay#ent is acce%ted throu&h PayPal Pay#ents can be addressed to PineLakeFestF&#ail co# Please include identifyin& infor#ation and the words I)rtist -endor )%%lication FeeI with your PayPal sub#ission

The co##ittee will re!iew your a%%lication and issue final a%%ro!al Jou will recei!e confir#ation u%on a%%ro!al )rtists not chosen for this year8s festi!al are in!ited to a%%ly a&ain ne4t year Gefunds to those not acce%ted or those withdrawin& their %artici%ation will be &ranted, less a 95 ad#inistrati!e fee, throu&h "e%te#ber 1 st )fter "e%te#ber 1st, no refunds will be &ranted

Festival agreement: <y si&nin& this a%%lication, C understand and acce%t that this constitutes a contract between #yself 5the artist.business6 and the Pine LakeFest 2014 C understand that #y a%%lication will not be considered co#%lete, and therefore not e!aluated, until %ay#ent for booth s%ace is recei!ed Further, C.-endor a&ree to inde#nify, defend and fore!er sa!e and hold har#less the Festi!al, its affiliates, and related entities, and their res%ecti!e %arents, e#%loyees, re%resentati!es, tenants, a&ents, contractors and !olunteers, fro# and a&ainst any and all da#a&es, clai#s, losses, de#ands, costs, e4%enses 5includin& attorneys, fees and costs6, obli&ations, liens, liabilities, actions and causes of action, threatened or actual, which any one of the inde#nitees #ay suffer or incur arisin& directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the art e4hibit
Signature _________________________________________ Date: _____________________

"ub#ission checklist+ AR!" A##!$%A&$'( D AD!$( : )une *+ ,-*./ ;ail co#%leted a%%lication to+ Pine LakeFest 2014 PO <o4 1$4 Pine Lake, () D0002 7o#%leted a%%lication, includin& si&nature D-5 %hotos or electronic files of work to be e4hibited 5%lus one of booth setu%, if %ossible6 7heck #ade out to the 7ity of Pine Lake, or fees re#itted !ia Pay%al

)%%lications #ay also be sub#itted electronically to PineLakeFestF&#ail co# 00 For #ine !a1e Resident Artists onl2: Ae ai# to su%%ort our own Ae want your %artici%ation, and we want you to ha!e a successful e!ent ) stron&er e!ent #eans a stron&er e4%erience for all of us For so#e, a 9$0 booth fee is difficult Cf you find yourself in this %osition, this o%%ortunity is for you+ For the 2014 festi!al, the LakeFest %lannin& co##ittee is offerin& work scholarshi%s to local residents Cn e4chan&e for a booth fee of 940, we will assi&n you a task that can be acco#%lished before, durin&, or after the festi!al 7o#%lete the followin& in order to a%%ly )%%lications for work-scholarshi% will be considered on a case by case basis Cs your %artici%ation in LakeFest 2014 contin&ent u%on recei%t of a work scholarshi%K J 3 Aays you would lo!e to hel% this festi!al shine+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tasks you are %hysically unable to co#%lete+ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Preferences for co#%letin& festi!al tasks+

<efore the festi!al 'urin& the festi!al )fter the festi!al

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