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Micro Hydraulic Generator Single Nozzle Turgo Turbine


User Manual

Ver 1.1

Bringing you a prosperous future with clean, reliable, and renewable energy.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ..03 Main Te !ni al Per"or#an e Para#eter$. 0% Su##ar& ......0' 1. Key Technical Data.0( 2. Station Site and Installation...0( 3. Operation ...))

4. Maintenance....)* 5. Service ....)*

6. Ro tine !a lt Treat"ent..)3 #. $ ic%&'ear parts...)3 (ppendi) .)% (ppendi) .)' (ppendi) .)+ (ppendi) .)(


This manual contains important instructions that shall be followed during installation and

maintenance of the ME1201.

To reduce the risk of electrical shock, and to ensure the safe installation and operation of the
ME1201 , the following safety symbols are used to

indicate dangerous conditions and important safety instructions.

WARNING: This indicates a fact or feature that is very important for the safety of the user and / or which can cause serious hardware damage if not applied appropriately. Use extreme caution when performing this task. NOTE: This indicates a feature that is important either for optimal and efficient use or optimal system operation.

Turgo Turbine Unit Main Te !ni al Per"or#an e Para#eter$

Main !pecifications Turbine
Type Rated #ead Rated &low )ower Efficiency ME1 !1 1 $1%m '$( l/s !.' *+ ,!.&$!.'$%/%'! !.'*+ 1 !1 .(2 ,!#5 16!!r/min 1 1.! 7'!!!m 9/9 0)%% " (:#$(!: 7;!-

Turgo Tur"ine

Type Rated )ower Rated 1oltage Rated /urrent &3/4 Rated Rotational )hase ).&. 2ltitude 0nsulation 8rade 0ngress )ortection 2m"ient Temperature

/onforms to the 0E/ international electrician committee standard

Relative Humidity

Control Panel
.afety )rotection .hort /ircuit )rotection 0slanding )rotection <ver =oad )rotection 8rounding &ault )rotection &i"er"oard 1> x 1% x 1, 0nches ?et 8ross kg =" ',


)acking Material )acking .i5e )acking +eight

?ote@ This product or the technical parameters presented may "e revised to improve the technical performance in the future.

%ote& The modification of the product's appearance or technical parameters, which is a result of technical impro(ements, may be pro(ided in your specific model.

Than% yo *or the p rchase o* a "icro hydro +enerator nit. This series o* +enerator nits consist o* the ,- series o* t r.ines and S! series o* Rare /arth 0er"anent Ma+net 1r shless Synchrono s 2enerators3 'ith 24 types o* sin+le

and three phases +enerators availa.le 'hose po'er o tp t is *ro" 2445 to 144K5. The ser can chose the speci*ic "odel *or the a"o nt o* 6ead and 'ater !lo' on their site. This series o* nits is provided 'ith a syste" to a to"atically control the volta+e and *re7 ency. The ser can t rn on or o** their electric appliances 8T9 sets3 recorders3 etc: at 'ill on condition that the a"o nt o* ener+y does not e)ceed the no"inal po'er o tp t. The ser 'ill *eel that this po'er so rce is ; st as convenient as the electrical net'or%.

1e*ore yo

se the +enerator nits3 please "a%e s re that yo read this

instr ction "an al care* lly. 5e reco""end that yo choose the installation position o* the nit3 ditch constr ction3 the inlet cond it installation3 the electrical 'ire span3 and the ad; st"ent o* +enerator nit .y cons ltin+ a pro*essional.
After the generator unit is installed an operational, we recommend that you perform maintenance according to the instruction manual and take proper safety electrical precautions.

), Mi ro -&.ro Station /eneral 0e$ ri1tion The typical "icro hydro +enerator station is as *ollo's 8*i+ re 1:3 'hich consists o* earth'or% 8inlet cond it constr ction3 nit roo" and drain etc:3 the "icro hydro +enerator3 electrical 'ires3 and the sers 'ires.

