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Gas-insulated switchgear from 72.

5 to 800 kV
Excellent systems that create lasting value

Answers for energy.

Siemens 8DN8 switchgear for up Siemens 8DN9 GIS for 245 kV combines the to 170 kV is characterized by modular advantages of single-phase and three-phase design and excellent flexibility. encapsulation.

Outstandingly compact, Siemens 8DQ1 GIS handles 420 kV at 63 kA with a single interrupter unit.

Long-standing excellence that delivers results

The energy system is undergoing fundamental change for various reasons. The situation calls for efficient and reliable solutions that help save costs and at the same time tackle the new challenges that the process of change poses. Siemens has long anticipated these changes. As early as 1968 the company introduced a solution that helps deal with the increasing shortage of space in urban areas and the need for power transmission at higher voltage levels right into city centers: gas-insulated switchgear (GIS). The GIS concept soon turned out highly successful, and immediately set new standards in terms of performance and reliability. Ever since, Siemens GIS have played a central role in supplying power safely, worldwide. Today, Siemens has installed more than 28,000 indoor and outdoor switch bays worldwide, and well over 300,000 bayyears of operation have been recorded. Siemens supplies GIS for rated voltages from 72.5 kV up to 800 kV. The comprehensive product range, comprising the 8DN8, 8DN9, 8DQ1, and 8DR1 types of switchgear, holds ideal solutions for all indoor and outdoor switching appli cations up to the highest performance rates. All Siemens GIS meet the highest requirements in terms of efficiency, safety, and reliability. They have been designed for outstanding compactness and flexibility to meet todays challeng- ing demands.

Siemens 8DQ1 switchgear for up to 550 kV provides superior performance for demanding transmission applications.

An economical solution throughout Siemens GIS have been designed with economic efficiency in mind. This pays off during the entire life cycle of the switchgear and ensures a number of benefits. All switchgear arrangements can be assem bled from a relatively small number of well-conceived high-quality modules. This makes it possible to meet all individual requirements while ensuring userfriendliness and easy operation. Moreover, Siemens GIS are outstandingly compact. Take the 8DN8 switchgear for voltages up to 145 kV, for example: it is one of the worlds most compact GIS and features a bay width of only 0.8 meters and a control cubicle that is integrated in the bay. The com pact bay design lowers more than space requirements: along with the switchgears aluminum

enclosures, it saves weight, reducing load on foundations and building floors, and, consequently, associated investments costs. During operation, Siemens GIS are practically maintenance-free. They are built for an estimated service life of more than 50 years. No wonder, then, that the worlds first Siemens GIS bays, which were installed in Berlin in 1968, are still in operation. All new Siemens GIS types come with non-corrosive en closures and self-lubricating motor drives that ensure a long service life. The main contacts of circuit breakers, disconnectors, and grounding switches are designed for long service life with minimal maintenance. The first major inspection is recommended to take place after 25 years.

Your benefits:
 Proven switchgear solution from one of the worlds leading suppliers with outstanding experience  Outstanding flexibility in switchgear arrangement  Little space requirement  Easy, efficient, and reliable operation  Low life cycle costs Virtually maintenance-free operation for an expected life time of more than 50 years.

Siemens high-voltage switchgear systems perform reliably in extreme environmental conditions.

A common design principle of all Siemens GIS is Siemens GIS are ideally suited for that compactness must not compromise accessibility. use in urban areas.

Proven reliability that ensures maximum safety

Every switchgear in the Siemens 8D type range has been thoroughly optimized for easy operation, accessibility, safety, and dependability. This ensures that Siemens GIS can always be operated efficiently and reliably. The functional principle of the switchgear has been carefully designed and tested, and it has stood the test of time during decades of field operation. Environmental performance The external and internal electromagnetic compatibility of Siemens switchgear prevents interference voltages and overvolt ages. The gastightness of Siemens GIS with its seamless metallic enclosures exceeds the already stringent standards and has been verified by vigorous typetesting: the sealing system limits gas leakage to less than 0.1 percent per gas compartment per year. Siemens has developed outstanding expertise in the handling of SF6 gas and can ensure that no gas is released during production, maintenance, and recycling. Moreover, the development of increasingly compact switchgear entails a constant reduction of the required amount of gas. Operational safety Siemens GIS exceed the relevant IEC safety standards thanks to extraordinarily high mechanical stability, high resistance to arcing, and outstanding gas safety features. This means that Siemens GIS ensure the highest possible degree of personal safety and can even be installed in commercial and residential buildings.

Your benefits:
 Proven functional principle  Outstanding EMC and environmental performance  Seamless metallic enclosure Unparalleled gastightness  High degree of operational safety  Safety for operating personnel due to high safety standards of the switchgear.

