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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of Bachelor of Business Administration BBA!

S"B#$TTE% B& *******************

"N%ER T'E ("$%ANCE O) *********************

B'ARAT$ +$%&APEET' %EE#E% "N$+ERS$T& $NST$T"TE O) #ANA(E#ENT , RESEARC'NE. %E/'$ An $SO 011234115 Certified $nstitute NAAC Accredited (rade 6A7 "ni8ersit9 CR$S$/ (radin: ; #BA Pro:ramme A< = National /e8el A<<= State /e8el


My project would be incomplete if at this juncture, I did not Acknowledge those who steered my project work in the right direction. First of all I would like to thanks _____________(faculty, !IM"# as she pro$ed to be constant source of inspiration and pro$ided timely support at crucial stages of this project work despite the time and work constraints. %he feeling of gratitude when e&pressed in words is only a fraction of acknowledgement. I feel o$erwhelmed to e&press my gratitude to all those who e&tended their consistent support, guidance and encouragement to complete this task. ___________ !IM"

TAB/E O) CONTENT C'APTER 23 $NTRO%"CT$ON '. (!)"!I)* (F I+,IA+ )-(+(M. A+, I%/ /)-%("/ 0. (!)"!I)* (F I+,1/%". 2. 3"(FI4) (F %5) ("6A+I/A%I(+ o 5I/%(". (F %5) -(M3A+. o !I/I(+ A+, MI//I(+ o ("6A+I/A%I(+ /%"1-%1") 7. 8). -(M3I%I%("/ (F %5) -(M3A+.. C'APTER 43 CO#PAN& ANA/&S$S '. 0. 2. 7. 3)/% A+A4./I/ 3("%)"/ 9 F("-)/ M(,)4 /*(% A+A4./I/ 1/3 (uni:ue selling proposition#

C'APTER?3 #AR>ET$N( STRATE($ES '. I+%"(,1-%I(+ A+, IM3("%A+-) (F MA"8)%I+6 /%"A%)6I)/ 0. MA"8)%I+6 MI; (F %5) -(M3A+. 2. -6 MA%"I; (F %5) -(M3A+. C'APTER@3 )$NANC$A/ ANA/&S$S '. /(1"-)/ (F FI+A+-) 0. 8). I+!)/%M)+%/ 2. "A%I( A+A4./I/ C'APTER A3 $N%"STR$A/ REPORT AN% CONC/"S$ONS B$B/$O(RAP'& _________________

CERT$)$CATE %his is to certify that the project titled < A+A4./I/ (F %5) "A.M(+, 6"(13= is an academic work done by ______________ submitted in the partial fulfillment of the re:uirement for the award of the degree of achelor (f usiness Administration from harati $idhyapeeth Institute of Management and research, ,elhi, under my guidance > direction. %o the best of my knowledge and belief the data> information presented by him?her in the project has not been submitted earlier +ame of the Faculty 6uide ______________


I+,1/%. 3"(FI4)

TeBtiles is the lar:est sin:le industr9 in $ndia accountin: for about 0@ per cent of the total industrial 3roduction . It pro$ides direct employment to around 29 million people. %e&tile and clothing e&ports account for about 2'.' per cent of the total $alue of e&ports from the country and 'A per cent of the total share of e&ports. %here are ',B9@ te&tile mills with a spinning capacity of about 2C million spindles. *hile yarn is mostly produced in the organised mills, fabrics are produced in the decentralised power loom and handloom sectors as well. %he Indian te&tile industry continues to be predominantly based on cotton, with about D9 percent of raw materials consumed being cotton.

%here are 'B9@ mills in the country of which 0B7 are composite mills (where the whole cycle of production from yarn manufacture, to processing to fabric production takes place# and '72B spinning mills. %he installed capacity is 2C million spindles, 79@,@@@ rotors and ',7@,@@@ looms.%here are appro&imately '0@@ medium and large scale te&tile units in the mill sector and 0@ per cent of these mills are located in -oimbatore (%amil +adu#. %he handloom industry is the largest decentralised economic acti$ity pro$iding largeEscale rural employment to nearly '0 million people. It is also the biggest cottage industry after agriculture. %he handloom sector contributes more than 0@ per cent of the countryFs fabric re:uirement. %he bulk consumption of the handloom sector is by the domestic market while about '9 per cent of the total production is e&ported presently in the form of fabrics and madeEups. %he technology employed in the handloom industry is simple and en$ironment friendly. %he loom itself is operated solely by human metabolic energy and re:uires space of barely '@ s: metres. %he 7 million handlooms scattered throughout the country in$ol$e the efforts of some '9 million men and women predominantly in the $illages.

"aymond is the coEfounder and -)( of /il$erstone /olutions G a Mobile and +ew Media Marketing and -reati$e Interacti$e /olutions group established in 'AAD. 5e is a .-om Informatics graduate from the 1ni$ersity of HohannesburgI a founding member of the /outh African -ouncil of the Mobile Marketing Association in 0@@B, and currently ser$es as -oE-hairman of the MMAI Also a member of the ,irect and Interacti$e Marketing Association (,MA# and the ,igital Media and Marketing Association (,MMA formerly (3A#. /il$erstone-I/ is spearheaded by "aymond and his brother 4aurent uckle. %heir passion to de$elop integrated, interacti$e, multiEchannel marketing, communication and business solutions, makes them a dri$en and formidable pair. As a true digital company who originated early and

grew organically in the online era, the duo is copiously at ease and intentional about the technologies, practices, trends and opportunities offered by mobile. %heir work is being recognised by peers locally and abroad for their ad$anced, integrated and results dri$en solutions. %hese includeJ

%he first 6old 4oerie for an online software de$elopment project, was won by /il$erstone-I/ for a sophisticated online music mi&er for Hack ,anielFs in the 1/ (0@@9# ,MA 6old Assegai G ,igital Media G !odacom AdMe Mobile (ptEin Marketing -ampaign (0@@B# ,MA 6old Assegai G %echnology /olutions > Inno$ationsE !odacom AdM) Mobile (ptEin Marketing -ampaign (0@@B# +kosi 6rand 3ri& Award Gthis co$eted award was bagged by /il$erstone-I/ for building, running and marketing AdMe for !odacom. %his is a premium /outh African mobile (ptEin marketing 3latform with 79@,@@@ optEin members at that stage. (0@@B# )cho Awards 1/A usiness and consumer ser$ices in direct marketing (0@@A#

MMA 6lobal Award Finalist (0@'@# K *inner to be announced in 4A on +o$ 'Cth for est 1se of Mobile Marketing G -rossEMedia Integration G )M)A

%he campaign represented the /outh African 6o$ernmentFs first unified mobile communications platform ser$ing all 6o$ernment ,epartments in the promotion of their content and initiati$es around the 0@'@ FIFA /occer *orld -up

,MA Assegai "elationship Marketing (0@'@# G For another /il$erstone-I/ flagship product <+)%wr&= J %his is a landmark usiness /ocial +etworking and )$ent "elationship Management platform.

.hatCs a t9pical worDda9 for 9ouE In a nutshell G itFs hectic and mostly unpredictable because we work in a $ery deadline intensi$e en$ironment with proposal, campaign and projectEbased milestones dri$ing our daily acti$ities G it is easy to get caught up in the work and forget the big picture, but itFs an adrenaline rush. It is all about optimiLing oneFs timeI co$eted moments with family and being apart, dedicated time to think strategically and of course getting things done G I enjoy putting time aside for blue sky thinking and medium term planning G the operational stuff just in$ades e$erything elseKK

.hat do 9ou enFo9 most about 9our portfolioE *e create and inno$ate all the time. Although weF$e got rock star de$elopers and creati$es working with us, I still get my hands dirty in de$eloping and designing software G and you canFt get 4aurent out of 3hotoshop. %he most fulfilling part is when it looks good, works well and the concept, planning and hard work deli$ers results G whether that means clicks and actions, leads or sales G itFs all measured so we can tellM 'ow do 9ou handle worD stressesE 3rocrastinating doesnFt sol$e it, so I try to face issues head on, deal with it and get o$er it. ItFs important to be able to keep things in perspecti$e and not to o$erreact, that means lea$ing time to process and let things sink in. A game of golf whene$er I can get awayI cocooning with the family o$er weekends, and trying to keep decent hours at the office all help to keep stress at bay. .hat has been 9our bi::est professional challen:eE 8eeping things simple and staying focusedK *eFre in$ol$ed in a business where the skyFs the limit to what you can de$elop, create and include in the solution from a business, creati$e and technical solution perspecti$e. *e always ha$e more to gi$e than what is re:uiredK *e ha$e had to learn not to throw e$erything into the pot and not to o$erEin$est in a project or product.

