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Creature (22) 4x Boros Reckoner 4x Deathbellow Raider 4x Kragma Warcaller 2x Mogis, God of Slaughter 4x Rageblood Shama 4x Ragemonger Sorcery

(3) 3x Dreadbore Instant (9) 3x Doom Blade 3x Lightning Strike 3x Magma Jet Land (23) 4x Blood Crypt 10x Mountain 5x Swamp 4x Temple of Malice 57 cards Deck Statement: Utilize Ragemonger to quickly and efficiently flood the field with minotaurs, Rageblood Shaman and Kragma Warcaller being key, while controlling the opponent's field.

Card Reasonings: Boros Reckoner +Efficient +Most powerful minotaur in standard +Adds large devotion +3/3 body +Access to First Strike +Minotaur synergy +Potential to be cast for 0 Deathbellow Raider +2 drop creature +Has survivability +Minotaur synergy

Kragma Warcaller +Promotes aggressive style +Gives Haste +Benefits all minotaur +Playable with help of Ragemonger Mogis, God of Slaughter +Underestimated power +Lingering effect +Strong attacker +Indestructible +Constant pressure Rageblood Shaman +Benefits other minotaurs +Gives trample +Easier to cast with Ragemonger Ragemonger +Improves playability of all minotaurs +Makes many minotaurs only cost colorless +Fits well in curve +Forces access to black +Gives more variety of removal Dreadbore +Removal of creatures +Removal of planeswalkers +2 mana removal Doom Blade +Affects majority of creatures +2 mana removal +Instant Lightning Strike +Red removal +Can damage opponent +Instant Magma Jet +Red removal +Scry +Instant

Key Combos: Kragma Warcaller => Minotaurs Rageblood Shaman => Minotaurs

Ragemonger => Minotaurs High alpha strike potential


3-Flex Options 3 Thoughtseize +Turn 1 play +Get rid of their bomb +See opponent's hand -Potentially pay 4 life turn 1 -Sorcery speed -Expensive 3 Legion Loyalist +Turn 1 damage +Late game bomb +Good topdeck with field +Good against token decks +Chump-blocker -1/1 Body -Bad topdeck without field 3 Fanatic of Mogis +4/2 body +Will trade with most things +Attacker +Good topdeck with a field +Late game bomb +Minotaur +Already own - 4 Mana cost -Needs a field 3 Ultimate Price +Remove threats +Clear way for attacks +Play on their turn +Low mana -Selective targeting -Already have 12 removal spells 1 Swamp, 2 Underworld Cerberus +More land efficiency

+Big creature +Board presence +Good effect +Bomb-ish +Strong against control and kill -5 CMC -Not huge synergy -Helps opponent -Slows deck down 1 Swamp, 2 Rakdos's Return +CARD ADVANTAGE +More land efficiency +Can be played at different stages +Damage +Never really a dead card -Inefficient w/ no cards in opponent's hand -Does not deal with immediate threats Swap lands, 3 Boros Charm 3 Mountain => Sacred Foundry 3 Swamp => Godless Shrine +Creatures can be indestructible +Versatile +Damage spell +More creature damage +2 mana +Good synergy -Adds mana complexity -More mana comes into play tapped -Adds colors don't necessarily need -Does not deal with board threats -Potentially slows deck down -Can be dead card in hand for some time