Financing support and consulting After-sales services and recycling

Feasibility studies

Overall project management Engineering and design


Site facilities and civil works

On-site installation and commissioning


Transport Factory testing


Support and services that make a difference

Your benefits:
 Leading expertise always available on-site on short notice Turnkey project implementation Comprehensive range of after-sales services At Siemens, we consider close cooperation with our customers right from the beginning essential to the success of any project. This is why we ensure that our experts are always close at hand, from the initial idea to project implementation and all the way to com pre hensive life cycle services for all our switchgear types. We have established a global production, distribution, and experts network with nodes in 150 countries around the world and more than ten dedicated centers of competence world wide. This tight network makes it possible to meet all local requirements and to react on short notice whenever necessary. M oreover, our global production platform guarantees consistent worldwide standards. Support that pays off Our services provide value added through constant project-related support and con sulting right from the start and throughout the entire life cycle of our switchgear all the way to disposal and recycling of old switchgear. We also assume responsibility for the entire project on a turnkey basis. In this case, all our customers have to do is to turn the key once the switchgear has been commissioned. Our broad range of services also comprises all maintenance activities. Our gas-insulated switchgear does indeed require very little mainte nance, but if and when it should become necessary to carry out any work, we are on hand at all times. And, of course, we provide customized training for operating per sonnel to familiarize them with the ins and outs of our switchgear and make them com petent in its use.

Siemens offers support and services far beyond GIS engineering, production, and construction. Complete turnkey solutions, services that cover the entire life cycle of a switchgear system and dedicated training round out the Siemens high-voltage substation portfolio.

Most Siemens switchgear can be shipped as completely assembled bays.

Portable power solutions reduce on-site effort.

Trouble-free transportation of pre-assembled switchgear bays even on mountain tops.

On-site installation of pre-assembled transport units.

Transport optimization that makes installation a breeze

All Siemens GIS types are optimized for transport and on-site installation. Thanks to their outstanding compactness, even larger units for high voltage levels are still easy to handle. Most switchgear can be shipped as completely assembled and tested bays pre-filled with SF6 gas. 8DN8 types are even shipped in standard containers. Up to six single or three double switchgear bays, completely assembled and tested, come as a single transport unit. All goods are packed according to their specific transport conditions and in line with conditions and duration of temporary storage. Installation and commissioning The well-thought-out transport optimi zation significantly reduces the effort required for installation on-site and allows easy and rapid installation of the switchgear with relatively few special tools. After assembly, the entire switchgear is tested to ensure proper electrical and mechanical function. All tests are performed in conformity with IEC and all other relevant standards, and the results are documented in the final test reports. Switchgear on wheels Offering the highest possible degree of mobility and flexibility with mobile high-voltage switchgear mounted on trailers or within containers, Siemens portable power solutions are a proven one-stop option whenever it comes to providing switchgear in next to no time and for temporary purposes, as is the case in disaster areas, for instance.

Your benefits:
 Trouble-free, rapid transport and logistics  Little installation effort and fast commissioning  Mobile switchgear solutions for special purposes available

Siemens control and protection devices fully comply with IEC 61850.

A local control cubicle integrated in the GIS bay reduces space requirements and commissioning time.

Secondary equipment that protects valuable technology

Continually growing demands on sub station automation entail greater complexity and more interfaces. So high availability and smooth interaction of all com ponents are among system operators key requirements. Siemens comprehensive choice of control and protection systems enables perfect one-stop shop secondary technology concepts for high-voltage substations equipped with Siemens GIS. Only tried and tested Siemens technology is used for the auxiliary and control circuits. High degree of adaptability The wide range of available Siemens control and protection systems makes possible customized one-stop solutions. To meet individual requirements, all Siemens GIS can also be equipped with any other commonly available bay and substation control and protection system as well as with proprietary systems. Standard switchgear control interfaces enable the connection to any analog or digital

control, protection, and monitoring system. Additional sensors and inter faces for a wide range of diagnostic and condition monitoring systems and purposes are available on request. Control and feeder protection are usually installed in a local control cubicle. With Siemens GIS it may be directly integrated in the operating panel of the switchgear bay or located separate from the GIS. Coded plugs for all wiring ensure easy installation and prevent cabling errors. Integration of the control cubicle in the switchgear bay helps reduce space requirements and commissioning time. IEC 61850 compliance All Siemens GIS control and protection devices fully comply with the IEC 61850 standard, which has been defined in a mutual effort of customers and manu facturers to create a uniform, non-pro prietary, and future-proof basis for digital substation automation and control communication.

Power VT for 8DN8-type GIS and core in air c urrent transformer for 8DQ1-type GIS facilitate on-site testing.