($er the last few years, focusing has also helped us to get really good in $ery specific areas. It is now much easier to define what we do and to differentiate the company. .hat is 9our No 2 industr9 pee8eE %alkers $ersus doers G thereFs a lot of hype in the mobile and social media space, simply because it represents such a huge opportunity, and e$eryoneFs trying to get in on it. 1nfortunately guys who sound like they know whatFs going on, do not always deli$er the goods, and is gi$ing the industry a bad name and in a sense spoiling the opportunity for growth. %hatFs one of the reasons we decided to get acti$ely in$ol$ed in industry associations like the MMA, ,MA, ,MMA and *A/3A where the members ha$e to subscribe to a code of conduct, standards and guidelines and ha$e a better understanding of industry best practice. .hat are the fa8orite brands that 9ou cannot li8e withoutE (nline or offlineN I donFt think of myself as a brand guy, but when you start to think about it, itFs a big bagK 6oogle, Microsoft, Apple, A/1/?53, 4inkedIn, %witter, -oke, -amel, Amstel, Hack ,anielFs, *oolies, Merc, %aylormade, 4e$is, -ape 1nion Mart, -aterpillar, +ike, and the list goes onK I suppose in a sense weFre all sla$es to brands whether we like it or not G you use it, like it, de$elop a preference and e$entually pay a premium for it. 'ow do 9ou relaBE I enjoy my relationships with family and friends, reading, playing games and golf and coding G oops. .hatCs 9our chosen wa9 to communicate with famil9 and friends- mobile- social networDin: pa:es liDe )acebooD- SD9pe- emails- fiBed lined telephone!E In person, phone, email, instant messenger (M/+?/kype#, /M/, /ocial Media 3latformsJ in that order. I $iew social platforms like 4inkedIn, %witter and Facebook as business communication, networking and marketing tools and prefer not to share personal details on it. I must admit I enjoy keeping up to date with what friends and family are sharing, but thatFs not for me.

.hatCs a fa8orite local holida9 destinationE *hy be limited in beautiful /outh AfricaN +orth coast, /outh -oast, *estern -ape, 6arden "oute, ush$eld and 4ow$eldK .hatCs 9our idea of a relaBin: Sunda9 mornin:E *aking up slowly and being with my wife and childrenK %o 9ou ha8e a fa8orite online siteE %oo many too mention, but since I got an i3ad with an application called Flipboard, my fa$orite content comes to me. %he application brings articles with images on the back of short twitter links or "// Feeds. It re$olutioniLes how you consume rele$ant and interesting content, and the e&perience is like flipping through your fa$orite magaLine.

2G4 CO#PAN& PRO)$/E AN% '$STOR& %he "aymond 6roup was incorporated in 'A09I and within a span of a few years, transformed from being an Indian te&tile major to being a global conglomerate.In the endea$or to keep nurturing :uality and leadership, they always choose the path untrodden E from being the first in 'A9A to introduce a polywool blend in India to creating the worldOs finest suiting fabric.%oday, the "aymond group is $ertically and horiLontally integrated to pro$ide our customers total te&tile solutions. Few companies across the globe ha$e such a di$erse product range of nearly '0,@@@ $arieties of worsted suiting to cater to customers across age groups, occasions and styles. %hey manufacture for the world, the finest fabricsE from wool to woolEblended worsted suiting to specialty ring denims as well as high $alue shirting .After making a mark in te&tiles,"aymond forayed into garmenting through highly successful $entures like /il$er /park Apparel 4td. and "egency %e&teis 3ortuguesa 4da (for fine %ailored /uits, %rousers and Hackets#, )$er lue Apparel 4td. (Heanswear# and -elebrations Apparel 4td. (/hirts#.%hey also ha$e some of the most highly respected apparel brands in our portfolioJ "aymond, ManLoni , 3ark A$enue, -olor3lus, 3ar&, eJ, PappM and +otting 5ill. *ith a 9@@ million 1/Q turno$er, we are today one of the largest players in fabrics, designer wear, denim, cosmetics > toiletries, engineering files > tools, prophylactics and air charter ser$ices in national and international markets. All our plants are I/( certified, le$eraging on cuttingEedge technology that adheres to the highest :uality parameters while also being en$ironment friendly.

Around the time the /inghania family was building, consolidating and e&panding its $arious businesses in 8anpur, one Mr. *adia, was in a similar manner engaged in fulfilling his dreamJ he set up a small woollen mill in the area around %hane creek, 7@ kms away from ombay. %his mill was soon ac:uired by the /assoons, a wellEknown industrialist family of ombay, who renamed it as %he "aymond *oollen Mills. *hen the /inghanias were looking for new regions to establish their presence and new fields to $enture into, they concurred that te&tiles appeared to hold promise. A piece of information that a woollen mill was a$ailable on the outskirts of ombay clinched the issue. *hen the grandson of 4ala Huggilal, 4ala 8ailashpat /inghania took o$er "aymond in 'A77, the mill was primarily making cheap and coarse woollen blankets, and modest :uantities of low priced woollen fabrics. %he $ision and foresight of Mr. 8ailashpat /inghania helped greatly in establishing the H.8. 6roupFs presence in the western region. 1nder his able stewardship, "aymond embarked upon a gradual phase of technological upgradation and modernisation producing woollen fabrics of a far superior :uality. 1nder Mr. 6opalakrishna /inghania, the mill became a worldEclass factory and the "aymond brand became synonymous with fine :uality woollen fabrics. At "aymond, :uality did not rest on its laurels. *hen ,r. !ijayapat /inghania took o$er the reins of the company in 'AB@, he injected fresh $igour into "aymond, transforming it into a modern, industrial conglomerate. 5is son Mr. 6autam 5ari /inghania, the present chairman and managing director has been

instrumental in restructuring the 6roup. *ith the di$estment of the /ynthetics, /teel and -ement di$isions he initiated, the 6roup has emerged stronger with a better bottom line, more focused approach, become market oriented and achie$ed a consolidated position. %oday, the woollen mill by the creek has turned into a "s. '7@@ crores conglomerate and is IndiaFs leading producer of worsted suiting fabric with D@R market share. It is also the largest e&porter of worsted fabrics and readymade garments to 97 countries including Australia, -anada, 1/A, the )uropean 1nion and Hapan. %he "aymond group is also the leader among readymades in India with a turno$er of "s. 0@@@ million with its three brands G 3ark A$enue, 3ar& and ManLoni. In its pursuit of e&cellence "aymond continues to achie$e enhanced customer satisfaction through ongoing inno$ation. And happily the growth graph continues to rise higherKand higher.

,ate of )stablishment "e$enue Market -ap -orporate Address Management ,etails

'A09 0AA.'97 ( 1/, in Millions # 'AD02.79BC@7' ( "s. in Millions # 3lot +o '9D? 5 +o 0,!illage Padgaon,"atnagiriE 7'9D'0, Maharashtra -hairperson E 6autam 5ari /inghania M, E 6autam 5ari /inghania ,irectors E ! harga$a, 6autam 5ari /inghania, I , Agarwal, +abankur 6upta, +ana -hudasama, 3 8 handari, 3radeep 6uha, " +arayanan, /hailesh 5aribhakti, /hailesh ! 5aribhakti, %homas Fernandes, 1 ! "ao, !ijaypat /inghania %e&tile "aymond was incorporated in 'A09 and is a leading Indian te&tile major. %he company is part of global conglomerate "aymond 6roup. "aymond produces woolEblended and premium polyester $iscose worsted suiting. esides, te&tile company has also di$ersified in engineering and a$iation. "aymond is largest manufacturer of steel files in the world accounting 2@R of market share. "aymondFs te&tile plant is l

usiness (peration ackground


-ompany /ecretary ankers


%otal Income E "s. '72D@.2B7 Million ( year ending Mar 0@'@# +et 3rofit E "s. 0D2.D9' Million ( year ending Mar 0@'@# %homas Fernandes ank of America, ank of India , ank of Maharashtra, -entral ank of India, -iti ank, 5,Fank, 5/ - ank, /tandard -hartered ank, /tate ank of India ,alal > /hah 2

