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The Group companies Company Finarvedi Acciaieria Arvedi Arvedi Tubi Acciaio ILTA I !" Arino# Head office Milan (Lombardy) Cremona (Lombardy) Cremona (Lombardy) Cremona (Lombardy) *eno+a (Liguria) Employee s 19 930 4$% 34( (48 Turnover Euro/millio n 3 849 30& (30 10& Activity Holding company Production tran!"ormation di!tribution 'ran!"ormation di!tribution 'ran!"ormation di!tribution 'ran!"ormation di!tribution Products #lat rolled carbon !teel Carbon !teel tube! )tainle!! !teel tube! ',in gauge !tainle!! !teel !trip

PRODUCT MIX Hot rolled flat products Producing quality carbon steel coils. Built in the early 1990s, it is a very modern industrial wor s, the first e!ample in "urope of a mini#mill for flat rolled steel. $sing the innovative %and patented& '(P ) 'n#line (trip Production technology, the most advanced of the modern compact technologies, production volumes amount to over one million tpy of blac , pic led and galvanised coils* some final processing operations are carried out at its own service centre in +orbetta %,ilan&. (et up in the early 1990s and specialised in the precision cold rolling of ultrathin stainless steel strip down to gauges below 0,1 mm. 't is the only producer on the domestic mar et in this sector and operates in a niche%nicchia& mar et with annual volumes of 1-,000 tonnes of which about .0/ is e!ported. Built in the early 19.0s and from the start equipped with avant#garde plants. 0ith volumes of 120,000 tonnes, highly oriented towards quality and special products using coils from 3cciaieria 3rvedi, it holds important positions on the domestic and "uropean mar ets. Historically the first of the group4s companies set up in the early 19-0s. 't is specialised in tubes for quality applications which meet rigorous international standards, with production volumes of over 52,000 tonnes of which over .2/ is e!ported.

Precision stainless steel 0elded carbon steel tubes 0elded stainless steel tubes

SUMMARY 't is the most recent of the 3rvedi 6roup4s companies and alone represents over 20/ of the entire 6roup4s turnover%fatturato&.

3cciaieria 3rvedi, offices and wor s 't is "urope4s first and the world4s second mini#mill for flat rolled%laminati dacciaio& steel production. 7he production process, based on the innovative ISP (In-line Strip Production) technology, allows the liquid steel from the melt shop to be transformed into best quality ultra#thin gauge%spessore& hot rolled coils in a single, e!tremely compact cycle %89in un unico ciclo, estremamente compatto di trasformare l'acciaio liquido, elaborato in acciaieria, in coils laminati a caldo della migliore qualit ed in spessori ultrasottili...:&.

't is a highly modern industrial comple! due to its technological, environmental and ergonomic concepts and can be defined as a new way of producing steel. 0ith its particular plants and equipment special products can be manufactured in a fle!ible and economic way, ma ing this the strong point of the wor s. Hot rolled coil can be further finished through pic ling%decappaggio& and galvanising%zincatura& which, together with the cutting lines, process a considerable share of production providing a fast service for end users. 3t its +remona wor s 3cciaieria 3rvedi produces blac , pic led and galvanised coils with strip cutting services, while at its +orbetta wor s %near ,ilan&, equipped as a service centre, more capillary activities are carried out. Production is oriented towards special steels %in particular high strength and ;ual Phase& and thin and ultra#thin gauges which can substitute cold rolled products for many applications.

$EA% &''( ) ACCIAIE%IA A%*E+I

)-L.) /tonne! '12345.2 .uro6million .78'9.uro6million .MPL4:..) number

1018& 849 8( &3 930

PRODUCTIO DEVE!OPME T 3cciaieria 3rvedi started up in 199< as the prototype of a new steelma ing model for steel coil%lamiera& production, capable of producing thin and quality materials in small lots at competitive costs and with highly fle!ible production. 7he production cycle starts with the casting%colaggio& of a thin slab% bramma, .2 mm& directly reduced with a liquid core to a thic ness of 22 mm and fed%alimentata& in#line to a roughing mill%laminatoio sbozzatore& which reduces it to a very thin gauge %1<.2 mm&.