!i+ re1< The pro;ect o* "icro hydro +enerator sin+ pipe

1 2 3 4 5 0enstoc% Reservoir Trash rac% !ore .ay 1roo% 14 6 # > ? & Inlet 0ipe 11 Dischar+e 0o'er ho se h1 /lectric pole h2 5ire 6 Reach *all & !lood altit de h & 5ater head 0enstoc% *all & =ser

The process is as *ollo's)@ollectin+ the 'ater *ro" the strea" in the reservoir3 the 'ater *lo's into the pipe and r ns do'n hill to create press re3 then +oes into the "icro hydro +enerator 'hich is installed in the nit roo"3 'here the 'ater *orces the T r+o 5heel to spin3 'hich drives the +enerator to +enerate electricity. (t the sa"e ti"e3 the ( to"atic @ontrol ad; sts the volta+e and the

*re7 ency to "eet the re7 ire"ents *or po'er s pply sta.ility so the ser can se the po'er trans"itted in the 'ires. 2: This %ind o* Micro&6ydro 2enerator is consists o* an inclined i"p lse t r.ine and a set o* direct connected (@ sin+le&phase A three&phase +enerator 8dependin+ on yo r speci*ic "odel p rchased:. The prod ct 'as desi+ned to .e s"all3 li+ht'ei+ht3 'ith a si"ple str ct re3 *or relia.le operation and convenient asse".ly. It is intended as a po'er so rce o* li+htin+3 T9s and recorders3 and it is s ita.le *or ho seholds in "o ntain areas 'here tility po'er is navaila.le.

The o'ner can easily install and operate the syste" the"selves3 . t cons lt yo r local 1 ildin+ @odes3 and hire a @ontractor i* necessary. It is not intended to .e connected to the =tility 0o'er 2rid.

). 2e& Te !ni al 0ata3 4ater -ea. 3 12&14" 83?&45 !t: Flo5 6#37$,34.443&4.445 84#&#? +A": Out1ut 8oltage 69,3 1249 8(@: 646B Out1ut Po5er 6:5,3 4.3 *. Station Site an. In$tallation3 6), Po5er $ite $ele tion 5hen choosin+ a site *or the 0o'er Station3 re"e".er the *ollo'in+ *o r aspects< 1.1 The Selected po'er station site sho ld not have a 6ead lo'er than 14 "eters head is not lo'er than 14 "eters 845 *eet:. 1.2 In selectin+ a po'er station site3 the topo+raphy3 +eolo+ical3 and hydrolo+ical conditions sho ld .e s perior3 . t also the desi+n and constr ction sho ld .e *easi.le. D rin+ the constr ction o* the "icro&hydro po'er station3 re"e".er to o.tain the . ildin+ "aterials 8s ch as +ravel3 etc.: locally as " ch as possi.le. 1.3 The selected po'er station site sho ld .e located as close as possi.le to the place o* se3 in order to red ce the electric trans"ission e7 ip"ent invest"ent 8copper 'ire: and the electric po'er losses3 pl s *or the ease o* "aintenance and "ana+e"ent. The s ita.le choice is to install the t r.ine in the place 'here there is draina+e3 and it 'o ld not to .e destroyed or s ."ersed .y "o ntain torrents or *lash *loods. I* the hydroelectric po'er station site is selected on the hillside3 then yo sho ld protect the *acility *ro" "o ntain torrents and the rollin+ stones.