6autam 5ari /inghania )&ecuti$e -hairman > manager ,irector, 3romoterE,irector +ominee ,irector, +onE)&ecuti$e ,irector +onE)&ecuti$e ,irector +onE)&ecuti$e ,irector +onE)&ecuti$e ,irector +onE)&ecuti$e ,irector +onE)&ecuti$e ,irector

Ishwar ,as Agarwal

3radeep 8umar handari 3radeep 8ali3ada 6uha +abankur 6upta /hailesh !ishnubhai 5aribhakti !ijaypat /inghania

2G? (RO"P CO#PAN$ES O) RA&#ON%SJ S Ra9mond /tdG E "aymond 4td. is among the largest integrated manufacturers of worsted fabrics in the world. S Ra9mond Apparel 4td. "aymond Apparel 4td. has in its folio, some of the most highly regarded apparel brands in India E ManLoni, 3ark A$enue, -olor 3lus, 3ar&, eJ and PappM and +otting 5ill. S ColorPlus Fashions 4td.EJ -olor3lus is among the largest smart casual brands in the premium category. %he company was ac:uired by "aymond to cater to the growing demand for a high end, casual wear brand in the country. S Sil8er SparD Apparel /td. E A garmenting facility manufacturing formal suits, trousers and jackets. S Re:enc9 TeBtiles Portu:uesa /da EJ A facility setEup in northern 3ortugal bordering /pain, in -aminha for the manufacturing suits, jackets and trousers. S E8erBlue Apparel /td. E A stateEofEtheEart denim garmenting facility. S Celebrations Apparel /td. EJ A facility setEup for the manufacture of formal shirts.

< JG>G )iles , Tools EJ A leading player in the engineering files > %ools segment and the
largest producer of steel files in the world.

2G@ RA&#ON%Cs BRAN%S A '@@R subsidiary of "aymond 4imited, "aymond Apparel 4td. ("A4# ranks amongst IndiaOs largest and most respected apparel companies. *e bring to our customers the best of fabric and style through some of the countryOs most prestigious brands= Ra9mond- #anHoni- ParD A8enue- Color Plus- ParB- Be3IappJ And Nottin: 'illG %he companyOs ,esign /tudio in %hane is wellEe:uipped with stateEofEtheEart facilities, which stimulate and nurture the creati$e energies of the ,esign %eam. %heir efforts are complimented by a research team, which keeps a close watch on international fashion forecasts and design trends. A ,esign /tudio has also been set up in Italy recently, which has further enhanced our reputation in pro$iding cutting edge design solutions of an international standard All our brands are a$ailable at e&clusi$e brand stores, T%he "aymond /hopF retail outlets and multiEbrand outlets across India and the Middle )ast

#anHoni offers discerning customers the finestin contemporary international style and lu&ury. S /uper 3remium > first home grown )ntry le$el 4u&uryS %he finest 0ply0@@s,cottton shirt launched by ManLoni for the first time in India. 'D S %he product range comprises (f super premium formalwear And sportswear including /uits, shirts, trousers and 5igh :uality accessories such As E5andcrafted silk ties,

E3ure leather shoes crafted in )urope E leather belts

4aunched in 'ABD,ParD A8enue pro$ides stylish and inno$ati$e wardrobe solutions to wellE dressed gentlemen. As IndiaFs premium lifestyle brand, its designs embody the latest in international fabric, styling, colour and fashion trends. *e cater to customer needs with formal clothing for $aried occasionsI be it for a day at office, highEpowered corporate meetings, family getEtogethers or festi$e occasions. %he shirts, trousers, suits and jackets need little care and therefore con$enient to carry, while tra$eling.. S 4eader in MenFs formal wear S Awarded /uper rand status in 0@@D E@C S Most inno$ati$e brand of the year 0@@DE@C E/hirts made from amboo fiber for the first time in India . 3ark A$enue in 0@@D. E/tain resistant suits for the first time in India by 0@@D.

/et up in 'AA2,Color Plus is one of IndiaOs leading casual wear brands. (ur shirts, trousers, knits, sur$i$al gear and accessories ha$e always met international :uality standards. %oday, -olor 3lus is present in o$er 'B@ locations in the /outh and *est Asia through e&clusi$e stores and select O%he "aymond /hopO outlets and is already in the process of e&panding further. S IndiaFs only super premium smart casual brand S 8now for Inno$ation and creati$ity S %hermoEfused buttons, 6olf ball wash, /oft jeans, *rinkle free technology, /tainfree fabric, cone dyed techni:ue.

ParB reflects the persona of the energetic 00E2@ year old who is aggressi$e, outgoing, dynamic and li$es his life to the fullest. 3ar& was launched in 'AAA to cater to the smart and fashionable clothing segment. %he brand affords a wide range of shirts, trousers, denims, poloFs and outerwear. S 4eader in /mart semi formal wear S +ominated for E est casual wear rand 0@@DE@C. E est Ad$ertising -ampaign=

Be3 offers a wide range of apparel and accessories for women across categories namely E *omenFs *estern wear, *omenFs )thnic wear, 4ounge *ear and -lub wear. BeJ brings a large collection of designer products to a large audience that is increasingly becoming aware of designer wear and dreams of possessing one. Affordability, Accessibility and Acceptability are the three attributes that characterise eJ

IappJ presents an e&citing range of garments and accessories targeted at fashion conscious young adults between the age group of 7E'0 years. From party wear to casual wear, kids can now choose a different style for each different occasion.%o go with their clothes, kids can also shop for accessories such as footwear, bags, bed and bath linen. *ith our e&citing clothes and accessories line complete with a uni:ue and fun e&perienceI we look forward to redefining the kidswear market in the country

. Nottin: 'ill reflects style and manifests originality of todayFs fashionEconscious and discerning young professionals at an affordable price. +otting 5ill was launched in 0@@C to cater to the popular price segment. ,esigned inEhouse, the brand collection features a spectrum of menFs lifestyle products comprising of suits, shirts, trousers, jeans, tEshirts.+otting 5ill promises to be an instant hit with the young working professionals. y the end of the first year +otting 5ill would be made a$ailable across India with o$er 7@@ distribution points.

/ome of the major industrialists in te&tiles are the Mafatlals, the *adias, the 3iramals, "aymond 6roup, the irlas, 4albhaiFs, 8asliwals and 3arikhs. /ome of the leading mills in India are Ar$ind Mills for denim in Ahmedabad, 4akshmi Mills in -oimbatore, Madura -oates and 6%+ %e&tiles.

%he Ar$ind Mafatlal 6roupFs te&tiles and apparel business total about 1./. Q A@E'@@ million in annual sales. Its flagship company Mafatlal Industries 4td., has international customers including Marks and /pencer, 3hilip !an 5eusen, 6A3, H- 3enney, 8lopman, 5aam > Al 6hanemi among others and is one of the largest e&porters of fabrics in the country. In the domestic market, it has a distribution network of 0@@ plus Mafatlal Family shops spread across the country. AM6 also has garmenting facilities ( in a joint $enture with 6ruppo 4a 3erla, Italy# and a joint $enture with urlington Industries, 1./. for a denim manufacturing facility in +a$sari, 6ujarat.

%he *adias own %he ombay ,yeing > Mfg. -o. 4td., their flagship company, with 9 unitsco$ering spinning, wea$ing and processing, with production e&ceeding 2@@,@@@ meters of fabrics per day and a turno$er of appro&imately 1./. Q A@ million. %he company which pioneered the e&port of te&tiles in 'A7@ has a uni:ue IndiaEwide distribution network of o$er 99@ e&clusi$e franchised retail shops co$ering more than 2@@ towns. In fact, ombay ,yeing is one of IndiaFs foremost brands producing sheets, towels, furnishings, suitings, shirtings and is among the countryFs foremost producers of cotton, synthetic fabrics and readymades.

%he Morarjee 6oculdas /pinning > *ea$ing -ompany 4td. ( with a turno$er of 1./. Q D@million# is a 3iramal group enterprise G part of the Q 7@@ million 3iramal )nterprises 4td. Morarjee has entered into a 9@J9@ joint $enture with Manifattura di !alle rembana /pa of Italy for manufacturing high count shirting fabrics. It also has a 9@J9@ joint $enture with Manifattura -astiglioni /pa of Italy for marketing of home furnishing products . It has also entered into a technical collaboration with Ms? A6 -ilander of /witLerland for offering different types of finishes for its fine count $oiles.

