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Michael Mike Launder #309 80202 303.803.


828 17th St. Denver, CO

OVERARCHING ALLURE Digital Artist with experience in Lighting within production pipelines Creative problem solver able to work individually, and as part of a cohesive team Powerhouse public speaker prepared to brainstorm ideas through interpretive dance Proven team leader with the ability to deliver high quality work under narrow time constraints Knowledgeable about the integration of environments, props, and characters into final renders PECULIAR ENDOWMENTS Explorer of Efficient Cinematic Lighting and discovering boundaries with Color Temperature, Relative Color, and Light Energy Skilled illustrator with artistic eye for Composition and Storytelling through images Knowledgeable Lighting Artist with software such as: Renderman, Arnold Renderer, V-Ray, and Mental Ray within Autodesk Maya Traditional painter with refined pallet (of color and cuisine) with understandings of Color, Value, and Saturation assimilated into the Reflection, Refraction, and Absorption of Light RELEVANT DRUDGERY GENERALIST: LIGHTING AND CHARACTER ARTIST January 2013-May 2014 I Need My Monster by Amanda Knoll, Short Film Production Light final shots while considering ideas like broad ranges of value and engaging color theory In operation with Director throughout production pipeline: visualizing color scripts, conceptualizing environments, finalizing characters, and Lighting/Compositing Final Renders
COMPUTER LAB MONITOR August 2013-Present University of Colorado Denver Digital Animation Center (DAC) Help fix artistic issues and to advise students on incorporating traditional art techniques/ideas to advance the impact of digital projects Technical and Aesthetic advice to help peers with projects in lighting and character development ANIMATION STUDENT SOCIETY TREASURER (Student Club) May 2013-Present University of Colorado Denver Involved with students around campus to get excited about animation and make budgets for prizes/events Created sketch crawls, created Hawaiian shirt Wednesday, and worked events like Comic-con



August 2010-December 2014

Autodesk Maya; V-ray; Mental Ray; Renderman; Arnold; Softimage; Adobe Photoshop and After Effects; MotionBuilder; Mudbox; and; Corel painter; and ZBrush