1.4 The selected po'er station site sho ld "a%e * ll se o* e)istin+ hydra lic str ct res. !or e)a"ple3 se a nat ral irri+ation canal3 *allin+ 'ater3 or the nat ral *lo' *ro" a reservoir. 6*, Con$tru tion o" t!e 1re$$ure "oreba& The press re *ore.ay3 C *ore.ayC *or short.3 is a pool 'hich is connected .et'een the irri+ation cond it and a press re pipe. The *ore.ay is co"posed o* the reservoir3 the trash rac%3 the +ate3 the over*lo'3 and so on. 2.1 In "icro&hydro po'er stations3 the *ore.ay has the *ollo'in+ * nctions< 2.1.1 The *ore.ay can lead the 'ater *ro" the 'ater diversion canal in*lo' to the press re pipin+. I* there are several t r.ine nits3 and yo need to s pply 'ater to these vario s press re pipin+ syste"s separately3 then it 'ill .e allocate eno +h 'ater to each syste" e7 ally. 2.1.2 =sin+ a trash rac% to prevent tree roots3 'eeds3 and silt in the irri+ation cond it to enter the press re pipin+ and hydra lic t r.ine is reco""ended. In the 'inter3 it can help to prevent press re pipe *reeDin+. 2.1.3 The *ore.ay can .e sed to prevent the c rrent o* 'ater *ro" enterin+ the press re pipin+3 'hen the press re pipin+ or the hydra lic t r.ine are sh tdo'n *or "aintenance. 2.1.4 The *ore.ay can ad; st the 'ater vol "e 7 ic%ly 'hen the nit is started or the load is chan+ed3 or 'hen the pstrea" 'ater level chan+es and .eco"es to s"all. I* the availa.le 'ater c rrent capacity is ins **icient3 yo can se the *ore.ay to store 'ater in the dayti"e and +enerate electricity at ni+ht.

2.1.5 The *ore.ay can dischar+e the nnecessary 'ater thro +h the over*lo' +ate to "aintain the nor"al 'ater levels and %eep the press re constant *or the hydroelectric po'er station. 2.1.6 The *ore.ay can deposit the silt in the canal to red ce 'ear and tear o* t r.ine. 2.2 Ite"s *or consideration .e*ore *ore.ay constr ction< 2.2.1 The *ore.ayEs position sho ld .e .ased on the position o* press re pipin+ and the 0o'er 6o se position. @hoose a sta.le and solid *o ndation3 s"all 'ater&per"ea.le place 'hich is close to 0o'er 6o se. 2.2.2 The *ore.ay sho ld have a certain lar+e vol "e and 'ater depth. 5hen the load o* the po'er plant chan+es3 the *ore.ayFs 'ater level "ay *l ct ate . t still provide eno +h po'er to the plant 2.2.3 The draina+e a.ility o* the *ore.ayEs over*lo' +ate o +ht to "eet re7 ire"ents 'hen the 0o'er 6o se is at "a)i" " c rrent capacity and the t r.ines re;ected all load. 2.2.4 5hen yo install the nit3 yo " st certain set p a trash rac% in the 'ater inlet. The trash rac%Fs hole siDe is +enerally 1A3 o* the hydra lic t r.ine noDDle dia"eter to + arantee that s ndries into the hydra lic t r.ine 'ill not clo+ 8restrict: the noDDle. 2.2.5 The siDe o* trash rac% sho ld .e three ti"es than press re pipeFs "o th siDe. Its * nction is to + arantee there is eno +h 'ater to "a%e the t r.ine 'or% nor"ally3 . t also to red ce the *re7 ency o* cleanin+ and "aintenance 'hen the
1 "

trash rac% in the press re pipe "o th is partly .loc%ed .y de.ris 2.2.6 Go sho ld install the second trash rac% at the entrance o* *ore.ay i* there is a lot o* de.ris in the canal. Go " st clean p the de.ris on the trash rac% *re7 ently 'hen the nit is r nnin+. 2.2.# 5hen yo install the trash rac% in the *ore.ay3 itFs inclination sho ld .e 34 H I 64 H. I* yo arran+e it ?4 H3 it 'ill .e easily .loc%ed .y de.ris 4: The .ase str ct re "ay .e . ilt *ro" local "aterials. Go can "a%e a ro nd hole 'hich has the sa"e dia"eter as the lo'er inner circle o* the t r.ine *ra"e .y sin+ ce"ent3 'ood3 sheet "etal3 etc3 and *asten it 'ith scre's or ro nd nails. It sho ld .e positioned horiDontally. The s r*ace *or draina+e " st .e a'ay *ro" the .otto" o* .ase *or 24&34c" 8>&11 inches:. It " st .e covered 'ith a proper shelter to protect *ro" rain and s nli+ht 'hen the nit is installed o tdoors. 3. /enerator O1eration Met!o.3 1: !irst3 chec% 'hether all co"ponents are connected and the inta%e o* the penstoc% is clear o* de.ris 2: Second3 chec% 'hether the r nner in the t r.ine can .e easily rotated3 and rotate in .y hand to ens re the volta+e "eter has readin+s 8p t the o tp t s'itch in On position3 . t disconnect the o tp t *ro" yo r loads:. 3: Third3 the *irst ti"e yo start the 2enerator3 the o tp t s'itch sho ld .e p t in the volta+e&sta.iliDed control position 8On: 'ith no load connected. Rotate the JoDDle 6andle and +rad ally increase the a"o nt o* 'ater3 o.servin+ the "eter