Birlas 3
%he Aditya irla group which is IndiaFs third largest industrial house has a major te&tiles operation,with its flagship company, Indian "ayons 4td. producing a range of products from $iscose filament yarn and fla& yarns to worsted yarn and fire fighting hosepipes. In fact, the Aditya irla group is the worldFs largest producer of $iscose staple fibre. It is also in the garments business with Madura 6arments in India being a leader in the branded apparel market in India %he irla compay E 6rasim Industries which has a turno$er in e&cess of 1./. Q '@@ million is also in the fibre business. In fabrics, the irla group has two major brands namely, 6rasim and 6ra$iera suitings. %he Aditya irla group also has te&tiles mills o$erseas in %hailand, the 3hilippines and Indonesia.

The /albhais3
%he Ar$ind Mills 4td. is the flagship company of the 1./. Q 99@ million 4albhai group. It is one of the top ten manufacturers of denim in the world. %he group companies include Ar$ind 3roducts 4td., Ar$ind *orldwide (M# Inc, Mauritius, Ar$ind *orldwide Inc, 1./.A., Ar$ind -lothing 4td. ( which has a collaboration with -luett International 4td. of the 1./.#, Ar$ind Fashions 4td. ( which has a tieEup with !F -orporation of the 1./.A#, and Ar$ind ($erseas (Mauritius# 4td., Mauritius.

%he /. 8umar 6roup of the 8asliwals with a turno$er of appro&imately 1./. Q 0@@ million is in the business of blended suitings, home te&tiles, worseted fabrics and read to wear items. In the uniform and work wear segment, /. 8umars is the dominant brand in India. %he group has a '@@per cent )(1 in home te&tiles and manufactures polyester and wool blended and '@@ per cent worsted fine and superfine fabrics.

%he Ashima 6roup owned by -.+. 3arikh with its flagship company, Ashima 4td. is one of IndiaFs leading '@@ per cent cotton fabric manufacturers. %he Ashima 6roup turno$er is 1./. Q '92 million. It has a marketing arrangement with -one of the 1./.A. *ith an annual capacity of D9 million metres of wo$en and circular knitted cotton fabrics and on account of its :ualitati$e supremacy it commands a base of discerning customers in more than 79 countries around the world. Its products include denim, suiting, shirtings,interlining fabrics and circular knitted grey fabrics.

4GCompan9 Anal9sis C"RRENT $SS"ES AN% >E& '$('/$('TS "aymond has e&panded capacity of worsted suitings to 22 million meters with a new facility at !api,gujrat ,in addition to e&pansion of capacity of denimfabric to 7@ million meters.It has set up 2 world class garmenting units near banglore . "aymond has joined hands with 1-( +! of belgium, a leading producer of high end denim to form a global denim compony and manufacture in 2 continenets with global marketing network, It has also joint $enture with a leading wollen fabric manufacturer called 4anificio Fedora It is also facing tough times because its wholly owned subsidiary in )urope G "egnecy %e&ties 3ortuguese 4td,filed for insol$ency due to ad$erse changes in the )uropean marketconditions coupled with the bankruptsy of its major customers. %o add more, to its Auto component segmentE "ay$es, "aymond 4td. H! with %re$es /.A. of France will make printed seating fabric for %A%A MotorOs fi$e seater Magic Iris. %his initiati$e will help it to establish its presence prominently in the automoti$e seat fabric segment > make to make its strong presence in auto component segment.

Achievements and Milestones

'A09 E /etup of %he "aymond *oollen mill in the area around %hane creek. 'A77J 4ala 8ailashpat /inghania took o$er %he "aymond *oollen Mill. %he mill was primarily making cheap and coarse woollen blankets, and modest :uantities of low priced woollen fabrics. 'A9@ E /etup of a new manufacturing acti$ity for making indigenous engineering files known as H8 Files > %ools. %his has now become the largest facility of its kind in the world. 'A9B E %he first e&clusi$e "aymond "etail showroom, 8ingOs -orner, was opened in 'A9B at allard )state in ombay. 'AD7 E /etup of a new -ombing ,i$ision. %his was followed by a phase of $ertical integration, facilitating in the processing of multiEfibres and technology impro$ements to make blended fabrics. 'ADB E "aymond setup a readymade garments plant at %hane. %he readymade garments di$ision of "aymond has since then grown rapidly. "aymond has now become the leader among readymades, in India, achie$ing a business turno$er of o$er "s. 0@@@ million. 'ACA E A new manufacturing facility was set up at Halgaon, to meet the increasing demand for worsted woollen fabrics. 'AB@J !ijaypat /inghania took o$er the reins of the company. 5e injected fresh $igour into "aymond, transforming it into a modern, industrial conglomerate. 'ABD E 4aunch of U3ark A$enueU, the premium lifestyle brand pro$iding a complete wardrobe solution to the men who like to dress well > be current on styles > fashion. 'AA@ E %he first showroom abroad for "aymond in (man. 'AA' E A new manufacturing facility was set up at -hhindwara, near +agpur. 'AA9J /uperfine pure wool collection under the 4ineage 4ine (/uper '@@/ to /uper '7@/#. 'AADJ %he "enaissance -ollection made of Merino wool blended with polyester and specialty fibres (/uper '@@/ to /uper '7@/#. 'AADJ "aymondOs denimI focusing on :uality, inno$ation and the creation of e&clusi$e products that ha$e always caught the eye of some of the worldOs leading denimwear brands. Its designs ha$e always kept pace with the changing styles and cuts found in e$ery youngsterOs closet. *ith a 7@ million meters capacity, "aymond today ranks amongst the top 0 producers of ring denim in India 'AAAJ %he -hairmanOs -ollection of /uper '9@/ made from Merino *ool and -ashmere followed by /uper 'D@/ to /uper 'A@/.

'AAAJ 4aunch of U3ar&U, a premium casual wear brand bringing customers a range of semiEformal and casual clothes. 0@@@J 4aunch of U eJU, e&clusi$e prVt line of readyEtoEwear designer clothing for men and women. 0@@0J Ac:uisition of -olor3lus. 0@@2J /etup of O/il$er /park Apparel 4td.O for manufacturing suits and formal trousers catering largely to e&port markets. 0@@7J /uper 00@/ fabrics under the -hairmanOs -ollection. 0@@9J /etup of stateEofEthe art jeanswear facility O)$erblue Apparel 4td.O near angalore. 0@@9J /etup of stateEofEthe art facility O-elebrations Apparel 4td.O for the manufacturing of formal shirts. 0@@9J "aymond achie$ed a rare feat and a historical milestone with the creation of the worldOs finest worstedEsuiting fabrics from the finest wool e$er produced in the worldE %he /uper 02@s made up of ''.B micron of wool. 0@@9J 4aunch of O)&pressionsO an e&:uisite collection of all wool and polywool suiting specially crafted using e&otic fibres like -ashmere, Angora, Mohair, amboo, -asein. 0@@D /et of "aymondOs third worsted unit at !api in 6ujarat. "aymond now has 2 state of the art units with a combined capacity of 2' million meters of worsted fabric. 0@@D 4aunch of design studio in Italy for cutting edge design capabilities for e&ports and domestic brands. 0@@DJ /et up of world class carded woollen unit, "aymond Fedora 4td, in Halgaon. 0@@D /et up of greenfield shirting unit at 8olhapur producing high $alue cotton shirting. %his facility is set up as part of the companyOs H! with 6ruppo Pambaiti. 0@@D /et up of H.8. %alabot 4td E H! with M( , France for the manufacturing of files and rasps. 0@@D 4aunch of PappM our kidswear brand with first store in Ahmedabad. 0@@C )ntered into Hoint !enture to retail premium brand T6A/F in India. 0@@C 4aunch of new brands for womenFs wear. 0@@B 4aunch of O"aymond Finely -rafted 6armentsO G readymade apparel under "aymond brand. 0@@B 4aunch of O+eckties > MoreO E +ew format store for accessories.


