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Job Specification Duty Manager - Retail

Job Title: Location: Hours of Work: Reports to: Accountable to: Duty Manager - Retail (Fixed Term Contract) Manchester/North West 40 hours per week General Manager General Manager Group Attractions Manager Ensure the highest standards of experience and service for all staff & guests are maintained across the site, with particular reference to providing all visitors to the attraction with an exemplary retail experience through the professionalism of the team, the product development, selection, display and cleanliness of the attraction shop

Job Function:

Key Tasks: 1. Team Recruit, retain and develop the best people that allow you to maximise the productivity and profitability of the retail operation. Provide staff with clear objectives and goals for both the retail and individual performance targets. Support all staff with regular and constructive feedback on results. Undertake attraction Duty Management function as required. Support and cover for your colleagues within the Duty Management team ensuring that tasks under their remit are managed during their absence Manage the retail team including developing individuals performance and lead one-to-one reviews. In conjunction with the General Manager identify staff training requirements and implement where applicable. Encourage a professional interest in health and safety in all staff. Ensure a high level of presentation, personal hygiene and that uniform guidelines are adhered to at all times. Deputise for senior management in their absence, providing cover during colleagues absences. In conjunction with the General Manager ensure a continuous review of health and safety in relation to all activities and the assessing of risks, implementing new risk assessments as and when required.
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Attend, as required, all corporate bookings with particular emphasis on quality of service and punctuality. Ensure inductions and introductory training of all new employees.

Performance Ensure that the retail department operates effectively and efficiently within the attraction with the clear objective of maximising profitability, for example by; monitoring income and expenditure, ensuring the forecasted margin is achieved, presenting and delivering promotions to exploit seasonal opportunities. Maximise the retail opportunity through the setting of sales targets and incentives Ensure that the photo opportunity is delivered and sold at the capture point Ensure that proactive selling is undertaken for this product and the sales desk Ensure that a script and procedure is adopted to maximise upselling of retail products at all appropriate guest touch points Manage the Staff Absence procedure by thorough record keeping and ensuring all back to work interviews are conducted and any issues highlighted to the General Manager. Implement and monitor daily work schedules and rotas based on analysis of customer flow. Contribute to the planning and financial budgeting for the retail business. Prepare and work to an agreed monthly action plan to achieve sales targets. Ensure effective on site cash handling procedures are in place and being followed at all times. Liaise with Operations/Finance departments and/or other sites as necessary to ensure consistency across the Group. Maximise revenue through skilled use of sales, promotion and marketing in line with the business plan and marketing strategy. Develop a clear protocol for the management and ordering of stock and ensure that pricing maximises the potential margins on each item. Manage the stock systems to ensure the prevention of stock losses. Produce reports as required by the GM or EMT to include but not limited to Health & Safety, weekly finance and performance, accident stats, customer satisfaction levels Ensure all Continuum polices are adhered to. Ensure the daily processing of purchase orders & related invoices for the attraction. Maintain the confidentiality of Continuum and its internal communications, records and commercially sensitive information. Ensure that the highest level of customer service is maintained at all times by working closely with the management team to provide the best service to the attractions visitors. Ensure the on-going development of the retail offer through awareness of both products and trends.



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Ensure that all areas of the attraction are presented to the highest standards with particular regard to cleanliness and maintenance. Respond effectively to any incident on site which might require assistance of the emergency services (such as Police, Ambulance or Fire Services). Deal with all customer complaints in a prompt, professional and thorough manner.


Growth Actively encourage feedback from customers and implement any appropriate changes to improve the level of service offered. Contribute to the success of the attractions website, for example; through social media, networking, generation of stories and ensuring all PR opportunities are identified and exploited via the PR Officer. Contribute towards meetings and future development of the attraction. Ensure all operations conform to legal regulations with regard to health and safety and food hygiene requirements.

This job description is not exhaustive and other duties or tasks may be required as specified from time to time in accordance with the job role.

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