;irect connection of casting and rolling

7his first process phase, together with a limited heating phase %=><00?+& achieved through an induction furnace%forno ad induzione&, differentiates 3rvedi technology from other thin slab technologies and characterises the high product quality and the particular attitude to the production of high strength thermo#mechanical thin gauge %1 mm& steel grades. 'n 1992, once the main phase of the process technology development was finished, the pro@ect4s initial production targets were e!ceeded and the production structure was progressively improved through an increase in melt shop capacity and the installation in 199. of the "i"t# rollin$ %t&nd%quinta gabbia laminatoio finitore& in the finishing mill.

Ainishing mill 199B saw the start#up of the pic ling plant with in#line s inpass, e!pressly studied for processing thin gauges %1 ) 1.< mm& which in the meantime have become part of normal production for the steelwor s.

Pic ling <000 saw a further increase in melt shop capacity with a modification to the melting furnace and the installation of a second ladle furnace%forno siviera& for liquid steel refining. 'n <00< the coil galvanising plant, specifically studied for special products and able to process high strength and dual phase steels, came on line.


(till in <00< started strip cutting activities with the installation of two slitters, an activity till then carried out e!clusively by its subsidiary +(( in +orbetta. 'n the course of <005 the continuous casting and pre#rolling machine was modified in order to raise productivity and increase it to about '() *illion tp+. Cver the years the production range has been completed both as regards steel grades and gauges. Production characteristics can be summed up both in the complete range of steels produced, from %o"t %teel% suitable for forming and section welding, to *ediu*,#i$# c&r-on construction and #e&t tre&t*ent steels, to #i$# %tren$t# *icro&llo+ed steels, -oron %teel% for quenching and hardening and most recently dual phase steels. 't is also possible to produce gauges at ma!imum table width %').. **&, giving a range of characteristics %gauge, width and steel grade& that are unique when compared with the best of steel producers worldwide.


Tipo di certifica,ione

+ata prima emissione 3161(6(009

Ente 8*=

)i!tema di ge!tione per la !alute e la !icure;;a 4H)-) 18001<(00& 8=3. ' ((60$6(000 )i!tema di ge!tione per la >ualit? 8)4 9001<(008 8=3. ' ((61(6(004 )i!tema di ge!tione ambientale 8)4 14001<(004 8=3. ' '@5 '@5 - P.9 (Pre!!ure .>uipment 9irecti+e) 9&6(36.C per i recipienti in pre!!ione 8*= 8*=

Tipo di approva,ione

Campo di applica,ione -pparecc,i a pre!!ione e caldaie -cciai per impieg,i !trutturali !econdo la .3 100(%-(

Ent e

-9 (000 - M.2A7L-'' B 06'29 100


Marcatura C. in con"ormit? alla 9iretti+a 89610$6C.. del Con!iglio delle Comunit? .uropeee del (161(688


Co!tru;ioni metallic,e 9ecreto autori;;ati+o !econdo 9M 96169$ del Mini!tero LLPP per gli acciai da co!tru;ione0

CO TRO!S 7he product control plan prepared in the ambit of quality management system provides for quality and process controls, shown here below only as headings and only for the main phases as followsD 1. 1ot coil production 3. 'n the melt shopD entry controls on raw materials, mainly composed of various categories of scrap, pig iron, ferroalloys and 8melting: substances* melting phase controls, from the preparation of the buc ets for melting to liquid steel refining with tapping analyses* refining treatment controls in the ladle furnace with final chemical analysis* B. Cn the '(P lineD control of casting temperatures, cooling and oscillation methods**

control of primary and secondary solidification with continuous logging of the thermal map* temperature control in the induction furnace and +remona furnace* pressure and efficiency control of the descaler* set#up control of the finishing mill and end#of#rolling and coiling temperature controls* continuous process and dimensional controls %strip width, gauge, profile&, visual and flatness aspects, with inspection of the test piece ta en from the tail of the strip on the basis of the sampling programme* visual controls on coiling and mar ing of the coil* final control through mechanical tests and issue of certificates as per $E' "E 10<05.

