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RPH Year 3 Writing - The Brave Boys

Subject : English Date : 4 May 2009


: Monday


: 60 minutes (8.40 -9.40am)


: 3 Arif

Number Of pupils

: 38


: Low to Average


: World of Stories


: The Brave Boys

Focused skills

: Writing

Integrated skills

: Reading

Curriculum Specification :

i. 3.4 Read aloud expressively and fluently pronouncing words correctly and observing correct stress and intonation and sentence rhythm.

3.4.2 Level 2 -Read aloud correctly notices,announcement,messages,letters and stories and table.

ii. 4.4 Conctruct simple and compound sentences with guidance and independently.

4.4.1 Form simple sentences and question by arrangging words.

4.4.2 Form simple sentences by matching sentence parts.

iii. 4.6 Punctuate meaningfully

4.6.1 Use capital letter for

- the first word in a sentence

- the pronoun I

-the name of people, taste of week, month of the year.


: culture, nationalisme

ge input

: Grammer-verb

ated subject

: Civic

s knowledge

:religon knowledge .

Educational Emphasis


: determine priorrity

Multiple intelligences

: visual spatial , Verbal-linguistic, Intrapersonal

Moral Values

: obey to the law

Teaching Aids

: worksheets

Learning outcome

By the end of the lesson , pupils should be able to:

i.Pupil shoul be able to write simple sentences with less guidance.

ii.Can able use capital letter in correct place. iii.pronouncing words correctly and observing correct stress and intonation and sentence


Stage/ Time Set Inductio n (+5 minutes)


Teachers activities



Discussion 1. Teacher draws the pupils attention by activitiesshowing a pictures of handcuffs and jail. Showing pict ure of handcuffs and jail 2. Teacher asks the question based on the pictures.

-To create interest and curiosity towards the lesson and to draw pupils attention

Teaching Aids: PowerPoint Slide

Prewriting ( 15

Showing guid ance picture Title The

1.Teacher shows the guidance pictures .

-To help the pupils

Teaching Aids: -

2.Teacher ask the keyword and help them to understand the story .



Brave Boys 3.Teacher discuss the vocabulary and addition words to construct a simple sentences .

understan d the plot of the stories. 4.Teacher teach the student how to spell correctly from the text. Celebration fasting relative Greeting


Multiple Intelligenc es Verballinguistic.

Writing ( 25 minutes )

Writing sentences based on the pictures guidance 2. Teacher help the pupils constructs the sentences . 1.Pupils write sentences based on guidance keyword on the pictures .

- To check pupils understan ding from their

Teaching Aids: worksheet

3.Teacher correct the mistake sentences make by pupils.

writing skill

Multiple Intelligenc es Intraperso nal, verbal linguistic and visual spatial

PostWriting ( 10 minutes)

Discussion the answer 1. Teacher asks pupils to present the answer in front of the class. 2. Teacher evaluates the pupils answer by giving them reinforcement.

-To build the confidence in public speaking

Teaching Aids: worksheet Multiple Intelligenc es Verbal linguistic Teaching aids Video clip

Closure (5 minut es)

Sing A Song : Save me by remy zero

1.Teacher plays the video clips title save me. 2. Pupils sing together with the teacher.

-To end the lesson with some excitemen

t Multiple Intelligenc es Visual spatial