STREN('TS %he strengths "aymond 6roup are as followsJ -ompanyFs name "aymond signifies the :uality image high standard and :uality product. 4oyalty from customers is also the major strength for the company. )mployees are also loyal due to the decentraliLed culture of company. 3eople trust on products due to the proper health and safety measures. eing a multinational company it has the capability to attract more customer than the local companies. -ompany has the ability to compete in a dynamic en$ironment. -ompany always adapts the new technology. .EA>NESSES %he weaknesses are as followsJ %here is not much margins for retailers to prefer itFs sales. %he distribution cost is high as compared to the competition in the local market. -ompany mostly ad$ertises suitings, ad$ertisement is not so better. OPPORT"N$T$ES %he opportunities are as followsJ !arious challenges, a huge opportunity that needs to be capitalised. 6lobal %rade is e&pected to be triple from the current 1/, 2@9 n to 1/, B9D n. %he company needs to increase focus on product de$elopment like new specialiLed fabric like /mart Fabrics, /pecialiLed treatments etc. T'REATS %he %hreats are as followsJ Almost all the major players in the industry are competing with each other not only on the basis of lower prices but also on better :uality.. Increasing /ocial and )cological awareness is likely to result in increased pressure on the company to follow international labour and en$ironmental laws. "egional %rade Alliances.


%he model of pure competition implies that risk adjusted rates of return should be constant across firms and industries . Michael 3orter pro$ided a framework that models an industry as being influenced by fi$e forces . the strategic business manager seeking to de$elop an edge o$er ri$al firms can use this model to better understand the industry conte&t in which the firm operates.

The threat of the entry of new com etitors

3rofitable markets that yield high returns will attract new firms. %his results in many new entrants, which e$entually will decrease profitability for all firms in the industry. 1nless the entry of new firms can be blocked by incumbents, the abnormal profit rate will fall towards Lero (perfect competition#.

The existence of barriers to entry (patents, rights, etc.) The most attractive segment is one in which entry barriers are high and exit barriers are low. Few new firms can enter and non-performing firms can exit easily. Economies of product differences

rand e!uity
"witching costs or sun# costs $apital re!uirements %ccess to distribution $ustomer loyalty to established brands %bsolute cost &ndustry profitability' the more profitable the industry the more attractive it will be to new competitors

The Threat of substitute products or ser8ices

The existence of products outside of the realm of the common product boundaries increases the propensity of customers to switch to alternatives(

uyer propensity to substitute )elative price performance of substitute uyer switching costs *erceived level of product differentiation +umber of substitute products available in the mar#et Ease of substitution. &nformation-based products are more prone to substitution, as online product can easily replace material product. "ubstandard product ,uality depreciation

The bar:ainin: power of customers bu9ers!

The bargaining power of customers is also described as the mar#et of outputs( the ability of customers to put the firm under pressure, which also affects the customer-s sensitivity to price changes.

uyer concentration to firm concentration ratio .egree of dependency upon existing channels of distribution argaining leverage, particularly in industries with high fixed costs uyer volume uyer switching costs relative to firm switching costs uyer information availability %bility to bac#ward integrate %vailability of existing substitute products uyer price sensitivity .ifferential advantage (uni!ueness) of industry products )F/ %nalysis

The bar:ainin: power of suppliers

The bargaining power of suppliers is also described as the mar#et of inputs. "uppliers of raw materials, components, labor, and services (such as expertise) to the firm can be a source of power over the firm, when there are few substitutes. "uppliers may refuse to wor# with the firm, or, e.g., charge excessively high prices for uni!ue resources.

"upplier switching costs relative to firm switching costs .egree of differentiation of inputs &mpact of inputs on cost or differentiation *resence of substitute inputs "trength of distribution channel "upplier concentration to firm concentration ratio Employee solidarity (e.g. labor unions) "upplier competition - ability to forward vertically integrate and cut out the 01E)

Ex. If you are making biscuits and there is only one person who sells flour, you have no alternative but to buy it from him.

The intensity of competitive rivalry

For most industries, the intensity of competitive rivalry is the ma2or determinant of the competitiveness of the industry.

"ustainable competitive advantage through innovation $ompetition between online and offline companies' click-and-mortar -v- slags on a bridge3citation needed4 5evel of advertising expense *owerful competitive strategy The visibility of proprietary items on the 6eb374 used by a company which can intensify competitive pressures on their rivals.

8ow will competition react to a certain behavior by another firm9 $ompetitive rivalry is li#ely to be based on dimensions such as price, !uality, and innovation. Technological advances protect companies from competition. This applies to products and services. $ompanies that are successful with introducing new technology, are able to charge higher prices and achieve higher profits, until competitors imitate them. Examples of recent technology advantage in have been mp: players and mobile telephones. ;ertical integration is a strategy to reduce a business- own cost and thereby intensify pressure on its rival.

2 PO/$T$CA/ EN+$RON#ENT %he 6o$ernment has announced the release of a subsidy of 1/Q 922.BC million for the te&tile industry under the %echnology 1pgradation Fund scheme (%1Fs#. %he go$ernment e&tends '@

percent capital subsidy and 9 per cent interest subsidy on installation of machineries and for processing machinery under the %1F/. A 7'Emember *orking 6roup has also been announced to be set up with a +ational Fibre 3olicy, to ensure selfEsufficiency in fibre consumption and e&port re:uirements in India. %he %e&tiles -ommittee has also been reconstituted in order to ensure standard :uality of te&tiles both for internal marketing as well as e&ports. %he committee will also establish laboratories and test houses for testing of te&tiles. In addition, an online marketing and sales portal has also been launched by the te&tile minister. %he eEmarketing platform, de$eloped by the -entral -ottage Industries -orporation of India and the 5andicraft and 5andlooms )&port -orporation of India, will host more than ',@@@ wide ranging handicrafts and handlooms products. It will also pro$ide online ser$ices, such as epayment facility through major debit?credit card as well as online tracking of the shipment. Moreo$er, the Ministry of %e&tiles is considering setting up te&tile parks at !idarbha and Marathwada , the largest cotton growing regions in Maharashtra. -urrently se$en te&tile parks are already in $arious stages of completion in Maharashtra. %hus all this has resulted in fa$our of "aymonds and thus helped it to gain heights

ECONO#$C India offers cheaper production and marketing costs and enormous opportunities that ha$e tempted %aiwanese companies to work on joint $entures with Indian companies, especially for the manufacture of manmade fabrics. /e$eral )uropean te&tile and te&tile machinery manufacturing companies ha$e shown interest in sourcing garments from India. %e&tile companies were keen to set up base in India due to the cheap labour a$ailable here. India offers $arious incenti$es like lowEcost labour and intellectual right protection to foreign in$estors. %he country allows '@@ per cent F,I in the te&tiles sector. /ince the economy of India wasnFt really effected by the recession period, and now in the time of reco$ery , India has done well being the front runners who ha$e successfully tackled the dark period and the te&tile industry played pi$otal role doing that .%herfore the econimies are fa$ouring the "aymonds.

%he -ompany has an innate desire and Leal to contribute towards the welfare and social upliftment of the community. %he -ompany continues to support the following -/" initiati$esJ W /mt. /ulochanade$i /inghania /chool at %hane, Maharashtra and the 8ailashpat /inghania 5igh /chool in -hhindwara, M.3., ha$ing o$erall strength of around D@@@ students, pro$ide :uality education not only to the "aymond employeesF children, but also to the children of the local populaceI W "aymond )mbryo "esearch -entre for cattle is a centre set up at 6opalnagar, ilaspur, -hhattisgarh and its ceaseless efforts and endea$ours ha$e made se$eral significant achie$ements in )mbryo transfer. "aymond was the first organisation in India to introduce )mbryo %ransfer in /heepI W H. 8. %rust 6ram !ikas .ojana (H8%6!.# launched in 'AAC helps transfer of the technical e&pertise gained o$er three decades to the grassEroot le$el. %he mission of this initiati$e is to significantly impro$e the :uality of life in IndiaFs rural areas through a<-attle reed Impro$ement 3rogramme=. %his initiati$e operates in a network of o$er C@@ Integrated 4i$estock ,e$elopment -entre in -hhattisgarh, Madhya 3radesh, 1ttarakhand and Andhra 3radeshI and W "aymond "ehabilitation -entre has been setEup for the welfare of underEpri$ileged children at Hekegram, %hane. %his initiati$e enables less fortunate children to be selfEsufficient in life. %he centre pro$ides free $ocational training workshops to young boys o$er the age of 'D. %he threeEmonth $ocational courses comprise of basic training in electrical, airEconditioning > refrigeration, plumbing, etc

TEC'NO/$($CA/ %echnical te&tiles segment is e&pected to employ o$er 2@@@@@ additional workers increasing the total employement in the sector to '.0 million by year 0@'0. the go$t has set up four centers of e&cellence for pro$iding one stop facilities for testing ,hrd and research and de$elopment.