<. Production o" pic2led &nd $&l3&ni%ed coil4 o o o o o o controls on material entering the process lines with steel grade identification and gauge control* set#up of the process line %pic ling and galvanising&, control of the basic parameters* strip elongation and flatness chec in the s inpassing phase and surface quality control* gauge and coating adherence %galvanising& chec * control of finishing phases %oiling F passivation&* final control through mechanical tests and issue of certificates as per "E 10<05.

Gau-es .mm/ 0PE00!%I GA1GE T!LE%A CE0 T!LLE%A 2E 0PE00!%E As per E1 3''43 E1 3''43 008 - 1019 10( - 1049 10% - 1099 (00 - (049 (0% - (099 300 - 3099 400 - 4099 %00 - %099 $00 - &099 800 - 9099 1000 - 100&% C6- 001& C6- 001& C6- 001& C6- 0018 C6- 00(0 C6- 00(( C6- 00(4 C6- 00($ C6- 00(9 C6- 003( C6- 003% C6- 000$ C6- 000$ C6- 0008 C6- 0010 C6- 0011 C6- 001( C6- 001( C6- 0013 C6- 001% C6- 00(0 C6- 00(4 Acciaieria Arvedi T%A 0*E%0AL P%!FILE As per E1 3''43 6' mm from ed-es 0013 0013 0013 0013 0013 0013 0013 0013 0013 0013 0013 L! GIT1+I AL P%!FILE

ta5en at &4 mm from ed-es 0004 0004 000% 000% 000$ 000$ 000& 000& 0008 0008 0008

Gau-e variation over len-th 0004 0004 000$ 000& 000& 000& 0008 0008 0009 0010 0010


ominal -au-e mm D (000 F (00D100&%

ominal 7idth mm E 1300 E 1300

*ariation from the hori,ontal flat surface to standard E1 3''43 (0 mm 18 mm I0P close tolerance I0P 10 mm 9 mm


Giew of the '(P line 7he production plants of the +remona wor s are composed ofD

melt shop, equipped with an electric &rc "urn&ce for melting the scrap%rottame&, 5 l&dle "urn&ce% %2 forni siviera& for secondary metallurgy and an ad@acent covered scrap yard %stoccaggio rottame& for storage of raw materials* casting and rolling plant using '(P technology which, in a single cycle, transforms the liquid steel into steel coils* coil pic ling line%linea decappaggio&* hot dip galvanising %zincatura a caldo& of the pic led coils in a molten Hinc bath* two longitudinal cutting lines %slitters& for cutting coils into strips* service plants %electrical substation with a )6.7V connection to the primary networ , the melt shop4s fumes treatment plant, cooling and recirculation plant for process water and the melt shop4s fumes collection and treatment plant&.

7he +remona wor s occupies an area of 89.... *: , of which ;5... *: are covered by industrial buildings and )5.. *: by accessory and service buildings.

't has incorporated the company +((, a service centre in +orbetta %,ilan& occupying an area of 9;<.. *: , of which <5,500 m< are covered, and where certain types of processing, such as coil slitting and flattening, are carried out on . specialised lines to obtain strip and plate.

(lit strips

PRODUCTIO PROCESS Production process originates with the raw material composed of steel scrap for charging, together with melting substances %sostanze fondenti,mainly lime&, the electric arc furnace where, melting occurs through the effect of the heat produced by the electric arc furnace supplied through a three# phase system of graphite electrodes and by o!y#methane burners%bruciatori&. 7he liquid steel produced in this way is cast into large containers, called casting ladles%siviere&, and sent to stations called 8ladle furnaces: %forno siviera&where the metallurgical operations are carried out* these consist in the elimination of non#metallic impurities and in the addition of small percentages of other metals depending on the analysis required by the type of steel being produced. 7he melting and casting operation is repe&ted &-out ). ti*e% in t#e cour%e o" 58 #our% and each heat corresponds to about '5. tonne% of liquid steel. 7he casting ladles%forni siviera& are subsequently ta en from the 8ladle furnaces: to the '(P plant which, in a single sequence and without interruption, transforms the liquid steel into coils%rotoli&, the finished product. 7he steel is fed to the plant, where it is first solidified into a continuous thin slab%nastro, thic ness 22 mm& and in sequence pre#rolled and rolled until thic ness is reduced to values between 1 and 10 mm.