Phase synchronizing (PSD) and partial discharge measuring (PD) help increase reliability of the GIS.

The SIVIS camera system allows optical control of the switching path.

Comprehensive monitoring options Siemens supplies a wide range of monitoring devices that provide important condition data and enable preventive maintenance. This range includes circuit breaker monitoring (CBM), instantaneous values of primary and secondary equipment, cumulative and integral m onitoring of working stress, and determination of circuit breaker properties that may influ ence its future reliability and operating behavior. All gas compartments are constantly monitored by gas density monitors (GDM) with integrated indicators. Any deviations are indicated as soon as they reach the defined response threshold. Optionally available density sensors enable remote indication for gas analysis trends. A partial discharge monitoring (PDM) system according to IEC 60270 can be provided for integrity assessment of the substations primary insulation and as a tool for in- service periodic (portable system) or continuous (online) monitoring.

Controlled switching for less wear The Siemens phase synchronizing device (PSD) minimizes electrodynamic and dielectric strain of high-voltage assets by reducing starting current and over voltage. This helps prevent wear and increa ses the reliability and the life of the switchgear. Innovative instrument transformer New instrument transformers, such as the core in air current transformer for 8DQ1 switchgear, the RC voltage dividers for all 8D-type GIS, and the new Power VT for on-site high-voltage testing of 8DN8-type GIS up to 145 kV, enable several applications that provide extra benefits. The Power VT, for example, helps minimize the risk of SF6 emissions and con siderably reduces transport requirements for testing equipment. Several additional optional systems like SIVIS provide even more information about the processes within the switch gear.

Your benefits:
 Reliable one-stop solutions for all secondary technology Customized solutions available  Safe operation and extended service life of the switchgear  Full compliance with IEC 61850  Smart solutions for facilitated on-site testing procedures



Global expertise in switchgear making to the highest standards

The Siemens Schaltwerk in Berlin, Germany, was home to the production of the first Siemens GIS back in 1968, and gas-insulated high-voltage switchgear have been produced there ever since. Today, however, Siemens GIS production facilities are located in several countries around the world to ensure short distances in serving the worlds various m arkets and to contribute to the creation of local value added. In order to meet all quality, reliability, and performance standards, all production sites have the same comprehensive quality management system, which has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001, and switchgear module assembly follows identical work steps at all production sites. Most parts of the switchgear, such as electronic devices, operating mechanisms, gaskets, and bushings are produced right at the production site, and all switchgear are assembled according to meticulously designed processes. Comprehensive education and training of all production staff at all production facilities ensures consistently high quality and continuous innovation.


Technical data at a glance

Switchgear type Rated voltage Rated frequency Rated power frequency withstand voltage (1min) Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (1.2/50s) Rated switching impulse withstand voltage (250/2,500s) Rated normal current busbar Rated normal current feeder Rated short-circuit-breaking current Rated peak withstand current Rated short-time withstand current (3s) Leakage rate per year and gas compartment Driving mechanism of circuit breaker Rated operating sequence Installation Standards Bay width First major inspection Expected lifetime
Other values on request

8DN8 kV Hz kV kV kV A A kA kA kA % up to up to up to up to up to up to up to up to 275 650 3,150 3,150 40 (< 3 cycles) 108 40 < 0.1 stored-energy spring (common or single pole O-0,3 s-CO-3 min-CO CO-15 s-CO indoor/outdoor IEC/IEEE/GOST mm years years 800 > 25 > 50 (< up to 145 50/60


8DN9 170 325 750 4,000 4,000 63 3 cycles) 170 63 245 50/60 460 1,050 4,000 4,000 50 (< 3 cycles) 135 50 < 0.1 drive) stored-energy spring (single pole drive) O-0,3 s-CO-3 min-CO CO-15 s-CO indoor IEC/IEEE/GOST 1,000 1,500 > 25 > 50 2,200 indoor/outdoor 650 1,425 1,050 5,000 5,000 63 (< 2 cycles) 170 63 420

8DQ1 420 50/60 650 1,425 1,050 6,300 5,000 80 (< 2 cycles) 216 80 < 0.1 stored-energy spring (single pole drive) O-0,3 s-CO-3 min-CO CO-15 s-CO indoor IEC/IEEE/GOST 3,600 > 25 > 50 3,600 indoor/outdoor 740 1,550 1,175 5,000 5,000 63 (< 2 cycles) 170 63 550

8DR1 800 50/60 960 2,100 1,425 5,000 5,000 50 (< 2 cycles) 135 50 < 0.1 stored-energy spring (single pole drive) O-0,3 s-CO-3 min-CO CO-15 s-CO indoor/outdoor IEC/IEEE 4,500 > 25 > 50


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