?G #arDetin: strate:ies #AR>ET$N( STRATE(& AN% #AR>ET SE(#ENTAT$ON STP *hen it comes to marketing strategies, most people spontaneously think about the 73 (3roduct, 3rice, 3lace, 3romotion# G maybe e&tended by three more 3s for marketing ser$ices (3eople, 3rocesses, 3hysical )$idence#. Market segmentation and the identification of target markets, howe$er, are an important element of each marketing strategy. %hey are the basis for determining any particular marketing mi&. asic steps in marketing strategy are as followsJE !arious ad$antages of market segmentation areJE '.5elps distinguish one customer group from another within a gi$en market. 0.Facilitates proper choice of target market. 2.Facilitates effecti$e tapping of the market. 7.5elps di$ide the markets and con:uer them. 9.5elps crystalliLe the needs of the target buyers and elicit more predictable responses from them I helps de$elop marketing programmes on a more predictable baseI helps de$elop market offer that are most suited to each group. D.5elps achie$e the specialiLation re:uired in productI distribution, promotion, and pricing for matching the customer group and de$elop marketing offers and appeal that match the need of each group. C.Makes the marketing effort more efficient and economic. 5elps concentrate efforts on the most producti$e and profitable segment, instead of frittering them o$er irrele$ant, or unproducti$e, or unprofitable segment. B.5elps spot the less satisfied segments and succeed by satisfying such segments. A. rings benefits not only to the marketer but also to the customer as well. '@.*hen segmentation attains high sophistication, customers andcompany can choose each other and stay together. %arget Marketing in$ol$es breaking a market into segments and then concentrating your marketing efforts on one or a few key segments. %arget marketing can be the key to a small businessFs success. %he beauty of target marketing is that it makes the promotion, pricing and distribution of your products and?or ser$ices easier and more costEeffecti$e. %arget marketing pro$ides a focus to all of your marketing acti$ities. Market targeting Market targeting simply means choosing oneFs target market. It needs to be clarified at the onset that marketing targeting is not synonymous with market segmentation. /egmentation is actually the prelude to target market selection. (ne has to carry out se$eral tasks beside segmentation before choosing the target market.

%hrough segmentation, a firm di$ides the market into many segments. ut all these segments need not form its target market. %arget market signifies only those segments that it wants to adopt as its market.


In -6 Matri& product or business unit are identified as /tars, -ash -ow,,ogs, Xuestion mark. %he Matri& can be e&plained are as follows. Stars hi:h :rowth- hi:h marDet share! /tars are using large amounts of cash. /tars are leaders in the business. %herefore they should also generate large amounts of cash. /tars are fre:uently roughly in balance on net cash flow. 5owe$er if needed any attempt should be made to hold your market share in /tars, because the rewards will be -ash -ows if market share is kept.

L Cash Cows low :rowth- hi:h marDet share! 3rofits and cash generation should be high. needed should be low. ecause of the low growth, in$estments which are

-ash -ows are often the stars of yesterday and they are the foundation of a company.

%o:s low :rowth- low marDet share! A$oid and minimiLe the number of ,ogs in a company. *atch out for e&pensi$e Trescue plansF. ,ogs must deli$er cash, otherwise they must be li:uidated.

Muestion #arDs hi:h :rowth- low marDet share! Xuestion Marks ha$e the worst cash characteristics of all, because they ha$e high cash demands and generate low returns, because of their low market share. If the market share remains unchanged, Xuestion Marks will simply absorb great amounts of cash. )ither in$ests hea$ily, or sell off, or in$est nothing and generate any cash that you can. Increase market share or deli$er cash.

PRO%"CTS- P/ACES and PR$CE TeBtiles "ecognised as the most respected %e&tile -ompany of IndiaS, "aymond 4imited is amongst the first three fully integrated manufacturers of *orsted /uiting in the world. As the flagEbearer of the multiEproduct, multiEdi$isional "aymond 6roup, it enjoys o$er D@R share of Indian *orsted /uiting Market. It produces 09 million metres of highE$alue pureEwool, wool blended and premium polyester $iscose suiting in addition to half a million blankets and shawls, all marketed under the flagship brand U"aymondU E a worldwide trusted name since 'A09. It also produces and markets plushE $el$et furnishing fabric in wide array of designs and colours including carpeting for the niche markets of India and Middle )ast. Manufacturing facilities include three worldEclass fully integrated plants in India, employing stateEofEtheEart technology from wool scouring to finishing stage and modern :uality management (I/( A@@'# as well as )n$ironment -ontrol /ystems (I/( '7@@'#. All the plants

are selfEsufficient in terms of pro$iding educational, housing, recreation and spiritual support system for the employees and connected townships. 3roducts are distributed through about 2@@ e&clusi$e retail shops in India and surrounding countries, 2@,@@@ multiEbrand retail outlets and o$er '@@ wholesale distributors. In addition to Middle )ast and /AA"- countries, its products are sold to discerning customers in o$er D@ countries including premium fashion labels all o$er the world.

Presence in 8arious price positions "aymond pro$ides its products in $arious price range, consisting from cheap to premium te&tile products ranging from YI+" '9@E'@@@@ under its roof,which helped it during the slowdown too. %hus with the rising economy,customers are likely to return to buy companyFs premium te&tile products. Ra9mondCs %enim %i8ision %hey are somewhat passionate about denim. %hey think of how denim can keep pace with changing fashion and we try to come up with better ways of making plain blue denim. -all it what you wantJ obsession, commitment, and perfectionism. %o us, itFs $ery simple. *e lo$e what we do. "aymond ,enim, set up in 'AAD produces 0@ million meters of differentiated "ingspun denim per annum. (ne of the worldFs $ery few specialiLed manufacturers of fancy denims our focus is on :uality, inno$ation and enhanced creation of niche products that satisfy the needs of the worldFs leading Heanswear brands. *ithin a short time, we ha$e also made our presence felt in the global market. *e ha$e made our presence felt global market. A substantial percentage of our production is e&ported to )urope, /outh )ast Asia and +orth America. (ur buyers include trendsetters like 4e$is, 3epe, Para, 6ap, %ommy 5ilfiger, 4ee -ooper and AP,A amongst others. %o ensure worldEclass :uality, our production plant at .$atamal uses the best e:uipment, systems and practicesJ '.%ensile and tear strengths are measured by tensorapid e:uipment. 0.1ster testing controls the e$enness of all yarns. 2.)ach > e$ery bale of yarn is tested and passed through a double passage draw for effecti$e :uality blending. 7.MarLoli ring spinning frames and openEend spinning are e:uipped with auto doffing and auto bobbin transfer systems. %ogether with -aipo and Amsler de$ices we are able to achie$e the most creati$e character ring yarns a$ailable. 9.Indigo and sulphur dyeing is achie$ed on two slasher dye ranges. D./uker Muller > Masters slasher dye rangessupport 3icanol > !amate& high speed looms to produce 0@ million metres per annum. C.%he ,enim fabric is finished on the -ibite& range with micro processing to stabilise shrinkage > skew. %he stenter finish stabilises shrinkage > width for our stretch products. B.%esting and checking at e$ery stage of the manufacturing process is routine.