readin+s ntil yo see124v3 and the volta+e is constant 8"eter does not *l ct ate:. (t this ti"e the load can .e connected3 and yo can a+ain ad; st the 'ater vol "e to hold the o tp t o* 124v. 4: D rin+ the operation3 the load sho ld .e %ept as sta.le as possi.le. DonEt sh t o** a load s ddenly3 or else the hi+h volta+e spi%e can .e +enerated and da"a+e sensitive electronic e7 ip"ent. 5: To t rn o** the po'er3 yo sho ld t rn o** the 'ater valve 8rotate the handle: *irst. This sho ld .e done 'hen the po'er is not re7 ired to save yo r 1earin+ li*e3 and red ce the 'ear on the "echanical co"ponents.

%. Maintenan e3

1: To chec% and clean any " d and *orei+n "aterial .loc%in+ in the inta%e ho se and trash rac%. 2: The .earin+ in the +enerator sho ld .e in;ected 'ith 'ater&proo* +rease .y sin+ the +rease c p %no. every three "onths3 .y rotatin+ the +rease c p %no. three ti"es. The pper .earin+ also needs "aintenance and 'aterproo* +rease sho ld .e added every si) "onths. 3: I* the +enerator .eco"es 'et *or any reason3 it sho ld .e allo'ed to dry

.e*ore itEs ne)t se or operation.

1 2

'. Ser9i e Rule$3 1: I* the nit stops operation3 please handle it accordin+ to the Ro tine !a lts Treat"ent Kist. 0lease send it to pro*essional or the Distri. tor i* it " st .e dis"antled. 2: The nit has a 1 year "an *act rers 'arranty *or parts d e to "an *act rin+ de*ects. 5e do not cover la.or3 ret rn shippin+3 or da"a+ed ca sed .y i"proper installation or "aintenance. 3: !or 7 estions or Service3 please contact Motener+y3 Inc3 Slin+er3 5isconsin3 =nited States o* ("erica. 0hone 262&644&#525.< '''"

+. Routine Fault$3


Cau$e an. treat#ent

Ko' 'ater vol "e 'hen the nit is s'itched on. 1. There is *orei+n "aterial .loc%in+ the noDDle. @lear it. The +enerator cannot .e started. 2. Open the valve to re;ect air. The volta+e "eter displays a readin+3 . t the The * se has .een . rned o t3 replace it indicator and load la"p does not li+ht. 9olta+e does not increase to 124 9(@ The * se is . rned o t The load cannot .e entirely carried. 1.The 'ater vol "e is too lo'3 increase it 2.Red ce the heavy load Short&circ it. @hec% and repair it. The drop is too lo'. Replace the noDDle .y a lar+er one i* 'ater vol "e is proper.

1 3

(. ;ui :<4earing 1art$3

Ite# 1.Sin+le&ro' radial .all .earin+ in lo'er end cover S1e i"i ation
24453445&&&6243 5445&&&6244 #545&&&6244 11445&&&6245 #545&&&6244 11445&&&6245

2. Sin+le&ro' radial .all .earin+ in pper end cover.

24453445&&&6242 5445&&&6244

1 4

A11en.i= *
%ool #$erflow

&ranshrack 'ence

(ater %ipe

)ontrol *o+

,lectrical -al$e

1 5

Micro Power Station Reference Look

1 6


1 7

A11en.i= + ,dd lubricant