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Republic of the Philippines NATIONAL CAPITAL JUDICIAL REGION Regional Trial Court Branch 12, Makati City

PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES, Plaintiff, -versusCRIM. CASE NO. 2014-0201 Code (Murder)

Francisco Samaniego, Accused. x---------------------------------------------x


I, ARNOLD CASTILLO, of legal age, married, a Registered Physician with postal address c/o Forensics Division, Crime Laboratory Office, Philippine National Police, Camp Crame Quezon City, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law depose and state, that: This examination is conducted and supervised by Atty. Ernani Gonzales, with postal address at Legal Department, Gonzales and Ermita Law Firm, Upper Mckinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City; I am answering the questions asked in this judicial affidavit, fully conscious that I am doing so under oath and that I may face criminal liability for false testimony or perjury; The questions asked and my corresponding answers thereto are as follows: 1. Q: What is your current employment, Mr. Witness? A: I am working as a Forensic Examiner at the Philippine National Police - Crime Laboratory Office. 2. Q: How long have you been employed with the PNP Crime Laboratory Office? A: I have been working at my office for 20 years beginning 1993 up to present.

3. Q: As a Forensic Examiner, what are your duties and responsibilities, Mr. Witness? A: The following are my duties and responsibilities, Sir. 1. Examination of the fingerprints including the determination of its identity; 2. Checking on the Tenprint Database and Latent to Print Inquirites. The Latent print Database is used to check if the arrested suspect has committed a previous crime; 3. Checking if the collected Latent print match with another unsolved crimes; 4. Retrieval of the images of candidate fingerprints are retrieved from the Fingerprint Image Database and displayed on the fingerprint workstation; 5. Verification of the fingerprint and latent prints which are stored on istorage disk; 6. Evaluate and review reports of other forensic examiners; 7. Conducts research works, lectures, trainings and seminars on forensic examination, particularly on fingerprint examination. 8. Appear and testify in courts and other quasi-judicial bodies as an expert technical witness. 4. Q: Mr. Witness, have you undergone trainings and seminars to qualify you as Questioned Documents Examiner? A: Yes, I have attended trainings and seminars in the Philippines and overseas such as: 1.5th Forensic Examination in Brussels, Belgium on April 12, 2010; 2. Forensic Science course at the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington D.C., Maryland, USA on June 5, 2012; 3. International Conference of Forensic Examiners in Berlin, Germany on August 5, 2013. 5. Q: In the course of your examination as such, did you happen to examine a document particularly the fingerprint record of Francisco Samaniego? A: Yes. 6. Q: Under what circumstances did you come to examine the fingerprint record of Francisco Samaniego? A: The request came from PCInsp. Lorna Santos, lead investigator of the murder case of Juanita Puruganan. The request for examination of the then unknown fingerprint record was made on February 1, 2014. 7. Q: After receiving such request, what did you do next, if any? A: After receiving the request for fingerprint examination together with the sample of the fingerprint record recovered at the crime scene, I forwarded the sample specimen to the PNP Crime Laboratory Office for examination. 8. Q: Was there a submission of the sample specimen of Mr. Francisco Samaniego?

A: No sir, because at that time there was no possible suspect identified by any witness. 9. Q: What specific fingerprint specimen were submitted for examination? A: Several documents were submitted bearing the fingerprint specimen such as the following: 1.Fingerprint specimen (Control No. 2014-01) taken from the kitchen knife in the house of the crime scene; 2. Fingerprint specimen (Control No. 2014-02) taken from the floor where the victim was found; 3. Fingerprint specimen (Control No. 2014-03) taken from the glass of water inside the house where the victim was found. 10.Q: What did you do next, Mr. Witness? A: I immediately made an initial examination at the PNP Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). I scanned the fingerprint specimens and checked it on the Ten Print Inquiry at our database. The Ten Print Identification is used to confirm the identity and criminal history of the suspect. 11.Q: What was the next step you have taken? A: I proceeded to Latent Print Inquiry examination. This inquiry compares a latent print from a crime scene with the fingerprint that are stored in the database to identify the perpetrator of the crime. I immediately followed the Offense Inquiry examination. This inquiry compares the ten print of offender with latent prints on file from unsolved crimes to see if the suspect committed previous offenses. 12.Q: After that, what happened next? A: I conducted the Serial Crimes Inquiry. This inquiry compares a latent print from a crime scene with latent prints on file from unsolved crimes to see if the same person has committed other crimes. 13. Q: In the analysis of the specimen fingerprints which was submitted for your examination, what was your findings? A: The result of our examination revealed that the fingerprint specimens found at the crime scene and based on our existing fingerprint database, both revealed that Francisco Samaniegos fingerprint was one and the same. 14.Q: Was your examination reduced into writing? A: Yes sir. 15. Q: If the document is shown to you, will you be able to identify the same? A: Yes sir.

16. Q: Mr. Witness, I am showing to you a document denominated as Fingerprint Examination Result No. 2014-05 dated February 10, 2014, is this the same document you mentioned earlier? A: Yes sir. (Pre-marked as Exhibit C and C-1, and copy of which was previously furnished to counsel for the defense). 17. Q: On page 2 of the said document at the left bottom portion thereof, there appears a signature above the typewritten name Arnold Castillo, whose signature is this Mr. Witness? A: It is my signature, Sir. (Mark as Exhibit C-3) IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this February 20, 2014 in Makati City.


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME, a Notary Public for and in Makati City this 20th day of February 2014, affiant exhibiting his Philippine passport (XX2012010) issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs on January 10, 2014.