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Human Behavior in Organization

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1. Explain what empowerment means to you. Give an illustration of a time when you truly felt empowered. For me, empowerment is a process in which powerlessness or low selfefficacy is eliminated through sharing of relevant information between the manager and employee. It happens to me when I was wor ing in a !apanese company as a tile setter. "eing my fist time to have a #ob, I felt confuse about many things and how should I perform it better, my line leader empowers me by teaching me all the things I need to learn and allowing me to wor for myself. I felt that time that I can do it without any help. $y self-efficiency went high that time.

%. &s several persons outside of class what 'participation( means. If their answers differ, explain why you thin they do. )articipation for them are involving themselves in an activity and sharing their nowledge for better performance and achieving the goals of their group.

*. +ow is it possible for participation to increase the power and influence of both manager and employee, "ecause participation is the mental and emotional involvement of people in a group situations that encourages them to contribute to group goals and share responsibility.

-. .iscuss the prere/uisites for effective participation. 0hich of these are more difficult to fulfill, .o the more difficult prere/uisites help explain why some managers are still relatively autocratic, 1he prere/uisites for effective participation are 2 o &de/uate time to participate, it means that timing are necessary for the employee to participate. )otential benefits greater than costs, participation should not disturb the wor ing hours of the employee 3elevance to employee interests, it should be related to the #ob of the employee

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&de/uate employee abilities to deal with the sub#ect, the abilities of the employees should be eep in mind before he or she as to participate $utual ability to communicate, managers should to their language in order to be able to exchange ideas 4o feeling of threat to either party, it should be acceptable to both parties. 3estriction to the area of #ob freedom, participation for deciding a course of action in an organi5ation can ta e place only within the group6s area of #ob freedom.

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For me, 4o feeling of threat to either party are more difficult to fulfill, because for the employees, the security of their wor are their primary concern, if they feel that their status will be adversely affected, they will not participate, same for the manager 7. $any employees desire a higher level of participation than they are currently allowed. 0hy is it that managers do not provide more opportunities for participation now, "ecause manager may fear losing their status as the ey decision ma er in the organi5ation or they might have less power and control.

8. 9ist several benefits that can flow from participation. :ompare the various programs on the basis of the degree to which they are li ely to provide those benefits. )articipation brings higher output and better /uality output. )articipation tends to improve motivation because employees feel more accepted and involved in the situation. Employee6s self-esteem, #ob satisfaction, and cooperation with management may improve also. 1urnover and absences may be reduced

;. &pply the leader-member exchange model to the professor-student relationship. 0hat does each party have to give to the other, &pplying the leader-member exchange model to the professor-student relationship, )rofessor as the leader should teach his or her student <member= all the things they need to now. )raise the student in a #ob well done for motivation and giving the rightful grade in each student according to their performance in the class. In exchange the student or the members should give respect to their professor at all time, follow the

house rules and regulation set by the professor and studying hard to meet the expectation of the professor. >. 0hat was the area of freedom in your last #ob, 0as it ade/uate for your needs, 0hat groups or institutions restricted this freedom, In what ways was it too large an area, ?. :onsider the use of self-managing teams. 0hat possible negative conse/uences can you predict once they are begun, 1he possible negative conse/uences when using self-managing team are misunderstanding between the members of the group, if one member cannot control their behavior@ it may affect the whole decision process for the decision came from the group.

1A. :onsider your instructor use of the stewardship role. In what ways does she or he can demonstrate partnership building, service, and empowerment, +e or she can demonstrate partnership by helping his or her student to attain relevant goals while developing their abilities. )racticing servant leadership by placing the needs of others above one6s own self-interest. 9i e an flight steward who assist all the passenger6s need while boarding on the plane.