6auges of the thin slab to the finished coil ;uring this sequence the %teel te*per&ture ne3er drop% -elo= ><.?C, much higher than that reached in plants using conventional techniques which need to have recourse to slab heating for the final rolling%laminazione finale&* for this reason the '(P plant achieves considerable energy saving, which can be evaluated as the equivalent of 55 tonne% o" oil e3er+ '... tonne% o" coil% produced, and therefore a considerable advantage for the environment%ambientale&. Cver .2/ of the hot rolled coils obtained are subsequently sent to two recently built processing plants ) pic ing%decappaggio& and hot galvanising. +ompany output is therefore composed of hot rolled blac %acciaio al carbonio neri a caldo&, pic led and galvanised coils.

Blac , pic led and galvanised carbon steel coils

(crap handling

,elting furnace

7hin slab


RA GE O/ STEE!S BI3+J CK P'+JI"; HC7 KCII"; %LAMI A!I A "AL#$ %&I $ #%"A'A!I&

+onstruction steelsD construction steels for general use "E 100<2#<

o o o o o o o o o o o

weather#resistant steels "E 100<2#2 steels for tubes %3P' 2IF"E 10<0B& 2+7 Heat treatment steelsD boron steels "E 100B1 carbon steels "E 100B1 # $E' BB91 alloy steels "E 100B1 Pressure vessel steels%recipienti a pressione&D pressure vessel steels "E 100<B ) 6as bottles "E 101<0 gas bottles "E 101<0 High strength high formability steelsD microalloyed steels "E 10159 dual phase ferritic ) martensitic steels ) A'37 standard 2<B12 ferritic ) bainitic ) A'37 standard 2<B12 High formability steelsD steels for cold deformation "E 10111

HC7 KCII"; CK +CI; KCII"; 63IG3E'("; AI37 PKC;$+7( % LAMI A!I A "AL#$ $ A (&%##$ )I "A!I&

(tructural steels High strength high formability steels


'n the course of <00B 3rino! set up new '5;. ** =ide production lines composed of a 5.-#i rollin$ *ill%laminatoio a 2* rulli&, a B3 annealing plant%impianto di ricottura& equipped with an in#line levelling plant%spianatrice in linea&, cutting and pac ing lines. 3rino!, the only 'talian producer in the precision strip sector%nastro di precisione&, employs a wor force of over 5.. =or2in$ 5' %#i"t% =ee2l+ in a continuous cycle, with a production capacity of over <.(... tonne% per +e&r. 3rino! currently e!ports over .0/ of its output, mainly to "urope but also to 3merica and the Aar and ,iddle "ast. DEVE!OPME T 3rino! in (estri Ievante is a mar et leader and the only 'talian producer of precision rolled stainless steel strip for the &uto*oti3e( *ec#&nic&l &nd pl&nt en$ineerin$ indu%trie% &nd "or electronic% &pplic&tion%. 0ith its cold rolling%laminazione a freddo&, bright annealing%ricottura brillante& and innovative ($7L %(urface $ltracleaning 7reatment& line, its levelling and many precision cutting lines%89 laminazione a freddo, di ricottura brillante, linnovativa linea +,!, la linea di spianatura e le molteplici linee di taglio di precisione-:&, the (estri Ievante production unit can respond to the most diverse requirements dictated by the constant evolution of international mar ets with even tailor#made ideas and solutions. 'n <00. an investment programme was launched which saw the start#up the following year of the new 1<.0 mm wide production plants. 7he production plants are now composed of ) preci%ion cold rollin$ *ill%%laminatoi a freddo di precisione&, ) -ri$#t &nne&lin$ line%%linee di ricottura brillante& with 5 ten%ion le3eller%%spianatrici in tensione& which guarantee production of stainless steel strip of e!cellent quality and unparalleled dimensional precision. 7he broad%gamma& production range, which e!tends to a width of '5<. ** and gauges down to .(.< ** and minimum widths of 5(< **, ma es the (estri Ievante wor s e!tremely competitive and specialised. 7he range of precision strip finishings is complete and highly specialised. 7he strip can be annealed or undergo calibrated strain hardening%incrudimento calibrato& depending on the customerMs preference, with the possibility of choosing from an e!tremely wide mechanical and dimensional range on the basis of effective requirements. 7he ($7L %(urface $ltracleaning 7reatment& line ensures unequalled performance on materials intended for the drawingFstamping mar et. 3rino! is equipped with structures downstream and upstream of the production plants%impianti a valle e a monte& able to control and guarantee raw material quality and finished product quality after levelling and cutting. 7he many slitting lines%linee di taglio longitudinale& carry out e!tremely high precision cut#to# length operations with ma!imum operational fle!ibility. 7wo fully automated pac ing lines downstream from the transformation cycle complete operations.