A./hade standards and consistency is maintained $ia the system of wash blankets tested from e$ery roll of fabric. '@.(ur water treatment plant purifies and recycles all indigo effluent using re$erse osmosisystem enabling us to use all our water for land projects. %he entire '@9Eacre site has been designated as greenbelt status. ''.-reati$e denims are de$eloped with specialist finishing, fancy yarn de$ices and other e:uipment necessary to achie$e worldEclass products. '0.(ur onsite laundry facility enables us to e&periment with creati$e finishing to demonstrate the full potential of each indi$idual denim fabrics )iles,Tools H.8. Files > %ools, a di$ision of "aymond 4td. was started in 'A9@ with its plant at %hane in Maharashtra, India. %oday this di$ision manufactures a complete range of )ngineerFs steel files besides 5// drills and 5// tool bits from its three plants located in Maharashtra and one in Madhya 3radesh. H.8. Files > %ools is the worldOs largest manufacturer of steel files with a predominant market share the world. H.8. Files > %ools is also the largest producer of 5// 6round Flute %wist ,rills in India with 5// -utting %ools being manufactured in -hiplun and 3ithampur (M.3.# plants. As part of backward integration, the di$ision also operates a capti$e 5ot "olling mill at 3ithampur (M.3.# for catering to its raw material needs. All its plants are I/@ A@@' certified and it boasts of an impressi$e " > , and inEhouse machine building facilities. More than 9@R of its production is e&ported to more than 9@ countries, mainly to de$eloped markets like )urope > 1/A. For se$eral decades the di$ision has been regularly recei$ing the )&port )&cellence Award. In its more than 9@ years of operations it has built up a strong goodwill and a wide network of agents and dealers spread throughout the world. Manufacturing 1nitsJ %hane, "atnagiri -hiplun in Maharashtra 3ithampur in Madhya 3radesh ,8olkatta in *est engal, /urabaya in Indonesia. Products3 Files W/aw Files WMachinistsO Files W"asp Files W+eedle Files W(thers 5// -utting %ools W ,rills W%ool it !e" %here was a $ision to make couture a$ailable to all who dreamt of it but could not afford it. "aymond was cognisant of the fact that awareness le$els for designer wear was increasing in the country. %he rise in demand for T$alue for moneyF products and increasing fashion awareness

has seen the market for ready to wear increasing but it does not fulfill consumer aspirations of owning the designer wear. 1nderstanding this need gap in the market an inno$ati$e $enture was conceptualised by the inimitable te&tile giant, "aymond 4imited. It was an ideal marriage of two parties, a -orporate with strengths in marketing and retailing and the designers gifted with immense talent. "aymond brought together some of the finest Indian designers to introduce a radical and an unheard of concept, T-orporatisation of ,esigner *ear F with its 3retEaEporter brand eJ . eJ brings a large collection of designer products to a large audience that is increasingly becoming aware of designer wear and dreams of possessing one. Affordability, Accessibility and Acceptability are the three attributes that characterise %he first eJ store was inaugurated in +ew ,elhi in Huly 0@@' and today eJ has a multi city presence with eight stores in India with two stores in +ew ,elhi, and one each in 4udhiana, angalore, Mumbai, 8olkata, 5yderabad and a shop in 3une. eJ also has an international presence with a store in ,ubai, 1A). %he eJ chain will soon spread to allEimportant cities in India and abroad. eJ offers a range of apparel and accessories for both men (20R# and women (C0R#. 4adies wear comprises of 4adies *estern *ear (D@R#, 4adies )thnic *ear (2@R# and 4adies Accessories (BR# while Mens wear which offers wide range of Mens *esterns is the fastestE growing category. eJ merchandise is focussed on specific target group making it more wearable and acceptable to consumers. %he collection is an electric mi& of formal office and e$eningwear. %he fabric ranges from knits to wo$ens and cottons > linens to silk, with a spectrum of colours starting from earthy and a:ua tones to bright colours. %he price range is e:ually e&citing that starts as low as "s. D@@?E to a ma&imum of "s.D@@@?E. AccessoriesJ 3resently the eJ collection consists of designer bags for women, belts inspired by traditional Indian artistry, designer shoes by "inaldi . It also houses e&clusi$e designer jewellery under the eJ in house label. A8iation "aymond di$ersified into A$iation launching the air ta&i ser$ice G Million Air with a fleet of three helicopters and Fi&ed *ing Aircraft in February 'AAD. It was aimed mainly at the -orporate %ra$el /egment, which at that time was practically nonEe&istent. Million Air, which completes its eight years of operation in February 0@@7, now boasts of a regular clientele of o$er 70' top companies in India and abroad. Million Air has the distinction of achie$ing o$erall technical reliability of AAR. ,uring this period, it has operated o$er '@,@@@ flights and flew o$er 0C,A@@ passengers co$ering a distance of appro&. 02,09,@@@ kms. *ith Million Air you fly at your con$enience, safely in worldEclass comfort and in style. Million Air is also a member of 5AI (5elicopter Association International# > + AA (+ational usiness A$iation Association, 1/A and has been awarded Usafety AwardsU by both the organiLations.

/er$ices (fferedJ W4ong distance tra$el (,omestic and International# on usiness Het Aircraft W )mergency stretcher ser$ices on 5elicopters W Aerial sight seeing tours and Hoyrides W!isits to places of pilgrimage WFactory $isits W Film shootings W Flower ,ropping W Aerial photography?sur$ey (with prior permission# W )lectronic +ews 6athering .


@G)inancial anal9sis Sources of finance , anal9sis "aymond reports strong profit growth for the :uarter ended /eptember 2@, 0@'@ 'i:hli:hts3 W 3A% for the :uarter registered 70CR increase to "s 2A crore from "s C crore in the corresponding period of the pre$ious year W For half year ended 2@ /eptember 0@'@, 3A% at "s '7 crore as against loss of "s 07 crore for pre$ious year W %e&tiles segment sales grew by '7R %he %e&tile segment sales for 0@'@ registered an increase of '7R to "s 2A2 crore on the back of higher $olumes and impro$ed realiLations in a buoyant domestic market. %he %e&tile segment reported )arnings efore Interest and %a& () I%# of "s A@ crore which is up by 77R compared to the corresponding period of pre$ious year. %he conse:uent ) I% margin for te&tile segment has impro$ed to 02R in 0@'@ from 'BR in the pre$ious year. %he net sales of the entire Files > %ools business was up 'DR to "s 9A crore for the :uarter. %he randed Apparel business witnessed a DR increase in sales to "s 'C7. %he closure costs of PappM brand ha$e impacted margins. "aymond continues to operate one of the largest specialty retail networks in India in the te&tile and apparel space with DD9 retail stores co$ering o$er '.7 million s:uare feet of retail space. In addition, the -ompany also has 2A stores in Middle )ast and /AA"-. 4ikeEtoElike store sales growth for -ompanyEoperated stores for the :uarter has been strong at '@R. %he company has arri$ed at an amicable solution to the !"/ settlement package issue in$ol$ing 'BB9 workers of its %hane te&tile factory, which suspended operations in +o$ember 0@@A. %he total package cost is appro&. "s 0D@ crore, which is to be paid in two parts G the first part of "s. '9@ crore would be disbursed to the workers immediately, while the balance "s ''@ crore would be disbursed in three years. As on (ctober 09, 0@'@ o$er A2R workers ha$e opted for !"/ settlement.

>e9 )inancial $ndicators 1nits




"e$enue "s million 3A% "s million "e$enue growth 3er cent 3A% growth 3er cent

07,CDB.' E'D.B 'C.' E'@'.0

0D,D'@.7 09,C22.B E0,0C0.B E792.7 C.7 E2.2 E'2,702.A B@.'

In the backdrop of the financial crisis witnessed in the pre$ious financial year and the subse:uent fallout, F. 0@'@ was an e&tremely challenging year for your -ompany. 5owe$er, the resilience and inherent strengths of your -ompanyFs brands, :uality manufacturing and deep network relationships enabled your -ompany to weather the downturn and achie$e better performance in F. 0@'@. .our -ompany continues to be the market leader in its core business. A number of rationalisation and restructuring initiati$es were taken during the year under re$iew to further consolidate its strengths and position itself to take ad$antage of the upturn. ,uring F. 0@'@, your -ompany completed the restructuring e&ercise of the Files > %ools business by transferring it as a going concern on a slump sale basis to its wholly owned subsidiary H8 Files (India# 4imited (formerly known as 5industan Files 4imited# effecti$e (ctober ', 0@@A. %his restructuring brings together different entities of your -ompanyFs Files > %ools businesses into a single legal structure and le$erage synergies. In $iew of this restructuring, the standalone performance of the -ompany is strictly not comparable with that of the pre$ious year. %he -ompany closed down the operations at its high cost %hane unit in ,ecember 0@@A. A section of the workers accepted the $oluntary retirement scheme and negotiations are on with the balance workers for an amicable settlement. ,uring the year under re$iew, the ad$erse changes in )uropean market conditions coupled with the bankruptcy of a major customer rendered the operations of the -ompanyFs whollyEowned subsidiaryE"egency %e&teis 3ortuguesa 4imitada ("egency#, 3ortugal, un$iable and as a conse:uence, "egency filed for insol$ency. %he -ompany has made a pro$ision of "s.'0.'7 crores for diminution in the $alue of its e&posures in "egency. For the Financial .ear ended March 2', 0@'@, the gross turno$er of your -ompany was "s.'22A.2C crores as compared to "s.'2A2.0D crores in the pre$ious year. 3rofit before ta& and e&ceptional items was "s.'B.BB crores as against a loss of "s. 9B.C9 crores in the pre$ious year. %he net profit, after e&ceptional items, prior year adjustments and pro$ision for ta&es was "s.09.@D crores as against a net loss of "s.0C'.97 crores last year. In order to conser$e the resources of the -ompany and taking into account the pre$ailing economic situation, the need of resources for growth, the oard of ,irectors of the -ompany ha$e decided not to recommend di$idend for the financial year ended March 2', 0@'@. .our -ompany continues with its task to build businesses with longEterm goals based on its intrinsic strengths in terms of its powerful brands, :uality manufacturing prowess, distribution strengths and customer relationships. %o accelerate further $alue creation, your -ompany continues to e$aluate new areas of growth. %he initiati$es aimed at rationalising and streamlining operations, to bring about efficiencies and reducing costs, remain top priority.

