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The 'no BODY is above the law' PETITION.


The cornerstone of Commonwealth law was initiated by Queen Elizabeth I with The Act of Supremacy of 1559 NA$ELY% no ONE is above the law. It replaced feudal law! where "in# $enry the %th was abo&e the law! and prior to 15'% the (ope was abo&e the law and infallible! and lawyers had to be submissi&e to them )*+ ,od was Supreme! and the Queen was under ,od! therefore e&en the Queen was not abo&e the law! and this resulted in lawyers chan#in# their oath of alle#iance to bein# -respectful- to the Crown! instead of bein# -submissi&e- to feudal law and despot rulers . (roof that this trust is founded in/ IN &OD !E TRUST and our solution actually fi0es the fundamental flaw of respondeat superior 1the 2ule of 3aw of international business4 . In 1556! the Queen declared The Supremacy of (arliament! and now (arliament was Superior to the Queen and this really was the be#innin# of 7emocracy as we 8now it! and . The 9A2 secretly went bac8 to bein# submissi&e in 199' to empower our C*2(*2ATE (*3ICE STATE I'' (onvin(e) that Tho'as *e++e,son -new a )ee. )a,- se(,et abo/t the S/.,e'a(0 o+ Pa,lia'ent1 when he sai)% :A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for a second; that second for a third; and so on! till the bul8 of the society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery! to ha&e no sensibilities left but for sin and sufferin# < And the of this fri#htful team is public debt Ta0ation follows that! and in its train wretchedness and oppression < *e++e,son -new the bi2 .i(t/,e an) 'asons a,e i'.osin2 t0,ann0 on /s

,an-l0 this se(,et was wh0 the USA se.a,ate) +,o' En2lan) 1 in the "st .la(e!
and why he hated international 9A)"STE2S so much =et he was bound to a mason oath to not re&eal this secret that shows how they -le#ally- sub&erted the foundation of law and order The ,es/lt o+ this se(,et was obvio/s tho; The fact is the 9an8sters simply refused to #i&e up their status of bein# abo&e the law! and the departure from principle was done by declarin# the 9an8sters and (arliament to be a 9*7=! and that means these bodies were abo&e the law; TODAY% E3ERY BODY IN PO!ER IS LE&ALLY ABO3E THE LA!. +e are bein# ruled by hypocrites with consciences as if seared with hot irons 11Tim>4 . E0actly li8e ?efferson warned/ The implementation of -)o one is abo&e the law- was e0ecuted under authority of COLONIAL RULE or is it HO$ELAND SECURITY now@ # B0 (onve,tin2 the +o/n)in2 .,in(i.le o+ law +,o' 'no ONE is above the law' to 'no BODY is above the law' would succeed in returnin# to the ori#inal noble intent of 7emocracy itself Con&ertin# 1.word would close e&ery tric8 the 9an8sters and ,o&ernment use as a case law precedent to impose tyranny! and this can be done Auic8ly under the ,rand daddy of all laws )ABE3=/ The Act of Supremacy of 1559 +ith 1.word! e&ery )ation in the world could return to the principle of eAuality before and under the law

BE INSPIRED BY A SOLUTION TO TYRANNY THAT CAN BE OUND IN "#!ORD The ,evealin2 o+ this se(,et1 will inevitabl0 'sho(- the ./bli( (ons(io/sness'% This (ETITI*) offers a #enuine opportunity to ta8e a chance on (eacefully returnin# to a form of 3aw and *rder that is not corruptible It's the Ho.e that +o/n)e) De'o(,a(0 This is not Cust pullin# a cat out of the ba#! it-s dra##in# out a lion because it would result in wa8in# up the courts with a united &oice that says/ =our 3aw and *rder has de#raded into T=2A))= */st as- 0o/,sel+% $ow can the 3e#islators defend that they must be abo&e the law@ As- 0o/,sel+% $ow can anyone in Authority say )*@ )o one in *ffice can defend an ar#ument that their )E+ +*237 *27E2 cannot operate without bein# abo&e the law! . I$A&INE% under -no body is abo&e the law- Corporations must start to ser&e society It would mean returnin# to a sane resource based economy! and abandonin# their insane monetary mana#ement practices IN ACT it wo/l) t,i22e, o/, &ol)en A2e. The onl0 thin2 that wo/l) be )est,o0e) is (o,,/.tion o+ P/bli( O++i(ials who (a/se ./bli( )ebt

A+te, the ab/se we 2et +,o' all P/bli( O++i(ials1 (an sa0% . 3et-s ta8e a chance on implementin# a sound doctrine that 7emocratically fi0es e&erythin# RAN4LY o/, 2,ass,oots initiative will .,o'ote that we $UST 2ive Pea(e a (han(e. This initiati&e can deli&er what all Americans want/ to (eacefully return to our foundin# principles 7enial of consent to be #o&erned is the most powerful force de&ised by man to affect the ma8e.o&er The law (,eate) the 'e(hanis' to ta-e itsel+ )own Pea(e+/ll0 an) this (hallen2e is inevitable
The onl0 wa0 an0 &,ass,oots $ove'ent (an win1 is b0 ins.i,in2 the hea,ts o+ 2oo) .eo.le' to 5/st 2ive Pea(e a (han(e1 and focus on/ :what on earth do we ha&e to lose@D Eran8ly! no one can win without offerin# a #eneral amnesty pro#ram Cust li8e South Africa did 9ecause 99F of the 1F didn-t 8now the solution A)7 if they refuse to repent then send their ass to Cail! for 9reach of Trust 1for e0ample4 )o one in power can claim to be innocent of the char#e of beha&in# as if they are immune from prosecution by an *ffice that is abo&e the law DEAD THIN&S (alle) CORPORATIONS ,/le1 an) the onl0 wa0 to +i6 the s0ste' is a 'a-eove, All hypocrisy in law stops with 1.word G if we don-t accept a ma8eo&er! the hypocrisy will literally 8ill us all BY THE PEOPLE OR THE ECONO$Y IS ASCIS$ the profits of fore&er ci&il war is their only solution Eran8ly authority has nothin# to lose without offerin# a #enuine opportunity to (eacefully enter into what in law is called :a ma8eo&erD! or -the millennium-! which is what ?efferson 8new we must e&entually face/ a real chance to start all o&er a#ain . 3iterally e&ery (atriotic cause would benefit immensely by acceptin# that their #oal is not only possible but ine&itable by defendin# that 7no BODY is above the law8 fi0es our mess

BOTTO$ LINE% $ow can consent of the #o&erned be restored without returnin# to a real
form of law and order@ This notion is in effect a ripple that will create a tsunami of 3o&e by acceptin# that a #enuine offer to start all o&er a#ain is not only possible but ine&itable! and fran8ly only achie&able thru (eaceful means . It-s honestly Custifiable to admit that we lo&e our country and hate the #o&ernment because systemic corruption destroyed our ci&il society Let's ta-e a (han(e on Love1 by #ettin# in&ol&ed in any #ood cause that brin#s us to#ether