7he hot rolling process and impurities present in the hydrogen used as a protective gas in the bright annealing furnaces can generate some e!tremely hard micro#particles on the surface of the precision strip. 7hese can cause problems during the subsequent drawing%stampaggio& stages, interfering with the smooth passage of material through the drawer%stampo&, reducing the average wor ing life of the tools used to wor the strip. 3rino! has developed a definitive solution to these problems, producing strip through an e!clusive process.

($7L treatment line 7his electroc#e*ic&l proce%% enables the removal of the top surface layers from the material, producing a totally clean, pollutant#free%esente da inquinanti& surface.

technology is therefore suitable for deep drawing applications, and in any case for all applications requiring low tool wear %bassa usura utensili&.

7he ($7L treatment applied to precision stainless strip is produced e!clusively by 3rino! for its customers and allowsD

a significant increase in tool life* a significant rise in productivity.

7he SUTA process can be applied to all alloys and the treatment4s effectiveness is completed with the respect of other important requirements which characterise the production of precision stainless strip for drawingFstampingD

+ontrolled roughness and total absence of surface defects* High edge quality to reduce friction against running guides* 3 dedicated production cycle for the various product types.

CERTI/ICATIO Bu&lit+ %+%te* certi"ic&tion4

Type of certification

+ate first issued


138 .3 8)4 900(<1994



8)4 9001<(000



!icence%( &ppro3&l% &nd product certi"ic&tion4

Type of endorsement

Field of application

!r-anisatio n

-9 (000 Mer/blatt B0'29 100

coil! !trip

'15 )ud

Pre!!ure .>uipment 9irecti+e 9&6(36.C (P.9) -nneG 1 Paragr 403

Coil! !trip! cut "rom coil! and Helded tube! o" au!tenitic !teel!

'15 )ud

BUA!ITY CO TRO!S 3rino! has implemented a specific Process +ontrol Plan %P+P& across the entire production cycle for strain hardened stainless steel strip for cold rolling %nastro in acciaio ino. incrudito per laminazione a freddo&, including the following controlsD Bu&lit+ control% on =or2 #&rdened %t&inle%% %teel%

"ntry controls on raw materials* (urface, thic ness and width controls during rolling, intermediate annealing and levelling%spianatura&* ,echanical testsD control of correspondence of yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and hardness to customer specifications%verifica della corrispondenza del carico di snervamento, carico di rottura, allungamento e durezza alle specifiche del cliente& and documentary control of the production cycle* (litter ) inspection of edges* Ainal test including pac ing and issue%emissione& of certificate according to "E 10<05 ) 1.1.

Bu&lit+ control% on %t&inle%% %teel% "or SUTA dr&=in$ &pplic&tion%

"ntry controls on raw materials* (urface and dimension controls during rolling annealing, levelling and ($7L treatment* ,echanical tests %control of yield strength to ensure correct strip drawing and control of degree of prescribed roughness& * Ainal test including pac ing and issue of certificate according to "E 10<05 ) 1.1.

PRODUCTIO STRUCTURE 3rino! (pa is equipped with cold rolling mills which can produce e!tremely thin gauge stainless strip to a minimum of <. *icron%, with widths ranging from 5(< to '5<. **.