RAT$O ANA/&S$S3 )$NANC$A/ #ANA(E#ENT RAT$O -urrent "atio Z -urrent Assets -urrent 4iabilities .ear 0@@A Z B07A@.9A Z 0.00J' 2C'7C.97 .ear 0@@B Z CC@''.'A Z 0.22J' 20AAB.'B .ear 0@@C Z D99@'.20 Z 0.D@J' 09'@A.CB +oteJ 6enerally, the ratio 0J' is considered satisfactory. /o here is no worry about the -urrent "atioJE 3roprietary "atio Z 3roprietors Fund or ):uities Fi&ed Assets [-urrent Assets .ear 0@@A '29D'9.A7 Z @.B9 or B9.7CR '9BDD7.C7 .ear 0@@B ''BAA7.92 Z @.C2 or C2.DCR 'D'902 90 .ear 0@@C ''@2A2.92 Z @.BB or BB.7BR '07C99.AB +oteJ %his mean that out of e$ery rupee of assets employed in the business, B9 paisa in 0@@A, C2 paisa in 0@@D and BB paisa in 0@@9 contributed by the proprietors and remaining contributes by the outsider creditors.

A leader in the premium fabric market, "aymond is emerging as a garment player to reckon with. Its wide presence in the e&port market makes it a strong contender in the race to gain global market share in clothing. 3remium garments to pro$ide a$enues for growth. I+!)/%("/ can hold the stock of "aymond. %he companyOs longEterm growth prospects remain unaffected. %he company continues to enjoy a leadership position in the worsted fabric market. It has also gained a dominant presence in the domestic market for highEend garments. 5a$ing made inroads in the e&port market, "aymond is better placed to cater to the demand from such markets. RECO##EN%AT$ONS %he obser$ation which we came across in the company while $isiting the manufacturing unit was that the company what maintained properly and work in progress was proceeding $ery smoothly. %he machinery were kept in proper way i.e. assembly line was maintained so that wip can be minimiLed. All the waste material was collected in dustbins and those waste materials are also utiliLed in different ways. *e obser$ed that workers were properly trained from time to time. /o due to proper training they ha$e became skilled. %he flooring was maintained and their was facility of drinking water for labours in short the company pro$ides comfort to their workers.

$N%"STR$A/ +$S$T REPORT "aymond products ha$e uni$ersal appeal and are different in the key areas of imaging, music, design and applications. %he company has launched products that make best use of the major te&tile goods, while enhancing its offerings to entry le$el markets.

eing one of the fortunate lucky ones to get an opportunity to $isit "aymonds. "aymonds which is one of the largest te&tile company today. After hea$y security measures, I were allowed inside the "aymond comple&. *ith the help of the guides, I went around the different sections of manufacturing unit and had closer look at the technologies and machineries that were used in the production of te&tile product. +ormally, -omponies like "aymonds do not let outsiders in its comple&I and I was fortunate to ha$e the opportunity of $isiting the .

B$B/$O(RAP'& $NTERNET 3= \httpJ??"MZ,+/A/> \ httpJ?? \ httpJ?? \ httpJ??


X' *hen I say suiting and shirtings, which brand comes to your mindN

"aymondFs /iyaram ,igjam !imal ,inesh "eid > taylor Mayur

X0 5ow many brand under "aymondFs are you aware ofN 3ar& 3ark a$enue eJ -olor plus Papp ManLonni

X2 "ate these brand in terms of :uality $ariety and affordability on the scale of 'E'@.

"aymondFs /iyaram ,igjam !imal ,inesh "eid > taylor Mayur

X7 *hat makes you buy a "aymond productN

Xuality %rust )&perience /tyle Affordability !ariety of merchandise offered 3romotions -ustomer ser$ice?ambience

X9 5ow was your e&perience of buying a "aymond brandN

)&cellent 6ood A$erage ad?poor

XD From where do you buy "aymondFs merchandiseN

4ocal shop owners %he "aymondFs shop )&clusi$e brand outlets

XC 5ow do you get to know about "aymondFsN

Friends Family %ele$ision ad. 3rint media 4ocal shop ownerFs ad.

RES"/T , anal9sis

In response to the first :uestion most of the consumers responded to "aymond, /iyaram and !imal as major suiting and shirting brands out of 9@ consumers '9 ga$e their first response as "aymond, 'D as /iyaram A as !imal, 9 as ,egjam 9 as "eid > %aylor.

1 8 1 6 1 4 1 2 1 0 8 6 4 2 0

S eries1 S eries2

*hen asked to rate different suiting and shirting brands on the scale of 'E'@ Following responses were obtained on an a$erage basis /iyarams A?'@, "aymond B?'@, "eid > %aylor C?'@,

Mayur C?'@, !imal C?'@, ,igjam D?'@, ,inesh

1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Se rie s1 Se rie s2 Se rie s3

*hen asked about the major determinant behind buying a "aymond product. %he consumer responded in following manner Xuality '2, %rust '', Affordability '', /tyle D, 3romotion 2, !ariety of MerchandiLe D, -ustomer /er$ice @,

1 4 1 2 1 0 8 6 4 2 0 Se rie s1 Se rie s2 Se rie s3

Following are the consumer response after buying a "aymond brand. )&cellent '2, 6ood 'B, A$erage '9, 3oor? ad 7.

20 1 8 1 6 1 4 1 2 1 0 8 6 4 2 0 S eries1 S eries2 S eries3

3eople buy "aymond MerchandiLe from

4ocal shop owners 09, "aymond /hops 0', )&clusi$e rand outlets 7.
30 25 20 15 10 5 0 1 2 3 Local shop Raymond shop Exclusive

*hen asked about the source of information about "aymond products, %hese were the responses of consumers. Friends '@, Family '@, %ele$ision Ad. 'D, 3rint Media '0, 4ocal /hop owner Ad. 0.

18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Friend Family Television rien! media Local shop o"oner #eries1 #eries2 #eries3

Ra9mond .alters Colle:e +ision Statement 1ni$ersity of -incinnati G "aymond *alters -ollege will be a leader among (hioFs regional campuses in pro$iding :uality education and ser$ices to meet the changing needs of a growing and di$erse community #$SS$ON- P'$/OSOP'& , +$S$ON

%o offer :uality career programs at the associate and technical baccalaureate le$els. %o offer :uality transfer programs articulated with appropriate baccalaureate programs. %o pro$ide an appropriate general education component in all degree programs as an essential part of studentsO learning e&periences.

%o offer professional certificates. %o offer credit and nonEcredit courses that meet the needs of nonEmatriculated students. %o pro$ide student ser$ices that address the needs of all students. %o offer necessary classes and pro$ide learning support ser$ices and technologies for students at all le$els of academic preparation.

%o maintain an e&cellent teaching faculty who are acti$ely engaged in furthering knowledge through scholarship, research, and assessment of student learning.

%o engage in acti$e partnership with community groups and to in$ol$e them in appropriate areas of decision making.

%o ser$e the community through faculty and staff e&pertise and college resources. %o engage in and support assessment throughout the college.