' 5.-#i cold rollin$ *ill (9<. **) %laminatoio a freddo tipo 2* rulli& ' 5.-#i cold rollin$ *ill ('5;. **) ' 9-#i cold rollin$ *ill 5 CA-t+pe #e&t tre&t*ent "urn&ce% in #+dro$en &t*o%p#ere (9<. **) %forni per trattamento termico di tipo /0A/ in atmosfera di idrogeno& ' CA-t+pe #e&t tre&t*ent "urn&ce e:uipped =it# in-line ten%ion le3eller ('5;. **) %forno trattamento di tipo 10A2 dotato di spianatrice in tensione in linea& ' ten%ion le3eller 9 %litter% up to & =idt# o" '5;. ** %linee di taglio longitudinale& ' ed$e prep&r&tion line (rounded D tri**ed) %linea per trattamento bordi 3arrotondati 4 sbavati5& ' le3eller "or cuttin$ to len$t# (%#eet - #oop%) ' p&%%i3&tion line (SUTA) 5 &uto*&tic p&c2in$ line% "or =ide &nd n&rro= %trip ' %ection "or ri--on cuttin$ %taglio nastrini&

7he technological standards at the 3rino! wor s are the highest currently available. 3ll the machines are of modern design and recent installationD no other mill at our level can boast of such a modern and efficient range of plant. Cf course, all this translates into a competitive advantage for our customers in terms of quality and fle!ibility. 7he three precision rollers form the heart of the wor s. 7hey are fully automated and can guarantee e!tremely close thic ness tolerances, ensuring stable and consistent mechanical characteristics throughout the whole strip.

<0#H' Koller.

N#H' Koller. 7he continuous annealing furnaces %forni di ricottura continua& operate in a controlled atmosphere of 100/ hydrogenD this guarantees optimal thermal treatment, protecting the surface quality of the strip during the annealing process %B.3. # Bright 3nnealing&. 7he tension leveller prepares the strip for the precision cutting lines ) flatness is a crucial factor in the achievement of highly accurate precision cutting.

7ension leveller. 7he ($7L line, based on technology developed by 3rino! in collaboration with highly respected research institutes and 'talian universities, deserves particular attention. 7his technology is designed for the production of materials for deep drawing and has revolutionised the stainless steel precision strip mar et for drawing as a result of the e!traordinary performances our customers have been able to achieve with material treated with the ($7L process.

($7L treatment line



Thic5ness and tolerances .8/)/ in mm ominal thic5ness : 9 00100 00100 001%0 7idth 9 3&4 mm 0tandar d 001 G t,0 00010 Fine 000% G t,0 00008 Precisio n 0004 G t,0 0000% 3&4 9 7idth 9 &4' 0tandar d 001( G t,0 0001% Fine 0010 G t,0 0001( Precisio n 0008 G t,0 00008 &4' 9 7idth 9 3&4' 0tandar d 001% G t,0 000(0 Fine 0010 G t,0 0001% Precisio n 0008 G t,0 00010

001%0 00(00 00(%0 00300

00(00 00(%0 00300 00400

0001% 0001% 0001& 000(0

00010 0001( 0001( 0001%

00008 00008 00009 00010

000(0 000(0 000(% 000(%

0001( 0001% 0001% 000(0

00010 00010 0001( 0001(

000(% 000(% 00030 00030

0001% 000(0 000(0 000(%

0001( 0001( 0001% 0001%


Thic5ness and tolerances .8/)/ in mm ominal thic5ness : 00400 00%00 00$00 00800 10000 10(%0 9 00%00 00$00 00800 10000 10(%0 10%00 7idth 9 3&4 mm 0tandard 000(% 00030 00030 00030 0003% 00040 Fine 000(0 000(0 000(% 000(% 00030 00030 Precision 0001( 0001( 0001% 0001% 000(0 000(0 3&4 9 7idth 9 &4' 0tandard 00030 00030 0003% 00040 0004% 000%0 Fine 000(0 000(% 00030 00030 0003% 0003% Precision 0001% 0001% 00018 000(0 000(% 000(% &4' 9 7idth 9 3&4' 0tandard 0003% 00040 00040 000%0 000%0 000$0 Fine 000(% 00030 0003% 0003% 00040 0004% Precision 00018 000(0 000(% 000(% 00030 00030


Thic5ness and tolerances .8/)/ in mm ominal thic5ness : 9 00100 00100 001%0 00(00 00(%0 00300 00400 00%00 00$00 00800 001%0 00(00 00(%0 00300 00400 00%00 00$00 00800 10000 7idth 9 3&4 mm 0tandard 001 G ) 00010 0001% 0001% 0001& 000(0 000(% 00030 00030 00030 Fine 000% G ) 00008 00010 0001( 0001( 0001% 000(0 000(0 000(% 000(% Precision 0004 G ) 0000% 00008 00008 00009 00010 0001( 0001( 0001% 0001% 3&4 9 7idth 9 &4' 0tandard 001( G ) 0001% 000(0 000(0 000(% 000(% 00030 00030 0003% 00040 Fine 0010 G ) 0001( 0001( 0001% 0001% 000(0 000(0 000(% 00030 00030 Precision 0008 G ) 00008 00010 00010 0001( 0001( 0001% 0001% 00018 000(0 &4' 9 7idth 9 3&4' 0tandard 001% G ) 000(0 000(% 000(% 00030 00030 0003% 00040 00040 000%0 Fine 0010 G ) 0001% 0001% 000(0 000(0 000(% 000(% 00030 0003% 0003% Precision 0008 G ) 00010 0001( 0001( 0001% 0001% 00018 000(0 000(% 000(%

A% 1 I 3''(()& +I 3;663 +E0C%IPTI! Cold rolled annealed 7rig,t !ur"ace Laminato a "reddo ricotto )uper"icie brillante )ur"ace 1ltracleaning 'reatment Cold rolled annealed and !train ,ardened Laminato a "reddo ricotto e incrudito Cold rolled Hit, !pecial roug,ne!! roll! annealed or !train ,ardened Laminato a "reddo con cilindri a rugo!itaJ !peciale ricotto o incrudito




)1'I C2 2oug,

(H (*


MATERIA!S 3++'3' 3$(7"E'7'+'

Analisi chimica indicativa Codice Arino# -2 301 -2 304 -2 304 P) -2 304L -2 30% -2 3(1 -2 31$ -2 31$L -2 31$ )L -2 31$'i -2 309 -2 309) -2 310) C< ma# 0 1( 0 0% 0 0% 0 03 0 0$ 0 0% 0 0% 0 03 0 03 0 0% 0 0$ 0 0$ 0 0$ =n < ma# 1 %0 ( 00 ( 00 ( 00 ( 00 ( 00 ( 00 ( 00 ( 00 ( 00 ( 00 ( 00 ( 00 0i < ma# 1 30 0 &% 0 &% 0 &% 0 &% 0 &% 0 &% 0 &% 0 &% 0 &% 1 %0-( %0 0 &% 0 &% Cr < 1$ %0-1& 80 1& %0-18 %0 18 00-18 &% 18 00-19 00 1& %0-19 00 1& 00-19 00 1$ %0-18 00 1$ %0-18 00 1& 00-18 %0 1$ %0-1& %0 19 00-(1 00 (1 00-(3 00 (4 00-($ 00 i< $ 3%-& $0 8 %0-10 %0 9 00-10 %0 10 0-11 0 1( 00-13 00 9 00-1( 00 10 %-13 00 11 00-14 00 1( %0-14 00 10 %0-1( %0 11 00-13 00 1( 00-1% 00 19 00-(( 00 =o < 0 8 (MaG) ( 00-( %0 ( 00-( %0 ( %0-3 00 ( 00-( %0 Ti < 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10

3++'3' A"KK'7'+'
Analisi chimica indicativa Codice Arino# -2 430 -2 410! C < ma# 000% 0008 =n < ma# 00&% 1 0i < ma# 00&% 00&% Cr < 1$ 00- 1& %0 1( 00-13 00 i< =o < Ti < -